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File 154972469189.png - (3.85KB , 250x250 , title.png )
920476 No. 920476 ID: 97c6b2

As stated in the so-very-recent previous thread, this is a quest thread with a game mechanic to make it a bit more /tg/(chan) related. Whenever you suggest an action that has a chance of failure or is important, roll a d20 (email field, 'dice 1d20'). Rolling under Driblis' (or whoever's) related stat of BODY, MIND, or TALK will make the action successful. Rolling over it will be a failure. Not all actions require rolls, but you may as well roll dice when you make a suggestion, in case it does. Probably going to be a bit more lax on requiring that on tgchan than I was back in the old country. Each attack in combat deals 1 HP damage, critical hits (nat 1) are GM-fiat.

This game is completely sandbox, so feel free to do whatever! Also it's been a short while since I've run a quest, so it's possible some recent conventions are not present here. Feel lucky there's no orb of infinite psyche.

Previous threads here, but not really required reading: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Quest:Driblis_Quest
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No. 920477 ID: 97c6b2
File 154972471012.png - (17.78KB , 640x480 , 000.png )

No. 920479 ID: 97c6b2
File 154972476291.jpg - (114.10KB , 1024x768 , 001.jpg )

No. 920480 ID: 97c6b2
File 154972477439.jpg - (114.39KB , 1024x768 , 002.jpg )

Driblis wakes up! It's a nice, sunny morning. Driblis isn't sure why it feels like it's been ten years since turning two years old... it's only been two days. Driblis just got back to the camp after fighting a bear and an elf on the recent trip. It was not ten years! ...Need a brief recap?

Current status:
Driblis (???) (The HATFORGER) (SLAYER OF GOATS, FORGER OF HATS) (2 years old)
HP 5/5

Leather Shirt
Silly Hat
Zombie Goat skull helmet
Zombie Goat bone spear
Bear Leather backpack (not pictured)
Dead bear (missing???)

Jibblet (Female) (Fisherbold) (4 years old) (Not present)

Tomifliblin (cat) (not present)

No. 920483 ID: 080aaf

rolled 3 = 3

Go for a roll in the hay.
No. 920492 ID: 87353e

rolled 6 = 6

Complement and give thanks to the sun for such a lovely morning, in attempt to curry favor with it on this fine day.
No. 920493 ID: 97c6b2
File 154973132481.jpg - (114.82KB , 1024x768 , 003.jpg )

A roll in the hay COULD be fun, but Driblis doesn't know of any haypiles around. Kobolds don't raise animals and don't usually keep fodder.

Driblis thanks the sun, even if that's kind of a weird thing to do!

The somewhat dwarf-looking sun doesn't seem too impressed, but what's the sun gonna do from all the way over there?
No. 920495 ID: 87353e

rolled 20 = 20

The Sun may be far away, but its kind gaze gives light to the day and provides moral support, ...probably.

Your dead bear is missing! Inspect camp for possible clues leading to it may have gone.

Regardless, get dressed up and look for Jibblet and Tomifliblin. Combine hats, place Silly Hat on top Zombie Goat Skull, and Bone Spear can double as a walking stick.
No. 920507 ID: b1b4f3

I would like a brief recap!
No. 920512 ID: 834378

Take all your items and go on a quest. What kind of quest? We'll figure that out later!
No. 920520 ID: 2202fb

Holy fuck dude, this quest is ancient!
No. 920521 ID: 97c6b2
File 154974583129.jpg - (59.09KB , 1024x768 , 004.jpg )

Driblis collects the fallen items! Everything's equipped!

This is a rough map of the camp. There's a few empty tents and lean-tos after the recent attacks, but everyone's mostly fine. There seems to be some kind of commotion in the center of the camp, that's probably where everything got to.

A quest would be good, or at least something! Driblis doesn't exactly have an established trade other than adventuring, so far.

Recap coming!
No. 920522 ID: 97c6b2
File 154974585845.jpg - (140.92KB , 1024x768 , recap.jpg )

Driblis takes a moment to recap what has gone before! It does feel like it's been a SHORT WHILE since Driblis' adventures, even if it was obviously just yesterday.

Upon turning two years old, Driblis was of age for a kobold! SHOVEL was acquired! Driblis proceeded to speak with Jibblet, who was not friendly. Driblis crafted a leather hat for Jibblet, but condition was unchanged! Driblis splashed in the lake with a shovel! Driblis then took to the caves under the camp... and encountered a ZOMBIE GOATS. After defeating the ZOMBIE GOAT, Driblis fashioned a goat bone helmet and a goat bone shield. This impressed some of the villagers, including Jibblet!

The next morning, Driblis was unable to determine gender. After that confusion, Jibblet accompanied Driblis out to the forest nearby, in the hope of combatting some elves! After some travel, they chanced upon a bear. The bear was eventually defeated without too much injury to the kobolds. After some work, the bear was skinned, butchered, and cooked. The skin has been crafted into two rawhide backpacks and a fur top for Jibblet. The kobolds camped briefly. Arriving at the forest, they spent some hours crafting a pit trap, and meeting Tomifliblin, a one-eyed cat.

After a brief nap in the tree, Driblis wandered off for water, and met a rhesus macaque... which was not attacked. After failing some crafting work, Driblis realized an elf had wandered near the traps! The elf, unimpressed with kobold fighting skills, accepted surrender from Driblis, who also stopped Jibblet's sneak attack. The elf sent them back to their camp, and worked to dismantle traps. After some brief travel, the kobolds returned home, and Driblis slept for the remainder of the night.

But now it's a new day!
No. 920524 ID: 2202fb

rolled 5 = 5

Dude, i was in middle school when you last did this.


Anyway, lets find out our gender. Voting (feminine) herm cuz it would explain why it was so difficult to determine.
No. 920525 ID: 87353e

Investigate the commotion!
No. 920531 ID: b1b4f3

Investigate commotion.
No. 920541 ID: 97c6b2
File 154975600162.jpg - (68.91KB , 1024x768 , 005.jpg )

(Driblis quest predates tgchan by literally years!)


Yep. Driblis heads over there, and listens in a bit!

The kobolds are all gathered around, distributing the bear bits. Leather, fur, bones, meat... it all gets passed around to who needs it most! Or who yells the most, it kind of depends on the kobold.

Jibblet is saying that the bear was something she and Driblis got! So at least she's sharing recognition!

Driblis, standing off to the side near the group, digs around a bit to work out the gender. It's up to a vote!
No. 920544 ID: 87353e

Vote: Remain unable to tell.
I like the ambiguity, and its also very cuteboldy for Driblis to be somewhat oblivious of it.

See if any kolbolds want things made from their bear parts, that sounds like a task you can help with!
No. 920545 ID: b1b4f3

I thought driblis was pretty much universally regarded as male.
No. 920548 ID: 1f4687

search for sergals
No. 920551 ID: 2202fb

Voting for what I already suggested (and rolled :P)

Seconding, though lets not do the super-sexual and/or bloodthirsty kind some ppl seem to portray them as (violent and warlike? fine, but i dont want us to go over there only to get raped or curb-stomped on sight).
No. 920563 ID: c4809e

voting for unable to tell
No. 920589 ID: 97c6b2
File 154981501450.png - (18.14KB , 640x480 , 006.png )

>female-presenting hermaphrodite



Driblis is still unable to figure this out! It's quite a doozy. So instead, uncertain gender.

Also, what's a 'sergal'? Driblis has never heard of those. As far as thinking species goes, Driblis is aware of:

Dwarves to the east, in the mountains
Elves to the northwest, in the forest.
Kobolds right around here, in a plain.
Humans to the southwest, on a coastal flood-plain.
Goblins in the mountain crevices to the south.
Various animal people underground and occasionally in the deep forests

And a few other things. But no sergals!
No. 920595 ID: 2202fb

Meh, that just means they haven't portalled into this dimension yet.
No. 920604 ID: 75c493

Better get some bear for breakfast
No. 920610 ID: 87353e

rolled 2 = 2

Cook some bear meat for breakfast!

Also check in with fellow camp members. Maybe they will have a quest for you!
No. 920620 ID: 3ef734

build a temple to the pagan gods of koboldery you worship
No. 920664 ID: 834378

Driblis is always going to be a male in my heart. Go south. It's time to choke goblins.
No. 920678 ID: 2202fb

Thanks for sharing.


Lets make one of them really long pointy chakram hats.
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