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File 154464714911.png - (272.58KB , 800x600 , title.png )
913803 No. 913803 ID: 395c02

This quest is sometimes NSFW.

Thread one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html

Thread two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html

Thread three: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/743976.html

Thread four: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/771470.html

Thread five:

Thread six:

Thread seven: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/880264.html
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No. 913804 ID: 395c02

Youtube version: https://youtu.be/lgPbTqpLIbg
No. 913805 ID: 395c02
File 154464718812.png - (127.98KB , 800x600 , 1474.png )

Another nightmare. Another reminder that you're just a shell keeping a monster at bay. Of what will befall everyone you know and love should you fail.


Something tugs at your mind, a memory from a dream's dream. You choose to ignore it.

I... yeah. It was just a bad dream.
No. 913806 ID: 395c02
File 154464720110.png - (152.57KB , 800x600 , 1475.png )

You get dressed and ready yourself to tackle the new day. Dadtra informs you that your Big Sister's already left to take care of some things, so maybe you'll run into her later.

Today's the PICNIC OF DOOM wherein Mom, by her insistence, will be hosting a picnic for you and your new friends. Could be a good idea to visit the UNDERWATER BASE and prep your hoard for the upcoming battle. And by that you mean asking them not to say anything blushy because your dad would die he'd just die.

Hopefully you can convince them to be on their best behavior. They're representing your Hoard of Dragon Romance, after all.
No. 913808 ID: 395c02
File 154464724047.png - (203.77KB , 800x600 , 1476.png )

=--Day 3-4: Morning--=
Your body is a little worn out from exertion. Might want to avoid pushing yourself too hard physically today.

Your stress is recovering but still pretty high. You need to stop having Big Dramatic Segments!

You actually have a lot of time to kill before the picnic, which is set early in the afternoon. Is there anything you'd want to do before heading to the UNDERWATER BASE? Hmm... Augh, making decisions is hard!

This is where your faithful neurons come in. Armed with the power to vote twice, they shall help you decide.


Hello? Neurons? Do you need a recap of how decisions are made? Okay! QUICK RECAP!

You have two votes: A PRIMARY VOTE and a SECONDARY VOTE. Simply use the PRIMARY VOTE on the thing you most want to happen, and your SECONDARY VOTE on the thing you'd want second most. Simple! But don't be confusing, dear neurons. Make it obvious which vote is which!

You may also ask to see a STAT SCREEN at any time, as well as converse with our draconian hero, or use a D-BUR... ah. Can't do that one anymore.

Armed with the power of DECISION MAKING, go forth and do your thing!

What will you do?
-A: Hang out with your hoard. Why not spend a little extra time with them rather than showing up last minute?
-B: Practice magic. You're a powerful magic user, but what if you were more powerful?
-C: Seek a little 'stress relief'. Keeping your TILDE low might help avoid any spaghetti spilling later, and lower your STRESS. The details can be decided in a bit.
-D: Play around with your D-WINGS. You haven't actually done much experimenting with them, and they are the only known way to release pent-up DRAGON ENERGY.
-E: Visit your parents. Never hurts to say hi!
No. 913809 ID: 6fd723

Primary A, secondary D.
We've got a lot on our mind, and it's a good idea to get any unknowns and uncertainties out of the way. Make sure your friends know what is and isn't cool to do before you have your big get together! See if you can fiddle around with your D-WINGS at the same time! Strut a little and find out exactly what they can do at the same time.
No. 913810 ID: 6c5a99

Hm... can't you combine C with another option? B or D, for example. I'd go for D, I bet you could scratch your weird exhibitionist unofficial semi-kink by D-Winging it up somewhere high and tending to yourself on top of a tall building or an inaccessible ledge of a mountainside or something. I mean, not many people besides yourself can fly around here, can they? Even the birds. If they did you'd probably all have, like, airspace laws and stuff that would have come up before. Right? So it's the perfect crime! Just relaxing yourself under the blue sky and the sun. It'd basically be topless sunbathing. Just bottomless as well. And doing... things. That way, you'd release two pent-up things at once!

So yeah my vote is for C+D. But if you want a second preference in case of boring single-lette answers, than just D, because besides wanting to keep your D low you also just had a nightmare and flying might make you feel better.
No. 913811 ID: 65c9b9

do you really think you are just a shell? aren't you a thinking being and if there is thought that must mean you exist you are no mere shell you are you, you just have a dragon in you that wants to be out of its prison that it did nothing wrong to be in. If you were merely the seal holding the dragon back then wouldn't you become less smart as the seal breaks apart? if anything you are two minds in the same body just one has a bit more control for now. Eventually you two will have to work things out don't you think.
you should F try to meditate and calm down for the battle ahead. (maybe try talking with your innerself)
or you know B a giant.
No. 913813 ID: f5d2df

D, E
No. 913814 ID: b1b4f3

Primary C, secondary A.
You can just turn your wings on while at the base, no matter what you're doing there.
No. 913816 ID: 91ee5f

Primary: A

Secondary: D

You should go inform your friends of the situation and beg ask them to be on their best behavior in front of your parents.

You can mess around with your D-Wings in the privacy of the underwater base.

While you’re here at Daatra’s house, check to see if Dadtra made breakfast for you. If he did, then eat breakfast before you leave. And make sure you pack up all of your belongings so that you don’t leave anything at here by accident!
No. 913817 ID: 16dcc7

No. 913819 ID: b2d037

Ah Mistress, Perhaps you can knock two birds with one stone? Visiting your dear friends for preparations and, *ahem*, getting anything out of your systems.

Primary A Secondary C
No. 913822 ID: a62780

Primary A
Secondary D

best coordinate with your hoard, let them know what to expect as well as, y'know, just enjoying their company for it's own sake.

for real though those D-wings are so cool and glowy, maybe you could even use the effect for other things than wings?
No. 913823 ID: 758ff3

Hell yeah, let's FLYYYYY (D)
No. 913828 ID: 0c3c2c

Primary E

Secondary B
No. 913829 ID: f5c3b8

Lets do the opposite of that restrictive nightmare and be free in the air, D. or E
No. 913831 ID: 757ccd

B, we gotta learn how to be big without D-Burst assistance!
A, also maybe beg Siphon to please play along this one time.
No. 913833 ID: c53193

CPS your parents that the night over was alright and that you're safe.

Then fly D into space the sky! See how your town looks from above.
Secondary E.
No. 913834 ID: ad51b8

Primary: D

Secondary: A
No. 913835 ID: 2a7417

B, d. Can your D-wings do things other than fly?
No. 913839 ID: 094652

Primary B, Secondary D. Recap your powers, good recall and timing more than makes up for a used energy tank.

Also, SDG4 cartoons. And a How To Basicallyerm on spaghetti that leads into messy throwing sex stars.
No. 913856 ID: eeb7d9

A, because if not, you wont have enough time to explain how important it is to behave in the picnic.
D, you can use them while you go to see your friends.

No. 913860 ID: f0354b

No. 913880 ID: 080aaf

Primary: B huuuuuge!
Secondary: D-stress.
No. 913887 ID: 3674e7

Primary: B
Practice we need it to (maybe) fight dragons and/or riders in the future (if we are found out by the dragon riders or if the trip to find your friend goes bad (if the dragon there attacks) its always good to have practice in our magics).

Secondary: D
If we spend some time getting the hang of our wings and master its control maybe we'll get better control over our dragon magic lessening the chances of going berserk if the seal breaks.
No. 913888 ID: 2202fb

Yeah boy we're back!

That wasnt a nightmare. If you thought it was, then you need to reflect on it more. You and the dragon are one being. The dragon isnt just a separate consciousness somewhere inside you. You are in bondage right now because you cant control your power after growing up with it suppressed. To be free would for now be to release it and risk losing your sanity to the sudden influx of immense power. Thus you remain bound and "safe" until such a time where you are taught how to control the power.

Wow, so i think you shouldnt worry so much about the fact that you fuck your friends, and more on the fact that Holy Fuck They Are Fucking Aliens What The Fuck Are Your Parents Going To ThinkYourDadIsGoingToFuckingImplodeIntoABlackHoleAndDestroyTheUniverse. Just saying.

Why "dragon romance?" I mean, do you really have a romantic interest in any of them? It seems more like a platonic love (which is totally fine), but maybe a better name would be "Hoard of Friendship" or if you want to bundle the romantic and the platonic, then maybe "Hoard of Love" or "Hoard of Family" or maybe "Dragonkin"


no no no, she isnt a separate being. I think that is what this is specifically pointing out. Her powers (and possibly urges and instincts) are being suppressed, but the mind is not. She is the dragon and the dragon is her. Sealing parts of her wouldnt create a second mind. Ceri just chooses to view her and the dragon as separate so as to avoid the scary reality that if everything is released, she herself will be the one that goes mad with power and destroys everything rather than "the dragon."

I vote

And lets try to not fall into any huge tangents or it is going to be 2100 before we get to next week.

jk, love you Slinko

No. 913889 ID: 4294c6

No. 913895 ID: 80d19e

Primary A Might as well get things out of the way. Plus it helps make sure they have plenty of time to prepare as well as yourself.

Secondary C Better get all the stress out that you can to get your mind clear and centered. Plus starting the day feeling better after a nightmare would help the rest of the day run smoother.
No. 913896 ID: 3d4d8f

Oh, I like the idea to CPS your parents instead.
D or B
No. 913899 ID: bdb209

Primary C
secondary D
No. 913902 ID: d6afc2

Primary: D
Secondary: b
No. 913903 ID: 864e49

As graceful as always.
C. Maybe with DOOK
No. 913966 ID: cb22c8

Primary A, secondary D.
No. 913968 ID: a8d0bc

I would have to say B.
There is no such thing as too much magic.
No. 913970 ID: 96819d

Destress yourself and your D with your wings
No. 914001 ID: 395c02
File 154481891116.png - (119.49KB , 800x600 , 1477.png )

Explore your weird energy-wings, or visit your dear companions? Both options sound pretty good, though that dream pushes you to the latter. Maybe you can sorta do both? Eezeryh might be able to help you experiment, at least.

Should you fly there with your mighty D-WINGS? ...Nah, people might see you and then they'll know you're a dragon and you'll cover the town in spaghetti as you try to explain your way out of it and oh no how about you just walk.


Your mind wanders.

>You and the dragon are one being. The dragon isnt just a separate consciousness somewhere inside you
Dreams normally fade away when you wake up, but this one's still vivid in your mind. Something called you a 'shell'. But why? It's not like you're literally empty. When Euia sealed away everything 'dragon' about you, he filled in the void that remained with life-magic. He made you into a full and complete person.

...But are you? Both you and the dragon within are two parts of a single whole. If merged together, would the dragon parts of you replace the parts made from Euia's life-magic? What becomes of the memories, thoughts, and feelings stored there? Would you still remember everyone?

Would you still care about them?


No, you'll stress yourself out thinking like this. You need to trust Euia to have a plan. Focus on not breaking anything further for now.

>CPS your parents that the night over was alright and that you're safe.
For some reason you really want to talk to Mom.
No. 914002 ID: 395c02
File 154481891414.png - (122.96KB , 800x600 , 1478.png )

:DRCPS_ceri_neutral: "Mom? Mom, are you there?"

:DRCPS_myra_shocked_blush: "Oh gods-- Ceri? Where!?"

:DRCPS_ceri_worried_smiling: "Did you forget I could do this?"

:DRCPS_myra_shocked_smiling_blush: "Oh! A portaaal! Nnice to hear from youu!"

That's weird.

:DRCPS_ceri_neutral: "Where's Dad?"

:DRCPS_myra_worried_smiling_blush: "Ohh, he's ah... busy."

:DRCPS_myra_annoyed_blush: "And should take a breeaak for a bit."

:DRCPS_ceri_worried: "Are you... okay, Mom?"

:DRCPS_myra_shocked_smiling_blush: "O-of courssSse! What did you need, sweety?"

Did you hear giggling?

:DRCPS_ceri_smiling: "Um... just letting you know I'm okay! I'll be hanging out with my friends for a while if you don't mind."

:DRCPS_myra_shocked_smiling_blush: "Perfect!"

:DRCPS_myra_worried_smiling_blush: "I mean, how nice! We'll seEee you later for the picnic! I'm aaAah... just psyching myself up for it."

:DRCPS_ceri_neutral_lookaway_blush: "I'm going to acknowledge that and close the portal and not think about anything."

:DRCPS_myra_worried_smiling_blush: "Yes please do that. Love yoouuh gods..."

Mom must be working hard! Haha...
No. 914003 ID: 395c02
File 154481891777.png - (60.50KB , 800x600 , 1479.png )

You make it to the lake and... hmm. Your magic is stronger now, and you're quite familiar with the base's location after swimming down to it so many times. Maybe you can just... open a portal to it? It might use a bit of MP, but you have such a huge pool of magical energy it's barely worth mentioning anymore.

On the other hand, swimming down normally means not taking the risk that you'll miss. Though you add the risk of someone finding your stuff and taking it like big ol jerks. But wait, don't they have a submarine? Augh, you're not sure how rude it'd be to CPS someone who's still asleep.

What will you do?

-A: Portal directly to the base. You got this.
-B: Use CPS to ask someone to bring up the submarine. Did Eezee build it when you weren't looking?
-C: Swim to the base. You'll need to hide your stuff somewhere, unless you want them to get wet!

Ah, that third option has two ways to go about it. This calls for a SUB-VOTE. These can be voted on alongside your PRIMARY and SECONDARY votes, even if you didn't choose C with either one. Sub votes almost always use X and Y as letters.

-X: Swim in AQUATIC FORM. Gosh, remember this form?
-Y: Swim in FAUX DRAGON FORM. Water Dragons also have gills, naturally.
No. 914005 ID: 6fd723

Primary A, Secondary C, Tertiary Y
Don't be afraid to flex a little! Magic is cool and great and it definitely wouldn't hurt to try, right? Maybe take a peek through the portal. Make sure you aren't gonna pop out into solid rock.

But if you gotta swim, dragon it up a bit! Have some fun with it. Take your mind off of anything and everything to do with the call with mom.
No. 914007 ID: 080aaf

C, B, Y. Let it get wet! If your super special polymorpher suit shrinks in the wash, I guess you'll just have to too.
No. 914008 ID: 65c9b9

B. the Eez is probably awake on a coffee high talk to her. A second, this will likely end in a massage robot.
X. show us the new designs slinko!!!
No. 914009 ID: 65c9b9

oh and remember to open a portal and get Arlo (an egg) for The Eez to do stuff with from the freezer.
No. 914010 ID: a62780

C + X: Swim in AQUATIC FORM, cut loose and enjoy some relaxing, therapeutic swimming.
No. 914011 ID: 4294c6

C/X, but also portal your stuff back home.
No. 914012 ID: 91ee5f

>Called mom during sex with dad.
Hahahahaha! XD

Primary: A

Secondary: C , X

If you end up swimming, then it’s a good thing you’ve got your polymorph friendly clothes on! No need to worry about destroying them, since they’re meant to change shape with you! And you’ve been in your dragon form a lot recently, why not give it a break and use your Aquatic Form instead?
No. 914013 ID: 757ccd

A, I am pretty sure you've got this.

C, can you use your D-Wings to swim? Might be worth trying. Dragon form too, because dragon form is fun.
No. 914015 ID: b1b4f3

Primary A, secondary C/X.

Also I think you should get a waterproof bag next time you go shopping. This kind of decision happens too often!!!
No. 914019 ID: 575ec0

The worst that will happen if you miss is you get wet when water GUSHES FORTH FROM THE PORTAL.
Sounds fun.

No. 914029 ID: a9af05

This makes sense.
No. 914032 ID: e8f63b

Use the CPS to verify the target area, if it sounds like it's underwater, try again.
Portal in when confident.
No. 914061 ID: 864e49

if not
No. 914063 ID: a8d0bc

>>914003 A.
You're skilled enough for it but maybe use one of those handy dandy visual/audio portals first, to make sure you aren't going to teleport yourself somewhere underwater, or in a place you definitely shouldn't be.
and also to avoid telefragging someone on accident even though i'm not sure we can do that without the death portal thing
No. 914074 ID: 80d19e

Primary B and Secondary A. However rather than just doing one or the other combine them! Use the portals to call ahead and let everyone know your coming. After all its just polite to call ahead/knock before you go into someones house right?
No. 914096 ID: 83bf07

Now this a bright idea, Mistress!
No. 914099 ID: b1b4f3

Hey... Ceri has a type of portal that only lets light and sound through. She could use that to scout a portal location before going through herself!
No. 914108 ID: 2202fb

Even if she didnt, as long as she made the portal up-down (down from land to water) the pressure should keep the water from flowing out should she miss. Ofc, she might still end up accidentally portalsplicing someone, something, or even one of the exterior walls of the base (which would then flood the base). Maybe if we went home and grabbed a Ziploc® Brand zip-lock bag to put our stuff in, we could then swim down there with it without getting it all wet.
No. 914111 ID: b1b4f3

Portals go both ways. The water pressure down there would push it into the top side.
No. 914117 ID: 2202fb

Wouldn't the water stay in the lake bc the portal would be from a higher source (like sticking a hose in the water nozzle up with the other end face down above it; a siphon but in reverse)? Or do you mean the portals are double sided?
No. 914127 ID: eeb7d9

C and X. Take your time, relax, swim and let the water flush your worries away.... until you enter that sex dungeon and go full Spaghetti or sex hungry dragon, because come on, is basically that most of the time YOU are there.
No. 914129 ID: 094652

Work on polymorphing until the ship picks up on your magical radiation.

Be the motorboat.
No. 914146 ID: b1b4f3

If it were a tube stuck down there, the force of gravity on the water in the tube would counteract the pressure from the bottom of the tube. However, we don't have a tube. We have a portal, which will have no water between the two openings. It's a simple matter of pressure difference in this case: think of it like a porthole in a ship.
No. 914158 ID: 09126a

primary A, secondary C
No. 914190 ID: cb22c8

Primary C, secondary A. Pick X either way, even if you don't swim. Aquatic form's cool!
No. 914329 ID: 395c02
File 154509209694.png - (114.45KB , 800x600 , 1480.png )

Ah! Of course! If you use CPS (which uses your unique light-and-sound portals) to double check, you can keep correcting yourself until you're on-target!

Now then. Once again you find yourself within the UNDERWATER...

Ah, that's right. This place has a name now, doesn't it?


Okay. Time to see a scientist about magic.
No. 914330 ID: 395c02
File 154509209936.png - (127.67KB , 800x600 , 1481.png )

"You want me to what?"

"Science my D! I've had a long, hard time dealing with it!"
No. 914331 ID: 395c02
File 154509210369.png - (164.30KB , 800x600 , 1482.png )

"W-wait! My wings! I meant my D-wings!!!"


"Please do."



You unleash your wings in desperation! "T-these! Don't you want to know how they work!?"

"...Okay fine. Stand down, bot."


The Eez muses, "Still some kinks to work out with that one."

"Ya think!?"
No. 914332 ID: 395c02
File 154509210665.png - (196.66KB , 800x600 , 1483.png )

Eezeryh pokes a science thingy. "...Yeah, these readings seem consistent with the other large sources of energy we've found."

"I already knew they were dragon magic. Anything else you can tell me?"

"Well, the more fun way to science is to try things at random and see what happens. So why don't you try some things while I scan you?"

"...Are... you gonna give me anything in specific to do?"

"You're the leader."

Uh... maybe you'll just try whatever sounds good? You can't think of any specific choices, so maybe you'll just Do whatever comes to mind.

So! What should you try to do with your D-WINGS?
No. 914333 ID: 2a7417

Use some polymorph magic with your D out!
Bap Eezee in the face with them.
Get naked. For science. It'll do something. Maybe.
No. 914334 ID: 757ccd

Time for wing-hugs
No. 914337 ID: daffb0

See how well you can move them! They've looked like they're just a fancy energy shape vaguely floating in a vaguely wing-like shape. Can you move them like you would wings? Can you move them NOT like wings, just reshaping their energy into other shapes? Maybe start with other wing forms, like big fairy butterfly wings, or Skif's?... If that doesn't work in your natural form, if you shapeshifted into a member of Skif's race, would your D-wing manifestation look like their wings then? Can you D-wing at all while shapeshifted?

Try all those things.
No. 914339 ID: b1b4f3

The Eez's tilde is low enough to be less than tolerant of your sexual advances, I see.

Well first try the thing they're most used for. Fly! A little bit, there's not a lot of room here.
Then try changing their shape? See if you can make bird wings instead of batlike wings.
Make them brighter?
Change the color? How about a deeper shade of blue first, then green, then red.
Channel magic through them, like electricity?
Try to make them invisible?
Make them BIGGER? Smaller?
No. 914341 ID: 65c9b9

let siphon pick something.
No. 914342 ID: 0c3c2c

Attempt to nibble them. Then attempt to give hugs with them.
No. 914346 ID: a9af05

Give hugs with wings.

Touch wings with your hand to see what they feel like. Are they solid or do things pass through them?
No. 914348 ID: ad51b8

see if the wings can actually interact with things or just phase through everything.

See if you can't change their shape and size. Like turning them into an extra pair of arms or change them to feathered wings, maybe see if you can't change their color something along those lines. I mean you can shape shift already and change size so you should be able to do the same to the magic wings right?

If you cant turn them into arms or something see how much control you have over them by doing increasingly changeling task. Start simple with just picking something up and putting it down to see if you can and to see if you can control how much pressure you apply to picking things up, then try throwing it in the air and catching it as it falls to test your magic hand eye coordination, then keep going until you have them do things like typing on a computer or cat's cradle just to see how much control you have over them.
No. 914352 ID: 094652

Turn them into giant breasts.
Secrete chocolate ice cream.
Make funny animal noises.

Try to cast magic THROUGH your wings.
No. 914353 ID: 4294c6

Do something hard to draw.
No. 914355 ID: 06fdc0

Do jumping jacks! Many jumping jacks!
No. 914357 ID: 3674e7

First see how big they can get then see if you can combine them to make a form of dragon energy shield.
No. 914359 ID: 080aaf

See if your other spells are powered up in relation to the wings somehow. Then (briefly) turn on the anti-magic field that made you start melting into goop to see how it reacts. Finally, get a wing massage from the security bot (not with bullets).
No. 914370 ID: e7848c

Flight! Use your portals to effectively have unlimited room (for the possibility of falling) with your D-wings. Good luck, Mistress!
No. 914396 ID: 2202fb

Open the door

Get on the floor

Everybody walk the dinosaur
No. 914399 ID: 2202fb

Actually, open up two large portals that face each other (one going into the other; recursive) and fly through them. Try to break some airspeed records.
No. 914400 ID: 2202fb

Oh, the flight thing was suggested already.

Still, lets go for speed. See if you can break the sound barrier.
No. 914434 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, see how fast you can fly!
No. 914463 ID: a62780

I suppose an easy one is to see you can change their size or shape, maybe brightness and colour? try making them look like Eezeryh's limbs, since you've got an easy visual reference in front of you.

Can they touch solid stuff? the wings and maybe the flight itself is very magic based, so maybe they're otherwise ethereal? if not, try bapping stuff with them.
No. 914507 ID: cb22c8

Go poke her with them.
No. 914528 ID: 395c02
File 154525689518.png - (97.38KB , 800x600 , 1484.png )

>Do something hard to draw.
Your attempts to draw a GIANT BIRD AND CONCERNED DOLPHIN comic with your D-WINGS end in utter failure.

Eezeryh pokes her device. "Congratulations, you've proven that energy can't pick up pencils. I'm not even being sarcastic right now-- I half expected to cross out another law of physics because of 'magic'."

"Magic's against the law where you come from!?"

"No, I-- nevermind. What's strange about this is that your wings don't affect the pencil at all. No heat, no electrical burns, nothing at all to indicate a massive source of energy just passed through it."

>Get naked. For science. It'll do something. Maybe.
You're in no hurry to see how your 65% defense stands up to bullets.

>Time for wing-hugs
"What if I try... this!"
No. 914529 ID: 395c02
File 154525689832.png - (350.68KB , 800x600 , 1485.png )

Eezee Peezee emits strange alien noises. "On one hand: why. On the other hand, you first instinct was to immediately experiment on the closest person, so I can't be mad. You might just have an aptitude for science!"

"Heehee. Do you feel anything?"

"No, nothing."

"I'm going to try something."

You withdraw your wings and move to have one just barely penetrate Eezeryh's claw. Okay... Fly!


They refuse to engage...? That shouldn't...

Okay. Magic was 'encoded' into mortals a long time ago, to make it so they didn't need to set up a Ritual every time they wanted to do a thing. A lot of the weirdness of magic stems from this-- those of the past agreed on what each type of magic would do, and the rules it would follow.

But dragons are magic incarnate-- their magic just is. So why are your wings acting as if they have a deliberate safeguard put on them? Did Euia seriously have that much foresight? Or do they refuse to engage because you don't want to hurt Eezeryh?

Hmm. You phase a wing through the pencil again. Maybe if you... well actually trying to fly would be a bad idea. But what if you try to hover?
No. 914530 ID: 395c02
File 154525690780.gif - (3.51MB , 800x600 , 1486.gif )



"Having some balance issues?"


"Ah, memories. I remember making my first anti-grav jetpack. Obviously I was a natural and got used to it immediately, but I could see how someone less mentally inclined might struggle~"

"BeeEeing smart doeeeEesn't make you gooOooOod at flyyYyying!" you protest.

"Being smart makes you good at everything."

You crash into the wall. "Ow... even magic?"

"Trust me. If I could use magic, your dragon whatever would be naught but parlor tricks to me~"
No. 914531 ID: 395c02
File 154525693506.png - (275.06KB , 800x600 , 1487.png )

You try out a few more things.

>See how well you can move them!
They act more or less like wings in the ways you can move them. You try to make them larger, but you feel something strain and pull back. You don't want to push things too hard.

>Change the color?
...You can't.

>Channel magic through them, like electricity?

You stop. This is too risky.

>Actually, open up two large portals that face each other (one going into the other; recursive) and fly through them. Try to break some airspeed records.
Oh! Maybe you can get away with flying down here!


You're slower than you were when you flew after Daatra the other day, but even without a D-BURST you've got some pretty good speed with these! Certainly faster than you can fly as a bird (partly because you're not super great at it).

"Not bad," The Eez says. "I'm clocking you at nearly 30 meters per second."

Without even thinking about it, you will your wings to slow your speed and bring you to a stop.

"Is that a lot?" you ask.

"It's about 110 kilometers per hour. Not very impressive to someone like me, but don't let that stop you from being proud of yourself!"

>First see how big they can get then see if you can combine them to make a form of dragon energy shield.
Try as you might, you can't change their overall shape. Maybe the ability to do so is locked in your other half, or maybe they stand as proof of how little control you have over your dragon self.

Your experiments are halted by a strange muffled sound coming from the next room.

What in the...?
No. 914532 ID: 395c02
File 154525693810.png - (115.69KB , 800x600 , 1488.png )

"So hey! That's enough experimenting for today, don't you think? Don't want to go too nuts doing science!"

"That doesn't sound like you."

"Look even I know there's only so much science you can do before you hurt yourself. How about you go visit someone else!? Or maybe we could-- ah! The plans for repairing the ship! We could do that!"


"Or-- oh! That egg you left me! Didn't you want to hear my analysis? I found some really interesting things about it!"

The way you see it, there are two PATHs you could take here. You could 'fall' for Eezeryh's bluff and give her a bit of privacy, or you could get to the bottom of what has her riled up all of a sudden.

To choose a path, your neurons need only use their PRIMARY VOTE on an option within the path of their choice. Since only one path can be chosen, all PRIMARY VOTES in the losing path are discarded. Because of this, it can be a good idea to use your SECONDARY VOTE to pick an option in the other path, so you have a say even in defeat.

Sometimes the same option appears in both paths. This is usually because the PATH itself affects the context of the option. For instance, a HUG could be lewd in one path, or friendly in another.

Got it? Okay! What will you do?

[Path of privacy...]
Curiosity killed the dragon, or something. You'll take Eezee's hint.

-A: Check on your egg. What did she find?
-B: Check out the ship's map/repairs. Maybe you can help?
-C: Visit another hoard member. Who do you visit?

[Path of curiosity...]
Just what is she trying to hide?? She needs to trust you the way you (mostly) trust her!

-D: Insist on trying a few more things. What do you experiment with?
-E: Stand there and stare at her. You're SOMEWHAT DOMINANT, remember?
-F: Ask what she'll offer to make you leave. Tilde optional.
No. 914535 ID: 757ccd

E. We've got to be better about this dominant thing, so use this opportunity to learn more about Eezeryh (and possibly some of the other crew members~)!

A. See what she has to say about the egg if we aren't going to press her.
No. 914537 ID: 3d4d8f

See what she found A, D
No. 914538 ID: 65c9b9

Arlo primary.
D secondary open a portal to the next room and see whats inside we could maybe find a magic book she is tearing apart!
No. 914539 ID: 575ec0

E! - And make this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Face as you do!

Secondary A tho. If people wanna be over nice.
No. 914540 ID: f5d2df

No. 914541 ID: daffb0

Primary A! Secondary D, try shapeshifting and seeing if you can still bring your wings out. For the purpose of distracting Eez from distracting you, try shapeshifting into things she's attracted to! You'll have to guess. Maybe play warmer-colder with her reactions.

Don't take the staring dominant path, please, you're still supposed to be avoiding dominant behaviour, remember?
No. 914542 ID: 2a7417

E/a. Give her the patented Blue Steel stare.
No. 914543 ID: f5c3b8

Alright, we'll take the hint. If you do try something, can you make them glow super bright on command? A, D
No. 914544 ID: a9af05

Primary E

Secondary A

Don't forget that you need to tell everyone about your parents coming to the lake to meet them and have a picnic!

So if whoever is making that noise is one of the others, then you need to go in there so that you can tell everyone at once!
No. 914545 ID: eeb7d9

A and E. Don't push it too much, but she is being so bad at distracting you that is just impossible not to be curious. If she was a GENIUS, she would be better at acting natural.
No. 914546 ID: 4294c6

Don't be nosy. She doesn't dig up your spaghetti.
>Primary A, Secondary B
No. 914548 ID: ad51b8

Primary A

Secondary D
No. 914549 ID: 452213

Finding compromises is part of being a leader, isn't it? Although, you could check on Arlo..

Primary A, secondary
Good luck!
No. 914552 ID: 91ee5f

Primary E: Stand there and stare at her. Tell her that if she’s as smart as she claims she is, then she should know that what she’s doing is the exact opposite of how she’s supposed to act if she doesn’t want you to see something. Because what she’s doing now is just making you want to see what she’s hiding!

Secondary A: Check on your egg. Tell her that even though she’s obviously hiding something, you’re going to be a good friend and not bug her about it. Then tell her that you’d like to know what she found out about your egg!
No. 914562 ID: 0c3c2c

Primary: E

Secondary: B
No. 914570 ID: 094652

E because she has low charisma.
A because you want to know what new wonders come out of your vagina.
No. 914573 ID: 080aaf

Primary: D. Test the anti-magic field's passive effect to see if it works on this too.
Also, stick your wings through the walls. Can you feel the water on the other side, pressing down all around you with enormous strength, waiting for the slightest chink in the armor to rush in and dRAG THIS CREW TO DAVY JONES' LOCKER okay deep breaths now.
Secondary: B. You may not be as big as Gulketi, but if they need heavy lifting you're the big boss!
No. 914591 ID: 80d19e

E I mean while everyone has their secrets, you guys need to be open with each other if you guys are supposed to stick together as a horde or romance/friends.

A it will be interesting to see any results from the tests. Wonder what they will show.
No. 914592 ID: 06fdc0

primary E

secondary A
No. 914593 ID: 864e49

Eezeryh there better not be a person held against their will on the other side of that door.

Secondary A.
No. 914594 ID: 758ff3

We need eggcellent results A
No. 914595 ID: 3c3e35

Gotta keep the science up! A
Secondary D
No. 914599 ID: bab143

It occurs to me we never asked about that mammal in the tube with her stuff did we.

Im FAR to curious not to say A but that doesnt mean we can grill her for info afterward. So then E i guess.
No. 914613 ID: 90c523

Yeah why not, listen to what she has. A, secondary D
No. 914614 ID: 96819d

Primary A, secondary D
No. 914616 ID: 72f06d

A primary, if we knew more about the biology of a dragon, it could lend some insight into how to unlock these powers.
E secondary, be sure to make skeptical face for maximum Hmmmmm-age.
No. 914618 ID: b67388

Primary E, secondary A
No. 914622 ID: 745eba

Primary A, secondary D
No. 914670 ID: d6afc2

First a few sesonds of E, then A
No. 914671 ID: cb22c8

E: Just keep staring, even after she breaks down and concedes.
Secondary F, just to see how she'd even respond.
No. 914674 ID: 3674e7

No mater what we choose we can always just sneakily use CPS to find out about the room and what's inside. So I choose:
Primary A and Secondary E.
No. 914675 ID: a11eb8

Oh yeah, does the map have any new findings? B
No. 914680 ID: 2202fb


Call her out and have her explain, but then do something else.
No. 914742 ID: daa216

E. Easily E. A as a backup
No. 914747 ID: d45644

did any more magic points or beacons happen on the map since we saw it? B
No. 914748 ID: de6d84

A, B
No. 914789 ID: 395c02
File 154552606494.png - (108.83KB , 800x600 , 1489.png )





"...So how's my egg doing."

"oh thank science."

You were so, so tempted to keep that up until something happened, but by the slimmest of margins you decide against it. As much as you want to be SOMEWHAT DOMINANT, a certain snake warned you against acting too... dragon-y.
No. 914790 ID: 395c02
File 154552606724.png - (98.64KB , 800x600 , 1490.png )

"So! What have you figured out?" you ask.

"Well, as you might expect, it's unfertilized."


Augh, why does that disappoint you? You're too young to be a dragon mom!!! Also you hadn't had sex early enough for those eggs to have been-- Euia made you infertile.

You don't know if you should blame hormones, the dragon inside you, or both.

Eezeryh looks back at you. "We'd have to get to know each other better if you want me to change that."

"Didn't we already have sex?"

"Moving on, there are no signs of cell division... but there's nonetheless a lot of nutrients and even hints of--"

"Careful! Giving too many specific details opens the door for someone proving us wrong!"



The Eez sighs. Like, a lot. "Basically, this egg has some of that 'dragon energy' of yours, more than I would expect from something so barren."

"So I'm a reptilian who lays... legit dragon eggs? No wonder they're so big they make me orgasm!"

No. 914791 ID: 395c02
File 154552606922.png - (147.01KB , 800x600 , 1491.png )

"Are you imagining it!? Me laying eggs while I climax over and over~??"

"Only as a curiosity about your biology."


"What 'ah-hah'!? There's no 'ah-hah' to this!!"

"But look how riled up you're getting! My lady doth protest too much!"

"My scientific mind won't be tempted by your rampant lewdness!"

"Of course! Please continue talking to me about my orgasm eggs."

Salazzarine noises. "Lucky for you I want to show off more than I want to call the robot. Now then. There's some genetic code missing from the egg."

"I mean, it's not fertilized..."

"More than just that. It's missing a key sequence that would cause cell division even in a fertilized egg."

"Ilan's doing, I suspect..."
No. 914792 ID: 395c02
File 154552607283.png - (66.21KB , 800x600 , 1492.png )

Eezeryh brings up your realistic portrait of Euia. "This 'Ilan' of yours... What was his deal, again? I wasn't listening last time you mentioned it."

"Weren't listening-- augh. To recap, he uses LIFE-MAGIC. It's... kind of a forbidden type of magic."

"Hmph. Closed-minded beings always standing in the way of progress."

"I mean, maybe... but I can understand why. Life-magic affects life directly. It's not temporary, like POLYMORPH. It makes permanent changes to your very essence."

"Whoa, really!?" Does she sound excited...? "Er-- I mean, how interesting. Can you use this 'life-magic'? I'd love to gain an intense understanding of the methods..."

You shrug. "I probably can as a dragon? But not as my current self, no."

"Ah yes. Something about Dragons using all types of magic? How the hell'd they lose a war with the ability to change life?"

"Dragon-riders basically cheated by gaining their trust then enslaving them. By the time the Dragons knew what was happening, the Riders had enough of them enthralled to put up a catastrophic fight."

"So they ran away."

"I guess."

"Hmm. When I get this ship flying, We should pay these so-called 'Dragon Lands' a visit."

"About that... they kiiiiiiinda want to kill me on sight. My parents did something so bad they want to punish me for it too I guess??"

"Wonderful. They sound like jerks."

"My parents or the dragons?"

No. 914793 ID: 395c02
File 154552607446.png - (170.13KB , 800x600 , 1493.png )

So your d'eggs are actual dragon eggs, just with a part removed? ...They take after their mother.

"So if I um, mated with a dragon, would my eggs...?"

"Who knows. I wouldn't think so, but your 'dragons' just love breaking rules."

So maybe. You try not to think too hard about grasping a big, strong dragon in your mighty talons and thrusting...

...Hmm? Do you hear a shower running?

-A: Investigate shower.
-B: Continue conversation. What do you talk about?
-C: Sneakily check out the room Eezeryh was hiding from you with a portal. So curious!
-D: See if Gulketi will let you live out this fantasy you just had. ~
No. 914794 ID: 465a14

Primary c, secondary c.
No. 914796 ID: 65c9b9

D primary, c secondary
No. 914798 ID: a74034

Primary A, secondary D
No. 914799 ID: 3d4d8f

Portal peek C
Secondary B, but just continue to make the face
No. 914800 ID: 757ccd

C. We gotta know~

D. Gulketi seems to be a fun guy to be around~
No. 914801 ID: 80d19e

Primary D, Secondary C Don't know if you can get your growth up enough for Gulketi but it would be fun to try!
No. 914802 ID: b1b4f3

Primary B, tell her about the picnic.

Secondary A.
No. 914803 ID: 96819d

This, tell her about the picnic B
No. 914804 ID: 23c164

Primary B, secondary C. I wonder what her tilde level is at.
No. 914805 ID: e51896

while we are at it, lets talk about the seal. Maybe she can fix it with her sciency stuff?

Secondary: C
No. 914806 ID: 0c3c2c

Primary C.

Secondary B about the sequence and why it's notable other than being sterile.
No. 914807 ID: f5d2df

No. 914808 ID: bddb0f


B, picnic and the possibility of you 'passing on' some Dragon Magic to others by serving them a healthy breakfast of D'egg.

Secondary A.
No. 914810 ID: ba56e6

Primary D, secondary b
No. 914812 ID: daffb0

Primary D because you'll need your arousal under control later for the picnic, secondary A, but toss Eez here a reminder about the picnic just in case she forgot because she seems like the type.
No. 914817 ID: f5c3b8

B, C Picnic reminder, and since we've taken the hint, portal sneak.
No. 914828 ID: e85a08

D/c tilde ahoy
No. 914832 ID: 575ec0

Primary D. Secondary also D.
No. 914840 ID: 91ee5f

Primary B: Continue conversation. Tell her about the picnic!

Secondary A: Investigate shower. I wonder who that is?
No. 914841 ID: 315e5f

primary D secondary ALSO D YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT
No. 914843 ID: 864e49

C, this is an invasion of privacy and a breach of trust don't do it!

Primary A
Secondary D
No. 914844 ID: 758ff3

Portal curiosity! C, B
No. 914856 ID: 83bf07

A perfect chance to greet a friend. Maybe relax and take a shower yourself! Perhaps Cash in on the opportunity to sneak a peek into that room..

Primary A, secondary C
No. 914887 ID: a9af05

No. 914926 ID: ae9bd9


I mean, if you want to know, just strongarm. You have her under your thumb (or into your cunt, i mean srsly, it is ridiculous how manipulative you can be when you let it do the thinking) already so it shouldnt be too difficult. Anyway, moving on, if you run out of topics, ask about guns. See if you two could go to the ship's firing range. It could be a good bonding activity!
No. 914971 ID: 080aaf

C/d. Opportunity doesn't knock!
No. 914985 ID: eeb7d9

A. Because now it's obvious.
B. Because there is more about it, right?
No. 915748 ID: 79eaac

A, C

Because investigating the shower is definitely less invasive than the room. Totally.
I don't have a sex in water fetish.
At all.

Don't judge me.
No. 915754 ID: 395c02
File 154630307152.png - (193.66KB , 800x600 , 1494.png )

"Hey! Speaking of my eggs..."

"Yes! Sure! Let's drone on more about things that came out of you!"

"We could talk about things going into me if you'd prefer!"

A deep, heavy sigh from The Eez. "Just say whatever you were going to say."

"If someone was to eat one of my eggs, would they gain a healthy dose of Dragon Magic??"

"Hmm. Ah. Oh! Ohoho! Another use for the Scientific Method!"


Eezeryh reaches for a sparkler, but there isn't one. "Nng... W-well! The best way to answer that question is experimentation!"

"So you're volunteering to eat my egg?"

"No-- I'm volunteering someone else to eat your egg! But not this one. It's been sitting out."

"Well, I have some at... actually, I think Outissa ate one already. We should go get her and--"
No. 915755 ID: 395c02
File 154630307794.png - (273.95KB , 800x600 , 1495.png )

"I wouldn't worry about her."


"She's fine."


No. Don't read too much into it. It's just your imagination. Just ignore it and move the topic along.

"Putting fun shenanigans aside for a moment, I have something a little more serious to ask," the no-fun-allowed-dragoness called You asks.

"Yes, of course I'll take over as leader. Took you long enough to realize only one of us has the brains to lead these losers!"

"I-I have brains! But I meant... Mr. Ilan's seal to keep my dragon self in check is maybe breaking a little bit? I was wondering if there was a science thing you could do to help."

"Obviously. Nothing is beyond the power of science!"
No. 915756 ID: 395c02
File 154630308108.png - (149.35KB , 800x600 , 1496.png )

"Huh. This is beyond the power of science."


"I forgot magic breaks all the rules, okay? All I'm getting from these readings is that your horns are emitting a lot of energy, but I can't tell if they're the source or just a conduit. I also don't see anything that would indicate a 'seal', except... hmm."

"What is it?"

"There's some garbage data here, in your brain."

"That... could that be it?"

"I wouldn't rule anything out anymore, but I can't really do anything with this..."

"I see... Let's try something else. Remember the ANTI-MAGIC FIELD GENERATOR that suppressed my magic? If... if I was a hundred... a thousand times stronger, would it still work?"

"Anti-whatnow? Oh, the cloaking device. Yeah, rather than masking light, it tries to mask 'magic' itself."

"So the goop was me being covered in my own magic?"

"It's a little more complicated than that, but sort of."
No. 915757 ID: 395c02
File 154630308840.png - (398.95KB , 800x600 , 1497.png )

Eezeryh brings up the HD Remix of the video feed from your epic battle with her robot. "Remember this moment?"

"Yeah. I tried to use my DRAGON BREATH ability I probably have. I expected water, what with the water dragon, but it was raw energy?"

"There are so many problems with using water as a breath weapon. But nevermind that-- notice how it's managing to bulge outward?"

"hehe you said" "That means that there was enough energy or magic there to strain against it. Ten times stronger and it'd have broken free, to say nothing of a hundred or a thousand."

The dragon's ultimate attack, merging all of their magical prowess into a single beam... The history books implied the result was an elemental blast based on the type of dragon, but as I look back at myself... it really is raw magic. Do all dragons work this way, or...

There's no way to know for sure. It's entirely possible that what you're looking at isn't a breath-weapon, but your old body's approximation of one. After all, the dragon before you isn't the real you. It too is an approximation.

"So you're saying the field can't contain a more powerful source of magic?" you ask.

"Oh my, no. You were already pretty close to the limit of what it can actually mask, so going beyond that is guaranteed to fail in explosive ways. ... Let's try it!"

"N-no! How about instead of explosions, you tell me if you could maybe enhance the ANT-- uh. Let's call it the AFG. Could it be improved to be able to contain a shitload of dragon power?"

Eezeryh claws at the air where a sparkler would go if she had one. "...Well. What I'll say is that if literally anyone in the universe could pull it off, you're looking at her. Challenge Accepted!"

You feel a weight lift from your shoulders. If your seal breaks before Euia returns, there's some chance Eezeryh could save everyone! You're not going to gamble on that, of course, but it's nice to know that even in defeat... there's hope.

"Thanks," you say. "Well, with that out of the way, I guess I should go ahead and talk about the picnic."
No. 915758 ID: 395c02
File 154630309311.png - (130.54KB , 800x600 , 1498.png )

"Picnic!" Siphon says excitedly while ...


"S-Saint Duke!?"

He avoids your glance, looking a bit sheepish.

"Why are you both wet? And naked??"

"We had to get clean for the picnic, silly!" Siphon says as Duke blushes even more.

"Did... did you both shower at the same time?"


Duke blushes lots. "M-mistress Siphon had some very good points about how I should be um, initiated into the hoard. I could not simply allow a fair maiden to lie alone and in need!"

"I... you two...?"


That.. but...

You hear a door slide open-- the door leading to Eezee's lab!?
No. 915759 ID: 395c02
File 154630309756.png - (115.84KB , 800x600 , 1499.png )

Outissa smiles at you and waves and she's without her scarf.

But that means-- but-- Outissa-- Eezeryh-- Siphon-- Duke--
No. 915760 ID: 395c02
File 154630310378.png - (167.53KB , 800x600 , 1500.png )

You've downvoted lewd choices so often everyone started having sex without you!

[...Path of ~...]
-A: GULKETI. Time to take the biggest person here and assert your somewhat-dominance!!!
-B: YOU FOUR, ON ME, RIGHT NOW. You're the one with unmet needs!!!
-C: I'LL GET MINE AND YOU HAVE TO WATCH. Make them watch as you tend to your own needs!!!

[...Path of unmet desires...]
Gonna ignore the irony, are ya? Ah well, it's not like you intended to be the sole partner of everyone.
-D: Gather everyone to discuss picnic. You have more important things to worry about.
-E: Ask for the juicy details of these budding relationships! Was there blushu? Tell me there was!
-F: Ask Outissa if she's a dragon now. By which you mean ask if your d'egg affected her at all.
No. 915762 ID: cb22c8

D, if you don't talk about the picnic you're going to forget about it and then they'll start talking about space!
Secondary C, if you want more attention you have to make your needs clear!
No. 915764 ID: 080aaf

D/a. You can't help it that you're a busy dragon with lots of plates to juggle. Siphon and Gulketi were wise enough to know that for lewd to happen, they need to bring the lewds to you instead of waiting at the bottom of a lake for you to come back!
No. 915765 ID: ccf3c2

Eh. Let's keep this 'not gettin' it on' trainwreck rolling. Because it can't possibly end poorly - I mean, the sex gets better the longer you abstain. Total and absolute truth. (Gently) break Gulketi in the evening, after a long hard day of wantin' it bad.

Primary: F - Otissa durgon??? Because science and the knowing of things.

Secondary: E - Blushus?!?! Because they're bonding and it's cute!
No. 915766 ID: 4ef273

Primary C, secondary D
No. 915768 ID: b1b4f3

Primary A. I mean cmon.

Secondary D and E. Why can't you do both
No. 915770 ID: 8f6858


No. 915771 ID: 395c02

Primary A, secondary D. Obviously.
No. 915772 ID: 96819d

A, D
No. 915773 ID: 3d4d8f

May as well. A, D
No. 915775 ID: 90f3c0

B, D
No. 915776 ID: 0c3c2c


A because I want to see you and Dragon Gulketi going at it and it would be super cute.
No. 915778 ID: a9af05

Primary D

Secondary F

Both of these are the most important things right now!
No. 915779 ID: 4854ef

Glory to this!

No. 915781 ID: e51896

secondary C


why not both D and C?
No. 915782 ID: daffb0

A and D, dear.
No. 915785 ID: 1a89d4

B! or e I guess...
No. 915787 ID: 65c9b9

A. thats the only way 100% no sacrifices GULKETTI NEEDS LOVE TOO!
No. 915788 ID: f5c3b8

D, A/ Should maybe talk about the thing.
No. 915799 ID: eeb7d9

Oh come on, don't be such a babe. Remember, you are not that kind of dragon, you can let them share with each other, they don't belong to you, you know.
D, this is, after all why you are here.
E, i bet there is some interesting bonding stories in there!
No. 915803 ID: e7848c

M-Misstress! You look distressed! M-maybe.. we could help you with that? O-or we can plan for the picnic!

(Primary B, Secondary D)
No. 915804 ID: 094652

Primary B because tilde must die before you make a Mario of yourself at the spaghetti fair.
Secondary D because the spaghetti fair is socially dangerous and you should have at least three escape plans.
No. 915806 ID: 950480

A, then D.
No. 915812 ID: 3c3e35

Well I guess since we have the shot now, D, secondary A
No. 915813 ID: 758ff3

You gotta talk about the picnic while it's an option! D, A since the thought's on your mind
No. 915815 ID: f5a3f7

D gimme dat D
No. 915817 ID: 90c523

Relieve yourself some for the picnic, A
No. 915819 ID: a11eb8

This would help.
No. 915823 ID: 91ee5f

>You've downvoted lewd choices so often everyone started having sex without you!
Is it really that surprising? You’re such an influence on them that they probably would’ve had sex with each other, even if you didn’t downvote the previous lewd choices!

Primary D: Gather everyone to discuss picnic. This is why you came here in the first place!

Also, you forgot to ask mom to bring some ice cream to the picnic! You’ve gotta have a dessert of some kind! Maybe someone here has something?

Secondary F: Ask Outissa if she's a dragon now. You’ve gotta see if eating your eggs do anything. That way you’ll know what to expect when you use the other eggs in the fridge at your house to make something for Skif, like you’ve been planning to do!
No. 915827 ID: f5d2df

A, D
No. 915829 ID: 80d19e

A ALL THE WAY It will be a great time to really put your size growth spell to the test! Plus it would be hilarious to just flood the base (assuming you two can fit)

D After you get you some, then you can talk to everyone else about the picnic later.
No. 915832 ID: 080aaf

Whoops I misread that name, A/d all the way
No. 915844 ID: 3181a5

Fuckit I'm doing this!
Primary D then A.
Secondary F then A.

Wonder how long its been since Gulketi was with someone his own size, someone he didn't have to be gentle with ~~
No. 915872 ID: 575ec0

All the A.
When's the last time Gulketi had someone his size?
Maybe he'll start coming back for more.
Secondarily, D. Seems like a good idea.
No. 915879 ID: 2202fb

Cunt punt urself. Focus.

Then F. We need empirical data!
No. 915944 ID: 92681e

Secondary: D
No. 915952 ID: b0eafe

F, because we must have all the knowledge of D that we can.
B, but ask politely! No being too dominant! Down Ceri! Down!

Down the floor, specifically, so Duke can get in you while Outissa gets on you.
No. 915953 ID: 4000fb

Lets stay with the D
No. 915963 ID: d45644

get those tildes clear! B
No. 915964 ID: de6d84

No. 916002 ID: ad684d

D or secondary B
No. 916662 ID: 395c02
File 154689841796.png - (115.52KB , 800x600 , 1501.png )


No. 916663 ID: 395c02
File 154689842055.gif - (108.21KB , 900x600 , 1502.gif )

No. 916664 ID: 395c02
File 154689842499.png - (68.68KB , 800x600 , 1503.png )

"This is perfect actually! Gulketi! Your dragoness needs you!"


"Like, sexually!"

"...Oh! This is pretty convenient, then. Normally it takes me a while to get, well... in the mood. Unless I'm a ketza, I guess."

"Yes! Now lie there while I shove-- hmm."
No. 916665 ID: 395c02
File 154689842971.png - (178.47KB , 800x600 , 1504.png )

You think back to your encounter with the lizard couple, and the night you laid your eggs with Skif.

They way they looked at each other... the way he looked at you...

There's more to this.

True romance doesn't come from shoving your parts at other parts. You need to take things slow. Learn what your partner enjoys. Tell them your pleasures. Make love as equals who enjoy each others' company as much if not more than the act itself.

"Gulketi, is there anything you're ah... into? I know this is all pretty sudden and all but I wanna do things right this time."

"Ah, I guess you'd still be kinda new to this. Sure, I can teach you a few things."

"You won't get like, soft while doing this, will you?"

"Amtsvane do nothing quickly, it's fine. also that's not how amtsvane work."

Step one might be learning how amtsvane work.
No. 916666 ID: 395c02
File 154689843359.png - (82.87KB , 900x600 , 1505.png )

"Okay! You probably already know about Tilde."

"Yeah. Yeah, I do."

"Well! During sex it's like, a difficulty meter kinda? You can make things easier on yourself by getting your partner properly 'in the mood' before getting started. You know-- making out and foreplay and stuff."

In this case it looks like Gulketi's ready to go, while you could use a little work. Ah, but that DAMAGE concerns you. Without the barrier...

...Actually, isn't it fine? Euia put that there to help you cope with feeling really fucking horny. It was a huge problem when you were in the um, 'heat' of your egg cycle, especially with the dragon d'egging things along.

You still feel more randy than you normally do this early in your cycle, but it's nowhere near the problem it was. In the right context, having a high tilde is perfectly safe. Just make sure you 'take care of things' if it starts getting in the way of you functioning!

"So! What might be new to you are the stats below TILDE: ENJOYMENT (that's the heart) and O (that's the O). I probably don't have to tell you what O means."

Yep. Max O to orgasm.

"But! Enjoyment is the big one!"

Ah yes, the stat you ignored so hard one would almost think you made it up just now.

"Enjoyment shows how much your partner's enjoying being with you, and you with them. Obviously you could just focus on O and have an okay time, but if you communicate with your partner, do the things they really like, you'll have a more sensual experience. The O feels nicer, too!"

Enjoyment... for there to be more to sex more than two parts rubbing together. If you did well there, you imagine it would improve your BOND with your partner(s).

Their enjoyment probably takes priority over yours, but... you want to enjoy yourself too, right? Communicate with them about what you both like and... who knows? Maybe you'll find brand new things you enjoy!

like you need orgasming to be any easier...
No. 916667 ID: 395c02
File 154689844059.png - (141.12KB , 800x600 , 1506.png )

"Okay! So step one of communication! Do you prefer females or males? Or like, something else?" you ask. "Or uh... should I grow big? Be a dragon? Try to do things as normal tiny me?"

"I'm okay with whatever!"


Gulketi's the tutorial, isn't he.

All right then! Time to make some initial decisions!

-X: Be female. This is how you see yourself, after all.
-Y: Be male. You love many things. Exercise equipment, girls kissing... boys kissing.

[...Path of the large...]
Gulketi is insanely huge, but you can come pretty close to matching him. Hey, this would be a decent time to practice GIANT GROWTH! But which form...
-A: Max size (faux) dragon form! Similar to the last time you got with the big guy as a big guy!
-B: Max size normal form! You, but huge!
-C: Max size Aqua form! This place is water-tight, right?
-D: Max size amtsvane! Your polymorph is so insanely good you can literally do this now.

[...Path of the smol...]
You'll embrace the added challenge of pleasing this gentle giant with your tiny, tiny self! Though you could try one of your other tiny selfs...
-E: Tiny size (faux) dragon form! This is larger than your normal form, but nothing compared to Gulketi.
-F: Tiny size normal form! Just rid yourself of the OUTFIT OF DESTINY and go to town.
-G: Tiny size aquatic form! Male or female, there's no lack of lubrication.
-H: Tiny size ...amtsvane. Uh...
No. 916668 ID: 4ef273

X, primary C, secondary G
No. 916669 ID: 3d4d8f

X; B, H
No. 916670 ID: b1b4f3

Primary X,D because the equipment matches. Learn how Amtsvane breed!
Secondary Y,G.

What about the fantasy you had up here though? >>914793
Gulketi can shapeshift too, why not ask if he'd like to live out your daydream.
No. 916671 ID: 080aaf

D, h, X! Amtsvane amtsvane amtsvane. And an amtsvane with tits. You haven't seen a female so you probably wouldn't know about the lack of tits anyway. Using your Giant Growth is a good way to burn your unknown amount of D right now.
No. 916673 ID: d2baf2

X, F
No. 916674 ID: f5d2df

X, B, H
No. 916676 ID: f5c3b8

Practice of the growth spell seems good. Let's try your normal self and work from there (or be really amused at a small amtsvane). X, B, H
No. 916677 ID: 8f6858

X, D Amtsvanes seem fun and we haven't been one yet~~

H for secondary because it would be really funny~
No. 916678 ID: cb22c8

X, primary C, secondary G
No. 916679 ID: a62780


Test out Big Ceri powers
No. 916682 ID: 758ff3

No. 916683 ID: 61b5e1

As fun as tiny is, Gulketi hasn't had a proper megafuck in a while so you should help him out.

Oh, and make the biggest mess possible~ brb popcorn

No. 916684 ID: bfb318

Y, C
No. 916685 ID: 61b5e1

Also if you amtsvane then boob it up, you know you want to.
No. 916686 ID: 575ec0

X, A

secondarily, X, D would be neat, too.
No. 916687 ID: 8d23f0

X primary C secondary H
No. 916688 ID: 8d23f0

flood Gulketi's face by sitting on it in aqua form.
No. 916689 ID: 3c3e35

Feeling this.
No. 916691 ID: 2202fb

Got a question. Do you really want this to be romantic? Do you really want to get romantically involved with all of your friends, or do you just want to be able to have a quick fling and save the romancing for Skiff?

Seems like this could be a turning point (as you said, it is the tutorial) so you might want to iron this out before you dive in cooch first.
No. 916696 ID: ad51b8

X, C, D
No. 916701 ID: a9af05

X: Be female

Primary B , Secondary A

No. 916703 ID: 3674e7

X, D
No. 916705 ID: 1a89d4

X, H, B! Because tiny amtsvane is adorable and size difference is a thing too
No. 916708 ID: daffb0

X, B, F.

If this is the tutorial, let's not make it complicated! Let's have both of you be as you as you can be. Except size because making yourself larger would just be more convenient, less dangerous and good practice.
No. 916710 ID: 41b88a

X, A, H
Dragon domination war! Or let him play out his macro mating fantasy.
No. 916712 ID: ccb66b

X, primary C, secondary G. You're still mostly you rather than trying to completely change, but the form might help out taking him.
No. 916713 ID: 0c3c2c


...or Secondary Y E
No. 916724 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, how the fuck did that door do that?!

X: Be female. Stick with what you know!

Primary B: Max size normal form!

Secondary A: Max size (faux) dragon form!

Just make sure you take your clothes off before you turn giant! They were made to grow with you, but I don’t think they can grow that big!
No. 916746 ID: 7fafab

C, G
"I like it when you're wet."
-Rich Evans

'n' remember, Ceri - no being too dominant!
It's time for love and affection, not skin/skin ropeburn!
No. 916747 ID: 80d19e

X, and A then if you go smol go G. Yer gonna need the lube.
No. 916750 ID: 864e49

Remember that you don't need to be dominant all the time, make this is about him not you.

No Wait Maximum Size SIPHON Form!
No. 916753 ID: 90c523

B you
No. 916755 ID: 675d1d

No. 916762 ID: 8848bd

wait dont you need to D-burst to use the Giant Growth spell? And isnt your D-burst broken right now? That limits your size growth to regular polymorph, which isnt much compared to Gulketi.

X: D, H i guess
No. 916771 ID: 83bf07

Mistress has an aquatic form? We must witness it!
X, C
Amtsvane D(ragon sized) boobs.. AD-boobs.
X, H
I'll get some towels!
No. 916791 ID: a62780

I somehow totally forgot Aqua form was an option when I made my choice >>916679
I change my Primary to X: C
and shift my initial choice of X: B to my secondary.
No. 916792 ID: eeb7d9

No. 916794 ID: d8f1e9

Hyouge! X, Primary B, Secondary F
No. 916795 ID: d45644

I think he'll like a big partner at least B, A otherwise
No. 916797 ID: 87bb36

X primary B secondary F
No. 916810 ID: e85a08

X, A/e derg
No. 916825 ID: 4dc321

Y, A
No. 917126 ID: 395c02
File 154718320164.png - (122.28KB , 800x600 , 1507.png )

>What about the fantasy you had [wherein you dom a dragon?]
That would be one of your KINKS! Find a partner who's into being dominated, and the two of you will gain a lot of ENJOYMENT really fast!

But! What if you took it a step further? You could just shove a helpless dragon inside you and call it a day, or you can make him beg his mistress for such a privilege...~

>Got a question. Do you really want this to be romantic? Do you really want to get romantically involved with all of your friends, or do you just want to be able to have a quick fling and save the romancing for Skiff?
Your HOARD OF DRAGON ROMANCE... well, like, it's kinda in the name?

You hope to form meaningful bonds with everyone, so long as they'll have you. Skif will always have a special place in your heart for being your CHILDHOOD FRIEND and the one you shared your first time with, but your heart is vast, a dragon's heart with the dragon's share of love to offer.

It doesn't need to be romantic love, either. Some of your hoard members may become deep friends (with benefits) rather than mates.

>'n' remember, Ceri - no being too dominant!
It's all about not letting the dragon take over. You'll be fine being SOMEWHAT DOMINANT, so long as you show restraint and don't reach the point where mortal dominance gives way to dragon dominance.

You don't want to be too PARANOID... maybe your mind and body will give some kind of WARNING that lets you know to pull back? Just make sure not to ignore such a warning!

>wait dont you need to D-burst to use the Giant Growth spell? And isnt your D-burst broken right now?
Technically no, but... that's a good point.

GIANT GROWTH merges all three sub-schools of TRANSDIMENSIONAL MAGIC with POLYMORPH. Last time, you used a D-BURST to enhance your magical abilities such that you could easily treat TRANSDIMENSIONAL MAGIC as a single entity. But even without a D-BURST you still have those schools. You could, in theory, pull this off without it.

Time to give it a shot!
No. 917127 ID: 395c02
File 154718320687.gif - (257.33KB , 800x600 , 1508.gif )

You increase your size to the standard 30 foot limit! Okay. Now to go past the mortal limit without using dragon magic. How hard could it be? GIANT GROWTH's originally designed for mortals!

Okay... Just gotta focus on INVISIBILITY, TELEPORTATION, and PORTALS as if they were a single entity...

Control your magic without trying to force it...


No. 917128 ID: 395c02
File 154718321501.gif - (244.86KB , 800x600 , 1509.gif )

...Gnnh! You can't do it.

Your POLYMORPH is well beyond that of mortals, but when it comes to TRANSDIMENSIONAL you're average at best. Dang... are you really locked out of GIANT GROWTH until Euia gets back?

...No... you were close. Painfully so. PORTAL and TELE were in your grasp-- the problem is INVISIBILITY. You need to improve it to stand a chance of pulling this off. You make a note to train it when you get a chance.

Well! 30 feet will probably be fine! Things might be a bit tight, but you can make it work. You used a lot of MP on this experiment, but your incredible POLYMORPH prowess ensures you have plenty of time.

"Okay! Time to get this party going!"

No. 917129 ID: 395c02
File 154718322337.png - (247.19KB , 800x600 , 1510.png )

"My, my~ I can't wait to get my mouth around these~"

Gulketi squirms in response.

"Yes, just lie there and let mama Ceri do her thing~"

"B-before you get started I should um warn you that amtsvane have a lot of STAMINA."

"Silly boy. I'm a dragon!"

"Like, a lot of stamina."

Okay maybe you don't have a LOT a lot of stamina. Yours is actually kind of average, due to very low VIM but high D. For dragon. Or determination. Or being too stubborn to admit you're tired.

One of 'em.

You note the time... 9:50am. The picnic is at 1pm. You should be fine, but if you want time to talk to everyone you probably shouldn't let this go past noon.
No. 917130 ID: 395c02
File 154718324860.gif - (1.53MB , 800x600 , 1511.gif )

Ceri x Gulketi
Bond: 21
Leader: Ceri
Leader stamina: 30

Your APPEAL gives you insight into Gulketi's preferences and sensitive areas.

-He can function both as a DOM and a SUB, liking both a decent amount.
-He has low SENSITIVITY. He will gain O slowly.
-He has a lot of STAMINA. You won't tire him out easily.
-There is at least one thing he COMPLETELY ADORES! (6 hearts)
-Your APPEAL is too low to uncover any of Gulketi's KINKS.

Someone's enjoyment is rated by filling in 1-5 hearts. All empty hearts means you don't know yet. Some people have Specific Things that really set them off. Those will fill the 6th GOLDEN HEART.

That's all you can discern for now. You'll need to explore and communicate with your partner to learn what they're into. Communication is important!

Let's get started.
No. 917131 ID: 395c02
File 154718325924.png - (67.53KB , 800x600 , 1512.png )

Gulketi looks at you expectantly. He's been nothing but patient, but his eyes cry for action. He glances at your mouth, then your hands. Not the parts of you people normally stare at, you admit.

For this sextorial, you'll go ahead and take his hint. Hands or mouth, which would he like more...?

What will you use?
[vote for 1 option]
-X: Your mouth.
-Y: Your hands.

Use where on Gulketi's body?
[Vote for as many options as you want! Events will be weighted based on popularity.]
-A: Mouth.
-B: Chest.
-C: Stomach.
-D: Hands.
-E: Feet.
-F: Genitals.
-G: Inner thighs.

Be aware of some possible COMBOs. Example: Mouth on Mouth equals kissing.
No. 917133 ID: 1a89d4

Y, D for the Forbidden Handholding technique! None could possibly resist such a powerful move.
No. 917135 ID: 8d23f0

Y: D,E,c
No. 917137 ID: 80caf3

X, F A
No. 917140 ID: b1b4f3

Sensitive areas huh? Looks like a heatmap. I'm going to guess he likes footrubs and/or belly rubs.

Y for starters.
C,E,G. Let's touch all the highlighted bits!
No. 917143 ID: 80d19e

Y and C
No. 917156 ID: 2202fb


We gotta get all those easter eggs and hidden combos!

Alternatively, use up up down down left right left right b a.
No. 917163 ID: 0c3c2c


G, F, C... And D because handholding is cute.
No. 917164 ID: e51896

Z: other (your feet), F: Genitals. (footjob)


XA (kisses)
No. 917167 ID: 094652

X, C, F Classic Stalk and Suck
No. 917168 ID: 3d4d8f

X, A, F
No. 917170 ID: f5d2df

X, G, F
No. 917171 ID: 83bf07

Ah, Mistress.. You know his sensitive spots! Now you have to get them all worked up!

X, C
Here's an idea for you; You have the free limbs, use them! Rub his belly, but with that same motion you can grind against him with your soft thighs. You could even position your dragon peets to rest against his inner thighs. That's three areas of attack! Good luck!
No. 917174 ID: 080aaf

X, A, D. Be aware he has four more slightly more manageable tentacles hidden away somewhere.
No. 917185 ID: 92b963

X, hands.
No. 917193 ID: 2202fb

Y is hands, X is mouth
No. 917197 ID: cb22c8

Y, D for ~holding hands~, G for actually getting the job done.
No. 917201 ID: 91ee5f

>What will you use?
Y: Your hands.

>Use where on Gulketi's body?
C: Stomach.
E: Feet.
G: Inner thighs.

No. 917204 ID: 864e49


A: Mouth.
B: Chest.
C: Stomach.
F: Genitals.
Kiss and lick your way down to one shaft.

E: Feet.
G: Inner thighs.
F: Genitals.
Then kiss and lick your way up to the other.

Gulketi can use his hands to do whatever he wants to~
No. 917206 ID: 74c159

Use X, start at E, go up to G!
No. 917207 ID: 8d23f0

REMEMBER TO ask Gulketi how things feel as you do them
No. 917209 ID: 2202fb

Yes! Make sure that the hand-holding isn't too lewd! (~w~)
No. 917221 ID: daffb0

Kink Sleuthing! Gulketi seemed to have a pretty easy time getting off during the orgy. He got worked up as a ketza, so no help there as to what got him so aroused, but he DID go off pretty easily after he transformed. That seemed to be partly Siphon's work... she probably knows his kinks. And thinking back... she seemed to be going at him with her hands, down near the base. If he does like hands, that would be an advantage for Siphon, which might help explain why those two are so especially close...

So: Y, then F just for a moment down near the base to see his reaction. Then D for handholding and maybe using your hands to guide his to touch you. He's already horny, so he doesn't need too much physical foreplay, more emotional foreplay! That means talk to him. Thank him again for helping out with Kharadra, and use that to lead into something about... uh, showing your appreciation.

>not enough invisibility
Goodness gracious, why is invisibility so important? Why is it presented as equivalent to portals and shapeshifting, when they seem so much more useful for so many more things? Why does it even count as transdimensional magic? What part does invisibility play in defying normal magic's limits? There has to be more to it, right? Ceri, please make a note to go over invisibility with Eezee.
No. 917240 ID: a9af05

No. 917266 ID: e85a08

Y A for that sensual dentistry
No. 917268 ID: 7fafab

my bad pls no boolee
No. 917386 ID: 2202fb

*bullies you*
No. 917401 ID: 758ff3

Multitask! X,A,F
No. 917449 ID: 61b5e1

Yeah sure be adorable. YD
No. 917626 ID: 79eaac

No. 917627 ID: 4535dc


Ceridwen: give Smerg a hug
No. 917658 ID: 79eaac

I mean, I won't refuse dragon tiddy hugs.
No. 917659 ID: eeb7d9

I like this. Head pets are the best!
No. 917660 ID: 91ee5f

You’re gonna motorboat Ceri, aren’t you?
No. 917664 ID: 3c3e35

...Duo sensations? B, F
No. 917666 ID: ccb66b

In no special order:
Y: E, F, G.
He's liked rubbing before and it's a nice way to start out.
No. 917694 ID: 7fafab

I mean, hugs and affection are my fetish - that's just a bonus.
'n' you sayin' you wouldn't?
I'd definitely be down to fuck them tiddies, too.
No. 917835 ID: 395c02
File 154756904171.png - (158.74KB , 800x600 , 1513.png )

You run your HANDS along what is probably Gulketi's stomach. It feels... different. alien. Your small but determined hands apply pressure as you sensually massage him up and down.


"Mm~ you like that~?"

"A-amtsvane-sized mood."


You catch his tail twitching behind you. There's no doubt about it: Gulketi really enjoys massages. Like, a whole lot. More than you'd expect.

After a couple minutes, you decide to move on... but Gulketi stops you. "Keep going. Amtsvane require a lot of work."

"Hey! I'm the one doing the topping! .................but yeah okay."

You continue your movements. Ten minutes pass, but he's still begging for more...! I-it wasn't this hard last time!! Did his ketza form do something, or is Siphon just that good??

No, you won't give up! You push yourself to continue.







Finally, Gulketi gives you the signal to move on.
No. 917836 ID: 395c02
File 154756904688.png - (190.49KB , 800x600 , 1514.png )

Given the size difference, you decide to get a bit creative and handle one tendril with your hands while your tail services another.

You run your hands along the chosen tendril, feeling its smooth texture rub against the softer scales that make up your hands. You can only imagine the pleasure he must be feeling-- enough so that if he were to randomly draw this scene as it took place, he would be so distracted that he'd, I dunno, draw on the sketch layer or something.

That's how good he must feel right now.

"You can use more pressure than that."

...What? Really? Guess he would be less tender here than a mammal...

You oblige him, applying more effort as you slide your hands around.

"...Little more."

Seriously!? Okay... you press harder. Makes sense, you guess. At max POLYMORPH you're still a good bit smaller than him.

His breathing starts to become labored. His eyes stare at you with a hunger and intensity that could rival your own.

Yes...! Be consumed by the everlasting pleasure of a dragon! You don't even care if you walk away unsatisfied, you will make him cum.
No. 917837 ID: 395c02
File 154756905244.png - (158.97KB , 800x600 , 1515.png )

Fuck it! Mouth only lost by a couple votes so you throw that in too!! You lick, rub, tail-rub, everything in a final gambit to show this alien the powerful pleasures of this potent... person!

Your tail might be dead but don't worry about it.


Yes... yes! This is it!



Any second!




"An amtsvane."

Gulketi continues to squirm and moan, his body gyrating in time to your movements. But though he inches closer to the inevitable climax, you're not able to get him there before your hands and tail decide they don't want to play anymore.

You dare not push yourself any harder for fear of any consequences... is this it? Is this the best you can do?

No. There's one more option. A technique spoken of only in legend. An action so lewd, you'd double censor it if you could!

No. 917838 ID: 395c02
File 154756905711.png - (171.54KB , 800x600 , 1516.png )





"I just thought--"


You enjoyed it, at least... But now you're frustrated. Your TILDE is too low to handle how difficult this is being. At least you got a moment to recover some stamina.
No. 917839 ID: 395c02
File 154756906230.png - (133.17KB , 800x600 , 1517.png )

As if reading your mind, Gulketi suddenly puts his hands around you!

"You did well. Better than most who aren't Siphon. But now it's my turn~"

You're caught completely off-guard both by the sudden shift and by him actually using a tilde in his dialog.

"Do you want to cum before... or during~?"

"B-both!?" you squeak in a very un-dragon-like and timid way. With a single action Gulketi has become the dominating one...!

He grins at you with like a million teeth. "Tell me what you like~"

oh geez

What should you ask Gulketi to use?
[vote 1]
-X: Hands
-Y: Tongues
-Z: Tendrils. I-it turns out they are prehensile.

Where on your body? Since you're you, you know what you like and can narrow the choices slightly.
[Vote as many as you want]
-A: Mouth
-B: Breasts
-C: Stomach
-D: Feet
-E: Genitals
-F: Buttocks

[Ceri does not like anal, so F won't go that route.]
No. 917841 ID: 3d4d8f

Test their prehensileness! Z, A, E
No. 917844 ID: eeb7d9

Z, because: Go alien tendrils!

B, You were given those for a reason!
No. 917845 ID: e51896

Y, D
No. 917847 ID: f5d2df

Z, A, B, E
No. 917849 ID: a9af05

>What should he use?
X: Hands

>Where should he use them?
B, C and D
No. 917851 ID: f5c3b8

Massage combo! X, B, E
No. 917861 ID: 080aaf

Y, B/C/E
No. 917865 ID: 4294c6

Spank me, Daddy.
No. 917867 ID: 80d19e

Z,A,B,E Prehensile you say? Let's see what all we can get them to do!
No. 917879 ID: eceda8

Z,A,E, m'yes
No. 917884 ID: e85a08

X F and tail if that's an option
No. 917886 ID: 8d23f0

Y, A-E. big
No. 917890 ID: ad51b8

Y, E, F

Z, B
No. 917893 ID: daffb0

Y, with A (kisses!) moving down B to C to E. Just get him all down your front, there.
No. 917894 ID: 0c3c2c


No. 917896 ID: 91ee5f

>hand holding
>lowered Gulketi‘s Enjoyment and O meters
Ceri, you fool! That’s the opposite of what you want!

You should’ve gone for his feet and attempted a tickle attack!

>What should you ask Gulketi to use?
X: Hands

>Where on your body?
B: Breasts
C: Stomach
D: Feet

Go for an almost full body massage!
No. 917950 ID: 7fafab

get some big attention for your equally-sized tiddy

also, I will not be denied: Have HIM give you headpets
No. 917955 ID: f4ca25

No. 917961 ID: 3c3e35

X, A, B
No. 917974 ID: 2202fb

Holy shit, look at that hand-holding tilde increase (Ceri's)! It was (relatively) huge!

Ceri is one dirty dirty girl
No. 917981 ID: 864e49


-A: Mouth
-B: Breasts
-C: Stomach
-D: Feet
-E: Genitals
-F: Buttocks
Just the whole body!

Use me as you please~
No. 918006 ID: 7fafab

Utterly fucking filthy
No. 918035 ID: caf1de

use his dicks one in the mouth and one down below
have them meat in the middle
No. 918048 ID: cb22c8

X, E
No. 918089 ID: 7ffabc

that ain't how that works
No. 918098 ID: 2202fb

unless you use the other hole, but ya, Ceri doesnt like doing that.
No. 918100 ID: 575ec0

Why not polymorph a second vagina?
No. 918109 ID: b1b4f3

That's slightly more possible without killing the person but I don't think we're using Furry Porn Logic in this quest.
No. 918121 ID: cffc8e

X, B
No. 918163 ID: 395c02
File 154781849252.gif - (367.96KB , 800x600 , 1518.gif )

H-he caught you off-guard, but you've no intention to go full sub. You grin right back at him. "Why don't you show me just what these tendrils of yours can do~?"
No. 918164 ID: 395c02
File 154781849733.gif - (508.05KB , 800x600 , 1519.gif )

"Ah--!" you suddenly cry as he gently pushes you back and starts massaging your D-BOOBS!

Despite his size (and the appendages of choice), he's able to apply just the right amount of pressure as he runs his tendrils across your chest.

"They move so much~"

"T-that's what happens when you m-massage them around like that." He must be used to Siphon.

You're still not used to how weird this feels, with the changes the seal caused to your body. He's not quite able to drive you crazy the way Skif can, but all things considered this... this is nice...

This keeps up for a couple minutes until he suddenly pulls a tendril back. Is he finally getting tired?


You feel something sliding up your leg, teasing your inner thighs as it encroaches on your most sensitive area!

"I-I don't know if I'm readyyYYY~!"
No. 918165 ID: 395c02
File 154781850150.png - (174.79KB , 900x600 , 1520.png )

You braced yourself for entry, but instead he's... oh... oh gosh... rubbing your...

ah... that's... sensitive...

A-and now he's rubbing your chest...again... both...at the same... mmmnnnnhhh~

Both at once...

It's too much...

so nice...

so good...

He motions for you to adjust your body, and you happily, happily oblige.
No. 918166 ID: 395c02
File 154781850462.png - (151.53KB , 800x600 , 1521.png )

He goes in... there's no pain this time... feels so good...

...so full...

feel his... heartbeat... mmm... nnmmmhh...

You're completely overcome as he rubs your sensitive breasts while sliding and wiggling inside you.

The least dragon-like sound ever escapes your mouth as you climax. "Mnnaaaaahhhhnnn~...!"

he's still going...

ah... again... so soon... ah... you're cumming agahhnnn~...

You're... panting now... he's still...

He moves a tendril away from your chest and--! H-he places it in your mouth!
No. 918167 ID: 395c02
File 154781850704.png - (168.94KB , 800x600 , 1522.png )

You lose the ability to think, losing yourself completely to passion. Thankfully, the narrative is kind enough to take over for you.

You feel the familiar throbs inside you. Soon after, his seed flows into you at both ends. There's so much, and the intense feelings of being filled so completely cause you to orgasm one last time, mixing your juices with his.
No. 918168 ID: 395c02
File 154781851355.gif - (1.76MB , 800x600 , 1523.gif )

You try to sit up but end up collapsing on his stomach. You... you meant to have a third phase... but you can't move...

"Are you um, okay?" Gulketi asks, returning to his usual demeanor.


"Oh geez."

Gulketi lightly pats you on the head. You feel your BOND with him deepen, boosted by your mutual high ENJOYMENT. You've also gained some insight into what Gulketi enjoys! And that a lot of foreplay is needed for this guy.

Now you're... gonna spend a moment not moving... thinking about what to do next...

[normal PRIMARY/SECONDARY voting continues from here]
-A: Pillow talk and cuddles. Could be a good time to ask about Gulketi's past...
-B: To the showers! You need to get cleaned up so you can get back to business.
-C: Get dressed without showering. ....
-D: Skip getting dressed and showering and gather everyone as you are. ..................
No. 918169 ID: 3d4d8f

Never not cuddle. A, B
No. 918170 ID: f5d2df

B, A
No. 918171 ID: 4854ef

No. 918172 ID: 8d23f0

A and B at the same time primary B. you might need him to carry you to the showers anyway...
No. 918173 ID: 83bf07

Mistress, let me tell you about how relaxing a hot shower can be with the right partner..

B, a
No. 918175 ID: 91ee5f

Primary: A: Pillow talk and cuddles. You should never say no to cuddling! Plus, it would be nice to know a little more about him.

Secondary: B: To the showers! You can’t meet with everyone to talk to them about the picnic while smelling like you just had sex!

And even if you do talk with everyone before taking a shower, you should at least make sure you shower sometime before your parents get here! Because you really don’t want to smell like you just had sex when they get here!
No. 918178 ID: 575ec0

A -> B
No. 918182 ID: 7ffabc

A, B
Snugs are hot as sex tbh
No. 918187 ID: 75c493

A then B
need time to recover
No. 918190 ID: eeb7d9

A and B, MOAR bonding!
Then get ready to have a serious talk about the picnic, and for that you have to be showered.
No. 918193 ID: 080aaf

B/a. For science.
No. 918202 ID: 2202fb

@gul, dickslap her awake, she cant sleep, there are happenings approaching! Get her some covfefe stat! Espresso shots!
No. 918216 ID: 0c3c2c


It's only polite.
No. 918217 ID: 56cd40

Um, Ceridwen, im concerned. You didn't look good for a slight moment there. Were you okay?
No. 918220 ID: 80caf3

No. 918222 ID: a9af05

Primary A You cuddle him real good!

Secondary B You are a stinky dragon!
No. 918231 ID: b1b4f3

Primary A, secondary B, and check the time.
No. 918247 ID: 56cd40

Idea, why not both A and B at the same time, but instead of a shower, make it a bath. Bathtime cuddles.
No. 918346 ID: 864e49

A of course.

Then C!

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