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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 136546375519.png - (3.42KB , 458x306 , tgchan.png )
24283 No. 24283 ID: b53faa Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Hello, fellow Questers! I am coming here to tell you about a FANTASTIC new tool one 'julian' has concocted for our fine website!
Created by the genuius owner of the url dediggefedde@gmx.net, this plugin is guaranteed to help improve your TGchan experience a thousandfold!
You can find this amazing script HERE: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/162386

I will be using this thread to detail any and all features of this plugin as I go along!
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No. 28415 ID: 67d5dc

Its fixed! you rock!
No. 28435 ID: 1976b9

No. 28436 ID: 2e9054

Probably because almost no one reads the /meep/ section? ^^
If you want to use the script, you need a browser-extension for userscripts first.
Tampermonkey now supports Chrome, Opera and Firefox (and almost every other browser). The original extension was Greasemonkey for Firefox. In Opera, the original would be ViolentMonkey.
Scriptish often doesn't work as expected with my scripts, so I don't recommend it here.

Once that is installed, click the download-link to the .user.js file again and it will be installed in your browser.

GreaseMonkey (Firefox): https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/
ViolentMonkey (Opera): https://addons.opera.com/de/extensions/details/violent-monkey/?display=en
Tampermonkey (Chrome, Firefox, Oper, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Dolphin): https://tampermonkey.net/?ext=dhdg&browser=chrome

Download link to the script:
No. 28438 ID: 5844bb

No. 28485 ID: 67d5dc

Bug report:

The most recent unread post link will sometimes go to a +50 link when the thread does not yet have 50 posts.

Impquest did this for me, currently at 49 posts.

Maybe it doesn't track deleted posts well?

File 150318545933.png - (451.83KB , 1290x605 , Screenshot from 2017-08-20 01-08-02.png )
28602 No. 28602 ID: ec8510 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

4kev.org truly is the superior imageboard

File 147729047413.png - (414B , 49x28 , WikiLink.png )
28094 No. 28094 ID: b7883c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Could the site mods to add a [Wiki] link to the top menu next to [WT] [Home] [Manage]? It would be more convenient then having to access the wiki through [Home] every time.
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No. 28521 ID: 3ce125

Is there a cap to how many threads you can have hidden at once? It keeps unhiding threads after I try to hide them.
No. 28522 ID: 3ce125

After some further experimentation the answer seems to be yes. Is this necessary due to the way the site is set up, or is it a bug?
No. 28523 ID: 2016eb

I think its a protection against losing threads forever.
Like, you hide a thread and then keep up with it while its active, but then it goes to the graveyard.

You probably stop watching it, but it'll still be hidden.

Having a queue of hidden stuff is just an easy way to unhide older things.
No. 28524 ID: 3ce125

The older threads didn't unhide when I hid the new ones though. The new ones just wouldn't stay hidden.
No. 28601 ID: 3ce125

The graveyard catalog has only one page, unlike every other board. It's starting to take a long time to load. Please fix this! If it's like that so that you can ctrl+f to find quests quickly, might I suggest a built-in search function instead?

File 138198584997.jpg - (47.58KB , 500x363 , is-this-real-life.jpg )
25471 No. 25471 ID: c8853c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Second Fukushima blast confirmed.
is this it?
No. 25473 ID: 7bbaae

Did you know that the more dangerous radioactive waste is, the faster it becomes inert?
No. 25481 ID: 0b54f4

Well, that would depend on your definition of "dangerous." The more radioactive it is, the faster it goes inert (generally), yes, but consider that many types of radioactive wastes are considered dangerous precisely BECAUSE they take so long to decay, and can thus contaminate an area for a very long time.
No. 28580 ID: 3ce125

Did you know water is one of the best ways to insulate against radiation?

File 146359601626.jpg - (8.15KB , 261x193 , Confesabear.jpg )
27787 No. 27787 ID: cd90cb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Come and tell confessabear your sins TGchan. All shall then be forgiven.
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No. 28422 ID: ca7e3d


Confessabear sometimes i scream at my cat like the cat lady from the simpsons.
No. 28552 ID: 5e2c69

I forget to take my name off when posting out of my threads and it makes me look like an attention whore wait its still there god damn it
No. 28553 ID: d7e51c

i've gone on a hiatus for years now and still secretly lurk wishing i could return to doing quests again
No. 28556 ID: 9876c4

As an actual attention whore, you're gonna be fine, and go unnnoticed unless you tell everyone all about it too.

Which you just did. Hmmmm.

I secretly wish you could too, unless it's some sort of dadaist unbirthing futa nonsense.
No. 28577 ID: 03ac41

i legit liked hallelujah money

File 149913161354.png - (7.40KB , 250x250 , colors.png )
28544 No. 28544 ID: 6b1d95 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I wrote a script that colorizes post IDs, as seen on the screenshot.
Why is this useful? It allows for a bit easier recognition of duplicate IDs. Or something.

To install it, you'll first need a browser extension:
Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/
Chrome and other: https://tampermonkey.net/?browser=chrome

And then you can install it:
No. 28551 ID: 6b1d95
File 149929360462.png - (75.91KB , 563x810 , colors.png )

-Updated the script to make the colors more lively
-Added a border color which also depends on the ID color. So in case two IDs have the same background color, the border colors should still defer.
No. 28576 ID: ca0e20

I tried downloading this and found that it only made the IDs white or black with no background color. I tried to see if there was settings I had to manually set and ended up in the codes. I noticed that there was a semicolon missing on line 34. Line 70 and 71 also have a thing that says that rgb1 and rgb2 are already defined.

Dunno much about coding, but thought I'd let you know. I could only add the semicolon.

Also I use Chrome, in case that's important.

File 128599431612.jpg - (14.12KB , 200x227 , me2.jpg )
8348 No. 8348 ID: 4f6e37 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Let's post pics of our TRUE FORMS

I'll go
605 posts and 293 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 28501 ID: e44168
File 149428498127.jpg - (319.60KB , 1280x960 , IMG_0057.jpg )

A rare and mysterious Claire in their natural habitat
No. 28520 ID: 0fbf9c
File 149660440179.jpg - (353.96KB , 1600x1200 , 20170604_152419.jpg )

No. 28525 ID: ca1cab
File 149767888964.png - (2.37MB , 968x1560 , I have a reptile dysfunction.png )

I suppose I should, if only to explain my horrible update schedule.
No. 28550 ID: 6e649f
File 149928738782.jpg - (62.42KB , 960x720 , 17974510_10208756951622700_1023208207_n.jpg )

My true form wears a mask
No. 28561 ID: 4ed792
File 149971491644.jpg - (138.78KB , 1280x720 , woah.jpg )

File 128411391839.png - (516.67KB , 800x917 , CENZOPAPA.png )
7645 No. 7645 ID: 2d7b8f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

o chuj tu chodzi
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No. 27661 ID: 3ab3b1
File 145477379194.gif - (808.31KB , 420x244 , PAPAJ V8 DOHC szybciej.gif )

>ten fred nadal jeździ
No. 27693 ID: 01abc4

Jana Pawła II powinno się jebać aż go kukle będą swędziały.
No. 28423 ID: ee1c2c

Kutas Jana Pawła II
No. 28424 ID: 78cf6f

Jan Paweł II pierdolony pedał
No. 28545 ID: ee1c2c
File 149920368150.jpg - (163.14KB , 720x702 , comment_LGWHQg7VtrcAablwfPhDOOzFdYwwm1kK.jpg )


File 144357570299.jpg - (150.21KB , 742x1024 , lhmANei.jpg )
27312 No. 27312 ID: 8cac43 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

97 posts and 86 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 28538 ID: be5b3f
File 149852670697.jpg - (1.14MB , 2200x1382 , zodihavoc__tsieh__terracotta_n_tinman_by_lgliang-d.jpg )

No. 28540 ID: be5b3f
File 149910331315.jpg - (2.83MB , 3254x1056 , 63457494_p0.jpg )

No. 28541 ID: be5b3f
File 149910347028.jpg - (4.05MB , 3244x1056 , 63457494_p1.jpg )

No. 28542 ID: be5b3f
File 149910353974.jpg - (196.88KB , 850x601 , 48179189_p0.jpg )

No. 28543 ID: be5b3f
File 149910357217.jpg - (136.35KB , 800x724 , 63568680_p0.jpg )

File 149814138666.jpg - (15.12KB , 400x266 , black hand.jpg )
28533 No. 28533 ID: b902bd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hi guys. I've been developing a game for the past year or so that seems to make people who play it statistically better winning Rock, Paper, Scissors.

On that silly merit alone, would it be worth it to you to play it/add it to your games shelf?
No. 28534 ID: 3ce125

No. Also, give more details. "seems" to make people win more often at RPS? I guess I could believe it if the game was about reading faces or something.
No. 28535 ID: b902bd


I say seems because I don't think I've collected enough data properly quite yet, but the game rewards winning(and sometimes getting a tie, depending on the circumstance) in Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Having playtested my own game so many times with random groups, I've noticed over time that I'm losing less and less in Rock, Paper, Scissors. It's gotten to a point that in ten rounds, I'm only losing once or twice--reliably.
Even outside of in-game situations(I live in a country where people play RPS really often to decide a lot of little things. so I've had a lot of opportunities to play outside of my own game.)

While my game doesn't explicitly teach people to read people's faces or microexpressions(or whatever you'd call it), playing RPS is a commonly used mechanic throughout the game.

File 133316202219.gif - (635.88KB , 500x333 , tumblr_m16nv8EeeS1qgo16uo1_500.gif )
20831 No. 20831 ID: d5dd99 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

>>1108 Previous thread.
Since the other one has been going for years with hundreds of posts, here comes a new Things Worth Sharing thread.
388 posts and 242 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 28513 ID: 46dcb5

I need those shorts.
No. 28529 ID: b88e47
File 149803975904.jpg - (50.01KB , 439x469 , UQSSrLH.jpg )

No. 28530 ID: b88e47
File 149803978239.jpg - (20.82KB , 494x378 , 4b9d6a32a5f3e9fe595003f38bade29b628f5d3a0d12e0851c.jpg )

No. 28531 ID: b88e47
File 149803983853.jpg - (24.86KB , 312x445 , tumblr_nzhdc8VNXX1qb5gkjo1_400.jpg )

No. 28532 ID: b88e47
File 149804000261.jpg - (2.91KB , 360x360 , Full_HD_1080.jpg )

File 149617010941.png - (90.29KB , 245x245 , 1495604735938.png )
28514 No. 28514 ID: 46dcb5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

What have you accomplished this year?
No. 28515 ID: 3ce125

I got good grades this semester in college.
No. 28518 ID: 9b8c8d

I wrote a book.
No. 28519 ID: fed145

Are you planning on selling it?
No. 28526 ID: 56cc9f

Got to be a coder for an obscure dying internet multiplayer game on a zombie of a game platform, it's been fun. Last year I got a PhD, little hard to top that this year.

File 146308388730.gif - (494.11KB , 500x770 , SU Season 3 Diamond.gif )
27780 No. 27780 ID: 241e41 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Today marks the beginning of the Summer of Steven, the time when Steven Universe enters its third season, beginning with "Super Watermelon Island" and "Gem Drill".

So, here's a thread. Just in case anyone wanted to talk about the show.
26 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 28418 ID: 9d1e7c

weird how Ronaldo's inclusion is so outre after Connie's fitness is unquestioned when it's time to form the Flawed Gems
No. 28419 ID: 420271

Rocknaldo would have been so much better if he'd tagged along on a mission and his crazy theories had saved the day. So many of the townie episodes are about them being unlikeable jerks and/or Steven's IQ dropping 50 points. It's a little frustrating.
No. 28420 ID: c31aac

Absolutely, yeah.
No. 28511 ID: 4e9a6d

That trial tho
No. 28512 ID: 8c51fa
File 149612411081.png - (696.95KB , 1280x720 , Steven_Universe_Wanted_Promo_Title.png )

Gem things are happening.

File 148371989373.jpg - (382.71KB , 1600x837 , hiring_new_minions.jpg )
28274 No. 28274 ID: 0555b9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

A new Minecraft server has started! Come and build with us.

Installation and joining instructions: http://pastebin.com/CzsjbXZs

Server address is mc.tgchan.org

Note: If everything is dark when you first spawn in, you're underwater. Swim up!
40 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 28368 ID: 12b116
File 148694505496.png - (421.67KB , 1920x1061 , 2017-02-06_23_32_59.png )

The villagers from Peep Town are going through the portal into the nether and then out into Lime's tower. I've since fixed the portal issue but there's still a bunch of them all over the place.
No. 28411 ID: 9f3729
File 148883910159.png - (413.55KB , 1600x900 , jHBzK2x.png )

Progress continues!
but also:
No. 28412 ID: 9f3729
File 148883919708.png - (388.25KB , 832x468 , eJwFwVEOgyAMANC7cAAKWDr0NgQJmikltGYfy-6-977mmZfZzK.png )

...I did this thing!
No. 28509 ID: 88e573

looks like the download for the modpack is down
No. 28510 ID: 70983e

You mean the one in the pastebin, or this one?

File 149456309195.jpg - (90.56KB , 600x528 , image.jpg )
28502 No. 28502 ID: 8c1058 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I plan to one day build a doll house of what the Spencer mansion would look like if remodeled into a Jedi temple, and I need your help in deciding what room would be used for what purpose as a Jedi Temple.


Itt the Spencer mansion exists in real life and is being repurposed into a Jedi Temple, what does each room get repurposed into? To start you off, the up stares library is the Lore Keeper department.

File 148228699719.jpg - (132.38KB , 900x506 , image.jpg )
28229 No. 28229 ID: 8c1058 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I got kicked off of 3 chans, all my friends broke contact with me, and all other chans have little to no traffic.

I'm in desperate need of human contact be it positive or negative, I can't take the isolation anymore.
No. 28230 ID: 9f3729

Try the irc, #tgchan on rizon.net

People might mock you a bit if you act cringey but otherwise it's pretty lax
No. 28231 ID: 8c1058


>Try the irc, #tgchan on rizon.net

I'm not a tech savvy person so I basically just see this as
"Try the blah blah blah on blah dot net" I have no idea what you're telling me.

>People might mock you a bit if you act cringey but otherwise it's pretty lax

Trust me when I say that would be a blessing compared to the almost half a year of involuntary isolation I had to go through, at least theyed be talking to me.
No. 28232 ID: 9f3729

IRC is pretty easy, you fill out a couple of textboxes and you're in.

Go download hexchat, then once you have that pick rizon.net from the list of servers that comes up when you open it.
then you join the chatroom #tgchan and it's fine.

Alternatively, go to mibbit.com and do it from there. It's even easier but a bit less reliable.
No. 28498 ID: 8c1058

I haven't been here in a while, so how is everyone?
No. 28500 ID: 15fae4

i'm pretty good

i'm afraid you're not gonna find much activity on /meep/ though

seriously if you want people to chat to, IRC is your best bet

File 149172872684.png - (764B , 105x27 , TgChanNo.png )
28450 No. 28450 ID: 6311a8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I've got a problem with the "No." links that used to simply point to an anchor on the same page.

Now they always open the "Entire thread" page, even if I'm on the "Last 50 posts" page. It's hell for anyone who doesn't have an unlimited data plan on their smartphone...
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 28477 ID: 398fe1

I'm gonna go ahead and blame the emoji code.
No. 28478 ID: c9f250

Is it better now? I hate javascript libraries.
No. 28479 ID: c9f250

Also http caching, that might be to blame.
No. 28482 ID: 398fe1

Seems to be working!
No. 28486 ID: e38f48

I just tested on /quest/ and it's working again.

Thank you and sorry for the harsh tone.

File 146309940588.png - (46.86KB , 1000x1462 , influence_map.png )
27781 No. 27781 ID: 163674 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

This is a grid that you can populate with what you consider to be your greatest creative influences in up to 3x3 tiles. Larger tiles are more significant, obviously. Tiles can consist of absolutely anything that you consider formative to your present sense of creativity and body of work. Television shows, movies, novels, comics, cartoons, plays, quests, or even music.

Use this thread to post and discuss your greatest creative inspirations.
9 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 28018 ID: 5a21cb
File 147487481229.png - (1.41MB , 1000x1462 , Inspiration.png )

This took way too long.
No. 28022 ID: 398fe1

Who are you though?
No. 28473 ID: 81c4c9
File 149226897810.png - (1.22MB , 1000x1487 , 146309940588.png )

No. 28480 ID: eda54c
File 149268733931.png - (1.23MB , 1000x1462 , 146309940588.png )

No. 28484 ID: eda54c
File 149272328822.jpg - (128.43KB , 960x540 , Captain Beefheart.jpg )

gotta give this man a post all to himself, easily one of the biggest influences on the works I bestow upon this website to willingly ingest

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zdLfPN6F-o <-- one of the most important and best written rock albums ever recorded

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpHgG4jILa0 <-- great live performance

File 137655979755.jpg - (62.69KB , 540x720 , PhalexCornMan.jpg )
25264 No. 25264 ID: 5337ed hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

post corn in this thread if you hate birds
23 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 28034 ID: 3e3c26
File 147550419047.jpg - (33.93KB , 350x520 , ChildrenoftheCornPoster.jpg )

Am I doing this right?
No. 28091 ID: 52d0bb
File 147726127812.jpg - (109.42KB , 800x524 , corn-yields.jpg )

Couldn't find anything witty, but I can't pass up a chance to express my hatred of all things ornithological
No. 28352 ID: 27627c
File 148572769851.jpg - (61.88KB , 500x545 , Skulls.jpg )

No. 28373 ID: 749c30
File 148757171728.jpg - (59.84KB , 396x372 , corn-featured-vegetable.jpg )

No. 28439 ID: 749c30


File 148787655228.png - (29.71KB , 1158x658 , oh my god.png )
28377 No. 28377 ID: 395c02 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Beyond Lunch is an RPG I worked on from 1998 until 2008, which took on three forms (Qbasic, Qbasic-but-better, and Rpgmaker2003).

I kinda? Want to stream these three versions, something I did once long ago to a smaller audience.

Nothing is set in stone and I might not actually end up doing it, but... consider this thread my official interest check in showing off this relic of my past.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 28381 ID: 395c02
File beyond_lunch_preview_by_slinkoboy.swf - (5.94MB , 550x400 )

Here have a "commercial" I made a long time ago when I was working on the RPGMAKER version.
No. 28382 ID: ce3dad

No. 28409 ID: a788b7

I'm glad that gay brian could gain a level
No. 28413 ID: 395c02
File 148890966871.jpg - (30.50KB , 638x877 , ANIMALS.jpg )

Maybe I'll use this thread to divulge some actual history, since a stream would mostly be looking at finished results.

I don't still have most of the original material, but I could draw mockups. A FULL ON DOCUMENTARY???

While I decide, have a really old (circa 1998?) picture of the animal companions in Beyond Lunch.
No. 28434 ID: 8ad7b6

But were there vegetable companions, and mineral companions?

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