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DiveQuest by Weaver
Dive quest.gif
  1. The Tragic Prince
  2. Born Bad
  3. Not Buried Deep Enough
  4. High Roller
  5. Something in the Way
  6. About a Girl
  7. Build High
  8. Nobody Home
  9. Buried Alive
  10. Wishful Thinking
  11. Nobody's Hero
  12. Nailed
  13. Lucky
  14. Hello, My Treacherous Friends
  15. Bad Harmony
  16. Vengeance
  17. Forever
  18. Hunting Bears
  19. Head On
  20. Breed
  21. The Pretender
  22. Stuck in The Middle
  23. Prove Yourself
  24. Czar
  25. We're Not Alone
  26. Sex and Dying in High Society

DiveQuest is a quest by Weaver, set in the Diveverse. It follows the adventures of the ex-Prince Muschio Malto and his accompanying minions and officers as they attempt super-villainy from their Dungeon headquarters.

Noteworthy for being the first proper introduction of the Orb of the Infinite Psyche (as the embodiment of /quest/). Also notable for starting off and defining the Diveverse, which would later become home to other quests, most notably Knight Blades.

For more information on the order in which to read DiveQuest and other Diveverse quests (they all describe mostly simultaneously happening events), consult the Crossover Guide.

Major Characters


Muschio Malto

A former Volto prince who had the royal rug yanked out from under him, Muschio Malto seeks to regain that which he has lost to a revolution.



A goblin by birth and a tinkerer by trade, Finesse works for Muschio whipping up assorted gadgetry.



This is Tislomer, the d'awwable cutebold alchemist and hunter.



The silent type. A New Breed kobold, it's damn near impossible to get more than a few words out of him. Is a craftsman, and is cool as a cucumber. Desires to become a fisherman.



A female Nedynvor. Commanded a presence at the Tower of Olber.



Can hit people real hard and eats lava. Also a self-proclaimed ladies' man ogre.


Marjani "Ona" Openda

A Kepling witch doctor (doctoress? Witch nurse?) specializing in herbalism and voodoo. Has an extreme aversion to rape caves and getting hit in the "taco."


Wes Fuomo

A skinny smith appointed to work with Muschio.



An intellectual-type bugfolk. Seems to enjoy loose women.



A fire elemental from another plane. Is never not on fire.

Minor Characters


Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.
Muschio chapter1.gif

Chapter One

Dungeons are conquered, Red Fangs are slain, and malicious intentions are declared.

Muschio chapter2.gif

Chapter Two

We get some backstory, and the Molto army gets its first recruits as we hire Finesse, Tislomer, and Babrakus. The idea of villainy comes briefly into question when an adorable little kobold girl Muschio healed begins to idolize him.


Chapter Three

oh god how did he get here i am not good with shovel


Chapter Four

Muschio wins a portal gem by inadvertently cheating at cards. But now our minion army c- YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL MANNIKINS


Chapter Five

We *could* summon a Mimic, but... not enough mana. Go figure. Adventurer, artificer, delivery boy - Muschio truly is a man of many hats.


Chapter Six

Ooh, another (semi-)direct character. Anon explores Finesse's head, discovers she wants Muschio, and spends the rest of the thread playing dress-up with our absent protagonist.


Chapter Seven

Muschio rides a fish, nails a guard, and saves the day/wins the mannikin by getting everyone naked. Yes, really.


Chapter Eight

Everyone disappears, Muschio freaks the fuck out. Apparently it was an alchemy mishap. The fish-guy from Chapter Four tries to loot the place, but semi-ethereal Finesse scares him away. Then the potions wear off and it's back to "normal".


Chapter Nine

Interlude. An unexpected flood threatens to kill nine miners.


Chapter Ten

Interlude. See the world through a kobold's eyes.


Chapter Eleven

The quest gets a mechanics patch (v1.01), and everyone gets their job chips. Anon has a field day with stronghold designs. A friendship comes back to bite us in the ass.


Chapter Twelve

Muschio, unable to get it up and nail a fat chick, asks for help from the girl who wants to lay him. What a great idea. The dungeon is christened with the blood of its first deranged, treasure-seeking do-gooder.


Chapter Thirteen

Ashedel comes back with an ogre who - like Anon - wants to nail everyone. Our favorite antihero returns to his hometown for revenge, and inadvertently succeeds.


Chapter Fourteen

Our three summoned minions get names and orders. Muschio and Finesse have a picnic; good times do not ensue.


Chapter Fifteen

Okay, what the hell. It's time to make some changes around here.
...right after discussing philosophy with a ladybug, taking a hot spring break, and catching up with an old friend while Finesse gets drunk.


Chapter Sixteen

Muschio leaves The Vault to go visit Coriander, and in his absence leaves Finesse under control. Things go well until Finesse sees Babrakus thrown out of the storage room. A shadowy figure with a black and white mask is trying to steal a fang necklace. Tislomer tries her best to stop him, and in the process prevents him from making off with the necklace. Dompag chases him out yelling cliché statements, until he teleports away. Disaster strikes when some of the chemicals mix in Tislomer's lab resulting in a massive explosion. All of #RQ bawws as she appears to pass away, but it's revealed that she survived... albeit with horrible facial disfigurement and a new mask.


Chapter Seventeen

Babrakus and Tislomer share a tender moment.


Chapter Eighteen

Tislomer invents the knifemask; accidental stabbings will probably abound. Ona joins the Malto army after a brief scuffle.

Divequest ch19.gif

Chapter Nineteen

Muschio prepares his visit to Ridder when Ethos brings news about his enemy's hideout. Parallels are drawn and Muschio flips the fuck out. Ona heals Tislomer, much to the relief of TGchan. Muschio arrives at Ridder's hideout and is greeted by Grek and Terva; Muschio explains how he killed Red Fang way back when to Terva, who laughs it off. Upon entering the HQ the Volto is re-united with Ritari, introduced to Sticks (claiming her name is Lady Hilne Slotensmit) and Iesgip, who corrects him on her proper gender.

Divequest ch20.gif

Chapter Twenty

Dompag attempts to heal Geppa, Ona makes breakfast, Muschio schemes, and Tislomer transforms into a monstrosity.

Divequest ch21.png

Chapter Twenty One

An interlude with someone not like the others.

Divequest ch22.png

Chapter Twenty Two

Geppa meets Ona and hostilities ensue, Ona draws graffiti in Muschio's room and gets weird looks from Dompag, Muschio saves the kingdom by fighting off the pretender. And losing his hand. But we got some new friends, so everything ended reasonably well. Oh, and we broke the Odds.

Divequest ch23.png

Chapter Twenty Three

A bunch of racist paladins come and beat up Dompag and co, so they barricade up the door and wait. To alleviate the boredom, the crew decides to go a bit meta and start playing Wild Adventure. Geppa goes a bit overboard with her elf character, and after a bit of emotion, her and Ona become maybe friends? I dunno. Muschio returns and they face off with the Paladins(Who murdered a Denling. Those bastards.). That is, until *Spolier* Rungord Hookdon, the guy we buried alive */spoiler* comes back, now a prince. He talks the Paladins away, and gives us a bunch of troops, and Pendel has some idea about getting processing the glowing rocks(Peregast, apparently) that broke our Odds into something useful. And Muschio dreams about Ona.
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Divequest map.gif

Visited Locations

  • Goblin Camp
  • Kobold Camp
  • The Tower of Olber
  • Iniziare Citta
  • Sepia
  • The Hot Springs
  • Ridder's Fort

Unvisited (significant) Locations

  • Red Mesa
  • Wonderseed
  • Fort Fleur


Other Appearances


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest. In the table below, ITQ posts are listed in order, broken into groups by the threads they ran consecutive to, between, or after.

At one point, a full fledged extra-canonical crossover, predominantly with the LonelyVerse, broke out. For reader convenience, and to try and help things make sense, posts from these other continuities have been included in the table.

Chapter 19: Muschio 1, Finesse 1, Charmedfrightened 1, Muschio 2, Ona 1, Dompag 1
Between Chapters 21 and 22: Tislomer and Nino
Chapter 22: Finesse 2, Muschio 3, Muschio 4
ITQ Crossover Event: Dompag 2, [1], Dompag 3, [2], Dompag 4, Dompag 5, Dompag 6, Muschio 5, [3], Muschio 6, [4], Ona 2, [5], Ona 3, Ona 4, Muschio 7, Ona 5, Muschio 8, Dompag 7, Ona 6, Ona 7, Finesse 3, Dompag 8, [6], Dompag 9, [7], Dompag 10, [8], [9], [10], Dompag 11, Dompag 12, [11], Dompag 13, [12], Dompag 14, Dompag 15, [13], [14], [15], [16], [17], [18], [19], [20], [21], [22], Dompag 16, Dompag 17, [23], [24], Embra 1
Chapter 22: Dompag 18, Dompag 19, Dompag 20, Dompag 21, Dompag 22, Dompag 23, Dompag 24, Dompag 25, Dompag 26, Dompag 27, Dompag 28, Dompag 29, Dompag 30, Dompag 31, Dompag 32, Dompag 33, Finesse 4
Between Chapters 22 and 23: Dompag 34
Chapter 23: Dompag 35, Dompag 36, Dompag 37, Geppa 1, Dompag 38, Dompag 39, Dompag 40
Chapter 24: Ona 8, Dompag 41, Dompag 42, Ashedel 1, Ona 9, Wes 1, Wes 2



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