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File 127698570821.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 000.png )
195917 No. 195917 ID: 31cbfc

I'm a newfag, and not much of an artist, expect a lot of fail.
To make things clear, you communicate with the main character directly. Nobody else can hear your suggestions, and the main character may or may not obey.
If a ">" appears in the image, input is expected.
I will notify of any necessary changes on the fly.
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No. 195919 ID: 31cbfc
File 127698589284.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 001.png )

>My head... it's killing me.
>I barely caught any sleep.
No. 195922 ID: b71223

Maybe get a glass of water. some aspirin if possible as well.
No. 195927 ID: 31cbfc
File 127698658264.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 002.png )

>Aspirin... what is that, some kinda magic?
>Some water would be nice th... wait, am I hearing things?
>Is somebody speaking to me?
No. 195930 ID: e973f4

Yeah, you've got voices in your head now. Or something.

This may be related to your headache? I don't know, to be honest.

You should probably stand up, if you want to go find water. :V
No. 195932 ID: e973f4

Oh, and, who are you? We might be here a while. In your head, I mean.
No. 195933 ID: b71223

yes and no...
were kinda like your imagination. Like thoughts you don't think.
either way, to the closest source of water.
No. 195935 ID: 31cbfc
File 127698721482.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 003.png )

>I... don't remember you people before. You have no clue as well?
>Are you sure I'm not making things up?
>Gee, it's morning already. So much for at least a few hours of sleep.
>My name's Zariene, if you wish to know.
No. 195936 ID: e973f4

Okay, Zariene, you said you wanted water. Where would that be? We haven't got a clue. :V
No. 195937 ID: 31cbfc
File 12769877044.png - (769.82KB , 512x512 , 004.png )

>I fetched a fresh bucket yesterday... should still be some in the back, I'll see in a second... Mind you, this isn't the 'normal' cause. I don't have time for these things.
No. 195938 ID: 31cbfc
File 127698786799.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 005.png )

>Who in the devil's arse would bang on MY door this early?
No. 195939 ID: 059120

No idea. Go find out.
No. 195941 ID: e973f4

Probably something important.

Alternately, something dumb.

Either way, open the door, I guess. Don't forget about the water, though! :B
No. 195942 ID: 1a99f0

I don't trust it. can you check who it is without opening the door?
No. 195943 ID: 31cbfc
File 127698859660.png - (769.82KB , 512x512 , 006.png )

>This better be damn important. The town already knows better than to disturb me, besides they know I train late. Saved their sorry ass more than once thanks to it.
No. 195944 ID: 059120

Train doing what?
No. 195946 ID: 31cbfc
File 127698907074.png - (48.27KB , 128x128 , 007.png )

>To become of the Arneth's Guardians, just like my father. I know nothing of life besides swordplay, it's not much of a choice.
>Now let's see who... oh, what the hell?
No. 195953 ID: 31cbfc
File 127699000749.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 008.png )

"Hello at last, you sleepyhead!"
>What is she doing here this early? And why is she in full frickin' armor?
No. 195954 ID: 1a99f0

explain your history with this girl.
No. 195957 ID: b71223

I guess today must be a very important day if she is in full armor... maybe a mission of somekind...
who is this person?
No. 195958 ID: 059120

Maybe there's ADVENTURING to be done! Who is this?
No. 195965 ID: 31cbfc
File 127699144483.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 009.png )

>That's my friend, Asgeria... She can be sickeningly protective, but since father's gone, I don't really got anyone else left I'd trust. She's also training to be a guardian, and is our General's favorite apprentice so far.
No. 195971 ID: 31cbfc
File 127699200184.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 010.png )

Z:"Don't you know how early it is?"
>I mean, seriously. If it wasn't you, Asgie...
A:"Don't be silly. Did you forget what day it is today?"
No. 195972 ID: b14128

What, did you forget? Is it your birthday? The day of your final test to become a guardian?
No. 195978 ID: 31cbfc
File 127699292142.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 011.png )

>Bloody hell, you're completely right! Whatever you things might be, thank you!

Zariene trusts the voices more.
No. 195981 ID: 31cbfc
File 127699308115.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 012.png )

Z:"Let me gear up, I'll be right back!"
A:"Whatever, just hurry. We can't keep the others waiting."
No. 195983 ID: 31cbfc
File 127699323111.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 013.png )

>Sure is dark in here.
>Blades, shoes, *gulp* some water... Am I forgetting something?
No. 195984 ID: 059120

Clothing, bandages?
No. 195987 ID: b71223

some spark rocks maybe?
No. 195988 ID: 2eac65

I assume you mean it's the day of your test, because you wouldn't be panicking so much if it were your birthday. In the future, it would be helpful to us if you were more specific.

That depends on what the test entails. Rations and medicine are always handy to have around, especially if you don't think you'll need them. Some armor if you have any. Rope, too; there are many situations where a good rope will save you.
No. 195990 ID: 1a99f0

yeah, it would be nice if we knew the exact nature of this test.
No. 195992 ID: 31cbfc
File 12769939025.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 014.png )

>I'm good as it is, no need for anything heavier. Before you ask, I need no armor.
>Good idea about this.
Zariene pockets some FIRST AID SUPPLIES
>Now that you mention it... I just ran out of food. I'll get some gold though, to buy something on the way, if time allows.
Zariene gets 5 COINS
>Outta these, not like I need any of that too fast.
>Nope. Can't find any.
No. 195994 ID: 1a99f0

why don't you need any armor?
No. 195997 ID: 2eac65

Where are you? You appear to be standing in a black void.
No. 196000 ID: 31cbfc
File 12769952876.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 015.png )

>Well this is embarassing... I'm not strong enough to use any armor, or carry a shield. Even if I found something fit, I can't afford to waste gold on that. But mind that I'm still doing as good as any of these steel junk piles.
No. 196003 ID: 1a99f0

what about light armor? like leather?
No. 196006 ID: 31cbfc
File 127699589032.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 016.png )

>It's uncomfortable, and just slowing me down. Trust me, I know better what's good for me.
>If there's nothing else I need, I'm going with Asge...
A:"Ready to go?"
No. 196008 ID: b71223

Armor is all well and good that is true, but if you can block with your sword and dodge the rest you should be fine and not need armor.
Just remember: block what you can dodge what you can't and if your gonna get hit at least make it a glancing blow
No. 196009 ID: 2eac65

I can't think of anything else. It would help if we had some details about your test.
No. 196010 ID: 1a99f0

might as well head out, then.
No. 196012 ID: 31cbfc
File 127699650058.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 017.png )

>It's a field test. I don't know the details because it's different every year. Isn't as hard though, at least doesn't seem so for me. We're going to get briefed anyway.
*door slams shut*
No. 196013 ID: 31cbfc

10 minute break

New command: CHECK, use to view Zariene's status and list what she's carrying.

No. 196016 ID: 2eac65

CHECK, then, because I don't know what she pulled out of the black space.
No. 196022 ID: 1a99f0

okay. it's been ten minutes. CHECK
No. 196026 ID: 31cbfc

H 100 //health
T 30 //voice trust
W 5 //weapon proficiency


No. 196027 ID: 31cbfc
File 127699778874.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 018.png )

No. 196028 ID: 31cbfc
File 127699791681.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 019.png )

A:"The General should be waiting at the western cliffs. We've probably got half an hour left or so, the sun's still low."
>Phew, no rush at least.
No. 196029 ID: 1a99f0

okay, they have food at the market, right? head over there to grab a bite to eat first. Don't want to be testing on an empty stomach.
No. 196031 ID: 31cbfc
File 127699921365.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 020.png )

>Damn good point.
Z:"Asgeria, you'd better go forth. I'll catch up in a second."
A:"Whatever you say, Zar. Just make sure you're on time, I didn't get you out for nothing."
Zariene makes her way to the market, though interrupted...
"Well if it isn't Zariene. How's the blade, doesn't break anymore?"
Z:"Yeah, thanks again for fixing it up. I don't know what I'd do if not for ya."
>That's Odan. He's a nice person, but a little of an eccentric. Still, I don't know anyone else who could somehow forge a blade light enough even for me to swing. At least his services are worth the gold.
She continues on her way.
No. 196034 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700016319.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 021.png )

"Same as usual, or comin' fo da supplies?"
Zariene tosses one coin
Z:"Just give me something quick, I don't have the whole day."
>Sheesh. His cheesyness annoys even me, despite the long time I'm getting stuff from here.
>What's worse, it's starting to get cloudy. If it rains on a field test, that's going to suck big time.
>Why can't this dude move his ass faster? I'm not one of those lousy travellers coming by boats in whole packs... I can't sit around all day.
No. 196035 ID: 31cbfc
File 12770007453.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 022.png )

"Here, yer super-duper-awesome-fish-thingy!"
Fish dude makes a face... some people would call it "cool", however it's outright mocking.
Z:"Whatever, sea freak."
>I'm outta here. FAST. After this, I'll be pissed if the test doesn't involve enough asskicking to relieve me at least a little.
>Asgie is waiting for me. I don't remember anything else I'd need, but then again my memory's always poor as hell.
No. 196039 ID: 2eac65

What do you have in your house that you could take? IF you've got rope, it could be handy.
No. 196040 ID: a594b9

I suppose you could get something to drink.
No. 196041 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700167992.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 023.png )

>Don't have any.
No. 196042 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700173314.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 024.png )

>...and I think i've got enough water for now. Fuck's sake...
No. 196044 ID: 2eac65

An umbrella then. Or a cloak.
No. 196045 ID: 31cbfc

Mind the command marker. Zariene mostly doesn't pay attention if it's not present, unless it's something important enough to pierce through her arrogance.
No. 196049 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700280355.png - (257.76KB , 512x512 , 025.png )

A:"About damn time. The fun's about to start..."
Z:"Would be fun if it wasn't raining."
>But what could you expect with MY luck?
No. 196052 ID: b71223

Things might turn out well. Luck is odd thing and is never set in stone. You think you'll do well? then that's all that matters.
Think of a way to use the rain to your advantage.
No. 196055 ID: 9277cd

Trial by fire! Except the rain put it out. What's he saying?

[[You realize you're using uncompressed png files? They're over 10x the size they should be.]]
No. 196057 ID: 1a99f0

okay, is the guy on the big rock giving the test instructions now?
No. 196058 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700426081.png - (2.98KB , 512x512 , 027.png )

>Now that you mention it, all the armored junk piles will be dead stuck in the moisture... I'm starting to like the circumstances.
Oh shit, forgot to set compression. Well, not anymore at least.
No. 196061 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700467197.png - (3.83KB , 512x512 , 026.png )

>Speak of the devil, the ol' geezer has something to say.
GC:"Today, your life begins... or ends! Trials by the coast will separate warriors from wannabes, and determine whether you end up as a poor watchdog...
Or as an elite Guardian of Airan, serving in General Fen's force! (That's me, ghe hee hee...)"
No. 196069 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700547452.png - (3.69KB , 512x512 , 028.png )

Mistake in the label, also error 500 fucked something up I think.
G:"I've hidden a red flag just like this one on the coast. You'll split into pairs... the goal is simple, retrieve and return it to me.
However, feel free to do anything you wish in order to get that flag. There are no rules. Sure, people die... but then again, you can always chicken out and get the hell outta here."
He starts to laugh in a very unsettling way.
No. 196072 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700600116.png - (4.81KB , 512x512 , 029.png )

G:"Prepare, kids! You're heading out in a few minutes!"
A:"So, what do we do? Anything clever on your mind?"
Z:"Give me a second..."
>What should I do? I'll no doubt move faster than the whole bunch, but I'd have to leave Asgie behind, and that way we're both easier prey.
No. 196074 ID: 1a99f0

so only two people pass out of the whole group?
No. 196075 ID: b71223

maybe you could strip her of her armor... wait that's kind of stupid. uhhh...
you're faster so if you can get the flag quickly like you could...
oh duh. He said No rules! while everyone else is preparing sneak off grab the objective bring and bring it back. everyone goes off you win.
No. 196076 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700686132.png - (2.68KB , 512x512 , 030.png )

>I'm starting to like this little voice oddity. And I think I can make a great idea into an awesome one...
No. 196077 ID: c4c313

Ahaha. Military huh? You want to die lonely bitter and betrayed, you go get that flag and join the elite force! Go ahead and become a dog of the military, a mere soldier. But if you want to make an impression on the world, get the flag, and then just toss it to the pair closest to you once the recruiter is there to see it. They might draft you anyway, but then you can eat at the system from within. Soldiers only obey orders; a true warrior always fights against war.
No. 196078 ID: c4c313

Not that I know anything about your military, your war and your soldiers. But unless you know about them very well, assume they're just going to throw you in the trenches and leave you to die, because that's what they do.
No. 196079 ID: b14128

If that doesn't work, maybe you could get the flag the guy has, since they're supposedly identical. But that might be hard, depending on how hard-ass he is and how much he frowns on clever tricks and smartassery.
No. 196080 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700715535.png - (4.75KB , 512x512 , 031.png )

A:"What are you..."
Zariene whispers to Asgeria
Z:"Oh, well... I may fail. But either way, wait just right next to this place. When the fight occurs, stand beside me and try not to kill anyone".
A:"I'm confused..."
Z:"Trust me, you've got to. I gotta go..."
No. 196086 ID: b14128

Nah, that's the average smoes. The officers and special forces get cool stuff. 'course, they have more responsibility and it can be more dangerous at times, but hey, you'll be worth something, so they won't throw your life away out of hand.
No. 196088 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700759545.png - (2.93KB , 512x512 , 32.png )

>Thanks for the concern, but it's not like I'm good at anything else than fighting.
No. 196091 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700787311.png - (3.20KB , 512x512 , 033.png )

>Besides, one of you got it right. Guardians live a far better life than your generic pawn.
>Thanks who the hell ever gave me the idea of running off before. I told Asgie to wait there for a reason... there's gonna be a bunch of confused and angry blockheads there. But it's most likely nothing me and her couldn't handle.
No. 196095 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700813193.png - (3.27KB , 512x512 , 034.png )

>Time to take a quick trip along the coast. Any suggestions where that son of a whale could've hidden the rag?
No. 196096 ID: 31cbfc

[[Feel free to issue more direct commands from now on.]]
No. 196099 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700846189.png - (3.30KB , 512x512 , 035.png )

No. 196103 ID: 1a99f0

can we get an idea of the layout of the coast?
No. 196104 ID: b71223

I say we go east! I'm not sure why!
No. 196107 ID: c4c313

In my world the rich people are the ones who get the top end jobs, buying their way through fancy schools. The best fighters just get sent to the front lines. But if it's different for yours then yeah, go get that flag. Sorry the recruiter just brought back some bad memories; he had a unsettling look in his eye.
No. 196108 ID: c00244

You probably want to get slightly closer to shore, since the flag will be wet in this rain and therefore darker/harder to see.
No. 196111 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700906414.png - (2.33KB , 512x512 , 036.png )

>This is about as much as I see from here.
>We all just came from there.
>...but that means, when delivering the flag, I could approach from behind!
No. 196113 ID: 1a99f0

okay, might as well start heading west, then.
No. 196114 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700918429.png - (3.25KB , 512x512 , 037.png )

>I'm as close as possible.
No. 196115 ID: b71223

Good to know.
so west then?
No. 196117 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700936733.png - (3.43KB , 512x512 , 038.png )

No. 196120 ID: b71223

Is that a hole?
If you can climb up there check it.
check those rocks to.
No. 196124 ID: 31cbfc
File 127700996944.png - (2.12KB , 128x128 , 039.png )

>It's too high to climb up, but...
>I'm one lucky bitch. However, it's too high to climb, and too low to drop down. What else could I try?
>Yes, shame I don't actually have any rope.
No. 196125 ID: 31cbfc
File 127701001774.png - (3.46KB , 512x512 , 040.png )

>Agh, water in my eyes... there, I can see clear.
No. 196126 ID: c00244

You could throw a rock or stick or such at it, and attempt to knock it into the water that way. Or, if you can find a long branch, get try and snag it like that.
No. 196127 ID: 31cbfc
File 127701020153.png - (2.24KB , 128x128 , 041.png )

No. 196129 ID: 701a19

Climb up!
No. 196130 ID: 31cbfc
File 12770104285.png - (3.68KB , 512x512 , 042.png )

>Ah, my eyes again. Damn storm.

>I don't have anything to throw... despite my blades being rustproof, I could lose them too easily. There's nothing else on these cliffs besides this one vine-root-thing nearby, and it doesn't seem to lead anywhere either. To the west, rocks only all the way.
No. 196132 ID: 1a99f0

how close are the vines to the ledge?
No. 196133 ID: 31cbfc
File 12770107773.png - (4.93KB , 512x512 , 043.png )

>About the ledge's length... I won't jump far enough. There has to be a way! (other than through the other side of the hole, that is)
No. 196134 ID: c00244

Any chance you could cut loose a section of vine and use it as a rope?
No. 196135 ID: 1a99f0

any chance you can climb on the cliff? even a little?
No. 196136 ID: 31cbfc
File 127701109114.png - (2.96KB , 128x128 , 044.png )

Nope. It could work if it was dry, but like this it's impossible.
I'll try!
No. 196138 ID: 31cbfc
File 127701154548.png - (5.05KB , 512x512 , 045.png )

>I never imagined it'd be this long! What do I do with it now?
No. 196139 ID: c00244

See if you can take that section of it, swim over to underneath the flag, and brace yourself on something long enough to swing the vine up and either knock the flag down or provide you with something to climb up.
No. 196142 ID: 31cbfc
File 127701243540.png - (3.64KB , 512x512 , 046.png )

>Oh snap, I believe I misunderstood you and cut it off. But I guess there's still something I can do.
No. 196144 ID: 31cbfc
File 127701264758.png - (3.57KB , 512x512 , 047.png )

>I just hope it's strong enough.
No. 196146 ID: 31cbfc
File 127701314682.png - (3.59KB , 512x512 , 048.png )

>I made it... phew, that was tough. If only you odd spirits could feel the effort.
No. 196147 ID: 31cbfc
File 127701317247.png - (3.50KB , 512x512 , 049.png )

No. 196150 ID: 1a99f0

what happened?
No. 196152 ID: 31cbfc
File 127701377916.png - (3.98KB , 512x512 , 050.png )

>W...what is...
No. 196153 ID: 31cbfc
File 127701394836.png - (5.54KB , 512x512 , 051.png )

No. 196156 ID: 1a99f0

No. 196157 ID: c00244

Well, I was going to recommend that you snag the flag and swim back before anyone else shows, but somehow I suspect that things will rapidly change.
No. 196158 ID: 31cbfc

Picking up tomorrow at about the same time.
Thanks everyone for not shitting on this thread despite horrendous amounts of railroad and bad graphics.

No. 196160 ID: 1a99f0

personally i enjoyed the pixely art.
No. 196161 ID: b14128

Yeah, Pixel Art is awesome.
No. 196306 ID: 31cbfc
File 127706081947.png - (2.81KB , 512x512 , 052.png )

The quest continues...

>It's coming this way, so fast...
>What is this thing?
No. 196307 ID: 1a99f0

i dunno, but i'd suggest you grab the flag and high tail it for that hole on the other side of the ledge.
No. 196308 ID: b14128

...Is that a B2 stealth bomber?

...Yeah, I'm sure you don't know what that is, but it's most likely really really bad news. Find someplace to hide. Now.
No. 196309 ID: c4c313


Well I think it might be some sort of aircraft equipped with WHY ARE YOU SITTING THERE WONDERING TAKE COVER
No. 196313 ID: b71223

is that an arrow? Shi- take cover!!
No. 196317 ID: b14128

It ain't an arrow, look close, it has a cockpit of some sort.
No. 196321 ID: 1a99f0

less debate, more gtfo.
No. 196325 ID: 31cbfc

Don't you hate the fail when you post in the board instead of your own thread?
Move on to new one, arch this.

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