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File 133331849625.png - (85.37KB , 600x500 , 1.png )
397819 No. 397819 ID: d6ae01

Tayza : "ebveryone tnhinks I am a lesbian, but I am not"
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No. 397820 ID: d6ae01
File 133331851367.png - (103.27KB , 600x500 , 2.png )

Tave: " every one thinks I am homo too, we should have sex to prove how strait we are and theen tape it and put it on the internet so people will know we are straight."

Tayza: "no I am to bitchy for something like sex, alls o I am really mean and olnly like hurting people."

Tav: " oh yeah?"
No. 397821 ID: d6ae01
File 133331852686.png - (92.51KB , 600x500 , 3.png )

Tavza: "Ow my tits I was using those. "

Tayza is not hurt by the tayzer because she is a majibeast and invincable, insteadle it is turning her on (haha because it is like electric) and making her super horny.

tAyza wonders how she should react to this
No. 397822 ID: f730a1

Backflip out of the way and kick him in the stub.
No. 397823 ID: 5ee8bd

you should become a nun
No. 397824 ID: ec0bf5

Grab the tayzer and pull it out of his grip with your super <s>majibeast</s> anger issue strength
No. 397825 ID: b85f8c

Kick his ass! Sexily.
No. 397826 ID: 953355

Move it lower.
No. 397827 ID: 6e44d2

slap dat bish n jus maybe kinda rub up against his thie????????
No. 397828 ID: f21b0e

Garb teh tayzer adn esu ti no hmi.
No. 397829 ID: 265f93

Masturbate with the rod just to spite him.
No. 397831 ID: ed57e8

DP with the two poles
No. 397850 ID: e3f578

become a pansexual, become a dean at a community college.
No. 397855 ID: 12c19f

Burst into treats.
No. 397858 ID: a2fa74

Sex his ass! Kickily!
No. 397871 ID: cf49fc

Get drunk.
No. 397873 ID: d6ae01
File 133332322719.png - (76.89KB , 600x500 , 4.png )

Tayza pushes the gun lowe so it os on her belly and shoking her uterous which she has because she is a girl even hthough she doesnt look like one at all

Tayza: "now my childsren will be stronger because the shock killed all the bad ones"
No. 397874 ID: d6ae01
File 133332324148.png - (105.99KB , 600x500 , 5.png )

Tayza decides she wants to femdom so she grabs the tazyer and rips it off tav's hands, but because its connected to tavs battery and shirt they come off too and now his slug muscles can be seen.

Tayza tries to turn it around to stab him but she was way too strong so it flies off into the distance and hits kyaos on the head because she is watching them while masturbating.
No. 397875 ID: d6ae01
File 133332325284.png - (112.11KB , 600x500 , 6.png )

Tayza breaks her spine having a cliche sexy pose an slaps Tav, but it's okay because she can heal her spine back. She doesn't heal him because its hotter if they hurt for a while.

Tav: "ow that hurt but it actualy turned me on a little bcause it reminded me of when i would dream that demesi would slap me with his huge hands but I am not a homo so I pretend hes a girl with a penis"

Tayza: "I'm gla because I change my mind ,t hat felt super good and now I feel less bitchy and want to have lost of sex, lots of esesx with you Tav!"

tav smiles and blushes, "I am glad you feel that way, but I am a virgin and do n't know how"
No. 397876 ID: 496845

insert your entire body into her butt
No. 397877 ID: 496845

@Tav, I mean
No. 397883 ID: c6beb3

Kyaos: join in on the fun and show Tav how a real woman treats her man
No. 397884 ID: 953355

u need to test him with an oral exam.like is linguistics his specially
No. 397887 ID: e3f578

just whip it out
nature will do the rest
No. 397891 ID: ec0bf5

Do you actually know yourself, or did you just threaten people until they believed your stories? Oh well, set up a camera, this is going to be viral.
No. 397894 ID: 8092e6

give her the dick
No. 397905 ID: 265f93

Tav you are a fungus you reproduce with spores not sex, silly.
No. 397979 ID: d6ae01
File 133333273781.png - (117.74KB , 600x500 , 7.png )

>Tav do things
Tav is not in charge, Tayza is in charge. she's the one saying what tav does and he better like it.

Tayza not actually hating sex, she actually haves lots of it, but since there's normally no boys around she has to have sex with girls. but she prtend she don't because she wants people to think she am straight.

kinasa really nkows how to peep though

Tayza sets up a camera Tav: "why are you setting up a camera I'm way too shy to video taped and what if demesi sees it"

Tayza begins to answer but she, can't because suddenly there's a loud thud behind her.
No. 397980 ID: d6ae01
File 133333274892.png - (123.16KB , 600x500 , 8.png )

Kyaos grabs tav rightly tightly and draws some blood but only a little blood because she is not being drawn by bitequest. Tav struggles a little but he can't move because he secretly likes it.

Kyaos: "youre doing it all wrong tayza look at this he's barely feeling it. You gotta leave scars or else he weon't be horny enough"

Tav: "but I don't think that's a problem I'm scared but so turned on please don't hurt me unless you want to"
No. 397981 ID: d6ae01
File 133333275877.png - (94.59KB , 600x500 , 9.png )

Kyaos pins tav to the ground and is about to take off his pants with her foot--

"HEY. HOLD ON. TIME OUT. I know we're all trying to have fun here, but turning this into a threesome will do nothing to help our reputation as some kind of fucking sex-starved lunatics who hump each other at a moment's notice. Also? Not a lesbian. I'm out."

"Oh don't be such a prude, little lady. I can do things with my tail that will have you screaming so loud the bitch will fall out of you. Haven't you ever been dominated so much that you were left completely powerless against your mate? Squirming and begging for freedom, but with each attempt to break free your master only pushes deeper, and before long all you can do is beg for more...~"
No. 397982 ID: d6ae01
File 133333276512.png - (36.44KB , 600x500 , 10.png )

No. 397983 ID: d6ae01
File 133333277335.png - (38.50KB , 600x500 , 11.png )

No. 397988 ID: 12c19f

There is a sincere lack of genital and/or bodily fluids here.
No. 397990 ID: affb00

No. 397995 ID: 953355

Take charge and steal tavs pants yourself!
No. 398016 ID: ec0bf5

Jump at her while she's not expecting it.
No. 398017 ID: c6beb3

Ganneda: join in and assist Kyaos, demonstrate to them all the wonders of what a prehensile tongue can do
No. 398018 ID: f21b0e

Initiate 3-way!
No. 398021 ID: c6beb3

Tayza and Tav: run while they're distracted, but leave the camera on for later~

Alternatively, Kyaos: Dodge attack and assert dominance
No. 398024 ID: ed57e8

three way
No. 398032 ID: 369d34

You're not going to be shown up by some improbably flying lizard-bitch. Assert your dominance; Get on Tav and ride him 'till he's cross-eyed. Then show Kyaos what your tail can do.
No. 398036 ID: b85f8c

Tayza never subs.
No. 398037 ID: ce4a4d

unbirth her to death
No. 398040 ID: c6ec33

Make sure that part gets deleted from the camera...

No. 398041 ID: d6ae01
File 133334066181.png - (111.52KB , 600x500 , 12.png )


Tayza: "Tav is my prey and now you are my prey to because I am always the dom. Stand back and watch unless you want to be dommed too because I'm also Bi-sexual and want to have sex with you both anyways"

Tayza shoves Kyaos back easily because Tayza is a majibeast, which means she is as strong as 15 tozols and she rips off Tav's pants easily exposing his Baod.
No. 398042 ID: d6ae01
File 133334067405.png - (77.06KB , 600x500 , 13.png )

Kyaos tries to headbut tayza but she grabs kayos's head and tries to unbirth her, but she doesn't fit because she's a little bit bigger than a baby is.

Taysa is not sure why she thought that would--
No. 398043 ID: d6ae01
File 133334068566.png - (79.15KB , 600x500 , 14.png )

Suddenly Tayza feels the feeling she would feel when she would dom Delkin and shove his beak down there.

Kyaos: "Kehehe~"

She tricked Tayza and now she has her where she wants her!
No. 398044 ID: d6ae01
File 133334069952.png - (119.38KB , 600x500 , 15.png )

Tayza shoves Kyaos back and jumps on her to pin her down using her 10x tozol majibeast strength.

Tayza: "You are my prey and you don't do that until I tell you to or I will stab you with my poison venom tail"

Kyaos: "Kehehe~ I am immune to venom because I am a lizard and lizards are made of poison."

She keeps laughing despite being pinned down and this makes tayza worried that she has a cunning plan!
No. 398045 ID: c6beb3

Just dom her anyways, she likes both domming and subbing it looks like~

Just don't expect her to say yes mistress or whatnot, she'll take that as a sign of weakness and she'll dom you in turn, just use physical aggression and hugs and kisses~
No. 398046 ID: f21b0e

If she is immune use your tail as a BI-SEXUAL COMPRIMISE DEVICE
No. 398047 ID: ed57e8

tie her up.
No. 398048 ID: 953355

Shove your tail in her mouth to gag her and get back to Tav.
No. 398049 ID: 369d34

Uh... Doesn't Kyaos have a hallucinative gas breath ability? Or is it knock-out gas? Either way, clamp her mouth shut; She talks too much. Then introduce your tail spines to her nether regions. All of them. At once. Slowly.
No. 398052 ID: ec0bf5

Remind her she isn't immune to stab.
No. 398053 ID: 265f93

She can't be the only one with clothes! Those have to go.
No. 398061 ID: b85f8c


No. 398063 ID: d6ae01

You must double-dominate! Dom your tail, then force it to dom Kyaos!
No. 398064 ID: d6ae01
File 133334538331.jpg - (12.92KB , 640x480 , CaimSOSOANGRY.jpg )

No. 398082 ID: d6ae01
File 133334857977.png - (139.02KB , 600x500 , 16.png )

>Uh... Doesn't Kyaos have a hallucinative gas breath ability?

Kyaos: "Kehehe now you'll have hallucinations where Sekani doms you and your spirit will be broken, and then you'll be all mine."


Tayza: "majibeasts are immune to hallcinations except when theyr'e stupid birds."
No. 398083 ID: d6ae01
File 133334858926.png - (112.59KB , 600x500 , 17.png )

Tayza keeps kyaos pinned down and rips off her bindings with her tail exposing her DFC and the scar that probably only showed up in the poker dll which tayza played all the time at night while touching herself.

Kyaso gets super horny because having a spiky tail ripping off her clothes is her biggest fetish except for ganneeda, which is bigger

Kyaos: "fine you win do what you want with me b-but don't think i'll enjoy it"

Tayza gins, shes' gonna have fun with this one.
No. 398084 ID: d6ae01
File 133334860607.png - (124.35KB , 600x500 , 18.png )

Tayza sticks her tail in Kyaos's mouth and Kyaos begins touching herself but tayza tells her to stop or she'll get stabbed and she whimpers.


Tay tries to run off but nobody sneaks away from Tayza. She looks at his direction

Tayza: "Sit."

Tav sits and whimpers as his Baod is complteyl exposed.
No. 398085 ID: d6ae01
File 133334861668.png - (73.79KB , 600x500 , 19.png )

and then Tav and Tayza (and kyaos) have sex and they used the taser gun (that tayza made tav run off and get while naked) as a dildo which was okay because all three of them had a getting shocked fetish, and also they videotaped it and sent tapes to demesi and sekani.
No. 398086 ID: d6ae01
File 133334862718.png - (133.68KB , 600x500 , 20.png )

demesi was super sad because he wanted tav to be gay so they could keep having homo sex, but now his dream was over and he would be super sad for a long time
No. 398087 ID: d6ae01
File 133334863639.png - (91.75KB , 600x500 , 21.png )

Sekani thought the tapes were the sexiest thing ever and them masturbated to the tapes every day for the frest of his life, also he wrote a boutk about the tapes which became a best seller.

tav and tayseqa had a hundred babies (and kyaos had fifty) and everyone except demesi (and amiel) lived happily ever after

No. 398088 ID: affb00

No. 398106 ID: c6ec33


But goddamn I loved riding it~
No. 398107 ID: 2563d4

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