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File 154915345690.jpg - (415.17KB , 682x1032 , BB 3333333.jpg )
919776 No. 919776 ID: 70be57

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Plague_Filled_Heart
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No. 919777 ID: 70be57
File 154915349974.jpg - (876.42KB , 1308x700 , Plague 10.jpg )

It doesn't really matter in which country we really are. Every city that I visited had the same symptoms of the sickness. As for educating people, we try to inform them how the sickness works and how to quarantine the ones that are infected. But I am not sure if pay attention to it all. I did mention that I like to talk with people but if I was more honest I would say that I prefer to observe people

Amadore Bontelda: "Alright take all the bodies out of the city and burn them all. I finished my job

???: "Finally I found you. I was searching for you in this town for three hours."
No. 919821 ID: 3182fe

Who is speaking? And looking for you specifically?
No. 919823 ID: e51896

Start with a little humor: "Three hours... Neat... a new record. I truly am the hide and seek master... heh heh... I only jest..."

Then ask "What do you require of me? I wager that your 3 hours of not giving up your search for me means it is of upmost importance?"
No. 919841 ID: 70be57
File 154919824867.jpg - (366.89KB , 474x640 , Plague 11.jpg )

Oh, that is just Broweor Lorasander, the closest thing to a friend in this perfection that I have. His father was a practitioner of medicine, he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and help whoever he can. More than anything he wants to find a cure for this sickness

Amadore Bontelda: "So it took you three hovers to find me. Strange you just had to follow the green mist and find me standing among many dead bodies. What do you require of me? I wager that your 3 hours of not giving up your search for me means it is of utmost importance?"

Broweor Lorasander: "Well, my king no need to be all doom and gloom I have some pleasant news for you. I would like to talk with you but in more appealing accommodations, come to my chariot there we can speak alone."
No. 919858 ID: e51896

Agree to enter the chariot so you may listen to what news he has to say. You could use a ride back home, or to a tavern after a long day of work anyway.
No. 919865 ID: 70be57
File 154921593628.jpg - (243.81KB , 550x586 , Plague 12.jpg )

Amadore Bontelda: "Yeah why not, this can at the same time give me a ride home"

I proceed to enter the chariot with my friend

Amadore Bontelda: "I don't know what you might see as good news after the hell which is happening in this country."

Broweor Lorasander: "I know that people are still dying regularly, but the tax collectors see a smaller amount of death compared to when the sickness started. We will be able to beat this damned plunge."

Amadore Bontelda: "You might be right, but there will be many more deaths until that happens."

Broweor Lorasander: "That is why the king is organising a ball, for all who are loyal to him will get the invitation. You are one of them. So will you be attending?"
No. 919868 ID: e51896

"Hmm, good food, good music, and to observe people perform their hypnotic dance with their significant others under the lights of the chandeliers to escape the darkness."

"Yes, I will partake in this escapism and attend the ball... but I must apologize if I don't bring a partner with me to dance with. So when will the royal ball start?"
No. 919909 ID: 3182fe

Do you have proper ball attire for the evenings festivities? If not we’re can you get some made?
No. 919963 ID: 70be57
File 154928971492.jpg - (202.24KB , 465x524 , BB 3333331.jpg )

Amadore Bontelda: "Hmm, good food, good music, and to observe people perform their hypnotic dance with their significant others under the lights of the chandeliers to escape the darkness. Yes, I will partake in this escapism and attend the ball... but I must apologize if I don't bring a partner with me to dance with. So when will the royal ball start?"

Broweor Lorasander: "That is the reason why I wanted to talk with you in the first place. I think that you out of all people should come to dance with somebody."

Amadore Bontelda: "And why do you think that?"

Broweor Lorasander: "I heard that the king is trying to incentivise people to start serious relationships. Because of all the death that happened more than anything he wants the kingdom to get back to its strength and glory as soon as possible."

Amadore Bontelda: "What kind of incentivise are we talking about here."

Broweor Lorasander: "Let's just say that somebody like you who possess no land or estate, the king might give you a tax exemption for ten years."

Amadore Bontelda: "That is really good motivation, might just take that offer. One last question, do I have to come in a proper ball attire for the evening's festivities? Because I don't have one."

Broweor Lorasander: "How you are going to present yourself is up to you, if you want to come dressed as the plague doctor no one will stop you from doing that. But if you want my advice I recommend to look like you and your dance partner are a perfect couple, if you know what I mean."

Amadore Bontelda: "You gave me a lot to think about."

Broweor Lorasander: "And what exactly are you thinking about right now after everything that I just told you?"
No. 920070 ID: 3182fe

Is this a ball in which we will need to bring a lady to dance with or just come as we are?
No. 920164 ID: e51896

Signs point to yes.

so getting that tax exemption for ten years is required, but the thing is, it seems it also requires us to get a partner. And with these uncertain times with death all around us, finding someone we can love to take to the ball means we will most likely be investing in early tragedy once our potential partner most likely dies of the plague if we get too attached to her if we continue loving her.

Also to consider that we will be breaking someone's heart if we are doing this only for the tax exemption... but then again, that wouldn't matter if we are living a happy short life in wealth, right? not to mention you most likely don't have dating experience and and probably don't even know where to start anyway so that would make things even more difficult

Perhaps if we find a temporary partner, one that would be considered a very good friend and not a lover so that when we dump her and get our tax exception as soon as the ball is done it won't break her heart too badly, things will go fine... right? hmm...

as to what to say to our friend Broweo here... perhaps don't say anything about us finding a lover only to dump her later once the ball is over as he would probably see that as a dick move on your part. Perhaps for now ask where one might acquire a potential partner or something.
No. 920192 ID: 70be57
File 154940600505.jpg - (259.40KB , 937x363 , Plague 14.jpg )

Amadore Bontelda: "I just want to be sure, this a ball in which I will need to bring a lady to dance with or just come as I am?"

Broweor Lorasander: "It would be in your best interest to come with somebody."

Amadore Bontel Do: "I have one last question, at this ball can I show up with a girl and when I get her I just end the relationship after I get the tax exemption."

Broweor Lorasander: "Listen to me carefully, the reason why the king is offering this option to people like you in the first place is because he expects results from this. I know your past and I know that you have financial problems the reason why I mentioned this to you is so you can prepare in time. The ball starts in three days think really carefully about everything that I just told you before the festivities start. We arrived at your castle, I hope to see you dancing with somebody special to you."
No. 920193 ID: 70be57
File 154940663896.jpg - (248.26KB , 1498x347 , Plague 15.jpg )

Exiting the chariot, I start enjoying the cold night wind. So this offer might actually help me, who knows what will happen with this sickness or even if it will last in a couple of years. Before I got this position I was just a merchant who was selling the thing that I stole. I lived most of my life as a poor person and I had enough of it. But there is still a question of should I do this in the first place. I do have some who wouldn't mind coming with me to this dance. I never made any deeper connections with anyone of them they are all acquaintances to me, except for one who I knew since my childhood
No. 920195 ID: 6eb3e4

Well let’s go visit your old friend. Maybe they could go with you the ball if they haven’t already been asked. If they have perhaps they might be able to point us in the right direction.
No. 920252 ID: e51896

Hm, so you have acquaintances. Hmm...

Before we decide who to consider dancing with, can you tell us about each one of these acquaintances that you know of including your childhood friend? like what their personalities are, hobbies, jobs, etc. Just so we know our options on whom we might be dealing with and which person we might want to pursue... if we want to pursue anyone at all that is.
No. 920287 ID: 70be57
File 154947810918.jpg - (422.99KB , 843x650 , Plague 16.jpg )

As I examining the castle where I will live for a short amount of time, I start to think of my old friend I did actually talk to her in some time and she didn't write me any letters. Visiting her now this late at night might not be the best choice to make. Might as well illustrate which option I am dealing with and which person we might want to pursue
No. 920294 ID: 70be57
File 154948158525.jpg - (312.72KB , 967x526 , Plague 17.jpg )

While climbing up to my room which was in one of the towers, I inform Mericus the handmaiden of the castle for some supplies. Entering my chamber I light a candle and wait until my supplies arrive

Mericus: "Here are the things that you asked for."

Amadore Bontelda: "Place them on my table."

Mericus: "Is that all that you ask of me."

Amadore Bontelda: "Yes that would be all, now leave this room I need to do something alone."

After she leaves my room and I close the door there is only one thing to decide before starting drawing all the possible candidates. Will, I do this with my mask on or should I take it off
No. 920295 ID: 567c4d

BAH! The king expects results in 3 days? How is one supposed to form a loving relationship in just three days? At most one can only blossom a friendship with that amount of time. Love at first sight only happens in fairytails. Our most likely canidate will be the childhood friend... or someone in a whorehouse at the very least or something... but lets not jump to conclusions and think about our canidates to take to the ball.

This relationship hunting is purely business, your mask symbolizes that. That said, Keep it on, we have work to do.

What supplies were you given?
No. 920333 ID: ae8ec4

Why take it off now when there is a plague about? Take it off when we go to bed.
No. 920339 ID: ff50c0

Might as well just leave it on for now.

Alright so who are our options for ladies?
No. 920346 ID: 70be57
File 154957473063.jpg - (479.90KB , 703x1205 , Plague 18.jpg )

I don't think that the king expects for me to end up in a love relationship in just three days. That ball is mostly just to show that I am interested in pursuing a relationship, well that is how I understood it from my friend. As for the tools I just ask for a pen, ink and a couple of papers. It will be easier for me to think about them when I am drawing their portraits. Wearing the mask will help me focus on the important details
No. 920352 ID: 70be57
File 154957721099.jpg - (1.57MB , 2480x3508 , Plague 19.jpg )

A short explanation of how the Amadore Bontelda's mind works

Amadore Bontelda is incapable of actually loving anybody and reason why he is motivated into searching for a relationship is for monetary reasons. The way how he assesses every one of his possible romantic partners is from a couple of scalings. At number 1 we have the receiving of letter scale, this one shows how much fondly Amadore thinks the invitation for this girl will be revived from the girl. Four letters mean a lot, one letter he thinks that it won't be received favourably. Number two represent the king's approval scale, this is how much he thinks that the king will appreciate the date which Amadore brings. Number 3 is the scale of previous experience with that certain girl. This shows how much he interacted with them in the past, more hearts means more history with that girl. Number 4 is eight alignments which every girl he assesses. Alignments are how they appear to him in certain categories. Orange is how that girl is aligned with noble and rich people. Brown is how that girl is aligned with the farmers and the presents. Green is how that girl is aligned with the city guard. Dark blue is how that girl is aligned with thieves guild and other criminals. Yellow is how much wealthy she is. Red is how he perceives the danger of being with that girl. Cyan is how much that girl may help him with doing his job. The last colour represents the home where that girl live if it is secured from the plague and how accommodating it is. Number 5 is the speciality marker, every girl will have one part in which she is proficient. In the previous eight ailments, this masker will show in which part that girl is specialised. It is also possible that one girl has one speciality marker split into two half
No. 920353 ID: 70be57
File 154957797712.jpg - (1.69MB , 2480x3508 , Plague 20.jpg )

One last thing to add about the alignments. All of them aren't set and will not stay stationary during the story. The more you learn about the girls more the scales of the ailments might change to good or bad depending on what you learn from that girl. Well, that was all from that excessive tutorial. I hope it wasn't overwhelming to understand the whole concept. Time to start with the first girl
No. 920357 ID: 70be57
File 154957967581.jpg - (3.29MB , 3558x2993 , Plague 21.jpg )

Tania, also known as the farmer princess. Her family has the biggest worker force which they organise to works on the fields. Nobility looks down at her family because they see themselves above them, but the others farmers see them as a fair and kind family. There were some rumours going around that her family was paying thieves to steal livestock from other farms but nothing was proven about it, that is why the town guard has no problem with her family. I think that they are one of the wealthiest farmers in this region, but where she lives is on a farm which isn't the safest place to be during the plague. The way how I know her is because I needed to do a quarantine on one part of her farm, the serves that I did that day made me looks like a guardian angel to her whole family. Multiple times they called me to eat with them. They like me so much that her father even offered her hand in marriage, I mention that I will see about the offer. To me, she is the safest option to pick. She's a hard worker, full of energy and spunky. What do you think about this option
No. 920361 ID: ea8efa

I think it would be best to see all options first, that way can compare and contrast.
No. 920364 ID: ea8efa

But as for what I think of her, I’ve always liked hard working girls, plus those freckles... I’m willing to be she has red hair... HOT.
No. 920388 ID: e51896

to me, she will be one of the easier ones to get in a relationship in as you have helped her plenty of times, but there are some risks involved, like how safe her place is from the plague, and that red stat seems pretty high.
Why is the dangers being with her high? I assume it is possibility of getting infected by the plague being with her correct?

Ok, lets check out the next candidate(s) (is Mericus the handmaiden an option?)
No. 920403 ID: d63ea8

I'm curious why the red alignment is marked as so high. You mentioned that they are the safest option to choose, yet what about them makes the relationship so dangerous?
No. 920405 ID: 70be57
File 154963697007.jpg - (153.42KB , 568x491 , Plague 22.jpg )

I must admit that her hair does resemble the colours of a hot fire, you can even see that burning will in her eyes. No Mericus the handmaiden, I don't prefer to date people who I am blackmailing. As for the red alignment marker being so high for Tania is because of the way where she lives. Her family has already had one outbreak with the plage, her place isn't that secured not to mention her family interacts with a lot of people and of them can spread it to them as well. That is why the danger is so high with her
No. 920407 ID: d63ea8

Understood, let's see the other options then.
No. 920408 ID: 70be57
File 154963800324.jpg - (3.87MB , 3739x3005 , Plague 23.jpg )

My next option is Guilda the saucy wench. Her tavern is adored by the rich, poor and even criminals, she prefers to be on good terms with all of her customers. It is no secret that she has some connections with the thieves guild but nobody would actually want to accuse her of anything, even so, I think that the king isn't really fond of her. Place where she lives also isn't one of the safest locations, the way how I met her is when I had to remove the body of her dead husband from her home. She was grateful for my help and said that she would help me with anything even if it is illegal. I don't really know much about her, but a lot of people talk a lot about her some good things some bad. Choosing her would be trying to make a connection with people from all parts of the city
No. 920415 ID: ff50c0

Ehh we stand to lose more of the rewards the king is offering if we show up with her. Probably not the best choice. Also that red stat is stupid high, no doubt from serving all of the various patrons at her bar, any of whom could be carriers of the plague.
No. 920444 ID: d63ea8

Agreed, she may have a lot of use intrigue-wise, but partnering with her would be a significant risk.
No. 920449 ID: e51896

Right then, as we know right now, lots of risks with her, but we should keep in mind that these women's stats can change as we learn more about them. Can't judge books by the covers after all.

Ok, lets check the next canidate

(Also offtopic, what kind of dirt do you have on Mericus that you are using as blackmail? Promise I won't tell.)
No. 920451 ID: 70be57
File 154968445510.jpg - (3.37MB , 3468x2886 , Plague 24.jpg )

Nissa the Bread Maiden, owner of the biggest bread store in the city. Almost everyone knows about her product and she sells to a lot of people. Nobody in the city really wants to bother her and let her do her training. She doesn't really live in the city, she operates a mill near the waterfall with her family. This means that she doesn't have a problem with the plague but bandits tend to attack her house multiple time because it is so isolated. Town guard was requested multiple times to protect her house and after ten incidents they refused to send any more people there. Some people say that she pays assassins for protection to keep her safe from the bandits. I met her when she opened the shop but then I wasn't a plague doctor I was a thief trying to steal from her. Instead of reporting me to the gown guard she gave me a small piece which was left in her store. That is when we formed a strange friendship, but when the plague started I wasn't able to talk to her. Always her store would be full and I needed to do my job. Maybe this is a chance to reconnect with her once more
No. 920459 ID: ff50c0

Not bad, her stats are all towards the middle, more than anything she would be a good middle ground kind of girl. Not exactly excelling in anything. Could be a good one to start.
No. 920469 ID: e51896

well, so far a top contender, a good balance makes it one of the safest choices. but lets not get hasty. whom might our next bachelorette be.
No. 920474 ID: 70be57
File 154970622334.jpg - (3.36MB , 3183x2864 , Plague 25.jpg )

Argie the clock constructor, a tinkerer who continues the family business. She lives in her workshop sometimes coming out and doing her job when a clock needs to be fixed in a location. She mostly works for the rich people but they don't actually care so much about her because she doesn't really care about them as well, they just give her whatever she needs especially since she is the only person who does this work in the city. I met her when she was fixing a clock in the castle of the king, she did really look that interested in me and to be honest I don't really know much about her. The best thing that is going for her is isolation, a place where she lives and her payment
No. 920504 ID: 8b660e

Uh, well if we want to start out with wealth this would be a good pick.

Buuuuut at the risk of sounding even more shallow about this she’s not exactly good looking. I get the feeling she and others would know we’re just in it for the money.
No. 920516 ID: e51896

So far a top pick, but going to be one of the harder ones to get in a relationship with. Just like the clocks she fixes and builds, this will take patience and focus with her. Especially since the invitation and interaction stats are pretty low.

But you know, you have to work hard to get the results you need, can't just have things handed down to you.

I think if we want to start with her and raise that invitation stat, to start we'll need to literally break a clock in our home, and have her fix it as we attempt to start a conversation with her and get to know her. (if she asks how the clock broke, we'll just say Mericus the handmaiden broke it while cleaning)

Alright, next canidate please

so far, from top candidate to least, My pick is
1. Argie
2. Nissa
3. Tania
4. Guilda

No. 920547 ID: 70be57
File 154976132465.jpg - (179.54KB , 1298x341 , Plague 26.jpg )

The purple symbol represents the moment when you influence Amadore Bontelda with a suggested action. Suggestions can be used during a certain moment which my accomplish pleasant outcomes for the girl which you target with it

Hmm trying to send her a normal letter might not actually work but making her come here if she has a reason to do, so this approach might be a better solution if I choose to pursue her. I will keep that idea in mind
No. 920549 ID: 70be57
File 154976399785.jpg - (3.32MB , 3220x2946 , Plague 27.jpg )

Rags the nurse of the plague patients. She was one of the first ones who got infected with the sickness and was send to the plague house, which was a place where infected people who still didn't die from the sickness got put to await their death. She was the only one who survived out of all the rest from the first wave, somehow the sickness doesn't affect her she still has the symptoms of it on her skin which she covers up with bandages. After seeing that the plage can't really kill her she dedicated her life to helping the others who are suffering from similar symptoms. She can't actually cure them but she can at least make their last moment of life feel as much constable as she provides them. I visited multiple times the plague house where she lives and it is one of the saddest places in the whole city, so many suffering and just waiting for death to take to take them. The only thing that I see that I can gain from this relationship is a better understanding of the plague and maybe an immunity from the sickness. Many other plague doctors tried to figure out how the sickness isn't killing her and nobody can be sure about the answer to that question. Even if there is a small chance for me to understand it, maybe going with her might provide the answer
No. 920554 ID: d63ea8

This looks like the candidate I would vote for, her skills and abilities seem to be well worth the risks. Of all the candidates her personal goals seemed to be the most aligned with your own and her expertise would be helpful for your work.

Nissa does make for a good runner-up though.
No. 920558 ID: 8b660e

I see this gal as a kind of high risk but also high reward type of girl. That red stat is really worrying but also everything else is pretty good. Plus with her also being a doctor we actually might have some chemistry here.
No. 920574 ID: ae8ec4

I have absolute confidence in our ability to make progress in finding out more about the plague so it's not that of which I'm worried about. In order to establish the groundwork that enables us to find a cure, we need connections, connections Guilda the saucy wench have. We can contact other people of note like Rags at a later date, but to not immediately shake things up with society we should choose the safer and I feel most resourceful woman. I do think her criminal connections can get us the means to money which in turn may improve lodging safety somehow among other things.

tldr. Guilda is the highest potential for least risk
No. 920583 ID: 70be57
File 154980313269.jpg - (2.98MB , 3124x2897 , Plague 28.jpg )

Clare the coin collector, out of all the candidates she is the only one who I actually consider as a friend. When I was young she was my friend at the orphanage where both of us grew up until she got adopted by a wealthy banker. She lived with that new family for the rest of her life, unfortunately not many people loved the father in the city and one day her adopted father was assassinated. Her mother wasn't capable to continue the the family traid so Clare had to continue and use all that she learned from her adopted father. She continues running her bank which lends money to merchants, nobles and even the king on occasions. She was the one who actually bought me the plague doctor costume and gave me free of charge. During my whole life we stayed in touch until the plage started, then she started avoiding me and I don't know why. She was the person who I was the closest with during my earlier years and I don't know what is happening with her right now
No. 920605 ID: 8b660e

I see a lynch mob in this woman’s future, pass.
No. 920626 ID: e51896

Another top contender. We should talk to her to see how she is doing since it has been a long while since you too talked.
No. 920663 ID: 70be57
File 154990589068.jpg - (3.01MB , 3119x2874 , Upotrebi kasnije 22.jpg )

Aliens the acting troupe queen, she and her gang perform all sort of plays for the whole town. But lately, when the plague started they changed from the regular plays to something which would glorify the wealthy and the city guard. The common peasants did really like being seen depicted as the main reason for the start of the plague. Not to mention that a few members of the acting troupe were arrested for being a part of the thieves guild. In order to present her theatre in a good light Aliena personally created all the plague doctor costumes. That is when I meet her a really eccentric lady, to say the least. Taking to her feels like being in a play because you never knew what she really is feeling or when she is just acting
No. 920665 ID: 663b9e

Not bad at all! Another close one for the middle but with some different advantages. Could be interesting, I guess in order to meet her we should attend one of her shows and try and meet the cast afterwards.
No. 920735 ID: e51896

Another fine choice, though another person we will have to work on improving our relationship with as the invitation stat is pretty low. Not to mention, her being associated with thieves, even indirectly, is kind of problematic. But, who knows, it may make life a little more thrilling.
No. 920737 ID: 70be57
File 154995644032.jpg - (233.41KB , 1298x341 , Plague 33.jpg )

Hmm maybe going to see the play might be the best way to reach her. I will have to keep that in mind

New suggestion added art appreciation
No. 920738 ID: 70be57
File 154995743616.jpg - (3.08MB , 2992x2874 , Plague 30.jpg )

Malaria the witch from the forest. On while I was visiting the neighbouring village I noticed something in the forest and it was a strange looking woman. She approached me because of the strange way that I was looking at her with my mask. We started talking and she asked me how thing are in the town, we talked a lot and after that, some start mentioning that she has been appearing on the outskirts of the town. With this kind of enigmatic character, a lot of rumours have started being associated with her. Some say that she gives poisons that help you sleep at night, others say that she is the one responsible for the start of the plague. I believe that she has true potential in helping with the plague, but some trust her others really don't. Is she worth the risk
No. 920775 ID: e51896

Hard to invite, not much approval from the king, barely interacted with her, the red stat is a bit too high, plus there isn't much of a reward with the yellow stat. There has to be a catch to all these low stats, but perhaps she has a way to truly help get rid of the plague, that is the only thing I can think of about her

Other than that, witches are not real.
No. 920949 ID: 663b9e

Unless she weighs the same as a duck, then yes she is.

Plus hey if we’re found consorting with a witch, we’re probably gonna be burned at the stake along with her. Also if she has the cure for the plague we’re out of a job.
No. 920956 ID: 70be57
File 155005083492.jpg - (3.32MB , 3201x2825 , Plague 31.jpg )

The King's Jester, I must admit this one is a weird choice even for me. I never saw this girl without her mask and I don't really know much about her, but she claims that she knows a lot about me. I actually meet her before the plague event started, she was there when the town put me in stocks and proceeded to throw tomatoes on me. She was the organiser of that event and after everyone left she started talking a lot of weird stuff with me. That is when she told me that she knew a lot about me and that a great danger is approaching this city. She knew that the plague was about to come even before it happened. That kinda unnerves me about her, I don't actually know anything about her and the more I want to figure out something about her the more question just keep appearing. Even thinking about her starts to make my whole head revolving, I don't know what exactly I would get from she is a wild card
No. 920957 ID: 8b660e

So a complete and utter wild card huh? Hmm you know in every case so far we still end up leaving a lot to chance. But this would be like playing it completely blind, If we want to go for her, it’s best we try and gain some understanding of her character before hand.
No. 920960 ID: e51896

She is a mystery. It would be quite a gamble if chosen to pursue her. It's kinda creepy she claims to know so much about you, and knew the plague was coming.
at the very least, if the king employed her as his jester, I would imagine her red stats to be low, but she is a mystery. We would definitely have to get more info on her if we go her route.
No. 920961 ID: 70be57
File 155007600923.jpg - (3.59MB , 3438x2969 , Plague 34.jpg )

Marden the free spirit. The wealthy members of the city despise her because she was an illegitimate child of a present girl. Her father still loved and made her part of his family, she never fit in with the high society because she came from a different part of the world compared to the rest of them. She made a strong connection with the town guard and often goes hunting with them. That is how I met her, she told me that for a hunt she needs a bird and I would work perfectly as a substitute. One thing that I am not sure about her is how she sees the plague. On the brief conversations that we had she never actually wanted to talk about it
No. 920975 ID: 8b660e


No. 921008 ID: e51896

if she's good friends with the royal guard, she might already have a boyfriend from there if she spends time often over with them. Not to mention the king's approval of her is pretty low.

Though if she is a skilled hunter, she could bring food to the table which if anything we won't have to use money to buy food all the time.
No. 921009 ID: 70be57
File 155011335624.jpg - (3.27MB , 3270x2816 , Plague 35.jpg )

The Baroness is one intimidating woman who demands obedience. She is actually looking for a suitable husband but nobody is ever good enough for her. Place where she lives is the most prestigious castle, but there are a lot of things which is unclear about her. For example, she claims that it is safe where she lives but already four maids have and two butlers have died there under mysterious circumstances. She also doesn't like anybody mentioning thieves guild around her. As for the plague, she doesn't even acknowledge it, like that doesn't even exist to her
No. 921032 ID: e51896

yeah, pretty intimidating and sketchy about those deaths despite claiming her place is safe, and not wanting any mentions of thieving guilds. The only benefit of dating her would be for the money, and to figure out the mystery of what happened to the maids and butlers who worked for her. But ya know, curiosity killed the cat.
No. 921049 ID: e51896

Also, I noticed after girl number 9, we skipped girl number 10, and went straight for 11. Do we not talk about girl number 10?
No. 921152 ID: 465f20

Interesting, with her we’d definitely have it made for ourselves, if you want to live comfy for the rest of our days this is gal to go for. The problem is how should we get to know her better enough to court her?
No. 922048 ID: 70be57
File 155047868383.jpg - (106.94KB , 627x277 , Plague 36.jpg )

I must admit that for a second I considered one girl for the ten spots but I am not sure if she is a good pick. I don't know if I should add her or just continue without mentioning her
No. 922049 ID: 8b660e

Might as well, we can be pretty good judges of character.

No. 922072 ID: e51896

yeah, lets very briefly check out 10.
No. 922077 ID: 70be57
File 155051591291.jpg - (4.08MB , 3364x3060 , Plague 32.jpg )

Lorella the lady of the night is like Gilda but much worse. I met her personally when some girls in her place got infected with the sickness, she immediately demanded from me to give her a cure for the plage. I tried to explain that a cure for it doesn't exist but she didn't want to hear about it. The next day I woke up in an unfamiliar bed, she employed some bandits to kidnap me. She was convinced that we plague doctors possess the cure and that we keep it for the noble people who are loyal to the king. She was ready to torture me and even I am not sure how I managed to convince her that I don't have it. She released me and told me that no to try to tell anybody about her interrogation. I have a little information on her but she claims that she knows me for two years, she is nothing but bad news and I doubt that I will gain anything from the relationship with her
No. 922292 ID: e51896

Jeez, first the king's jester knows a lot about you, now this Lorella who claims she has known you for a couple years. I wonder how these weird strangers you've never met before know so much about you.

if Lorella is like Guilda as it is stated, then I am assuming she is another wench at the tavern then? note to self: avoid the tavern then. No good will come of that.
That said, even though we will most likely not woo Lorella, it is still good to remind ourselves who she was so we get an idea of how to avoid her.

seems fear tends to make people do very irrational things to others, but I'm rambling now. who is our next bachelorette?
No. 922630 ID: 8b660e

This chick has got STD written all over her, but there is a good chance she comes with a lot of money. Getting a chance to meet her and invite her with us to the ball would also be easy, just pay her to do it.
No. 922633 ID: 70be57
File 155075136261.jpg - (3.52MB , 3211x2836 , Plague 37.jpg )

Orla the angle ambassador. She is a diplomatic representative currently visiting our kingdom. Once when she arrived here and saw all the people suffering she decided to do something about her. The cast that she got from the king as her residential area she converted into a plage house, the whole place is filled with sick people who she is trying to help. Out of anyone that I know, she has the biggest desire to stop this plague but I doubt that she would be interested in participating in that ball
No. 922640 ID: e51896

I never thought I would see a candidate with max approval from the king, and yet also max danger.
No. 922651 ID: 8b660e

Hmm, it be a dangerous game we’d play with her. We’d not only be playing for our own kingdom but chances are her own as well. Where exactly is she from anyway!
No. 922670 ID: 70be57

She is overseas
No. 922691 ID: 70be57
File 155080171822.jpg - (3.19MB , 3079x2812 , Plague 38.jpg )

And my final option is the strangest one of them all, the Princess of Mannequins. She is the daughter of the king and he wouldn't want me to do anything with her but she already showed interest in trying to be with me and if I wanted to pursue her the king wouldn't be able to do anything about it. But there is only one problem with this girl, she is already in a relationship with another guy. Twelve guys to be precise, she is in polygamy with all of them and to her, they are all her precious dolls. If I choose this person no doubt I would be safe from the plague but the danger would come from the other guys. All of them are fighting for her affections and that ends up in real life fights with death. Four already died in her castle not to mention how many got hurt because of constant infighting that occurs there. She invited me multiple times to visit her and we got a lot of time to talk about lots of stuff, I already noticed how the others were looking at me. It would be really intimidating to live there
No. 922741 ID: e51896

I guess it depends on your fighting abilities and your cunning. but 12 people to compete with is still a difficult task and a risk. Especially if they were giving you death glares for just having a friendly conversation with her.
No. 923507 ID: 8b660e

Other men involved means dueling for her, how versed in combat are you?

That is... unless she is trying to build a male harem for herself?
No. 923557 ID: 70be57
File 155128601535.jpg - (217.01KB , 622x435 , Plague 39.jpg )

I don't really know why she collects all those men, she never told me why she has the need to have so many around her. I don't really know how to fight, I did use a knife in a fight once but other than that moment I don't really have much experience with weapons. Well, these 14 girls are my normal options which one should I send a letter to? Everyone has a good and a bad side to them but which one is the best option that I am looking for
No. 923576 ID: e51896

Whoa, you're sending a letter of invitation to the ball? already??? slow down, Casanova. You should at least talk to at least a few of these women before sending an invitation, you'll probably come off as a creep just sending a letter from the start, right? besides, we have a few days to kill.

anyway, one of my top choices is Argie the clock constructor.
No. 923604 ID: 8b660e

We can definitely pay a visit to her, what I think we should do is visit three of them a day and decide from that. If we still have time today I say we visit Argie, Either Nissa or Tania, and Marden.
No. 923732 ID: d63ea8

My vote is Rags, followed by Nissa if she isn't a contender.
No. 923767 ID: 70be57
File 155139541043.jpg - (6.79MB , 3076x3668 , Plague 40.jpg )

The options to visit them can work, but if I am attempting to do that I will be able only to visit only one of them during the rest of this day, it is night after all. Argie does work even during the nights, now that I think about it I never saw her workshop being closed which is kinda weird. If I played her a visit it wouldn't be that strange. Nissa lives outside of the city and it really isn't safe to travel during the night on the road from here to her place. Tiana told me on multiple occasions that she prefers to go to sleep earlier, living on the farm demands a different way of living. Marden might be free she likes to stay up late. As for Rags she usually is the last person to go to sleep where she works so I might also be able to reach her today
No. 923769 ID: 70be57
File 155139609804.jpg - (678.35KB , 2308x1399 , Plague 41.jpg )

As for the letter that I wanted to send is simply to talk to them before finally deciding on the one who will be the best for the ball. I will only send three letters for the first day I just have to decide which one of them will receive it
No. 923784 ID: d63ea8

Argie and Nissa are a must since multiple people voted for them. Again, I'd say that Rags should be the third, but we do have multiple days, so we could wait for later on her.
No. 923848 ID: e51896

Argie, Nissa, and Rags should be fine.
No. 924197 ID: 70be57
File 155165614790.jpg - (189.69KB , 345x523 , Plague 42.jpg )

Argie, Nissa, and Rags seem like the best to start off with. I need to decide what to write to them, I always had trouble communicating with others
No. 924567 ID: d63ea8

You could start be approaching them about your work. With Argie and Nissa it could be something along the lines of "I want to check over the surrounding area for any signs of plague. Would it be alright if we could have a chance of meeting? It has been a while since we've last spoken and I wanted to check in to see if everything is alright."

Granted with Argie you might want to also express interest in what she might have been working on.

Otherwise you could follow up with "wanting a chance to catch up."

With Rags, you'll likely only need to bring up the opportunity to collaborate and share information, treatments, et cetera of/for the plague. Once you two have a moment alone after your work could probably bring up more personal topics.
No. 924576 ID: e51896

Yeah, I feel that is the best way to approach writing to them.
No. 925465 ID: 70be57
File 155239143752.jpg - (318.63KB , 478x525 , Plague 43.jpg )

I constructed the letters with the ideas that were floating thru my head. The letters will be sent first thing in the morning. Now do I want to pay someone a visit before the day is over or should I just go to sleep
No. 925473 ID: d63ea8

I'd say that you might want to speak with either Broweor or Mericus about who else might be attending the ball. You don't strike me as one to have social rivals, but one can't be too prepared for a gathering like this.

Broweor might even be able to offer you some advice since he'd see that you are taking this situation quite seriously.
No. 926140 ID: e51896

Broweor might be a good idea to meet with tonight and get advice before we do something regretful when we first attempt to woo a woman. Besides, we weren't originally going to meet up with a canidate tonight in the first place.

But if we cant meet him, I'd say we meet with rags, especially since most of the sick patience at the home would be asleep at that time.
No. 926495 ID: f2320a

Sounds like plan always good ro get advice
No. 926732 ID: 70be57
File 155321591898.jpg - (318.01KB , 837x525 , Plague 44.jpg )

Might as well visit Broweor. I give the letters to the maid and start moving towards his living quarters. His father greets and leads me to his room.

Amadore Bontelda: "I am sorry for visiting you at this time but I would like to talk to you about the ball."

Broweor Lorasander: "So it appears that you are interested in my idea because you started seeking me out after such a short period of time from our last talk. Very well what do you want to know about the ball exactly?"
No. 926786 ID: d63ea8

"Are there any people I should keep an eye out for? People I should stay clear of?"

Asking about an event plan won't hurt either. Anything that you learn becomes something that you can plan with.
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