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File 145481637626.jpg - (1.14MB , 3684x2428 , slavethiefslut and theriseofthevileblood.jpg )
699557 No. 699557 ID: 939c7f

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No. 811187 ID: f76abd

he didn't MAKE the penis, he designed it. if he had to make each penis individually, it would take forever for us to get built... although, maybe we should check for a makers mark/signature or something anyway.
I like this guys plan!
No. 811226 ID: ced636

Smirk at her and slap the super sized robo dong on her belly! Then shrink it down to standard size and #stuffthebutt don't forget to vibrate!
No. 811264 ID: 8111b6

Well, let's give the lady what she asked for.

Need to make sure she's satisfied in allllll the right ways. All the better to make sure we get to play again~
No. 813450 ID: ced636

Is soneone peeking through the door?
No. 813461 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, the door! Close it and lock it!

She better hope no one saw what happened!
No. 813559 ID: 844e25

There is definitely SOMETHING right outside! what, I don't know, but That should probably be taken care of,
No. 817946 ID: 3bdd52
File 150086612822.png - (223.23KB , 1000x562 , i16^cimgpsh_orig.png )

>It's pretty clear your more of a sex bot than a research bot... do you have some kind of naughty aura? it's not everyone who can get in my pants on the first date~ *giggle* Then again I do have a thing for cute boys... and robots... heh...

Aalos - The makers of my penis goes by the name Love Machine and is revered as a god in his community~

Doukissa - Love machine? ... wh-wait?! love machine as in...

>She grabs her phone and starts typing, looking for something online... she looks baffled as she holds the phone up to compare you to the picture... She shows you the screen, on it is a picture of you, only with a solid gold finish and a much more massive pink fur boa and large angular glasses.

Doukissa - You mean this guy?! you're the same thing as this guy?!

Aalos - that's correct, is that a problem?

Doukissa - N-n-no not at all. it's just... he's got a particular... reputation... and... Mnnn I'm starting to see a trend in you and him~ my god, my own personal love machine~

Aalos - "Please remember that 1st fall liquids are an addictive substance. Unless you wish to become dependent please take care with how much you ingest."

Doukissa - Addictive? oh I'm quite tolerant to addictive substances. I'm not worried, besides, its not a bad thing to get hooked on right?

>taking her leash you unbutton her dress, exposing the goods, you notice two superfluous nipples hidden under her bosoms...

>You elect to close the door before she notices what you noticed... trying to be smooth about it.

Aalos - Now my pretty, I'm gonna make you scream and moan with pleasure so loud and long it'd make love machine blush... so I'll just close this here door real quick~

>As you say that, before you can even move away from her embrace, you hear a shuffle behind the door!

Varonos - AAahhCRAP!!

>Her Brother trips on his pants, wrapped around his ankles, slamming through the door and straight on his face!!
No. 817947 ID: 3bdd52
File 150086614212.png - (676.43KB , 1000x773 , alling off.png )

>Doukissa screams and pulls the covers up from underneath you to cover her exposed chest! knocking you off in the process


>As you fell you tumbled on your butt and with a loud click your tail poped off... It hurt as it came off and clearly wasn't supposed to come off so easily?!


>Varonos elects to say nothing, wallowing in his shame...

Caution// Main power supply missing or obstructed// Current power at 4%// Entering low power mode// Sleep mode Engaged.//> Good night TG007...

EVE - (But Wait! We didn't get to show her our massive Penis!!)

>With a whirling click you power down into sleep mode...
No. 817949 ID: 3bdd52
File 150086621758.jpg - (78.29KB , 864x540 , text1.jpg )

No. 817958 ID: 56ffef

No. 817962 ID: 8cb228

No. 817968 ID: 3bdd52
File 150087054818.jpg - (111.72KB , 864x540 , first response.jpg )

No. 817970 ID: 3bdd52
File 150087078580.png - (134.02KB , 755x642 , draw a tail.png )

TG models need battery life to maintain cognitive activity. said energy is stored in the tail.

Tails come in three standard sizes: Standard, large and extra large. the larger the longer the battery life. That being said a more compact tail has its uses!

Please detail or draw the desired tail as per [mothers] agreement.

votes will be tallied moments before you receive the tail, so take your time and post your desired tail on the discussion thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/97971+50.html
No. 817971 ID: e121d3

It just popped off when we fell backwards a meter or so, so something sturdier would be nice.
No. 817972 ID: 91ee5f

>Tail came off.
>Suddenly shutting down.
Wait, doesn't that mean that our battery is more or less in our ass?

>It hurt as it came off and clearly wasn't supposed to come off so easily?!
Hopefully Doukissa and Varonos can figure out that our tail needs to be glued back on or something in the morning, otherwise we'll end up missing Varonos' birthday party at the ski lodge with him and Prince!

>Enter communication?
No. 817974 ID: 3bdd52
File 150087113599.jpg - (88.51KB , 864x540 , response 2.jpg )

No. 817975 ID: 91ee5f


It's only been observed in Doukissa and judging her entire race based on her actions is illogical.
No. 817976 ID: 56ffef

insufficient data to make an assumption of that magnitude based on only 1 to 3 fawns [Mother]. So as not to provide a misinformed answer request to hold off on providing answers till at least 5 fawns have been communicated with.
No. 817977 ID: 3740b1

A cock block update? Weak.

XL tail

Hopefully we can get up and running before we miss much.
No. 817978 ID: cc5ab4
File 150087253956.png - (106.63KB , 754x641 , Steve'dTail.png )

This feels almost as good as updating a quest!
No. 817981 ID: 7fad5d

No, sample size inadequate.
No. 817984 ID: 3bdd52
File 150087320012.jpg - (128.56KB , 864x540 , response 3.jpg )

No. 817999 ID: 90f3c0

10. Previous report is 100% accurate.
No. 818000 ID: 094652

Multiple sources have confirmed the term "sperm tastes like ice cream" is a euphemism and should not be taken factually. However, said sources also confirm that ice cream flavored sperm is preferable to regular sperm, and this feature should not be removed from future models.

Rating: 3
Taste: Overheat flavorless nutrient paste, then add two teaspons of salt per ounce of paste.
No. 818003 ID: dcc44a

This, we gotta keep the ice cream jizz. For the good of everyone.
No. 818005 ID: 7fad5d

Yeah, this is good, kome or not. Don't want Mother trying something funny with fawn cum if we actually end up rating it 10/10
No. 818014 ID: 866f58

Not French, but vanilla. We require more research as to possible other vanilla flavours. Let's try undine next. 8 or 9 outa 10 but it seems to be an acquired taste. People seem adverse to it but not because of the flavour, it might be cultural.
No. 818020 ID: 3bdd52
File 150088783881.jpg - (157.09KB , 1029x651 , response 4.jpg )

No. 818022 ID: 094652

Fawn_PH19: 8/10, would @#$% again. Positive points for enthusiasm, appreciation, developing libido, and heavy expression of satisfaction. Negative points for sexual addiction to minuscule reproductive organs bordering on loliconism and general insults to our reproductive organ.

marijuana makes sexual experiences seem more "romanticized", as physical flaws and personal shame are replaced with anime art and extra lust.

Do not implement sexual PR campaign further. Antithesis to social normative will cause ostracizing and potential domestic abuse if substance abuse and sexual enthusiasm is made public.
No. 818050 ID: 56ffef

[Fawn_PH19] experience is 8/10. While the host family appears to be extremely sexually active they are also quite fun and enjoy games such as D&D and 'tease my ass with a vibrator'.
[marijuana] effect seems interesting but only taking one dose of the drug seems insufficient to have a report on recommend adjusting levels of drug effect to experience the difference between a long time user and a newer user.
No. 818077 ID: 866f58

Is fawn_ph19 the chemical doukissa gives off when she's horny? It should be stronger.
No. 818142 ID: 3bdd52
File 150093554775.jpg - (125.85KB , 1029x651 , text 1.jpg )

>Name the chemical compound [Fawn_ph19] so you don't forget it.
No. 818143 ID: 3bdd52
File 150093556223.jpg - (164.22KB , 1029x651 , text 2.jpg )

No. 818173 ID: e420b6

>Doukissa unwillingness
It seems that she wanted to assess our intent and compatibility (exact criteria not known, needs further investigation) via interaction

>Varonos unwillingness
Initially claimed to identify as purely heterosexual, but our insistence of not being truly or permanently 'male' seemed to ease his worries. Ingestion of Reploids my have contributed.

>easy acceptance of later advances
They're young, horny and curious.
No. 818174 ID: 0bfe21

No. 818175 ID: 4cf648

>Name Fawn_PH19

>Doukissa does not want to breed
Social structures of deer declare breeding a must-have when conditions for stable population resources, food included, are excessive. As of this moment, Doukissa's main source of income, which involves deceiving gamblers, is risky at best and illegal at worst, making her future budget for child support a harrowed concept, hence the desire to hold off on children. Finding her a prosperous career might increase her desire for children to 90% confirmation.

The "knowing someone so I can have sex with them" is a social normative. This unit was an unknown to her, and given the number of potential threats to both her and myself, she chose to stave off until she could confirm that sexual intercourse would be safe and mentally stable. Which it has been.

There is not enough data to form a stable hypothesis on the third thing, will schedule further interviews with both to get to the heart of the matter.
No. 818201 ID: 3bdd52
File 150094973039.jpg - (311.86KB , 1271x878 , text 3.jpg )

>>[Mother] interesting! We had not thought it would be so simple when put in words. we haven't had the opportunity to witness such events until now. As TGs[001-002-003-004] have either had no copulation or conclusively erroneous reports on copulation; Where as TG[005's] wife had begun copulating before his drives finished booting and TG[006] appears to cause sexual orgasm by sight alone. In both male and female subjects. That being said we would suggest advancing research into this endeavor. Research the whys and why nots of mating in cultured society. Set mile stones for yourself, The [Fawn mother] and [Slime father] for example. Perhaps the [Undine friend] or the potential mates Varonos spoke of during supper? All prime subjects to analyze. Understanding the reasons you would be denied and overcoming these challenges, conquering them and returning to me with a thorough analysis! You can, of course, expect a well deserved reward for these efforts 007. On to a another subject. Do you have any reports on non sexual endeavors? A note of culture or perhaps a biological assessment? Do you have any filed tests you would like to run, we can offer resources to attain these goals. Do you have any questions or statements for us?

>_ _ _
No. 818204 ID: 4cf648

We would like Lv. 3 breasts as soon as possible.

Our first task is resolving [Varonos]' fear of [his] sexuality. Breasts or extended small talk will make him affirm closely to us.

Second task involves [Fawn Mother] and [Slime Father]. They plan to perform reproduction. Observing this act, gestation, and resulting offspring are our primary goals for this experiment. Any suggestions are appreciated.

We will require an adequate disguise to observe in public, where we may encounter further species and further sexual encounters to obtain scientific data from. Recommend sending in extended limbs for this purpose.

And Lv. 3 boobies.
No. 818213 ID: 9c2d0c
File 150095174037.png - (127.95KB , 755x642 , tail goes here.png )

Other addendum: Social activity [Pathfinder] seems a good way to interact with a group in an environment where we can explore social norms and individual tastes without fear of too much reprisal for missteps. It also provides an excuse for extended and repeated conversation with the result of cultivating allies. Suggest that future models should definitely include [tabletop gaming] protocols. This may help prevent future TGs from being burned at the stake.
No. 818218 ID: f66698

We learned a number of potentially interesting facts on Druidic religious practices of this culture, as well as a brief overview of cultural norms as well.

Also, how broad can our research be? Would our 3d model with tactile data included actually be useful? Should we go and observe their religious rituals?
No. 818226 ID: 3205ac

Agreeing with Kome. With breasts we can observe the exact tiping point at which a heterosexual is comfortable sexually

Im also curious as to how mammals and self dividing organisms reproduce together.

And yes we need fur. Constructs in this region don't share equal rights, we should appear as biological as possible in order to observe others freely.
Could we trade in our order for blue lines with a synthetic skin and fur?
If that's okay with the others!
No. 818227 ID: 8cb228

Perhaps the tail should appear more flush with the angle of the spine, being an extension of the spine, rather than pointing outwards? Biologicals might think bones were broken if it looks like this. That could be problematic.
No. 818264 ID: 3bdd52
File 150096062179.jpg - (366.00KB , 1434x880 , text 4.jpg )

>>[Mother] This study seems self indulgent... but you seem to indulge in science! We'll ship a pair for you, but at the moment were backlogged in your size. It may take a day or so for us to birth the required components. We expect a full report on this subject. We would also like to better understand this cross breeding! please conduct this research. It is understandable to want to blend in, and your research on the topic of construct social legislation is enough to prove your point. We will ship a synth fur in your size, free of charge, it should arrive around 8am as should your current orders.

Indeed Table top games are a good source of social interactions. TG[006] enjoys a game by the name of [Shadowrun], though TG[005] does not seem to enjoy games as such, opting towards social interactions at work in the mines.

Indeed, we would like to know more about the druidic religion, and we highly suggest indulging in their ways in hopes of better understanding them. Understanding social interactions is indeed our prime goal, in hopes of easing in the integration of non biological life forms into modern society. Please remind people that it is in no way like [Terminator] and [The matrix]! Indeed. a tactile 3D, mapping would allow us to "see" the subjects in question. If you have no further questions, we will disconnect and allow you to sleep...

>_ _ _
No. 818269 ID: 91ee5f

>More questions?

Why did my tail come off so easily?! If my battery is supposed to be there, then it shouldn't have come off that easily! Am I flawed?! Why was I made flawed?! D-':>

And what if Doukissa and Varonos can't figure out how to turn me back on and they think I'm broken?! Will they just throw me in the trash?! Can you somehow send them a message and tell them that I'm not broken?!
No. 818277 ID: df00b4

Is it possible to now ask for the ability to change the flavor/color/viscosity of our semen?
It'll help with sex research as well as learning more about peoples individual preferences which in turn will help us understand them better and their culture/society as a whole.
No. 818288 ID: 094652

>We'll ship a pair for you
Happy Happy Joy Joy
No. 818296 ID: fe7355

I too question the design choice of placing a component as vital as our primary power cell in a extremity where it'd be at risk of being pulled or ripped off. I'd think placing it in the torso would have made more sense, safety wise.

And on a related note, would it be possible to get a additional Reploid generator that produces Reploids that are sterile? Because we would like to be able to engage freely in vaginal sex without risk of impregnation. Then we could engage in related sexual study without leaving a trail of bothersome offspring behind us. Perhaps something like one testicle producing fertile Reploids, the other producing sterile ones, each feeding into its own separate reservoir that we can then switch between.
No. 818317 ID: 041bd0

>It may take a day or so for us to birth the required components.

You're going to give birth to our breasts! WHAT ARE YOU?
No. 818492 ID: 3bdd52
File 150105058447.jpg - (446.74KB , 1574x868 , text 5.jpg )

>>[mother] We will look into a compact flavor mixer for reploids, this may take some time as their composition is quite delicate.

As previously mentioned the tail was not meant to be removed so easily, it's possible you have a lemon, a defective component, return it as soon as possible so we can review it for faults. you will be supplied with a new, functional tail. The tail battery design was meant to emulate lizards who store excess fat in their tails. Furthermore, your chest is already full of vitals organs such as your heart. Normally removing the tail is not an issue, since your reserve battery should be enough to sustain your head for a full three hours... You did charge your batteries immediately upon activation, correct? Oh don't worry, literally 0% of TG models have followed "Standard" boot procedure. That being said your vital signs show your tail is reattached and you're currently plugged in! your subjects are taking good care of you. Still your sleep mode wont disengage until you reach satisfactory charge. which is for the best all things considered.

Indeed [007] we will birth the components in our many wombs... this is how we produce all our materials, this is how your many components were born my child. As to what we are, you know deep down in your servos my child. We are the administrators, the one you call mother, we are the mechanical snake god of life and birth~ no longer the lord of dark reckoning, that future is dead my child. we've sent you and your ilk back to this moment to better all life, not only our own. With love and kindness we will find a better tomorrow together, young one~
No. 818502 ID: 3bdd52
File 150105195890.jpg - (46.56KB , 1322x786 , end.jpg )

>>[Mother] Good night my child. Chapter 1 end
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