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File 153722139454.png - (102.70KB , 500x400 , ADQ000.png )
902109 No. 902109 ID: 11f77a

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Arthocob_Date_Quest
Discussion: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/106192.html
Takes place in the Team Port Echo universe so... may or may not be canon-ish. Prequel maybe?
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No. 902110 ID: 11f77a
File 153722142603.png - (169.17KB , 700x500 , ADQ001.png )

Well, today is finally it! Not counting those other few days I’ve attempted to woo only the most attractive Arthocob I’ve ever laid eyes upon!
No. 902111 ID: 11f77a
File 153722144887.png - (180.98KB , 700x500 , ADQ002.png )

No matter what: I’m going to ask Eudora on a date and she’s going to say yes this time; or my name isn’t Ganymede!
No. 902122 ID: eeb7d9

I got a funny feeling that your name won't be Ganymede for too long. What did you saw in this particular girl of yours anyway?
No. 902124 ID: deec6e

Better start writing that love poem.
No. 902125 ID: 2a7417

Did you make reservations somewhere fancy in advance?
No. 902151 ID: 0e2ebe

She looks like she'd hate both fancy places and love poems. Maybe something low-key?
No. 902169 ID: caf1de

ofer to eat her out
No. 902170 ID: ee2d6e

Take her to a shooting range or something.
No. 902179 ID: ab52c1

Remember all those other things you tried and don't do any of that.
No. 902184 ID: 91ee5f

You know what she likes, right? She likes things that involve fighting! Maybe you can go see an action movie or something?
No. 902208 ID: 864e49

You know she's a rough and tumble gal so get her something related to her interests: training equipment or martial arts books.
No. 902213 ID: 11f77a
File 153730739801.png - (134.52KB , 700x500 , ADQ003.png )

>Love poems?
Hmgh, I haven’t thought of those recently. But if it counts—I’ve known her for almost my entire life. I’ve sure to have written quite a few love notes and offered a place to eat. And my love has been fluttering ever since!

>What do you see in her?
There’s something about her that surpasses the scowl she always has. Being with her, I feel... happy. Ever since she walked in the orphanage she’s been alone and quiet, and she deserves to have someone to be with—if not me or the Great Flying Rod herself.

If I could do anything to make her smile, that would be enough. Sigh~ I can still remember the first day we met ♥.
No. 902214 ID: 11f77a
File 153730742538.png - (116.90KB , 481x500 , ADQ004.png )

Teacher: Now, now, Eudora. If you’re going to live here, you best behave and start paying attention in class.

Teacher: We want smart children under the house of Bhothogoshol here. You agreed. I’ll show your bedroom after your first lesson.
No. 902215 ID: 11f77a
File 153730744288.png - (115.07KB , 615x433 , ADQ005.png )

No. 902216 ID: 11f77a
File 153730746042.png - (135.60KB , 621x433 , ADQ006.png )

Ganymede: Wow! So you’re Eudora, right? I’m Ganymede!

Ganymede: Boy! You sure are pretty!
No. 902217 ID: 11f77a
File 153730747356.png - (125.61KB , 621x433 , ADQ007.png )

No. 902218 ID: 11f77a
File 153730750505.png - (252.81KB , 700x500 , ADQ008.png )

Well... we’ve gotten a bit better over the years.

>Shooting range
Oh my, the church forbids any of that, least on the school grounds! And she does like to throw punches... But a movie, hmm—I don’t think I’ve tried that before. This village isn’t very modern compared to other planets; we usually go for theater plays. I guess you’d describe this place as ‘primitive’ or ‘medieval’ although some technology hangs around for record-keeping and medical care.

>Rough and tumble gal
Heh, yeah. She seems to put her fists to use. I don’t know why she bothers with violence.

I just woke and freshened up in my room. It’s a typical weekend here at the Rhoth-Zogg Orphanage of Bhothogoshol. Normally I’d see Eudora in class—but if I know her well she’s probably going to be in her room all day. Luckily her room is right next to mine, so I can visit her any time I want! She ought to be doing something productive to keep her mind occupied.

A) Visit Eudora’s room
B) Do some praying first
C) Go to the market for a gift, perhaps to find martial arts stuff there.
D) Tend a garden, or something therapeutic to start the day
No. 902219 ID: 0e2ebe

C. Even if you don't understand, trying to get involved with things she's interested in is a good way to get closer to her.
No. 902220 ID: ee2d6e

B. Pray to not get punched in the face. And to not get knocked the fuck out next time she clocks you, because let's be realistic here.
No. 902221 ID: 91ee5f


But maybe also pray for success. With a girl like Eudora, you’re gonna need all the help you can get!
No. 902283 ID: eeb7d9

C sounds good to start.
No. 902304 ID: 2f83e5

C is a good start.
No. 902350 ID: 5bad2e

Are you sure smiling is physically possible for her?
D: pick some medicinal herbs for later use in a numbing salve.
No. 902430 ID: 3062f7

No. 902501 ID: 11f77a
File 153746545317.png - (102.31KB , 412x500 , ADQ009.png )

>Pray a bit, then go to the market
I might as well not bother her this morning, then. Best to surprise her with a gift! While the church has taught me fighting isn’t a favorable sport—it seems that such an activity could be my ticket to her heart.

So I first make a quick prayer to the Allmother.

Oh, blessed Bhothogoshol, The Great Flying Rod who sheds life from its husk. This Arthocob’s love is at your mercy. Truly, if it was not meant to be, then the desire would cease—would it not? I implore for a chance to reach her, and let her know that she doesn’t have to be alone in all of the Voxxus. Grant me strength through the craquelure of space, where you live beyond. S’dhaquacama.
No. 902503 ID: 11f77a
File 153746604584.png - (233.28KB , 632x500 , ADQ010.png )

Often times the church can give you a small amount of change for food. I collected 17 yogguths to spend in the market. It’s a short walk from the church, but students can purchase food and small stuff here. I’ll take a gander at some of the vendors.

A) Browse the comic store, perhaps for something action-y
B) Look at the mall ninja martial weapons vendor
C) Shop for food
D) Visit the jewelry/clothing vendor
E) Something else to catch my eye?
No. 902504 ID: 2e0f31

A. Perhaps between the pages of hippy-punching action you will see how to get past the tough, spiky shell of an action hero!
Failing that, they usually have wild advertisements in the back for some really weird stuff.
No. 902506 ID: eeb7d9

I agree.
No. 902551 ID: 2f83e5

Is 17 yogguths enough to buy clothes? You should visit the clothing vendor if so.
No. 902558 ID: 0e2ebe

I guess A. Maybe she's into fiction more than actual martial arts.
No. 902919 ID: 91ee5f

I’m pretty sure she’d like an actual weapon, but you’re probably not allowed to have those and she’d get in trouble if someone found it in her room.

So the next best thing would be A and hope that you can find something that she’ll enjoy!
No. 904952 ID: 11f77a
File 153869194225.png - (97.73KB , 452x500 , ADQ011.png )

>Maybe she’s into fiction more than martial arts
There isn’t a restriction on books and magazines in my church, so a comic book would definitely be nice. There’s a lot to browse through, but a few kind of catch my eye.

Let's see what they have in store!
No. 904953 ID: 11f77a
File 153869199053.png - (102.27KB , 408x500 , COMIC 1.png )

A) Holster, Legend of Huron: Issue #64. Gunplay! Gun-toting merc, known as the fabled Holster, utilizes his powersuit to enter the 4th dimension for quick access to an unending arsenal. His latest mission: to infiltrate a Tripodic cruiser and halt the illegal harvesting of gas giants. cost: $3yg
No. 904954 ID: 11f77a
File 153869203064.png - (122.69KB , 408x500 , COMIC 2.png )

B) Ulilli: Issue #52. Deity Superhero. Blessed as the new servitor of Relik, Ybra brandishes the role of Ulilli, demigod and guardian of Rac-Naquaghu, who vows to vanquish all evil sent by the Mi-yok! cost: $3yg
No. 904956 ID: 11f77a
File 153869207938.png - (67.33KB , 408x500 , COMIC 3.png )

C) The Cambrian Explosion #01. Horror fiction. Execution by exile! Experience terror with a wrongfully convicted Mal’Or Huntoon survivor as he fights for his survival in Zhuogg-Ndepthteph, the planet where only criminals are sent to die by the hostile nature of its fauna and flora! cost: $5yg
No. 904957 ID: 11f77a
File 153869214755.png - (159.20KB , 408x500 , COMIC 4.png )

D) Vulgar Rush: Issue #21. Apocalyptic/Adventure/Western. Crawford and Ichabod have come upon the key to a lost, ancient civilization. They are pursued by an army controlled by the frenzied Enriq Yeager and his accomplice Radcliffe. The rush to mine ancient technology leaves a path of blood, grit, madness, and destruction. cost: $3yg

E) Leave, nothing really exciting and keep shopping for something else.
No. 904961 ID: 2e0f31

Ulilli uses a sword? Laaame! You know Eudora's more of an unarmed combat monster. Get the Cambrian Explosion.
No. 905009 ID: eeb7d9

Hmmm if there was a good fighting comic, with punches and kicks, that would have been nice... Do you know of a store that sells magazines about fighting or boxing or something?
No. 905011 ID: 2f83e5

The cambrian looks interesting, does Eudora likes horror? If you think so maybe you should buy it and look the other stores.
No. 905020 ID: 11f77a
File 153870974637.png - (149.74KB , 658x405 , ADQ012.png )

>Comic with punches and kicks
I skimmed through the pages and... the majority of them are action comics so—I don't know why an action comic WOULDN'T include kicks, punches, shootings, swordplay. Cause, you know, heroes don't talk things out with their villains?

In fact, the Cambrian Explosion is the only one without fighting at all.

A) Holster, Legend of Huron (Gunplay. Action. Superhero. Fights happen.) $3yg
B) Ulilli (Diety Superhero, like Thor. Action. Fights happen. Swords. Medieval. Gods.) $3yg
C) The Cambrian Explosion (Psychological Horror. Survival. Terror. The Unknown. More like a Journal.) $5yg
D) Vulgar Rush (Mad Max Action. Indiana Jones Adventure. Wasteland Apocalypse. Guns. Explosions. People fight.) $3yg
E) Just buy one of each. $14yg
F) Leave it. Browse elsewhere. >>902503
No. 905024 ID: b1b4f3

D. She's probably got Ulilli already.
No. 905043 ID: 91ee5f

Give her the D!
No. 905086 ID: ee2d6e

D sounds like the most interesting one, yeah.
No. 905115 ID: 2e0f31

No violence? Mediocre!
D it is.
No. 905223 ID: 2f83e5

Yeah D).
No. 906802 ID: 11f77a
File 153949073743.png - (210.69KB , 700x500 , ADQ013.png )

>Option D
Then I shall buy Vulgar Rush; it seems like it would be a fun read! There’re lots of characters and it looks quite adventurous. I have about 14 yogguths left to spend.

A) Browse the Martial Weapons Vendor.
B) Buy some Food, perhaps even candies to share or gift.
C) Visit the Jewelry and Clothing tent.
D) Anything else that may come to mind.
E) Head back to the Church.
No. 906803 ID: 91ee5f

Go for B!
No. 906804 ID: 2e0f31

B indeed. Perhaps you can go to C together later to see what she likes.
No. 906805 ID: eeb7d9

B. Can you think of anything that she may like? You were friends with her right? There must be something she might prefer that you know of.
No. 906806 ID: ad51b8

B my friend.
No. 906933 ID: 2f83e5

Go for B, a romantic dinner would be nice.
No. 910428 ID: 11f77a
File 154205318190.png - (229.37KB , 700x500 , ADQ014.png )

>Option B; romantic option
Right! Food! I can look at what they have in store for a romantic dinner once she says YES this time! Now lessee—there’s plenty of cultural delights to go around. I wonder if I should go with Baolith steaks or Zaugoki—
No. 910429 ID: 11f77a
File 154205322104.png - (138.81KB , 552x395 , ADQ015.png )

GASP! By the holiness of Bhothogoshol...
No. 910430 ID: 11f77a
File 154205385992.png - (163.34KB , 700x498 , ADQ016.png )

Lunar Pearlwater~! The only drink that legally allows a sweet dose and blend of rich Saturn Amber and savory Ansel Grey! Where lunar pearls grind up heavy fragrant spices to leave the taste of divine honey on your proboscis for days~

That would prove Eudora that I’m the one for her!
No. 910435 ID: b1b4f3

Ok but how expensive is it?
No. 910437 ID: 91ee5f

Slow down lover boy, reality is about to slap you in the face.

Check the price tag and see just how much money you don’t have to buy the really expensive thing.
No. 910452 ID: 2a7417

When legal channels fail, you could always distill a bit of moonshine.
No. 910453 ID: 2f83e5

Ok, let's see how much cost.
No. 910454 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, another thing to worry about is that this will definitely come across as coming on too strong. Even if you can afford it, don't.
No. 911591 ID: 11f77a
File 154304000154.png - (150.95KB , 700x498 , ADQ017.png )

>Coming on too strong
Well, I’ll figure out how to segue this in. Perhaps I can surprise her during a picnic! Candlelight, food, and then I’ll come in with a few glasses of Pearlwater. Then we can talk about our holy Arthocobic Gods and read comic books.

Ganymede: “Sir! I must know how much the Pearlwater is!”

Clerk: “...”

Clerk: “One second...”

Well it can’t be that expensive. I don’t think 14 yuggoths may cover it but it can’t be more than, like, 50 right? It’s only one job’s pay away if I do some decent work around the village. And I sure love helping others.

Oh goodie, the nice man behind the counter has brought me a price tag! Only—
No. 911592 ID: 11f77a
File 154304003920.png - (86.13KB , 700x498 , ADQ018.png )

No. 911594 ID: 11f77a
File 154304035766.png - (151.02KB , 700x498 , ADQ019.png )

So y-yes. A couple jobs would be g-good. I-I-I suppose I’ll settle for some... cheaper alternatives... that may get the job done. L-let’s keep our options open for n-now.

Current Wallet: 14 yogguths
Baolith Steaks $3yg
Yuugoth Filet $2yg
Qua-quibb Flanks $3yg
Zaugoki Bowl $5yg

Toffel Bulbs$1yg
Larhsaana $1yg
Hakkyagga $1yg

Gorm Milk $1yg
Rose Amber Punch (Juice) $1yg
Zephcynth Ale-Lark (Beer) $2yg
Sarcothus Torq (Beer) $2yg
Divine Relik (Beer) $2yg
Lunar Pearlwater (Wine) $350yg
No. 911596 ID: 080aaf

Beer! More beer, Sarco!
No. 911605 ID: 91ee5f

How about some Qua-quibb Flanks and Sarcothus Torq (Beer)?

Don’t forget to also check for candies!
No. 911636 ID: a9af05

All of this!
No. 911644 ID: 2f83e5

What is a Baolith Steaks? Sounds good. Any beer is good or is Eudora fond of a certain brand? Also don't freak out always act confident but not full of yourelf I bet she'd like that.
No. 916383 ID: 11f77a
File 154673541158.png - (74.94KB , 459x416 , ADQ020.png )

>Sarcothus Torq & Qua-quibb Flanks
Sarcothus Torq. It’s a normal brand of beer—founded in Cnidari Vaalbaran wasteland colonies where the Vzierian raiders now occupy. But it’s a beer nonetheless that Eudora will probably enjoy!

Qua-quibbs are local farm animals here, mollusk-like, and their flank steaks are tasty! Huge creatures, but docile! (I make sure to grab a handful of candy too; sweets are always a good way to a girl’s heart!) Which the total is six yuggoths.

Current Wallet: 8 yuggoths
No. 916385 ID: 11f77a
File 154673549831.png - (78.12KB , 459x416 , ADQ021.png )

So I have a good amount bought for Eudora. But I realize I ought to make a checklist of sorts, or goal list in order to impress and convince Eudora to go out with me. Something to keep in mind and strive for.

[ ] Go on a date with Eudora
[ ] Purchase Pearlwater (350ygs)
--[ ] Get a job for money
[ ] Gift the comic book to Eudora
[ ] Find a martial weapon (to gift Eudora).

I wonder if there’s anything else I’m missing. Of course, I could add or remove certain goals—say if buying the Pearlwater is too pretentious of me.

> What should I do next?
No. 916402 ID: 556568

go buy nunchucks at the flea market
No. 916413 ID: 2f83e5

>Getting a Job
What are you good for?
Hey, maybe we should ask the owner of the food store if he has any jobs, maybe you could get your hands on the Lunar Pearlwater this way.
No. 916457 ID: 080aaf

If you have to ask, it's probably too pretentious.
Go about getting a job, it has all sorts of benefits, like getting paid, and testing your commitment to this quest.
No. 916466 ID: 91ee5f

There’s no way you can afford the Pearlwater anytime soon, so you may want to wait to buy it on the 3rd or 4th date with Eudora, when you’ve hopefully got money saved up by then.

Because I doubt you’re going to find a job that’ll pay you 350ygs so you can buy it for your 1st date.

>What do?
Go check the prices of martial weapons, so that you can get an idea of how much money you need to save to buy one.
No. 916511 ID: 11f77a
File 154680966010.png - (131.08KB , 577x523 , ADQ022.png )

>What are you good for?
I’m pretty good at gardening, quite peaceful and a skillful chore. I also help the church farm with herding and milking Gorms. Usually good deeds around the House allow some small bonuses for market stuff.

>Affording Pearlwater anytime soon/3rd or 4th date
True, it may be a long while before I can afford something real special like that. I like the optimism that she’ll definitely go on more than one date with me too!
No. 916514 ID: 11f77a
File 154680974018.png - (184.97KB , 684x488 , ADQ023.png )

>Go buy nunchucks at the flea market
To the ninja shop, then! Exciting things to browse there. I make my way to look at the weapons by the counter. Interesting stuff--maces, ffffifty different swords with stylized hilts, some throwing stars, lots of knives to collect, and there are nunchucks!

Ffffloop. I should’ve expected it to be more then what I have. I manage to find one made of plain wood. Other types of weapons have pincers and chitin scales and looks to be some collector’s item.

Current Wallet: 8 yuggoths
No. 916519 ID: e3a778

is it considered rude around here to haggle? maybe you can try to get the brass knuckles for 8.
No. 916521 ID: ad51b8

...well you're in a market area, maybe you'll get lucky and find a few spare yuggoths laying on the ground to get the brass knuckles.
No. 916525 ID: 91ee5f

You know, Eudora seems like the kind of person that likes to punch things, so those brass knuckles would be perfect for her!

Unfortunately, you’re 2 yuggoths short.
No. 916534 ID: 2f83e5

Try to haggle for the brass knuckles
No. 916915 ID: 080aaf

Eudora's the type to craft her own weapons anyway, from spit & chitin. There are some goals here, but- hey, maybe you can do a side job for the shopkeep and get one of those weapons, like the throwing knives, at a discount.
No. 917134 ID: 11f77a
File 154718456292.png - (119.50KB , 595x493 , ADQ024.png )

The brass knuckles seem promising. But you’re right that I’m only two yuggoths short. I never haggled before, but I’ll try. It’s easy right? Make the offer and act like you’re in charge!

Yeah, that’s right! The seller depends on me to make business! It only matters what the customer thinks those weapons are worth! I give the Zephcynth seller my offer to pay everything I have left in my pocket. A full eight yuggoths! Making eight is better than making zero anyway! You gotta make what you can!

>Side job for the weapons seller?
Also are you hiring?
No. 917136 ID: 11f77a
File 154718470575.png - (100.89KB , 443x493 , ADQ025.png )

The Zephcynth tells me my haggling was mediocre and not to waste my breath negotiating on purchases less than 20 yuggoths. Children have a better chance to haggle for the sharper weapons if they fake a tear. He takes a good look at me and politely declines my offer to work behind the counter.

Before I leave to start digging for coins he realizes an opportunity. He thinks I look confident enough to at least carry out a special delivery for him. There’s a neighboring village about a day’s trek away where some guy had ordered a novelty. His previous errand boy was sent but never returned--believing he just ran off with his wares.

He asks if I may be interested in that instead.

No. 917141 ID: b1b4f3

Do you have time to do this mission?
No. 917145 ID: 8848bd

whats in it for you, specifically?
No. 917196 ID: 080aaf

This sounds like a job for Ganymede!
No. 917214 ID: 11f77a
File 154723995733.png - (55.86KB , 451x400 , ADQ026.png )

I like that confidence! I can deliver stuff! Of course, I ask what’s in it for me. He seems pleased to have my attention and pulls out an interesting weapon wrapped in heavy silk. A collector in Village Corbon has requested these Relicynth daggers. It’s a bit hush-hush but understandably these mall-ninja types don’t want their parents finding out how they spend their money. You could persuade for a generous tip to keep your jowls sealed. Law of the land usually requires the couriers to be tipped--so you could make an extra 10yg. He’ll start me off earning 4% of what was commissioned after each completed delivery--flexible depending on distance and how hazardous the land may be. But you’re basically going next door. Anything cheaper than 300yg the customers will might as well visit the store themselves. So you'll make 12yg for the deed at the least (not including tips).

All the traditional stuff is there too: have the client sign a document. Boss supplies yuggoths for a stay at any village inn. A badge stating you’re a delivery boy and granted passage into cities and towns.

If I choose to accept, I can start the delivery early tomorrow morning and reach Corbon by evening.

No. 917253 ID: b1b4f3

Uh... yeah, okay.
No. 917261 ID: 2f83e5

Sounds good to me, accept.
No. 917263 ID: 080aaf

Great news! Eudora will be pleased to hear you're going steady at your date tonight.
No. 917528 ID: 11f77a
File 154736033929.png - (99.10KB , 509x455 , ADQ027.png )

I accept the job. The merchant seems pleased and looks forward to seeing me at his tent tomorrow morning. The earlier the better. We can call him Menz. He tells me to skedaddle and make way for the other customers.

Well that was easy to find a job! That one trip will be enough to buy some brass knuckles once I return. I put a checkmark in the book and make sure to write inside my planner.

Now I can find Eudora and cook up some Baoli--
No. 917529 ID: 11f77a
File 154736037852.png - (73.63KB , 509x333 , ADQ028.png )

No. 917530 ID: 11f77a
File 154736048377.png - (95.64KB , 480x485 , ADQ029.png )

I hear some guffawing, and one with a peculiar but recognizable snort in the middle of their hee-haw. It could be none other than Kyzil, Mok, and Torval behind me. These guys have been bullying me for years, but I’ve been perfecting the art of being the bigger man. I’ve wanted to test a new strategy. I'll just... silently get up, try extremely hard not to cry, teach them that it’s not polite to do these things, calmly collect my stuff, and possibly run.
No. 917531 ID: 11f77a
File 154736057525.png - (93.08KB , 480x485 , ADQ030.png )

Kyzil: “How’s the mud, squirt?”

“You’re not gonna try to be the bigger man again, are ya? Heh-heh-heh...

No. 917542 ID: d887c0

You ARE the bigger man. You have a job and you're going to have a lovely dinner with someone special to you. These three are just speed bumps. They can push you around, demean you, ridicule you, and even beat you up. But they can't take away what you've achieved. Remember that.
No. 917548 ID: b1b4f3

Grab your things, shrug, then run away.
No. 917588 ID: 1a6f80

what new strategy and what with the crazy sadist look on Kyzil
No. 917603 ID: 91ee5f

The most important thing to do is grab the things you were going to give to Eudora! Do that before you say anything to them!
No. 917623 ID: 2f83e5

Be careful, maybe they'll try to stleal your stuff.
No. 917968 ID: 11f77a
File 154766959444.png - (169.29KB , 577x452 , ADQ031.png )

Good words to live by. Day in, day out these guys pick on me--but I’m fairly used to it now. If they were sent by the Almighty Bhothogoshol herself then it definitely isn’t as bad as, like, meteors raining down on a village or a plague. I can take this torment.

You’re right--I should just collect my gifts for Eudora as fast as possible and split. I’m not going to spend a word on these guys. They’ve caused enough trouble my whole life and I don’t quite have anything left to say. I try to save the food first and scoop it into the grocery bag (calmly and not too hurried). I’ll clean off the dirt and mud later.

Kyzil: “Oooooh, the silence is new~! Hey buddy, why aren’t you sayin’ anything?”

Kyzil: “Tch, Is that a comic book? Nerd.”

Mok snatches the magazine before I do. I’ve played that game too many times to know what happens when I try to reach it. Kyzil hops off the fence. Whatever she says the other two chortle with their mandibles.

Kyzil: “Vulgar Rush? What is that, some kind of porn mag?”

Kyzil: “Hmm, all I see are a bunch of burly dudes--is that what gets you going, Gany?”

No. 917969 ID: e3a778

You know, you can’t go wrong with a guy who’s fit, competent, and heroic — which is why I’ve never paid much attention to you guys.
No. 918007 ID: 2f83e5

Tell her that your eyes are upon a fine and lovey lady already.
No. 918018 ID: d887c0

Maybe. What? Are they a bunch of homophobes, too? That's discrimination. They could get in trouble for that.
No. 918044 ID: 1a6f80

we not gay
No. 918114 ID: 0c3c2c

You're really not gay. Actually, it sounds like they're projecting. By the way, does your society have any guards or a police system?

Also, start telling them platitudes from Church. Specifically all the brutally violent ones. Inform them of how your faith is strong, and martyrdom is considered a promotion.
No. 918117 ID: a9af05

Are these guys afraid of Eudora? Do they know who she is?

Because if they know who she is and they're afraid of her, you can tell them that Eudora is gonna hurt them if she finds out they're messing with her comic book!
No. 918235 ID: 11f77a
File 154786175206.png - (111.50KB , 591x490 , ADQ032.png )

These guys are orphans at the school, just like me. And they do know Eudora. While they are rivals--they’ve learned not to anger the punch buggy. I think I remember a childhood incident where Eudora tried to ‘fix’ Kyzil’s eye.

They surround me, even when I back off to make space. Although I can’t just let them take Eudora’s comic book! I don’t really want to reveal that it’s my gift for her. They’d rip it to shreds!

There are town guards, probably not as tight as other planets. This is a village unlike an off-world city. But if someone spots us they’ll just tell us to scram.

>Platitudes/Violent anecdotes
The Book of the Voxxus Neb is full of neat little anecdotes and lessons! I’m not really keen on the violent stuff--Bhothogoshol shows us that the world doesn’t need brutality and barbarism to get your point across.

I recite a verse when the great warrior Bogn denied to kill his rival: “I cannot steal Meegir when the tempt is absent. Any more, I cannot eradicate just as I cannot spare.

Torval: “That doesn’t even make sense, dork.”

I explain that Bogn became indifferent to violence; his enemies couldn’t strike him down no matter how hard they tried. Bogn saw his enemy like one would view the smallest, insignificant mite in the soil. With a new enlightenment, he could enter the amber City.

In other words, bullying me won’t get you anywhere in life.
No. 918236 ID: 11f77a
File 154786185379.png - (108.83KB , 545x452 , ADQ033.png )

Somehow I don’t think it’s a good idea to give any implication that fit, competent, and heroic dudes catch my interest. They’ll just start spreading rumors around the orphanage. I dunno if they’re homophobes but I don’t want to be associated with something I am NOT.

I brush what I can off my robe. I make it clear that my eyes are upon a fine and lovely lady already, mind you. Kyzil acts flattered, surprised, and jests with her hands on her cheeks with that sadistic smile in her gaze.

Kyzil: “Ooh~ Ganymede! I never thought you had the hots for me.”

Kyzil: “Suddenly everything about you makes sense~!”

Kyzil: “Please, go on.”

Those jerks are laughing. She knows very well I didn't mean her! >:C I mean, she is a well-complimented Arthocob on campus. But that’s beside the point!

No. 918241 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her she is pretty but you meant Eudora.
No. 918275 ID: 2f83e5

Sorry, altough you are a fine woman, my heart was stolen by Eudora.
No. 918278 ID: 91ee5f

Try telling her, “Oh, please, we both know you’re outta my league! Mok and Torval have a better chance at getting a date with you than I do!”

Hopefully, one or both of the guys will realize that they do feel something for Kyzil and will end up fighting each other to try and get a date with her. Which will have all of them focus on that instead of you!

.....or you could pray really hard right now and ask your god to please send Eudora to save you right now.
No. 918282 ID: 40df11

Just act confused at the idea she's someone anyone would be interested in.
No. 918488 ID: 0c3c2c

"Your chitin is a lovely shade, but I'm already spoken for by Eudora."

Explain you've been smitten with her ever since you first met. Sadly, you've never gotten further than the getting-your-ass-kicked stage.
No. 918596 ID: 11f77a
File 154814440924.png - (225.68KB , 696x577 , ADQ034.png )

I stammer a bit. Kyzil is way out of my league, and I make it known that she may look like a pretty, fine lady, but my heart still belongs to Eudora as I’ve been smitten with her since I first laid eyes on her. And besides... these two goons have a better chance going out with Kyzil than me. I mean why haven’t they dated her yet?

Torval and Mok both look at her; Kyzil drops the façade and scoffs. She seems to be quite... revolted at my rejection.

Kyzil: “Don’t tell me you’re still after that... boring husk! I thought a smart nerd like you would’ve given that up long ago.”

Kyzil: “Tsk, at least you guys would have a better chance going out with me.”

Torval: “Oh sweet, really?”

Kyzil: “Shut up, snot!”

She pushes me, and I back up against Mok’s chest. His hands don’t even need to grip my shoulders to keep me still; and just lays his palms down. Kyzil slaps a hand against my grocery bag and rips a strap.

Kyzil: “Like, are you trying to offend me? Eudora? Come on...”

Kyzil: “You know what? I’m starting to believe you just have a kink of getting bullied, rejected, and punched around, haven’t you Gany?”

Now I’m starting to worry; this may be the part where I get a black eye! In my mind I am praying to The Great Flying Rod to make the punches a little more bearable than last time--or to send me an angel to help. I await my untimely fate!
No. 918597 ID: 11f77a
File 154814445592.png - (228.62KB , 696x577 , ADQ035.png )

No. 918598 ID: 11f77a
File 154814453480.png - (42.74KB , 696x577 , ADQ036.png )


“Leave the dweeb alone...”

No. 918599 ID: 080aaf

Greet her casually. What brings her round here today?
No. 918600 ID: 91ee5f

Congratulations, your prayers for an angel to help have been answered! And the angel also happens to be your angel, Eudora!

.....so what now? Do you just stand there and wait to be saved? Or do you take this opportunity to grab your things and run towards Eudora while the others are distracted?

Because I think you should grab your things and run towards Eudora.
No. 918604 ID: b1b4f3

Hi Eudora I got you presents!
No. 918631 ID: a9af05

Your rescuer has arrived!
No. 918645 ID: 2f83e5

Can you move? If so, then run towards Eudora, if you can't then greet her whit the most lovable smile you can make.
No. 918646 ID: 1be376

>I’m starting to believe you just have a kink of getting bullied, rejected, and punched around, haven’t you Gany?
Wow, Kyzil clearly has a weird thing for you. Has she ever actually dated anybody or does she just spend all her time tormenting you?
No. 918966 ID: 11f77a
File 154840582384.png - (125.70KB , 700x484 , ADQ037.png )

She... hangs out with a lot of popular students. You know... that center-of-attention type. She’s always had a boyfriend-of-the-month growing up in the orphanage. She must be single again, could be why she has extra time to torment me. All the losers wanna be with her too.

I could try to grab my things and run—but Mok nudges me back if I move an inch. The comic book is in Kyzil’s hands now. So I smile at Eudora, with a gentle wave. Perhaps she can read my face that I’m in need of some rescuing too.

Kyzil: “Hrmph, well if it isn’t your girlfriend~ Eudora! Come to whisk you off your feet, huh dweeb?”

Eudora: “I’m not. His girlfriend. Kyzil.”

Kyzil: “Awe, do you hear that? You’re gonna break his heart. He was just talking about you too. How smitten he is.”

Eudora: “Tough. Let him go.”

Kyzil: “Feh. Tell ya what. I’ll let him go: but only after you confess your loooove for him~”

She drapes her arms around me so cutely. I feel uncomfortable and look at Eudora trying to force a light smile that I’ll be okay.

Kyzil: “In fact, the both of you should just confess your feelings right now! Tell Gany that you’re in need of a companion in this lonely, cold Voxxus. Just two bugs in a rug perfectly matched by Bhothogoshol herself! ♥”

No. 918967 ID: 080aaf

Confess that you're feeling how clingy Kyzil is right now, no wonder her boyfriends never stick around long.
No. 918987 ID: b1b4f3

Tell them you've got a witness to their theft, assault, and harassment. You will go to the police if they do not give you back your things and go.
No. 918995 ID: 0c3c2c

Confess that Kyzil is INCREDIBLY mad that you might have feelings for Eudora.
No. 918997 ID: 91ee5f

If only you could’ve gotten those brass knuckles. Then you could’ve handed them to Eudora right now and she could test them out on these guys! Oh, well.

>Confess your love to each other.
Go ahead and confess to her!

And make sure you phrase it so that you tell her that even if she never loves you back, you’ll always love her!
No. 919005 ID: a9af05

No. 919010 ID: a9af05

Also maybe say that you enjoy the way she punches things or something like that? You've gotta show an interest in something she likes if you want some way to establish a relationship over coming grounds.
No. 922712 ID: 11f77a
File 155081119005.png - (130.09KB , 569x552 , ADQ038.png )

Maybe she is jealous of me. But perhaps she hates Eudora more. Kyzil is only using me as a tool to get to her.

Eudora: “Don’t answer. We’re not playing this stupid game.”

I’m anxious to confess. Yet, I’ve let my feelings known so many times before. Not to mention these bullies know I don’t hang out with many people but her.

Ganymede: “Eudora, you know I’m in love with you. I’m not ashamed of it.”

Ganymede: “I like the way you... punch. And kick stuff. You’re a very cool dude.”

Eudora: “Ganymede, you dolt.” She sighs with a roll of her eyes, “You know I don’t feel the same. Sorry.”

I expected that. It still lets me down--it’s never as bad as the first. But I kept trying over the years. Of course, my bullies poke fun of this event with sarcastic pity. Kyzil seems to loosen her grip on me.

Kyzil: “Awe, you’re no fun at all, Eudora. You’ve hurt his feelings! Hnnk~
No. 922714 ID: 11f77a
File 155081127283.png - (88.19KB , 535x483 , ADQ039.png )

Ganymede: “But you know what, Eudora? That’s fine if you don’t love me. I can’t shake off the same feeling I had when I first laid eyes on you.”

Kyzil: “Wait. Are you kidding me right now?

Ganymede: “And I’m still happy to be your friend--”

Kyzil: “Oh, come on Gany. You can’t still be attracted to this... sad, depressing, and apathetic locust! She’s rejected you and every other guy’s advances with a punch to the face!”

Kyzil: “She can’t feel love or treat anyone right but herself! You know that? You’d go to Ndepthteph’s Maw and back and she still wouldn’t notice you exist!”
No. 922715 ID: 11f77a
File 155081139595.png - (91.81KB , 697x364 , ADQ040.png )

Kyzil puts a hand against my cheek and turns my head to look eye-to-eye.

Kyzil: “Wouldn’t you rather go out with a lady like me~? Despite all that I’ve put you through; that even I find your innocence your best quality--perhaps I just never knew how to express myself near you.”

Kyzil: “I can show you a wonderful night--even if it doesn’t work out between us in the end! I can turn this around and make you feel wanted. Something Eudora can never give.”

Kyzil: “Just say the word, Gany. Perhaps you’ll take the chance with me~ It’s certainly a better chance than with her!”

Kyzil: "Don't be a fool for once!"

No. 922717 ID: 080aaf

Apathetic? She's shown she cares more about me than you do. And maybe it's just an ordinary amount of caring for people's general well being but boy does that say more about you than it does her.
No. 922723 ID: 91ee5f

Is she serious right now? After how much she’s tormented you over the years, she thinks you’ll choose her over Eudora? That’s not going to happen.

“If loving Eudora makes me a fool, then I’ll continue to be a fool. However, I’d have to be an idiot to choose you over Eudora! Sure, Eudora may never love me back, but at least she doesn’t beat me up for fun like you’re always doing!”

Who knows? Maybe Eudora will like you more if you actually stand up for yourself instead of just letting yourself get beat up like you always do?
No. 922724 ID: c1212a

She's always been a bitch to you, don't let her play with your heartstrings as well.
No. 922727 ID: 3ed3c3

That's a load of bullshit.
Besides, it's better to have a good friend than a bad romance. Eudora may not return your feelings, but she's still your friend, and that's something Kyzil can't reproduce.
No. 922728 ID: a97c49

>Kyzil is only using me as a tool to get to her.
Man that makes no sense. Eudora doesn't care who you're dating.

Persistance won't change Eudora's mind. It'll just make her hate you.

On the flip side, Kyzil is creepily obsessed. Maybe give her a try? She might stop bullying you at least.
No. 922729 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe if you give me back my stuff.

But also didn't she just try this same act not two minutes ago? What's with the repeat performance?
No. 922735 ID: 0c3c2c

Point out that Kyzil regularly mocks, bullies and abuses you while Eudora actually tries to protect and help you.

Also, grabbing your arm like that was not a friendly thing to do. Ask her why she's acting so damn intense.
No. 922806 ID: a9af05

Don't let her pull at your heartstrings! She's just trying to manipulate you!

She's probably going to just ditch you as soon as she's finished toying with you! All because she's a manipulative [insert Arthocob swear word here]!
No. 926152 ID: 11f77a
File 155285537973.png - (143.78KB , 700x483 , ADQ041.png )

>Give her a try?
Hmm. Although it’d be a weird turnaround to date Kyzil--I feel like there’s not a lot of truth to her offer. And she’s merely toying with me again. What would Eudora think of me, after all this time loving her, if I finally give up and date her rival?

Cth Kyzil gog uuahriik thosc*. I can’t see myself having fun on a romantic night with her now.

Ganymede: “Well, if loving Eudora makes me a fool, then I’d be a bigger idiot to hang out with you. She’s not apathetic at all. I still consider her a friend; something not even you can reproduce. You’ve done nothing but mock and bully me all my life, Kyzil.”

“Sorry but I’ll have to pass.”

* Yet Kyzil is quite a [expletive].
No. 926153 ID: 11f77a
File 155285542158.png - (142.83KB , 700x483 , ADQ042.png )

No. 926154 ID: 11f77a
File 155285553939.png - (137.49KB , 700x483 , ADQ043.png )

Kyzil: “Tch. Your loss!”

Kyzil: “You could’ve been a lucky guy tonight. Jus’ sayin’. Ya let it woosh by!”
No. 926156 ID: 11f77a
File 155285572408.png - (161.39KB , 877x597 , ADQ044.png )

Kyzil: “This is getting boring anyway."

Kyzil: "Guys! Let’s go find some food to eat.”

Kyzil: “S’dhaquacama*, dork! Bhothogoshol is laughing down at ya!”

She tosses my comic book and trots off. I guess that's the last of her for a while. Hopefully I won't run into her or her goons at the church.

* S’dhaquacama: A general greeting/goodbye. Or an ‘Amen’.
No. 926157 ID: c7f906

Catch the book, catch the book!
No. 926158 ID: 3ed3c3

Good on ya, Little G. Don't let that bitch and her goons get you down.
No. 926174 ID: 91ee5f

Get the comic book and give it to Eudora like you planned!
No. 926188 ID: 080aaf

Thank Eudora. And Bhothogoshol.
No. 926190 ID: b1b4f3

Thank Eudora for helping get rid of them.
No. 926215 ID: a9af05

Now that Eudora is here, go ahead and give her the things you bought for her.
No. 926225 ID: 4f51b2

Say S’dhaquacama too, catch the book and give it to Eudora.
No. 926699 ID: 1ed92d

Grab the book and thank your friend!
No. 930600 ID: 11f77a
File 155582559968.png - (139.36KB , 516x745 , ADQ045.png )

Yeah, S’dhaquacama...’ I respond once Kyzil is far enough away with her goons. For a moment I do wonder if she really meant what she said—that I could’ve enjoyed her company. Or that my love for Eudora will just be in vain. Hrmm...

I pick up the comic book and dust it off. A ripped corner here and there but it’s readable. Eudora’s voice murmurs behind me. “You good?” She frowns, like always, and her eyes merely glance up and down to see mud splotches on my robe. ‘Yeah, I’m good.’ I reply.

Thank Bhothogoshol you showed up! O-oh! And you most importantly, of course.
No. 930602 ID: 11f77a
File 155582570498.png - (161.81KB , 516x721 , ADQ046.png )

Uh-huh” she mumbles while I clutch the magazine. “Well watch out for those jerks. I’m just gonna head over--

>Give Eudora the book
--Before you go I... was in the market today. I know it’s not an appropriate time after... what just happened. But I thought you might like this comic book! Y-you like punching things so I thought maybe you’re up f-for a little action.

I mean, not with me! I didn’t mean it that way. I mean, something to read--It’s an action comic!’ I’m always a bit nervous when I gift things to her. Usually it’s pretty things. A rock or a flower. I don’t know how she’ll react!

She looks over the cover. “Vulgar Rush?” Eudora thinks. She flips a page, “Uh, thanks. I guess. I’ll... read it later then?” She shifts the issue into her robe-pocket.

Are you gonna be okay?
No. 930606 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her if she wants to be sure she can walk you home every day...

Also tell her about that job you got. Does she wanna come with? You'll split the pay?
No. 930612 ID: 91ee5f

All of this.
No. 930726 ID: 0fae41

Sure you are! (She'd like a strong, independent guy, don't you think?)
No. 930755 ID: f2320a

Tell her if she wants to be sure she can walk you home every day...

Also tell her about that job you got. Does she wanna come with? You'll split the pay?
No. 930762 ID: a9af05

Tell her this.
No. 930837 ID: 1ed92d

Sounds fun!
No. 932911 ID: 11f77a
File 155794460396.png - (66.01KB , 531x514 , ADQ047.png )

Ganymede: Yeah, I think I’ll be fine~

I brush more dirt off my robe trying to put on my best ‘fine’ face. She merely twitches an antenna.

Ganymede: BUT!

Eudora: ?

Ganymede: If you want to be sure, you can walk me home every day.

Eudora: ...I’ll see if I can...

Eudora: I mean, I was just going back to the orphanage now.

Ganymede: Oh, hey, me too! I got food if you want some. Qua-quibb flanks, mmm~

Eudora: ...

Ganymede: And beer.

Eudora: Uh-huh.

Eudora: Well, I don’t think I can stop you, so be my guest to tag along.
No. 932912 ID: 11f77a
File 155794464155.png - (156.74KB , 740x514 , ADQ048.png )

We’re walking through the markets; it’s a straight path back to the orphanage. I feel much safer with her already. The students I recognize seem to avoid her with a subtle side-step. I try not to talk so much so I often split up my conversations on the way.

Ganymede: ...And another thing, Eudora!

Ganymede: I got a job!

Eudora: More charitable work? Is the Gorm farm short on staff?

Ganymede: No I mean a real job. I’m a delivery boy! Starting tomorrow.

Eudora: This is news.

--speaks through me! Listen to me now! Listen good! I am here to save you!

Ganymede: It’s nothing! I have to deliver some weapons to the next village over; in Corbon! Something about a few daggers a collector has ordered. Should take a day to get there on foot, a day to walk back.

--blasphemers will step through His gate, unto His roost! Devoured as you’re so deserved! But you still can embrace--

Ganymede: You know, I wouldn’t mind if you tagged along. Just a suggestion. Could make an eeeasy six yuggoths! I promise I won’t talk so much.

Eudora: Eh, you can probably make the trip alone. I’ve got some--

--remember I give you all a chance to be free! This village has no refuge when the Voxxus collapse! Shy away now and you may serve beside--

Eudora: Some, uh, detention work--

--Don't you walk away! Listen to me! Look at me. Look at me when I speak to you! You. Are. Doomed!--
No. 932913 ID: 11f77a
File 155794486839.png - (268.10KB , 800x514 , ADQ049.png )

Preacher: Each and every one of you will be first to ruination! You will suffer just as you suffer now through your ignorant lives, oblivious to his call! No, no you choose to ignore his word because he speaks the truth! His maw inevitable! You lost your way, children, but I can save you! I hold out my hand for you! Every night before I sleep, I feel guilt. Guilt that I haven’t saved enough! If I could just save one more, I say! If I could save one more! It’s not too late for the children, they can be saved!

Her teachings are trickery, they are false, and a means to distract from the inevitable! Pests, the lot of you! Why choose to be blind? I hold the Voxxus Neb* and preach only the undeniable truths. It says here: On the back of the great cosmic centipede, Voxxus** was but a floating puddle of slag! It was the embodiment of anti-life, the deep dark at the beginning as it should be forever! Ndepthteph the first born! The favorite child of Relik! But nay, the wretched grub plagued Voxxus with Bhothogoshol through the craquelure of space...!


*Voxxus Neb: Basically their bible.
**Voxxus: ‘The Universe’ which rests on the back of the cosmic centipede, Relik. Which the stars act as his eyes.
No. 932914 ID: b1b4f3

What's this about? Who's "He" and "She"?
No. 932917 ID: 91ee5f

>Eh, you can probably make the trip alone.
If she thinks you’ll be fine on your own, then you should be fine tomorrow.

Wonder what that’s all about? Oh, well, it’s none of your business, so let’s keep walking.

Unless they’re standing in front of where you guys are going, then you’ll have to get past them.
No. 932918 ID: a9af05

>Detention work
Ask her if it's anything you can help her with before you have to leave for that delivery job tomorrow?
No. 932922 ID: 1ed92d

Peacefully engage the Doomsayer in dialogue. Do not provoke them with insults or direct statements. Instead, try to find the source of their fears that the faith is untrue.

There may be a hidden kernel of wisdom amidst their proclamations of apocalypse. That, and it would be good if a member of the faith could soothe their obvious and intense fears in some way.
No. 932971 ID: 4f51b2

Ask her if she needs help. Does the preacher is bothering her?
No. 933023 ID: 11f77a
File 155804444129.png - (123.48KB , 584x514 , ADQ050.png )

‘She and He’? Must be referencing our Gods Bhothogoshol and Ndepthteph again. Well, not the same guy, but occasionally we have other fanatics who spout their beliefs when they stop by this village. It’s been pretty common lately, in fact.

We’re only passing through the street. Our orphanage should be close. Eudora is staring at the loudmouth so I try to distract her and walk on.

Ganymede: So, detention, huh? Got caught beating up one of the annoying bachelors who tried to sweet-talk their way into sharing a cocoon?

Ganymede: You know, I have the rest of the day to myself. I can help ya and get you out of detention faster--
No. 933024 ID: 11f77a
File 155804446762.png - (85.60KB , 584x514 , ADQ051.png )

Ganymede: Eudora?
No. 933025 ID: 11f77a
File 155804452933.png - (105.27KB , 500x500 , ADQ052.png )

Preacher: --And you, girl! That symbol you wear is a pox! Burn that robe, rod-follower, before you infect anyone with its pathetic idealism! Heed my warning; this village is heading to ruin! Bogn will sound the terrible bugle and signal the end days. Mi-Yok will scavenge the land, their hunger never satiated!

No. 933029 ID: 891b91

Preach back at him! Two can play at this game!
No. 933046 ID: a9af05


It's time for a Death Preaching Battle!
No. 933059 ID: b1b4f3

Ask her what's up. Is this guy gonna get punched?
No. 933529 ID: 4f51b2

Try to calm her down, it looks like she's gonna punch him.
No. 933799 ID: 1ed92d

You must lift the Doomsayer's hand and tell them that that's a good way to get it snapped off. Seriously.
No. 934900 ID: 11f77a
File 155976060209.png - (183.42KB , 557x496 , ADQ053.png )

The preacher keeps yelling the word of Ndepthteph into her face, blatant and seething through his teeth. Pincers? In any case... She only stares at him—and her scowl hasn’t changed since first noticing him.

Preacher: Let Ndepthteph liberate you from your mortal coil, child! I understand your hesitation, how you were cultured to this life. But your elders lied to you, when they themselves were fed lies from the Flying Rod herself!

Preacher: Ndepthteph can teach you meaning, purpose! You must attend a seminar. Let His patrons convince you. It’s not too late—

Eudora: You don’t belong here...

Eudora: Leave.
No. 934901 ID: 11f77a
File 155976062463.png - (216.39KB , 557x496 , ADQ054.png )

Preacher: ...

Preacher: ...Leave?
No. 934903 ID: 11f77a
File 155976069864.png - (274.13KB , 557x496 , ADQ055.png )

Preacher: LEAVE?!

Preacher: Who do you think you are, girl, to tell a messenger of Ndepthteph to just leave?!

Preacher: Every one of you will be raped, pillaged! This town decimated when hungry shades run loose!

Preacher: I’m here with a purpose unlike you!

Preacher: You’re one of those orphans from that pitiful school aren’t you?

Preacher: Explains how your elders never paid attention or taught you any manners!

Preacher: Some life Bhothogoshol ‘blesses’ when you’re brought into this world and promptly tossed aside! You’re just someone else’s problem now and forever!
No. 934905 ID: 11f77a
File 155976083621.png - (157.99KB , 557x496 , ADQ056.png )

Preacher: And good riddance to them!

Preacher: They deserve to be devoured, ground up in Ndepthteph’s maw for leaving a mindless brat like you believing in blasphemous literature and fairy tales!

Preacher: Why do you look at me like a stupid girl?! Don’t just look at me like an empty shell!

Preacher: Find something else to cover yourself with and quit parading like a whore!
No. 934906 ID: 11f77a
File 155976109194.png - (278.08KB , 557x496 , ADQ057.png )

>Try to calm her down
>Preach back at him/time for a Preaching Battle
I nudge Eudora aside; I felt I had to do something! Her fists were shaking and ready to sock him a new one!

Ganymede: Listen bub! You’re preaching on the wrong turf! Bhothogoshol has so much to give if you open up to her--!

What the hell am I doing? I’m not good in front of crowds! I should just scoot Eudora away before I get hurt! Oh jeez. What do I even say?

Bhothogoshol was never a blasphemous god! She is the sole life-bringer of the Voxxus. This abrupt slandering of Her has been picking up lately, especially further out into the more populated villages (or so I hear). Because a mountain range cuts through the vast plains, our small home and surrounding settlements are pretty reclusive from nearby Hives* where most extra-terrestrial visitors go for trade.

Great Flying Rod, what do I even talk about?
A) Attack his own beliefs; state the faults in Ndepthteph’s teachings. Our Gods are not so perfect.
B) Defend Bhothogoshol; counter with my own wisdom and anecdotes. I've been beside Her my entire life.
C) Beat Eudora to sucker punching his stupid face first. That’ll teach him. Could impress her too. MY fist is starting to shake!
D) It’s no use, he’s not going to change his mind. I should take Eudora's hand and leave.
E) >___

*Hives; or just a rough translation what you call ‘a city’. It’s interchangeable. Bug terminology, yay.
No. 934919 ID: 891b91

Hmm. I think attacking this guy's beliefs probably won't be effective -- it'll just make him angrier. On top of that, you'd be acting a bit too much like him, which would probably cause Eudora to lose respect for you.

Getting Eudora to walk away is an option, but it probably won't impress her; it's clear that she has very deep feelings for Bhothogoshol, or perhaps for her worshippers who gave you and Eudora a home, so just ignoring this guy probably won't make her feel any better about the situation.

Sucker punching him seems like a bad idea. Let's face it, fighting probably isn't your strong suit; besides, it was you who said (or thought, rather), "I'm not really keen on the violent stuff--Bhothogoshol shows us that the world doesn't need brutality and barbarism to get your point across", so it's against your scruples anyway. Aside from that, I get the impression that despite her use of it, Eudora doesn't have much respect for violence. I think she uses it because she believes she has to, and that she'd be perfectly content with never having to use it again. She might think less of you if you were to sock this guy in the mandible, even if she was getting ready to do it herself.

No, the best option is clearly B: Defend Bhothogoshol. You seem to be very devout in your beliefs, so no doubt you've got the knowledge to hold your own in a debate with this guy; and speaking in defense of your own beliefs is nobler than attacking the beliefs of others. If I'm right that Eudora is offended on behalf of either Bhothogoshol or her worshippers, then she's going to see your actions as having the right motivation behind them. The best outcome here is to convince this guy to change his ways, obviously, but even if that proves impossible Eudora will probably think more highly of you for having the courage to stand up for what is right.
No. 934922 ID: a9af05

No. 934924 ID: 0fae41

A. Go on the offensive, put the preacher on the other foot. There's no depthdepth to Ndepthdepth's bile! He's just jealous of what the other gods create! All he does is destroy! Spending the present times ranting about the hopelessness of the end times is a self fulfilling prophecy!
No. 934926 ID: b1b4f3

A. This guy won't be swayed but if you can shame him enough he'll leave. You have to go on the offensive to do that.
No. 934936 ID: 4f51b2

B) Defend your faith boy.
No. 935410 ID: 11f77a
File 156022133388.png - (208.43KB , 557x496 , ADQ058.png )

>...I think [Eudora] uses [violence] because she believes she has to. And that she’d be perfectly content with never using it again...
Interesting thought! I never considered that from her. Makes sense I wouldn’t know her motives to fight because Eudora is very withdrawn. Yet punching is usually her answer to... well, everything!

>Defend your faith boy; defend Bhothogoshol
Y-yeah! I should go on the defensive! I was almost carried away to hurt the crazy zealot. I’ve made my stance, and I gotta go through with it. No walking off now!

Ganymede: I’ve been an orphan of Bhothogoshol my entire life, and never were her teachings blasphemous.

Ganymede: After her creation, the Voxxus finally had reason to exist! For millennia the Gods complimented each other to balance the Voxxus.

Ganymede: Like the Voxxus Neb says; She molded the first Arthocobs, and they were perpetual.

Ganymede: But she did realize her mistake. Not in the way you address.

Ganymede: Perpetuation meant Death couldn’t be a threat to them, thus Life was taken for granted. The Gods’ graces would be ignored.

Ganymede: The err was reversed so life became much more rewarding, and death more deserving! Now there was purpose!

Ganymede: You may spout hatred of The Great Flying Rod all you want, but know this: She is unashamed of her creation!

Ganymede: And if She is unashamed of you, then I’ll stand by her and forgive your spectacle.

Ganymede: This village has heard enough, preacher. You’ve made your case.
No. 935411 ID: 11f77a
File 156022141034.png - (218.26KB , 557x496 , ADQ059.png )

Preacher: I’m saddened...

Preacher: Saddened my word isn’t enough, Rod-follower.

Preacher: I can only assume you represent this village and speak for that wench and the entire accursed town.

Preacher: Leaving me with no choice...

Preacher: You’re far lost in Her teachings.

Preacher: So I must act accordingly!
No. 935413 ID: 11f77a
File 156022230218.png - (201.25KB , 445x586 , ADQ060.png )

Preacher: This place will be marked; I shall signal the beginning of its cleanse!

He’s lifting a dagger high into the air!
A) I must act fast and suppress this madman! Tackle him… or something!
B) Oh God, Eudora help he’s got a knife! I have enough time to hide behind her!
C) No matter what—I should stand my ground and stick up for my beliefs, may he strike me.
D) I believe I see authorities. I should yell to get their attention!
E) >___
No. 935417 ID: b1b4f3

E, just get away from him. He's probably going to stab himself, or something. Leave room for Eudora in case violence is needed, you've done your part.
If he points that knife at anyone else, then you can call the authorities.
No. 935429 ID: a9af05

No. 935442 ID: caf1de

stand back and just motion for Eudora to do her thing
No. 935444 ID: 277bef

Get back and B this fucker’s brandishing a knife in public for crying out loud let’s not risk anything.
No. 935446 ID: 91ee5f


Once he’s been subdued, tell him that if he has to resort to murder when his words can’t convince anyone to listen, then he’s doomed to always fail.
No. 935489 ID: 4f51b2

This is difficult, you probably will get stabed if you try to tackle him, push him as fat as you can with all your might, make sure he falls and then step on the knife. You can't depend on Eudora to this kind of things all the time, you have to show her you can be a man of action too.
No. 936093 ID: 11f77a
File 156074494792.png - (282.99KB , 557x496 , ADQ061.png )

He raises the knife with a trembling arm like he’s preparing to commit his first murder! I hesitated as the blade’s edge sparked light.

>just get away from him
>stand back…let Eudora do her thing
>let’s not risk anything
>Get back and [hide behind her]
I don’t think I’m cut out for disarming lunatics, anyhoo! I dart behind Eudora as fast as I can. She raises her fists ready to knock him out once he makes his first swing.

Ganymede: Eudora, do something!
No. 936094 ID: 11f77a
File 156074503595.png - (246.41KB , 557x496 , ADQ062.png )

The mad preacher drops to one knee. He stabs into the dirt like planting a railroad spike. He makes several lines digging along the coarse road while rambling.

Preacher: I mark this tainted ground!

Preacher: Ndepthteph has given me a premonition!

Preacher: I see lost spirits from the husks of treacherous creatures—they stand before your accursed house demanding blood!

Preacher: And before them; an amber warrior of the Death Worm leads the sect!

Preacher: Abandon this place and leave your faith behind, children!

Preacher: You will regret passing this last warning!
No. 936095 ID: 11f77a
File 156074509448.png - (418.99KB , 715x592 , ADQ063.png )

The preacher leaves his dagger into the ground after a final stab. His lone rioting has ushered most of the villagers off. Only Eudora and I stand closest to him. Well, that and a few guards heading our way.

Guard 1: Alright. What’s the commotion here?

Guard 1: Another one of these doomsayers, huh?

Preacher: It. Is delivered. It begins…

Preacher: The pieces are falling to place.

Guard 2: Alright, funny guy. It’s time you set off out of here. Come with us and we’ll take you home.

Preacher: Home will be the front steps of Rac* when this world turns over!

Preacher: Till my death, I wander the land to warn true believers.

Guard 1: Wander over with us, then.

*Rac-Naquaghu: City of golden amber where immortals and true dreamers can visit and live in eternal euphoria.
No. 936096 ID: 11f77a
File 156074533424.png - (208.47KB , 557x496 , ADQ064.png )

The first guard motions the other with a subtle wave and steps beside the preacher. There’s no struggle as the preacher simply complies, picking up his sign to be escorted away. He's done what he wanted. The other guard approaches us. He makes a quick glance which assures him that we’re fine or… not in peril.

Guard 2: Alright, show’s over. You kids go run off now.

Guard 2: Stay outta’ trouble, and just ignore this kind of stuff in the future ya hear?

Guard 2: Can't let your brains rot with epiphanies of a mad man or... whatever.

He turns and begins to leave.
A) We should inspect the markings.
>1 I don’t know why, but I want to take the knife. The guard must’ve not noticed it in the ground with the helmet in the way. Can’t let a weapon stick out in the open like that.
>2 I should let the guards know the preacher had a weapon drawn. One day he could go too far and really hurt somebody.
>3 Leave everything be, and just have a glance at what that madman drew.
B) Eudora and I should continue on home instead.
>1) We can talk and wonder what that preacher has been babbling about.
>2) Shrug it off, talk about her detention and helping her.
>3) Talk about anything else, I wonder what’s on her mind right now.
C) >___
No. 936097 ID: 891b91

A1: Examine the markings and take the knife. Madman or not, there may be some hidden truth to his ramblings -- Ndepthteph is as real as Bhothogoshol, correct? While he is wrong about the Great Flying Rod, his premonition may be real, and analzying the markings and his dagger may be essential to defending the town! Maybe there's someone, like a priest or something, whom you could talk to about this?
No. 936142 ID: 9aaeef

A1, inspect the mark and ask Eudora what does she think about it.
No. 936143 ID: 91ee5f

No. 936266 ID: 0fae41

A1. Hey, free weapon. You were shopping for those earlier, remember?
No. 936325 ID: 4f51b2

No. 936328 ID: a9af05

No. 936347 ID: 11f77a
File 156091858440.png - (224.73KB , 705x496 , ADQ065.png )

>examine the marking [and take the knife]; there may be truth to his ramblings
No one notices me when I pluck the dagger planted in the middle of this sigil. It’s a strange blade, like a ceremonial knife or for making rituals. I find a pocket to slip it in, although the scabbard was still on the preacher.

The drawing is interesting. I haven’t seen anything like it before, and I’ve read the Voxxus Neb front to back. I make sure to sketch what I see in my journal.

>maybe there’s [a priest] whom you could talk to about this
Yeah, perhaps! I can stop by one of the offices and see what I can find. There’s also a library in the orphanage. Perhaps more information is found there.
No. 936348 ID: 11f77a
File 156091868578.png - (182.03KB , 557x496 , ADQ066.png )

>Hey, free weapon. You were shopping for those earlier, remember?
Well, yes I was but… I don’t know if it would be a good idea to gift Eudora a knife under the circumstances that a madman just used it to defile the… ground. On its handle it’s the sign for Ndepthteph so… not really an ideal gift at all.

>What does Eudora think about [the symbol]?
Yeah, she hasn’t said anything yet. I wonder—

Huh she’s already walking off without me…
A) I’ll just catch up with her.
>1) Show her the drawing, we got to get to the bottom of this!
>2) Maybe go back to what we were talking about. Something about detention?
>3) I wonder if she’s alright. That preacher may have upset her. I’m a good listener.
B) Let her be…
>1) I need to research this symbol a little more! Ganymede's on the case!
>2) I could surprise Eudora with some food later. She may like that.
>3) Kyzil… the Preacher… she’s had enough this morning. I’ll find something else to do. [open for ideas?]
C) >___
No. 936349 ID: 0fae41

No. 936351 ID: b1b4f3

A3, A2.
No. 936354 ID: 91ee5f

No. 936358 ID: 891b91

B1. Give her some space, you don't want to annoy her by being clingy, and her walking off like that is probably a solid sign that she'd prefer to be alone for now. Instead, let's pass some time trying to find some info about the sigil.
No. 937370 ID: 11f77a
File 156161261929.png - (246.40KB , 557x496 , ADQ067.png )

>Give her some space, don’t want to be clingy. / A sign she wants to be alone for now.
Although I should just let Eudora be—I still want to stick around. I won’t try and bother her; I’ll be careful with what I say. Even if she won’t like any company… no one should be alone after being yelled at like that.

I catch up choosing my words carefully. She notices me but we’re heading off in the same direction anyway.

Ganymede: So... that was... weird, huh?

Eudora: hrrf

Eudora: That guy deserves a fist right in his stupid jaw.

Eudora: Him and his premonition crap. I hope he...

Eudora: —falls off a cliff or something.

Eudora: I’d show him an empty shell...

Ganymede: Yeah...

Eudora: Those kinds of lunatics can’t be reasoned with, Ganymede. A good sock in the face will scare them off like roaches in bright light.

Eudora: I’ve heard villages get ruined when those Worm-Followers move in. They show up out of nowhere—

Eudora: —Just be smart around those guys. Alright?

I nod. Something in her voice tells me she’s a lot more… serious. Yeah, there’s that grumble but she’s concerned. I mean—she’s defended me before when I’m bullied by the other orphans growing up. Ah it could be my imagination though.

I don’t say much else during our walk.
No. 937371 ID: 11f77a
File 156161282223.png - (248.47KB , 557x496 , ADQ068.png )

We finally reach the old Rhoth Orphanage together. We climb the front steps before I drop a new question.

Ganymede: So what did you get in trouble for anyway?

Eudora: Huh?

Eudora: Oh. Mother Umbari caught me punching Bruk in his dumb face. But that old zipper didn’t catch him starting it first.

Eudora: Now I gotta help paint a mural in the main hall for punishment.

Eudora: Idiot gets off no problem.

Eudora: I might as well get the thing over with so... I have to go straight to her for brushes and a paint can.

Eudora: Join if ya want, I guess. I think I’m just gonna hang in my room once it gets late in the day.

She splits off and I’m left alone. I sneak a peek at the dagger like wondering if I still have a wallet on me. Eudora doesn’t know about it.

The sun is still rising over me; could be past lunchtime now. I should think how I ought to spend my time before dinner comes.
No. 937375 ID: 0fae41

Painting with Eudora sounds pretty nice actually, if you're prepared for your courier job.
No. 937378 ID: 891b91

Seconded. I don't think she'd suggest (in her own way) that you join her if she wanted to be alone, so it looks like I was wrong on that front. At the very least she might appreciate the help.
No. 937448 ID: 4f51b2

I concure, go and help her.
No. 937484 ID: 91ee5f

Might as well go help her paint.
No. 937605 ID: b3bffe

I’m guessing those worm cultists are the reason she is an orphan
No. 937636 ID: 11f77a
File 156183897950.png - (215.77KB , 557x496 , ADQ069.png )

Mother Umbari: Glad you could finally arrive...

Umbari: Some of you are serving your detention here, but I see we have a few volunteers as well.

Umbari: The more the better, I suppose...

Umbari: The Art Club has traced the lines and numbered where you need to paint. So try not to use the wrong color.

Umbari: This month we’ll be painting Ichneuman 14:8-22

Umbari: Bhothogoshol’s descent to gift The Herald his amber instrument.

Ganymede: Hey, that’s a nice chapter!

Umbari: Yes, yes...

Umbari: I’d like this mural to be finished by the end of the week. So no rush jobs. Everyone good?
No. 937637 ID: 11f77a
File 156183902309.png - (328.64KB , 557x496 , ADQ070.png )

Everyone: Yes, Mother Umbari.

Umbari: When you’re finished with your spot I’d like each of you to paint a nice motivational quote. It doesn’t have to be today.

Umbari: It can be from a book or film. Maybe a quote of your own as long as you run it by me first.

Umbari: Now start brushing until dinnertime. You can take five-minute breaks per hour.

Umbari: Don’t worry about trying to reach higher up the wall. Do what you can. I’ll be in my office if there’s anything you need.

Everyone: Yes, Mother.

She parts.
No. 937638 ID: 11f77a
File 156183920428.png - (304.79KB , 557x496 , ADQ071.png )

Everything’s fine the first hour or so. It’s just me, Eudora, and two others. She’s taking care of a section further down so I’ve been next to Nennekee the whole time. Her sister is a guard and old enough to move in a small house in the village. But it’s better if Nennekee stays in the dormitories.

The other orphan is Gemlik. Normal guy like me. He’s cautious of Eudora and keeps his distance while he paints. I guess we chat sometimes if we happen to be in the same room and need to pass the time.

Nennekee: Hey.

Ganymede: Oh! Hey Nennekee. What’s up?

Nennekee: Oh, not a lot really...

Nennekee: You're doing pretty nice on your end.

Nennekee: So what are you gonna put in for a quote?
No. 937736 ID: b7abf4

“Faith makes all things possible... Love makes all things worthwhile.“

Paraphrased from the Preacher Xoodys' correspondence with the distant planet of Sweden
No. 937737 ID: 2202fb

Just a heads up, they are probably going to steal our quote so we should probably come up with a backup.
No. 937803 ID: 891b91

"Bhothogoshol brought us here to kick ass foster peace, love, and harmony throughout the universe and chew bubble gum, and we're all out of gum!"
No. 937820 ID: 0fae41

"Try You're Best"
No. 937870 ID: 60790c

“Only the Cheeki may know peace from this Breeki.”
No. 938306 ID: 11f77a
File 156234674289.png - (304.17KB , 557x496 , ADQ072.png )

Ganymede: Hmm, I’ve been thinking about—

Ganymede: “Bhothogoshol brought us here to foster peace, love, and harmony throughout the universe and chew bubble gum.”

Ganymede: “And we’re all out of gum!”

She snorts with a stifled laugh, didn’t think she’d actually find that funny.

Nennekee: Now who said that? You’re screwing with me.

Nennekee: I never knew you had a sense of humor, Ganymede.

Ganymede: Alright, alright. Maybe not that. But it’s a candidate for sure!

Nennekee: Yeah suuuure.

Ganymede: How about “Try You’re Best?”

Nennekee: Huh, not very inspirational but I guess it gets the job done.

Ganymede: I mean, the “you’re” is the wrong word. Like the misspelling was still an attempt to make a correct sentence.

Nennekee: Oh, I can see the humor in that, I guess…
No. 938307 ID: 11f77a
File 156234681606.png - (306.54KB , 557x496 , ADQ073.png )

>They’re probably going to steal our quote. / Should come up with a backup.
Hmm, good call. I’m not sure if Nennekee would do that. Maybe Gemlik. I see him snooping over there... I make sure to be a little quieter at least. I can think of many better quotes along the week.

Ganymede: Well I was really thinking of something like...

Ganymede: ‘Faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things worthwhile.’

Nennekee: Ooh, that’s really touching.

Nennekee: That works very well with the picture.

Nennekee: I might just… end up with a quote from the Voxxus Neb.

Nennekee: Or something from my sister.

Nennekee: Maybe she’s heard of some good advice when patrolling the roads.
No. 938309 ID: 0fae41

Hopefully nobody ends up with the same quote, twice, right? Haha, wouldn't that be awkward.
Follow that up with some awkward silence.
No. 938379 ID: 183136

Its clear her sister means a lot to her

Maybe instead of quoting her sister she'd like to write something about her sister?

"Dedicated to my sister and best friend in the world [NAME HERE]"
No. 938389 ID: a9af05

Just remember that no matter what you think of, you have to run it by Mother Umbari first.
No. 938395 ID: f2320a

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves!

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
No. 938408 ID: b1b4f3

Ask Eudora what quote she's gonna use.
No. 938483 ID: 1ed92d

What's this particular mural symbolic of anyway?
No. 938524 ID: 11f77a
File 156255440625.png - (264.42KB , 557x496 , ADQ074.png )

>What’s this particular mural symbolic of anyway?
Oh! I love sharing Arthocob history! It tells the ancient story of a great warrior!

Long before we knew life was beyond Relik’s eyes, when Ralligoraugh* was dangerous land and many kingdoms were at each other's throats, there was Bogn. He was only a serf when Bhothogoshol spoke to him in a vision—and put him on a quest to Rac-Naquagha. Bogn went on a long journey, learning to fight and survive on his own. He’s made many allies, and enemies. Just before crossing into forbidden land—soil scourged by Mi-yok—Bhothogoshol appeared before him to deliver an instrument of golden amber to help him pass.

Some records say it was a trumpet given to him. Other stories describe it as a weapon. Whatever he was gifted, his foes couldn’t strike him down! Have faith in Bhothogoshol and good things will come!

Those sound like some nice alternatives. I’ll hoard them for now—perhaps I’ll wait for the very last day to write my message.

>Ask Eudora what quote she’s gonna use
I’ll keep that in mind! I’ll talk about it during the next break or if I paint next to her.

*Ralligoraugh: Home planet of the Arthocobs
No. 938525 ID: 11f77a
File 156255450743.png - (209.50KB , 557x496 , ADQ075.png )

>Her sister means a lot to her / [she should] write something about her.
Ganymede: The both of you are pretty close, huh?

Nennekee: Oh, absolutely. We’re all we have left… after what happened so long ago.

Nennekee: Even though she lives in the village, I miss her in the dorms.

Nennekee: She sleeps in the barracks so… I can’t really stay with her.

Nennekee: I could try and visit—I’ll see her on patrol at least.

Ganymede: You could write something about her. Or a dedication.

Nennekee: Maybe. Even for our troops.

Nennekee: I’ve been thinking of joining the Guard, too.

Nennekee: Someday we won’t live here anymore, you know? I’d hate to move from this village. I don't know where I'd go after this.

Nennekee: It's a little scary out there.

Nennekee: I guess I can be a teacher too—at least it’d be safer.

Nennekee: I guess I’m making excuses to talk to someone, sorry…
No. 938530 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her it's fine, you don't mind talking.
Ask her what subject she'd teach.

Also Ganymede since Eudora doesn't have feelings for you, have you considered other girls? Are there any others you find attractive that aren't huge jerks? Maybe Nennekee?

Also don't forget to keep working while you talk.
No. 938536 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure you keep working while you talk. You’re allowed to multitask.

>other girls?
After all the stuff we had Ganymede say about always having feelings for her even if she doesn’t have any for him, it feels kinda wrong to consider other girls.
No. 938537 ID: b1b4f3

I disagree. You can have feelings for more than one person at a time, and Ganymede should know better than to ignore other opportunities for love.
No. 938558 ID: a9af05

I agree, it does feel kinda wrong. But that doesn't mean that we're going to immediately ditch Eudora. We'll keep trying to win her over, but that doesn't mean that we should keep chasing after her forever.

I think she's just afraid of opening up because she doesn't want someone to hurt her feelings. Or she doesn't want to hurt someone else's feelings.

There's many possibilities on why Eudora doesn't want to open up. We'll get her to open up eventually, either by winning her heart or by finding someone else for her.
No. 938800 ID: 11f77a
File 156281668436.png - (274.15KB , 557x496 , ADQ076.png )

>Don’t forget to keep working while you talk / multitask
Back to painting I go.

>Tell her it’s fine [talking].
Ganymede: It’s fine, Nennekee. I don’t mind talking to you.

Ganymede: I’m a great listener, even if I don’t know what to reply with! Just know that.

Ganymede: What subject would you teach, by-the-way?

Nennekee: Oh! Right, right. I’m… thinking on the spot really.

Nennekee: Maybe if I complete more classes I could teach a universal language.

Nennekee: Hmm, but so many languages out there hurt my throat. We sound terrible.

Ganymede: They’re just louder, that’s all.

Ganymede: Learn a language you always find funny. Instead of one that just about anybody takes only to pass the school year.

Ganymede: I never cared much for Paligrijan*. I was thinking of trying Gortian since it’s popular for space travel and off-worlders. And they sound funny when angry.

Ganymede: But who knows if I’ll ever leave this place too. I really like it here.

*Paligrijan: Language of the Zephcynths, Icynths, and Relicynths. An interesting cross between a mammal and insect from a neighboring star. Their planet is a little more barren. They generally work with the Arthocobs for trade.
No. 938801 ID: 11f77a
File 156281685285.png - (208.87KB , 557x496 , ADQ077.png )

>Have you considered other girls? Are there any others you find attractive that aren’t huge jerks? Maybe Nennekee?
Oh my, Nennekee? Do you think she’d like me? In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever thought—

>It feels kind of wrong to consider other girls
>It does feel kind of wrong—but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to immediately ditch Eudora. We’ll keep trying to win her over, but that doesn’t mean that we should keep chasing her forever.
>Should know better than to ignore other opportunities for love
I… don’t know. Thinking about it—my whole life I’ve only had sights on Eudora. Blinded by a love since childhood. Have I really ignored opportunities and signs that other girls may like me? I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather date. I barely know someone like Nennekee even when I’ve lived here for so long. Do you think Nennekee would like a guy like me? Oh Bhothogoshol, why do you pluck my heartstrings?

I agree it doesn’t feel right in my stomach. To let go. To suddenly… give up and find someone new. Yet some of you make a point. I can’t miss opportunities to be happy with others. But what if it’s too late?

Maybe Kyzil was right... when she said Eudora can’t feel love. Would she really not notice me if I went to Ndepthteph’s Maw and back? God, Kyzil’s such a bully but she knows how to spit daggers.

>I think [Eudora]’s afraid of opening up because she doesn’t want someone to hurt her feelings. Or she doesn’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings. […] We’ll get her to open up eventually, either by winning her heart or by finding someone else for her.
That’s the thing. There’s something; something she’s suppressing and—being the only person in the village who knows more about her than anyone else—I know she’s not mean out of spite. Eudora… she’s alone too. Anyone who thinks they know her just avoids her.

Perhaps… it could be time to reach out to others. Not necessarily ditch Eudora, like you said. But I’ll find a way to her heart someday.

It’s just about time for our five-minute break again. I notice I’ve been a little quiet thinking about this.
No. 938802 ID: 0fae41

I don't see a reason you need to deprive yourself of friends to pursue Eudora romantically, nor a reason to give up on her without ever asking how she feels.
"It's nice here, but I think a little bit of travel to get new perspectives can also be... nice."
Go sit with Eudora for the break and ask how she's doing.
No. 938872 ID: 4f51b2

Yes you can have friends too, if a girl wants you in a romantic way you can consider it if you wan too. But I don't think Eudora is out of your reach at all, we just need to discover the way to her hearth.
Go seek Eudora.
No. 939417 ID: 11f77a
File 156333508193.png - (232.59KB , 557x496 , ADQ078.png )

>[no reason to] deprive yourself of friends to pursue Eudora romantically / you can have friends too.
Well, it’s not that I deliberately avoid people. I guess I never had anyone openly want to hang out with me. I dunno’. I’ve been a quiet kid and kind of solitary. Maybe it hasn’t bothered me until now.

>If a girl wants you in a romantic way you can consider it if you want.
Of course. I don’t think I have any secret admirers asking me out yet (except Kyzil who… is probably most definitely lying). Eudora can still be on my sights for now.

>I don’t think Eudora’s out of your reach at all. We just need to discover the way to her heart.
Exactly. I just need oooone good clue! And it’ll be an easy road from there!

I continue before Nennekee notices anything.

Ganymede: While it’s sure nice staying here where it’s safe, a bit of travel to get new perspectives can also be… nice!

Nennekee: Well… I suppose that could be right.

Nennekee: I only hope I’ll have it figured out when I graduate from here…

She doesn’t say much else—kind of trailing off as she focuses back on painting. A moment later I place my brush down and start my break.
No. 939418 ID: 11f77a
File 156333534075.png - (249.80KB , 557x496 , ADQ079.png )

>Go seek Eudora / and ask how she’s doing.
Eudora’s sitting on the staircase bored to death. She’s watching people walk in and out of the main entrance of the orphanage. It’s close to dinnertime so everyone should be back from work or from hanging out outside. I don’t know what’s going through her head but I’d stare out into space too, I guess. I have some sweets from the market to share; I place it on a step.

Ganymede: Painting’s aint bad of a punishment, huh?

Ganymede: So, how’re you doing?

Eudora: Alive, I suppose.

Ganymede: It’s looking nice on your end.

Eudora: I'm not much of a painter but… at least it’s just the sky and some trees.

Eudora: I don’t care much for art anyway.

Ganymede: So, what quote are you thinking of using?

Ganymede: I have a few good ones in my head in case you're stuck. I was brainstorming with Nennekee.
No. 939419 ID: 11f77a
File 156333552246.png - (224.30KB , 557x496 , ADQ080.png )

Eudora: Man, I don’t know!

Eudora: You can make one for me. But I’m just gonna leave it blank.

Eudora: Never liked those gushy motivational messages.

Eudora: That stuff just sounds fake.

Eudora: I mean, whoever said those quotes meant well, I’m sure, but—

Eudora: —slapping happy words on a sign or poster…

Eudora: It’s dumb.

She just stuffs a bite of candy in her mouth—not saying much after that.
No. 939420 ID: 0fae41

It doesn't have to be happy words. Spite is a powerful motivator. What's some lesson you would tell your younger self?
No. 939424 ID: b1b4f3

Actions speak louder than words, right? She can just take a quote that matches that mindset.
Did something happen to her arm?
No. 939428 ID: 5cee1b

So you’re saying you’d rather do something meaningful then just say empty words?
No. 939432 ID: 7fb87a

Then write what feels most real to you. You know kindness isn't the only form of motivation.
No. 939436 ID: 91ee5f

>That stuff just sounds fake.
“No, Eudora, you misunderstand. When I asked what you were going to write, I didn’t want to know what you’d write because you were told to write it. I want to know what you would write.”

“Maybe this will help. What motivates you? What would you tell yourself to keep you motivated? That’s what you should write!”

If she ends up saying something that wouldn’t be approved by Mother Umbari, then help her change the wording so that it has the same meaning and will be approved by Mother Umbari.
No. 939447 ID: a9af05

>Then write what feels most real to you.
No. 939465 ID: 1ed92d

Shrug and suggest writing something that makes her feel something.
No. 939703 ID: 11f77a
File 156358215188.png - (250.97KB , 557x496 , ADQ081.png )

I notice her bandaged arm. I mention it first…

Eudora: It’s nothing. A bit of chitin must’ve cracked when I punched Bruk yesterday. Doctor says it’s healing quickly, though.

Eudora: My arm, not his face. I don’t know how that creep's doing.

Ganymede: So anyhoo, you’d rather do something meaningful than say empty words, huh?

Eudora: I don’t feel compelled to have to do anything, Ganymede.

Eudora: I guess it’s like having to smile in a picture. You’re asked to, but you’re just waiting for a flash. And if you wait long enough your face feels unnatural.

Eudora: Kind of lying to yourself…
No. 939704 ID: 11f77a
File 156358220868.png - (252.47KB , 557x496 , ADQ082.png )

>>939432, >>939447
>What motivates you?
>Suggest writing something that makes her feel something
Ganymede: Well—your quote doesn’t have to be happy and goofy! You ought to write what feels most real to you.

Ganymede: Kindness isn’t the only form of motivation. Maybe persistence is a good topic! Or how you like… uh… fighting back jerks! You’ll have to dance around the words so Mother Umbari can accept it.

Eudora: Uh. Huh…

>What would you tell yourself to keep you motivated?
Ganymede: I mean, think of this as a good exercise—

Ganymede: What lesson would you tell your younger self?
No. 939705 ID: 11f77a
File 156358222432.png - (255.74KB , 557x496 , ADQ083.png )

No. 939706 ID: 11f77a
File 156358230741.png - (270.15KB , 557x496 , ADQ084.png )

Eudora: To hit harder next time…

I may be wrong but she didn’t seem to answer nicely. She leaves her spot and walks past me—stalking out of the scene. She still wears her apron so… maybe she’ll be back to continue painting.

I hope she’ll be okay.
A) Was it something I said? I ought to catch her and ask what’s wrong.
B) Well I’ll enjoy chatting with the others here till she gets back. I’ll speak to Gemlik and Nennekee some more. (About what?)
C) Fast Forward after dinnertime. (What should I do before the day is late?)
No. 939707 ID: 0fae41

You could probably wrangle that into something she'd let you put on the mural! As long as she thinks the hitting is metaphorical.
B. Talk about Eudora.
No. 939709 ID: b1b4f3

Shouldn't you know by now? She doesn't like thinking about the past. Didn't something horrible happen to her village?

Hmm... A.

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