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File 148710939185.png - (127.28KB , 800x800 , 1.png )
779564 No. 779564 ID: bfb318

This is a patreon funded quest, and may potentially have nsfw content. This takes place in the christmas universe: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/614976.html

February 13th, 10 AM, Ultrahive Capital Tower, Az's Office, approximately two and a half months following the first neumono christmas.

>"There's no way to separate our bond! And that's why Love and Friendship is the Ranger's way!"

I do not know what I just watched.
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No. 821650 ID: bfb318
File 150241097277.png - (100.53KB , 800x800 , 268.png )

"We may as well not have gotten off the floor at all, anyway. A dare is a dare, provided you're comfortable enough to see how far you can take this. People are probably expecting tongue, but it's your dare."
>"Can we kiss to make it fair afterwards Polo?!" Ramella asks. "L-later unless it's a dare so it can be in pr.. nevermind!"
"I understand. Unless it's a dare, there's no need to distract ourselves."

Katzati approaches me, first. She takes it slowly and cautiously, as she didn't expect to do anything like this. I don't go too hard on her, but I do accelerate things.

After a few seconds of that, Katzati comes to a thought, then picks up my pace.
No. 821652 ID: bfb318
File 150241099690.png - (124.10KB , 800x800 , 269.png )

Then she exceeds expectations. There was more tongue than anticipated. I think my hat fell off. She kisses Ramella next, and both enjoy it better than each other expected to.

>"I, er..." Katzati starts talking after she finishes with Ramella, "maybe I got carried away, but I just had to set up a good standard for the next people who had to kiss!"
No. 821653 ID: bfb318
File 150241103060.png - (89.54KB , 662x549 , 270.png )

rolled 3 = 3

Which doesn't take long at all. Blue picks a dare, and reads it.

>"Spin the bottle. Nuff said, with a standard set."

He chugs an entire bottle of beer, then puts it on the table and gives it a spin.
No. 821655 ID: 015058

Cheer them on.
No. 821657 ID: 7fad5d

Well, pick the hat back up and encourage them. Either you get to watch man-on-man or he strips, it's win-win. If not for you, then at least for anyone who actually wants to see those.
No. 821662 ID: a363ac

come on give us a good view boys~ WOO WOO~
No. 821664 ID: 3abd97

Lean forward, cup your hands on your face while resting your elbows on the talbe, and give them one hell of a "come on" look.

After your kiss you're staring them down till they live up to the performance. And calling them out on not it if they put in less effort. Ranger pride won't let them wuss out.
No. 821672 ID: bfb318
File 150241291845.png - (75.93KB , 800x800 , 271.png )

>"...... ... ... . . . ....."
"Everyone's waiting. We'd like to see this." I say, leaning forward on my elbow.
>"You stay out of it, number six!... White."
>"That's how it is, Blue." White responds. "Don't try to wiggle out of this. You know I don't want this any more than you do."
>"I'd rather kiss the Swamp Nugget, White."
>"I'd rather kiss the Swamp Nugget after it made out with a bucket of lard, Blue, but I'm owning up to your awful spinning technique!"
>".. ... .... .."
No. 821674 ID: bfb318
File 150241300718.png - (92.37KB , 800x800 , 272.png )

>"To heck with your rules, White, I'm doing a re-spin."

There's some contention about whether or not to let Blue respin.

"Too bad, Blue." says Red. "You don't get a respin. Strip!"
>"Who's side are you on?!"
"The side of sportsmanship! I should make you two kiss anyway, but nothing's more awkward than a hate-kiss."

Blue starts taking off the rest of his armor minus the helmet, which will just leave his bioarmor and his skimpy set of clothes he got from his dare available for stripping.
No. 821675 ID: bfb318
File 150241303024.png - (0B , 800x800 )

rolled 2 = 2

Rose gets a dare, and for the third time in a row, she has to kiss as well. She and Pilon go at it, and although it isn't up to the standards that Katzati set, it is affectionate and gets some mental 'aw's from both sides, though reluctant ones from the omega side.

I choose a dare.

Updated dare list:
01. Do your best to strike a sexy pose. Opposing teams get to judge if you made a good effort; give 2x the standard bet to anyone that thinks you wussed out.
02. BARK! Bark bark bark, bark bark.
03. Call Ultra-King Az and call him a dingus or other word that could be considered a prank call
04. You are the designated clothing remover for 5 hands.
05. Invite Rokoa and Az to join the game
06. Remove your chair from the table. You are now required to share- sit on or with a teammate. (Lap, side by side, shoulders, whatever). If you have no teammates left in the game, you may recall one to the table to act as your seat.
07. Repeat the most recent dare
08. Say who has the best butt in the room
09. Swap one of your clothes layers with someone else at the table. If you're a ranger, swapping near-identical armor pieces with one of your teammates doesn't count. (All swapped clothes to be returned to the original owners at the end of the games).
10. Say who is the villain you have been most sexually attracted to
11. Pick a girl and motorboat.
12. One of your team must smack the butt of another until everyone in the room agrees they were smacked hard enough.

No. 821677 ID: 3abd97

>02. BARK! Bark bark bark, bark bark.
Beat, and then that, verbatim.

Don't bother reading or explaining the card. Just do it, see if you catch anyone off guard.
No. 821678 ID: a363ac

"Bak bak bak?!"
No. 821679 ID: 015058

Bak away. Have fun with it. In fact stay barking until you get back to your turn when anyone asks you anything.
No. 821680 ID: 7fad5d

Bark and throw a howl into the mix if you can do a convincing one. But FIRST, fake them out and lean towards whoever you think will be most easily startled before you start barking in their face. Not Ramella, it'd be too mean to tease her like that.
No. 821682 ID: a363ac

BAK at Pilonsee if he reacts like in the commercials
No. 821683 ID: bfb318
File 150241403409.png - (153.10KB , 800x800 , 274.png )

I consider surprising someone, but all eyes are on me, and my reluctance is obvious.

"... ..... ..... .."
>"Oh, is something the matter?" asks Blue. "Some dare you don't like?!"
No. 821685 ID: bfb318
File 150241408014.png - (77.82KB , 800x800 , 275.png )

I do my best.

"Bak bak bak. BAK bak." I think I know how to bark, but it's not something I ever do. I almost put in a howl, but...

Pilon looks disgusted. Even somewhat offended.

>"N... no, it's fine." he says. His face doesn't change at all.
No. 821686 ID: 015058

Give Pilon a sad sad puppy dog eyed look until he explains himself.
No. 821687 ID: 7fad5d

Wow, what happened to getting it right, Polo? Come on, put aside the reluctance and do it properly.
No. 821689 ID: bfb318
File 150241465444.png - (61.81KB , 800x800 , 276.png )

"Was that wrong, Pilon? I don't think I can do much better."

Now that I feel out the room, it appears to be just Pilon that thought it was bad. The others, though not wildly impressed, thought it was legitimate barking. I suppose it's fair, since out of all of us, I think Pilon is the only pre-uplift neumono amongst us, though I can't be sure about the waveforce.

>"I'm sorry, it just... isn't the barking I'm used to. It doesn't have the same, uh, oomph, that a real bark has. It was like a, uh, it was like your barking was silent. It's like if I ran into your silence before I knew such a thing was possible. Kind of spooky. It got me off guard. Your dare is complete."
No. 821690 ID: a363ac

to the next hand
No. 821691 ID: 015058

Um could you maybe show us a real bark then? I would like to do a proper job of it.

Or at least learn from your experience.
No. 821692 ID: 7fad5d

It's even more important you do it right now if you're at all capable. Don't let the mood stay down, really put your heart into this. Imagine Rokoa's taunting you for not being able to bark.
No. 821693 ID: 3cc68c

Yeah see if he does not mind demonstrating proper bark empathy for us.
No. 821694 ID: 3abd97

"...would you like to show us how its done?"

Maybe giving Pilon a chance to show off and wow the table would undo the awkward a little.
No. 821697 ID: 2e620f

Now, hold on. One day you might be on some assignment out in the wilds somewhere and come across some tribal hive and your ability to bark proper like would be important!... Well, it's not very plausible, admittedly, but it's possible.

Tell him you're going to do it again. This time, bring it from your diaphragm, and more than that put some spirit into it. You want to be territorial, you want to be offended, you want to be disgusted and angry that someone you don't like is coming anywhere near you.

Imagine coming home to your hive from work one day to discover Rokoa aggressively flirting with/bullying your dad.
No. 821701 ID: fc33ea

He seems really unsettled, I say leave it.
No. 821703 ID: bfb318
File 150241604162.png - (87.95KB , 800x800 , 277.png )

"Would you show us a real bark, then?"
>"I, um... I shouldn't. I'm really sorry, but barking here would just be inappropriate. I don't think people would like it if I barked at them."
"Then I'll try again."

I take a deeper breath, and just go for one with more meaning.

>Imagine various scenarios in which barking is appropriate
Every one of these makes me want to bring out my gun, not bark.

>"Well, better!" says Pilon, and although still not impressed, he isn't just saying that.
"Why don't you show us how it's really done then, hotshot tribal?" Red asks.
>"Yeah!" says Blue.

Pilon is uncertain.

>"I dunno, everyone..."

I am curious about what Pilon thinks is a good bark, but we could just let it pass and move the game on, too.
No. 821704 ID: a363ac

This is supposed to be a fun game "Do it, do it do it!"
No. 821705 ID: 015058

Pilon I want to hear a real bark. Pretty please?
No. 821706 ID: 7fad5d

People have been stripping and making out. Appropriate isn't really a worry here. Although now that I think of it maybe we should get some drinks or snacks or something.
No. 821718 ID: bfb318
File 150241778003.png - (49.18KB , 800x800 , 278.png )

"We're beyond the state of appropriateness. Please do it."

The rest of the room echoes me to varying levels.

>"Well, okay. Here goes." Pilon says.
No. 821720 ID: 3cc68c

I mean if you need to demonstrate with a angry bark that will scare people that might not be appropriate.

But if you could do a bark to show what you want to do to Pink later tonight...

Well that might be a fun example.
No. 821722 ID: bfb318
File 150241796514.png - (125.09KB , 800x800 , 279.png )

I'm not sure I hear the barks, but my ears start ringing.

I, and the rest of the room just feel it. It's like Pilon's empathy just smacked ours onto the ground. Aggressive territorialism. Raw hatred for outsiders. Murderous intentions. Pilon sounded like he just tried to kill us all with a bark. Our heart rates skyrocketed unhealthily fast.

For what feels like a full minute, we just listen to the ensuing silence. Pilon starts feeling some regret, but Ramella interrupts it.

>"Holy shit." she says. "Awesome."
"Haven't had to deal with that in a while." says Red, unnerved, but the waveforce wasn't entirely stunned.
"Yes. Thank you for sharing."
>"S-sorry." Pilon says.
No. 821723 ID: bfb318
File 150241803602.png - (105.10KB , 800x800 , 280.png )

rolled 7, 10, 8, 7, 10, 7 = 49

Only the first 3 non-duplicate rolls will be used.

Pilon apologizes again, but we recollect ourselves fine and continue on. At least, after a call from the lobby asking us if everything is alright, since apparently someone reported a murder in progress in our room. I use the opportunity to order more snacks.

Blue begins to take things a bit cautiously, but the increasing ante leads White and Green to each strip their shoe. This leaves Green with only one article of clothing left. Katzati almost strips, too, but opts for a dare, as does Pilon, followed by Red.

Updated dare list:
01. Do your best to strike a sexy pose. Opposing teams get to judge if you made a good effort; give 2x the standard bet to anyone that thinks you wussed out.
02. Call Ultra-King Az and call him a dingus or other word that could be considered a prank call
03. You are the designated clothing remover for 5 hands.
04. Invite Rokoa and Az to join the game
05. Remove your chair from the table. You are now required to share- sit on or with a teammate. (Lap, side by side, shoulders, whatever). If you have no teammates left in the game, you may recall one to the table to act as your seat.
06. Repeat the most recent dare
07. Say who has the best butt in the room
08. Swap one of your clothes layers with someone else at the table. If you're a ranger, swapping near-identical armor pieces with one of your teammates doesn't count. (All swapped clothes to be returned to the original owners at the end of the games).
09. Say who is the villain you have been most sexually attracted to
10. Pick a girl and motorboat.
11. One of your team must smack the butt of another until everyone in the room agrees they were smacked hard enough.

No. 821728 ID: 91ee5f

My emotional roller coaster:

>"Well, okay. Here goes." Pilon says.



>call from the lobby asking us if everything is alright, since apparently someone reported a murder in progress in our room.
No. 821731 ID: 015058


You should ask Pilon if he can channel other emotions into a bark. Just for curiosities sake.
No. 821735 ID: 91ee5f

No, don't pester him about that.
No. 821743 ID: 486e87

Yeah, let's move on from the bark related stuff. Has someone been putting the best butt dare back in the dare pile?
No. 821747 ID: bfb318
File 150242049173.png - (108.00KB , 800x800 , 281.png )

Katzati reads her dare.

>"Say who has has the best butt? It's Polo."
>"That's what you said, and you wouldn't lie to us, would you?"
"I would not."

Katzati is sure to discard the dare, and Pilon picks his dare up.

>"... pick a girl, and motorboat. Uh... Rose?"
>"A dare's a dare. No one look!"

The Omega Waveforce does not know how to think about one of their teammates getting motorboated by someone who was barking murder at everyone a moment ago. Rose faces away from us to avoid a show, but Pilon does motorboat.
No. 821749 ID: bfb318
File 150242050747.png - (123.71KB , 800x800 , 282.png )

Pilon comes back, hunched over, and takes his seat crosslegged.

"So are you able to put different emotions into your barks?" I ask him.
>"Er... yes, kind of, but other kinds of barks only really work as effectively inside of one's own hive. The bark I gave, uh, is meant for extra-hive communications, as bad as it sounds nowadays."

Red pulls a dare.

"Swap clo... oh, no. Out of all of us, it had to be me?! Swap clothes with someone else at the table! And it can't be for similar gear with another ranger? Hrmm... alright, I'll also pick P- Rose."
>"Is that really okay for me to wear your uniform?" Rose asks.
"Given the circumstances? As our '6th' said, we're well past the point of what's appropriate."

They begin swapping clothes, while the next round takes place. They have an equal amount of clothing categories left, so there's no functional difference that takes place.

It's a round that hits us hard. One round later hits our side hard. Red thought she had a mediocre hand of a two pair. We bet on her impression of that, but in an accident in her favor, she didn't realize her hand made a flush instead until she put it down. Green, Pilon, Pink, Katzati, Ramella and myself all run out of funds.
No. 821750 ID: bfb318
File 150242061018.png - (10.97KB , 607x190 , Status1.png )

(At end of last round, but prior to anyone deciding to strip or discard)
No. 821751 ID: 015058

Run out the dare jar if there are any left.

If not throw your panties on the table. Or better yet at Ramella's head.
No. 821753 ID: 3ce125

>flush from a two pair
...but that's impossible unless you're using more than one deck.
No. 821754 ID: 7fad5d

Dare time.

>unless you're using more than one deck
There you have it, then. If anyone was cheating it'd be noticed, with the empathy, no?
No. 821755 ID: a363ac

throw panties on Ramella's head.
No. 821756 ID: fc33ea

What happens when you run out of dares? I say take a dare while you still can.
No. 821757 ID: 3abd97

>Polo runs out of funds
Toss your panties onto the table without getting up, and watch people goggle at you.
No. 821759 ID: 3abd97

Plus Blue has the skimpy bathrobe he won as an extra clothing layer in one of the earlier bets.
No. 821763 ID: 90f3c0

How so? Two pairs in the same suit, plus another card of the suit is a flush.

Run through the dares before taking off any more clothes.
No. 821770 ID: 7fad5d

>Two pairs in the same suit
>one deck
Think this through.
No. 821789 ID: 90f3c0

Shit. I can't believe I forgot there's only one of each card in a deck. I've been playing too much Mahjong.
No. 821815 ID: 957e05

That also explains how she didn't see it, if she isn't used to playing with two decks.
No. 821898 ID: 2e620f

Tactically speaking, Polo should take off her accessories next. By keeping her panties on, she'll keep Ramella's interest in winning higher, and increase her team's chances of success. Strip poker's mind games are all about managing your opponent's (and in this case, your team's) ability/desire to get you naked. If Polo's all but naked with just her accessories on, on the other hand, Ramella won't be able to focus on the game at all.
No. 821975 ID: bfb318
File 150249148441.png - (105.87KB , 800x800 , 283.png )

rolled 3, 6, 8, 6, 4, 2, 4, 8, 1, 2 = 44

>2 pairs and a flush
Since we have 9 players, we are using 2 decks, hence hands like this are made possible.

Blue was the dealer this time, so we go around the table from there. Every single one of us dares, in order of Green, Pilon, Pink, Katzati, Ramella and then myself, since if I don't do it now, there probably won't be any more dares by the time I get my next chance.

Dare results will be posted below. Each roll will remove that dare from the hat immediately. A result higher than the remaining number of dares will be discarded, and extra rolls will be used. Upon 4 dares remaining, the dice roll will be divided by 2, rounded up.
Updated dare list:

1. Do your best to strike a sexy pose. Opposing teams get to judge if you made a good effort; give 2x the standard bet to anyone that thinks you wussed out.
2. Call Ultra-King Az and call him a dingus or other word that could be considered a prank call
3. You are the designated clothing remover for 5 hands.
4. Invite Rokoa and Az to join the game
5. Remove your chair from the table. You are now required to share- sit on or with a teammate. (Lap, side by side, shoulders, whatever). If you have no teammates left in the game, you may recall one to the table to act as your seat.
6. Repeat the most recent dare
7. Say who is the villain you have been most sexually attracted to
8. One of your team must smack the butt of another until everyone in the room agrees they were smacked hard enough.

No. 821976 ID: bfb318

Green : (3) You are the designated clothing remover for 5 hands.
Pilon : (7) Say who is the villain you have been most sexually attracted to
Pink : (8) One of your team must smack the butt of another until everyone in the room agrees they were smacked hard enough.
Katzati : (4) Remove your chair from the table. You are now required to share- sit on or with a teammate. (Lap, side by side, shoulders, whatever). If you have no teammates left in the game, you may recall one to the table to act as your seat.
Ramella : (1) Do your best to strike a sexy pose. Opposing teams get to judge if you made a good effort; give 2x the standard bet to anyone that thinks you wussed out.
Polo : (2) Invite Rokoa and Az to join the game
No. 821981 ID: 3abd97

>Polo : (2) Invite Rokoa and Az to join the game
...honestly, Rokoa got enough screen time with her segment, and Az has been kind of a creeper boss. A little too enthusiastic when it comes to Polo. Inviting him over when Polo is mostly naked doesn't sound fun to me.

Plus I mean adding two more players to the already crowded table still full up on clothes will just make things messier.

I say welsh on the dare, and just toss your panties on the table without getting up.
No. 821984 ID: 2e620f

>Running out of dares

See, this is why dares should be saved for when more people have lost more clothes!

But I guess for the interest of fairness, Az and Rokoa will be adding a few more dares to the hat. And probably starting with a layer of clothes missing? (Assuming Polo doesn't toss the dare back in and accept the lost money instead.)
No. 821987 ID: 91ee5f

Since Az has already said that he's got stuff to do and Rokoa is probably doing something also, I think it's safe to say that this is a useless dare.
No. 821990 ID: 7fad5d

"Okay, does anyone actually want to have those two barging in or is it as bad an idea as I think?" If people agree that it's crap, just pick a new one or propose that it's time for a new round of dares.

If not... well, if we take the loss Green is stripping us and that doesn't sound like a recipe for good times. I'd rather just half-ass 'hey guys are you busy wanna come to a thing oh well too bad'.
No. 821998 ID: a363ac

if we go for a new round of dares then it is time to up the ante and add more lewd dares and no-one can add benefit dares if you wuss out you are out of the game now.
No. 822001 ID: 7fad5d

"What do you mean, or?"
No. 822003 ID: bfb318
File 150249294961.png - (88.75KB , 800x800 , 284.png )

We all decide simultaneously, and grab our dares right away, even though we'll do them in order. I have to invite Rokoa and Az to a game? I would have to go through operator channels to get in touch with Az. And, Rokoa? The game is on its home stretch. I'm considering just discarding clothes after all. We only need to discard one. It probably should have been 2 articles, honestly, but it's too late for that, and it would only help me disregard this dare.

I'll keep considering this. I'm last in the dare line. Green reads her card.

>"'You are the designated clothing remover for 5 hands.' I can handle that."

Then, Pilon.

>"The villain I've been most sexually attracted to? Hm... there was an old game that my hive got, and we played. I can't even remember what it was called, it wasn't even good, but the villain was the Queen of Spears. She would keep showing up to harass the player character in, uh, seductive ways that were not reviewed or rated by any content organizations. This was when I was new to technology, so it was, how do you put it... not a childhood crush, but like some kind of uplift-crush? Purely a fictional villain, but that counts, right?"

Good enough, we think, though we have no idea what game he's talking about. He keeps it short, since Pink's empathy is showing a more actionable dare.

>"'One of your team must smack the butt of another until everyone in the room agrees they were smacked hard enough.' Okay who wants to get their butt smacked? They can choose between Pilon or me."

No one immediately volunteers, but then, possibly because I am nearly nude, eyes start focusing on me.
No. 822004 ID: a363ac

don't say anything.
No. 822008 ID: 7fad5d

Oh, and remember that it has to keep going until everyone, including you, agrees. Gotta win this and outlast everyone, impress Pilon after Barkgate.
No. 822009 ID: 2e620f

>One of your team must smack the butt of another until everyone in the room agrees they were smacked hard enough

I think the intent of that dare was "one member of your team must smack the butt of another member of the same team" et cetera et cetera. In which case it'd be Rose or Pilon smacking the other.

Go ahead and invite Az and Rokoa, just like... flip a coin each and if they get heads they lose one layer of clothes and if they get tails lose two. That will put them roughly on par with everyone. I also support adding fresh dares to the hat.
No. 822016 ID: 3abd97

I guess Polo could can do it if everyone is looking at her, but it might be funnier if Katzati did the spanking.

Picking Pink for the spankee is probably best, because the rangers will wuss out and say she's had enough sooner than they would if you were wailing on Pilon.
No. 822018 ID: 27762f

Reveal that you were the one who wrote that dare, and that it's true meaning is for the smacker and smackee to be members of the same team, and give them your best deadpan expectant Polo stare. I mean it is kind of grammatically weird the way she interpreted it, since then it would be "smack the butt of another [team]" which is mixing a singular with plural, so I do think it's "smack the butt of another [member of your team]." Bonus: it would continue the theme of fate conspiring to give Rose/Pilon all the saucy interactions (and help build their relationship which seems like a good course for the idea of helping Rose with her love capacity).
No. 822022 ID: 3abd97

>green is the clothing remover
Damnit, we can't do the casual panty toss on the table till that expires, then. I've been wanting to do that all game.

That leaves us stuck with inviting Az and Rokoa. ...we can probably get away with a halfassed invite, or calling his dead number? Or Az already said he didn't have time to play, so we know what his answer is.

If people at the table don't like it, we could pull another dare.
No. 822025 ID: bfb318
File 150249403743.png - (150.57KB , 800x800 , 285.png )

"Don't look at me. I'm sure the intent of that dare was that one of your team must smack another member of the same team."

People, at least enough, agree with me.

>"... can't argue with that." says Pilon.
>"Okay, bend over, Pilon." Pink says.
>"Why me?"
>"You motorboated my chest! It's only fair!"
>"... can't argue with that, either."

She goes for it.


It sounded soft, but it didn't look that way. It's probably the fluff. It's hard enough, and she gets a pass. Red shakes her head at what is going on with her team, but the other wave forcers don't seem to be so concerned.

Katzati mentally approves, then reads her dare.

>"I have to sit on or with a teammate. Polo, Ramella?"
>"Polo!" says Ramella. "Because I have to strike a sexy pose!... uh I might need help with that one I don't know what's good."
No. 822026 ID: a363ac

bend over, spread legs, smack butt.
No. 822027 ID: 7fad5d

"That's easy. Just imagine how you want to see me waiting for you and copy that."

Sit in Katzati's lap unless she protests and point out that no one wants Az or Rokoa here with how things are going, suggest a replacement dare(s). If that doesn't work then just 'unfortunately' fail to have them accept your invitation.
No. 822032 ID: 3abd97

Magical girl transformation pose maybe? Twirl, spread legs, one arm straight up holding something.

And yeah, I support doing Polo's dare baldy, or just asking to draw another, since Az already said he can't play.
No. 822035 ID: 27762f

Sit on Katzati's shoulders. Express incredulity to Ramella that someone in the same hive as Korli doesn't know what's a good sexy pose, then tell her to just try a few things and read the room's empathy to figure how close she is.
No. 822036 ID: 2e620f

I want Az and Rokoa to join, but I guess you can get out of it by saying Az already preemptively declined. Sort of.

Tell Ramella that she just needs to make a pose that's sort of inviting and also shows off her best features. List those features to her with the dare as an excuse and watch her blush at your compliments.
No. 822039 ID: bfb318
File 150249574795.png - (119.19KB , 800x800 , 286.png )

>"Yeah. I'm curious what our 6th thinks would work." says Blue.
"If I'm going to be called out as a forcer for this, then.... magical girl transformation."
"Are you mocking us?!" Red says.
"Well this is why we're at opposite ends of the table!"
"I'm still surprised someone of Korli's hive doesn't know what a sexy pose is."
>"I love Korli but I do not take her advice on anything like that, ever!" says Ramella.
"Okay. Katzati, I'm going to sit on you now." I say, as Ramella takes a pose. It's met with sufficient approval and a pass, despite her shyness about it.
No. 822040 ID: bfb318
File 150249578087.png - (111.55KB , 800x800 , 287.png )

rolled 2 = 2

Katzati puts me back in my chair and sits on me.

"... I have a concern, and a proposal. About my dare, that is. It's to invite Az and Rokoa. Between them, and that the game is in its later stages, I would like a concensus on if I may pull another dare."
"Agreed." Red says instantly, and it's virtually unanimous that I pull another, so I do.

Updated dare list:
1. Call Ultra-King Az and call him a dingus or other word that could be considered a prank call
2. Repeat the most recent dare (sexy pose)

No. 822041 ID: 7fad5d

"Well, Katzati's already on top of me, can't violate the dare." Looks like your poses are limited to groping Katzati. See how far she wants to take this.
No. 822042 ID: 638191

2 but make it extra lewd
No. 822043 ID: 3abd97

>repeat a dare
So Polo does a sexy pose, right? Cause Ramella was right before Polo on the rolls.

Bond girl pose, or charlie's angles? Pose with a fake finger-gun.
No. 822044 ID: a363ac

Grab some boobage
No. 822045 ID: 2e620f

When the last dare gets pulled and everyone expresses their dismay that there was yet another one of those in there, suggest another small set of dares (one from each team, maybe?) be put in.
No. 822049 ID: bfb318
File 150249770487.png - (126.88KB , 800x800 , 288.png )

"Repeat the last dare, in this case, a sexy pose. Katzati is on me, so I'll just have to work with that."

I grab her chest. The dare is approved, and efficiently.
No. 822050 ID: bfb318
File 150249779127.png - (145.20KB , 800x1000 , 289.png )

The game continues. Green begins stripping people as they do, at least for the 5 turn duration. Blue's 'skimpy valentine's costume' is nothing more than a speedo. He gives the impression that the hotel didn't have a great selection.

White pulls out the last dare, to call Az some kind of insult. What might have been entertaining some time ago is now met with some degree of apathy due to timing and having enough of Az, but we deal with it nonetheless. I call Lucera and tell him to send a non-urgent email to Az, calling him a 'dingus', signed by the White Waveforcer, all just so that the last dare doesn't have to end on a nothing note. Nonetheless, it was an underwhelming final dare.

>"So no more dares?" Rose asks.
>"Not unless we want to make more." Katzati says.
"As tempting as that may be," Red thinks aloud, "we'll be here all night if we keep the dare pool up! Even if it's just to think up 5 or 10 dares. And do we all have nothing better to do tonight, than to spend the rest of the night playing dare strip poker?"

Note: Due to its size, this thread will end before the poker game finishes, if more dares are chosen. If the choice is to not make any more dares, the thread will end around the end of the poker game.
No. 822051 ID: a363ac

alright I am in for a thread break with MORE DARES. but there needs to be no positive dares and certainly a bigger punishment for not doing the dare.
No. 822052 ID: 7fad5d

"I'm sure Pink and all the rest of us have beds they'd like to be in tonight. Why, still trying to invite yourselves along?"
No. 822053 ID: 486e87

It's fun, but yeah, adding more dares would make the game drag on a bit. No more dares, no buffer against stripping, let's go.
No. 822054 ID: 2e620f

Dilemma! Moving things along faster would be good, but I want to see more dares now that people have uncovered more. I also want there to be time for post-strip-poker activities, and there should be time to sleep at some point, but I also don't think the mood has reached the point it needs to yet.

The rangers have been warming up and I think the dares have been mostly responsible for that, but I think they need a bit more, so in the interests of good relations and especially for a better chance for things to work out well for Pink... I say add a few more dares.
No. 822056 ID: 015058

In all honestly I think this game has been a great success. The whole idea was to have a fun night and let Pink relax before her big day.

We have all just started getting into the right mood for this. So a few more dares would not hurt. Why not keep the party going in one way or another for awhile?
No. 822064 ID: bfb318
File 150250011395.png - (95.92KB , 800x800 , 290.png )

"We have beds we'd like to be in tonight. Are you all trying to invite yourselves along?"
"We'll do what we need to look after our own!" Red states.

After some deliberation and feeling out the mood, we come to a decision, and make more dares. We have nothing better to do tonight, and this has been effective at getting Rose out of her poor mood.

We take additional time for food, drinks, and to come up with some more dares, before we continue the game.

Please suggest dares for use in next thread.
No. 822066 ID: a363ac

slap someones boob
slap your partner(s) boob
Grope genitals
grope partner(s) genitals
spin the bottle
preform a dance
lick partner(s) genitals can't be through clothes
tell your most sexual secret
say if you have plan/hope on having sex tomorrow
2 minute wrestle with your partner
suck on a phallic food object
No. 822067 ID: 7fad5d

Make Polo smile without just poking her lips up. If Polo draws this, smile convincingly and share what you thought of to inspire it.

Try and steal a non-headgear article of clothing from someone else to wear on your head. If you fail remove two layers, if your target went easy on you, both remove two layers.

Pick someone to whisper your most recent wet dream or sexual fantasy to.

Share something about yourself you think would surprise everyone else here.

Not allowed to use your hands to do anything for the next 3 rounds. Yes, anything.

Call room service and ask for edible underwear, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, or something similar and put it on.

Dance for tips from the other players. Better work what you've got.

Do cartwheels around the perimeter of the room without stopping, facing away from the walls.

Tell a story of how you realized a fetish.

Hug someone and take turns telling each other why you're glad to have the other in your life. First one to draw a blank has to draw two dares next time they run out of cash and do both.
No. 822069 ID: 015058


Describe in detail your last sexual encounter.

Pick a partner. For the next 5 minutes they have to do there best to distract you from the game in any way they choose.

Spin the bottle. If your target declines then they have to take another penalty dare.

You have to spend the next round giving a erotic massage to the player with the least amount of clothes. If everyone judges your massage was not erotic enough you have to continue until it is.

Spin the bottle. Give the target a sexy lap dance.

Pick one of your partners. If they agree you must bring them to orgasm during the next round. No hands.

Spin the bottle. You have been a bad girl/boy and need a sexy spanking from the target.

Bonus clothing dare! You have to buy a sexy piece of clothing for everyone at the table. It counts as a extra clothing slot.

Once this dare enters the field it has a permanent affect. Drinking game rules. Anytime anyone says the word (you pick the word) they have to take a shot.

Trade undergarments with a opponent.
No. 822070 ID: 3ce125

Alright let's focus a bit more on socializing this time I think!

1. Compliment everyone in the room, one at a time. You can take your time with this, but be finished before you leave!
2. Talk about your best friend and the last time you hung out with them.
3. Do the chicken dance!
No. 822072 ID: fc33ea

Sing a song, any song, karaoke style, no choking.
Somebody must name a topic, and you must go on a tirade about it for however long it takes to deal the next hand.
Talk using military/police procedure words for 2 hands. Your callsign is "Rub 1" or "Blue Falcon", don't loose bearing.
Spin the bottle. (it got us results last time)
Shotgun two beers simultaneously, do some acrobatics without falling.
No using your hands for anything for two rounds unassisted.
No dare. Remove clothes, do not pass go, do not collect 200$.
Convince somebody to give you some of their chips, they're all you'll get to use next hand.
No. 822074 ID: 7fad5d

In retrospect, the 'no using your hands for anything' dare should only apply to other dares and stripping, not playing the actual poker.
No. 822075 ID: 015058

More dares:

Everyone must write down there favorite sex act/fetish. Reveal them all at once. If anyone's match they have to perform said act on each other if possible.

Acquire a sex toy (ball gags count). As long as the sex toy is inside you it counts as a extra piece of clothing.

You need some pep in your step. Ramella knows how to whip up aphrodisiac from common household materials. Have her get the stuff from room service and spike your drink.

Pick a team member and sit in there lap for the next 3 rounds. But choose wisely! Your body is there property for those 3 rounds and they can do what they like with it.
No. 822093 ID: 91ee5f

>If Polo draws this, smile convincingly and share what you thought of to inspire it.
It's obviously a delicious slice of coffee cake!
No. 822110 ID: 3abd97

And Ramella makes it to second base.

Spin the bottle, but close your eyes. You don't find out who's kissing you until lips lock.

You may collect one piece of discarded clothing (anyone's) and wear it on your head as a new clothing layer. This piece of clothing must not have been originally worn as headwear.

Do your best to fake an orgasm. Yes, right now.

Put down your cards. You will sit out the next 3 rounds, instead acting as a servant to wait on whoever won this round. (Within reason. Your new boss can't force you to give away chips, remove clothing layers, perform sex acts, etc). This dare ends early if there are only two players left.

Go up to the window of the room, dressed as you are, toss open the curtains, and stand there in full view of anyone outside for a full minute.

Kiss at least one other player. You may kiss any and all players who agree to it. If everyone at the table refuses your advances, you have to discard a layer instead. DO NOT READ THIS ALOUD UNTIL AFTER: If everyone still in the game accepts a kiss from you, you may reequip a lost clothing layer.

Whoever (besides yourself) has the least clothing left gets to pinch you. If there's a tie, multiple people get to pinch you.

Equip an embarrassing accessory of your choice (collar, gag, cuffs, ribbon, electrical tape, piercing, leash, etc). Like the ranger's helmets, this does not count as a clothing layer. You're stuck with it for the rest of the game.

Everyone (but you) draws a card. High card gets a washable marker, and gets 5 minutes to write or draw anything they want on your exposed fur.

Cold shower slash wet t-shirt. Go to the hotel room's shower, and stand under it, full cold, for 30 seconds, wearing whatever you're wearing now. You can dry off after, but you can't replace your wet clothing layers.

Tied down. Get tied to your chair! You're out of the game for 3 rounds, or until there are only two players remaining. (You can still be targeted by other players as part of other dares while you're tied up, you just can't play cards).

Take a selfie, as you're dressed now. You have to send it to at least one person who isn't in the poker game.

One randomly selected person gets to drink a shot out of your chest. If you don't have a chest big enough to actually hold a shot, congrats, you just poured a drink down your front.

Remove no clothes this round. But, the next time you lose a clothing layer, instead of taking off just one thing, you must strip completely, and then put your remaining clothing back on, minus 1 layer. (Ie, instead of N - 1, do (N - N) + (N - 1) ).

You may regain a lost clothing layer if you play the next hand buck naked. You may refuse, gaining and losing nothing.

Pay for adult entertainment on the hotel tv. You don't have to watch it, but you do have to get that embarrassing charge on your credit card statement.
No. 822170 ID: 2e620f

Here’s some of the previous dares that didn’t get used, with a few modified a little to fit how things went better.

- Pick the person you think most needs a hug from you and give it to them.
- Think of something or someone you love. Whoever can make the closest guess to what it is solely by reading your empathy, they get extra chips. If no-one can make a reasonably close guess, you don’t get anything either, so try to empathize clearly!
- Tell everyone something you like that you don't think they'd have guessed that you like, and why you like it.
- Tell everyone what your ideal romantic/sexual partner would be like.
- Ask the room who would like to receive some affection from you. Listen to everyone's empathy, and give some sort of physical affection to everyone who does.

- You must lick a body part of someone in the team to your right, selected by a member of the team to your left. Put some effort and attention into it.
- You must describe where and when you last had sex with a non-hivemate, if ever, and give some description (vague if you like, but something) of who they were.
- Tell everyone the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in the last month.
- One of your team must attempt to pick up another by the scruff of the neck, with only their mouth. If they succeed in holding them up for ten seconds, you get double chips. Polo is not allowed to be the one being picked up.
- Pick a member of your team, then the team who got the highest hand this round pick a member of their team. The two chosen must make out.
- Pick another player. If you end up out of the game before them, you must be their slave for an hour or until the game ends, whichever is longer.
- Next round, you can ask another team to show you their cards, but you must give a kiss or lick for every card shown and they get to choose where you put it.

And bonus fresh material:

- If you’ve ever had sexual relations with an alien, say what species and gender they were and describe the most striking difference from a neumono; if more than one, pick the best. If you’ve never, say which you think you’d like.
- Pornography! Think what you’ve seen that was most effective on you, then mime it.
- Tell everyone the strangest place you’ve successfully had intimate relations with someone in.
- Whatever gender is opposite to your own present themselves to you for inspection. If the girls, you judge best chest. The guys, you judge best between the legs. Only your personal opinion, of course.
- Tell everyone your favorite sex act - with charades! Whoever guesses first also gets chips.
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