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File 155476019470.jpg - (824.39KB , 2024x1950 , Chapter 4 part 0.jpg )
929115 No. 929115 ID: 70be57

Wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 942978 ID: e51896

*Whispers to Wildcat* I think you need to be the one to speak with Robert on Ana's behalf, Wildcat. Ana understandably is almost at her breaking point if she hasn't reached it right now after just about everyone has hurt her in some way, so I don't think she's in the mood to trust Robert, let alone trust anybody anymore. It'll be kind of nasty if Ana starts talking with Robert any further especially after how she spoke to Dervan. Likewise, I don't think Robert is all too fond of Ana, or us voices despite our best efforts to form a friendship. You however seem to have formed a fatherly bond with Robert so Robert will be more willing to listen to you instead. For topics, a few ideas could be telling him how Ana escaped, ask if he wants to help Ana down, or maybe if you want, let him know that his father is still alive...

Inner thoughts: *whispers to Ana* with apologizes to Wildcat, and Scarred, I'm with you on this, Ana. I don't think I trust Robert either, especially since he has his 6 lil' hands behind his back like he is hiding something. In fact, I don't think I trust anyone anymore. We'll have to face facts that we might not have or ever get allies or friends to help save us, and everyone in the multiverse is trying to kill us. I think that an outside force may have gotten to Robert, preyed on his vulnerabilities and filled his head with lies either while you were sleeping, or while he was searching for the bell. He did come back a bit too early after all, especially since this is a huge tree. With that in mind, I have asked Wildcat to talk to Robert to give us a little more time to test the waters and plan things out so Robert possibly doesn't try anything just yet.

Inner thoughts:That said, Here is what we'll do. While Wildcat talks to Robert, I want you to silently keep a close eye on Robert and prepare for any sudden movements. Meanwhile, I will look behind Robert's back to see if he is hiding something behind his back. If either he makes any sudden moves towards you, or if I say "now!", you will have to jump towards the closest tree branch you saw to get away. It'll suck and will be self destructive since the closest branch is probably too far away to drop down to and there are only a few branches down there, but it's the only way we can escape if it comes to it. You're going to need quick reaction time to dodge Robert for this of my intuition is right.

*moves behind Robert as much as she can to see if Robert is hiding something*
No. 943036 ID: 58c631
File 156622462716.jpg - (2.25MB , 2561x3998 , Chapter 4 part 60.jpg )

No. 943051 ID: f14948


Gods damn you, Fortune.

I trust you Robert.
No. 943205 ID: e51896

Don't trust nice people, they're the most dangerous... that is what dervan said, right? *sigh*

I'm glad you still have that optimism to blindly trust others after the nonstop turmoil, Scarred. But after all we've been through, I just can't. Not anymore.

And on the topic of pointing fingers, I might as well come out and say it. Wildcat, you can drop the nice guy persona act now. You're not fooling me anymore. I'm well aware it was your job by even Root himself to make sure Ana doesn't get killed and it is proven time and again you have saved Ana's life several times. But after what I just discovered just now, I can say I suspect you are also untrustworthy in different ways and do not have Ana's best interests in mind. Although you're making sure Ana stays alive, I have reason to suspect you're also acting as a mole for the cult spying on Ana's actions and the people who she interacts with while at the same time, finding different ways to break Ana's spirit to the breaking point she is in now.

Sure, while those people back in the hotel prevented you from acting to save Ana because of them blackmailing you knowing your girlfriend's location is understandable, I can't ignore some other instances.

Take Anastasia, the girl that Lorence and Rosalia had stopped and possibly killed for example. I have always wondered how the cult knew where to find them if Ana, us voices, and yourself were the only ones who knew where they were going, unless one of us tipped them off. I remember after meeting Anastasia, you immediately wanted to talk to the shopkeeper... privately even. Perhaps to tell him about us finding Anastasia and where they are headed perhaps? seems likely as Lorence has that shopkeeper as a curator later on even though he despises curators. he could have made an exception after that shopkeeper perhaps gave Lorence some juicy information you may have given him about Anastasia.

And that's not all, I may have just discovered something that is now making me suspect that all this time, you could have used your abilities to help Ana out in dire situations but deliberately didn't while lying that you're powers were being counteracted by an opposing force, or being too drained. We could have prevented some tragedies from occurring if you might not have been possibly lying.

in fact... if you were lying about your ability's limits, your possible decision to not act to use your abilities when I asked you to help Ana stealthily escape Flint could have prevented poor Robert's father's death by Casper's hands, one of the things we were trying to prevent. Would have totally not put us in this accusation issue

Ana, Scarred, you can go ahead and continue to trust Wildcat all you want, but I am just laying down my thoughts that I needed to get off my chest for the longest time. I'm hoping I'm dead wrong, but my experiences has me know better than that. It is probably just better at this point for Ana to just work alone and not have allies or form friendships if the multiverse labels her as a pariah despite the good deeds we've been trying to have her do.

And Robert... you seem calm about these accusations. perhaps way too calm. I expected you getting angry, sad, or upset in some way, just a little bit... but you acting calm to keep suspicion away and showing no hints of getting a tiny bit emotional just seems too surreal and unnatural. But I don't know, maybe wildcat is correct and we should just naively get sunburned by the summer vacation heat as he believes maybe we are just too cool for ice cream...

I'm really, really sorry, Harbard... :( :( :(
No. 943213 ID: 8b660e

No. 943215 ID: 8b660e


You’re right to not trust Wild Cat given the evidence! He needs to answer for this.

But, if you lay even a finger on him. I will go away, and given your situation right now, you will also lose him, and Wild Car. You two will be alone out here. I don’t like giving ultimatums but if you are truly going to let their actions of others and the world dictate who you are and what you do,

Then damn you both.
No. 943289 ID: aa0488

I should say when Scarred is referring to
“Him” she is referring to Robert. And yeah, I’m sorry too :(

No. 943292 ID: e51896

Alright... maybe I'm just lactose intolerant to this bs after all...

Robert, all I will say is that you're father is still alive. That woman Essence that you saw kill the Ambassador brought him back to life, but then immediately turned him into a monster and erased his memories of having children.

We however managed to restore his memories after a long and nightmarish encounter with that woman, but he is still with someone named Happy, who is the ringleader.

Now that you know this information, I don't know whether you want to start looking for him with us, as we may come across Happy ourselves and your father, or if you want to try to find Happy yourself to try to join him and your father and betray us and try to kill us, or just leave us alone and go our separate ways, but just know that this is the truth, and we tried our best to get your father out of Happy's grips and what you want to do with this information is up to you.
No. 943294 ID: aa0488

*deep sigh of relief*
Me too Fortune, I’m very sick of it. But that means we can’t be spreading bs ourselves. All we’d have then is more shit.

Robert it is true, your father is alive and he still loves you. A man called “Happy the Tragedy Phantom” is keeping him held up. Before you ask we don’t know how to find him. But I swear by the old gods and the new I will make sure you and your siblings see him again. But now we need to know what you will do with this information, Robert? I won’t stop you or blame you if you want to strike out on your own. But let me say this before you do. Happy’s goal appears to be to break Ana, and the best way he can do that is if we are all fighting against each other. You stand the best chance of finding him again if you stay.

And one more thing, no more keeping secrets from each other, no more trying to hold leverage over each other. That’s not what a team does. The better we can all find ways to work with each other and be honest with each other, the better chance we all have together of getting what we all want, safety, happiness, whatever. But we cannot do that if we are at each other's throats.
No. 943306 ID: 58c631
File 156646897405.jpg - (951.64KB , 3508x2152 , Chapter 4 part 61.jpg )

No. 943315 ID: 8b660e

Does Dervan look like someone you can trust? To me he has the look of a jailer, a slaver. He would kill you without a second thought if it meant saving his own skin. We couldn’t trust him.

But let me ask you another question. If we had taken his offer, what would’ve happened? There was no guarantee it was legitimate. Also, and this is just my own opinion, what about the rest of the people here in this world who also want to escape? I couldn’t leave knowing that I had taken the easy way out and just left everyone else to their fate. Could you?

Now the question remains, what do we do about WC?
No. 943496 ID: e51896

I'm glad your skeptical. You're free to not believe us about Flint, but at least we told you and know later on that we weren't keeping secrets from you...

We didn't take Dervan's offer because after a few times we tried to save people or get help from someone, they immediately try to hurt Ana or use her afterwards, like Laura who put a bomb in Ana after she answered her call for help, or Gretel's bodyguard Jimmy who kidnapped and hurt Ana after she tried to save Gretel from some people, the Ambassador who was trying to use Ana as a means to further his own agenda, Wildcat using Ana to gain information, or your mother Rosaline who tried to kill Ana after Ana tried to spare her life after winning her fight against her. It became clear that no one is grateful for Ana's heroric actions and just want to see her as a villian and have her suffer... we felt Dervan might be the same way, wanting to either use Ana, or hurt her after so much pain Ana went through. Plus, a investigator named Triumphant once told us it is a very bad idea for Ana to leave our dimension. He never said why, but it's implied it could be more trouble than it's worth...

I also think that it is apparent Ana might not be a good leader, let alone be a cult leader like Wildcat and Root wanted. Ana before the fog started was never really a social person, didn't have many friends, really, I don't know why so many people suddenly have such high and grand expectations of Ana. Ana's strengths is definitely not leadership. Now this isn't a bad thing, it just means that Ana's strengths lies somewhere else. We just need to do some soul searching right now to figure out what she wants.

Robert, you on the other hand will make a far better leader than Ana ever could. Maybe you'll even take Root's place even and stop this fog yourself. Or maybe you can take Ana's place as leader? You're very intelligent, even shown independence, and have strong willpower for such a young age. we'd probably support your leadership if your willing.

And I don't know, I'm starting to think that there are still secrets being kept from Ana, like Wildcat not telling us who the powerful woman he's talking to is, or not telling us what he talked about with the shopkeeper privately, or Robert not showing what is behind his back.

A team can't work unless we are all on the same page and not keeping things from one another, and because of that, unless Wildcat, or Robert tells us what their hiding and asks Ana what secrets we might be hiding, it might be for the best for us all to probably go our separate ways peacefully before things reach its tipping point.
Ana had once wanted to remove Root's hand that contained Wildcat off her arm, and she has no pain nerves in her hands after meeting with the Ash Tree the first time, so maybe Robert should just use his sharp arm to slice Root's hand away from Ana to have Wildcat leave her alone, and then from there just go our separate ways?

I don't know, I guess it depends on if Wildcat, and Robert want to reveal what they're hiding and in turn ask anything they are suspicious that Ana is hiding, or if not, it depends on if everyone is willing to remove Root's hand off of Ana's arm to end Wildcat's services and go our separate ways. It is a ginormous decision after all...
No. 943505 ID: 8b660e

Nice show of confidence there, Fortune.
No. 943602 ID: 58c631
File 156677174810.jpg - (5.14MB , 3508x4961 , Chapter 4 part 62.jpg )


No. 943614 ID: ced8ae

*deep breath*


Is everyone paying attention now?

Robert. Let her up and give her the hand back. If she goes anywhere you have my permission to hold her down. Ana, don’t move. And ALL OF YOU, Listen up. I am sick to death of everyone being unable to trust each other.

Ana, you acting like an angry child, and when children get angry mistakes are made. To be honest, more than anything I’m disappointed in you. I told you exactly what would happen if you laid a finger on him. I did not lie to once during all of this. I told you the truth about everything from day one. I understand what you are going through, better than anyone. If you ask me though, you deserved the ass kicking you got. Your actions have only messed things up and now unless we all think, this can only end badly for everyone. If Robert can’t hear me, I suggest you repeat what I say exactly as I say it and also take the time to consider the thought process that led you to make the decisions you just did. What I want from you is a promise, that you will be better than this. You have every right to get angry, you can get paranoid, but you put it to good use. You make it useful.

Robert, she has no moral high ground here. She acted rashly, out of fear and impulse, and it’s gotten her here. But now you’re in hot water as well without thinking about it. You are just a boy, a smart boy, but you’re not quite as street smart as you think. For example, what do you think your siblings will think if they saw this? Ana held them and sung them to sleep. I would say they share a bond to her just as you do with Wild Cat. But now, you’ve put yourself at risk of ostracizing yourself from your siblings. Since your father is alive and wants to be with you all, do you think your actions here have jeopardized what you want for you and your siblings? I know you could say you just as easily lie, but lies build up and grow out of control, especially when they’re told by young children. And if your asking why I’m talking to you like this? Because part of being a child and having a parent or someone who cares about is discipline. Because I want you to be the best you can be, and sometimes, kids need to be shown that through discipline. What I want from you is promise, that no matter what you will do the right because of your family and who you and they love.

Fortune, you need to get over yourself and your own attitude problem. You can’t find a way to work with someone or you can’t trust a person? Find a way to do it. You’re sick and tired of this world, and things not going our way? Where have you been this whole time??? You want to know why I had so many people on my side in my timeline? Because I made them my friends. If you want to destroy an enemy as efficiently as possible, that’s how. You find common ground. But it seems to me at times you don’t want to put in the effort, I’ve tried working with and I’ve agreed with you, and we’ve made bad decisions together, I won’t argue that much. However, your inability to trust, your continuous show of inaction gets nothing done. What I want from you is a solid partnership, you won’t flake out, you will find ways to work with people you don’t feel you can, and you will try to trust who you can.

Wild Cat, I won’t pretend to understand to know what your motivations were for all this, but you are partly to blame for it, nevertheless. I understand you have a job, but this is where your own lies have gotten everyone. I want to trust you, Hell, I like you and appreciate what you’ve done for us on so many levels. But any part of any good relationship is trust and that trust has been broken. How do you intend to fix this? That is what I want from you, I want you to show me that you are someone who is worth being trusted.

Now, because this is A DISCUSSION, I want to know what you all need if we are to work together. I don’t want to leave, and I don’t want to have everyone at each other’s throats. We are setting this, here and now.
No. 943672 ID: e51896

To answer your question Robert, There are no such thing as good or bad people, so Ana is neither of those. At most, she is neutral trying to do the right thing without getting hurt or used. Key word here "trying".
The only thing that really matters is how society molds a person's perspective of everything by how society has treated them, thus making choices based off of their feelings. So who can say where that moral high ground is?

In any case, I asked that Wild cat, who is inside Root's hand, be removed from Ana's arm, and you did just that, so thanks for helping me with that at least. Wildcat was holding somebody prisoner, and I decided it was wrong to do that and we simply shouldn't just fear and ignore her any longer and just accept that person as a part of Ana and learn to form a truce instead of putting a bandaid solution by silencing and ignoring her using Wildcat's magic.

Scarred, I think we should add another person to our discussion now that wildcat is no longer holding her prisoner like a wild animal in a zoo. That is what I want.

Desolation? Can you hear me? I freed you by getting Robert to remove Root's hand. Wildcat is no longer keeping you silent with his magic and I think it is time to form some sort of truce. Can we talk?
No. 943727 ID: 58c631
File 156698591299.jpg - (4.76MB , 3508x4810 , Chapter 4 part 63.jpg )

No. 943738 ID: 8b660e

The same goal you have, to create a better world for everyone. And that includes you and your siblings, and even your father who is also “a monster.” We found a few things out, one of which being that this conflict between the cult is essentially meaningless. Especially because what we are in is a cycle, things will just repeat and play out sometimes different sometimes the same. I want to break that cycle in order for a new world and progress to happen.

So if you’re looking for a reason not to kill Ana, here’s one. Don’t make your job harder than it needs to be.

Robert, something you said worries me. Because I do care, because I care about you and your siblings. But you said you are doing this for them? Do you even know what they want? Both of them are sweet kids. And yet you isolated yourself from them, even back at the hotel. When they wanted a hug, you were sulking in the roof. But I took the time to come up and talk with you. Because I cared about you and what you wanted, I still do. But you shouldn’t claim to know what’s best for them, that’s not love Robert. That’s control. It’s okay to idolize your father, but you should want to be a better man than him, because that’s what parents want for their kids. They want them to be great and to not make the same mistakes they did.
No. 943741 ID: e51896

What would our goal be? Well, as Ana said, she has given up trying to stop Root and Lorence from changing the world. We don't want to get involved with them any longer, nor do we want to get involved with Absolution Prime. If anything, we were tricked into trying to achieve that goal when we weren't supposed to.

And while I want Ana to just try to flee this country away from the cult and Absolution Prime, you probably won't believe it especially since we didn't take Dervan's offer to escape.

Really, I think we are being forced to pursue a different goal. We were for a long while being harassed by Essence, the woman who you just saw kill the Ambassador a little while ago. She was doing very terrible things such as kidnapping people and torturing them, manipulating people with lies sometimes even through mind control or erasing memories in some way, killing people including a couple of cult members, even trying to get Lorence killed at one point, and even killing an entire timeline. Essence with her nihilistic view of the universe wanted to take control of Ana, wanting nothing more for Ana to destroy everything and kill everyone, causing nothing but suffering.

And the thing is, even though we managed to beat Essence, she isn't even the leader of her group. She is following an ambitious man calling himself Happy the Tragedy Phantom, who I told you is holding your father hostage. I do not know what his goals is, but it seems to involve harassing Ana and us voices, and if Essence said she wanted to rule this universe with Happy and then destroy it, then I fear he may be trying to destroy the universe instead of trying to change it like Root's cult is trying to do. Happy seems do be doing so by playing different groups of people like the cult and even people in Ana's team like a fiddle, manipulating them for the worst to achieve a goal which he is keeping secret.

So I guess while we do not want to take down the cult anymore, and while I want Ana to escape this country, I think we are being forced into a goal to try to figure out who Happy the Tragedy Phantom is, what he is trying to achieve and decide whether or not he is worth taking down and rescue the people he has kidnapped... whether we like it or not as it seems like he is personally trying to force us into confronting him.

That said, while Root and Lorence may want to change and rule this world, Happy on the other hand might be showing threatening signs that he might be trying to destroy it. we need to make sure who he is, what exactly he is planning to be sure if he is worth confronting before he fulfills his goals.

So yeah, I suppose that is truly why we didn't take Dervan's offer and that is the obligation for this world that we have...

As for our next step if you were to let Ana go, I don't think Ana should use the bell since there is likely a trap on the other side. Everybody wants to kill her after all. Instead, she should try to just climb down this tree without any help and without her hand, because if she cannot achieve climbing down this tree herself, how can she expect to survive in this world on her own?

But... I guess it doesn't matter and it's all wishful thinking. It looks like you already made up your mind to kill Ana and there is nothing we can say or do to get you to believe us and change your mind and free Ana, is there?
No. 943745 ID: 8b660e

Inner thoughts: If Robert could feel Fortune watching him... then... maybe...?

*embraces Robert in a motherly hug*
No. 943788 ID: 58c631
File 156710410352.jpg - (1.98MB , 2480x2785 , Chapter 4 part 64.jpg )

No. 943794 ID: 58c631
File 156711357050.jpg - (1.10MB , 2480x1779 , Chapter 4 part 65.jpg )

Before this chapter continues there is going to be a short story in between. Choose which one you want to be portrayed.

No. 943813 ID: 8b660e

I would prefer to do Putting all things inside outside, but I have my coplayer would want to flavor of happiness with aftertaste of regret. Tell you what, if this is the case i'll roll you for it.
No. 943845 ID: e51896

flavor of happiness
No. 943849 ID: 58c631

Oh boy
No. 943877 ID: 8b660e

rolled 3 = 3

No. 943878 ID: 8b660e

Oh... well shit
No. 943948 ID: e51896

My turn to roll,
before I roll, what sided dice are we rolling?
No. 943949 ID: e51896

rolled 13 = 13

Nevermind, Harbard told me he rolled a 20 sided dice. So that is what I'm rolling too

you may have beaten me in the first two dice rolling games, but I'll get you this time
No. 943960 ID: b151ba
File 156723589946.jpg - (424.05KB , 1158x1095 , Chapter 4 part 66.jpg )

No. 943961 ID: e51896

You didn't steal those things from that spirit that tells riddles, did you?

lets go search for hidden things this time.
No. 944026 ID: f1cf1b

I’m down for this.
No. 944087 ID: b151ba
File 156735591141.jpg - (2.40MB , 3508x3318 , Chapter 4 part 67.jpg )

I already implemented the transition to the short story. As for the roles, one participator will be Null while you Harbard Grim will be in control of Tv Flint, just play him like a reanimated corpse with low intelligent.

No. 944092 ID: 8b660e


Who’re we talking about again?
No. 944110 ID: e51896

...Where's Ember Sapling? after giving Ember my precious heart to get her to trust and follow Essence's orders to keep things running outside of my body... only having it end up getting Ember burnt to a charred state and letting her down...I would have thought she would especially be here to watch and laugh at my inevitable torture or death... maybe even personally rip my soul to shreds like she threatened to do to that small guy with the mask that managed to escaped my clutches...
No. 944121 ID: b151ba
File 156741416949.jpg - (1.85MB , 3080x2497 , Chapter 4 part 68.jpg )

No. 944138 ID: 8b660e

Ohhh yeah, that’s right. Essence is dead now...

Inner thoughts: Good. Maybe this means I can leave here and go find my kids. I really don’t care about this thing in the can. What about that other girl the one with the melted face...?

Actually come to think of it I’d like to get everyone’s thoughts on what should be done here with this... uh, traitor? I guess I’ll go last.
No. 944217 ID: e51896

What is there to explain? What's even the point trying to explain myself at this point? to try to garner sympathy from you all? to ask for forgiveness and redemption? Nothing I'll say will ever get you to think better of me. I mean what is it you want to hear from me? All I can say is that Essence was trying to destroy me through that whole fight despite me trying to be helpful to her, with strike one being breaking all my bones in a very painful manner and getting ghosts to control my body, strike two being erasing my precious memories that makes me who I am with each ghost killed, and step three was giving Ember the courage she needs to accomplish Essence orders to stay outside my body by giving her my heart only to have Essence's orders end up destroying my heart and hurt Ember in the end. Was I supposed to take all that?

But that's not the answer you want to hear, is it? You want the easy less complicated answer, only wanting to see things in black and white ignoring the gray. so fine, here it is: I'm a (literal) spineless coward who only cares about my self preservation at the expense of others, and I am the "villain" for betraying Essence for my advantage instead of suffering for her, losing my mind, and possibly dying for her like I was supposed to. While you all are the "heroes" all ready to make me suffer without mercy or chance of redemption. Is that what you want want to hear? Whatever, I'm done feeling sorry for myself at this point. I've finally accepted my current state, and will accept whatever punishment you have in mind.

What I won't accept, however, is your comment on Ember. Where do you get off on calling Ember, your own ally, weak? Especially after all she went through during that fight? How DARE you to even insinuate her grieving is a weakness!? If anything, she has shown the most amount of courage in that battle than anyone else ever shown, standing in the most vulnerable spot all to keep my uncontrollable body angered and powerful. She may have been unsure at first, but after showing my courage and giving her my heart, she herself showed courage despite the risks, and despite where it ended up for the both of us. And that's more than can be said about you, Spirit Contaminator, just watching it all happen in the safety of that shielded throne. Sure Ember might hate me the most out of all of you, but she at least has all of my respect for her courage.

Actually, who is it am I talking to? are you Blizulia, Spirit Contaminator, or is it the Spirit Parasite controlling Blizulia? I can't be sure anymore with your actions. Are you sure who you are?

To top it off, Ember is showing more courage than you right now! You may see her grieving as a sign of weakness, but I see it actually as a great sign of courage. The fact that she even had the willpower to accept the cards that has been dealt to her to begin with, and to visit Essence's grave to accept Essence's death and grow stronger from that sadness and acceptance shows she has far greater strength than any of you.
Meanwhile you still refuse to accept Essence's death, to pay your respects to Essence and support Ember and instead opted to just decide to formulate a punishment for me, hoping my suffering will help you gain any sort of satisfaction, that maybe my suffering will make you feel stronger and bring a bit of Essence back to you symbolically. Nothing you do will bring her back, and while you may feel strong for beating up a weak slime like me, you aren't actually gaining strength. So instead of calling your "friend" weak for grieving, maybe you should be supporting her through her difficult trial, maybe even pay your respects to Essence instead of trying to run from it like Ember did.

And you asked me what you all should do with my treason? Here is one: let Ember herself decide my punishment. After all she's been through, she has suffered the most next to Essence, so she should be most deserving deciding my punishment.

But whatever, you all have fun and and decide my punishment. Just like how Ember accepted Essence's death, she has inspired me to accept my punishment. After all, I've hit rock bottom, no, I've hit the earth's inner core. no amount of punishment will make things any worse for me at this point, even death is a mercy. But I'll say in closing, if you have any respect for Ember, you should let Ember herself decide my punishment.

No. 944220 ID: 8b660e


Could you slow that down a bit? It sounded ballsy so I’ll give you that much.
No. 944228 ID: b151ba
File 156754037108.jpg - (3.09MB , 3186x4233 , Chapter 4 part 69.jpg )

No. 944277 ID: e51896

for how I'm doing? Well, I just blew off a bunch of steam ranting after hearing them call Ember weak, and now, I oddly feel a whole lot more refreshed and relaxed... all things considered. Just anticipating my death day coming a day or two apparently.

have I considered my choices in my previous and current lives, and the theme of my existence? I guess. I have always been too selfish, too self absorbed and arrogant in my choices, and in the end lead me to themes of being alone in life... but then again, life and existence has no themes or meaning, does it?

y'know, I just got a wave of nostalgia with what memory I still have left... you all remind me a bit of all my dead friends. Tv head reminds me of the strong Mike, Felafaf reminds me of the quiet Jerry, Anubis reminds me of Betty, the missing Ember reminds me of the caring Nadly, Spirit Contaminator reminds me of the leader Tom, and Happy reminds me of Christopher who brought that portrait that Halloween. Yeah, I feel it will be fitting to wait for Nadly on the day of my death.

hm, your face seems a bit too close to your communication portal, Happy. Can't even see a part of your body either. Something wrong?
No. 944279 ID: 6eabb5

( whoops I meant for null to say "wait for EMBER on the day of my death" not "wait for NADLY on the day of my death". But then again him saying Nadly instead of Ember could really show just how nostalgic Null feels.)
No. 944707 ID: bfce93

How can you tell what his face looks like? He’s wearing a mask? I think? Come to think of it he always makes a weird wooden clacking noise whenever he walks around.
No. 944890 ID: f7ff14
File 156828605707.jpg - (1.26MB , 3220x1467 , Chapter 4 part 70.jpg )

No. 944902 ID: e51896

[inner thoughts] strap a bomb on myself to kill my enemies in self sacrifice? might as well find a nuclear bomb or two in that case then. Maybe that insane FBI agent can help with that if I can find her... if she doesn't blow me up first. but nuking the ash tree's spirit now that I think about it... will that even work?

[inner thoughts] I already told him how I'm feeling. No need to tell him again. interesting how the others weren't immediately following his orders to answer him when he asked them a question. First not straightening up Embers weakness, now not following orders immediately. Things probably aren't going to end well.

Hey, You were talking about my destiny... but I thought Essence told me you hated the concept of destiny with a passion, and wanted to get rid of that? Maybe you don't hate destiny as much as Essence lead me to believe...
No. 944916 ID: 8b660e


Oh yeah I did, didn't I...?

... Well I guess the only thing I feel is a slight sense of relief than. I don't really want to work for someone who would shoot me on a whim.
No. 944928 ID: e51896

[inner thoughts]: >>944916 I'd bet my soul tv man doesn't even remember who exactly shot him, lol, change the channel.

[inner thoughts]: Now that I think about it, while I will probably look for a bomb/nuke if possible, I have a feeling if I needed to sacrifice myself and activate the bomb, it would probably not work and be a dud knowing my luck.

[inner thoughts]: good thing they can't read my mind.
No. 944970 ID: f7ff14
File 156840451986.jpg - (2.71MB , 2756x3457 , Chapter 4 part 71.jpg )

No. 945102 ID: e51896

[inner thoughts]: OH! that's right! dreams are easy to forget, so I almost forgot that in my dream, Demoria wanted to find a way to talk to and bargain with Spirit Contaminator, and I offered to help arrange a meeting. But like Demoria said, I can't just rush into it. I'll need to have patience, and by doing that, I'll need to slowly start some kind of friendship with Spirit Contaminator, or maybe get stockholm syndrome in order to eventually get her to talk with Demoria...

[inner thoughts]: I think to do that, I'll need to answer and critique Spirit Contaminator's questions truthfully, but not be insulting, but not be too friendly either... but ugh, that's TOO MANY QUESTIONS SHE IS ASKING!!!!... nonetheless, I'll have to answer them... because I may have let myself down, but I won't let Demoria down at least. This is for her. I have to prove I'm not a total failure at everything

What I think of you? we just met so I barely know you to draw a conclusion, nor do I know what you mean by Ice cream shop incident... but initial thoughts, you do seem to have sympathy for your family and others, especially the late Essence. I mean, you're trying to keep your team together in the interrogation room. And I know you wanted to kill me in the interrogation room, but in that fight, you used to be a little hesitant in killing me with a poison earlier and called Happy to intervene instead. But more than that, you now seem determined to get shit done trying to push away past weakness, not showing mercy anymore towards me, trying not to let feelings get in the way, and just looking forward on your goals... Just be sure to check your rear-view window periodically, the past can rear-end you if you don't.

Appearance? I don't think that matters at this point considering the type of people of varying appearances are out there being the norm after the fog hit. I mean, look at Tv Head's, and my own appearance. But I believe despite whether or not what your physical condition is, you are still you, it matters not how you look as long as you know who or what you are and want to be. But you asking about your appearance towards us, I can't tell if you hate how you look or not. I think the question is what do you yourself think of your own appearance? How do you want to look? How do you want others to see you?

For your leadership? even though your leadership was probably thrown at you, I see potential. You certainly seem to have a plan of action and the preparation and will to carry out those plans. And you seem to be keeping order in your team as you have prevented Anubis from keeping TV Head muted showing you can keep your team as united as possible...
...However, there was something about what you did as a leader that caused my outburst in the interrogation room: calling Ember weak. Sure you may have disagreed with my suggestion to go grieve with her and face the truth saying there is no time for sadness, but I think you could have still gone with Ember if not with the intention to grieve for Essence, but to support Ember through her grieving and time of need even if you didn't agree with it... if only to weed out the weaknesses by mending Ember's broken heart and help her grow stronger through it instead of just leaving her alone to pay respects to Essence...like Jerry did to me when he wouldn't support my studies thus ending my first life
I think this goes for Felafaf too. She said she was Sad and empty when speaking to Happy, and yet you said there is no time for sadness earlier. If you're worried that sadness is going to bring your team down, you should try to mend Felafaf's and Ember's sadness.

thoughts on the community? hm... I don't know if I've met EVERYONE in the community, but it seems with all the people I've seen so far, it seems to be full of broken spirits who lost people or somethings or everything and they want to do something about it. A community of people with broken hearts and emotional trauma. But hey, at least you all can be miserable together to pull through and reach for the stars. But I think I remember hearing that people who are broken can be manipulated easily. I'm probably speaking from experience though. Just be aware of what is going on around you.

How you function? you're all very secretive, very prepared, I'll admit, it is quite intimidating,
However, some of you seem to act out on your emotions, like Anubis' blind rage muting Tv Head which shows signs she can potentially ignore logic and and act on rage without seeing the big picture or considering her teammates thoughts, Tv Head's confusion which could cause misunderstandings in orders, Felafaf's and Ember's sadness that may potentially give them a defeatist hopeless attitude. I think as a leader, you need to address these with them before your mission.

How you are organized? as I said, you remind me of my friends, sticking together, united. Though it seems if one of you are doing something you disagree with, such as Ember, you call them weak behind their back. Shunning someone for their actions will just give them more reason to leave your organized group or get thrown under the bus like what happened to me with my group of friends... But at least you all took consideration with what I said regarding Ember and decided to wait for Ember for my death so that you all can truly be together.

For how you all see each other in your group? well, you all seem united with the same goal, but I can see how some of their personalities don't match up well with each other. For instance, Anubis has no patience for Tv Head, Tv head doesn't look like he wants anything to do with anyone and would rather get lost in his confusion, Felafaf doesn't speak out often, and it looks like you seem to be distancing from Ember and her sadness instead of helping her get over her sadness.


Also, after this conversation, can TV Head put me inside that toy box and close it? I want nothing but total darkness to blanket me.

[inner thoughts]: That was too many questions that she wanted me to answer... I hope it amounts to something. I'm doing this for you Demoria.
No. 945160 ID: 8b660e

You know my head’s kinda fuzzy on some details. Probably because how I got shot. But this community...? Well I mean you accept me, and I can’t say my own mothers treated me quite as well as you do. I don’t necessarily feel like a prisoner, either I don’t need to put on any airs. I kind of remember... I guess trying to hard to be a leader myself? I don’t think I was very good at it.

As for your appearance? Well c’mon can I really be the judge of that? You’re fine with me. I don’t really have any problems with anyone. I don’t think Anubis likes me though, but she’s okay with me.

As for your leadership? You don’t shoot me or hurt people under you, I’d say that’s a good start!

But there is one thing I feel like I’m missing... I want to see my kids again. If had to leave this place it would be for them.
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