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File 155476019470.jpg - (824.39KB , 2024x1950 , Chapter 4 part 0.jpg )
929115 No. 929115 ID: 70be57

Wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 929116 ID: 70be57
File 155476021653.jpg - (204.97KB , 1186x511 , Chapter 4 part 1.jpg )

No. 929120 ID: 8b660e

Excited, nervous, terrified, exhilarated, and ready.
No. 929167 ID: 70be57
File 155482884518.jpg - (1.76MB , 2480x2817 , Chapter 4 part 2.jpg )

No. 929186 ID: 8b660e


I don’t know...
No. 929205 ID: 70be57
File 155485424560.jpg - (885.81KB , 1308x2216 , Chapter 4 part 3.jpg )

No. 929234 ID: 3524c7

Yes. It would. I loved humanity too much to let them go.

But with that, you wouldn’t exist either...
No. 929276 ID: 70be57
File 155491197837.jpg - (0.98MB , 1761x1937 , Chapter 4 part 4.jpg )

No. 929287 ID: 8b660e

Hello sister.
No. 929363 ID: e51896

*is slightly annoyed of being trapped here in what he thought was the recess of his mind by dreamwalker, and being called a disappointment by Demoria, but keeps it to himself to avoid the risk of being hurt even more*

*hears Dreamwalker's "offspring" say he doesn't exist and is only how Dreamwalker envisioned his offspring would look*

*is reminded of being similarly tricked about how Mr. Crumpet, the cookie, was an imaginary friend but was instead just Dreamwalker's guardian messing with his mind*

*suspects the person is actually Dreamwalker's guardian in disguise of Dreamwalker's offspring*

*is about to call this "offspring" out on his bullshit and reveal him as Deamwalker's guardian, but decides against it as he would want to see Demoria and Dreamwalker get tricked and see their reaction, and would rather not be hurt again if his theory is false*

*instead just patiently waits until the discussion begins and for a good moment to jump in the impending conversation*
No. 929447 ID: 70be57
File 155502622569.jpg - (1.74MB , 2480x2522 , Chapter 4 part 5.jpg )

This is probably the first song that I posted that has more dislikes than likes. So I apologize in advance

No. 929484 ID: 8b660e

There is a purpose and I have been searching for it for so long now, even when I tried to stop searching for it with Absolution, I still sought it out in the dreams of those who I watched. What I want is what all creatures in this world want, I want to be happy and I want the people I love to find happiness as well. That has been my goal this entire time. I wanted Absolution to be happy, I want Gaia to be happy, and I want the humans whom I have watched over for an eternity to find their own ways of being happy. I want everyone, even the people I hate to feel joy in their lives.

But no matter what happens, it seems one person's happiness is one persons sorrow. Why is that? So many people are still slaves to their own ambitions thinking it will bring them happiness, but at the end of their lives, when it is all over what was the cost of their ambition? How many other's happiness had to be lost in order to bring about their own? It's not right and it's not fair. It breaks my heart.

Tell me sister? What is it that makes you happy? It's been so long since I have seen a genuine smile from you, and when I have seen one it's always because another has been put down. Is it just your nature? Or do you get some happiness out of it all? To be honest, I don't think you feel much beyond anger and disgust anymore. I want you to feel happy too, if only just once.

I want people to have a chance to find love. Tell me sister? What is love? As far as I know, you love no one, and I believe it is impossible to truly love anyone anymore. I have tried for countless eons to find it in the hearts of men and gods, but it's all been a farce. Do you know what love is? I do. Look here, see there? The corpse of Essence of Life lying dead somewhere awaiting whatever fate is given to her body. I would say she above all else embodies love now. Look here again, a man lying dead from the fog, he too embodies love.

Look at them sister, now they will not steal, they will not hate, they will not kill. It's a morbid reality, but it's the truth. No one embodies love better than the dead. Their flesh will go to some other purpose, be it feeding the earth and its many animals, or serving as a reminder of better times for someone else. Their bodies can be pelted with snow and rain, and they will raise not a single complaint. In death, we are all equal and we become the true embodiment of love, The essence of love is death.

I know what you must be thinking, what about Ana and Laura? Do I not love them? By my own very definition, no, I do not. What I am is discriminatory towards them. I favor them with my guidance and praise but so many others who could have benefited from me and my gifts. Laura is as unto a daughter to me, her life is more important than my own. And for the sake of her I have ignored so many others and their outcries have gone silent to so many. Why do you think I followed Absolution into staying out of the affairs of mortals for so long? I wanted to be the same for everyone, if no one was given anything from me, then surely it was not wrong as it hurt no one else. But it did hurt others. My inaction cost me and others dearly, when I could have helped them, I could have saved so many, but I didn't. And now it's too late to do anything about it.

Look around the world, sister, the whole world is what embodies love. The sky, the stars, the ground upon which we walk. Even the very cycle which keeps repeating embodies my definition of love, it continues over and over again. This world is so beautiful and so full of the love so many seek and are unable to find. How can that be? How can such a world have so much love, yet there is none in the hearts of men or gods? We are all the same in this regard. None of us understands what it means to love at all. We don't know the meaning of life, or death, or the very battles we fight over these beliefs

So where in this world can the living find what it truly is to love and feel what it is to be happy? That is what I want sister, I want a place in this world where all can know what it truly means to know what it is to love, that is my idea of heaven. That is my goal, to show the other gods and men that such a place does exist but they are the only ones who can bring it about.

Mock me for it if you will, but that the truth.
No. 929487 ID: e51896

*vomits all over himself from sudden motion sickness after being thrown*

*is grossed out*

*tries to remember the plan Demoria was talking about, but can't because of parts of his memories being wiped by the spirits being destroyed during the battle*

*Instead remembers 7-10 instances when he was being abused, used as a puppet, betrayed, and abandoned by different allies or friends*

*wonders to himself if he is able to trust another person again*

*wonders if he can trust himself*
No. 929505 ID: 70be57
File 155508571464.jpg - (1.21MB , 2480x1845 , Chapter 4 part 6.jpg )

No. 929506 ID: e51896

thoughts: Ruh-roh. I think these card readings has dangerous side effects. I don't want those side effects. Better intervene.

thoughts: uhhh... WAIT! careful god, and demi-god. His card reading story could cause dangerous side effects like radioactive poisoning much like Felafaf's card readings on people.

thoughts: Wait, card readings side effects might not effect gods or demigods, but probably only me in my weakened state. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck... I can only hope what this guy says about not being real is the truth, but I can't trust anyone anymore, I'm ran outta faith in everything, I'm just being lied to again
No. 929521 ID: edc3d5

I will be ready to hear it in just another moment but my sister needs to hear this.

*takes Demoria by her hands*
You say that I don’t know what it’s like to be mortal, and that I spent too long watching the dreams to know what’s real anymore. You may be right. But the thing is, I think I do know what it’s like to be mortal, and so do you. We share the same emotions as mortals, the very same things that the world is filled with, we feel fear, anger, sadness, grief, we are all the same whether we realize it or not. I have walked with men, lived out whole lifetimes as them, fathered a child whose decedent still lives today. The only thing that separates us is how long we’ve lived and how much power we have. I take no pride in that, and being honest I would rather have been born a man than as a god. The people who seek immortality are chasing their own ambitions thinking it will bring them happiness, but what have they lost? All I see are empty shells that have stripped themselves of what it means to be a person.

And you are exactly right, there is no simple solution to creating a world where we are able to find love in the hearts of men and gods, and there never will be. But there might be a way. I want to see the day that when gods and men look across the world they see a reflection of their own hearts, one that isn’t ruled by fear, but filled with love. And i’ll do it one day and one dream at a time.

*turns back to mythweaver*
I’m ready, tell me your story.
No. 929579 ID: 70be57
File 155511962553.jpg - (0.96MB , 2352x1782 , Chapter 4 part 7.jpg )

No. 929593 ID: e51896

*focuses on trying his absolute hardest to move any part of his formless body to see if he can move at all*
No. 929596 ID: edc3d5

*eyes the bucket*
I’ll deal with you later.

Tell us the story.
No. 929644 ID: 70be57
File 155520079721.jpg - (577.37KB , 1748x1144 , Chapter 4 part 8.jpg )

No. 929653 ID: e51896

thoughts: *mumbles* Ruling through fear and highly strict laws, with having even the smallest offenses being punishable by death such as breaking the rule "no jaywalking", he is able to maintain peace. maintain peace through fear. It goes to show: peace does not equal happiness for everyone. sacrifice everyone's happiness for peace. Ironic, isn't it?

thoughts: *grumbles* either that, or the king is a tool who has many outside forces such as advisors giving him shitty advice on how to rule...

*continues trying to move, will never give up*
No. 929719 ID: 8b660e

Well it’s obviously Andrew Goodwill for one. I think that pretty much speaks for itself. Continue.
No. 929824 ID: 70be57
File 155529483250.jpg - (1.48MB , 2480x2377 , Chapter 4 part 9.jpg )

No. 929829 ID: e51896

Thoughts: Trust no one, or you'll only be used. I learned that the hard way. The wizard must have cursed that weapon to corrupt the kid. the kid should refuse the gift and rely only on improving himself, by himself, through training and learning even harder and rely on his own wits and strength. He does not need any special magical weapons, or magical powers, he'd only be cheating himself and improve less, and potentially hurt himself, much like what steroids does.

Thoughts: *To demoria*Puddles don't talk. stop talking to puddles. Why do you even care what I'm doing anymore? The offspring even said you shouldn't even concern yourself with me anymore because I'm worthless. So why do you still judge my actions and can't just let go of me? Just listen to the story and stop dwelling on the past, start adapting to the present, and focus on the future.

*is still attempting to move, despite knowing it's only his mind here and not his physical bodies. is not let anybody tell him to give up*
No. 929860 ID: e51896

Thoughts: Now that I think about it, logically, if this was our minds here and not our physical forms, wouldn't I be able to move on my own because I'd be able to think it and move my mental form?
No. 929881 ID: edc3d5

Probably mr. bucket.

Anyway, I guess it would depend on what the weapon is and how it work. I suppose it could be worth a shot, but I’m not really sure, Demoria what do you think?
No. 930158 ID: 70be57
File 155550627846.jpg - (1.84MB , 2381x3160 , Chapter 4 part 10.jpg )

No. 930178 ID: edc3d5


*to Mythweaver*
man, this got awkward fast... yeah I’ll take a chance on the wizard.
No. 930194 ID: 6188dc

Finally I can speak in this form without my vocal chords being all jumbled up as a puddle. I'm glad you are finally willing to listen to me after saying previously you did not want to hear my excuse

I remember that moment regarding the cake... we didn't eat cake, what actually happened was that you kept it for yourself and then threw the entire cake at me while I didn't get to eat any after a mission we failed in previously... it made me wonder if metaphorically that's how it would of always been if we stayed allies... and don't call me Null. Null is dead and is never coming back. Dont call me by the name from my other life either. He too is dead. And no, I do not want your legs, like I said, I've lost all faith and can't accept help anymore. if I am to get anywhere anymore, I need to do it myself now.

I will not ask for forgiveness, I will not try to change your mind. I can never be redeemed. I am pretty much the most hated person in the multiverse in everyone's eyes right now. I'll admit, I was far too arrogant, and because of that, i lost everything and now have nothing left to lose and nothing to gain. I just do not know how to make correct decisions in my previous lives and only know how to make the wrong choices. I do not know why I do this shit. I can only guess it was because of how I have often been treated by others in my previous two lives around me... betrayed and used like a tool to fulfill others' goals only to be thrown out into trash as soon as I either served my purpose or am seen as worthless despite me trying to give my friends advice even if it was harsh or try my best to help... or maybe i do these things because I just hate myself.

But jeez, at least I'm trying now to get better. I've finally swallowed my pride and I'm right now trying to be true to myself and figure out who I am, to find myself... but I just don't quite know where to start... or if it even possible for me to find the start.

...at the very least I can accept my failure and everything I lost and my fate, and try to adapt even though it seems impossible for me at this point, such as trying to move on my own without giving up despite my form. I wonder if you can adapt to failure too? For perspective, you told me you wanted to be the next Absolution of this world. But while you laughed at my goals, I didn't despite how stupid your goal was because of what you do not realize what being the next Absolution entails.

Absolution is a living example of Sisyphus, cursed to roll a boulder uphill a slope, only once he almost reaches the top, the boulder comes tumbling down resulting in failure. And yet, he keeps starting all over from the beginning on trying to roll that boulder uphill over and over and over again only for each time for him to fail and have the boulder roll all the way down when he almost reaches the goal.

Absolution is the same, living the cycle for who knows how many times trying to accomplish something, but each time failing and starting over at the start of a new cycle. With that in mind, is being the next absolution really what you want? After seeing your reaction with giving up on me after I failed, I don't know if you can handle Absolution's job or not. This world is full of failure, and even if one succeeds, it is at a heavy cost. I do not think I have ever seen a single success in that world. If you can't handle failure no matter how large I recommend just being your own person and not someone else like Absolution who craves failure.

At the very least I will explain why I did what I did: Essence was hurting me physically destroying my body, and she was erasing my memories with those ghosts getting killed. My memories are one of the few most precious things to me and I could not let her take those away from me, or else I would have become a mindless slave for her. I had to do something or else I would have lost my memories of my goals and my purpose. But I do not think you care about that, much like you didn't care to make a decision of whether or not we should ally ourselves with Essence and instead left the decision to me. At least I didn't bring you into the battle or else things may have been worst for you if you only knew what I went through in that hellish battle

Well, the only thing left I can say is what I asked you previously: just let me go and forget about me. Or just kill me or something if you truly hate me that much. I'm sure Dreamwalker can help with assassinating me for you if you ask him nicely. I don't know why you still continue to concern yourself with me.

As for you offspring, you probably should have known about this "break up" as you are a part of dreamwalker in some way. He saw it happen, so I'm confused as to why you didn't know. Whatever, just continue the story, or betray us in some way.
No. 930313 ID: 70be57
File 155561206450.jpg - (1.04MB , 2074x1869 , Chapter 4 part 11.jpg )

No. 930359 ID: e51896

Don't call me Null. Like I said, he's dead.

And It's not that I don't want to hear a story. I love a good story. But if I'm being honest with myself: it is more about how just like how I do not trust that wizard in the story or the weapon the wizard is offering the hero, I can't find the will to put any trust in you, story-teller.

Really, you just come out of nowhere out of the blue, showing up after we each lost something significant from a hellish battle, some more than other, to act as some kind of counselor or therapist to us, all with a smug look of someone who is faking a smile on their face as if ready to scam us into or out of something. Are you exactly who you claim you are? you could be an outside force for all we know and not be a constructed vision of Dreamwalker. Excuse me for being a bit harsh, but I've been screwed over many times before, you must understand my weariness.

But at the same time, why should I really care? I am so exhausted and broken that I'm at the point where I have nothing left to lose nor can I gain anything. Besides, I'm pretty much incapable of making right choices as my previous two lives have proven, so what does it matter if I get betrayed by you? If anything, Dreamwalker has more to lose than I do, so go ahead and continue the story or whatever.

If anything, if you want me to get a little more comfortable, I suggest you tell the story without those magical cards of yours for visuals. We have imaginations, so it most likely works better when we draw our own conclusions with our imaginations as we are thinking of the story more. I just don't trust those cards either

Actually, wait. Before the story continues, first, let me ask Dreamwalker something: You said you are taking your chances with the wizard's weapon. Please enlighten me as to why you trust him, a total stranger showing out of the blue, and accepting such a weapon? it could be cursed. The wizard could be using the hero to kill the king so that the wizard could rule with even more evil rules. The wizard could actually be working for the king and could be using that weapon as a way to bring the hero down. So why put faith in something you don't understand, especially keeping in mind you live in a world where everyone is out to get you or me in some way? wouldn't it make more sense to improve yourself instead of relying on such a weapon? After you answer me this, then we can continue the story with whatever route you want to choose, Dreamwalker.
No. 930401 ID: 8b660e

I thought you of all people would have known that one.

Do you remember Marty and his hobbies? Or should I say yours? He took his chances with things he didn’t understand, and in the end... well I mean look at you know. And look at me? People took a chance with me and I’m something they didn’t understand. So just gonna roll the dice.
No. 930448 ID: 70be57
File 155572527573.jpg - (624.40KB , 1748x1061 , Chapter 4 part 12.jpg )

No. 930476 ID: e51896

Ya see what I mean, Dreamboy? do ya see what I mean??? if someone or something is too good to be true, it most likely is. I know that story was all in good fun and the consequences of choosing won't effect you in real life, but what if for shits and giggles that was real life and the hero was actually someone you really cared about above all else? would you have "rolled the dice" and take chances on that wizard so easily? why am I asking? of course you probably would. You trusted this story teller without asking questions of who he actually was... And don't call me by the name I went by in my first life. Ugh, I gotta get a grip. There is no use getting angry over this, don't even know why I am...

*looks over at the imposter* Finally, reality is taking off its mask of fantasy and escapism and is revealing it's true form with all the cruelty and harshness that comes with it. All I can say is: that is more like it. Having us live a lie like that isn't gonna build anyone any character.

I'll be honest, I feel quite proud of myself for figuring that out. I never thought I would feel so proud of myself again after I melted. But you don't seem upset that I revealed you aren't who you claimed to be. In fact, it feels almost like you expected I was going to reveal you of being a fraud this whole time.

As for who you are, can't say I really care, but I'll see if I can make an educated guess to keep things going.

Through deductions, you must be someone who have known what Dreamboy's fantasy of what his son would look like with the fortune teller scammer. One might think it is Dreamwalker's guardian, but if I remember correctly, he wanted me to kill dreamwalker, not help him. So I do not think it is that guy, but he is a suspect.

The only other people who could have known what Dreamwalker's fantasy son looks like would have to have been someone who has access to seeing the artist's artwork, the artist that can see different cycles in his dreams. I think I might have saw his artwork of Dreamwalker's fantasy son when I was stealing the picture of me that he drew. So right away, I'm thinking it is a member of the cult. specifically that master of disguise, Clara

But... no. That is impossible. She is mutilated and disabled and refuses to be healed. Plus this is only our mental forms here, like we are dreaming or something. Clara, nor any other cult member has the ability to travel through dreams and bring us together like this... except for maybe Root with his meditations, or Andrew.

However, we must also consider this: the cult isn't the only spies who can see the artist's pictures. I heard rumors about there being a mutilated monster named... Parfait? Scaredface? Scarlet? yeah Scarlet. a mutilated monster who is mutilated who has been spying on the artist and his artwork and sending messages of what he see's to his boss Essence. Essence did have the ability to take people's mental selves out of their dreams with some kind of dumb dream machine.

But since Essence is dead, Scarlet must of now been giving information to another higher-up, which I believe the most likely candidate would be Happy himself.

Yeah, you are either Dreamwalker's guardian (least likely of my guesses), Root, Andrew, or Happy.

as for the story, I can probably guess how it would go, taking the wizard's weapon could have cursed the hero, or killed the hero in some way, or give the wizard a way to rule the kingdom with harsher rules, while not taking the wizard's weapon could have the hero fail in his journey for not having an ability to kill the immortal king, or the wizard might have seen the hero as a traitor for not taking the weapon and plan some kind of revenge against him. A pick your poison scenario where ya can't win.
No. 930751 ID: 8b660e

I find Happy to be the most likely answer
No. 930769 ID: 70be57
File 155597248594.jpg - (1.54MB , 2264x2190 , Chapter 4 part 13.jpg )

No. 930770 ID: 8b660e

If there is one thing I can't stand it's villains who monologue.
No. 930773 ID: 70be57

I know I know
And you know that I adore them
No. 930833 ID: e51896

hmmmm...Behind that mask... was another mask... one might mistake you for trying to avoid yourself from being who you really are.

and nah, we didn't truly figure out who you are. we only manage to figure out the imposter you disguised as was only your alter ego as Happy. not your true self. We still don't have enough indications to figure out who you really are under that mask(s). But it's cool, go ahead and keep playing dress-up if that is fun for you. I'll admit, it is good to keep that child-like wonder and imagination. But I'll give you the benefit of doubt. Just know, like it or not, unfortunately everyone has to be forced to grow up and be an adult sooner or later. Nobody can play pretend forever and will have to face the harsh reality of adulthood.

And as far as the tea metaphor goes, I can't speak for everyone, but if I break any cups or tea sets, wouldn't it make more sense to not fix it, and instead just throw the shattered remains in the trash and get a new tea set and be extra careful not to break it again from past experience? Or even better yet, just drink out of disposable water bottles, or soda cans to avoid shattering? And if it causes more messes to the point of permanently stain the carpet, why not just buy a new rug or carpet once one can afford it from intensive hard work and saving money?
But whatever the case, whether it being fixing something or cleaning messes, the old saying goes: no crying over spilled milk... or in this case, tea I guess? I dunno, I don't drink tea.

But lets get to the point without any more rambling. I'm sure introducing yourself isn't the only reason for your confrontation. I can only bet you're really here to place some kind of an incentive if you truly want us to go after you as enemies or something for some weird reason, such as a malicious choice, some kind of curse placed on us, blackmail, a sacrifice, etc. That is how things usually goes at around this time. Been through that song and dance many times that it is expected now.
So then, what is your metaphorical invitational card to this battle we'll be forced to be given by you, if any, at this time?
No. 930904 ID: 70be57
File 155605095029.jpg - (1.96MB , 2480x2820 , Chapter 4 part 14.jpg )

No. 930976 ID: e51896

Thoughts: hrrrrrrmmm... Those facts and him knowing what he shouldn't know even if it should of been impossible for him to know, and how early he has been influencing things such as my first death long before the fog began might narrow some possibilities down I guess. Nothing is certain though until I get some better indications.

thoughts: But I can't help but think that him trying to invite us into confronting him is simply another cog in his master plan as if it is a trap for us to fall into or something, like as if he needs and requires us to figure out who he is and confront him in order for whatever goal he wants to achieve work. he just seems a little too enthusiastic to want us to try to stop his plan, and not just a matter of giving us a fighting chance, or having it not be fun for him if he didn't warn us.

thoughts: and Demoria, you probably should be concerned, considering he recently lied to us before a few times. You should always be asking questions in situations like these.

Alright. I guess the only question left is this: besides Dreamwalker, I, and our... other forms as you put it... have you invited or are planning on inviting anyone else to this "dance" you are anticipating, seeing as this is kind of a pretty big deal as you are making it out to be?
No. 931319 ID: 8292d2


You know what I don’t get? Why are you even doing this? You’re fighting a pointless war and now you’re standing here bragging about your plans and your metaphors like a jackass. If there’s one thing we learned from the fight with Essence it’s that this universe isn’t worth fighting over and I certain couldn’t give a fuck who owns it anymore. What I care about is taking everyone who matters and leaving and finding a new better universe. If you’re smart, that’s what you should be fighting for, but instead you and so many others here focus on becoming king of the ashes. It’s petty, it’s pointless, and if your this focused on it, take it up with someone who cares.
No. 931325 ID: e51896

thoughts: should you be speaking out your goals like that, Dreamwalker? Well he probably figured as much anyway, but just don't be as open with your strategies or goals with strangers like me or him next time.
But now that you announced your goals I wonder if you considered the person you are watching over and if they would want to achieve the same goal you do... hmmm

No. 931428 ID: 70be57
File 155647617746.jpg - (1.92MB , 2480x2403 , Chapter 4 part 15.jpg )

No. 931434 ID: e51896

Thoughts: oh yeah, you probably left and didn't see it happen Demoria. Yes, Happy has taken me. After you tossed me to Essence like the garbage I am, she used me as a useless hostage when Spirit Contaminator started getting nervous about the situation (probably from my manipulation on Spirit Contaminator feelings with me playing with her heartstrings, and from Dervan revealing how much Essence cares for Ember in comparison to Spirit Contaminator) and called Happy to settle the situation, only which he took me away somewhere. Feeling defeated, I decided to sleep through the agony as fantasy is more pleasant than reality but ended up in this nightmare.

thoughts: but that is an interesting question Happy brought up especially since you told Essence you don't care about me anymore, in which I wonder why you still seem concerned about me when all that is said and done.

thoughts: But as much as I'd like to know as well as to your reasoning, you should totally lie to Happy. He is trying to fish some information about you to use against you in some way. Maybe tell him: "I expected Essence to have killed Null by now. All this time I thought Null here in this mindscape was just a fragment of a hateful memory I had of him, and not the real Null. I'm just surprised you or Essence hasn't killed him yet for betraying Essence, let alone play a part in killing her."

thoughts: Or you can come up with some other lie. Whatever the case, do not tell him the truth whatever it might be. never show your cards so early during gameplay
No. 931642 ID: 70be57
File 155672474786.jpg - (1.03MB , 1870x1959 , Chapter 4 part 16.jpg )

No. 931726 ID: 8b660e

I know it’s not really my position to say anything on this matter, as I have already declared my neutrality in this whole debate with Happy here. But personally, sister. I wouldn’t take him up on this. He’s already admitted that he expects people to come after him, and I’m willing to bet this means that he’s already planned for what happens should he lose. Anyone that follows him is getting dragged down with him.

I would stay neutral or declare you are against him. To me, he reminds me of a man who knows he’s going to prison soon and is trying to get someone he knows to come along for the ride.
No. 931749 ID: e51896

thoughts:that...that doesn't make sense. n...nothing is making sense to me and I'm utterly confused... W...why are you apologizing, Demoria? You never were at fault of anything. I am the one at fault. You're supposed to hate me and get furious with me after I've done terrible and annoying things to you, all the way up to the point of me making both of us lose everything...

thoughts:If anything, I should be the apologetic person in all this, even though I know I can never be redeemed for my actions... a...and despite all that I put you through, even after all our hard work went down the drain because of me... you're the one giving me an unnecessary apology when it was my fault and not yours and still want to be partners with me, especially in an non-apologetic and unforgiving world. You have every right to do what you did to me, I'm a horrible person.

thoughts:your apology has put me in a spiral of confusing emotions right now. should I be glad that you still want to be partners despite everything? mad that you are putting yourself through more pain to be partners because I might do it all again? sad and guilty for doing terrible things to you after your apology? What am I feeling? What should I feel?

thoughts:...I guess I didn't believe that there are people who can still see another as a person and not as a stepping stone. I've been used like a tool by so many thankless people, some of which I try to help even if I'm harsh in my way of doing so, that I just couldn't believe you were genuine in being a companion to me. But after you apologized when you shouldn't have to, even when we had nothing left and I became worthless, I can see now that I've been too naive to shut everyone off and become self-destructive to myself, and destructive to others, as it made sense to me to act that way in such a hateful place.


thoughts:I feel like I should just choose death to stop being a burden to you, Demoria. It would make everyone happier after consuming many worshippers' different gods, and I can see my friends again in the afterlife in hell, despite all the rough patches I had with them. Even Dreamwalker seems like he wants me to die with him telling you not to choose to join up with Happy.

thoughts:But... I know me wishing for death is going to be just another selfish action which will only hurt you again, just like all my other selfish self-destructive actions. I know I might not be able to help you succeed in all the things we set out to do, but... I can at least be there to support you when things go to shit, Demoria, just as you were trying to do for me that I couldn't see in my self-destructive rampage.

thoughts:Even though I really don't like the idea of joining up with Happy, I guess as long as I'm with you alive to support you through the trainwreck of a ride we'll be forced to go through. I'll accept it.

thoughts:If you truly want me to stay with you to support you, Demoria, Tell Happy that our choice is the one that will keep us together as partners in crime.
No. 931825 ID: 70be57
File 155689728463.jpg - (2.31MB , 2480x3412 , Chapter 4 part 17.jpg )

I must warn you that this music video contains spoilers for the Gravity Falls

No. 931832 ID: 8b660e

Good luck sister, if I can help in anyway, I will try.
No. 931835 ID: 13222c

Thoughts:hmmm... good question. How can we reach spirit contaminator, Demoria?


Thoughts: Aha! I have an idea, it isn't much, but since you and I are still connected in some way and since happy said Spirit contaminator has me somewhere with her, I can relay her any message you want to give her when i wake up and see her again. I was able to manipulate her and make her feel guilt to prevent her from killing me when she was holding me hostage during the fight, so perhaps she'll listen to me and I can attempt to manipulate her again.

Thoughts: Just tell me what you want me to say to her and what you want me to get out of her and I'll do it the best I can. I want to show that I'm not completely useless. I'm not giving up.
No. 931942 ID: 70be57
File 155697821724.jpg - (1.04MB , 1748x1958 , Chapter 4 part 18.jpg )

No. 931964 ID: e51896

I can do that, Demoria. I only ask that you have patience when I try to calm her down

And Dreamwalker, I'll have to agree with Demoria right now. You have to be very careful with what you decide to do from this point forward. If you want to help, I would suggest that you can help us by leaving this world and never coming back, but I don't think you can since you are trapped being with Laura.

Besides, following us around and focusing on trying to help Demoria and I will only hurt your adopted blind daughter especially in the damaged state you are in, and the damaged state she is in now... and I'm not talking about the physical wounds she may have received during battle. When I formed a temporary pact with her at the time, I felt all sorts of weird and painful feelings inside her body, like as if her entire body was breaking and pulling apart, fracturing almost to the point of disrepair. All most likely caused by you visiting your friends far, far away from Laura when you were supposed to be sticking with her at all times. More than ever now, you need to be close to her at all times. You are Laura now, she is you. If you want to survive so badly after willfully getting stuck with her, then you need to stop visiting others and stick with her at all times.

In fact, I suggest you go back to her as soon as possible and stay with her and focus all your attention only on protecting her, like a good boy.

But I suppose if you really want to help us so badly, then before we leave, you wouldn't mind giving Demoria and I some information, or secrets you are keeping from everyone, right? Since Happy wants to confront you, Demoria, and I so badly, we might need to know some kind of advantage against him in case he does bother us again.

So tell me, during your kerfuffle with Essence and before I was invited into it, did Essence do or say anything that might make Happy pissed off if he found out about it that we can take advantage of? when someone is given that much freedom to do what they want, like Essence was given to by Happy, they tend to do things they're not supposed to when their superiors are not looking. So I'm wondering if Essence did any sort of actions or mistakes that we can use to our advantage that Happy probably doesn't know about?

And Demoria, can you think of any information or secrets you want to get outta dream-boy?
No. 932122 ID: 8b660e

Don’t be stupid. There is no such thing as immortality, if you want to become like Prime, go right ahead. He’s a miserable, paranoid, and frankly an all around garbage person. He can’t even tell a good joke, and I don’t trust people without a sense of humor. Becoming like him, you’ll only be miserable.

One thing that also hasn’t changed is my attitude about those who hurt people I care about. See, a long time ago, this would have been, oh around 1750 BC, there was a king of the Babylonian dynasty, Hammurabi was his name. Speaking as someone who knew him, that man had absolutely zero chill. But I always respected the way he dealt with those who had slighted the law. That being the classic saying, Eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth.

You both like to talk a lot, so I’ll keep this simple for the both of you.
No. 932125 ID: 8b660e

*slowly becomes more and more like Phobetor*
Did y̴ou ̡th̨ink͏ ̛I di̴dn҉’t͜ a̶lr̀eady͞ h̛ave͜ ͝s̷om͡e̶ ͞p̷l̕a̷n ̨i̕n̴ ͞pl̵ace̸ t͞h̛at ̴I ͡wou͡l͢d b̢e͘ ̢be͟ f̷o̢o͠l͢i̧s͏h ͢eno͘u̢g̛h́ ͠to͠ t͏ell ͏yo̧u ͢a̴bout̀?
͜D̢o ҉y̸ou ͢t̶hin͢k ̸I d̢id̴n͘’̵t͠ a̷lr̕e͡a͡d͞y ķno͜w ̷wh̀en y͡o̕u̧ ͜ki͏ll̨e̵d͘ ͞th̡em?
D́id y̷o͏u͠ ͏t̸h͢i̸n̷k ͟I ͘h̡a͏d̵ ҉fo͏rg͜ot̴ten͡?͢
Did͢ ̷y͢ou ̧t͘hiǹķ I͢ h̀a̕d ̴fo͠r̶g͢i̕ven?

͝Y͠o҉u ͜ma͘y ͠ha͟v́e t̵h͘e̴ir̵ ͟s͞o͡u͞l̴s̛, b̷ut̕ ͏h̡av͝ȩn͜’̸t y̡ou not͝i̕ce̕d͞ ho͡w͘ ͏quiet t͏h͜ey’v̀e͡ ̨b͢een?͏ Be̕c̸ause ̧t͠heir c͠on͡s̢c͠io̧u͏s҉ness͏, ̴the̕ir͢, t̛h҉o̕u҉ght҉s͝, ̨ţhe͜ir m͞e͏m̀óri̴es, áll͟ camè t͜o͝ ͟m̕e.͞ ͝If͠ ̵yo̶u are͏ ̕fo͟ol͢įsh e͝n͏oug͢h҉ ̸t͟ò a̵ss͝u҉me̸ I ̴a̕m͢ ̡aņ op̴en ͡bo͠o̕k,͘ tha̕t̡ I̷ would ̕r͡eveal̷ a̕ll͜ ̶th͏e car͏ds in mý ̷hand͘,͟ a͝n̡d́ ̛t̷hat m̸ak̛ing it seem I̛ don̢’̧t̡ ̸thi̡n͟k ͞t͢w͠e͟lv̡e s͢te͠ps̕ ah͟ea҉d̴,̛ o̷r ͢th͠at͜ I͡ ̨d͞on͢’t h͞a͠ve͝ ͢a͏ backu͟p̨ plác͢e ơf͢ ͟pow͠ér st́o̷r͟èd͟ ́a͘wa̢y̸.

You͢ aŕe v̸ery͘ mist̷akén.
Ýoưr̷ ar͢ro̶gance͠, y͝o͠urs ̴and̴ ͞m͠y ̀B̷r̴othe̢r̢s̨, i̶t m͡akes̢ m̛e ̛puke.
Kar̀m̸à ́i͞s͏ c̛om͏in̵g ̶f͏ơr ̛y̨ou,̶ ͝i̵t ͡a͘lw͝áy͠s ̵is.́ ̵And̨ ̛wh͡eń i͞t͢ ģe̷ts ̶ýou̡,͞ I will͡ ̨no͟t ̡we͟ep͠ ͝fo̷r yo͢u͘.

Góo҉d ͞b͟ye̵.҉
No. 932156 ID: 70be57
File 155718671408.jpg - (1.60MB , 2243x2853 , Chapter 4 part 19.jpg )

No. 932195 ID: e51896

*gives a nod of agreement* understood. I will make you proud, Demoria. After you showed that I mattered to you despite everything I've done, my depressive self-destructive rampage attitude has finally been killed off.

And whatever decision you make on whether or not you want to join with Happy or not, all I can say is as long as you take me with you on either decision, I will support your decision through either wild ride.
After all, the saying goes, "if you can't beat them, join them." I mean, who knows, what if his goal turns out to be the best thing ever for everything? But yeah, his enigma on everything right now is tough to gauge a conclusion at this point and is very concerning.

*shakes his head in disappointment* and that Dreamwalker... he certainly lives up to his name... believing and living a dream he thinks and wants this world to be while ignoring the harsh reality of what it actually is, even if it means hurting himself and his friends in the progress to keep living that fantasy.
I must ask you, Demoria, did he blow his chance to make amends with you? I can't say I didn't expect him to act so aggressive towards our warning, because unlike us both, he's never known what it is like to be a mortal human.
But I'm sure now that he is stuck with the girl, he will truly see what it is like to be a human in this dark world, and reality will wake him up from his dream. It will be like... well... as if he thinks he is in a dream where he is falling, until he realizes when he hits cold hard concrete that he has been awake in reality that entire time. If he and his human survives that fall, I wonder if he will come to resent humanity he's loved so much, and/or if he will come back to apologize to us for his actions.

*shrugs* whatever the case, we should get going soon. I must ask before I wake up and speak to Spirit Contaminator, Demoria: do you have any advice to give me regarding Spirit Contaminator that could be useful? unlike previous times, I want to take my missions for you very seriously from now on, so I need to ask for as much info as I can get on this important mission this time around.
And if you don't mind me asking, what will you be doing while I attempt to get negotiations ready with you and her? no need to answer if you don't want.
No. 932208 ID: 70be57
File 155723574642.jpg - (376.67KB , 1015x858 , Chapter 4 part 20.jpg )

I am sorry but with the last update, the epilogue is officially over. But now the 4 chapter will start and it is time for you to choose which one do you want to be focusing on

No. 932231 ID: 3e6f70

Ana please
No. 932262 ID: e51896

Ana's side. I already explained why back in fractured memories, basically trying to get a head start before shit really hits the fan, and while Lorence is distracted with other things (the trial, and finding Root). I'm not expecting it to be any easier though, but it is the best course of action right now.

But, wouldn't this ruin the April Fools Day joke? I feel bad about ruining it after giving us this decision again and making that joke lose all meaning :(.
No. 932264 ID: 70be57
File 155731047566.jpg - (1.21MB , 1426x3508 , Chapter 4 part 21.jpg )

No. 932270 ID: 8b660e

More like we ended one.

We went up against someone who has tried to... I guess take our place. Do you remember the name Essence of Life? She won’t be a problem anymore.
No. 932353 ID: e51896

Thoughts:"Ending" is an optimistic way of putting it I guess. I think a more real term would be "prevented" or "delayed" it.

Thoughts:But yeah, we needed to save a girl named Laura from Essence of Life, but it unfortunately required Essence of life to die.

Thoughts:That's not all though, we also prevented Logan from getting killed by Root, thus also preventing Absolution Prime from starting a crazy crusade with his followers... for now. But this resulted in Root getting kidnapped by the wolf pack.
The cult is right now all in a disarray not knowing what to do because of Root's kidnapping, with people trying to establish themselves as the next leader like Root's sister Delilah or a child who may have tipped off the wolves, while others are trying to find Root and his kidnappers to save Root. Lorence in particular has his hands full of problems trying to figure out how to find Root, his rival giving him a hard time, and also has Godfrey's trial to deal with. (Godfrey's trial might also give us a chance to have some people see you in a better light if things go right, by the way)

Thoughts: With all the chaos the cult is dealing with, it is one of the reasons why I think it was a good time to end the show and get us moving forward to the next checkpoint before shit really hits the fan while they are distracted so we have less to deal with on our plate and take things one step at a time. Not only that, us stopping the viewing of the past will make you less of a priority and target to the cult, as they have higher priorities to deal with right now like finding Root.

Thoughts: But speaking of Absolution Prime, we also found out he is a total asshole who hates jokes. We are going to have to figure out a way to hide Absolution Junior from him if we somehow cross roads with Absolution Prime or his followers. It seems like Logan is also keeping Absolution Junior a secret from him. I am wondering if Wild Cat can do anything about cloaking Absolution Junior if we come across Absolution Prime.

Thoughts: Now as far as you wanting to find a way to beat the cult, I just want to say this.... after that battle with Essence, and seeing some of the souls in that fight reach the afterlife that Essence at the time prevented them from reaching, it made me think about a lot of things. About your place and our place in this world, and where we are all headed, and the places we cannot reach. And I am wondering this...
...is defeating the cult really what we are supposed to be doing in this world's cycle? I know there were many people and gods who deem you as the only one who can stop the cult and the fog and save the world, and while that might be true... the thing is... I... feel that even if we do manage to stop the cult, it's all going to be moot point as the dimensional cycle that Cera told you about is just going to reset all our hard work forcing us to do it all again.
I mean, Scarred already saved her world in her past life, and I'm sure many other voices had as well. In fact, we have done many of things, went through countless paths, some seeing us as heroes, others seeing us as monsters, and some even being failures and nobodies. But no matter what, all those cycles all lead to the same ending, having us do it all again.

Thoughts: You might want to sit down for this part, Ana...


Thoughts: You're a special case in this cycle. somehow during the first instance of the dimensional cycle, you somehow merged your body and soul with the Ash Tree, and thus, you're able to be one of the few people who can change the course of where each cycle will lead with the help of us voices. It unfortunately comes with the heavy price of our souls being chained to the cycle, never to escape into the afterlife like so many other souls are able to do. Trapped in this hell. And honestly, I want out.

Thoughts: My goal is to find a way to free you/us and your/our trapped soul from the Ash Tree and from the dimensional cycle so that our souls and your soul can finally find peace when the time comes. I know it might be selfish of us, and many people will be disappointed in us for not trying to sway the world into what they want it to be, but really, the world was already saved multiple times in different ways in different cycles. There isn't really any sense in doing it again.

Thoughts: ...The only problem about pursuing this goal is, while in other goals like stopping the cult, or become rulers of the world ourselves, we had an idea of how to start or where to go. As far as trying to free your and our souls from the ash tree and dimensional cycle, I have absolutely no idea where to start or where to go... quite the pickle if you ask me. But I won't surrender.

Thoughts: But of course, I must ask you Ana, and Scarred as well. After hearing what I had to say, and what I want to accomplish, will you be willing to pursue this new goal? To release your body and soul that is trapped within in the Ash Tree?
No. 932381 ID: 70be57
File 155740903210.jpg - (1.36MB , 2480x2038 , Chapter 4 part 22.jpg )

No. 932459 ID: e51896

So, You've never heard of someone consider that goal we are thinking of, not even a cult member? facinating. You know, it is interesting to me that everyone is so preoccupied with achieving their goals for domination or salvation of some kind, that it never occurred to a single person to pursue the path we are considering in any cycle. It admittedly sort of makes me want to pursue that goal even more just for the uniqueness alone.

thoughts: As for you, Ana, I understand you being confused and not knowing what to accomplish after what I've told you. That was a lot of heavy things I unloaded just now. We've already accomplished so many goals in different timelines even if we don't remember them entirely, that even I don't know what we should be accomplishing at this point either. But I feel this goal is something worth considering to pursue at least.
I mean, it is as the saying goes: all things must come to an end. Just like a magician who has done so many tricks for the world to see, they must also make a grand finale and make a grand exit. Lets make this one spectacular

thoughts: and admittedly, yes, we might not know how to accomplish freeing your, and our souls at the moment, and it might not be something one person can accomplish alone, but coincidentally, we did find help from an unlikely source. I was actually given a tip from someone I'm keeping anonymous on what our first step in accomplishing this goal should be and how we should initiate it. How we accomplish the first step is the easy part. The hard part will be deciding when is the best time to start the first step in the plan.

thoughts:But I will explain more in full detail about the first step and where we should head next when you reawaken, Ana. Being in this part of the ash tree, I feel we may have some cult members or spies listening in on us soon if they haven't already, and it might be best to get out of here ASAP.

thoughts: I only ask you this Ana, when we get back to our hideout, I want you to pretend to be asleep so we may discuss our plan to you in full detail. Also, it will give us an opportunity to listen in on our allies while they think you are sleeping, just to get a better idea of who they are.

thoughts: when you are ready to leave, Ana, ask Whispers if he has anything more to say, and how we may leave.
No. 932870 ID: 560cb8

Yes but we also must set aside a time to train and practice. Ana is a good now and she learns quickly, but there’s always room for improvement.

Also, the kids should know the truth about Flint, especially Robert. He would want to know most of all.
No. 932871 ID: 560cb8

Yes but we also must set aside a time to train and practice. Ana is a good now and she learns quickly, but there’s always room for improvement.

Also, the kids should know the truth about Flint, especially Robert. He would want to know most of all.
No. 932895 ID: 70be57
File 155791615044.jpg - (1.05MB , 2383x1463 , Chapter 4 part 23.jpg )

No. 932907 ID: e51896

Lorence, you, and us... we gotta stop unintentionally meeting like this, it is getting comedic at this point. Heh heh heh.

Though I am surprised you showed up much earlier then expected, especially with everything poor Lorence and the rest of the cult is going through.

I assume something very unexpected or big must have happened to Lorence for you to show up here very early? I had the strongest feeling that someone would show up here much much much later, specifically around the time when our business here would of been done if we had kept going down the path we were headed instead of stopping early like we just did. I wonder if something in our battle earlier changed the course of when you'd arrive... hmm... do you happen to know someone named Happy?

As for what we are doing here, lets just say we were sent on a wild goose chase trying to achieve a false goal when really we should of been chasing a bigger goal this whole time, so we had to quickly pull the plug on our business here before it was too late.
an intense event we voices were in earlier made us realize the bigger picture of this world, and we have finally gotten our priorities in place, so we had to prematurely stop our pursuit here before it was too late. So now we were just planning on leaving and forgetting we were ever here.

But if you want to help us achieve our new goal by telling us a place to go and person to see, no one is stopping you from telling us.

thoughts: That is the conductor, Ana. He is Lorence's curator much like Wild cat which Root gave you is your curator. If you want to listen to what he has to say, go ahead, but be skeptical about what he says. Take it with a grain of salt, as the location and person to see might be another trap

thoughts: also, Ana, I actually already know an idea of the first step to take to achieve our new goal. We were given a clue earlier by someone of how to start our first step, and I'll explain when you wake up.

thoughts: Anyway, If I remember, you are asleep. so if we want to leave, we should try that method again to get back, the one method Rabbot told you earlier back when you were escaping from Cera and her group. as a reminder, as Rabbot explained: you need to concentrate on your body in the real world. The ground underneath you is your body in reality. use it as an anchor and jump from your current body to your body in reality with your mind, like moving from one floor to another with an elevator.

thoughts: I don't know if this will work or not, but it is something I remembered Rabbot telling us about after thinking hard that we should try if we want to escape. If it does work, pretend to stay asleep when you're back in the real world.
No. 932974 ID: d56221


That not right, the shop keeper is Lorence’s curator. In fact I’m fairly certain we’ve never met before. As for how we got here, a little metal bunny showed us the way. We were watching what happened but... plans changed and newer priorities took over.
No. 932976 ID: e51896

thoughts: oh yeah, thats right. I just assumed he was a curator, he seemed like he might be one.

thoughts: But I have met him before, back in Felafaf's place, when she was having a date with Lorence. you also met him too, Scarred, after Lorence finished off the spirit parasite that was disguised as Anthony, but he had a different face at the time. Recognize the clothing? he kicked you and I out of things a couple of times.

thoughts: Judging by his face splitting, he might be starting to kick us out again, which is why I reminded Ana that method of escape Robbit taught her earlier, so we can all exit together safely.
No. 932977 ID: d56221

Oh yeah, sorry. I kind of remember that, but if that’s all you did was act as a brain bouncer then I hope I can be forgiven for not remembering you.
No. 933000 ID: 70be57
File 155802634649.jpg - (1.80MB , 2480x2593 , Chapter 4 part 24.jpg )

No. 933007 ID: d56221

Aren’t listening and hearing the same thing?
No. 933026 ID: bba6f5

*whispers to Scarred*
No they are not the same. Hearing means you are sensing a noise with your ear(s), sometimes unintentionally. Any noise that goes through your ears is hearing.
Listening means you are purposely focused and concentrated to a sound or what someone is saying in order to percieve meaning, understanding, and rememberance to a sound or speech.
No. 933114 ID: 70be57
File 155809858170.jpg - (892.29KB , 1658x1966 , Chapter 4 part 25.jpg )

No. 933160 ID: 30233d

Hmm, we’ll while we think about this, here I swiped these off you before the fight ended, hope you don’t mind. I’m a little amazed I still have them.

*pulls out a box of Grandma Brownie’s Chocolate Chunker Wunker Bunkers now with even bigger chunks of chocolate chunks and opens it and scoops some out into her hand and passes the box to Fortune.*

Damn, these are some big chunks of chocolate.
No. 933241 ID: 8b660e

Okay so *munch munch* here’s how I’m looking at this riddle, we can look at it literally or there’s some kind of hidden pun in it. *munch munch*

Here’s what I mean, if we look at what we have to find the difference between all of them have a kind of input/output deal. Like eating is input and taking a crap is the output.

Or it could be along the same kind of riddle like in Alice in wonderland where some same sounding word pun, like “when is a raven like a writing desk? Neither is approached without caws/cause.” *munch munch*

Fortune what are you thinking?
No. 933430 ID: 30233d

Riiiiiight. Okay.

So before I give you the answers we’ve thought of can I just be frank with you, Conductor? Having us answer this riddle for you, I don’t get it. So we answer correctly and you’ll point us in the right direction, fail and you’ll kick us out of here. Here’s what I don’t fully understand.

The past couple of times you forcefully ejected us, I kinda get. But you should understand we weren’t trying to be there at those points, it’s just kinda were we ended up. But now you claim that you can help us but only if we answer this riddle? I just I don’t get it, had you not shown up we were about to leave anyway, what is it you’re trying to do here? Your job or fulfill your own agenda? If you are willing to help us it seems like the two contradict each other. Y’know? So yeah I don’t know what it is you’re even doing.

That’s one problem I always had with the cult and supernatural people, almost all of them think they are cleverer than their peers and deserve more from life because they are who they are and they each have skills the others don’t. But man, everyone is like that, supernatural or otherwise doesn’t matter, I mean your basically a supernatural bouncer/doorman, and yet now you have the right info for us? Not even if we do you a favor, just answering a riddle, and a bad one at that.

Sorry, I’m not trying to be mean or anything, I just don’t get what your angle is with this. I’m just calling it like I see it

Anyway here’s what I’m thinking, They all make no sense but require common sense, it’s not only a pun on senses but also common sense is required to shit and do taxes. But that’s what’s similar about them, you asked for what’s different. Well there’s not much else to it if you’re asking what’s different, seeing makes you see the world, hearing you hear the world, touch makes you feel the physical world, eating is when you consume part of the physical world, taking a shit is when you put the stuff you don’t need back out in the world, and paying taxes is giving some pretentious yuppie cocksucker the shit you did want.
No. 933431 ID: 30233d

*takes the box of Grandma Brownie’s Chocolate Chunker Wunker Bunkers now with even bigger chunks of chocolate chunks and eats some more and passes it back to Fortune.*
No. 933443 ID: e51896

Uuuuuuuummmmmm...Were you really eating anything there Scarred? I thought we couldn't bring items or weapons from our physical bodies back with us from that battle except for the clothing on our backs because we are in ghost form again, unless you were pretending to eat.

pretending or not, don't talk with your mouth full, it's rude for both parties involved in this conversation. thx.
No. 933446 ID: 30233d

Well no I’ve been eating this for real, and yeah I’m surprised we still have them too. More than that I’m surprised they exist in astral form as well. Make me wonder if they exist across all kinds of dimensions or something like that. Pretty weird huh. As for how we kept them, I don’t know maybe it was some kind of consolation prize or something? There’s not even a toy in the box or anything, what a ripoff.

Want some? These are some pretty big chocolate chunks.
No. 933506 ID: 70be57
File 155838396434.jpg - (1.38MB , 2480x1946 , Chapter 4 part 26.jpg )

No. 933524 ID: 550cd9

Hmm. You’re weird. Also, you’ve been bleeding this whole time, your know that? You’ve got a huge cut running down the middle of your face, you should get that stitched up before infection sets in.

Yes I know you know, I’m just messing with you since you seem keen on messing with us.

And no Ana, we technically don’t need to eat but hey if we got it might as well snack on it, right?

Oh by the way, hey Whispers, you want to come along with us? No offense but sitting here in the dark can’t be healthy. You should tag along, you’ve been a friend to us this whole time so far, wanna join?
No. 933581 ID: 550cd9

In fact fuck it, what about you weirdo? Care to join up with us? Only reason I’m asking is I’ve seen your kind of behavior before from people who think they need to be cryptic and mysterious to stand out and be noticed, but most of the time they are just lonely as fuck and need some friends. So wanna hang out with us for a while?
No. 933585 ID: e51896

If you think about it, I guess you can say the same thing about us being weirdos too, Scarred, heh. Humanity has gotten pretty messed up in this world, hasn't it?

But yeah, it would be cool if one of you guys came along, especially Whispers for moral support at least, but I understand if that is impossible. I have a feeling it is impossible anyway.

thoughts: *Whispers to Ana* Ugh, Forgive me, Ana. I cannot solve a riddle to save my own life if I tried. I don't know if we got it right or not, but it is kind of unfair because one of the big main points of making that large sacrifice of stopping the story very early was to prevent us from becoming a bigger priority for the cult to execute, especially if we stopped going after Root and started our new quest... But with the conductor possibly telling Lorence anyway, that sacrifice would be all for nothing...
But don't worry, I might have an idea, Conductor is not going to be able to reach Lorence until after the trial, so what we might have to do is if we, or anyone else is able to help out Godfrey and Matilda in the trial, we might be able to help put you in a better sympathetic light among the audience in order to ease up on the burden of the amount of enemies coming after us while we try to accomplish our new changed goal after Conductor tells Lorence

thoughts: *whispers to Ana* As for the portal, I am not going to lie, I don't like that portal one bit. I kind of wish he just gave us a destination and person to find when we return to the real world instead of using magic. I am expecting seeing somebody we might not like on the other side or a trap, but I feel we have no choice in the matter as the alternative might be worse.
First, we do not know how to escape from Whisper's chambers other than taking that portal, the wabbit didn't come up with an escape plan. (That said, remind me never to use his services again. he probably means well, but his services seem to be more trouble than it's worth 75% of the time)
second, If we do not take the portal, it will make the Conductor suspect us of lying about changing our goal and will most likely raise the chances of him telling Lorence, despite whether we answered correctly or not. It is better to take the portal to prove we are telling the truth...
Third, if it turns out to be a trap, I think we have a means to escape. *eyes Dervan's business card*

Thoughts: *whispers to Ana and Scarred* I only ask you two this: whoever or whatever is on the other side... stay neutral, even if it is Andrew for some reason. We are only going there for information, but it is also take what they say with a grain of salt. If you start feeling angry during the meeting, give me a sign, and I'll talk it out with you two, and whomever we are talking to first. I'll be acting out as mediator if emotions run high within you two.

So, umm... who is going to enter first? me???
No. 933588 ID: 550cd9

Yeah I suppose so

*slips a wink*
No. 933600 ID: 70be57
File 155844984040.jpg - (2.84MB , 3508x4065 , Chapter 4 part 27.jpg )


What is currently going thru Ana's head
No. 933625 ID: c0550f

Thoughts: if he hates humanity, that hatred for him must extend to Lorence and the cult as well, not just us. So that could be in a way show his neutral position. Could be why he is helping the cult, the fog is wiping out humanity, but since he loves nature, the fog isn't effecting nature, just humans. I wonder how he feels about freeing us and the world from the cycle then...

Thoughts: we must also remember, we got to this place from Robbit's dimension through a book. I know Whispers means well, buy if we ask whispers for help, he might not send us back to Your body from your dimension, but back to your body in Robbit's dimension instead.

Thoughts: plus, we cannot forget that there is someone back in Robbit's place that wants Ana dead as proven with the mad world painting having the protective layer removed. There could be a trap if we return to Robbit's place.

Thoughts: i think as long as you have Dervan's card to make an exit, Ana, we should be fine with crossing the portal.
No. 933626 ID: 8b660e

Don’t worry Ana, you can trust Whispers, or Mike as he was once known. He does mean well at the very least.

Sooooooo, you prefer the company of nature huh? Very well, then can we show you that we’re on the sides of both humanity and nature? Hey Ana, show her the rose of hope you got from Mother Gaia.

*whispers to Fortune*
I’m fairly certain Conductor is a woman
No. 933696 ID: 70be57
File 155851982546.jpg - (1.07MB , 2480x3004 , Chapter 4 part 28.jpg )

No. 933702 ID: e51896

thoughts: (we voices met these people before, Ana. Yes, they are actually demons, but Marble is a friend of Dreamwalker... OH HEY! now that I think about it, wasn't Dervan trying to talk to a demon? That's a coincidence! Perhaps after we get the information we need, we should consider contacting Dervan with his card so that he can talk to these guys, if only to stay on good terms with Dervan. you have it in your possession in this mental form as he handed it to you at Robbit's place after you slept.)

thoughts: (Well, anyway, let me introduce these demons to you, Ana. We know one of them as Marble (we will and MUST only refer to him as Marble as that is what he prefers to be named), and that is his bearded friend. yes they are actually demons, but Marble is a friend of Dreamwalker. he may be strict and uptight, but he means well. He just wants what is best for the sanctuary he resides in. His bearded friend from what I can gather is more calmer and understanding. We helped them kill a spirit parasite, so we're on relatively good terms. Not the best terms, but good.)

...God dammit Robbit, you really are more trouble than you're worth... I need a drink... Well, I guess even if Robbit was true to his words and you were able to see your girlfriend Amanda again, Marble, you would probably only get in trouble by the dimensional tribunal's agents. Triumphant told us that place is off limits for investigations. But your bearded friend is right, Marble, there are more pressing matters.

Let me just say, I am just as surprised to be here as you guys are seeing us here. I know you have strict rules of people not being allowed to be here and people using portals to travel here or out, or that you didn't allow Ana to hide here because as you said, she tends to bring trouble,
but rest assured, Ana didn't escape her world, this is just her mental form. Her real body is sleeping right now.

We're here because we asked a certain scout master calling themself the Conductor for some information on a new objective we wish to accomplish, and for some reason, they created a portal here without telling us the destination.

Really, I think we were sent here to receive some spiritual guidance from your god Taranis, the god of wheel (of fortune) to steer us in the right direction. We learned that Ana's soul, and by extension, us voices' souls is cursed, stuck to suffer in that world and it's repeating cycle, with no chance of escaping to the afterlife, and each goal we try accomplish in this world being all pointless as it all get reset. A cruel joke of it all.

Basically, I want to find out how we can save Ana's soul from that hellish world and its cycle so that when death arrives after a long life, our souls can be free to enter the afterlife instead of being stuck there to relive the same tragedies. Help plz?
No. 933828 ID: 8b660e

Pretty much yeah.

By the way guys, in spite of everything else. I’m glad to see you guys.
No. 933846 ID: 70be57
File 155865656413.jpg - (893.60KB , 2480x2396 , Chapter 4 part 29.jpg )

No. 933917 ID: 8b660e

To answer your question Ana, sort of yeah, he is an Incubus. The make equivalent of a succubus. And uh that’s okay Marble, but thanks for the offer. We will uh, consider it.
By the way, you came on just a little too strong.

Actually, we reaIize that our timeline/universe is FUBAR, so we want to get the truth out. And fhen if people want to get as many of them as we can and leave it for a different one that actually has a future.
No. 933942 ID: e51896

Sorry beard, Ana doesn't have a nail gun, in fact, as I said, this isn't her real body, her real body is sleeping, so she doesn't have any items on her. The only thing she might have is a business card which was given to her in this form, but that is it. It was Essence who had the nail gun, but she's dead now. We had to kill her to save a life.

Yes Ana, they seem to collect artwork curiously from our dimension from different time cycles I think. Last time we were here, we were trying to reveal a hidden secret message within a picture of Essence that the artist Anthony drew, but Beard had his star pendant stolen from his forehead which prevented him seeing it. (My guess is that Felafaf probably ate it when Essence fed her an apple. Essence said there was something sharp and metal in the apple after all, so maybe it was that? it's all speculation though... um... hypothetically, What would happen if someone were to eat that pendant, Beard?)

I guess I could use my moon card to see if I can find the secret message on the drawing, but that would mean my moon card would get utterly destroyed in the progress, I had no choice but to overuse the card during our deathmatch with Essence, so it only has one use left... we'll have to think hard on whether to use that card on that, or if there is something more important to use it on later in our journey...

But none of that is why we are here at the moment. You claim you can't help us? that contradicts with what the Conductor said and why he sent us here. Honestly, I am trying to find any way to free our souls from the Ash Tree, and the only ways I can think of is either finding a way to travel to the first recorded cycle somehow and kill Essence's body that is stuck in the ash tree as that will put a stop to Ana and our souls being stuck to the cycle (probably) as we heard from Absurdity, or find a way to put an end to the cycle altogether while trying to cause the least amount of harm to others. It is quite a conundrum. But the Conductor said you had some answers to steer us in the right direction.

Because honestly, I don't see any reason why to perform any kind of goal besides the one I'm thinking of in our world if it is all not going to matter after it all resets, and we can't enter any form of afterlife either, just like how the Bringer of Nightmare Ana couldn't during our fight with Essence but Scarred Ana's dead soldier buddies could. Everything just seems pointless, and we are lost as to what we need to do.
No. 934009 ID: 70be57
File 155883446605.jpg - (1.41MB , 2480x3664 , Chapter 4 part 30.jpg )

No. 934044 ID: e51896

Thoughts: Was that statue holding cards me? If it was, it isn't me anymore. I'm not here to feel sentimental or attached to a time I came from which I lost. I have no need to feel depressed from remembering that.

You're not allowed to explain why pursuing those goals are a bad idea? Don't worry. It's fine. You probably don't have to, I can speculate from that hidden message from that drawing of Essence what the consequences of leaving the dimension causes, and Cera implied to us what would happen if we pursue tackling the repeating timeline. My hope was to actually find a loophole of some sort if we pursued one of those.

Alright, so right now as shown with the unmade sculpture, we are lost with what we want to pursue as things seems pretty pointless right now. But... Perhaps some inspiration is in order? all art is created by some sort of inspiration... So In that case... umm... for gaining "artistic" inspiration with what we want this sculpture to become, May we look at the very first sculpture that was made which represents the very first timeline then, please? It is also sometimes important for an "artist" to look back and see where they started to get their spark back.

Afterwards, I think there is someone we know who is looking to talk to a demon. I gave him a totem which I think he will give to you if I ask him, especially if I do him a favor to help him speak to a demon. he did save our lives after all. and coincidentally, you guys are demons sooo...
No. 934189 ID: 8b660e

Actually yeah I am kinda curious, I would like to see mine if possible, but yeah can we see the very first one?
No. 934222 ID: 70be57
File 155900684093.jpg - (1.13MB , 2394x3041 , Chapter 4 part 31.jpg )

No. 934254 ID: e51896

...huh... So if the first Ana had sacrificed herself to help the cult make connection with the Ash Tree, I guess that means at some point, the first Ana had joined Root's cult to accomplish becoming one with the Ash Tree. I guess the question we need to figure out is why would she join the cult in the first place to be part of the ash tree? I wonder if Mr. Tiova, the person who shares Ana's last name, had something to do with it...

It also begs the question why the Ash Tree was so insistent in having Ana fight against Root to give them a fair fight despite the fact Ana became one with the ash tree to communicate with the cult, and the Ash Tree claiming he was neutral, and the fact that Absolution Prime is more than enough for Root to handle without our involvement as we have seen. The Ash Tree has been insinuating that Root has the upper hand even though from what I've seen, he clearly doesn't...
I don't know, Scarred, sorry if I sound rude, but I think the Ash Tree's spirit who talked to us in the beginning might actually be a betraying asshole trying to spread nothing but chaos with his influences on us and others. I mean, he did mess with those 6 friends before this whole thing started... I don't know. I guess I'm just speculating the worst.

I guess we also assumed the first Ana was Essence because Absurdity himself may have hinted to us that the first Cycle of Ana was Essence, but I guess we were wrong...
...Unless maybe Essence did become one with the ash tree in her timeline as well but for a more different reason.

Well in any case, now that we are in the topic of evidence for the Dimensional Tribunal, I remember the Mad Creator gave Marble three totems. Mainly, two black totems and a broken white totem which were all used to play out our voices and thoughts whenever we are near them. Absurdity gave Ana two of the white totems while Essence stole replaced the two white totems with black totems. Scarred's white totem was broken by Ana from another time, but we managed to retrieve it nonetheless.

The only totem you guys are missing in that collection was my totem, which we found in Essence's possession during our fight with her. After we beat her, we couldn't take my totem with us as we would have lost our form forcing us to leave the totem there, so we had to give it to a friend of ours who saved our necks as payment for his services.

I could contact him and ask him to give you my white totem as evidence for the tribunal, but I know he isn't going to want to hand it over for free... but I do know that he has been asking a lot of people to let him know when they meet a demon so he can talk to a demon. I'm sure that if you allow him to talk to you since you both are demons, he can give you my totem as a payment for us letting him speak to you. Ana's mental dream form was given a card to contact him, so I believe she has his card with him despite being asleep.

What do you say, shall we exit this art gallery to somewhere less cluttered so you may speak with him and hopefully get my totem from him for evidence?
No. 934257 ID: 8b660e

She did. I saw it. I don’t even remember how but I did see it. That is Essence.

And yeah also I want to get in touch with the Tribunal, I don’t know who they think they are but I don’t like them playing around with other people’s lives.
No. 934376 ID: 791096
File 155913797891.jpg - (1.27MB , 2480x3412 , Chapter 4 part 32.jpg )

No. 934382 ID: 8b660e

Alright. Show me.
No. 934389 ID: e51896

Important to know it's history of when and how it started, as well as when does and how it works at the end. We already know the why it exists.
No. 934405 ID: 4c7293

I want to see how my world got screwed over, that’s the one thing I can’t remember. And I also want to know why Absolution betrayed me, and what that entailed.
No. 934625 ID: e51896

*whispers to Marble* The only thing I should warn, Ana and us aren't the only people listening. We have Wildcat (Ana's Curator), Probably Dervan through his card if he isn't busy with something else (last I contacted him he said he was too busy talking with someone important), and Absolution jr. Just thought I'd mention them. I'm all for you telling, but only if you are aware of the party involved, Marble.
No. 934806 ID: 791096
File 155961138919.jpg - (0.96MB , 2480x2441 , Chapter 4 part 34.jpg )

No. 934894 ID: e51896

Yeah, really does put things in perspective. What would be the point of doing anything if an armageddon wipes out everything we set out to accomplish?

>Do you still want to destroy it or just run away from it

I don't think it is possible run from it, even though I would love absolutely nothing more than to run away from it, but Even if we escape that world, Ana's soul will still be tied to that universe because she sacrificed her body in the ash tree to help the cult communicate with it in the first recorded cycle. She isn't going to have a proper afterlife and just end up as another trapped voice or something. I guess we have no choice but to break it then.

Really, this is my main goal: all I want to do is release Ana, and our souls from the tree's grip which was trapped in the first cycle so we may have a proper afterlife. But if there is no way in doing that other than breaking the cycle, then we have no choice but to break the cycle, do we?

I guess this begs the question as to why there are multiple people like Triumphant, your bearded colleague, and I think Essence who says it is not a very good idea to even leave the dimension and live a peaceful life somewhere else? They warned us it is a very bad idea, yet I don't think they ever explained why.
No. 934896 ID: 8b660e

I want to go a step further than that. If it’s possible I want to get everyone out, At least everyone who wants out, those who want to stay here can if they want. But everyone deserves to know this truth.
No. 936035 ID: 791096
File 156071083704.jpg - (2.35MB , 3508x2254 , Chapter 4 part 35.jpg )

No. 936038 ID: e51896

...Crazy idea: what if someone else were to maybe... take Absolution Prime's place? Is that even possible? I mean, considering Absolution Prime is kind of an asshole treating people in that universe as test subjects to some extent, perhaps someone more benevolent can take on his role? Maybe not us Per se, but... I would assume there have been people before who tried to take his place considering the damages suffering and betrayals he has been causing in each cycle.
No. 936044 ID: 17cdb5

Took the words right out of my mouth.

No. 936703 ID: 458fa9
File 156116078164.jpg - (1.79MB , 2327x3465 , Chapter 4 part 36.jpg )

No. 936719 ID: 17cdb5

Well... What if one of us took that position? Or both of us? Because we were the ones to take down Essence, and we are bound to this cycle as well. Truth be told I was worried we would have unbound ourselves from Ana if we killed her. Part of my understanding was that Essence was the reason we are even here, but her being dead kind of puts that to the lie. It seems something else is keeping us bound just as much as Prime. So doesn’t that put us in different position now too? Shouldn’t we have some say in what happens?
No. 936733 ID: e51896

Interesting idea Scarred, but we have seen how living through so many of those cycles had corrupted Essence to the sadistic psychopathic homicidal bitch she was. I feel it will do the same to you, this current Ana, and me. Hell, we barely even started this cycle, and already we admittedly each became corrupted in some way. We are just too unfit to take on his duties

On the topic of Essence being to only one who could of stand a chance against Absolution Prime, maybe if Essence was nicer to us when we first met her instead of treating us like dirt, and hurting our friends and others just for the fun of it, maybe we could have helped her and Happy, even if in the end they were tricking us. But she chose to try to be our enemy and make others see us as their enemy. Her corruption just made her too unfit to take Prime's place...
But... I can't shake this feeling that maybe... she wanted us to kill her? As if it was all part of a grand plan which required her to die, and we fell for it? I don't know. It seems like she was trying way too hard to get us to be her enemy just so we can kill her in some way.

A different candidate to take Absolution prime's throne could be AJ. I mean, he is getting stronger with each passing second, but he is too young at the moment. If he wants to stand a chance to dethrone Prime, I think he might need eons and eons of training, something that one cycle, let alone a million cycles cannot provide. The only option I see is to find some way to get AJ out of that universe without Prime's knowledge so that he can get lots of experience and get away from that universe's corruption... (or perhaps just create his own universe and enjoy life there. Really, it's his choice how he wants to live his life)
But I don't know whether or not he is allowed to leave.

I guess that means we are kind of out of options of what we want to do. I can't help but feel our only option is to just... live and observe how things plays out silently in this mad corrupted world? Who knows, maybe an answer will show up while we're adventuring? I'm kind of not seeing the point of doing anything really.
No. 936734 ID: e51896

But yeah, thanks for the info, Marble. We'll keep quiet about this conversation. Please take us back home now.
No. 937170 ID: 458fa9
File 156144830823.jpg - (2.30MB , 2971x3101 , Chapter 4 part 37.jpg )


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