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File 146230154646.png - (118.92KB , 600x600 , races.png )
720657 No. 720657 ID: b2e8b1

By which term do most sentient species characterize us?
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No. 720658 ID: a22f87

chaotic? I think that would be a good term.
No. 720660 ID: af6e04

No. 720661 ID: 1cebc8


No. 720662 ID: 2a7417

Cruel. Hissss.
No. 720663 ID: a6dc58

No. 720664 ID: b2e8b1
File 146230278192.png - (160.89KB , 600x800 , races_2.png )

The archives resonate with the option 'chaotic'
No. 720666 ID: aec7be

No. 720667 ID: 782847

No. 720668 ID: 2c7dbb

No. 720669 ID: c86083

No. 720670 ID: f461c5

In a world of sapients with a maddening variety of form, only equal variety of mind can stand out. Chaotic.
No. 720671 ID: 15a025

No. 720674 ID: cf34b0

Deliciously cruel.
No. 720678 ID: 2c4dc5

No. 720679 ID: 3cbb55

No. 720699 ID: 4854ef

No. 720700 ID: ca5b6a

No. 720704 ID: a075ba

The Benevolent Bug.
No. 720739 ID: d40ddc

Lets go with cruel, we have too many omnigood characters... or if we are omnigood, its a good to be a rebel.
No. 720765 ID: f6442a

Cruel, kind, whatever - we get to be a snek.
No. 720827 ID: a79844

No. 720828 ID: 433720

Glorious or Evil.

Or Secret Blank Square?!?!
No. 720845 ID: 6a92a0

No. 720896 ID: b2e8b1
File 146234673906.png - (232.14KB , 1600x750 , age_1.png )

What are our physical constraints to actualize cruelty?
No. 720897 ID: b2e8b1
File 146234674976.png - (153.74KB , 1650x800 , age_2.png )

No. 720900 ID: 1cebc8

6. Because explaining your weapons in precise detail while shooting hollow-point rounds into the limbs of civilians is delicious. Too much power and they won't feel a thing.
No. 720907 ID: 6a92a0

No. 720918 ID: a22f87

No. 720919 ID: 225f37

Voting 4.
No. 720921 ID: 3641d4

3, slow painful deaths to our victims feeds our needs.
No. 720927 ID: 023cbc

I'm going with 5, i mean, it's 4 with weirder guns! who doesn't want to get a belt fed revolver???
No. 720929 ID: 2c7dbb

3, and screw any kind of firearm. We need to see the look in their eyes as their life drains away.
No. 720932 ID: 2a7417

7. Sneks in spehss.
No. 720936 ID: 665ed8

7, only cruelty on the greatest scale possible can sate us
No. 720937 ID: 8ed233

4 is where it gets real.
No. 720942 ID: b2e8b1
File 146238291636.png - (28.38KB , 350x300 , name.png )

So you would sell your laymother and your eggsiblings to slavery for additional shotgun shells and a mean droughtlisk.

Do you have a name or did your laymother expect nothing of you and you wander Underdrought as a nameless?
No. 720943 ID: d40ddc

Names are overvalued
No. 720945 ID: 3d2d5f

We'll take the double circle symbol there.
No. 720946 ID: b30fb1

No. 720949 ID: 1cebc8

Go with dual-sexed, more ways to rape.

Nameless. Your parents (and 998 other saps) were ritually sacrificed to an eldritch dimension while their children watch and the resulting @#$%-up mutated everyone within ten miles.

It was beautiful.
No. 720953 ID: 2a7417

is this a loss edit? Uhh, bottom one.
Your name is Shifts-Eyes.
No. 720954 ID: 665ed8

No. 720955 ID: a0dc47

Nameless double-circle.

How about n o t
No. 720967 ID: 2c3a5e

Laymom didn't have time to name 800 babies when only about 200 were likely to survive. Male.
No. 720986 ID: b2e8b1
File 146239877562.png - (857.79KB , 900x975 , nameless.png )

Names are overvalued, you don't see a point in them.

Since hatching, you hated your laymom and the feeling was mutual. She is gone now. You only have one sibling alive who escaped a ritual massacre with you. You had a romance-like relationship with your only female sibling even at a young age, but didn't figure out much about physical love.

At last, you've made your way to a secluded entrance to Overdrought. Having lost trace of your sis, you face the exile alone. Your instinct reveals to you that you have a chance to prey on weaker beings in these parts of the region you recognise to be untamed wilds.

For the first time, you've come into touch with Overdraught and its blinding sting in the eyes and numbing heat in the nostrils, but also a bewildering mixture of scents. Something becomes different this very moment. You are in touch with a world unseen, and become a mixed spirit.
No. 721033 ID: 54312d

Whelp, into the unknown I guess. What do you know of this place?
No. 721035 ID: eb9715

Take stock of yourself and the situation, what tools are at your disposal and what information does letting your eyes and nose adjust yield?.
No. 721083 ID: b2e8b1
File 146243765578.png - (204.11KB , 600x600 , region.png )

Being a refugee from my country, Hansaki, I want to find a base of operations in a different cavern network. Mainly I'm concerned about having enough mobility and supplies to cross the deadly droughtlands. I need a droughtlisk for it, and a water tank, and lots of ammunition, rifle or two in addition to these pistols I currently have.

I found a settlement in a grotto, but didn't approach its wild inhabitants- A small village of cobalt block structures.

There was a huge barren cavern I passed thorough, because the cave above had collapsed. There didn't seem to be any wildlife in the cavern, but I could be wrong again. I haven't met any other travellers so far, but I believe the slave peoples or gammas live free behind this wilds.
No. 721084 ID: b2e8b1
File 146243787185.png - (316.13KB , 600x600 , supplies.png )

My supplies

Lunch bag
Wallet with two blood bills
60 Pistol bullet box
Oil ringflask
No. 721090 ID: 1cebc8

Where exactly did you lose your sister? See if you can plot a course that follows the path she would likely have taken.

Hey, an extra gun is an extra gun.
No. 721093 ID: f461c5

What are blood pills and will you need more of them?
No. 721098 ID: b2e8b1
File 146244667725.png - (21.23KB , 300x300 , forchildren.png )

I don't know what they're made of, some sort of skin? It's more that what you can do with them. Laymother gave these bills to her favorites to buy toys and foods with. I don't need these bills, but they make getting guns and mounts much, much easier.

I will return on the path towards my snakepeople to find my sister.
No. 721102 ID: b2e8b1
File 146245147941.png - (436.62KB , 600x600 , cavejump.png )

I lost my sister when we were escaping. She went to fetch us water, but never came back. After a thorough search I only found a clue that it might have been wild gammas, because there were pale gamma scents around the place near to my sister's. I guess following the idea she was kidnapped by wild gammas was all I can do... but now I realised all I was doing was running away. Why would the gammas kidnap her? They're weak and stupid.
No. 721103 ID: 665ed8

Maybe if they were being commanded by something bigger and smarter?
No. 721121 ID: 3d2d5f

Maybe she followed the gammas, only to be waylaid by something more dangerous?

Regardless, they're your only lead right now. Did they leave a trail you can follow?
No. 721122 ID: b2e8b1
File 146246895201.png - (239.29KB , 1200x1200 , map.png )


Maybe, I don't care, when I get them I will shoot them many times.

I lost track of my sister somewhere there, and I've followed the gamma tracks up here. I don't get a scent from other travellers or my sister anywhere else than where I lost her. Maybe they... maybe they killed and ate her. Maybe they put her in a sack and carried her on a beast. I don't know.
No. 721137 ID: a22f87

well I see a bag hanging around over here, could you see what's inside. Also what do you know of these pale gammas?
No. 721991 ID: b2e8b1
File 146280267733.png - (316.13KB , 600x600 , supplies.png )

No. 721995 ID: b2e8b1
File 146280340271.png - (131.46KB , 600x600 , pales_idea.png )

This is pretty much all I know how the pale gammas look like. They're forced to live in caves aboveground that are shut out of the rest of the caverns so they can't flee. They do all the basic work for my kind. That means they're one of our slave races. They're not the common race to sacrifice, because pale things are commonplace underground.
No. 722002 ID: a22f87

oh thought that was someone else's bag.

ok as for the tracks disappearing. All I can think of is that they either are still in that area and are just hiding somewhere, they took a hidden path that's not on your map, or they started covering there tracks somehow. Maybe check the other tunnel opposite to the one you lost your sister's tracks in. They could have doubled back through there or simply had a small path that lets them switch sides.
No. 722398 ID: b2e8b1
File 146287419835.png - (424.27KB , 600x600 , tunnel_stream.png )


I search the opposite tunnel to the location where my sister disappeared. The tunnel is covered in ankle deep crystalline stream. Underneath is striped dark rock.
No. 722401 ID: 619c7c

That... is not a rock... what do you know about cave squids or other underwater cave menaces? just, take a couple of paces slithers back
No. 722411 ID: b2e8b1
File 146288544283.png - (257.01KB , 600x600 , cruelty.png )

I slither backwards and examine the underlying rock formations. It really is a creature. From now on it's just a question of moderation. I could skip the fun of studying it, but so many possibilities fill up my mind.
No. 722435 ID: 54cbaf

There is an exposed and open eye looking at us, apply pebble.
then either slink out of reach because it is mobile or cackle because it can't avoid the eye-poking
No. 722604 ID: 15a025

Pebble the eyes!
No. 722661 ID: a075ba

Poke it, see how it reacts.
No. 722689 ID: 094652

This might be worth something. Take it with you.
No. 723708 ID: b2e8b1
File 146339663834.png - (1.61MB , 1200x1200 , pebbled.png )

The eye is now pebbled. It seems to withdraw even further into its shell.
No. 723711 ID: b2e8b1
File 146339925392.png - (411.70KB , 600x600 , encounter1.png )

"Korry ko innnter upt kuu, puk kuu kav ka kounnnky onk kuu."

It's a ghilloid. His stance expresses that he has won. He isn't alert, but seems to be willing to negotiate a deal.

"Kuuuk. Kihh ihh kuu. Kuuk akike."
No. 723712 ID: b2e8b1
File 146339930187.png - (756.75KB , 1200x1200 , bounty.png )

No. 723719 ID: 665ed8

Well I guess we know what happened to your sister
No. 723720 ID: 904bad

That drawing is crap, it could be ANY snakeman
No. 723727 ID: b2e8b1
File 146340777031.png - (236.93KB , 600x600 , shady.png )

Me: "That drawing is shit. Could be any snake."

Ghilloid: "Koekt kare, kuu kom vik kiik. Kiv kuukrr kuns kovvv! KOVV!!

Ghilloid grasps firmly his gun which actually was in no firing readiness until now. 'KOVV' echoes in the void of my mind, but again, it could be just the ghilloid repeating the word annoyingly many times.
No. 723750 ID: a22f87

how big and heavy is that creature you were looking at? Because since he has a gun and all you have is ammo and a stick of dynamite I suggest throwing the creature at him to give yourself a moment to close the distance and bite the shit out of him

you guys are poisonous right?
No. 723827 ID: a075ba

Could you actually read any of that writing?

If the thing with the gun is getting agitated with you, attacking before you get shot seems reasonable. Live up to that cruelty characterization.
No. 724892 ID: b2e8b1
File 146384555317.png - (292.51KB , 600x600 , aim.png )


The bounty hunter is about the same size as me slightly more erected. He or she is about twice as heavy.

I can't read, that is a skill only the capital owners have.

Just a glance, where should I aim my poison spit? How can I avoid harming myself with the dynamite? There are numerous rocks around the area that could explode into deadly shards.

For the first time I see fear in the lowly creature, bounty hunter. Maybe he needs me alive?

"Kook, kav kanks. KOW!"
No. 724904 ID: a075ba

>Just a glance, where should I aim my poison spit?
Probably the center of his face. He's got several eyes to splatter over and cause pain and blind him. And if this creature is insect-like, he may not even have eyelids he could close to shield them.

>How can I avoid harming myself with the dynamite?
Toss is behind him, and tackle him towards it? Use your target as a living shield while preventing him from fleeing.

Or maybe you don't use the dynamite at all, except as a bluff to draw his attention while you attack in another way.
No. 725152 ID: b2e8b1
File 146393238318.png - (459.00KB , 600x600 , spit.png )

No. 725153 ID: b2e8b1
File 146393240094.png - (382.43KB , 600x600 , enrage.png )

No. 725160 ID: a075ba


We want to try and knock him over, or tear / knock the weapon from his grip.
No. 725178 ID: b2e8b1
File 146394236637.png - (200.53KB , 600x600 , knock_down_attempt.png )

>> Attack!

I attack

with weak power. I'm not wielding anything in my palms,
observing the attacker's weapon, antenna and feet,
Being extremely agile.

The opponent is

Protecting his power stance with: an unknown handgatling,
Sensing around aimlessly,
Approaching powerfully.
No. 725180 ID: b2e8b1
File 146394255556.png - (443.91KB , 600x600 , duck1.png )

No. 725181 ID: a22f87

use your tail to hit his legs and sweep them out from under him. then hop on top of him and grab his gun so he can't just shoot you. Then get him to tell you were they took your sister.
No. 725189 ID: b2e8b1
File 146394438071.png - (369.90KB , 600x600 , ground.png )


I use my tail to knock down the bounty hunter. I rapidly grab his gun with the first opportunity and twist my body to propel it between the ghilloid and the ground. I use the attacker's own weight against him to disarm the weapon. It all works because of my unbroken determination to subdue the enemy. I feel proud when I gain control over the creature's breathing.

Using this and threaths to poison the ghilloid to death painfully, I extract information about the location of my sister.

The ghilloid knows she was sold into slavery to somebody in Hansaki just this morning. A travelling slave merchant paid ridiculous sum for his salvation. I extract the name of the slave merchant, Ubitrax. He is a known figure in these parts of Underdrought. He is a Tendrakkian and possibly was on a returnpath to Tendrakkian territory.

I extract information about Tendrakkians. They are small, long-living and hardy lizards that travel both aboveground and underground. They mainly do this with their excellence in managing droughtlisks.
No. 725193 ID: a22f87

well he told you what you wanted to know, take his gun and finish him quick, then see if we can't cut off the slaver before he get's to the city. Oh and loot this guy for useful things. You can never have enough things.
No. 725198 ID: 094652

Let him live, but poison him in the dick.
No. 725328 ID: 3e182c

Do what you need too and get going, if Ubitrax escapes to the surface with your sister, she could end up anywhere. If this is the only surface entrance near Hansaki, then you may be able to set up an ambush in the cave, or perhaps stealthfully take your sister, if not, then you need to make your way back to Hansaki while the trail is fresh.

Waste this fool and get goin.
No. 725481 ID: 619c7c

Nah, blow both of his kneecaps and leave him there. Maybe poison him a little, enough that it hurts, but not enoght to kill him. Let the mothefucker suffer.
No. 725555 ID: a075ba

Keep your promise not to torture him to death by doing something very painful to him, then leaving him alive to suffer.

Take anything useful he was carrying. You have a slaver merchant to track down.
No. 726357 ID: b2e8b1
File 146438277983.png - (447.88KB , 600x600 , follow_stream_to_other_side.png )

>>Torture the motherfucker leave him alive.
I leave the ghilloid to her misery after cutting off her scissors, which are actually the most valuable thing on her. I also find seven cylinders of dynamite, some gold and diamonds. Her gun is too heavy for me to carry and I don't know how to shoot it even if I could figure out the mechanism to reload. so I fuck up his gun and drag it into water. I also find cooked fingers of cavefish. I take her clothes and make them into bandages with her cave machete. Then I dress her wounds and poison them, so she doesn't bleed to death.

I continue the journey in the increasingly deep stream that soon submerges the whole cavern around Hansaki towards the Tendrakki territory in the eastern Underdrought.
No. 726388 ID: ce861e

uh, are those other bubbles from a benign source or is there a creature below you?
No. 726675 ID: b2e8b1
File 146455218243.png - (540.23KB , 600x600 , biology1.png )


There seems to be a tight hole where the bubbles are erupting. The bubbles themselves come from bubbly tube corals. I could fit inside easily, but I would have to leave the bag behind - maybe my jacket too. I also posses a cave machete so I could cut off one of the elastic tube organisms. The water from the hole seems to be warm and has a strong mineral tint to its taste. Light emanates from behind the first curve.
No. 726703 ID: a075ba

Ignore sidequest. You have a mission already, and we don't know how time sensitive it is right now. Rescue and vengeance take priority now.
No. 726780 ID: 3e182c

Ok, that could be a fumarole. Noxious Chemicals, and unpredictable very, very hot water. Don't go in there. The tube thing... Unless you know its not venomous or have a way of not touching it while taking it with you, ignore and move on.
No. 727947 ID: b2e8b1
File 146515221839.png - (241.31KB , 600x400 , glass_cave.png )

The underground river flows underneath a boiling soup of steam and molten green glass. The burnt glass around the boiling soup is nearly intorelably hot to traverse on. I have some strips left from the bounty hunter's coat, those strips that weren't needed to lace him up.

The way across is either south or north. South from here is presumably a guard post the authorities chasing me have manned with exceptionally mean and loyal personnel. The north is yet unkown to me.
No. 727948 ID: b2e8b1
File 146515223879.png - (814.49KB , 1024x1024 , map.png )

No. 728104 ID: a075ba

Well, if we're going to get into Hansaki, we'll need to go through the guard post, unless we can find a way around.

You said you were a refugee before, does this mean we can expect the guards to be less than happy to allow you through?
No. 728119 ID: 3e182c

North looks like a fairly direct route, plus it has the benefit of opening up near a cavern exit.
If your sisters captors are moving topside in any expedient fashion, north could give you a chance to intercept them.

If you must walk on this hot glass crust, at least wrap your feet with the cloth.
No. 729416 ID: b2e8b1
File 146583585914.png - (404.28KB , 600x600 , bubbling_pool.png )

I take the northern route around the hot green death away from the guard post.

I see two guards aiming rifles or Dracksters, sort of advanced rifles at a sacrificial maiden. From a distance it looks like it's not my sister, but someone else. I don't know what the gown colors stand for, but there's a reason she's being ritually executed. I can't hear any communication, but the scene hints me that the officer is persuading the victim to perform a ritual jump.
No. 729455 ID: a075ba

If the guards are focused on their tasks and the slow drama of convincing the maiden to jump, you might be able to ambush them from behind, thus securing you more supplies.

And a maiden, I suppose. Who can be returned to wherever she was taken for favors / rewards, used as a servant, or sold as a slave.
No. 729600 ID: 3e182c

I really don't like a 2v1. But... Its not like we can just walk up to our sister's Captors unarmed and ask politely. We need a weapon, and since we seem to be a fugitive, a disguise. Everything we need is right here.

We need to be able to sufficiently disable one guard so we can rest control of his weapon and bring it to bear on the other, either silently enough so the second fails to notice, or quickly enough that the other fails to react.

We do have a unique opportunity here though that could make this not suicide: The Maiden.

If we sneak up on the guards, and wait for the exact moment when she finally jumps, they're attention will be fully focused on that spectacle.
If we strike then, we may be able to take them both out before either fully understands what's going on.
Her demise will only buy us a second extra, maybe two if we're lucky, but that may be the only difference between saving our sister and a grizzly death.
No. 729993 ID: b2e8b1
File 146609672124.png - (613.14KB , 600x850 , droughtlisk.png )

I sneak behind all of them three and their droughtlisk. The droughtlisk spots me, but it's too tame to alert the military guardsmen. I have a perfect shot at any of them now.

I can now hear what the officer is communicating with the maiden. The maiden is overcome by cruelty of the world now and is trying to jump.
No. 730004 ID: 3e182c

Is that Dynamite? And a convenient molten glass pool to light the fuse?

Fuck Yes.
No fiddling with matches or relying on our single stick.

Procure that dynamite (Both sticks) and position yourself near the glass pit, behind the close guard.

Wind your body tightly like a spring, legs ready to pounce, hands and arms holding the dynamite, already positioned to throw' fuses (but not the dynamite itself) positioned inches above the molten glass.

As maiden jumps, dip the fuses in the glass to ignite them. In a single motion, throw them at the ground between the two guards further from you, and pounce onto the guard closest to you, landing with all your weight on his tail, biting into his neck (Both to poison him and help balance yourself). Get your arms under his and gain control of that weapon.
No. 730010 ID: 2bc681

the poor dear.
welp, time to prove her right! because that is a LOT of loot just waiting to be liberated from those guards.
if possible, ambush the closest guard to get his weapon and use his body as a meatshield as you gun down the other two.
No. 730067 ID: a075ba

>I have a perfect shot at any of them now.
Shoot the captain, then start shooting the others.

Maybe the maiden will still jump, maybe she'll stop in confusion. You immediate priority is killing the soldiers, though. They have good loot.
No. 730098 ID: 094652

Throw the droughtlisk some food and throw a few dynamite sticks behind the soldiers so they are blasted into the river, then tackle the officer and threaten to stuff a stick of dynamite down his dirty dent.

Convince the maiden to spend the rest of her short life in hedonistic pleasure (and then snap her out of it after you've had a taste).
No. 730202 ID: 3e182c

Don't we have bullets but no gun?
No. 730211 ID: b2e8b1
File 146617096310.png - (573.88KB , 600x600 , ammunitions.png )



I load ammunition to both my gun in less than 30 seconds, getting time from the maiden still hesitating, but making clear attempts to approach the inevitable, that satisfies the captain. I have now 8 bullets in the gun chambers and 52 ammunition left in the small black metal box.
No. 730224 ID: b2e8b1
File 146618102197.png - (526.65KB , 600x600 , dynamite.png )

The dynamite finishes all three.
No. 730225 ID: b2e8b1
File 146618119574.png - (1.63MB , 1200x1200 , wounded.png )

The problem is now that most of the guns, helmets, outfits are rendered junk by the explosion.

The droughtlisk is wounded from a thousand small and big shards thrown around by the explosion.

I could avoid most of the shards, but it's become dangerous to just slither around here.
No. 730226 ID: b2e8b1
File 146618124046.png - (126.01KB , 300x300 , dead.png )

The maiden did not jump in time, and she's dead.
No. 730252 ID: 3e182c

We seem to have underestimated the dynamite.
Welp. Inspect the draughtlisk, maybe it had something else in its pack. Check if it can move or be tended to or if it's just meat.

As for the corpses... Too much dangerous terrain, not enough time. That explosion was probably heard for miles down here. We should probably make ourselves scarce before more show up and continue on.

Though... If we make ourselves hidden nearby, we may get lucky enough to be able to ambush anyone following the sound.

Whether we stay or go though, doing our best to stay out of sight seems prudent.
No. 730346 ID: a075ba

>wrecked their gear and the maiden
Reflect on the problem of overkill. Sure, it gets the job done, but then there's nothing to loot!
No. 730470 ID: b2e8b1
File 146627438733.png - (162.39KB , 650x600 , bag.png )

Food and a MIL-STD revolver pistol and papers.
No. 730503 ID: a075ba

Might as well dump the maiden in lava, she was headed there anyways.

Read the papers.
No. 730550 ID: 3e182c

and move over jagged terrain and hot sharp rock bits to do so? She can stay where she is.

Do read them papers though.
No. 731279 ID: b2e8b1
File 146653963312.png - (361.02KB , 600x600 , caught_maybe.png )


I leave her where she is.

I can't read.

I hear very silent score of footsteps and someone clocking a gun behind my incompetent ear tunnels. This guy starts to smell like coal as soon as he's there.

He speaks my language with an unknown accent. "Found something there? You know it's ellegal to kill, mutilate, blow up authorities like that? Very ellegal."
No. 731295 ID: 78df21

Lie for your life, claim you were just a bystander that watched, too far away to act when the maiden, furious at being dragged back, set off the dynamite and nearly killing you.
whether he believes it or not, he'll probably be distracted enough to shoot or venom him.
No. 731316 ID: a075ba

Of course it's illegal, that's why I blew all of them up. So they couldn't do anything about it.
No. 731369 ID: 3e182c

That was fast. and you Can't read? Shit. Put that down as something that needs learning once you find your sister.
This. Say this.
No. 731380 ID: b2d501

"Yeah, and what do you call waving a gun around a girl's face while your trigger finger is doing the Macarena? Justifiable homicide?"

Search your bag. Find fresh meat. Throw at gun. Duck.

Wait for your heavily marred friend to MAUL the @#$%er, then treat their wounds so they don't bleed out.
No. 731433 ID: b2e8b1
File 146658920320.png - (244.32KB , 600x600 , customer.png )


>I was watching here when the maiden unveiled a dynamite from her sacrificial clothes and threw it at us, not all of us were lucky to survive the blast! Was I closer would have stopped the maiden --"

He interrupts: "Let's cut the crab poop and get on top of your setuation." His hand coordination matches my head movements perfectly, even though he is like not paying attention at all. "Your sister is in the hands of my _customer_. You however, are in my _contract_. If only the word, 'sister' rings a bell, she was bought by a Tendrakki _corporation_ and you match your sister's description perfectly. My customer seems to believe that his _employees_ work better if they're _not_ separated from their families. Now if you please, I will lower my gun does not mean that I'm _not_ afraid of your serpent reflexes or spit _at all_. Och! As a future potential college, I need to tell you how my customer likes his newest assassin. He hopes you will prove, ass effecient ass your 'ssister'."
No. 731439 ID: b2d501

I don't think he's lying; there's no real reason he would come all this way and point a gun at a bomb maniac if he wasn't working for someone else.

Once he stops aiming, go back to the draughtlisk and try to save them. Then walk with the overconfident hunter and prepare multiple assassination and escape plans. Maybe you could smear some meat or any other high-smell food on his back. "Kick me", but with wounded animal pouncing.
No. 731444 ID: 3e182c

We could always duck behind the draghtlisk, toss our last stick o dynamite into the nearby magma pool, and shoot the guy as he desperatly dives away...

But that would be reckless.
What kind of control devices exist that would make it a pain in the ass to just walk away once we are reunited with our sister?
Because if there arn't any, we might as well let this guy bring us to her and double cross thm sater.
However... If there are such devices... Lava rain might be a better alternative.
No. 731988 ID: a075ba

Ask how this would work, then. He just leads us back or...?
No. 732325 ID: b2e8b1
File 146711048512.png - (198.55KB , 600x600 , bling.png )


"How would this thing with my sister work?"

"IT WOULD BE AWESOME! I can't even describe how I like my occupation. Drink and eat the finest, corporation takes care of the fines, as long as you don't make too many "friends", you're living like a king. Of course after the practikum period you are free to leave and go as long as don't violate the service terms. Could be months, could be even a couple of years between removal jobs. Only that sucks."

I take the remaining dynamite and hide it inside my pocket as an instrument of escape for the future. I tend the wounds of the draughtlisk as well as I can, but it seems little is to be done. It won't move.

"I have a spare saddled cave crocodylus, leave the droughtlisk to its agony, or make end of it, your choice" The hitman tells.
No. 732339 ID: b2d501

Give the Draughtlisk some food and leave.
No. 733074 ID: 3e182c

Eh. Leave the thing, we're going with this guy.
Maybe it'll live, maybe it'll die, maybe it'll end up the meal of some terrible creature. Not our problem.

Ask about the jobs, the removal jobs, the practikum period, what you do between jobs, this guys life, the corp, more on your sister, the works. It'll be a somewhat long trip yet, and this guy seems rather loose lipped. If he is hiding something, maybe he'll let a clue slip, if he,s not, we'll be in the know. Also ask if you'll be able to learn to read.

He seems excited from our last question, so ride that excitement for your next. Everything should feel... natural.
No. 734609 ID: b85ea2
File 146809404313.png - (472.17KB , 800x450 , toxic_blossoms.png )

Leaving the droughtlisk to die.

I walk where the contract killer wants to lead me while asking questions.

Not after long we're mounting the cave crocodili.

I manage to discover that

Practikum period is meant to test if you're suitable for your position before you reach it. Between the contract kill jobs you're supposed to practice more and develop new strategies, but this slimy guy, who doesn't share his name yet in doubt of my namelessness, says it's more like spending time with dimwit chicks and mostly second step politicians keeping them entertained. Your life is strictly controlled by secrecy protocol.

He claims he's a Tendrakki himself. He has been a janitor before he applied to a corporate special program to train paramilitary forces to the army, which lead to a contract killer job. He has three wives with some kids, all of which he coupled to their passing persons of interest and polygamy lovers when he started a secret life. He pretended that he had been fired from his job as a janitor and couldn't pay the bills anymore. All this information he swears will not pass to many lips before I would end up dead.
No. 734807 ID: 3e182c

Ok, so this "employer" is interested in people from all walks of life. That gives this some credibility. Good.

I'm also starting to think this guy is an idiot. Which is also good.

Continue the conversation, Get all the details necessary to get in contact with this employer of his, along with more personal inquiries. Go ahead and surrender a little more personal info on yourself than you'd normally be comfortable disclosing too.

We want this man to trust us, because we're bringing his head to our new employer.

The Practikum period starts now.
No. 737832 ID: b85ea2
File 146921029123.png - (188.83KB , 450x450 , leaking_mouth.png )

>Make him talk
Realising his social buttons with my intelligent and all-round survivor nature I get him all talky. He even speaks so much spit starts to accumulate on his mouth tentacles.

Hitman: "What if I made the case you are a key to a plan by certain corporate interests to forcifully enter sacred Kleid (means snake people) tunnel systems. There has been strong rumors there's some thing of great power hidden there."

"I'm not the best of hitmen the corporation I work for has enlisted, it appears that the best types can express their own talent on others too, when they're relaxed. My specialty is sneaking. I'm not a bad shooter, but sometimes it's just hard to take aim close, even momentarily. Aha- what got me the job is that I talk mostly all the time when I'm not with OTHER Tendrakki. Tendrakki can be such loose lipped women..."

"We speceal corps are a dirty secret from the Tendrakki publec and it's commonplace to have few select from every race, using their raceal feats to complement whole teams en some cases. Nobuddy expects seven to therteen person replace and enfeltrate target's life, or if does, then there's less to do than against onle one."
No. 737886 ID: 3e182c

(I don't know why but I absolutely adore this illustration.)

Oh wow. We have no idea if this place is safe to talk and he's already blabbing about secret plans. Hell we're not even technically employed yet.

Also, there was the gaff about sucking at up close combat. He is at a disadvantage here. It's so perfect I'd normally say it was a trap... if his left hand weren't full of rein and his right full of cigar.

See if you can get his name again, but more importantly, get our new employers contact info.

Once we have it, let him take a nice big drag off that cigar. Then make it his last.
No. 738749 ID: b85ea2
File 146953169961.png - (164.11KB , 450x450 , hole.png )

No. 738752 ID: b85ea2
File 146953247818.png - (284.26KB , 900x900 , completed.png )

Last words: I work for a corporation called CavegulliGroup.
No. 738775 ID: 3e182c

And his name was and forever shall be, Retard.
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