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File 147570023920.png - (23.69KB , 800x600 , Drawthread Title.png )
31418 No. 31418 ID: ca0e20

With Inktober going on, I thought I could try and make a Drawthread and maybe I'll keep posting stuff after October too.

Things can get NSFW here.
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No. 42338 ID: e51896

This reminds me of the Pink Floyd back catalogue picture.
No. 42349 ID: 40197f

Yeah, this was brought up when I only did the characters. Might have been influenced, but really, pools, wet and outdoor nude are all stuff I like so I dunno, lol. I wasn't thinking about the album when I picked the BG.
No. 42350 ID: 40197f
File 155205975118.png - (172.46KB , 1000x1000 , Lapras Pool.png )

I actually did this some days ago as warmup.
No. 42400 ID: 54f3e7
File 155242936139.png - (280.90KB , 1000x1000 , Drea and Jiggy - Ropes post.png )


There was a surplus of ropes!

Drea the Okapi belongs to https://twitter.com/FrickerThigh

I'm not into bondage much, but this is light enough. Though I do like that one rope that leads the muzzle around. =P
No. 42494 ID: 54f3e7
File 155363849151.gif - (3.50MB , 600x600 , Commission 87 - Underwater Friend.gif )

-Underwater Friend-

Commission for Aquilak on FA!

I think this is the longest I took to make an animation. that type of frame by frame full body animation can take time, heh. Hopefully the result is good. I'll only know some days from now, lol. =P
No. 42511 ID: fa1b33
File 155389815484.gif - (3.35MB , 500x500 , Commission 88 - Liquid Metal Show.gif )

-Liquid Metal Show-

Commission for Nazo on FA!
No. 42592 ID: fa1b33
File 155450507437.gif - (1.36MB , 440x600 , Commission 89 - Sci Fi Raptor.gif )

-This Alert isn't For Me-

Commission for DrrkDragon on FA!

That gun... was a tricky to animate, lol.
No. 42631 ID: fa1b33
File 155484922719.gif - (7.68MB , 964x960 , Commission 90 - Casual Conversation mood.gif )

-Casual Conversation-

Commission for Crzy-Rage-Guy on FA!
No. 42673 ID: cbf32b
File 155510634604.gif - (560.40KB , 400x400 , Commission 91 - Dragoness Synth Ride.gif )

-Fun Bot Testing-

Commission for Aquilak!

That bot dude is a Synth, by Vader-San!
No. 42725 ID: cbf32b
File 155562548851.gif - (129.69KB , 400x400 , Commission 92 - Leonos Icon.gif )

-Leonos Icon-

Mini Commission for InconspicuousIndividual on FA!
No. 42726 ID: cbf32b
File 155562602453.gif - (2.16MB , 500x496 , Commission 93 - Big Ride.gif )

-Big Ride-

Commission for InconspicuousIndividual on FA!
No. 42733 ID: cbf32b
File 155571509696.gif - (536.07KB , 1200x1200 , Liv Plap.gif )

-Heavy Slams-

If you're hanging out at a nude pool with a boner, you can't expect Liv to not be interested in slamming her big butt on you lap. =P


Silly comment aside, at least I didn't take a year to do this one compared to the boob massage animation, but I still made most of the sketch months ago. Anyway, feeling out CSP's animation tools especially after a couple of tweaks since last time. It's still not the most ideal, but at this point, CSP is my current best option for non pixel animation. And I would like to offer this type of animation for commissions, but man it would be expensive.

I might just practice more and once I feel like I can figure out prices, make em available while continuing pixel animations. that way if someone goes crazy with money and wants to try me, it'll be possible. I still have to look into shading though. Maybe next time I'll go in with that in mind. Maybe once I have a tablet monitor or something lol.
No. 42762 ID: cbf32b
File 155597893815.png - (392.70KB , 979x1055 , Sonas Doodles.png )

-Doodles of Sonas!-

Drew this late last night so I didn't have the energy to post it much places.

My Dino dude with fluffier hair since I've been letting my hair grow out this winter.
Okap, for head angle practice: https://twitter.com/FrickerThigh/
Cute Yeen for: https://twitter.com/Tasw3l/
Bleppin' Shib is: https://twitter.com/Bran_the_Onion/
No. 42777 ID: cbf32b
File 155605053762.png - (186.37KB , 700x900 , JiggyDino - Alone 1.png )

-Post Jerkin'-

My Dino dude doing stuff.
No. 42782 ID: cbf32b
File 155607374028.png - (137.80KB , 1027x521 , JiggyDino - Okap Help 1.png )

Okap offered cleaning assistance after the last pic. =3
No. 42783 ID: cbf32b
File 155607376552.png - (138.45KB , 906x704 , JiggyDino - Okap Help 2.png )

And my Dino dude just had to thank her! =D
No. 42797 ID: cbf32b
File 155621215275.png - (289.16KB , 759x1258 , JiggyDino - Yeen Handholding.png )

-Try Handholding-

Taswel 's Yeen has to be careful where he suggests such activities. =3

This is kinda related but also just straight up cute: https://twitter.com/Tasw3l/status/1121239376959299585
No. 42837 ID: cbf32b
File 155684851022.png - (123.98KB , 683x402 , JiggyDino - Okap Full Glass.png )

https://twitter.com/FrickerThigh wanted a glass full so I had to oblige. =3

Furry World has pills or something that makes you cum more, right? Well, my porn universe probably has 'em, lol.
No. 42874 ID: cbf32b
File 155720319126.png - (700.97KB , 1046x1111 , Liv Waving post.png )

-Pool Greeting-

Doodled that turned into this. Liv again!
No. 42879 ID: cbf32b
File 155725164011.png - (285.64KB , 820x901 , Pajuna Doodle.png )

So I didn't know but there's a Puss and Boot show and there's a cute Moo in it.

Quick doodle of her!

I did mess with her design. Which yes, includes adding big tits.
No. 42880 ID: a9af05

EXTRA THICC Liv brings me joy whenever I see her! <3
No. 42883 ID: 91ee5f

I can agree with that!
No. 42884 ID: cbf32b

Always nice to see people liking her! =D
And yeah I accidentally made her bigger bottomed than usual I think. Enjoy it for this pic! =P
No. 42888 ID: a9af05

>And yeah I accidentally made her bigger bottomed than usual I think.
It was not an accident! That's how she's supposed to look!
No. 42889 ID: cbf32b

I'm mostly pretending it's winter weight. =P
No. 42997 ID: cbf32b
File 155847642450.gif - (2.63MB , 625x500 , Commission 94 - Shooting Range.gif )

-Snipe Snipe-

Commission for Crzy-Rage-Guy on FA!
No. 43008 ID: cbf32b
File 155864943723.gif - (517.86KB , 835x655 , Commission 95 - Couch Friends.gif )

-Taken it Lazy-

Commission for softspacedragon on Twitter!
No. 43013 ID: cbf32b
File 155873242702.png - (125.43KB , 680x730 , Seraph Sip.png )

Doodle for Tasw3l on Twitter!!
No. 43014 ID: cbf32b
File 155873247035.png - (180.76KB , 875x910 , Molly cute.png )

Doodle for SlightlySimian on Twitter!
No. 43038 ID: cbf32b
File 155908272867.gif - (1.18MB , 500x500 , Commission 96 - Raptor Spook and Poof.gif )

-Spook and Poof-

Commission for Watarigarasu on FA!
No. 43039 ID: cbf32b
File 155908388520.png - (200.48KB , 1122x775 , Liv for Banner.png )

Drew Liv for an updated Patreon banner and since I drew her as a regular drawing, felt like I could post her as is. Not shaded, but still, lol.
No. 43061 ID: cbf32b
File 155934349679.gif - (494.57KB , 800x600 , Charizard Mastur.gif )

-Charigal Mastur-

Random Charizard Gal masturbating! Had some extra time to do whatever and decided to animate something in CSP in one go instead of having year/month gap inbetween.

This was interesting to try and I do want to attempt to use CSP more even just to figure out what workflow I could use more. Aseprite workflow might not work as well just cause of the way the interface is different and etc.
No. 43098 ID: cbf32b
File 155986373014.gif - (2.15MB , 650x565 , Commission 97 - Dragon Guard.gif )

-At Least the Rain is Relaxing-

Commission for Crzy-Rage-Guy on FA!
No. 43118 ID: cbf32b
File 156020457638.gif - (1.01MB , 500x500 , Commission 98 - Baily Fun.gif )

-Badger Mess-

Commission for Momosukida on FA!
No. 43147 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156054908927.png - (189.97KB , 800x600 , Nirilith Bust.png )


Doodle gift for Athyn on FA!

He made this character recently and he's real neat!
No. 43202 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156131736363.png - (206.86KB , 1050x570 , JiggyDino - Horny Inconveniences.png )

-Horny Inconveniences-

Not the end of the world, but yeah I dunno. Drawing this dude again.
No. 43263 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156235748506.png - (575.22KB , 1000x1004 , Liv - Tiny Shirt.png )

-Tiny Shirt-

Wanted to do a doodle and decided to make Liv wear that one bandwagon shirt Remanedur started!
No. 43371 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156365928580.gif - (2.47MB , 575x575 , Commission 99 - Elegant Dancer.gif )

-Starry Dance-

Commission for Athyn on FA!

This animation took the longest to do that I've ever done on one thing! =0
No. 43415 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156410816952.png - (317.07KB , 1000x744 , Liv - Tailjob.png )

-Liv's Tail-

I've been meaning to do more with scalies tails, but kept forgetting, so here's Liv making a mess with hers. =3

This is something I might have not posted right away, but I did want to show it since it's the first doodle I've drawn with this new Cintiq 16 I saved up for!!! Woah! I didn't calibrate it right for half this pic though, so it's a bit wonky. but yeah, my pics might be wonky for a bit while i get used to drawing with this new tablet! And I wanted to draw Liv as the first thing I did with it, heheh. =P
No. 43416 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156410820999.png - (811.25KB , 3779x4000 , Weavil gal Sketch.png )

-Weavil Gal Sketch-

Second Cintiq pic! This time, it's calibrated and I drew at a higher resolution. I also took more time, lol.
No. 43418 ID: b1b4f3

Oh jeez that's not where the anus should be at all.
No. 43419 ID: 0d5cb3

Meh, I was tired by the time I placed it and even moved around using refs and my brain just could not make the connection.
No. 43420 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156417687922.gif - (3.29MB , 625x625 , Commission 100 - Underneat the Umbrella.gif )

-Making Hot Messes, but the beach waiter has to clean it-

We're you thinking of the sex mess? Nah, I meant the drinks!

Commission for Agent-Ferret on FA, also with LadyBlackCobra on FA!
No. 43421 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156417872628.png - (394.33KB , 900x1000 , Wet Weavile.png )

-Wet Weavile-

And finished!
No. 43461 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156469561909.png - (904.01KB , 1200x1000 , Drea and Jiggy - Shark Week 2019post.png )

-Shark Week Celebration-

Something for Shark Week!
No. 43470 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156486743170.gif - (67.16KB , 600x450 , Shark Sway WIP1.gif )

-Playful Shark Gal-

Last minute Shark Week thingie!
I did this yesterday though, lol.
I also want to do sketch animation more with Clip Studio Paint. So I might do these more often.
No. 43498 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156505954624.png - (105.54KB , 600x675 , Friendly Yeen.png )

-Friendly Yeen-

Doodle for taswel!
No. 43549 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156539025079.gif - (347.76KB , 1000x500 , ThatOneSaint 1 - Kissy Icons.gif )

-Kissy Icons-

Patreon Reward for ThatOneSaint!
No. 43565 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156573033359.gif - (615.81KB , 775x580 , Phox 1 - RPG Card.gif )

-RPG Ready!-

Patreon Reward for Axonias on FA!
No. 43589 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156590624530.gif - (128.80KB , 650x725 , Aquilak 1 - On the Bed.gif )

-Good Old Fashion Bed Fun-

Patreon Reward for Aquilak on FA!
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