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Toby Quest by Tanuki dude

Something something started as "Badly Drawn Quest" before becoming about a Forever Alone sergal trying to find a sergal gal. At the end of the 2nd chapter it shifts form a dating sim to a adventure when cannon style sergals invade the town and Toby wakes up in a jail cell with his insane brother Huge and a volto burglar from earlier on named Malco.

Now with sort of sequel.

Plot Summary

Chapter 1 Badly Drawn Quest

Quirk bad jokes and really bad art that get a little better as it evolves into a dating sim.

Chapter 2 Toby Quest

More Dating sim. Resolves and incident with a burglar and tries on new close.

Chapter 3 Toby Quest

Adventure Quest start. Throw in jail and naked. The Chapter ends with a portion from Ninje's pov.

Chapter 4 Toby Quest

Toby, Huge, and Malco work together to escape their prison. The characters meet up and some violence happens.




Toby is a young adult sergal about 15 years old, (about 23 in human terms). His full name as we find out in chapter 4 is Tobark Rensiv, but hardly anyone calls him anything other than Toby. Toby is a lousy sergal but the standards of Rain or John, being a nerdy and nervous romantic. He admits that his combat abilities are nearly nonexistent. Though he seems to have an affinity for halberds when he hold one in his hands. Toby claims to be a skilled juggler though we have yet to see him preform this skill. And he apparently has a degree in Psychology. The latter may have something to do with his insane (possibly criminally), older brother Huge. It is speculated that Toby may not be a full blooded northern sergal, and actually be as much as a quarter southern. If so Huge would only be a half brother. Toby was working as an orderly in a local hospital and attending an art school (to meet girls) with the real adventure starts.



Ninji Kalyn is Toby's main romantic pursuit in the quest. An all too easy goal as she seem to want Toby as much as he wants her. This is complicated by the crisis of the ancient sergal invasion at the mad science school. She is a smart strong woman and appears to be involved at the art school in town, (the main reason Toby enrolled). Ninje live in the apartment directly above Toby's an seem a bit better of than him.


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest

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