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File 155476019470.jpg - (824.39KB , 2024x1950 , Chapter 4 part 0.jpg )
929115 No. 929115 ID: 70be57

Wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 936038 ID: e51896

...Crazy idea: what if someone else were to maybe... take Absolution Prime's place? Is that even possible? I mean, considering Absolution Prime is kind of an asshole treating people in that universe as test subjects to some extent, perhaps someone more benevolent can take on his role? Maybe not us Per se, but... I would assume there have been people before who tried to take his place considering the damages suffering and betrayals he has been causing in each cycle.
No. 936044 ID: 17cdb5

Took the words right out of my mouth.

No. 936703 ID: 458fa9
File 156116078164.jpg - (1.79MB , 2327x3465 , Chapter 4 part 36.jpg )

No. 936719 ID: 17cdb5

Well... What if one of us took that position? Or both of us? Because we were the ones to take down Essence, and we are bound to this cycle as well. Truth be told I was worried we would have unbound ourselves from Ana if we killed her. Part of my understanding was that Essence was the reason we are even here, but her being dead kind of puts that to the lie. It seems something else is keeping us bound just as much as Prime. So doesn’t that put us in different position now too? Shouldn’t we have some say in what happens?
No. 936733 ID: e51896

Interesting idea Scarred, but we have seen how living through so many of those cycles had corrupted Essence to the sadistic psychopathic homicidal bitch she was. I feel it will do the same to you, this current Ana, and me. Hell, we barely even started this cycle, and already we admittedly each became corrupted in some way. We are just too unfit to take on his duties

On the topic of Essence being to only one who could of stand a chance against Absolution Prime, maybe if Essence was nicer to us when we first met her instead of treating us like dirt, and hurting our friends and others just for the fun of it, maybe we could have helped her and Happy, even if in the end they were tricking us. But she chose to try to be our enemy and make others see us as their enemy. Her corruption just made her too unfit to take Prime's place...
But... I can't shake this feeling that maybe... she wanted us to kill her? As if it was all part of a grand plan which required her to die, and we fell for it? I don't know. It seems like she was trying way too hard to get us to be her enemy just so we can kill her in some way.

A different candidate to take Absolution prime's throne could be AJ. I mean, he is getting stronger with each passing second, but he is too young at the moment. If he wants to stand a chance to dethrone Prime, I think he might need eons and eons of training, something that one cycle, let alone a million cycles cannot provide. The only option I see is to find some way to get AJ out of that universe without Prime's knowledge so that he can get lots of experience and get away from that universe's corruption... (or perhaps just create his own universe and enjoy life there. Really, it's his choice how he wants to live his life)
But I don't know whether or not he is allowed to leave.

I guess that means we are kind of out of options of what we want to do. I can't help but feel our only option is to just... live and observe how things plays out silently in this mad corrupted world? Who knows, maybe an answer will show up while we're adventuring? I'm kind of not seeing the point of doing anything really.
No. 936734 ID: e51896

But yeah, thanks for the info, Marble. We'll keep quiet about this conversation. Please take us back home now.
No. 937170 ID: 458fa9
File 156144830823.jpg - (2.30MB , 2971x3101 , Chapter 4 part 37.jpg )

No. 937190 ID: e51896

As I said before, I don't think having us or Ana take Absolution Prime's place is a wise thing to do, as it could mess up our mind like it did Essence.

Mainly, in this cycle, I think our main goal will be to get AJ out of that world to get him away from the cult, and Absolution Prime, for our safety. I think for now, they are busy distracted with their war against each other, especially since we put a stop to seeing how to stop the fog, so very soon will be a good idea to make our move in finding a way in saving AJ's life before things really heats up.
No. 937191 ID: e51896

Also, you have an eyepatch, Marble. Do you have an extra eyepatch Ana can borrow to hide AJ? but then again, it probably wouldn't matter as I don't think Ana can take any items with her when she wakes up.
No. 937563 ID: 17cdb5

No one is gonna snitch on you Marble. All in all you’ve actually been one of the nicest people we’ve met in this whole crazy world.

As for getting AJ out, it *is* possible to keep him while also keeping prime off our back. I know because I had him in my own timeline but Prime never considered me as a target. Why that is I couldn’t say but he may have later on considered me a threat as I know he betrayed me. How he betrayed me is something I still don’t know though. As for messing with the tribunals plans I don’t mind messing up some know-it-all bureaucrat’s day.
No. 937981 ID: 9dda2b
File 156205940722.jpg - (3.25MB , 3029x4687 , Chapter 4 part 38.jpg )

No. 937988 ID: e51896

We're screwing off outta here.

Our main goal is to protect Absolution Junior. One way is to get him outta here with Dervan. Immediately pull out his card (I think it is in your pocket) and tell Dervan you're ready to leave with his card please. He'll probably help us sort this situation out, and then we can leave with him.

He also said we can bring up to 10 people with us. Tell you are bringing the voices (Scarred and me) Absolution Junior, Wild Cat (those are the required people)

As for the rest, we have to be careful who we choose. Essence told us some of them is going to betray us, like it or not. I don't think she is lying.

The only person I truly want from our group is Box Head. He has nothing to lose anyway.

Leave the rest behind. 93 and Clarence can care for the kids as foster parents... well maybe just 93.
I do not think 93 wants to leave as I think she is still a follower of the cult, Clearance can protect 93, and I don't think the kids' mother would be too happy taking her kids out if this dimension.

I want to take Laura with us, but she too doesn't want to leave. She wants to find her father.

But I want to see if Dervan can bring Anastasia and her grandfather (or was it her father?) with us. She was counting on us to save her after her car was stopped by Lorence and the cult. Dervan probably can't as she is too far away, but he can probably ask Lorence to do it.

So yeah, Absolution Junior, Wildcat, Boxhead, maybe Anastasia, maybe her grandfather (or father?) Scarred, and me.

I only hope that skeleton, the Ambassador, doesn't show up and forces Ana to stay. I remember he is trying to use Ana to further whatever goals he is after, and he might not be too happy with us leaving with Dervan.
No. 937995 ID: 8b660e

Back away, get ready for a fight should it come to that if they are with the cult we have no interest in going with them. Now might be a good time to get WC in here to use his power as well
No. 938080 ID: 9dda2b
File 156217597401.jpg - (3.19MB , 3508x3791 , Chapter 4 part 39.jpg )

No. 938128 ID: e51896

I can't believe Mac Tonight is fucking dead!

Also, somebody set us up the bomb?(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XCot_esni0) I bet it was that FBI woman.

Where did WC go?

Alright, if I remember, there were 3 of these survivors. one of them was killed, the second one is here kidnapping us, and I have a feeling the third one is hiding nearby just in case we try to attack with magic, which means we are outnumbered if that is the case.

I am not taking chances, so we might as well comply and do exactly what this person tells us. This person wants us alive for some reason.

But first chance we get, we are getting out of here with that business card. We'll have to make sure he doesn't take that card if it comes to that, and our rose.

But yeah, do what he says... for now...
No. 938154 ID: 8b660e

Comply for now, but don’t just give in, question him and make them question their own morals about going through with this.

“There’s no need to get violent about this. It’s clear that I have some sort of value and you want to take advantage of that. I get it, it’s classic hostage negotiation. If that’s the case though why save me from moon-face down stairs and then immediately threaten to shoot me when I’m not your enemy. So why do any of this anyway? My guess is you want to hand me over to the cult thinking that handing me over will mean immunity for yourself. If that’s the case, I don’t think it will. They will just kill you via association anyway. Their acting leader, Lorence, is too paranoid to let anyone who associates with me live.”

“Now it’s either that or you want to ransom me to some other party who’s yet to make their marks known, or you and your friends downstairs are a part of that other group. If that’s the case then I really have no other idea, unless you know things about me that you think have some kind of value.”
No. 938155 ID: 8b660e

Possible but if he does have an accomplice wouldn’t it make sense to leave them down with the others to keep them off ya? Speaking of magic I do have some ideas of what he’s about to do. People make others do this when they want to handcuff them. I’m betting that’s the case, but if we use just enough fire, not even enough to create a full fireball mind you, we could heat the links of the chains up to where they are soft and malleable and can be pulled apart. Also this other idea occurred to me, this next idea is awful Ana but don’t show him fear. Keep talking as well, stop only when he says to because believe me, the closer we get to the truth the less he’ll want us to talk.

“Or you are planning some sort of coup within this group here. You saw me leading the others and immediately wanted to use me to get to them. If that’s the case you’ll probably kick the kids and the men out but keep myself and 93. Women have more value. And I’m also betting you’ve got an accomplice, pulling something like this isn’t a one man job.”
No. 938195 ID: 9dda2b
File 156227735072.jpg - (1.94MB , 3508x4710 , Chapter 4 part 40.jpg )

No. 938233 ID: e51896

Don't look at the sky Ana. Mark gave you strict orders to stay in that position. Looking up means he'll shoot you.

But yeah, it seems like we have some unfinished business to take care of before us, and AJ can leave this dimension with Dervan. Most likely it is Rosalia wanting revenge for her sister.

I believe she also wants to take AJ away from you for his protection because Mother Gaia's followers believes we kidnapped him away from Mother Gaia, which we can't allow. Absolution Prime will most definitely be able to find him if he is in this dimension without us as his power grows, making him a beacon which will only make AJ, and whoever he is with an easy target for him to assassinate. AJ has a better chance of survival if he is out of this dimension.

So if it is Rosalia, we will most likely have to either convince her to let us leave with AJ, or have a rumble with her until she is either unconscious or dead. Both of which is going to be difficult I assume. Remember that rose that Mother Gaia gave us? I have a feeling that it will have to come into play at some point during our negotiation or battle. Not immediately, but when the time is right.

For now, stay in your position, and lets quietly wait for what our visitor has to say to does. If it is Rosalia, just know that she doesn't look human anymore. her time with one of Mother Gaia's followers made her look a little more monstrous. actually a lot more monstrous.
No. 938248 ID: 3ff1a4

This isn’t a hostage negotiation... this is handing over a prisoner.

WC we need our weapon.
No. 938267 ID: e51896

Not yet Scarred. Maybe later in this situation, but not now. Mark is watching Ana and WC like a hawk. we can't make any suspicious moves right now or Ana and/or WC will get shot or stabbed. That goes for WC giving us a weapon or allowing us to use AJ (which could alert Absolution Prime sensing AJ's power) as well. Patience is key here. Let us quietly wait and see what our visitor has to say. Stay chill plz. We've been in worse situations.
No. 938292 ID: 9dda2b
File 156233286906.jpg - (2.13MB , 3508x4961 , Chapter 4 part 41.jpg )

No. 938294 ID: e51896

I don't know if Mark can hear you from down here, but maybe tell Mark that if he hurts those children, he'll have to answer to Rosaline, that spider lady. Those are her children after all that you found.

But knowing how this world works, and how it fucks us over, and nothing goes our way, I don't think he'll be able to hear us. It is worth a try though, but don't get your hopes up. Call out to Mark

But I have faith your friends can fend for themselves. Boxhead was in the army and should know some techniques, those kids have sharp arms which are strong, Clarence might have abilities in his current form, and 93 is immortal. I think they are more than Mark can handle. Don't worry too much about them.

Other than that, I guess there is nothing we can do now except wait. But I don't get it. Why would she want you alive? she could have told Mark to shoot and stab you multiple times, and she could drop you right now, especially if she wants revenge, but she is not.

look forward. where are we headed currently?
No. 938310 ID: b05762

You should have listened to me... And how could they hurt WC? He’s incorporeal and his powers specifically teammate to stealth., did you forget that? Now our allies back at that hotel *including the kids* are now in danger and we’re without a weapon.

“Rosalia, I’m assuming we’re going somewhere for a duel?Or something of the like, you strike me as the type who wants to get even. Now that you’ve got your prey now’s the chance to get even right? Funny how mother Gaia suddenly talked wasn’t it? My experiences with her is she doesn’t actually *say* anything beyond noises of nature.”

And let’s show her she also owes us now shall we?

“Oh and the voices who guide me? They say your girlfriend, Matilda, is doing fine, they think she is practicing law now after they helped her win her own trial and prove her innocence.”
No. 938313 ID: b05762

“Also, your sister is safe too but Lester might be in danger or dead. Root’s sister Delilah, might have killed him. My voices say they helped him both save your sister during a banquet when she stepped out and was suicidal. Then Lorence came out shot her with some drug to keep her incapacitated, you might want to be wary of him. Delilah then ran out and but due to her drug problems went into withdrawal from stress and fainted. When she came to, Lester was taking care of her and she tried to get her to sleep with him. He refused, and she stabbed him and left him to bleed out.”

“Also, if you think I’m trying to get your mind elsewhere, of course I am. There’s more important things to focus on other than revenge. Hell, the whole reason we’ve been trying to help people recently is more or less out of guilt for what we did. So look if you’re so intent on seeing this through I won’t stop you, but I hope you know why I did what I did. Maybe you won’t care, maybe you will. What do you say? Can you hear me out before we do this? Just think of it this way, it’s all the better to know your enemy, wouldn’t you agree?”
No. 938363 ID: e51896

>You should have listened to me...

I... actually don't regret my decision. Even if he can't hurt WC, he can still hurt Ana. Plus, Cera's prediction was that Ana would get stabbed and gunned in her future. He had a knife and gun. I think we dodged a bullet there... for now... no pun intended.

And you know what Ana, even though we're in a bit of bad luck, and I don't think it is ever going to change... why don't we use this moment to look at the silver lining here for now, take the good with the bad.
For instance, we're flying right now, something people don't get to do often. Whether you choose to talk to our kidnapper or not, Why don't we also appreciate the view from up here in the horizons before we land while it lasts? or at least what we can see. If we're going to be facing some miserable moments, there is no reason why we can't find some good moments with the bad. Maybe swing a little bit too for fun.
No. 938369 ID: f75f1c

Yeah well we’re not out of the woods yet. But you know what? Yeah! How many people get to fly like this? Enjoy the view aside from saying all of that might as well try and have a bit of fun with this.
No. 938373 ID: 9dda2b
File 156240932614.jpg - (1.41MB , 3508x2813 , Chapter 4 part 42.jpg )

No. 938386 ID: 7e475f

ROBERT! You beautiful boy!

Listen I have something I wanted to be the one to tell you but now isn’t really the time. Think you can help us out when we land? Or maybe... how strong are your arms? Your mom could bust through solid concrete, any chance you could catch us on something if we broke lose?
No. 938421 ID: e51896

Hm... Actually, a thought came to mind. Lets keep Robert hidden and just wait and see where this takes us. he might be able to help us later once we reach our destination, but that is only if he is willing and we get a better idea of what we'll be dealing with.

>how strong are your arms? Your mom could bust through solid concrete, any chance you could catch us on something if we broke loose?
He could probably but here is my idea: I remember that Rosalia was with Lorence when they ambushed Anastasia, the girl who was in that vehicle. I don't know if Rosalia killed Anastasia or if she simply captured her, but this might be a chance, maybe our only chance, to save or at least get information on what happened to Anastasia and her old man if we just wait it out for Rosalia to fly to whatever destination she is taking us.

Besides, I think trying to break loose would only anger the monster even more and cause more trouble right now and reveal Robert's presence to Rosalia.

Like I said, lets for now relax and enjoy the scenery while we wait to arrive in our destination. we're often too busy worrying, that we forget to take things slow to appreciate the little things in life. Stop and smell the flowers so to speak. It'll help lower our stress to be mentally prepared for what is to come, and most importantly help us learn to find happiness in the face of misfortune.
No. 938506 ID: 9dda2b
File 156254472683.jpg - (1.38MB , 3136x3375 , Chapter 4 part 43.jpg )

No. 938519 ID: 9b9c4c

“I met her briefly before she tried to get away beyond that I don’t know much about her. But I just didn’t want her to badly hurt is all.”

Just stick to the basics for now. As for the Ash tree shard, if that can boost up WC maybe we can use it and teleport out of here
No. 938542 ID: e51896

Wild cat said he doubts he can use it to teleport, just create illusions.
But I'm interested in knowing if WC can hide AJ with the shard, like camouflage AJ on Ana's eye in case someone tries to take him away, like Absolution Prime for example.
But right now my question to WC is: what are the side effects of using that shard? There's always a catch after all. I mean, becoming immortal from the ash tree for example makes people look monsterous...

For now, Robert, hide in the bag until we figure things out please.

As for Rosalina, just tell her that you gave Anastasia some items to help her survive and escape the fog after she threatened you. But you see her as a friend because she offered you a ride to escape, but you couldn't because you were naive with your actions and goals at the time, and you didn't want Anastasia to get involved in our mess since lots people are hunting you down. It seemed like it didn't matter as Anastasia was ambushed regardless.
No. 938655 ID: 9dda2b
File 156268698283.jpg - (0.96MB , 2702x2676 , Chapter 4 part 44.jpg )

No. 938657 ID: e51896

>It'll probably do something to the power that opposes my abilities in the first place.

That sounds... very ominous. I'm glad I asked before we jumped into that decision. Well, we've gotten out of situations without having to rely on a power or magic handicap before. Perhaps we don't need to use it? My decision is to not use it but keep it in the bag just in case.

I also want to hear Scarred's decision as well.
No. 938679 ID: 8b660e

A whole host of things could go wrong if we use it while we’re high in the air. Best to save it for now.

As for Rosalia here, she said we have one thing left to say before we land. Let’s wow her.
“How’s Matilda doing?”
No. 938709 ID: e51896

Don't mention Matilda. Rosalia told us to keep silent. I believe what she actually meant was that we'll have a chance to say our peace after we land at our destination, wherever that is.

You all seem interested in getting into a little battle with Rosalia, using offensive powers and stealth magic, even considering using the shard despite the possible side effects. But I think I should mention another possibility:

Felafaf's powers.

I really think after we land, we should try to find a way to use Felafaf's abilities when we get the chance to say our last words. We might be able to use it to... persuade her away from hurting us... maybe even get her to reveal some answers we're looking for even if we're lucky.

The only thing I'm worried about is that whatever outcome we might get from her abilities could actually go very wrong in the far future if we are not careful. We'll have to be careful on how to use Felafaf's ability to persuade Rosalia, making sure not to steer us in an even worse situation later on in our journey...

however, Felafaf's abilities tend to happen randomly. I don't know how we can activate it willingly. Maybe it is an ability I had in my past life and I have to remember how to activate it willingly? in any case, lets see if we can get Felafaf's ability to work once we get the chance to say our peace to Rosalia after we land and are more focused. When we figure out how to get that activated, then perhaps we can mention Matilda for some reason. Agreed?
No. 938736 ID: 9dda2b
File 156276970942.jpg - (1.53MB , 3368x3564 , Chapter 4 part 45.jpg )

No. 938740 ID: e51896

Shit, I apologize Ana...

Robert, you okay? can you find Gaia's rose in the bag? It might mean something to Rosalia if she sees it since she seems to follow Gaia. If not Rosalia, then maybe the monster that is with Rosalia will understand the meaning of the rose.

Try handing the rose to Ana without being seen, Robert.
No. 938752 ID: 2f484f

Something to add: we promised Lester, dr deadbeat not to hurt Rosalia.
No. 938769 ID: ce7c79

Fucking-A, I warned that we should do something but... forget it

Stop screaming Ana. Focus on my voice feel my power, pain is just weakness leaving the body.

“Fine kill me, but then you won’t know about what’s happened to Lester.”
No. 938770 ID: ce7c79

And yeah hand over that rose.
No. 938903 ID: 9dda2b
File 156293823835.jpg - (4.13MB , 3249x4787 , DOOR 107.jpg )

No. 938921 ID: 8b660e

“First of all my voices are not spies at least not intentionally anyway. Lester might be dying right now. And we made him a promise promise because he really cares about you. He saved your sister when she was suicidal and that bitch Delilah might’ve killed him all because he’s loyal to you.

We promised him we wouldn’t kill you. Although we would like some help when it comes to defending out ourselves.

Look the longer you come after me the less chance Lester has. He’s a good man and deserves better. What’s more important right now?”
No. 939015 ID: e51896

Gah! that offer from Ambassador is so tempting... especially after everything is going to shit... I feel we should do it but... that would mean breaking Lester's promise, and most likely put Godfrey's life in danger if word spreads of Rosalia's death... ugh... Sorry, got a little frustrated.

Now that I got that outta my system, I'm really sorry if it felt like I was ignoring you Scarred, but I tend to think ahead in the future and possible terrible outcomes. I felt that there are choices we needed to avoid at all costs to prevent something worst than what is happening now from happening in the far future.

That said, tell me what you think about this Scarred: I think you are definitely on the right track with the solution to this dilemma, and we should definitely be taking this path. I agree that what we need to talk about with Rosalia is mainly Lester since he is one of the few people she cares deeply about. However, I think we need to take a different approach with how we talk to Rosalia about Lester in order to... persuade her to free Ana to give her the valuable information we have.

Let us think about what Rosalia is saying, specifically the part where Rosalia said The sooner you tell me the sooner I will put you out of your misery. This means that even after she gets information from Ana about Lester, she will still immediately kill Ana regardless without remorse in return.
Rosalia has shown she doesn't care about anyone... everyone that is... except her friends. she insinuated she didn't care about the survivors, Anastasia's fate, or the fate of our friends after we got kidnapped (In fact, she loathes Ana entirely about what happened to Clara). But she tends to have a lot of respect and care for her own friends, allies, and family since she is mainly doing this to avenge Clara, and was worried about her beast getting hurt when Lorence gave her a mission. This means yes, she will definitely get worried about Lester

That said, Telling Rosalia everything that happened to Lester in one go like who assaulted him, how he got assaulted, and why he was assaulted, and the promise we kept to him will mean she will get all the information we have while Ana gets nothing but death in return immediately.

What this means is that if we want Ana to live while still giving Rosalia information, the approach we will need to try when talking about what happened to Lester is to only insinuate that we saw something terrible happened to Lester, while withholding most of the information like who killed him and why. When Rosalia starts questioning Ana for more details, we then need to give only little small bits of information while we slowly insinuate the worst for Lester as we play with her emotions. If this works, Rosalia should start to crack under the pressure in worry for her friend's safety and hopefully, only when she realizes that Ana is close to death, she'll realize she'll lose her only chance to get all the information about Lester's fate and who stabbed him. She might then release Ana from the tree and try to get her healed to get the information from us.

Only after she releases Ana we can give her all the information we have while we try to convince her that Delilah, (and perhaps the cult) is not to be trusted.

This will most definitely be an endurance test and a race against time: will our manipulation of Rosalia's emotions for Lester's safety make her crack under the pressure and release Ana from the tree to prevent her from dying and get information out of Ana, or will Ana crack from the pain and either ask the Ambassador to kill Rosalia, or pass out...

I think a good place to start is to say something like... "Poor poor Lester. He just couldn't catch a break. The voices told me what happened... he met a terrible fate that I wouldn't wish on anybody... and I'm impaled by a tree for comparison."

this should be a decent starting point to get Rosalia to start getting concerned for Lester even just a little and ask questions.

What do you think, Scarred? after hearing what I have to say, I want your opinion before we move forward?
No. 939018 ID: ce7c79

Rosalia is a hunter, she keeps her eyes on the prize. I think getting a quid pro quo is a good idea. Give us what we want and we’ll tell you about Lester, maybe you’ll get there in time to save his life.

Sounds like a solid plan.

“No Rosalia I don’t think I will tell you what I have to say about Lester, you’ve given me no assurance beyond death. That’s not how deals are made. I will say he is in danger and if you let me live I will tell you the rest. But know his life hangs in this decision.”
No. 939168 ID: 9dda2b
File 156318094932.jpg - (2.87MB , 3167x3787 , Chapter 4 part 47.jpg )

No. 939194 ID: e51896

Lets amp up the pressure.

"I know Lester said I won't be able to talk my way out of this situation and that he begged me not to kill you but wouldn't hold it against me if I did. So if I can't talk my way out, I guess I'll have to show you instead:

If you don't believe my words, then why don't you try calling Lester right now with your magical telephone portal, the same way you contacted your friends. It should be quick and easy, and able to show you what happened to him while keeping an eye on me. I can guarantee though that after the fate he suffered... poor Lester might not be able to respond and it it will not look pretty."
No. 939196 ID: 92e3a7

"You can think of that as my last words and last request: contact Lester"
No. 939216 ID: 8b660e

Also let’s keep her guessing... make her think we have a contingency plan. /which we do.

“Rosalia, you ever read anything on gladiators? When the audience held their thumbs up it meant life, and when down death. Call Lester so you can be the one in the audience making the decision of life and death, and not the gladiator who’s time is almost up.”

Stick your hand out, and stick your thumb out to the side. If she moves to kill you, thumbs down and the ambassador will kill her. if she calls, thumbs up signaling she lives.
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