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File 127433055785.png - (31.42KB , 600x400 , Let me explain.png )
15880 No. 15880 ID: 3441fa Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Because some people seem to need it.

Anyone is welcome to post more info on here. It only has a bit of advice concerning engaging the suggester right now. I know there is a lot more that can be said.
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No. 109833 ID: 1f8505

It's a TGchan in-joke.
No. 109836 ID: cf8ee7
I knew it was an in-joke; I just didn't know the origin of it.

Thanks, that explains it.
No. 109914 ID: 40ce7d
GREEN has been gone for several years and will never come back, but his legacy remains almost as old as the boards. People who never knew him and never will still copy the endless tradition of the low effort MS Paint shirt.

Soon, if the board still stands, when many of the old guard have moved on, I would not be surprised if the Steve shirt phenomenon continues, upheld by people without knowledge of its origin or significance.

Thus is born a tradition.
No. 109992 ID: f98996
i wonder if it should get it's own entry on the wiki? as being somewhat tg-universal item?
No. 109995 ID: b15da4

File 145775175063.png - (8.57KB , 500x500 , disthread.png )
98325 No. 98325 ID: 32d627 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]
right, im sleep deprived and working on some commission stuff before i can update again; figured i'd open this up while i had the chance.

anything goes, ask whatever or just talk about these horrible cat-shaped things.

i swear the art will be better when i get some rest
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No. 109949 ID: db0da2
>Don't spoil nothin'.
If "Sonny" is one of y'all then we're already screwing this up. It would be a shame if we missed out on seeing a new set of players learning the mechanics organically because some people couldn't exercise restraint.
No. 109957 ID: fc2fa7
Its spreading!
I also like how the first suggestion in
is "porn", I like that guy we should invite him over.
No. 109959 ID: 85cc2c
to make sure this is loud and clear: you're welcome to partake in the other threads as long as you don't spoil any worldbuilding, plot, or mechanic shit

just play along with how its coming and we'll see how it goes- there WILL be consequences for any spoilers and you will likely not enjoy them

on that note, we'll probably be introducing the team that works on morbit stuff soooonish? probably when we end this intermission. whoo
No. 109963 ID: 350a50
Warning noted. The masquerade shall be maintained.
No. 110004 ID: 85cc2c

big thanks to swirly, one of our amazing team members, for writing dad and jasper's song and even providing accompanying music!

File 148991089341.png - (2.50KB , 256x256 , title.png )
109865 No. 109865 ID: 144af2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I feel like this might be necessary, given how confused people already seem to be in relation to this quest.
Discuss ways to avoid pissing off the tiny gray cat here.
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No. 109878 ID: 144af2
File 148993313612.png - (576B , 32x32 , icons.png )
For Reference, Once Again:

Orange: Anger :aqanger:
Yellow: Confusion :aqconfusion:
Green: Happiness :aqhappiness:
Cyan: Sadness :aqsadness:
Blue: Fear :aqfear:
Violet: Empathy :aqempathy:
Red: Embarrassment
No. 109881 ID: c31aac
@ rgb
No. 109942 ID: 85cc2c
really interested in where this is gonna go, not just as a reader but someone living w/ DID/dissociative identity disorder- super digging this story so far!
No. 109958 ID: 144af2
sounds like you would be interested in yet another story involving a tiny cat.
No. 110003 ID: 8159df
I wonder what would happen if we had a passion meter?

File 146033005642.gif - (12.08KB , 800x600 , 000 Dis.gif )
99036 No. 99036 ID: b66b01 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]
Discussion thread for 2Frames Quest.

Been seeing comments on other places saying that discussion threads are pretty "why not?", so I might as well put this here.
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No. 108977 ID: 9f3729
Gods dammit
No. 108991 ID: ca0e20
Hey, maybe I could do something once thread 2's "anniversary" comes around hahah. Although I should check right now when that is if I'm serious. Thread 1 was made way faster than thread 2.

And thank you!!! =3
No. 109184 ID: 15a025
File 148800095758.png - (2.27KB , 256x256 , Raven in the woods2.png )
Did a little sprite scene of Raven chilling out in the woods.
No. 109998 ID: ca0e20
File 149032374708.png - (72.28KB , 800x1000 , Lucy Back.png )
Thing I drew a while ago during an art block to practice-ish back muscles. But back then I only did the lines. In the last hours, I decided to finally color it after editing some parts that were wonky. I mean there are still wonky parts, but it's still better than hours ago. I did say I drew it during an art block.

Also, Lucy is happy and cocky in this picture. So I guess this was before she met Emerald.
No. 110001 ID: 8159df
mmmmm taur ass

File 146552611135.gif - (18.59KB , 500x500 , 2f_fanart.gif )
100245 No. 100245 ID: 163674 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Previous threads:

298 posts and 157 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 109972 ID: 4063a3
File 149016181566.png - (119.45KB , 900x900 , polifer.png )
>bringing a new date to a high profile event
>she's all over my alien chuzz
>dressed up in full byzantine slut garb
>look like a game of thrones prostitute
>paparazzi all over me
>mfw this guy from my government sponsored dating program shows up
>mfw he starts acting like a fuccboi
>mfw I still succed him
No. 109974 ID: 4063a3
File 149016452979.png - (93.25KB , 472x528 , peepess.png )
Annie Oakley from Arthur C. Clarxwette
No. 109976 ID: 7b7ab3
This is a magnificent way to start my day.
Thank and bless.
No. 109999 ID: b9c224
File 149032385241.png - (130.33KB , 1600x1200 , Hang in there!.png )
Hang in there, little Ash!

Personally I never understood what those posters were, or why they became so famous, but this inspiration was too good to let it slide.

All characters depicted are from "Ash quest" made by RGB. https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/786835.html

I may redo this as new characters appear.
No. 110000 ID: b9c224
Damn... the proportions didn't seemed that bad when I was working on it...

File 140065772828.png - (48.11KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
81802 No. 81802 ID: 186341 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]
hey friends check it out talk about enemy quest here
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No. 109979 ID: 0555b9
As seen in >>/questarch/703299, purple is the color of mind control. Poly is mind controlling someone right now, most likely Annika.

And the emotion of mind control, is contempt.
No. 109980 ID: a523fb
Just to nip this in the bud: none of the Oculot powers are chromatically linked.
No. 109981 ID: fceae5
Speaking of chroma, I'm still plenty curious about how Poly went from a blue to a purple.
No. 109996 ID: a523fb
A problem I have with all these unofficial polls is 1) no multiple choice and 2)FAR too few Bikas

This is the official wifey poll, which fixes both those issues
No. 109997 ID: 350a50
You know, this story of yours' is sometimes so compelling I forget it's actually a porn/waifu quest at its core.

File 148758692062.png - (11.83KB , 400x400 , 000a.png )
108985 No. 108985 ID: 6cbace hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]
Thought this might be a good thing to have.

120 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 109987 ID: 8d4593
Can Emils feel emotion?
I cant see if she just staight lacks them, or if she just doesn't yet feel any connection with these walking sacks of food with secrets.

Also, if Emils consumed someone, when it came to their brain could she dissolv the outer cerebrum and integrate the rest into her mimicked brain so she could use its natural nueral patterns to run her mimicked bodies autonomic functions?
No. 109988 ID: 6cbace
She feels emotions. Hunger is always on, but it's not like it takes up all her processing powers. She can function perfectly well despite it.

And no. She can't be connected to any organic brain and expect to take over it like a puppet. The brains she forms while in a form is engineered so that she can operate it alongside organic mimic to have 100% control of everything.
No. 109990 ID: 8d4593
>And no. She can't be connected to any organic brain and expect to take over it like a puppet

But it's conceivable that she could connect to one? Just... It would maintain some form of control?

If so, that's... Kinda creepy, if interesting.
No. 109991 ID: 6cbace
Much like a parasite is capable of affecting personality, that's the best she can do in her current state.

Although inflicting that much trauma into a brain will no doubt destroy it in the process.
No. 109994 ID: ffc525
From irc:
<???> If the puppet feels good, would slime feel good also? :D
<Radial> second hand pleasure i guess
<???> Obviously the slime wants its puppet to feel good.
<???> As that means, in good health, satiated etc.
<???> Sexually satisfied :V etc..
<Radial> if that's the way people want to take it

File 147365459889.png - (192.95KB , 629x425 , twin chucks.png )
103517 No. 103517 ID: 5a15af hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]
The previous thread was getting a bit long, so I will begin a new one.

For this thread:

► Critique on the direction of the quest
► Discussion and theories
► Questions (though I might not answer some due to spoilers!)
► Memes

WIKI :: http://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Little_Town_Called_Coxwette
499 posts and 47 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 109953 ID: 9876c4
The linguistic variations of:
"My man lil homie gay ass like the beaver"
are fascinating.

"my male acquaintance, with the gay mannerisms, likes the beaver"
Is my presumption for intended meaning. But equally valid are:
"my male acquaintance, with the gay mannerisms, likes female genitals"
"my male acquaintance is a homosexual, like the beaver is"
"my male acquaintance likes the [female] beaver, in a homosexual manner"
"my male acquaintance likes the beaver, and I disapprove of it"
And, possibly my favorite:
"my male acquaintance likes the beaver with his carefree buttocks"

I just thought everyone should know.
No. 109954 ID: 7e95dd

If you like that, I invite you to read that classic of literature, Fisher Price:

for full appreciation of which you might review:
No. 109982 ID: 143250
Looks like John has been committing a sin all this time: Sloth (one of the deadly sins). In a way, he is part of the problem, probably.
No. 109986 ID: bf8224
It's time to kill Sally.
No. 109989 ID: 4063a3
Enemy Quest is doing it, and Coxwette hasn't had one of these since the beginning


File 148160211009.jpg - (43.21KB , 593x389 , cover.jpg )
106446 No. 106446 ID: b9aa79 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]
Thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/765391.html
Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Please_do_not_Take_these_Organs
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4587981

For all our discussion needs
860 posts and 38 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 109956 ID: e6b081
To put it bluntly, I'm just a little bit terrible at this sort of thing. I'm sure in the future I'll think of something, but right now I'm just drawing a blank.
No. 109960 ID: 3abd97
Well technically, the characters do have a week to kill between accepting the job / the "terrorist" attack and the time we actually leave town. Granted, most of that wouldn't greatly affect your stat sheet (I suppose you could get injured or make/lose coin) but hey, character development matters too. And there's always ways little things could matter later.

Hey, it's good to still have you with us, regardless.

If you're looking for brainstorming too: obvious actions would be pursuing ambitions / interests, somehow preparing for what's to come, or looking for a way to ply their skills. You're a little blessed and cursed in that most your ambitions (destroy evil, destroy impurity, do good) are vague, which gives you a lot of freedom but doesn't give as clear a goal to try and build towards.

Off the top of my head, Maria could be doing research on a great evil, selling / applying her warding / binding skill in some way. Maybe doing something to try and obtain more rope, so she has more to work with in the future than her own bindings. Daniel could be using his purifying / healing powers (charitably, or for profit). Either or both could be making inroads with the existing cleric population in town, which is a connection that might prove useful later on? Daniel could... try to work up the nerve to take Vos on an actual date? Engage in elaborate countermeasures to try and hide what he's doing from his sister? (Even if she clearly already knows).

Admittedly, I feel like I interacted a lot more with Vos in-game, so I have a better sense on his cha
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 109975 ID: d36af7
>finding other worshippers in Passholdt
From a strict simulationist perspective this should've had a reasonable chance of working, but, despite how much work has gone into the broader economic and sociological dynamics, I am super lazy about inventing specific individualized NPCs, and accordingly bad at portraying most political intrigue or religion. Were you just looking for the hospitality of coreligionists to dodge a week's cost of living, or something with more long-term consequences? If you had a few seeds in mind that I could work from, names and sketches of personality, that might be easier.

Per the old-school D&D concept, town is mainly supposed to be where you go when exploration and/or conquest have hit a dead end, so you need to convert plunder into resupply of provisions, equipment upgrades, recruitment, and/or specialty services. All the fun, profitable activity is out in the wilderness or down in dungeons.
No. 109983 ID: af6e04
Main thing is I didn't want to start proselytizing / offering flesh blessings in the streets if there's already a perfectly good church / congregation in place.

>If you had a few seeds in mind that I could work from, names and sketches of personality, that might be easier.
I'll have to think on that. It can wait til we get back from the escort mission I assume

>Per the old-school D&D concept, town is mainly supposed to be where you go when exploration and/or conquest have hit a dead end, so you need to convert plunder into resupply of provisions, equipment upgrades, recruitment, and/or specialty services. All the fun, profitable activity is out in the wilderness or down in dungeons.
Makes sense. But I don't really have any plunder I'm interested in selling and I assume provisions will be provided. No money for equipment upgrades and no need of specialty services. So you can understand my recent lack of participation in the thread.
No. 109985 ID: 3abd97
Instead of inventing specific, unique npcs you could just have a vague vignette about Vos doing something with his fellow flesh god worshipers. Focus on the ritual, or the trapping instead any one individual. Participate in a community event instead of having a one on one with the local bishop or what have you.

For instance, just having a church around gives Vos a place to hang out when not on duty, potentially a personal project to throw resources at later (donations, upgrades, etc), or potentially a place plot hooks could be given from (help us oh paladin, there's some trouble concerning our faith we've heard about).

File 144033017287.png - (48.05KB , 800x600 , arh_questdis.png )
94347 No. 94347 ID: 8177e7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]
Thought it was about time I made a combined discussion thread for all my quests.
193 posts and 31 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 109923 ID: 1226ae
I still love em.
No. 109933 ID: 45b631
But how tall are their boss modes?

Also, feeding Alkaline some of those potions might be good. I know, I know, you want to forget that that enchantment ever existed, but if she can learn to produce a sedative and a satiation compound then I think that would be worth the price of her also gaining botox powers...
No. 109945 ID: d9d492
File 149008435654.png - (196.12KB , 1140x560 , dungeoneer_boss_heights.png )
Bosses are usually about one head taller, so they're easy to identify during forty man raids*.

Alkaline's already been fed those potions, it upgraded her gluttony ability. Using potion side effects and downsides to try and get different abilities is a great idea though, you should suggest it next time it comes up.

* Never going to happen. Too hard to draw.
No. 109967 ID: 31daba
>They're all glancing at themselves.
That's great.
No. 109973 ID: 45b631
And the bosses were drawn, and there was much rejoicing.

File 146499146581.png - (118.94KB , 701x683 , Discus.png )
100061 No. 100061 ID: 433720 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
51 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 109692 ID: 7f2ec7
Anything is possible, if you believe hard enough. UwU
No. 109695 ID: 4d9425
Intetesting. I am now dedicated towarda this goal.
No. 109696 ID: 3abd97
File 148945267772.png - (632.23KB , 921x1323 , D2_Fallen_Angel_Flonne.png )
>try to go succubus route for tits
>still completely flat
I see where this is going.
No. 109697 ID: 79a07e
Part of me feels like Flonne should've stayed a Fallen Angel for good...but I love her showing up in D4.
No. 109966 ID: ef2b4b
File 149013790886.png - (75.31KB , 701x683 , 146499150036.png )
Contributing: Electric boogaloo

File 135983551115.png - (3.02KB , 160x160 , tgchan.png )
66907 No. 66907 ID: a6cb8d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]
'Because nothing says quality like a 16x16 image!' - Cirr, as paraphrased by Lago as best as he could remember it after, instead of adding the following edit, he completely overwrote the whole post with it.

Lagotrope edit: To have a favicon added, I need author approval. Hence, the author of the respective quest must either post the favicon themselves or, if a favicon they like is already in the thread somewhere, refer to the favicon's post number and approve it. Either way, please supply the URL to the quest as well, thank you.

In short I need 3 things: author approval, the favicon, and the quest link.
729 posts and 388 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 109896 ID: c31aac
File 148995935854.png - (388B , 16x16 , slimeicon.png )

slime-shifters mang, dat's the shit right there
No. 109900 ID: bfb318
>How come these end up never getting used?
Hyperbole aside, it has been too long since I did another batch of favicons.

I just ran through, so it should be up to date now. If there's a favicon posted here but the quest doesn't have it, it's probably because the author hasn't approved it. Less likely but possible is that I missed it, so let me know if that appears to be the case.
No. 109906 ID: 15a025
File 148998207054.png - (239B , 16x16 , anxiety quest icon.png )
Tried making an icon for Miasma's Anxiety Quest. https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/782170.html
No. 109946 ID: cc08c7
Oh my god, that's absolutely adorable. Thanks so much dude.
No. 109947 ID: d9d492
Tiny face needed for the new thread, thanks!

File 140563969577.png - (332.39KB , 714x402 , Patreon.png )
83716 No. 83716 ID: 61da19 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]
After quite the low period and a surgery, I'm finally back in action and ready for the comeback of a lifetime! To celebrate my revival, I'm making a brand new dis thread!

I have a Patreon now! You can show your support, and allow me to spend more time working on updates! http://www.patreon.com/user?u=208009

a new Boatface Adventure will begin soon!
812 posts and 101 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 109919 ID: 4854ef
Things very much exploded.
No. 109920 ID: 696fed
so you are saying she is hornier than normal?
No. 109922 ID: 398fe1
Haha, every time there's a split vote we wind up getting something cool out of it.
No. 109924 ID: a0cb83
Playing to that split and giving emotions was great, goodness

im so glad this quest always makes my days better
No. 109934 ID: 72ed6b
The result turned out beautifully.

File 145603709539.png - (519.12KB , 1500x1000 , discution copy.png )
97971 No. 97971 ID: 939c7f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]
I get the feeling this thread will end up being quite necessary...
290 posts and 40 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 109745 ID: ef0f95
I guess I messed up the math, Kelda would of rolled a 21 given her rage power and improved grapple! so I'll roll it back and we'll get a redo on the boss fight. but the way I'm gonna go about it is simple, something that would of happened later on in the evening happens right about now...
No. 109746 ID: ef0f95
and I'll keep the pathfinder game mechanics in for now I might removed them at some point if they get to annoying...
No. 109842 ID: 0397cc
I hope you don't, these games are always better if some aspects of the game are outside the control of both the GM and the players. It adds that spice where shit can go down even if it's totally against everything everyone wants to happen.

That said I thought there was something odd about a TN of 17. It's kobold, but I can see now that's the number with none of the modifiers we get present.
No. 109921 ID: 0f38a6
I would say leave them in as people seem to like them but just if things start taking a hard veer into the territory that would be a massive pain/more trouble to deal with than fun then just fudge that roll
No. 109930 ID: a363ac
I don't know if you meant to write it as "business trip" or "busyness trip" but I do like the silliness that "busyness trip sounds like for slime dad in the latest update.

File 148799896478.png - (316.38KB , 600x600 , AnxietyDiscuss.png )
109181 No. 109181 ID: cc08c7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
In which we talk about a bird dealing with inordinate amounts of stress and mind warping horrors.

Critique and tips appreciated.
19 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 109560 ID: 79a07e
...I'm starting to think that these issues of hers are not exactly natural.

Particularly when WE can see them but she is nowhere nearby.
No. 109903 ID: cc08c7
Quick Rundown for Combat.

Talk is exactly what it sounds like. Most Bosses can actually be talked to and asked questions during combat. Whether or not this does anything depends on the boss being fought.

Attack: Charlotte attacks the boss. If a specific part of the boss is suggested she'll strike there.

Defend: Charlotte will try to defend herself against an attack. Suggesting a specific way to block or something specific to use as cover is also allowed.

Item: Charlotte can check her inventory and use items she's found. This won't work for every boss and Anti-X cannot be taken during Boss Encounters.

Hopefully I cleared a tiny bit up, I'm really sorry this has been a giant mess from the start.
No. 109909 ID: 143250
I have a terrible feeling about attacking. I worry that all the actions she does in this world, she is unconsciously doing the same in the real world at the same time. If we were to attack this monster, we may actually be attacking the doctor for example, making it turn out that the monster was a hallucination or something.
No. 109910 ID: 79a07e
I'm worried about that, too.

But I think I can safely say that this affliction of hers is no mere mental imbalance.
No. 109917 ID: 8aa605
That's why I said the bit about "if anyone in the real world can hear me..."

Just in case!

File 132817546037.png - (30.51KB , 500x500 , disctitlecard.png )
48871 No. 48871 ID: d6af4f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]
The discussion thread for that one quest with the green guy and the mimiga cutebold psycho girl.
1797 posts and 122 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 109887 ID: 3abd97
One could argue that the freedom to live their lives, do things with each other, and follow frivolous side-quest pursuits instead of functioning in constant survival mode is exactly what almost everyone in UnSe has been fighting for since things started.
No. 109890 ID: 398fe1
Well I mean we could've skipped straight to the cage match after deciding on the cage match, instead of going through all the little details about it. Maybe it's not that there's all these side stories, it's that they're all told in so much detail it's really slowed down the pacing.

Let me draw a comparison to the original Fen Quest-- Fen got thrown in the arena within the first fifteen updates. The reboot is four threads in and we haven't even gotten into the real army to get the combat experience Fen wanted before the arena. Fen has done a lot of stuff in the meantime, and some of it was pretty important, but it seems like it took a lot more time than it could have. Cleaning up Cheese's mess took ages and ages.
No. 109891 ID: 9bf80c

The original Fen Quest was itself a side story, though, so it got sped up and a lot of details skipped over. This time, Fen and his journey to becoming whatever he's going to become, and the world it happens in, are being focused on more, so of course there's time spent on those things. This time spent building up will pay off later in a lot of ways, I think, such as by building up a cast of secondary characters and showing how Fen's actions ripple outwards to change the world he's in.

I don't know about anyone else, but I like it this way.
No. 109893 ID: 3abd97
Yeah, old Fen Quest was basically a series of boss battles with little scraps of plot in between. New Fen Quest is a lot slower paced, and a lot more political in nature. Interactions and relationships with people and factions matter a lot more, things we do in small time provinces build to larger long term consequences, and we don't have a rage god I-win button to mash. Even the magic system fits this thematically- it's a low magic setting where spells are subtle, or environmental or long term, where before it was a high magic setting with flashy offensive casting and divinely empowered super warriors.

I wouldn't think it's fair to call Cheese's arc a side quest? The mess in Fence, the allies and enemies we made, the noble politics we stirred up all created opportunities that are going to shape how things move forward. It's all gonna factor into Fen's own attempt to seize power, become a noble, and make some kind of play.

It also served two important purposes: hammering in just how bad things in the empire can get, and giving us time to learn a good deal more about the setting.

One payoff I'm looking forward to after that arc: Cheese was basically in non-stop survival mode, dealing with one disaster pilling on top of another, desperately spinning things to stay alive and keep some kind of advantage. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when she isn't constantly on the back foot, and has time to prepare and set things up.

What we're doing right now in the military also seems like investments for future stuff. Army grunt days seems a good chance to try and find competent people we can trust and fight besides, who we might later recruit to work for us (and we already have two possible candidates). If Fen's gonna be a noble, he's gonna need lieutenants he can trust, eventually.
No. 109899 ID: bfb318
It is true that the current Fen quest is slower paced, the reasons being well covered by the two posts prior.

It got more in depth, too, when the objectives got expanded to not just get nobility, but for Fen to be create a stable base so that he can reasonably hold onto said nobility.

Still, a fair point about UnSe - it is essentially the last thread where this sort of stuff will be covered, so I don't care to rush it too strongly (but still want to keep it going enough that I will, say, keep the Sevener-clone segment short and brief with all this in mind.) Mind that I'm not saying that as defense of the pacing, but just the reasoning behind it. Pacing isn't a strong point of mine, and UnSe is known to be the worst offender.

File 143519355790.jpg - (409.32KB , 2500x1769 , Ian CMSN JuneQuest Color3_hr.jpg )
92269 No. 92269 ID: 1f8505 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Needed a fresh start since I didn't really want to stare at my old style much longer.

Image by Ian Samson.
37 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 109744 ID: 1f8505
Apologies for the TWWLTP downtime. Still recovering from the 'flu.
No. 109845 ID: 1226ae
I'm sure I can guess what's under that blur, Anon44.
No. 109864 ID: 1f8505

You are welcome to guess.
No. 109867 ID: 398fe1
At this point we already know. "black lace".
No. 109889 ID: 1f8505

Got it in one!

File 144072216743.png - (30.29KB , 800x600 , HALLDiscussion.png )
94495 No. 94495 ID: 979117 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Talk about that one quest with the sad-looking cat here. Just try not to embarrass Andrew too much.
67 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 107733 ID: 959a5d
File 148447076935.png - (138.52KB , 671x598 , HALLslowdown.png )
Looks like this week's update is going to take a bit longer than usual. Should pop up next Thursday at least!

Hopefully, it'll be worth the wait.
No. 107824 ID: 70842c
>Worth the wait
Dude, I'm just glad that you at least update more than once a year, but even if you didn't, your story is interesting enough that I'd wait for it anyway.
Besides: Andrew is cute.
No. 108257 ID: 7281aa
File 148583247678.png - (22.39KB , 800x600 , HALLisDelayedSomeMoreBecauseImBadwithSoftware.png )
Things might be delayed for a while longer than I had initially thought. The last two updates were essentially there to cut off some workload really quick.

It'll be slow for a while as I try to get every frame set-up to work with the song (it's going to be an animation, only because I felt it's the best choice for the scene I have planned out.) If you guys would prefer to have HALL just stick to the current PNGs and occasional GIF format, I can do that as well, but part of me is curious how this'll turn out.

[Image uses a picture of my cat Turtle as a reference]
No. 109781 ID: e3f730
File 148978247210.png - (61.63KB , 449x526 , HALLUpdate.png )
Back again, sorry for the weird pacing.

But things should go smoother now as I'm back to working with SAI and Aseprite.
No. 109795 ID: 143250
Welcome back :D

File 148309725619.jpg - (4.85MB , 1748x2480 , Discussion thread 1.jpg )
107070 No. 107070 ID: 23060e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]
Here you can ask me theauthor about anything connected to the quest and I will answer it as soon as possible
211 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 109709 ID: d0002a
The thing that you see in Street Smarts is from the perspective of the Ana's other selves, short stories are a way for you to find out more about certain persons
No. 109771 ID: 143250
While we are talking to Logan, I've taken the time to write Lorence a letter for the delivery. feel free to critique, fix, condense, whatever. (My only complaint is that I think it is probably too long, but a lot of things need to be said for Lorence to accept this deal. If someone has the time to condense it while keeping a lot of the good points in, please do so.)


This is Ana's astral projections writing.

First off, please forgive us using a curator to deliver this, as we know you're not too fond of them, but its the only quickest and safest way we can think of to track and send this to you.

We are writing for the purpose to form a deal between us that we think will benefit the both of us, you more than us. But before we lay out the deal, I think it is best we should be honest with each other to form a trust between us for this deal to work.

Apologies ahead of time, but we must let you know that we have played the role of your inner thoughts from the time you were falsely imprisoned to when you became a proud member of Root's cult.

After you've taken your time to destroy a clock or two to calm your nerves upon learning this and get back to reading this letter again, keep in mind that while we acted as your inner thoughts, We could have used the opportunity to our advantage to lower your chances of getting into the cult, lower you reputation in Root's eyes, and make you lose complete control of your sanity for shits and giggles.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 109773 ID: 5391fc
You brilliant son of a bitch!!!
No. 109774 ID: 3583d1
Also new night mare for Delilah, welcome the heavy metal theater!

Delilah is in what looks like a mental hospital, but she is strapped down to the table. The is one door and I walks Lester, bloody and with her knife still lodged in his chest

Lester: Yeah, I get it
You're an outcast
Always under attack
Always coming in last
Bringing up the past
No one owes you anything
I think you need a shotgun blast
A kick in the ass
So paranoid
Watch your back!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 109775 ID: b8f2da
From the author
Interesting story additions, I will see what will I use and when

File 144882002848.png - (32.28KB , 800x800 , BTE3-Title.png )
96269 No. 96269 ID: dd338c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]
The ITQ for Lago specific quests.

Previous BTEs:

Current main ITQ:

Previous ITQs:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
326 posts and 93 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 107829 ID: 91ee5f
>... Are any of them still around?
Well, Kappi is still around. Although, technically, he didn't volunteer for Rokoa's training, he got drafted into it.

He's either a masochist or the sex/dream sharing sex is legendary. Or both.
No. 108198 ID: 595d54
Ay yo Shup, ever studied material sciences or know anyone who does? How does magic rot work for stuff that's taken outside its region, and has anyone exploited it to decompose stuff or mess with volatile substances? What're explosives like, mostly just oil/powder or have you discovered stuff like mixed metal oxides for thermite? Does physics even work like that?
No. 108831 ID: 65ec8d
Do rogues ever try channel their feelings through art? Like, among humans at least, there are whole genres of music given over to being sad and lonesome and miserable, and a large number of powerful and popular songs that express those kinds of feelings. Are there famous rogue blues singers, for example? Does rogue art play any part in the fight for rogue rights? I imagine hive neumono can be more sympathetic to rogue feelings if they're expressed beautifully, and if they don't actually have to be in the rogue's empathic presence.

Speaking of, though, is there such a thing as empathic beauty, separate to just empathic pleasantness or unpleasantness? Almost anything can be beautiful, even painful or gruesome or depressing things, if they're spun to the right pitch and perfection. Could there be neumono who's empathy tends towards hatefulness or sorrow or something else that's generally seen as negative, but other neumono still find them kind of entrancing or fascinating, because their empathy has a sort of grandeur or depth to it?
No. 109398 ID: 595d54
Hey, Katzati or anyone else interested. Do neumono tend to be kinkier when they're sharing dreams, especially lucid ones? Not just because you have more options and less consequences in dreams, although those are interesting too. Are people more willing/comfortable about kinks and whatnot?
No. 109769 ID: 9bf80c
This may have been asked before, but belenosians: can you/do you make any noises that humans can't/don't generally make?

And if any of them are conveniently answering something anyway, same question to other intelligent non-human species.

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