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File 142319319223.png - (232.98KB , 912x547 , CQ2title6.png )
623692 No. 623692 ID: 9dd1ee

>a mystery unveiled in this explosive chapter of Crash quest!

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No. 623693 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142319323124.png - (219.03KB , 912x547 , CQ2page162.png )

Almost on cue the Commando arrives on the scene.

Ceckail: "What the hell is going on!? why is there a second body!?"

Fuze: "Well you see-"

Before Fuze can respond a loud bang can be heard,
and and explosion is seen in the space port.
No. 623698 ID: a19cd5

No. 623752 ID: 330775

Someone tried to kill us when we were investigating the scene. and I think they got friends in high and low places who want to keep their secrets.
No. 623766 ID: 1ab2ad

Well, that's no good. Find some cover, somewhere safe, before continuing to explain the situation. Because things will only go downhill from here.
No. 623773 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142324755048.png - (145.34KB , 912x547 , CQ2page163.png )

We take cover in the entrance to the nearby mine shaft.
The commando gives a couple orders on her radio.

* * *

after a couple minutes of silence with no further dialogue or explosions the commando addresses us

Ceckail: you were explaining what happened?
Oken: "Kashton tried to kill Fuze, I shot him first"
Fuze: "He's involved with Jones death some how."

Ceckail: "That sounds like Kashton, he always hated Jones, and he'd do anything for a quick buck"

there is a moment of silence

Oken: "maybe we should go investigate that explosion?"

Ceckail: "maybe . . ."
No. 623775 ID: 1ab2ad

Maybe try and contact someone closer that's trustworthy over the radio? At least before heading there yourselves.
No. 623776 ID: dc9b7e

did you notice any characteristics of the explosion ? was it from astranian munition ? i say go for it
No. 623782 ID: bb78f2

Would Kashton the type to work with Mint at all? He seemed to hate Astranians, but when we figured out it was Mint who killed Jones, that was when he decided to try and kill Fuze. Before that, he was curious about our investigation while mocking us at the same time. He wasn't interfering at all with it, just making fun of us. AND he was trying to pin it on an Astranian earlier too, before we decided that Mint was the most probable suspect.

That's weird behavior for a person working with Mint.

That explosion looked like a Raytech artillery explosion. Is there Raytech artillery? It wasn't a mine, and it definitely wasn't a grenade or rocket launcher. I'm not sure if it's wise leaving cover, but staying in one spot isn't either, especially if it IS artillery fire.
No. 623809 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142327668924.png - (150.44KB , 912x547 , CQ2page164.png )

>Raytech artillery?
Astranian artillery don't tend to lob explosives, if a war machine was responsible we'd be able to see it,
also it's unlike Astranian tactics to simply fire one shot into an enemy strong hold and then do nothing else
I guess it could be some sort of bomb, though clearly not a very good one.

Oken: "do you have any soldiers close to the blast?"

Ceckail: "Not anymore I gave the word to my men to fortify against an astranian assault,
we're the closest to the blast now."

Oken: "hmm it DID look like an Astranian energy burst."

Fuze: "Perhaps investigation is a wise choice."

Oken: "let's go"

We head towards the blast site, Ceckail dons her helmet and readies her rifle

* * *

we arrive.
No. 623810 ID: db2d60

Press F to pay respects
No. 623812 ID: 1ab2ad

.. That sure is a body. I hope it isn't who I think it is. All the same, check if they're alive, and then see if they were at fault, or if there's anything on them that may tell who did it.
No. 623851 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142328738921.png - (220.36KB , 912x547 , CQ2page165.png )

We get closer to examine the body

Fuze: "It's Hoft he looks in ragged shape, let me-"

before Fuze can finish there is a flash of plasma

Ceckail: "Aaagh!"

the commando's head is bathed in Raytech fire, she collapses on the ground.

????: "Consider that a warning shot!"
No. 623853 ID: 1ab2ad

That is twice over what I was afraid of, Hoft and an ambush. Who the hell shot that, or where did it come from? I would say duck for cover but it doesn't look like there is much there.
No. 623857 ID: d958ad

I think Hoft stepped on a landmine. You got a squatter here holed up in that bunker. Get down, ask who they are, say you need to get Hoft some medical attention.
No. 623862 ID: fa9d5f

Check if the commando is still alive. If she is, good. If she isn't, drag Hoft behind the body and use the armour to protect yourself while you try and staunch his wounds.
No. 623867 ID: eb959a

Humans can't use Raytech. Do you recognize the voice of the shooter.
No. 623890 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142333548428.png - (108.56KB , 912x547 , CQ2page166.png )

Fuze goes to check on Hoft

>Do you recognize the voice of the shooter.
I do

Oken: "Geragine Mint."

Mint: "about Time you got here, I really didn't want to get off this mud ball with out you."
No. 623891 ID: 533f9b

What in all the hells is going on Mint?
No. 623892 ID: 1ab2ad

What a bitch. Ask her what she thinks she's doing. 'Cuz I'm pretty sure 'helping' isn't it. How's Hoft looking, though? Is he at least alive?
No. 623910 ID: 8d99f5

TRAITOROUS BITCH! Inform her that you're not going anywhere with her.
No. 623919 ID: bb78f2

Mint, couldn't you have gone about your plans without killing this many people? Or by taking off Hoft's legs.

Couldn't you have been a better spy or betrayer and remained in the shadows?
No. 623981 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142337936158.png - (107.39KB , 912x547 , CQ2page167.png )

Fuze: "hoft Is alive, for now, but badly burned, as for the commando I cannot determine her health through that heavy armor, at least not without Prince's medical scans."

Oken: "What the in the hells is going on Mint!"

Mint: "That's no way to speak to a loyal astranian soldier who was just finding a way home"

Oken: "Was blowing off Hofts legs part of your way home?"

Mint: "Hoft decided he wanted to see me dead, it wasn't a smart move,
well he also didn't believe me about the mines"

Oken: "We're going nowhere with you!"

Mint "you sure? I don't want to have to change your mind the hard way."
No. 623982 ID: fa9d5f

"At the very least bring us some medical supplies or something, unless you want to see Hoft bleed to death."

Make her come out. You can find out the unmined route from that at least. And if she comes close enough, it's a two on one.
No. 623983 ID: bb78f2

We've been trying to get home this entire time. What the fuck are you talking about. If you just went with the flow, we all would have gotten home. Hell, if you had doubts about our leadership, fine, talk it over with us. Nobody was really a leader anyway because we were all a team. But noooo, you had to do this weird backstabby business.

Nothing you did, DID ANYTHING but waste lives and time. None of it was constructive. You are INSANE. And fucking incompetent. No sound mind, no matter what their goals, would do all this bullshit.
No. 623984 ID: cef479

Try to ask what the hell is going on here.
No. 623986 ID: 533f9b

Whatever she is holding behind her back is making me uncomfortable, particularly paired with the words
> change your mind the hard way.

In fact given the Brood Mother's cryptic message about Mint being set on a path to greatly damage both of our races...

I'd hazard a guess that 'just finding a way home' is only a small fragment of a rather grander plan. Care to tell us now Mint, why our mission has been plagued with mechanical difficulties and subterfuge since before we even crashed?
No. 623987 ID: 1ab2ad

Something is entirely amiss here, aside from threatening other Astranians. Namely the fact she's confident enough to think she's holding all the cards. What's she got behind her back?
No. 623997 ID: d90668

Bullshit if you wanted to just get home you could have helped a hundred different ways.

You had some crazy plan and have been working at it all this time behind our backs. And until you started hurting our own team we could have cared less.
No. 624193 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142346192931.png - (159.29KB , 912x547 , CQ2page168.png )

Oken: "do you really expect me to believe this is all part of some elaborate escape plan?
I don't buy it you've been sneaking around from the beginning."

Mint: "Your right, I had some other business to do. but that's over now,
so I spent the last couple hours engineering a way home."

Oken: "Just tell me what's going on Mint!"

Mint: "you're better off oblivious, trust me on that."

Oken: "do you at least have some medical supplies for Hoft?"

Mint: "nope, squinty over there's got it all."
No. 624198 ID: d90668

Tell her that you are willing to go along with her escape plan if she stops trying to blow up our teammates.

She has more cards than we do right now and you need to go with the flow until you know more about whats going on.

Also there is a guy up on the ridge above her. If you don't say something she might get shot in a moment. Or you could just stay quiet about it.
No. 624200 ID: bb78f2

Mint, there's a sniper above you.

If she believes you, you have an opportunity to shoot her in the leg.
She'll probably won't though, and if she doesn't and gets killed because of it, well it's her fault.
No. 624201 ID: cef479

Things look like they're cooling down a little bi- ASSASSIN.
No. 624202 ID: 01745f

What sort of sane secret "business" could she have here? We didn't even plan to be in this settlement to begin with until we were practically there!
No. 624206 ID: a19cd5

"You know, I really disagree with the "It's better not to know" thing if it's possible for it to become pertinent later. Speaking of pertinent, sniper on the ridge, you crazy ass."
No. 624211 ID: 1ab2ad

I do not like this 'better off oblivious shtick'. You're all Alliance personnel and she shouldn't be playing these... Games. Also, yeah, there were no plans to even show up here, unless Mint's been engineering this the whole time.
No. 624753 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142370867031.png - (137.17KB , 912x547 , CQ2page169.png )

>Mint, there's a sniper above you.
Oken:"Mint look out Sniper!"

Mint: "aw damnit!"

Mint turns in time to have her shield tested with a piercer bolt.
No. 624862 ID: ddcac0

I suppose we could take the chance to kick her in the pit (her shields will stop our shots, but won't stop our flesh itself, right?)

Or at least get close to her... try to keep that pillar between you and the sniper, just in case they arn't feeling too particular about which Astranian they pop.

Seriously though, this is the opportunity to press the advantage!
No. 624865 ID: ddcac0

Wait... dammit, mines. There shouldn't be a mine in that crater and you could use the commando as a stepping stone, still doubt Oken could make that last leap though?

I'm tempted to suggest shooting that pillar itself but, we arn't carrying a weapon capable of making it collapse onto Mint, do we?
No. 624872 ID: bb78f2

We don't have a raytech pistol, do we? I want to shoot her with it.
No. 624884 ID: eee686

No shooting mint. She's a dumbass and a liar, but she's still a squad member. Even if she did blow off that guy's legs, it's clear she THINKS she's helping somehow.

She's getting put through a court martial after this though, fucking -christ-.
No. 625129 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142397880522.png - (158.25KB , 912x547 , CQ2page170.png )

I can't shoot Mint, she was a friend when no one else was there for me . . .

. . . but I also can't let her hurt anybody else!

Fuze: "Oken what are you doing?! the mines!"

I ignore Fuze.
No. 625130 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142397884472.png - (239.73KB , 912x547 , CQ2page171.png )

She shoots me, I don't feel it as much as I should . . .

I see into her eyes, they are cold and completely without fear.
No. 625131 ID: a19cd5

No. 625133 ID: d958ad

Bad idea, that will injure Oken nearly as much as it will Mint.

If you don't want to kill her your best bet is to disarm her as fast as possible. Smack her in the face with your gun, try to grab her gun with your free hand and slam your knee into her elbow to get her to drop the gun.

You'll have to worry about that spike too. Dodge it if you can.
No. 625135 ID: 82efdc

...now kiss.
No. 625138 ID: bb78f2

>I can't shoot Mint, she was a friend when no one else was there for me . . .
When was THAT? I don't remember that. She's always been dismissive and disrespectful to everyone around you, including yourself.
No. 625140 ID: 0d8ff4

Thats not the kind of look a friend would ever give you.

Kill her.
No. 625142 ID: d90668

Well you might not be willing to shoot her but she is perfectly willing to kill you.

Knocking her out is a option but you are putting your life in danger by going for a capture.

Whatever you do avoid getting stabbed by that artifact she was hiding. I cant imagine that thing is good news.
No. 625143 ID: cef479

Disarm her.
No. 625144 ID: 265534

Deer are really dumb and are built for smacking heads against things. She'll be fine. Headbutt away.
No. 625145 ID: 1f8505


Elbow to the throat!
No. 625146 ID: c22069

Try not to get stabbed and cold-clock her with the butt of your ray-gun.

Or just try to grapple her and activate as many of the things on her bandolier as you can to see if they are timed explosives, then run for cover before you find out.
No. 625148 ID: a19cd5

...Actually, you know what? I'm seconding this. We need to catch her off-guard. She's expecting violence, so if we do something non-violent...
No. 625153 ID: d958ad

Those are shields.
No. 625219 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142404577616.png - (141.64KB , 912x547 , CQ2page172.png )

It was three years ago, during the fall of doraun.
but three years is a long time, long enough for a person to change.

I smash Mint across the head with the butt of my gun.

Mint is staggered which throws off her aim, her weapon hooks into Oken's belt and slices her hip
No. 625220 ID: d958ad

Follow up and shove her head into that pillar.

Tempting to say trip her so she almost falls into the pit, making her maybe drop one of her weapons to keep from falling in.
No. 625225 ID: 82efdc

Grab her knife arm and yank. Pull her off balance so she falls forward, down the pit.

...does Oken even have close combat training or are we relying purely on pluck and guts, here.
No. 625228 ID: bb78f2

Lock your arm around her spike, do a twist and send her into the pit.
No. 625229 ID: c22069

Grab her by the head with your free hand and pull her down into a knee strike, then spin around and toss her into the pit for a ring-out.
No. 625390 ID: b8ceae

Grab her by the head and then knee her in the pelvis as hard as you can. It's easier to do than kneeing her in the face, and less likely to kill her outright.
Then throw her to the ground and kneel over her throat - if she tries to fight you then gravity can crush her windpipe much faster than she can escape.
No. 625477 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142424249272.png - (259.20KB , 912x547 , CQ2page173.png )

Oken Grabs Mint and twists, throwing Mint off the edge . . .
No. 625478 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142424252789.png - (91.81KB , 912x547 , CQ2page174.png )

. . . Mint grabs the ledge.
No. 625479 ID: a19cd5

kick away that knife and pull her up, uuuuugh. Mint you are an idiot.
No. 625481 ID: d958ad

Victory! Step right on her knife or knife hand, get her to let go of it. Then take it from her, and help her out of there on the condition that she promises to submit. Then get her restrained somehow, for future interrogation.

Leave the shields on her until you get her out of range of that sniper, I wouldn't trust them to hold their fire.
No. 625512 ID: cc75ef

that sniper is still up there
No. 625515 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142428182197.png - (104.74KB , 912x547 , CQ2page175.png )

I step on her jabby thing, she won't let go

Oken: "promise to stop this and I'll help you up."

Mint: "I'm afraid I can't Oken, I don't want to be a traitor."

Oken: "What?"

Mint: "I've done nothing wrong, and no matter how much you attack me that won't change, I'm just helping us get home and doing what's best for the alliance."

Oken: " . . . "

Mint: "now that you've whacked me around a bit, help me up so we can get off this mud ball."
No. 625516 ID: fe4bfc

"No you are doing what is best for you. If whatever you have been up to was that important to our people you could have told us and we would have helped you."

If you let her go you have the same problem as before. You can't trust her and she is a fanatic to whatever cause she follows. She has proven to be untrustworthy and would kill you all if it helped advance her goals.

Its a crappy situation no matter what you do. Let her live and you are responsible for any harm she does. Kill her and you loose possible info on what she was doing.

Honestly I would just shoot her in the head a few times before things get worse.
No. 625520 ID: a19cd5

What the guy above me said, but no shooting.
"Mint, you have serious trust issurs. Also you blew off your own squadmates' legs. Whatever the reason is you've been DOING this shit, if you want our cooperation you are going to have to TALK to us. Otherwise one of us will probably shoot you at their earliest convenience."
No. 625527 ID: d958ad

Not until she explains. She sure as fuck hasn't done what was best for Hoft.
No. 625535 ID: eb959a

I would scarcely call any thing she's done "helping". I'd take her out, there's no point finding out what she knows if she's going to stab us in the back first chance she gets.
Is she acting like the mint you knew? What's that symbol on the blade?
No. 625540 ID: 161883

You don't want to be a traitor but a back stabbing turn coat sabateur is fine?
No. 625543 ID: a32d59

>What the guy above me said, but no shooting.
>"Mint, you have serious trust issurs. Also you blew off your own squadmates' legs. Whatever the reason is you've been DOING this shit, if you want our cooperation you are going to have to TALK to us. Otherwise one of us will probably shoot you at their earliest convenience."

Seconding this.
No. 625549 ID: b33e85

"You're a really bad liar. You can't even keep a straight face"

I mean LOOK at that smirk!
No. 625553 ID: d90668

Her smirking just means that she stabbed you with her mind control dagger and expects you to be unable to disobey her.

At least that's what the paranoid part of me says.

Make her tell you what she has been up to. If she refuses shoot her in the head 3-4 times and get back to working on escaping.
No. 625563 ID: bb78f2

"You've put me at gunpoint and almost killed me. You hurt my other friends. You sabotaged Pierce. You've also completely shattered our honor on the battlefield. Hoff has no legs to walk home on. If we have to replace his legs with robot ones, he'll no longer be considered an Astranian. You are not only a soldier of the alliance, you are also my friend. You betrayed me. You betrayed yourself. If you did what you thought was best for the alliance, I can believe you trust that delusion. You did not do what what best for us or for you. You've compromised us completely and utterly.

Why? Why is this best for the alliance. You have your shield on, Mint. That sniper can't hurt you for now. You have time to talk before I help you up."
No. 626286 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142471508010.png - (106.09KB , 912x547 , CQ2page176.png )

I can't. I can't shoot Mint, I can't spill Astranian blood.

Oken: "you've hurt Hoft, he'll never fight again!"

Mint: "I told him about the mines, he didn't believe me, just like you don't believe me. Idiots sew their own destruction."

Oken: "you shot me!"

Mint: "your accomplice shot first, and you charged me."

Oken: "y-you ..."

Mint: "you really believe I'm the traitor? still so naive."

Oken: "What are you talking about

Mint: "Treachery doesn't always bear a sneer Oken, evil is not the ugliness we wear on our sleeve, it's the ugliness we hold in our hearts"
No. 626301 ID: 94b817

There is more that one way to be a traitor,Hoff didn't believe her about the mines because she continuously kept secrets from us, sometimes outright lied, she may not be a traitor to the alliance but she is a traitor to this group and your friendship and trust.

Perhaps its time your group and her go you separate ways. She can find her own way home and you can find yours without her jeopardizing us.

But if she deliberately causes shit for us again she will be seen as an enemy and treated as such.
No. 626303 ID: e6e219

Yeah I am sure you "warned" him.

And my secret sniper accomplice that I warned you about because that makes there job easier.

And then you start rambling about treachery while conveniently never actually saying anything.

Listen Mint mistakes have been made left and right on this mission. God knows I am a rookie at commanding a team. But I am doing the best I can with the info I have. So if you keep spouting double talk and phrases like "You're better off oblivious" I am going to assume you do not have our best interests in mind.

What happened to you Mint? I consider you a close friend and hate to be in this position but I don't know what else to do. If you can't tell me what you are up to how can I not trust that the bugs have not gotten to you? Or something even worse.
No. 626313 ID: 1324fc

>I can't shoot Mint, I can't spill Astranian blood.
What's the bigger factor there- the racial or personal loyalty.

>what say
Mint, you do not win over trust with cliched supervillain speeches. I want to believe you, so please give me something to work with, here.
No. 626328 ID: bb78f2

Why are you using metaphors! Why did you kill Jones. And you've been wearing a sneer this entire time! Like you've been enjoying this. I haven't been enjoying this Mint. Not at all! You didn't trust us, you didn't trust your team. We would've helped if we understood what you were doing. How were we supposed to survive together when you're sneaking off, keeping secrets, and murdering helpful humans? You killed Jones, and you killed the Commando. They're not a part of the organization the alliance is at war with. You killed civilians. And don't give me crap about how human's killed my people, their government killed my people, if there's no conspiracy. I've always hated the pinkie's government, not the pinkies. Jones and the Commandoes are independents.

Not once have you explained how any of this is helpful for the alliance, you're just saying it is. What, is killing Jones going to destroy a bunch of Tech Leeches on your homeworld? Is giggling like a psychopath when you have a gun pointed at me going to free your family and your planet from their clutches?
No. 626335 ID: 01745f

Mint, you are calling us naive in the same breath as literally demanding we take your word despite contrary evidence without giving a single reason why. Since this started you have done nothing but lie, attack us, and refuse to give any information or justification beyond saying "I'm not a traitor". Normal soldiers don't do that, so if you aren't a traitor then what are you? Explain what you are doing and give some actual reasons why we should believe it, or we are done with you.
No. 626336 ID: d958ad

Maybe you should just throw her in the brig.
No. 626460 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142482481732.png - (103.38KB , 912x547 , CQ2page177.png )

Oken: "Stop that! just say what you mean! you say your not a traitor but you sure are acting like one"

Mint: "I can't prove that I'm not a traitor, just like you can't prove that I am."

Oken: "You killed Jones!"

Mint: "He's a solar agent, the enemy, or have you forgotten?"

Oken: "he was helping us!"

Mint: "He was helping himself."

Oken: "Give me a reason to trust you! give me anything!"

Mint: "no."

Oken: "what!?"

Mint: "the alliance is built on secrets, kill me if you have to."

Oken: "Give me a choice!"

Mint: "you always have the choice to do what's right Asnia."

Shes not going to tell me anything . . .
No. 626461 ID: d958ad

No. 626466 ID: 01745f

Ok, at this point I am in favor of kicking her down the hole like Leonidas, but if you don't want to do that then at least take her weapons and imprison her or leave her behind.
No. 626512 ID: bb78f2

Mint, I'm not willing to kill you, but I'm not going to help you up.
You're probably going to die here. If you do, I hope that you believe it was worth it.
Will it?
No. 626513 ID: dbfcbc

Ooh. Good plan of action, test her conviction. Voting this.
No. 626551 ID: 94b817

Leave her, so long as she dosen't get in our way who cares.

Tell her your going to leave her to her own devices and you want nothing more to do with her.
No. 626633 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142492426143.png - (246.74KB , 912x547 , CQ2page178.png )

Oken: "I can't kill you Mint . . . but I can't trust you either."

Mint: "hmmf"

Oken: "this is where we part ways, we'll find our own way home."

Mint: "Have fun with that."

I turn an walk away from her, leaving her on the edge.

all of a sudden there is a blinding flash!
No. 626651 ID: 7aa8c3

Teleportaion? Stun ray? Mind control? 80s disco?
No. 626653 ID: 01745f

Well I just hope that is her means of escaping to cause you trouble later instead of backstabbing you here and now.
No. 626708 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142498527479.png - (67.67KB , 912x547 , CQ2page179.png )

The flash is gone in an instant and Mint with it.

there's some sort of burnt piece of metal on the ground.
No. 626711 ID: d958ad

Poke it.
No. 626735 ID: acb6e2

This, but not with your hand. Find a sufficiently stick-like object and poke it with that.
No. 626737 ID: d90668

Looks like her plan to leave the planet was some teleportation artifact. While it might have worked I am glad you did not go with her.

Well that is one problem out of the way. Now you just have to worry about your half dead teammate and everyone else trying to kill you.

With how much Mint fucked with everyone you will need some fast talking to stay on anyone's good side.
No. 626744 ID: a19cd5

Just tell them she teleported away after you confronted her. It's not a lie, and should do the trick just fine.
Honestly, this was the best way this could have gone for us I think.
No. 626807 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142502087953.png - (272.87KB , 1824x1094 , CQ2page180.png )

Pain in my side and hip start flaring up . . . it hurts to move.

there's nothing around to poke the object with, so I just take a closer look . . . the symbol seems familiar, don't quite remember from where

My train of though is interrupted by the deep voice of a Solar
????: "care to fill me in on what that was all about?"
No. 626808 ID: a19cd5

"I'm not sure. She was acting really shifty, talking about saving us all without providing any proof of how, then after I refused to take part in whatever she was doing she teleported away.
She also blew up a squad member's legs. This has been a bad day."
No. 626819 ID: 01745f

"We thought she was one of us, but then she started attacking us and our companions while ranting about saving us all in some unspecified way before teleporting away. She left behind that weird symbol if that means anything."
No. 626846 ID: d90668

You had better get Fuze over here to bandage you up. Who knows if getting stabbed by that thing will affect you somehow. And even if its just a knife wound the quicker it is tended to the better.
No. 626852 ID: 0c90bb

A circle of three eyes.
Could it be possible Mint was part of some kind of intelligence agency beyond her normal role?
No. 626856 ID: bb78f2

I was trying to figure that stuff out myself.
If you're the sniper, sorry for telling her about you, but you were only going to be useful for a distraction anyway with that shield. And I wanted to question her and I couldn't do that if she was shot if you did somehow manage to make it through her shields.
No. 627133 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142519288335.png - (150.64KB , 912x547 , CQ2page181.png )

Before I can call for aid Fuze takes note of my injury

Fuze: "Oken your injured! let me-"

Ceckail: "Marshal Droegan!"

The commando, apparently still alive sits up
No. 627135 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142519337258.png - (124.86KB , 912x547 , CQ2page182.png )

True enough, the man before me is Marshal Droegan, bearing a scoped rifle of some sort.

Oken: "sorry about warning mint about you"

Droegan: "S'alright, my fault for not giving you a heads up . . . anyways about your pal"

Oken: "I thought she was one of us, but she started talking crazy. I tried to take her out but I couldn't do it, then she teleporting away.

Droegan: "Teleported? interesting . . ."

Oken: "She left behind that weird symbol if that means anything."

Marshal Droegan takes a moment to examine the icon

Droegan: "fraid not, it isn't a symbol used around here."
No. 627136 ID: bd8b82

not around here? then where is it used around?
No. 627137 ID: bb78f2

Drogen, could you describe your old beef with Jones?

I know Mint killed him, but still a little curious about ALL the chaos that's started and what it might have to do with Jones.

Mint had to have had a decent reason to kill him, she wouldn't have sought him out otherwise. Not worth the effort, even if she justifies it simply because he was a human and therefore an enemy. She just didn't want to say jack shit.
Nonetheless Drogen, we should be on the lookout, no idea if she's the type to hold a grudge and needlessly murder us in the night.

I wonder what faction she's working for. Still has to be lying about working with the Alliance on this. The Alliance is a very straightforward organization, while it keeps secrets, it doesn't do crazy conspiracy bullshit without techleech meddling. Well, maybe it's tightlipped about psychics and stuff, but it's to be expected with how controversial rituals and psychic bullshit is within Astranian culture. Mint's probably not a psychic agent.
No. 627150 ID: 01745f

Ask him about that badge he is wearing (if you don't already know what it means); Mint was carrying some kind of spike with a knob on the end strongly resembling it.

>Mint had to have had a decent reason to kill him, she wouldn't have sought him out otherwise.
Notably, she did NOT kill the commando despite the commando being human and sort of in her way. On the other hand, her reason for killing him might have been him seeing some secret of hers rather than who he was.
No. 627178 ID: d90668

Yeah her knife thing had the same symbol as his badge thingy. Not sure if it would be a good idea or not to mention that.

We will need help from the people around here if you ever want to get home. Or if you want to live longer than a few hours honestly.

Mint was wandering around doing something secret that involved people and ruins around here and possibly the tech leeches. So some of the people who live here might be in on the secret.

So ask questions but tread lightly.
No. 627535 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142536552629.png - (86.94KB , 912x547 , CQ2page183.png )

Oken: "Mint killed Jones, but your trouble with him kept coming up, but what was it?"

Droegen: "my trouble with Jones?"

Droegen let's out a deep sigh

Droegen: "Marit Jones was a product of the times, in this case times of war. A whole generation has grown up knowing nothing but conflict their entire lives."

he's not just talking about Jones, or even just Solars . . .

Droegen: "Jones was born to war profiteers, gangsters, scavengers . . . pirates. His whole life that's all he knew, when I tried to show him a better path he could only see me as another crime lord.

when ever he screwed up he'd figure I'd have to make him suffer in even if only to save face, it was how society work in his eyes. He must have had a lot of respect for me, cause when I didn't deliver payback he got scared, damn scared."

Oken: "Why?"

Droegen: "He was scared that my people might see weakness in my pity for him, and over throw me. So he started doing stupid things to prove to everyone he was worth keeping around."

Oken: "he did mention something about doing stupid things . . ."

Droegen: "I had nothing against Jones and I don't know why your friend killed him, he was just dumb kid screwed up by the war and he deserved better."
No. 627537 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142536566170.png - (97.77KB , 912x547 , CQ2page184.png )

Droegan: "I notice you've been eyeing this trinket."

I'm not sure I want to tell him about Mint's weapon . . .

Droegan: "You're friend had a device just like it didn't she?"

Oken: " . . ."

Droegan: "It's a called a portal matrix, and it's what she used to escape. The portal matrices are dangerous and very rare, in fact there are only eight in the entire sector I can't help but wonder where she got it."
No. 627539 ID: bd8b82

guess we need to make some calls. if everyone else has theirs then that means she got it from outside the sector.
No. 627553 ID: b518be

Where do they go, the portals? Can they go anywhere in range or is it a limited addressing sort of deal?
No. 627564 ID: 5db52c

>The portal matrices are dangerous and very rare
I can't help but wonder why she was using one as a combat knife. Something of a risky way to treat a rare and dangerous artifact and emergency out.
No. 627569 ID: a19cd5

"She was using it as a knife."
No. 627813 ID: 066a87

Jones' story was pretty sad. I'm feeling hella sad about it now.

Mint's such a bitch
No. 628258 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142585266088.png - (124.20KB , 912x547 , CQ2page185.png )

Oken: "Well she was using it as a knife, jabbed me good."

Droegen: "I can see that, they weren't designed for that kind of use, though I suppose they're durable enough to serve in a pinch."

Oken: "where do the portals go?

Droegen: "anywhere you know, typically they're hooked up to a navigation computer prior to use but if you're brave or stupid enough you can plot a location from your own memory."

Oken: "So she could be anywhere . . . do you know anyone who's missing their matrix?"

Droegen: "other then mine and hers the matrices have have been lost for more then thirty years."

He glances at Fuze waiting patiently

Droegen: "seems like you've some personal matters to discuss, If you need me I'll be in hanger seven

As Marshal Droegen leaves I hear him spares a word to the commando

Ceckail: "Of course Marshal!"

is her response
No. 628260 ID: bd8b82

give it to me straight doc.
No. 628261 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142585291629.png - (155.58KB , 912x547 , CQ2page186.png )

Fuze: "I've managed to stabilize Hoft, however in his state he won't survive if we can't get him to a proper Astranian medical station."

Oken: "hmmm . . ."

Fuze: "I'd like to take a look at your injuries if you would oblige,
unfortunately with Prince offline I have no access to scanners.

Oken: "err . . . you better not get weird on me."

I lift my shirt and lower my pants so that he can properly see my injuries.
aww man my underwear's completely ruined with blood . . .
Fuze takes a couple minutes to examine my wounds.

Fuze: "the wounds are not life threatening, but could turn ugly in the case of infection. this leaves us two options."

Oken: "what are they?"

Fuze: "The first option is for me to utilize the nano-stitcher, and patch you up easily here and now, the problem with the nano-stitcher however is that if used on the same subject within twenty days, it can cause irreparable cellular damage.

Oken: "meaning if I get in rough shape again there's nothing you can do, so what's the alternative?"

Fuze: "I could stitch and bandage your wounds in the traditional methods, you would recover however you would be operating at a lower capacity, and the process would leave large unsightly scars.
. . . also there's the decency issue with treating an injury on your hip like it is."
No. 628263 ID: bd8b82

"you're a doctor, i can trust you not to be weird about this"
No. 628265 ID: 5db52c

The smart choice is to take the stitches. There's no telling how long we'll be trapped here, and you might well suffer a life threatening injury in the next 20 days. Being unable to treat it with the nano-stitcher is unacceptable.

And I have to assume there are cosmetic treatments for scars, if and when we get out of here.

*Cough*. And modesty issues definitely take a back seat to survival practicality. The doctor's just going to have to be professional. Or else.
No. 628292 ID: bb78f2

We don't plan on getting wounded anytime soon. Nanostitcher. Next time, we'll use the traditional method. Hopefully, if there's a wound within the next 20 or so days it will be on a more practical location for the traditional method, like the arm or leg.
No. 628295 ID: a32d59

You're better off with the traditional stitches. Save the nanostitcher for a an emergency.
No. 628308 ID: d90668

Scars are a part of life in the military. Both wounds are out of sight with clothes on so will be unnoticeable. If he is a half decent doctor he should be able to put really find stitching in there so the scars are light.

On the other hand if bikini season is important to you then go for the nano-stitcher.

As for decency you are both adults and he is a doctor so its just part of life. I know you little guys are crazy prudish but learn to live with it.
No. 628341 ID: cfe1ee

Stitches aren't a laughing matter, you'd need to be really careful about how you move while they heal. The skin would also tighten and might impede your mobility even leaving aside the issues of risking pain and misaligned tissue. I understand wanting to save the nanostitcher for later, but not using it now might be what makes you have to use it later.

So, I say use it now. Prevention is better than a cure, and traditional methods will still work later.
No. 628398 ID: e6e219

Use the Nano-stitcher. You have it for a reason and hording supplies just in case you get hurt again is a bad practice to get into.

Having extensive stitching will slow you down for at least a week if not longer. Plus you might have more fights and the possibility of tearing the stitches if you are not careful.

If your wounds were more superficial I would say go for normal medicine. But you have some pretty decent cuts there. And the burn from the laser will need to have the bandage changed often in the first couple of days.
No. 628462 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142594762068.png - (159.06KB , 912x547 , CQ2page187.png )

Oken: "I'll take my chances with the Nano-stitcher."

I can almost detect a slight amount of disappointment in his voice . . . he better not have had any ulterior motives!

* * *

Dealing with him staring at my flank for even minutes is embarrassing enough, this was definitely the right choice and I'm glad when he stops

Fuze: "There, good as new! though it'll take some time for the fur to grow back."

Oken: "I'll make do"

Now I need to decide what to do about these ruined clothes, I suppose I could tough it out, but it won't be comfortable, especially the underwear.
No. 628463 ID: 153bce

Go commando, You're wearing pants, and you don't need the embarrassment of your underwear breaking in a fight
No. 628467 ID: bb78f2

Steal Jone's underpants.
It's not like they're going anywhere.
No. 628494 ID: 153bce

Go look for some stranner clothes, or some equivalent pinkskin size underwear, there's bound to be at least one stranner orientated shop if this place had sort of dealings with them
No. 628502 ID: 066a87

He probably just wanted to get a chance to use his skills. He's a nerd, nerds are like that.
No. 628539 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142596782664.png - (179.15KB , 912x547 , CQ2page188.png )

Not sure I could go without commando, with my belt broken friction with my underwear is probably the only thing keeping my pants up . . .

I go get my hat and goggles

Fuze: "My where has Hoft gone?"

Ceckail: "Took him to Droegen's couldn't have him lying around on the ground."

I don't like that she did that without our asking, but this is the solar's city, and I don't want to cause upset by objecting.

Oken: "Fuze you should head over there and keep an eye on him."

Fuze: "What about you?"

Oken: "I think I need to find something to wear . . ."

Ceckail: "Ooo, I bet you could look adorable, can I help?"
No. 628541 ID: 2ae7d5

Is this one of those solar things?
No. 628545 ID: d958ad

Well you could use help finding things that fit, but tell her to keep in mind you're not a child.
No. 628564 ID: bb78f2

If they're going to give him medical care, please don't replace his legs with synthetic ones without his permission, and even if he does give it, wait a bit for us to talk with him about it.

The alliance has a thing against cyborgs and has a whole body purity culture, and I don't want him going into the robot corps for the rest of his life once we get back home. It's pretty much a death sentence. We'd rather clone new organic legs and reattach them with those.
No. 628566 ID: bd8b82

well, at least she's a she.
No. 628575 ID: 290660

She clearly knows very little about your culture. Perhaps there are ways she can help without stomping all over your dignity?
No. 628682 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142605300240.png - (238.29KB , 912x547 , CQ2page189.png )

>Perhaps there are ways she can help without stomping all over your dignity?
With a Solar that's asking a lot . . .

Oken: "well alright, but keep in mind despite my height I'm not a child!"

Ceckail: "Haha, Of course you're not and as a mature adult lady you'll need to look the part!"

I regret my decision already

* * *

The commando takes me to a run down market place, maybe it's nice by Solar standards, but I wouldn't know.

Ceckail: "Here we are Memora market! not the most amazing place to shop, but not terrible either"

There are lots of Solars around some of them eye me wearily.

Ceckail: "So what kind of sexy look you going for?"

I should be specific in what I'm looking for in regards too:
-What kind of underwear I need.
-What kind legwear I need.
-What kind of top I need.
No. 628705 ID: bd8b82

for undergarments the biggest one is to be compatible with fur.
leggings need to work with the boots and the top seems pretty good so something similar.
No. 628707 ID: fe4bfc

Frilly black lacy panties.

Fishnet stockings.

Tight fitting spandex tube top.
No. 628709 ID: 290660

Silly Solar. You are an Astranian and a soldier first. Being female is more of a medical detail in this circumstance, like being a herbivore.

Still, if she can help point out clothing that cries out 'This is the outfit of an awesome Acepilot' perhaps it will be acceptable.

Be prepared to accept the possibility that leggings may be a bit loose, as Solars have those weird knobby feet.
No. 628719 ID: 5db52c

>So what kind of sexy look you going for?
Practical. As someone running around in full armor should appreciate, function comes before style. And even when we consider style, 'sexy' isn't what you're shooting for. 'Cool pilot' would be more like it.
No. 628746 ID: f4096e

Please, don't use you set of skills for finding me and killing, but....I suggest latex undergarment and high heels.
Was not my idea! I-I swear!
No. 628780 ID: 2f6fc0

Frilly Things.

No, Seriously. You've ended stripped down to your panties and top pretty frequently the past month or so. You want as much material as you can spare, without them thinking you might be hiding something else under there.

They'll let you keep the frilly underclothes and then you can use the extra material to make garrottes, bindings, snares, short lengths of descent rope. All while not compromising much of the actual 'coverage value'.

You can even hide wires (or needles/picks if you're feeling risky) in that sort of stuff.

As for the leggings, something durable.
No. 628788 ID: a19cd5

Seconding practical frills.
No. 628835 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142620195315.png - (186.60KB , 912x547 , CQ2page190.png )

Oken: "Okay I'm not trying to looks "sexy" I'm a soldier my being female shouldn't even be a factor"

Ceckail: "hmmm . . "

Oken: "I should have an outfit that screams 'Ace pilot'. people should know how skilled I am"

Ceckail: "okay"

Oken: "it needs to be at least a little loose to work with my fur . . . especially the underwear,

Ceckail: "got it"

Oken: "also the leg-wear needs to work with my boots"

Ceckail: "Alright I've got an idea!"

* * *

She hands me an outfit and pushes me into some sort of shoddy changing booth

I'm not sure how I feel about this . . .
No. 628837 ID: 94f7ee

... Yeah, no. I think you're better just finding someone to sew up the damage to your clothing over that... 'Outfit', if you will. At the very least sew up the damage to your pants.
No. 628838 ID: 265534

Put on the tiny dress and stop being a baby.
No. 628839 ID: e946cd

You probably need new comfy underwear.

Keep what you have otherwise.
No. 628840 ID: e0c514

Might as well at least put on the dress.
Who knows, it might be very comfy to wear.
No. 628841 ID: 5db52c

Is that a schoolgirl uniform?

The top half almost looks like a pilot's jacket, although it would sort of depend on the color.

Any panties are better than the ruined ones.

You need pants, though. Action is not well supported by dresses.

Sigh, put the stuff on for a moment to entertain your help, and then explain you need pants.
No. 628845 ID: d90668

Do you really think they have normal clothes in your size? Just wear this stuff until you can have your other clothes repaired.

Also put learning to sew on your training list for later.
No. 628944 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142628527494.png - (169.29KB , 912x547 , CQ2page191.png )

I might as well try the outfit . . .

I calmly remove my coat and fold it neatly on the bench
I remove my shirt and fold it neatly on the bench
I remove my boots and set them aside
I remove my pants and fold them neatly on the bench
. . .
I reluctantly remove my damaged underwear and fold them neatly on the bench.
now to-
the current swings open
Oken: "MEEHHH!!"
Ceckail: "Emergency! Droegen needs you immediately!"

No. 628945 ID: 265534

You got the Obsessive Compulive, gurl.
No. 628957 ID: 5db52c

Don't they teach human children to knock?!.

Get dressed and run out of there, ASAP. Some horrible combination of your old outfit on top of the new one.
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