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File 155771682970.png - (775.54KB , 1200x1000 , mom.png )
932632 No. 932632 ID: f5fee9

I just couldn't stay away~♥

so... how about a lewd story about a kobold?
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No. 932815 ID: 9876c4

(I'm willing to be Tlanus.)

I mean lets face it, bards are about the easiest possible fucks.
Maybe we could offer a tasty reward if he smuggles the chest out of here?
No. 932820 ID: 1c4aae

Honestly, I think we should bribe him with everything you mentioned except he should sneak us out instead by using the chest.
No. 932821 ID: 91ee5f

Why would we leave? Wouldn’t it be safer to stay here when the invaders leave?

Also, we just told one of the guards to bring us a prisoner and it wouldn’t exactly help if we’re not here if they do manage to capture someone.
No. 932822 ID: 2202fb

If you end up having sex with this guy, make sure he pulls out or wears a condom or something. He isnt helpful as far as hybrids go and you dont want to be bogged down that long with something that doesnt help our goal.
No. 932824 ID: e20bdf

You know how this goes: guide him to the pillow and offer narcotics. I haven't seen any alcoholic drinks so let's see how good are the herbs in your arguileh.
Did you practiced your movements before? A skillful shake to your hips when you walk will emphasize your curves. Just don't try if you haven't successfully done on your own prior.

"Are you and your friends delving in necromancy? We never being attacked by grave robbers before"
No. 932826 ID: ea5947

I don't like Shub, because we're not a goat, while Tlanusi is hard to pronounce. Maybe Lan, or Tian, or something short like that.

You should make up some sob story about being trapped in here forever and proclaim this bard your savior. Also, you should tell him that you've never seen someone as sexy as him and ask him if you can kiss your savior.
No. 932827 ID: eeb7d9

So are we disposing of him, or are we keeping him? I prefer the first option, i don't like this one. The problem is the rest of the invaders, they will notice the disappearance if we take too much time.
No. 932830 ID: 9876c4

I support pump and dump, but lets see what he can do for us first.

Every creature's essence we savor means more terrifying monsters.
No. 932832 ID: a2de31

We should use this bard as a stepping stone. For what what that stepping stone is is up in the air because we don’t know yet what he is open for being buttered into. Sex? totally. Favours?, party betrayal?, convincing him to let us cuck he out of bold fucking in favour of somebody else from his party who’d make stronger spawns? We don’t know. I think the logical order of priorities for us is 1. Save the kobold colony. 2. Get knocked up by something better than this halfling bard. 3. Get ourselves into an authoritative position in the colony. 4. Boink the bard if we can’t get something better in the immediate future.

I say we ease him into a guardless state by laying on the pillows removing our loincloth to use as a face mask veil doubling as a counter aggainst gas plumes) give him the ‘get high gas thingie’ (I’m not a junkie I don’t what you call the oversized bong thing) once high ask him about his friends. With that info aquired. We can bind him with the bong’s tube, burry him under pillows as a hiding place and move out to help the rest of the tribe fight off the party. (If party interrupts we can throw this plan out the window.)

Us interacting with him at all for any extended period is pretty much a neutralized quarter give or take of this hostile party. Saving the tribe should be number one since that would give us an institution to help us with hunting for better partners.
No. 932833 ID: ecd116

get to know him. like ask him stuff about what he do and why. also say that he don't look like a human so what is your race?

also ask him what is both his and the others that came with you about their opinion on kobold and other monsters? like are they friendly enough to not attack me/kobolds on sight. or if they do, are they hunt & kill using lethal force or are they subdued & capture using non lethal tactics? .
tell him the reason that even if he is friendly enough for her you don't know enough about his buddies and what they will do if they find the both of you together, especially with what the two are you about to do.
No. 932835 ID: f2320a

he can take the bones if they leave peacefully and dont hurt anyone its just some bones so ask if they are necromancers?
No. 932839 ID: 864e49

How bout just anus?

What ever you do don't reveal your connections to Lamashtu, the races of man or what ever do not like monster races and would not like the idea of you creating new ones.
No. 932842 ID: 94e3ab

I think he's under the impression that you're one of the chief's harem girls, which shows just how little he knows about your clan's society and culture. Take advantage of that belief. Say nothing that explicitly says you are, but drop a few implicit hints. Let him think you're akin to a sex slave and he'll both underestimate and likely to take pity upon you. Allow his bard-y mind to spin a tale out of little to nothing that you want to escape and he could be your rescuing hero. Bards do tend to run away with themselves like that.

Lead Milo to your pillow nest to lay down. Both ready and light the hookah and fill a cup with booze for him. Sway your hips and give him a nice view as you move about. Ask him to play a good tune for you to dance to. Give him a very sensual dance as you talk.

Say that you've never been with a halfling before. Never been with a non-kobold, to be fair. Or outside the safety of the cave, really. You're quite interested in what he is and is like; His differences and similarities to your fellow kobolds. And beyond him, what the world and beings out there are like. You'd like to experience all that some day, but for today he's more than enough.

Say that it's unfortunate that he and his comrades didn't come to your clan peacefully first to trade for some of old Caracas' bones. Only some of your clan still worship them, so the rest could have been convinced by the right price to part with a few of 'em or even more. Maybe even after this invasion they would, if it'd mean no more harm. It'd be safer and easier than trying to carry a load of dragon bones out while under attack, wouldn't it?
No. 932843 ID: 419ea7

I'd say don't mention we know he's after the dragon bones. If you volunteer the information he's less likely to trust it rather than if he asks and you answer.

but yeah turn on the sashay as you make your way to the love nest and keep him wrapped around your little finger
No. 932848 ID: ea5947

How about Janus? Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings.
No. 932860 ID: 8a546f

Shub is fine as a name.
No. 932862 ID: f2320a

i also want to keep the name its short and sweet and its easy to say
No. 932866 ID: 94e3ab

I'd like to just keep "Shub" and drop "Niggurath" since the latter sounds rather too close to a certain racial slur.
No. 932875 ID: f5fee9

thanks, pleasure to be back~
No. 932878 ID: f5fee9
File 155790087627.jpg - (103.65KB , 1035x863 , chit chat.jpg )

Shub - You know how this goes: Lead Milo to your pillow nest to lay down. Both ready and light the hookah and fill a cup with booze for him. Sway your hips and give him a nice view as you move about.

>She nods to you and leads him to the nest

Neeral - It must be hard, playing your tunes while the others fight... you must be exhausted on nerves alone...

Milo - the boys don't understand my plight~

Neeral - more boys you say?

Milo - yeah me and the guys... what do you smoke in that thing?

Neeral - Fruit Shisha from Lions guard, imported from the guilded sands.

Milo - heh? fancy! and that's... red cactus rum?

Neeral - yup, also from lions guard.

Shub - don't mention we know he's after the dragon bones. If you volunteer the information he's less likely to trust it. Ask why him and his buddies are attacking your tribe? And What ever you do don't reveal your connections to Lamashtu.

Neeral - Milo... I have to ask... why are you invading my tribe?

>Milo coughs on his drink.

Milo - I!? we...

Neeral - I'm not angry... or resentful Milo... I just want to know...

Milo - well... *sigh* we're after a dragons body.

Neeral - old bonesey? why would you want it?

Milo - ancient dragon bones and scales are very very valuable if you know the right buyer... and we can use some of the better stuff for weapons and armor...

Neeral - that's it? we might of sold it to you if you came peacefully... still... I hold no ill will against you or your friends... but I would prefer if you didn't slaughter us all...

Milo - thats... not really my call... if Barkus see's kobolds he strikes...

Neeral - *sighs* alright... time for honesty... I'm not long for this tribe... I'm just a lowly sex slave...

>Milo blushes as she lies through her fangs

Neeral - But the clan master is fed up with my expensive tastes... He's going to end me soon... I bear no ill will against my tribe and I'd rather they not get destroyed, but I cannot stay here any longer... I want... Need to make a deal with you...

Milo - I'm... not... sure...

Neeral - please Milo... My savior~ if I lead you to the bones, you wont have to kill them all... and if you smuggle me out... say in that chest you wanted to take... I... I would be so very indebted to you... my handsome and brave savior~

Milo - alright... draw me a map and hide in the chest, we'll get you soon... IF! my friends agree... if not, at least your tribe wont be annihilated...

Neeral - thank you master Milo~ you're so brave~

>He blushes and takes a crude map she draws for him.
No. 932879 ID: f5fee9
File 155790088091.jpg - (95.17KB , 1200x1000 , in box.jpg )

>once milo leaves Neeral shuffles all her belongings into the chest. making sure to pack food and drink.

Neeral - Cant forget you Shub Niggurath.

>She crawls into the chest, and with just a little wiggle room, she gets comfy.

Neeral - I hope this goes as planned... Running away from the caves would be difficult. Zornesk runs a tight shift... hopefully I can cheat and steal from those humans before breaking off. I don't think I'll have much use for them beyond baby making...

>After a while you hear the heavy foot falls of the humans.

Regal man voice - welp, you were right. that was easier~

Big man voice - well I would of preferred killing!

Stout man voice - none the less, we got what we came for... speaking of which is this the box?

Milo - yeah, pretty sure...

>He peeks into the box and Neeral waves to him

Milo - we'll keep the bag open so you can breath, stay put, you'll be out in a few hours.

Stout man voice - pop it into the bag and lets get going...

Regal man voice - what ever you say brother~

>you hear a Whoosh noise and suddenly there's no noise at all... Neeral opens the lid and peeks out seeing a starry void with a number of objects floating around... dragon bones, scales, bottles and scrolls, swords and wands... above is a hole leading to elven mans face... he has black skin with white spots and white hair...

Elf - okay she is pretty cute...

>Neeral closes the lid and shuffles back down.

Neeral - welp... a few hours in the hands of fate... got any ideas Shub?

>_ _ _
No. 932880 ID: 1a30f7

lets see whats in the box i hope they took the important stuff
No. 932881 ID: 1a30f7

lets see what more they have here
No. 932882 ID: 91ee5f

A bag, huh? Sounds like a Bag of Holding. Which explains how they managed to take an entire dragon corpse with them. As far as I’m aware, Bags of Holding don’t have any sort of limit and whatever’s inside doesn’t weigh anything to whoever’s carrying the bag.

The downside is there’s no air to breathe in here. Any living thing inside would suffocate to death, which is why they needed to leave the bag open so we can breathe.

>got any ideas Shub?
We can pass the time by sharing some food and drink, we could talk to each other, or we could just take a nap until the humans let us out.

Neeral is the one that packed the box we’re in, so I’m pretty sure she brought the important stuff she wanted to bring.
No. 932883 ID: 055cbc

you can poke around a little in the bag I guess, but probably not going to be able to pocket anything big or important and get away with it, so don't get greedy.
No. 932884 ID: e20bdf

Tempted to pocket some of the valuables. Unfortunately you seem to lack pockets, and I predict difficult finding a seller.
Do you have any talent using magical artifacts? Since you may not be able to turn this stuff into money better focus on objects that can be used. I confess that wands are my favorites, but potions have no special requirements beyond drinking.
Take few objects so they don't noticed the diminished stock, and avoid the most valuable of each category for it is more likely to be memorable.

It's not feasible right now, but if you get the opportunity before escaping this bag of holding would be one of the most useful things you could get from them.
No. 932885 ID: 9876c4

Greed is such a Callistrian vice, I prefer Lust. But the bag itself might prove useful on our adventures.

You know how to find out what sort of Hybrid Lamashtu favors? Sleep with all of them.
No. 932886 ID: 1a30f7

remember never put a bag of holding inside a bag of holding or a portable hole thats why you never just dump stuff inside the bag on the chance of it erasing you from reality
No. 932887 ID: 2f5ed3

Bit aggainst the grain and out of nowhere but. It seems we’re about to leave this place in a short time skip I suddenly want to bring along shirps the kobold guard boy for our journey as an assistant. Partially because the notion of him awkwardly being pressed into her nude form for hours on end is cute and amusing.

Can we try ‘swimming’ up through the bag, pop our head out and Whisper to milo that he should also yank a kobold called Shirps as well because (half assed probably objectively incorrect speculation) he’s been charged with keeping her safe and so the clan will have his head when you disappear. Milo should go and toss him into the bag as well.
No. 932892 ID: ea5947

Search for a dildo.
No. 932894 ID: 419ea7

Well if we're going to be stuck in here with all this loot for a while we might as well get acquainted with it.
We'll want to know what goodies they have.
No. 932896 ID: 25554f

I quite like that idea and i would feel bad if he died due to us leaving
No. 932897 ID: caf1de

shub is a dumb name
though we are just a dumb leech
but I prefer talanusi
lets sing dirty limericks
No. 932904 ID: 91ee5f

Pretty sure it’s a little too late to do that. And I don’t think he would want to come with the people that just attacked his home, even if we Neeral said it was ok.
No. 932919 ID: a9af05

The only thing we can do for now is kick back and relax until they decide to let us out.
No. 932921 ID: 1ed92d

Clearly we should cuddle.
No. 932925 ID: 94e3ab

How 'bout you give us the lowdown on what you know about what things are like in the area around here, with a tilt towards what would likely effect a little, lone kobold gal like you. Like, what's the stance of the folk around here towards 'bolds? Since Milo and that elf seem to be alright with you, I take it it's not mostly near straight up "evil vermin to be killed." So how much are you gonna be in danger if you don't have folk around to protect you? What's the risks of being taken advantage of, enslaved, harmed or killed 'cause you're a 'bold? And what's the attitude to a non-kobold beddin' a 'bold?

Next, what deities oppose Lamashtu, which ones are neutral, and which ones are aligned with her? 'Cause we'll want to avoid the priests/priestesses and temples of the opposed deities 'cause that risks being spotted as one of Lamashtu's blessed. And on the flip side, finding other followers of Lamashtu or followers of deities aligned to her would help you. Especially male ones~. Now, there any other, non-religious groups that would be hostile to a blessed of Lamashtu or just a follower of her we need to watch out for?

While some male companionship would be enjoyable for Neeral, that ship has already sailed over the horizon. And besides, Neeral is on a holy quest from Lamashtu to breed with other species to create more of the goddess' blessed monstrous children, not more mere kobolds.

And on that matter, I think Neeral ought to aim for other monstrous and similar half-breed species out there like minotaurs or centaurs at some point. Oh, and also be on the lookout for sex swapping potions, magic or enchanted (non-cursed) items Neeral could use. I'd think a male blessed of Lamashtu would be able to interspecies breed a whole lot more than a female. But Lamashtu likely has good reasons for choosing Neeral rather than a male follower so we'll see if that works or not.
No. 932935 ID: 094652

Stick us in a stew?

I wanna see if we can possess somebody by attaching to their intestinal lining.
No. 932936 ID: e20bdf

Why would we have intestinal mind control?
No. 932943 ID: d52a6c

We should play spelunkers!
No. 933164 ID: f5fee9
File 155814792548.jpg - (209.78KB , 1200x1000 , in space.jpg )

Shub - lets see whats in the box

Neeral - my hookah, some shisha, a pillow, my scarf, a blanket, two bottles of water, one bottle of wine, bread, dried meats, dried fruits, my ritual daggers... not much just what I could bring and what was useful...

Shub - Do you have any talent using magical artifacts?

Neeral - some, yes.

Shub - Search for a dildo.

>She opens the box and looks around but doesn't find any dildos.

Shub - How 'bout you give us the lowdown on what you know about what things are like in the area around here

Neeral - well, the lions guard is in the southern part of Taldor. Humans rule most of these parts but there's a lot of untamed wilds. it gets really dry here, not too far south from here is a desert. Kobolds are not very well liked here, but humans don't fight us if they don't have to because of the dragons...

Shub - We'll want to know what goodies they have.

>She makes a tally of all the items in the bag of holding.

lots of dragon bones and scales.
a pair of shinning silver boots.
three swords
eight daggers
several pieces of armor
two lanterns
six bottles of oil
cooking implements
a tent
a spare wheel
a shovel
a shield
four wands
two are simple wood
one is ivory
one is silver and blue crystal
six potions
three read: cure moderate
one reads: jump
one reads: invisible
one reads: nauseating cloud
there is a hefty sack that jungles with coin
and several loose silver, and copper coins

Shub - Take few objects so they don't noticed the diminished stock

>She looks at one of the wooden wands and reaches out to it... Neeral's arm stretches out thin as it reaches the object that is both infinitely far and infinitely close in this non euclidean space... she hides it with her dried sausages...

Neeral - what else should I steal?

Shub - We should play spelunkers!

Neeral - whats that?

>_ _ _
No. 933169 ID: 094652

Steal anything they have more than four of. You can claim they misplaced it, or that you're just "claiming your share of the spoils".
No. 933173 ID: 8d4593

You'll want to take some gold coins from the sack. Not too so many that you'll jingle, but a little money will help you on your way, not to mention they'll be easy to stash on your person, despite your lack of clothing.

You'll also need to decide if you're going to sneak away, flagrantly flee, or join these people.

If you're going to join, taking more than a few coin will surely be discovered.
If your going to sneak, you should take whatever money you can conceal and perhaps a wooden wand.
If you are going to flee, take whatever you can carry. The boots are probably magical, the wands will all be useful, the money is money, and the potions.
Nauseating cloud, invisibility, and jump, are literally everything you need to make a clean break.

Hell, if you can figure out what boots and the wands do while your in here and your feeling particularly ballsy, you can probably sneak out of the bag while your invisible and steal the whole thing outright!
No. 933174 ID: e3e99e

Would any of the armor fit you? If so, equip it.
Take two of the daggers, and a bottle of oil.

Rather than trying to hide our larceny, we're going to make a show of it.
We'll only take things that would be useful to somebody who would be joining the party, and even then only things they can obviously spare.

Since they don't yet trust you they'll count the money and other valuables when they let us out, and the ones other than Milo would use that as an excuse to kill you.
So we don't do that. We join their party, for now. We can leave them later, once we've gotten a handle on the outside world.
But until then? They're adventurers. Their job is to seek out all sorts of monsters, which means they're going to be delivering you to places where you can serve your goddess.

Incidentally, how much are you expected to do as far as childcare? If you hide your eggs somewhere out in the wild, will they be able to fend for themselves?
No. 933191 ID: e20bdf

I know it's risky, but I really want that potion of invisibility. Do you have a similar bottle of booze that you can switch the label?
Take that and don't touch anything else, specially the money. Avoid suspicious for now to increase your chances of stealing the bag of holdings in the future.
No. 933211 ID: 7fb87a

These people were willing to slaughter your tribe for some old bones. The same tribe that gave your life of luxury. Your tribe would protect you with their lives.

Do you really think that halfling will protect you with his life, if you're caught? All we've really done is make ourselves easy for them to rob.

Gather the wands and potions. Throw the nauseating cloud out, drink the invisibility, then flee back to your tribe with the wands in the confusion.
No. 933213 ID: 91ee5f

It’s too late for that. We’re on an adventure and there’s no going back.

And Neeral’s tribe wouldn’t have let her leave the caves to go fuck monsters like Lamashtu wants her to.
No. 933215 ID: f3310b

Do the boots fit you? Perhaps you could try them on and figure out if they're enchanted, and what the enchantment is.

As far as the wands go, unless we can tell what kinds of spells they hold, we should try testing them out one by one.

The potions also seem very useful, altho I'm not sure if we'd have enough time to safely drink them once we exit the bag. We can't exactly hide them, nor can we carry much with the clothes we have.

There's two plans that I see here.
The first plan is to simply wait and not steal anything. Allow them to let us out. Then seduce them, sex them, whatever, and finally steal their bag and run away.
The second plan is to wait until the path out of the bag is open. Once that happens, we grab the potions and the wands. Immediately drop the nauseating potion once we're out, drink the invisibility and jump potions and make our getaway.

There's a lot of that could go wrong with either of these plans. The first one relies on their trust. The second one relies on the location. Still, I think the first one is a bit safer considering the bard was easily fooled.
No. 933482 ID: 1a30f7

so neerl what do you want to do?
No. 933709 ID: def8f4

I remember her saying she can just bury them.

As for what she should do, she should join them. As adventurers they can range far and encounter strange and unique things, all of which would prove useful for spreading hybrid offspring. Though they will likely notice eventually the fact that Neera screws and gets pregnant to nearly anything, we can deflect this in several ways. Option one is to claim that as a Kobold our latent Dragon Heritage allows us to interbreed with most things, but we aren't really dragon enough for them to be viable so we just bury the resulting eggs. Second option is we say we are a follower of a "Fertility God", and give them a made-up name for Lamashtu.

So Neera, where do you live? Toril? Golarion? The planet/world, that is.
>what's spelunking?
Why, cave exploring. In fact I can think of one! Not to mention it'd make a start on your divine mission. Feeling adventurous?
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