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File 149409870873.png - (174.46KB , 2039x1377 , prophet priest heretic.png )
800001 No. 800001 ID: 8a947d

In a world of Demons, Deities, and Darkness, what are you ?

A) A Prophet
B) A Priest
C) A Pagan
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No. 801795 ID: 8a947d
File 149479851925.png - (184.59KB , 1212x826 , Its the popo.png )

You need Ulrik if you're gonna get outta this damn city, you can't just leave him at the city guard's mercy.

The guards round the corner and approach the shop.

Guard 1: It's coming from over here! hurry up.

You: Guard ! Guard! I need your help, Its urgent!

You: There are demon summoning heretics in that shop trying to attack the poor upstanding shop keeper, please you have to apprehend them !

Guard 2: Don't worry ma'am, we're on it.

The guards continue down to the shop and you follow behind, The Roaming Gluttony (Mr Chompers) has fully dissolved and it seems the Voodoo boss is gone along with the little guys corpse. Ulrik is standing behind his counter running his fingers through his hair.

Ulrik: Damn Shadowmen, d'ey actually managed ta get me shop dis time, can't turn ya back fo a secon' in dis damn city.

Guard 1: Don't worry sir we've got this under control, we'll clean up the blood and the voodoo sign but we cant cover the damages to the window or any other property in the building.

Ulrik: Ye'... O'course ye' can't, anyway ey got business else where so al be gettin' on me way.

Ulrik walks over to you holding a note and a package.

Ulrik: Thanks fer 'holdin' off dem voodoo usin' bastards miss.
No. 801799 ID: 3abd97

So is Mr Chompers dead, or did he just get unsummoned by losing physical form?

>Thanks fer 'holdin' off dem voodoo usin' bastards miss.
Thumbs up, or some other non-verbal sign of approval.

We'll have to leave quietly for now while the guards are cleaning things, we'll double back when things have calmed down and they're not looking over everything.
No. 801808 ID: 3ce125

Ask Ulrik how voodoo works(in private). You shot that guy in the head but he didn't die!
No. 801810 ID: 91ee5f

>Ulrik walks over to you holding a note and a package.
"So, are those the things your friend asked for in his note?"

>Thanks fer 'holdin' off dem voodoo usin' bastards miss.
Sounds like he was watching what was going on.

When you get a chance, ask if he could help smuggle you out of the city.
No. 801820 ID: 8a947d
File 149481174394.png - (165.36KB , 1212x826 , glad thats over.png )


Demons can't die, they just lose their physical form and return to the Aether even if they crossed over to the physical world themselves instead of being summoned. Priest have methods of real killing demons though.

You make your way back with Ulrik.

You: How'd you know I beat those guys ?

Ulrik: I got's viewin' sygil's written on me shop walls an hooked up to a moniter in da basement. You's got quite da shot wit a pistol ya know.

You: Thanks, is that the stuff for Luucc ?

Ulrik: Nah, but ah need dis stuff ta get Luucc's stuff. dere's a whole orda to dese dings.

You: Also umm, is you're smuggling business okay ? Those guards aren't gonna find important stuff down in you basement if they serach right.

Ulrik: Nuh-uh, Ah keep me smugglin' stuff at anotha place. Dey ain't gonna find nothin' but orda forms and ingots.

You: Is there anyway you could smuggle a person ? like outta the city ?

Ulrik: Sure ding, but we oughta talk about it when we reach Lucc's Inn.
No. 801821 ID: 3abd97

Right, bide your time, you guess.
No. 801822 ID: 388cdd

Excellent! Lets boogie!
No. 801880 ID: cfe4f0

I see no problems with this, except for how it all goes wrong later.

Carry on!
No. 801978 ID: 8a947d
File 149489355486.png - (105.39KB , 1212x826 , back to the bar_.png )


You and Ulrik arrive back at Luucc's Inn

Luucc: You're back! and you brought Ulrik! This is perfect!

Ulrik: Sup Luucc? me shop got wrecked and Shadowmen may be tryin' ta kill me, Ahm stayin' here until dis dies down.

Ulrik: Oh an' Ah'll make da deal wit me contacts about ya ingredients tomorra', Ah'm goin' ta sleep.

Ulrik goes upstairs and takes his stuff with him leaving you with Luucc.

Luucc: Thank you so much for this miss! I don't know how I could ever-


Luucc: O-Oh, Yes of course !

Luucc hands you a sack of 200 Gold.

Luucc: Also, I was thinking about that thing you said before about selling food and decided that I should get some of the old cookbooks from the back and try to make some meals!

You: Never said anything about food, but now that you mention it I haven't eaten anything all day.
No. 801987 ID: 8a947d
File 149489574572.png - (208.52KB , 1212x826 , Food.png )

Luucc: I've got four things on my menu so far, what would you like ?

A) Roc Dumplings: Made from the legendary bird of prey, these dumpling are a delicious light meal that won't make you feel too full after you eat. In fact you may feel lighter and more AGILE than before.

B) Desert Onion Burger: A hearty burger full of different breeds of desert onion, legend has it that the mixture of onions has a strange effect on the eater causing them to sweat out any dirt in their pores making them more CHARMING.

C) Warboar Stew: Warboars are one of the strongest beasts found in the wild, soldiers believe that by eating their flesh they too can gain their power and become STRONGER.

D) Tingling Gel Cubes: A mixture of sweet fruits and nutritious vegetables coagulated into cubes. The way the fruits and vegetables are prepared stimulate key parts of the brain and are said to help improve THINKING
No. 801993 ID: 70983e

A) You get the feeling that it's your best stat and can only soar to even greater heights.
No. 801994 ID: cfe4f0

Do we actually have something like functional biology, or are we just bluffing about the need to eat food here?

Better question: Do we have any kitchen talent? 'Cuz kitchen help usually gets fed for free in addition to their wages, and that might be worth it if we can bag something extra to travel with in the process.

-We probably could use more magic user stuff, including another mirror.
-We might get away with looting Ulrik's shop a little, although I'm wary of stealing from someone we need help from that might wait for the last moment to punish us. Perhaps salvage his merchandise, deliver it, and ask for something to take on the way?
-Overnight is a long time to stay in a hot city where we are an identified fugitive. Do we want to try to leave sooner than that?
No. 801995 ID: 3abd97

B. We will charm the whole underworld like a dainty lady. Manly man. Whatever.
No. 801996 ID: cfe4f0

Also, our strength is pitiful, what if we get some cool loot to carry or need to prove our manliness in a test of strength?

B, desert onions, FTW. Hard work is for the suckers we trick into doing it for us, and charm helps us get away with that.
No. 801997 ID: 9876c4

C- gotta get that stew, and Hulk out like a accountant.

With a strength of 2, they'll be no stopping us. Might arm wrestle a small child, like it ain't no thing.
No. 802015 ID: 388cdd

We should have the stew, we need to start boosting our strength up. It's our weakest stat and if we get into a brawl where we can use magic I want us to be able to hold our own
No. 802022 ID: c655d4

No. 802028 ID: d66c84

Now that there isn't an immediate need for a specific stat, we should build up our lowest one. Get some C.
No. 802036 ID: 8a947d
File 149490326405.png - (231.08KB , 1212x826 , Delicious Stew.png )


You order the Warboar Stew, The hot thick broth and chunky bits of beef go together perfectly. There's a bit of spiciness to it too that adds another layer of warmth. Filling and very well made.

You don't really need to help out in the Inn, you've made a nice chunk of change for the day. Besides you're also very tired and the stew you ate is only making you groggier.

As for your magic supplies mirrors aren't the only things you can use for summoning, a lot of the time ingredients don't specifically call for a mirror usually its "Something Reflective" or "Something Rusty" maybe, It depends on what you want to summon. Still, more ingredients and materials would be nice to have. Ulrik's going to find his supplier to get Luucc's stuff tomorrow, maybe that'll a good place to shop.

Scavenging around a shop thats probably swarming with city guards after a heretical gang fight might not be a great idea either, plus you don't want to steal from a guy helping you.

As for leaving the city early, you need Ulrik to get out of here and he's sleeping upstairs. There's no way you're gonna just walk out of this place being wanted and all, plus the so called Shadowmen seem like trouble. Your best bet is to go to sleep and wait for morning.

You pay Luucc 20 gold for a room and head up the stairs.
No. 802042 ID: 094652

So are those scars from maiming, or are they rune magic?
No. 802051 ID: 388cdd

We're already getting some SICK GAINS!

So yeah what's up with the markings under the bandages?
No. 802107 ID: 8a947d
File 149491334496.png - (160.42KB , 1212x826 , Too much color for no reason.png )

When you were younger all of the adults said you were born with them, but now you think thats unlikely. Probably some sygil tattoos for some hidden pagan agenda but you're too tired to think about it.
No. 802110 ID: 388cdd

We'll do a quick scan around the place to make sure that we are alone and hit the hay.
No. 802150 ID: cfe4f0

Can we lay any wards or guardians to watch over us here in church territory that aren't going to be more trouble than they're worth? Sleeping is when we're at our most vulnerable from that voodoo dude that has already tried to kill Ulrik once.
No. 802154 ID: 3ce125

Hey check out that dresser.
No. 802320 ID: 3abd97

Check for traps, put your hat on the dresser, then hit the hay.
No. 802325 ID: 91ee5f

Don't lie to us! Admit it, you cut yourself while you were shaving, didn't you?
No. 802345 ID: 4ea872

Is that a window? What can you see from there?

Check if it is open or if you can open it, it could be useful to have an emergency exit just in case.

Also, Your knife is for rituals only, or you can use it to defend yourself? If the latter then I recommend putting it under the pillow, just in case.
No. 802365 ID: 8a947d
File 149498209831.png - (145.34KB , 1212x826 , get ready for beady.png )


There aren't many places to hide in here so you doubt someone would be in waiting to strike, nothing under the bed and the dresser doesn't have enough room to hide in or behind. The dresser does have 5 Gold left in it though.
You don't know any rituals that would protect you and summoning would give off a lot of demonic energy that could be tracked, it's best you just rely on your own extremely built physique in case.

The window can be opened and closed, you've got a nice view of Itsdin rooftops. you place your knife under your pillow just in case anyone comes creeping into your room
No. 802391 ID: 96acb6

Nap time then (time for a nap).
No. 802392 ID: fc33ea

Stick the Window shut and move the dresser in front of the door.
No. 802395 ID: 388cdd

Still, I'd sleep with a weapon close to hand.
No. 802396 ID: 91ee5f

You're joking, right? You expect him to move that dresser with a Strength of 2?
No. 802397 ID: fc33ea

He just has to push it across the jamb, it doesn't need to cover the whole surface of the door.
No. 802410 ID: 8a947d
File 149499232426.png - (154.61KB , 1212x826 , Sleepy.png )

Moving that dresser sounds fun but it's also like a lot of work.
That's the plan. You've gone through a lot more than you'd expect in one day. Tomorrow sure to be better though, now that you've gotten the Azerite back it's smooth sailing from here on out...
No. 802433 ID: 3abd97

>now that you've gotten the Azerite back it's smooth sailing from here on out...
Don't you know better than to invoke Murphy right before bed?!
No. 802434 ID: 388cdd

So we can hope anyway...
No. 802455 ID: 91ee5f

>now that you've gotten the Azerite back it's smooth sailing from here on out...
You fool! Why would you say that?! It's like your asking for something bad to happen! DX
No. 802468 ID: 3583d1

Never mention the magic macguffin before bed time, or murphy's law will get you
No. 802540 ID: 8e2910

Hide gun under pillow, or within easy reach.
No. 802578 ID: 8a947d
File 149505106372.png - (2.94KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 0.png )

No. 802579 ID: 094652

What's up, ad hoc?
No. 802581 ID: 8a947d
File 149505160061.png - (111.60KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 1.png )

Slim: Is dere a problem boss ?

Boss: Slim, you were eaten by a demon of gluttony, you of all people should know that there is a problem

Shorty:But... we went back to the weaponshop later and took care of those guards, we even got what we went there for in the first place.

Shorty: Whats the matter ?

Boss:... That person,

Boss:The pagan that summoned the demon on us, I don't know who they are... but when they were attacking I sensed something...

No. 802584 ID: 8a947d
File 149505199039.png - (111.46KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 2.png )

Slim: Seriously? Dat stuff's impossible to get.

Boss: That's why I've got a problem.We should have it, not some two bit demon leasher

Boss: I've been looking around for information and heard that a heretic has escaped Gridholm Tower Prison, that may be the guy we're looking for...
No. 802587 ID: 8a947d
File 149505236686.png - (326.19KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 3.png )

Boss: Shorty! Go set runes around Gridholm prison and it's surrounding area, take Slim with ya

Shorty: Gotcha Boss!

Boss: Things have taken an unexpected turn, maybe now's a good time to consult the cards
No. 802588 ID: 8a947d
File 149505255232.png - (528.97KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 4.png )

Boss: Fate will decide how things shall go from here on out

Boss: Now then, which card will guide me towards the true path


Boss: Hmmm...Yes! The Yellow Card will guide me.
No. 802590 ID: 8a947d
File 149505280210.png - (649.08KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 5 (Justice).png )


Boss: It seems that fate will fall on the side the universe deems just...

Boss: No matter, my goal is the most just there is. Nothing will get in my way.

Boss: Once I get my hands on that AZERITE everything will fall into place...
No. 802593 ID: 8a947d
File 149505336810.png - (151.01KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 6 (End).png )


End Chapter 1
No. 802596 ID: 388cdd

No. 802600 ID: 3abd97

So you're saying we can torture you over and over again without worrying about the fun stopping? Cool, thanks for the accommodation.
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