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File 149523507251.png - (154.05KB , 1212x826 , Title Card.png )
802967 No. 802967 ID: 8a947d

We dream of home, I dream of life out of here. Their dreams are small, my dreams don't know fear. I got a heart full of hope, I will change everything. No matter what I am told, how impossible it seems.

Chapter 1: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/800001.html
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No. 802969 ID: 8a947d
File 149523518438.png - (148.32KB , 1212x826 , Dream Sequence 1.png )

You float around the void, aimless. With nowhere to go or anything to do. Its almost liberating, not having any goals or anywhere you must be. Simply drifting through nothingness, your only real action being to exist...
No. 802970 ID: 8a947d
File 149523533911.png - (327.04KB , 1212x826 , Dream Sequence 2.png )

...But this can't be your life, you've got a goal. The void around you is torn apart by a bright light, it burns your skin but entices you at the same time. You swim towards the purple shimmer arms outstretched.
No. 802974 ID: 8a947d
File 149523584081.png - (427.80KB , 1212x826 , Dream Sequence 3.png )


Some legends say it is the eyes of dead angels, other claim chunks of them are eggs incubating infant gods. Nobody knows for sure, but the only thing that is known by everyone in Second Helchaim is the power that even a single shard of this mineral can hold. You swim closer and closer to the large chunk of godly mineral, you feel your skin peel and your bones sizzle. You should let it go, but you simply cannot give it up.
No. 802976 ID: 8a947d
File 149523614044.png - (489.21KB , 1212x826 , Dream Sequence 4.png )

You grab hold of the orb. There is no heat coming off of it, in fact it is cold to the touch, yet the light that radiates from it is so grossly incandescent. You bring it closer to your eyes and peer into it past the light, you can see something. The very thing you strive to achieve, the goal that is impossible without the precious jewel. Shapes dance around in the Azerite to reveal.

A) A Beautiful Field
B) A Vast Library
C) A Large Imposing Figure
No. 802978 ID: 094652

No. 802979 ID: 3abd97

>A) A Beautiful Field
Run though the field in your little blue dress and bonnet!
No. 802980 ID: 30e86d

A) the beautiful field.

The Flowers are in bloom, the feel of cool air on your face. The sound of calmly flowing waters of a nearby stream. You are at peace here. Here, you are whole.
No. 802982 ID: 4fcda7

A. We seek peace and freedom from the church goons.
No. 802984 ID: 3ce125

B. Freedom of knowledge.
No. 802986 ID: 8a947d
File 149523771449.png - (258.40KB , 1212x826 , Dream Sequence 5.png )


The air is crisp, birds are chirping, a stream burbles near by, and roses bloom.

The world as it is now is broken. The First Helchaim has been lost and left behind was Second Helchaim, years prosperity and freedom gone by some unknown force. You wish to bring it back, a Third Helchaim, a fresh start. The Regent Church will be wiped out and with them gone their gods will starve of worship, we will be able to start the world again free from our prior sins.

The Azerite will make this dream a reality
No. 802989 ID: 8a947d
File 149523856530.png - (89.45KB , 1212x826 , Morning Blues.png )

But you can't restore the world when you're sleeping
No. 802991 ID: 8a947d
File 149523874524.png - (90.34KB , 1212x826 , Wakey Wakey.png )

You're jolted by a loud banging on your door.

Ulrik: Oy Miss ! I'm goin' off ta mah contacts, If ya want outta dis dump get ready !

You want to leave, but you also really want to stay in bed too. You drag yourself out of your bed and throw your dress on, you make a mental note to make sure this is the last time you ever throw on a dress again and make your way down stairs.
No. 802992 ID: 30e86d

Sooo... breakfast here or to-go?
No. 802996 ID: 91ee5f

>you make a mental note to make sure this is the last time you ever throw on a dress again
But they fit your feminine curves so well! XD

Just make sure you still have your really cool and manly outfit so that you can put that on after you get out of the city!
No. 803015 ID: 3abd97

But how will you run through the fields of Third Helchaim in a pretty dress if you throw your pretty dress away?
No. 803018 ID: 8a947d
File 149524172594.png - (89.28KB , 1212x826 , Eggs and Bakey.png )


Looks like its for here, Luucc sets out a plate for you as you come down. Ham and eggs with a mug of coffee.

Luucc: Morning ma'am, did you sleep well ?

You: The room was fantastic Luucc, you excited to get your little "Business" up?

Luucc: Yeah ! I'm so excited! I don't even care about the money I could get, the kinds of people I've had here before will be back and this place will be alive again.

Luucc: I know you're leaving the city for a less than legal reason, other wise you wouldn't need to be smuggled out, but do you think you'd come back from time to time to try the new drinks ?

Coming back here could be dangerous, but Luucc seems like a nice enough guy. Maybe he knows what hes doing otherwise he wouldn't offer it.
No. 803020 ID: 3abd97

Maybe, it depends on where the road takes me once I'm out.

Any chance we could stay long enough to dry a drink before we go? We don't know exactly when he's opening, or how long it will take to get out, yet.
No. 803025 ID: 3ce125

Tell him you'll try if you get the chance.
No. 803068 ID: 8a947d
File 149524691271.png - (80.72KB , 1212x826 , Mechanic Introductions.png )


You: I'd love to come drink when the Speakeasies open, but I'm gonna be roaming around a lot. I've got some pretty big plans.

Luucc: Well, that's perfect ! Ulrik couldn't get me any ingredients but he did have something that could be useful to you. Follow me.

Lucc steps down from the counter and enters the room behind him
No. 803072 ID: 8a947d
File 149524733455.png - (96.15KB , 1212x826 , Fast Travel Systems.png )

Once inside Luucc tosses you a glowing yellow glass orb.

Luucc: That's a Waykey you'll need it to activate this.

He reveals an odd statue in the back of the room.

Luucc: This is a Waystone. With it you can teleport between them as long as the stone stays on.

You: Whoa, Wait couldn't I just use this to escape Itsdin ?

Luucc: You can only travel between ones you've activated yourself with your key. If you find or make another one you can come back whenever you want.

You step forward and slot the Key into the Waystone. The Waystone glows yellow and makes an affirmative clicking noise, after you leave you have an entrance and an exit back here if you need it. You assume that if a Waystone breaks you won't be able to access it anymore.
No. 803075 ID: 70983e

Well, don't decline it. I wouldn't want to break his idealistic little heart.
Besides, he cooks food so good it makes you level up. That's a valuable skill.
No. 803076 ID: 3ce125

NICE. Waypoint activated. Oh, may as well tell him you're not actually a woman, it's a disguise. Next time he sees you, you're gonna look different.
No. 803077 ID: 91ee5f

>You assume that if a Waystone breaks you won't be able to access it anymore.
Same thing will happen if your Waykey breaks, so be careful with it!
No. 803078 ID: 3abd97

Coooool. Well, that makes it a lot easier to come back and visit!
No. 803082 ID: 30e86d

This. Also, how will we know when we have reached a new waypoint?
No. 803106 ID: 8a947d
File 149525186082.png - (94.06KB , 1212x826 , Seeya later.png )

You: How will I know when I've found a new Waystone ? Do they all look the same ?

Luucc: No, Waystones tend to look pretty different. Your Waykey will glow and buzz when you've reached one ma'am.

You: oh and uh... I'm not a woman, this is a disguise so people can't recognize me. I'm a Pagan trying to get out out of Itsdin

Luucc: W-Whoa really ?! This whole time ? Well, that's one impressive disguise I must say Ma'a-uhh... Sir! I just have to know, what pagan ritual did you use to give yourself such feminine curves?

You grind your teeth a little, you actually feel a molar crack.

Ulrik walks down the stairs ready to leave, you finish the rest of your ham and eggs and walk out with him. No you've just gotta hope you can get out of here with little to no trouble whats so ever.
No. 803109 ID: 91ee5f

>feminine curves
I told you so! XD
No. 803115 ID: 3abd97

You see this is why you never break cover if you can help it.
No. 803120 ID: 30e86d

This is why we need to get our strength stats up!

Alright let's hit the road
No. 803138 ID: 8a947d
File 149525652532.png - (129.65KB , 1212x826 , Warehouse.png )

You and Ulrik make multiple twists and turns through the outer city. After a while you can't even tell were you are anymore but Ulrik seems to know where to go.

After a little more wandering you find yourselves in front of a large run down storage house.

Ulrik: Dis' da place. Stay close, No pagan stuff.
No. 803142 ID: 3ce125

Wow. I'm offended.
No. 803148 ID: cfe4f0

"It's not like I summon demons without a need. Promise me we don't get ambushed by that voodoo guy was that's after you, or anything else, and I'm cool."
No. 803152 ID: 30e86d

Got it. Lets be careful, this could mean trouble whatever is coming up. Make sure that we are at least ready to defend ourselves should shit go down.
No. 803164 ID: 70983e

Not even in self defense?
No. 803275 ID: 8a947d
File 149531222505.png - (140.20KB , 1212x826 , Shady Deals.png )


You: I don't just summon demons for no reason, besides what if shit goes down and someones trying to kill me.

Ulrik: Dat won' happen, jus' keep cool.

You and Ulrik enter the store house.
Amidst the many crates and shipping containers there appears to be a trade going on. A one-eyed-man and his bodyguard are accepting a hefty bag of coin from a lady who in turn has received a cylindrical package. Ulrik shouts out to the man with one eye calling him Troy.

Troy: Ah, seems like my other appointment has arrived. Pleasure doin' business with ya Lyda, have fun with ya new toy.

The woman walks towards the front door passing you and Ulrik, she stops for a second and looks at you for a moment.

Lyda: That dress looks good on you.

She continues out without another word.

Troy: So, you must be here about the ingredients. Do you have what you promised.

Ulrik hands his package over to Troy, He peeks inside and smiles pleased.

Troy: Good! Good!...Oh? There's a little extra in here Ulrik buddy! You don't seem like the kinda guy to do something like this outta the kindness of ya heart... What else do ya want?

Ulrik: Dis lady wants outta da walls, bu can' leave by legal means.

Troy: Oh a smuggle job, doesn't sound too hard. So missy... how do ya feel about small spaces?
No. 803277 ID: 3abd97

>Lyda: That dress looks good on you.
If the way you dress gets you a compliment from a lady, that's a win.

>how do ya feel about small spaces?
No. 803281 ID: 3ce125

I bet Lysa could tell you're a man. That's both good and bad. Good because it's important for girls to spot your manliness. Bad because your disguise won't fool them.

Tell Troy that you'll deal with it if it's necessary. ...are they going to ship you out in a box?
No. 803284 ID: 8a947d
File 149531529855.png - (87.33KB , 1212x826 , Boxed in.png )

You can worry about that woman later, but right now you've got to handle being stuck in a crate.

Troy: I'll load ya onto an Airship headed for a town not far from here, Gudon. The Church'll probably still think you're in Itsdin if they're searching for ya, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Troy: Just try not to make too much noise.
No. 803285 ID: 3abd97

You should probably do some stretches in advance.
No. 803287 ID: 91ee5f

Well, I hope you don't snore in your sleep. Because the chances of you falling asleep out of boredom are pretty high!
No. 803299 ID: 70983e

I hope there'll be packing peanuts to snack on.
No. 803310 ID: 9876c4

I suspect the in-flight movie will consist of being move-ied into the flight.
No. 803315 ID: 8a947d
File 149532418253.png - (151.63KB , 1212x826 , Boxed in (2).png )

You: I-Is this safe ?

Troy: Yeah sure, it works most of the time. Besides it's the easiest way for us to get ya outside the walls.

Troy shuts the box and wheels you out of the building, there no holes for you to look out of but you can feel yourself being lifted onto something. You're probably on a carriage or cargo car on the way to the Airship Station.

For the next ten minutes you just sit in your box with fuck all to do. the Airship Stations about half an hour away from here...
No. 803316 ID: 3abd97

Count demonic sheep to yourself.
No. 803317 ID: 8a947d
File 149532477434.png - (14.59KB , 1212x826 , Boxed in (3).png )

Whatever you're moving on comes to a halt. You can here Troy up front speaking to somebody.

Troy: IS there a problem officer ?

Oh shit...

Guard: We're on the hunt for an escaped convict in this area, they've been out since yesterday. Have you a man Wearing a brown hooded coat and red neckerchief , possibly having a bandaged face ?

Shit Shit Shit

Troy: No officer, I haven't seen anyone by that description around here.

Guard: Be that as it may we've been instructed to search any boxes or containers that could carry a person, were going to have to search the your cargo.

Troy:Oh of course Sir, it needs to be unlocked first let me just go around and get it for ya.

Troy walks around and whispers to you through a crack in the box.

Troy: I don't know what to do here miss! looks like you got more heat on you than expected.

Troy: D'you have any ideas ?
No. 803322 ID: 3abd97

>Troy: I don't know what to do here miss! looks like you got more heat on you than expected.
What kind of worthless smuggling operation is this if they didn't put us behind a false bottom, or have plans ready to bribe or distract the inspectors.

...can we summon something with what we have to help? Having a Cerebral Gnat control the guard would be fantastic, but we used up our rotten apple. Alternatively, any kind of stealth or illusion thing would help.

Failing that, the human solution is we need a third person. Someone behind us to complain about the line being held up, be a jerk, act suspicious. A fall guy (not smuggling anything) to encourage the guards to wave through the nice polite helpful guy without going through all his stuff in detail while they focus on the trouble maker.
No. 803331 ID: 9876c4

Someone else starting a ruckus is definite plan A.

Otherwise, a knife to the throat when he opens the crate, and then you two get to travel together.
No. 803332 ID: 91ee5f

>Otherwise, a knife to the throat when he opens the crate, and then you two get to travel together.
That'll only work if there's only 1 guard! We don't know how many of them are out there!
No. 803334 ID: 8a947d
File 149532891532.png - (63.23KB , 1212x826 , No goddamn plan.png )

You: *You don't know what to do ? What kind of smuggling operation is this ?*

Troy: *This was a last minute request that's what this was!*

Troy: sigh* listen I think I can do something but it might not work, in case it doesn't be ready.*

Troy: A jeez, I picked up the wrong set of keys, just a moment guard sir...

You lack the necessary ingredients to summon anything at the moment, right now all you can do is hope Troys plan works.

Well first things first you're not gonna ride on an Airship with a rotting dead body for an hour, second you don't want to worry about a dead body for when you get out of the box at your destination. Then again if Troy can't come up with something you might need to...
No. 803336 ID: 9876c4

I didn't say it was an APPEALING plan, I said it was a plan.

...And if Troy doesn't come through, we might still need to take it.
No. 803337 ID: 3abd97

Best plan is still some kind of distraction. Which... we're entirely dependent on outside intervention or Troy being able to manufacture.
No. 803338 ID: 8a947d
File 149533053343.png - (63.56KB , 1212x826 , Scheming.png )

For the sake of convenience we will be seeing things through Troys perspective instead of The Pagans for a little bit. But do not worry we are still The Pagan and Troy is still Troy

Troy wanders back up to front of of his carriage and rummages around for a little to looks busy. Looking back he see's people worng behind him.

Troy: Hmm that looks like it could be useful...
No. 803339 ID: 8a947d
File 149533057494.png - (157.46KB , 1212x826 , JET BLACK.png )

No. 803340 ID: 70983e

At least you'll have something to eat.
No. 803343 ID: 30e86d

Ooookaaay? What did that do?
No. 803362 ID: 8a947d
File 149533857287.png - (172.08KB , 1212x826 , Well hold on and you'll see.png )

Now its time to get to work...
No. 803363 ID: 8a947d
File 149533860333.png - (81.10KB , 1212x826 , Have a nice trip.png )

Merchant: W-Whoa
No. 803364 ID: 8a947d
File 149533879562.png - (150.38KB , 1212x826 , Seeya next fall.png )

The merchant falls flat on his face, supplies fly everywhere. Troy takes advantage of the situation.

Troy: Whoa man! Why'd ya try the guy like that ?

Bystander:W-Whu, Me ?

Merchant: You lousy son of a bitch, who do think you are screwin' with me like that Huh!?

Bystander:H-Hey! Wait I didn't do nothin' !
No. 803365 ID: 8a947d
File 149533891127.png - (105.44KB , 1212x826 , Misunderstandings.png )

They cause a lot of commotion, enough to draw the guard.

Guard: Hey you two, Knock it off ! We don't need a street fight here !...

Troy slips away in the confusion and continues onto the Airship Station.
No. 803366 ID: 8a947d
File 149533918527.png - (12.23KB , 1212x826 , Boxed in (4).png )

At least you think that's what happened, all you really see is darkness.

You feel yourself start to move again so you assume the plan worked.
No. 803368 ID: 70983e

Stay quiet until you hear the airship's engines.
No. 803371 ID: 3abd97

So what was that? Voodoo, heresy, or something else?
No. 803377 ID: 8a947d
File 149534561545.png - (124.98KB , 1212x826 , Were Here !.png )

You stay as quiet as you can. With only the occasional muttering as you try to keep yourself entertained.

You: 88 bottles of blood on the wall, 88 bottles of blood.

You: Pour a pool summon a ghoul, 87 bottles of blood on the wall.

Before you can reach 86 Troy rips the front of your crate open.

Troy: Welp, were here!

You: What really ? I didn't even hear any engines or anything.

Troy: Yeah well how could you with you whisperin' to yourself in that box the way here. People were startin' to stare.

Troy: Anyway, you've got the cargo hold to yourself and I brought ya some food. We should be at Gudon in a half hour.

Troy passes you an Apple, some Bread, a Fish Cutlet, and a Tin Mug of Cider.

You: Oh! I was wondering, how did distract that guard earlier ?

Troy: Just the average smugglin' tricks, now stay put and try not to make too much noise.

Troy leaves you alone. Now you just gotta wait.
No. 803378 ID: 9876c4

It would be really dumb to summon something right now.
Even if you did, you'd have to sacrifice your fish filet, and put a nice shine on the mug.

Thankfully, your mental stability prevents something like that from happening.
No. 803379 ID: 3ce125

Are any of those valid summoning ingredients?
No. 803381 ID: 91ee5f

Well, looks like the only thing you can do is just wait quietly. Just don't fall asleep!
No. 803383 ID: 30e86d

Any songs we can sing to pass the time? Maybe one from your childhood?
No. 803409 ID: 3abd97

>we're here!
Cool, thank you.

>Just the average smugglin' tricks
Oh crap. We just paid the voodoos we pissed off to smuggle us into a place of their choosing, and we don't have enough ingredients to summon anything.

Max paranoia mode. Don't eat anything, it may be drugged. Find a different place to hide, so when they show up to kill you, we're not where they expect, or out in the open.

Can any of the food be used in a summoning?

If we're really lucky, everything is fine, and we're on an airship outside the city... if we're not. We're alone in a voodoo kill box.
No. 803416 ID: 91ee5f

I doubt that.

And even if it's true, they're going to go straight for the new hiding spot, since they're going to have at least 1 guy with them that can detect our kind of magic. So moving to a different spot isn't really going to work.
No. 803435 ID: 8a947d
File 149539704735.png - (86.70KB , 1212x826 , Theif, beater, people eater.png )

Ulrik knew this guy so you doubt hes got any affiliation with The Shadowmen. Plus just because someone uses Voodoo doesn't make them someone that's after you, the Voodoo users aren't like Pagans. Besides you've never seen him use any odd magic.

One ingredient does call for fish but its useless out of water, besides the fish here smells fantastic. You wouldn't want to waste it on a summon.

You try to stay awake in the cargo hold, maybe singing something will keep you up. You can't really think of anything, except for and old weird one: The Thief, The Beater, The Rotten People Eater. Its less of a song and more of a rhyme-y riddle sort of personality test thing.

The thief with quick feet stole glazed sweets
then books, then jewels and things he found neat.

The beater sought blood, with rage his body did flood.
he fought hooligans and knights and only valued might.

Then came the snarling beast who wished for a feast,
A creature from somewhere lost, who made deals with a cost.

He met with the thief who wanted a treasure with defenses and forces no other could measure.
He met with the beater who wanted a foe so mighty and brave who he could go toe to toe.

They begged and they pleaded "please grant us our wish!". The rotten people eater spoke with a hiss.
One of these wishes is just and one sour. Ill grant the one worthy and the other I'll devour.

Who did he eat and who got their wish?

No. 803441 ID: 3ce125

A thief takes valuables, giving nothing but loss(unless he gets caught). A beater gives beatings, taking nothing but victory(unless he loses). They both wanted a challenge, a chance to fail. The thief would wager his freedom, the beater would wager a beating.

To give is more just, and the beater has a balanced bet. The eater ate the thief.
No. 803446 ID: 91ee5f

But what if the Thief is like a Robin Hood? Stealing from the selfish rich assholes and giving back to the poor. The Thief would be the one with the just wish.

The Beater on the other hand, sounds like he was just fighting for the sake of fighting because it was "fun".

I think the Eater ate the Beater.
No. 803455 ID: 3abd97

The thief choose to bet his freedom against skill. If he loses, he is lost, if he succeeds, mere objects change their position.

The beater seeks violence. Win or lose, a person suffers. He bets his own life against others.

The thief chose a task where the consequences are weighted more against him, the beater chose a task where consequences are equal.

Eat the beater.
No. 803461 ID: 30e86d

Alternatively the thief could just be in it for himself. The beater might be wanting to better himself through skill of arms. In this case the roles are reversed and the thief would get eaten and the beater lives.

But given that we are dealing with someone who eats people, my guess is he would try to fool both of them. He might say he is granting the wish of the beater but then immediately attack him and try and eat him. The thief would then think they are getting their wish granted only for the last line of the eater to be "I don't grant wishes." And immediately try and eat the thief.
No. 803479 ID: dd4df2



You've heard a few variations on the answer to the tale of thief and beater and the rotten people eater.

One particular variant goes a little like this...

Half and half their cause was just for to challenge and improve all must.
Half and half their cause was fraught for self-desire ill they wrought.

Yet Thief or Beater, this distinction mattered little to Rotten People Eater,
To things like Eater the sum of parts is all that true a man's heart charts.

So it ate half of one and half the other, and made of the remains a stranger 'nother,
And of their rot the Eater had its fill and pleased it was to pay its bill.

The half of Thief it dealt a wondrous treasure and a strong and mighty protective measure,
In the half of Beater that Eater cast, to guard that treasure desired vast.

And to this day they guard that treasure still, wishes half combined to form their will:
To challenge all would-be treasure takers with agile skill and fist-face breakers.

And that's the fate of the two apart, now of combined and melded heart.
Serving as the chief Thief-Beater for the greatest treasure of Rotten People Eater.

It's an interesting case of wish corruption, as the thief wanted a rare treasure and a challenging protective measure, while the beater wanted a fight worthy their might.

The half of thief gets his treasure, sure enough, but his wish is turned upside down in that he's become a part of that protective measure and his challenge lies in preventing it from being stolen. The half of beater on the other hand is tasked to protect something many will desire greatly, so sooner or later he'll have the kind of fight he desired. In fact, he'll have a ton of 'em, so he is getting way more than he bargained for as part of the deal.

Meanwhile, the Rotten People Eater gets both a meal and a superb new guard for their treasure and makes out like a bandit. Really, kids, don't make deals with forces that are more powerful and clever than you. Keep your wits about you!
No. 803480 ID: 8a947d
File 149540402172.png - (108.48KB , 1212x826 , Theif, beater, people eater (2).png )


Eh, you really don't like this riddle that much. There's no concrete answer it always changes depending on who you hear it from, plus you can apply any strain of logic to the riddle to make it right.

Personally, you always thought The Eater was in the right. The Thief wouldn't die if he didn't steal, the Beater wouldn't die if he didn't fight, but the Eater needed to eat so he'd eat them both...

feels sort of like a cop out answer, plus you don't know if the Eater really needs to eat people specifically.What ever the case Troy comes back holding something.

Troy: I got a passengers ticket for ya so the Air-guard doesn't throw you off if they see a. Sorry it took so long, its hard to forge something like that quickly.

Troy: You still might want to avoid any Air-guards you see just in case.
No. 803483 ID: 30e86d

Alright, let's just keep it cool. Don our disguise and the sooner we get out of itsdin the sooner we can put our real clothes on.
No. 803484 ID: 8a947d
File 149540539737.png - (27.84KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh.png )

Troy: You can take care of yourself so I'll be off, just remember to get off on the next stop.

Troy wanders off somewhere else

You've got free reign of the ship now. From your lunch you have a Half Eaten Apple, A Slice of Bread, A Fish Cutlet, and A Full... ,actually hold on *gulp, gulp, gulp*, Empty Tin Mug.
No. 803487 ID: 30e86d

Let's see what there is to see around here!
No. 803488 ID: 3ce125

I'd suggest flirting with that lady over there but you're still dressed as a woman.

Just wander around for now I'd say. Eat more of your lunch.
No. 803489 ID: 9876c4

Combine inventory; make Fish taco in a cup.

Enjoy the view until the next stop, I suppose.
No. 803497 ID: 8a947d
File 149540843988.png - (91.83KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh 2.png )

That woman is a man and he doesn't seem to interested in talking to you right now, maybe people would be more open to you if you were more CHARMING

You combine your Fish Cutlet and Slice of Bread, its more of a sandwich than a taco but its still good.

You look over the edge of the ship, sprawling desert and mountains. a wonderful view.
No. 803499 ID: 30e86d

While we are at it let's make sure that we ourselves don't get hit on.
No. 803500 ID: 094652

Sketch a map. You never know...
No. 803506 ID: 8a947d
File 149540962865.png - (28.08KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh 3.png )

Watching the clouds pass you makes you drowsy. You feel like your about to doze off until you here an interesting conversation behind you.

Man 1: You's seen somthin' dat might help Pike.

Man 2: Nuthin',Sleek, da guy we's lookin' fer don' stand out at all. We might need ta use da ding ta find em.

Sleek: Yeah, but dat takes a while. Lets get ta the room we rented and set up there.

Pike: Can we get food, Sleek ? I ain't eaten all day. Da fish here smells damn good.

That doesn't sound good...
No. 803507 ID: 30e86d

Oh crap... well first of all, we might just want to assume they aren't talking about us... it could be someone else. But if it is us they are talking about. We could just go talk to the Captain or guards on this ship and tell them we suspect some shadowmen might be on board and they might cause trouble.
No. 803508 ID: 70983e

Follow them back to the room and set up a counterspell to their spell.
Oh! Fish? If you can subtly give them food poisoning, you might be able to stop them without causing a ruckus.
No. 803514 ID: 3ce125

Alright a surefire way of getting rid of them is to throw them overboard. They can come back to life, but only where they die.
No. 803516 ID: 0d1514

Start flirting with anyone you can find. It's charm training.
No. 803517 ID: 3abd97

We need to make sure they don't get back to their room to prep that ritual.

Or we need to break into their room and take their ritual stuff while they're gone.
No. 803520 ID: 8a947d
File 149541651813.png - (25.75KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh 4.png )

That's right ! The Shadowmen have been going long before you got to Itsdin, maybe they're after someone else...

Pike: Did da boss give us any more info 'bout our hit ?

Sleek: It's a Pagan, shot da boss in da head and slithered away...

Yeah no that's you, jeez you musta really pissed them off for them to be hunting you like this. Troy warned you to stay away from Air-guards in case the counterfeit ticket doesn't hold up, but you should go for it if you have no other option.

You'd need to get pretty close to knock em off the airship, the two together could be difficult to deal with alone. Plus there aren't many quiet spots to do it here. Still getting rid of those two or at least incapacitating them is important.

Finding a way to sabotage that "Thing" they were talking about is up there in priority as well. If they can't track you you should be in the clear, Voodoo users don't seem to have an innate of sensing magical energies accurately. You'll have to break into their room first, depending on how you do it it could take a lot of SKILL something you haven't considered utilizing in a while. When it comes to using your hands and technical skills you're not too bad, preparing rituals and ingredients has taught you well (Skill: 3)

I totally forgot to add the SKILL stat, please just pretend like its always been there

For now breaking into their room seems like the best course of action
No. 803523 ID: 30e86d

Alright let's make it to their rooms before they do. If we can surprise them and kill them before they have a chance to return to life, we could toss their bodies out the window, and I'm willing to bet the worse condition their body is in makes it harder for them to return to life. What can we do to lay a trap for them?
No. 803527 ID: 8a947d
File 149541813872.png - (23.31KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Flexin the Flirt Muscles.png )

There's a map on the ship wall next to you, the the housing rooms are are a floor above the two are two floors below you above the storage area. Looks like there of 20 rooms down there, but you don't know which room they're staying in.

Using your disguise to CHARM someone into telling you might work and if not you can at least get some practice out of it.

You approach a man flipping through a clipboard up at the front of the deck.

You: Excuse me mister! I'm looking for some of my friends but I don't remember what room their staying in.

You: You look like someone in charge of things~.Could you tell me where a couple of gentlemen in white face-paint are staying?

You put your CHARM to the test (3/8 Failure)

Deck Worker: You want to know about those guys ? They seem like bad news miss, besides I'm not allowed to disclose that sort of information to passengers. The front desk of the housing rooms floor should have you written down under the rest of their names, go ask them.

Well, you got something.
No. 803532 ID: 91ee5f

You call that charming?! You didn't even try using those curves you inherited from your mother!

Oh well. You can try again next time.
No. 803535 ID: 90f3c0

Go steal a look at that passenger list then.
No. 803540 ID: 8a947d
File 149542253282.png - (32.40KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Watch it bub.png )


Well you're not use to using charm on men! and you don't have any curves, the dress is jut deceiving.

Right now all you can do is go down to the housing deck and-

No. 803541 ID: 8a947d
File 149542273563.png - (30.97KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Help me up.png )

Some giant man bumps into in the hall.

Tall man: Oh dear! I am so sorry for that, I was not looking where I was going.

He helps you up and returns your hat.. that fell further from where you fell.

Tall Man: I'm sorry but I need to get going. I have an appointment I cannot be late for !

He speeds of to the upper decks. You're left a little frazzled but regain your senses and continue to the housing deck.
No. 803543 ID: c31aac

Oh come now don't be dense, chase after the pickpocket!
No. 803545 ID: 30e86d

Check your pockets immediately! That's how pickpockets get you is by bumping into you!
No. 803547 ID: 3abd97

This, don't let tall and bumpy out of your sight.
No. 803549 ID: 8a947d
File 149542557260.png - (14.13KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Front Desk.png )


Wha-Oh shit could he of... No, you're not missing anything, knife and gun, 205 gold, its all there. That guy was shifty though, and you can put your finger on it but his eyes didn't look quite right...

Whatever, you've got bigger pigs to gut.

You head down to the front desk of the housing deck. The manager is running the desk.

Manager: Good morning miss, is there anything I could do for you today ?

Your aren't as confident in your CHARM to try and use it on this guy, but more practice with it is always nice. being WITTY might work but you'll have to come up with a good lie.
No. 803551 ID: 30e86d

Hi my friends lost their room key, their the ones with the skulls on their faces. You don't happen to have an extra?
No. 803553 ID: 91ee5f

>Not missing anything.
What about summoning ingredients, your spell book, and your AZERITE?
No. 803568 ID: 0d1514

No. 803632 ID: 8a947d
File 149548777046.png - (16.98KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Front Desk 2.png )

If your Azerite were gone it'd be the first you'd notice, It's aura of magic leaving you couldn't go unnoticed.

You: I lost the keys to the room me and my friends are staying. Could you give me a replacement key ? The others I'm rooming with wear white skull face paint.

are your WITS good enough to make a convincing lie ? (6/7 Failure)

Manager: Well I can't give you a new key unless I have your room number miss, can you remember which room you and your friends are staying.

You can't answer that, you don't know where they're staying...
No. 803645 ID: 3ce125

Tell her you don't remember, you've been kindof drunk a lot. You do know their names though! Pike and Sleek.
No. 803669 ID: 8a947d
File 149549349297.png - (20.25KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Front Desk 3.png )

You: Its been sort of a... wild day for me, I can't remember my room number but I can tell you the names of the men I'm staying with. Pike and Sleek are my temporary roommates.

Manager: Let me check... yup Pike and Sleek in room A-5, sorry for the hassle ma'am here's your key.

The desk manager hands you the A-5 Key.
No. 803670 ID: 3583d1

nice job was that a wit or a charm usage?

Either way, lets see if we can beat them there and set a trap!
No. 803674 ID: 8a947d
File 149549564378.png - (38.57KB , 1212x826 , DING.png )

Using your WITS to make up a good lie and selling it with your CHARM. You succeed in both areas! Though with a couple failures along the way you don't gain an extra Attribute Point.

Now you head for the Shadowmen's room.
No. 803682 ID: 3abd97

Good work! Now off to vandalize and burglarize the room of the men you're "staying with".
No. 803683 ID: 8a947d
File 149549822816.png - (24.70KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Peeky Peeky.png )

You need to find the thing they were planning to use to track you. Knowing the unpredictability of voodoo magic it could be as small as a makeup compact or even a playing die...
No. 803684 ID: 8a947d
File 149549825726.png - (30.26KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Boy that looks evil.png )

...Or maybe its this giant evil looking shrine thing.
No. 803687 ID: 3abd97

Knock it over. Smash it to pieces. Pocket a few important looking ones.

Then call room service to clean it up and leave.
No. 803688 ID: b412df

Looks like that thing is awfully fragile, and carefully balanced on it's three thin legs. It would be a shame if someone were to knock it.
No. 803689 ID: 3583d1

if you destroy it see if you can salvage something from it, maybe we can get new spell or summoning components from it. Also let's make sure that if we do destroy it we don't curse ourselves or something.
No. 803692 ID: 91ee5f

.....is there a conveniently located window in here? Start taking pieces off and throw them out!

You probably don't have enough time to do the whole thing before one or both of them come back, so only toss the important looking parts!
No. 803713 ID: 3ce125

Knock it over and yank something off of it that looks important/valuable. Then check their chest for loot.
No. 803744 ID: 8a947d
File 149550782430.png - (43.92KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh poorly made.png )


Shoddy craftsmanship, you may be pretty weak but you don't need much strength to knock this thing over. Shards and bits of it scatter across the room, looks like it was made out of bits of clear crystals and obsidian.

You take 3 Obsidian Shards and 3 Crystal Shards.

It also drops a large Horned Skull, which you also pocket.


You search through the rest of the Shadowmen's possessions, there's 125 Gold in the dresser and a folder with 2 pieces of paper in it.

The first one is some sort of note:
We took this off of the first pagan we beat. It wsn't the one you wanted us to beat but this looked interesting. You alwys wanted us to gather information on other users of non-godly magic so ths could help you in whatver it is you're doing

The second... is a page of Level 2 Demonic Summon Runes !

The chest by the bed has several clothes and other toiletries ,nothing important. You leave the room quickly before you get caught, but before you do you grab an Over Ripened Banana off of the counter.
No. 803750 ID: 3abd97

Now get out of there before you're caught red handed.
No. 803752 ID: fc33ea

Abscond, don disguise.
No. 803759 ID: 8a947d
File 149550989749.png - (23.46KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Odd Man.png )


And like that, your mission is complete. Surprisingly easy no hitches and now all you've got to do is wait a few more minutes and get off at your next stop.

You walk towards the kitchen to get more of those fish cutlets when that tall man from before crosses you in the hall, hes bleeding a lot more blood than is normal.
No. 803760 ID: 29ca5a

Oh shit! Go see if he is okay!
No. 803761 ID: 70983e

Such a messy eater! Get him a napkin.
No. 803762 ID: 3abd97

Lay on the charm, and play to your disguise.

[falsetto]"Oh my, sir! Are you all right?"[/falsetto]
No. 803771 ID: 094652

Go get help, he may be infected with a disease or demon.
No. 803774 ID: 8a947d
File 149551474323.png - (16.51KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Bloodtrail.png )


You try to get his attention but he rounds the corner before you can catch him. Hes moving much faster than it looked before...
No. 803776 ID: 3abd97

Check if that's blood he's leaving behind or something else.
No. 803778 ID: 8a947d
File 149551496611.png - (20.78KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Bloodtrail 2.png )

He's moving surprisingly fast for an injured man. You've lost sight of him but his blood trail leads down into a maintenance tunnel.

No its blood, doesn't look like strawberry jam...
No. 803781 ID: 8a947d
File 149551506405.png - (22.67KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Bloodtrail 3.png )


You continue down the maintenance shaft, against your better judgment, the lights flicker periodically just enough to disorient you further...
No. 803783 ID: 3abd97

Consider, could he be leading you into a trap? Be cautious.
No. 803784 ID: 8a947d
File 149551512948.png - (17.71KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Bloodtrail 4.png )

Finally you find him, hacking up blood in a corner behind pipes and valves.

You: U-uh, Mister ?
No. 803785 ID: 8a947d
File 149551520410.gif - (89.27KB , 1212x826 , Tall Man Reveal.gif )

The lights above him flicker...


I haven't used animations or gifs before so this might not work
No. 803792 ID: 29ca5a

And just like that we suddenly have business elsewhere!
No. 803794 ID: 3abd97

It's a mister chompy! He was a disguised demon the whole time!

...um can you set up a ward or a seal or do something that will stop a demon you didn't summon from eating your face off?
No. 803797 ID: 3ce125

You found the Rotten People Eater. Say hello. You have nothing to fear, you are not rotten. Well, that's what I'd say, but you should be ready to run anyway. The myth may not match reality.
No. 803803 ID: 8a947d
File 149551765774.png - (15.99KB , 1212x826 , Skyhigh Fuckthat shit.png )


You fucking book it out of the maintenance tunnel. That thing wasn't a demon, it didn't emit any sort of demonic energy or else you would've sensed it. Could that thing really be the People Eater from that dumb riddle ? Whatever it is you're stuck on the ship with it for another 20 minutes.
No. 803805 ID: 0d1514

Scream for help like the little girl you are pretending to be. It's important to stay in character.
No. 803807 ID: 3abd97

Whatever it is, you don't want to attract its ire.

Go back to the public areas, where you can conceal yourself in the crowd. If it's a pick people off one by one kind of killer, safety in numbers is good.
No. 803810 ID: 29ca5a

Hey if that is the rotten people eater maybe we will get lucky and it will eat the shadowmen for us! But for now retreat to a safer area
No. 803811 ID: fc33ea

Get your second set of clothes, you'll lose him AND the voodoo goons.
No. 803812 ID: 91ee5f

>Get your second set of clothes
Good idea. Especially since it looks like he ruined this set of clothes by being so scared he pissed himself! DX

Unless that didn't happen, then just keep these clothes on and go to a public place!
No. 803815 ID: 8a947d
File 149551898112.png - (17.87KB , 1212x826 , Sweat from your brow.png )


You think up as many plans as you can for this odd situation, getting back to a group might be a good idea. It is about time for a new disguise too, next time you get the chance you should switch out of this dress and into the other uniform you picked up.

Finding Troy might be a good idea too...
No. 803816 ID: 29ca5a

Let's duck into the nearest bathroom and change into our new outfit. Once that's done let's go find troy.
No. 803957 ID: 8a947d
File 149558064558.png - (143.61KB , 1212x826 , PE Tired.png )

You find the nearest bathroom with the intent of a quick wardrobe change, but find yourself too tired to do anything besides lean against the sink.

This escape took a turn for the worst and the and then crashed and burned. Shadowmen and Monsters, what else could happen today to make tihs worse?

Worry later, first you need to change.
No. 803959 ID: 3583d1

Would you please stop inviting murphy's law? next thing you know you'll come out of this bathroom and the crew will be dead!
No. 803962 ID: fc33ea

Don't ask questions you don't want answered.
No. 803967 ID: 8a947d
File 149558235316.png - (138.60KB , 1212x826 , PE Tired 2.png )


Right, sitting around thinking about it won't help. Now you've got to get your other clothes ready and...

wheres your neckerchief ?
No. 803970 ID: 75918f

The gluttony head has it.
No. 803974 ID: 3583d1

You didn't have it when you came out that room...
No. 803975 ID: 3ce125

You lost it when running away from the Eater.
You have to go back and get it, don't you?
No. 803976 ID: 8a947d
File 149558325483.png - (74.43KB , 1212x826 , PE Dropped tihs.png )

???: Excuse me ma'am, it seems you've dropped this.
No. 803977 ID: 75918f

Girly moan and awkward retreat MANLY ROAR AND HEROIC DASH
No. 803978 ID: 3abd97

Turn and thank him it for the assistance, and retry bandana.

No running. Running means losing you bandana, and being rude, and being rude probably gets you killed here.

Charm. Charm is your only hope now.
No. 803979 ID: 3ce125

Ask it who/what it is. Is it really the Rotten People Eater?
No. 803983 ID: fc33ea

No. 803987 ID: 0d1514

thank you i like your tentacles very handsome
No. 803998 ID: 8a947d
File 149558628854.png - (24.45KB , 1212x826 , PE Spaghetti sauce.png )


There's nowhere for you to run, there's only one door out of the bathroom and he's blocking it.

???: you know, this bandanna really meshes nice with your dress. a nice splash of RED always looks nice.

You: W-who...Who are you ? What are you ?

???: that's a sensitive question "ma'am", even i don't know who i am. all i know is when i'm hungry i gotta eat.

???: and none of that food you humans eat, all charred and tasteless...
No. 803999 ID: 0d1514

Ask him if he'd like to make a deal?
No. 804001 ID: 8a947d
File 149558660234.png - (33.93KB , 1212x826 , PE Messy Eater.png )



Blood flies from its maw as the creature continues talking.

???: i smelled you while i was feeding, i was so enthralled in my meal that i did not notice you creeping until it was too late.

???: i'd love to chew on your soft insides, but i can't smell any rot on you... so, what should i do to deal with you? i am still hungry after all...
No. 804005 ID: 29ca5a

Hey! Opportunity knocks!

"Hello sir, I just came back for my bandana. Actually, I happen to know of two shadowmen on this very ship! They might be tasty morsels for you! How about a trade, my bandana and I'll give you this key to the shadowmen's rooms so you may surprise them and eat them!"
No. 804006 ID: 3abd97

...perhaps I could find you a rotten soul to eat?
No. 804009 ID: 3ce125

Uh, well, you might know of a couple of rotten people he could eat, unless he already ate them. Two men with painted white faces?
No. 804011 ID: fc33ea

uh, i know of a couple rotten people! room 5-a!
No. 804013 ID: 8a947d
File 149558838139.png - (19.47KB , 1212x826 , PE personal space.png )


You: C-coming from Itsdin, there must be plenty of rotten souls on this airship. In fact I know two who wish to kill me for no reason.

???: they want to kill you ? from what i can tell you haven't done any deed that would deem you rotten... but this could always be a trick to lose me.

You: You're so incredibly fast, I don't think I could ever outrun you. I know where their room is and everything, just follow me .

???: that seems acceptable. i don't know my real name and "people eater" doesn't really role off the tongue, so for the longest time i've gone by the alias, Issei.

Issei: now that we've made our deal lets be on our way, i'm STARVING

he leans to the side to let you out of the bathroom and follows behind you as you walk.
No. 804016 ID: 3be2aa

What kind of deal are you after? Also, could you define "rotten", or what do you consider to be "rotten"?
No. 804018 ID: 3abd97

So... in the story. The riddle one people tell about you. Did you eat the Thief or the Beater?

If he says "both", respond "Haha, I knew it!".
No. 804024 ID: 8a947d
File 149559048504.png - (22.67KB , 1212x826 , PE Walking with my Monster friend.png )

You're after the kind of deal that doesn't end with you getting eaten. Issei wants food and you want these guys to not catch you, which will be sure fire if they're eaten and digested. You're not sure if being eaten completely negates voodoo revival, either way you want these guys dead.

You: So when you say "rotten" what does that mean?

Issei: somebody who's done wrong, not just little petty crimes but true corruption of the heart. someone willing to murder and maim for no real reason other than their own pleasure.

Issei: A rotten person harms others with no goal other than petty self satisfaction. Then again a lot of this is relative but this is the overall definition.

You: Hmmm... hey do you know that one riddle that people tell about you,"The Thief, The Beater, and The Rotten People Eater"?

Issei: ah yes, a fun little limerick i've heard over the years. based on a true event of course.

You: Nice! so who did you eat? Thief or the Beater?

Issei: i ate the Beater, he sought to battle the wicked and the just not caring who he hurt. The thief simply stole worldly possessions and never killed a man before.

You: Man I thought you were gonna eat both, wait can you really grant wishes ?

Issei: no i was just having a bit of fun at their expense.
No. 804026 ID: d69df4

Hrrm...Something just struck me. The notion is we're basically trading another man's life for our own, even if vaguely. So here's something I'm wondering-if we suceed in this grim mission of finding a proper 'rotten soul'...Would this act rot our own?
No. 804029 ID: 3abd97

>no i was just having a bit of fun at their expense.
Haha, that's good.
No. 804035 ID: 3ce125

Rather specific definition of rotten. I guess it makes sense though, in a way. Indirect harm may still be harm, but it weighs lightly on the heart. Beating someone's face in who doesn't deserve it is not something you do lightheartedly.

Ask him if he wants to help you usher in a new era of peace. If he acts as your bodyguard, you could ensure you do not get fooled by evil people, and his presence would reassure good people that your goal is as noble as you claim.
No. 804036 ID: 29ca5a

That's assuming we would be feeding him innocent souls. If they are innocent people then yeah we'd be in trouble
No. 804037 ID: 3ce125

Killing someone for the purpose of self-preservation would not rot the soul based on the Eater's stated definition. He said "someone willing to murder and maim for no real reason other than their own pleasure."

So, basically, sadistic people are rotten.
No. 804061 ID: 094652

How about revenge? What context is required for vengeance to veer into nom-worthy sadism? If someone kills for the pleasure of being released from their inner pain, such as someone unable to let go of the nightmares until the one responsible dies, or someone who takes satisfaction from another's death because it enriches himself as a warrior and not because he enjoys the other's suffering, will that still count?
No. 804063 ID: 8a947d
File 149559641892.png - (11.83KB , 1212x826 , Room Service.png )

You and Issei arrive at room A-5.

Issei: *sniff* *sniff*.

Issei: yes~ that's the sickly sweet smell of rotten souls. theirs two of them in there and... do i smell voodoo ?

You: Is that a problem ?

Issei: Oh no, on the contrary souls that regularly practice voodoo tend to give the meat a tender texture to it. it's juicer and so rare to come by.

Issei: I'm ready

You: Good ! let me just get the key and...
No. 804064 ID: 8a947d
File 149559647612.png - (31.12KB , 1212x826 , Room Service someBODY.png )


You: Issei holy shit!
No. 804066 ID: 29ca5a

Let's see what happens...
No. 804067 ID: 8a947d
File 149559672018.png - (31.04KB , 1212x826 , Room Service Back to BAck.png )


You expect knives and bullets to fly at you as soon as the door opens, but there's nobody here.



You should've known this wouldn't be easy. you draw your pistol and knife and ready yourself for an ambush.

There's nowhere for them to really hid in here, the chest by the bed is too small and the space under the bed is too narrow. Then again knowing voodoo they could be doing anything...
No. 804068 ID: 8a947d
File 149559675812.png - (23.34KB , 1212x826 , Room Service Right Behind You.png )

They could even be right under your noses...
No. 804070 ID: 4ab4cc

No. 804071 ID: c50487

Behind, apply elbow to gut.
No. 804072 ID: 3abd97

Reverse dick kick.
No. 804073 ID: 29ca5a

Duck! Turn! COCKSHOT!
No. 804076 ID: 8a947d
File 149559903683.png - (127.27KB , 1212x826 , Room Service Shadow.png )


You turn swinging you elbow and readying your gun !

In an offensive attempt against your own shadow...

That's embarrassing, luckily Issei's too busy sniffing around the room to have seen it. You check the walls for hidden passages or rooms, you pat down the floor to see if any voodoo signs are etched into the ground, you lift and rummage through every object in the room you can with no success.

Finally you open the window and look out at the exterior of the ship, no one clinging to the edges and no one hanging off the window's edge. Just an overcast sky.
No. 804077 ID: 3abd97

Keep your shadow in sight.

Can you do any kind of heresy to expose people who are magically concealed?
No. 804078 ID: 29ca5a

Ahhh.,I get it. Oh they are here alright. They are using voodoo shadow magic. Right now you've got one hiding I. Your own shadow, got anything on you to reveal them?
No. 804079 ID: 91ee5f

No, you fool! He's in your shadow on the wall via voodoo bullshit!
No. 804081 ID: 91ee5f

You might want to ask your buddy if he can pull that guy out of your shadow!

Or just shine a really bright light on the shadow to see if that'll get him to come out.
No. 804086 ID: 3ce125

Stab the fuck out of your shadow.
No. 804088 ID: 8a947d
File 149560072659.png - (112.29KB , 1212x826 , Room Service Shadow 2 .png )


Now that you think about it, from where you're standing there's no light source strong enough to cast a shadow that sharp. Its overcast outside and there aren't any lamps on the opposite wall.


You: Hey Issei, come sniff over here a little...

Issei comes to your side and you've got enough WIT to instantly your problem, his shadow leans the other way and is no where near as sharp.
Issei sniffs at the wall a little.

Issei: hmmm...yes!YES!
No. 804091 ID: 3ce125

Hang on, there's two of them in here. If one is in your shadow, where's the other one?

I guess both of them could be in your shadow...
No. 804093 ID: c50487

What are the walls made of in the room, pretty sure the last thing you need is an over penetration and hit somebody else.
No. 804094 ID: 8a947d
File 149560174054.png - (132.94KB , 1212x826 , Room Service Shadow 3.png )

Issei shoots a tentacle at the wall, the false shadow slithers up the wall and around the room.

Issei hisses and continues to slash tentacles around the room attempting to strike the shadow, the glob of darkness bounces around the ceiling and walls before disappearing entirely.

You: Issei! are they both in that shadow ?


You: Issei cover the door, we can't let them out of this room !

Issei puts his back against the door. There's a faint whispering sound coming from the room, possibly a side effect of the voodoo magic being in effect. You need to listen for it...
No. 804096 ID: 29ca5a

Alright listen check everyone!
No. 804097 ID: c50487

Wasn't there a thing we could summon to see things?
If not usable then why not check under the bed.
No. 804103 ID: 8a947d
File 149560345467.png - (198.76KB , 1212x826 , Room Service Summoning.png )

Of Course !

You sacrifice your Over-Ripe Banana and One Amethyst Shard, burning out your Last Hand Mirror to summon The Voyeuristic Globule.

As you summon you can see little movements around the room, the shadow becomes minuscule as it begins to move faster between positions. Issei slashes again with his tentacles trying to catch it as it moves, its no use however, hitting it while its mobile seems near impossible.
No. 804112 ID: 29ca5a

Alrighty Eyeball-Eddie, where are those shadow men hiding?
No. 804116 ID: cfe4f0

If the shadow-folks are actually dodging around the room using their shadow-voodoo, the three things we can try are slowing them down, cutting off their freedom to dodge, and distracting them.
No. 804130 ID: 3ce125

The Globule lets us see weakpoints in opponents, so use that to find out how you can get it to stop moving.
No. 804226 ID: 8a947d
File 149567108255.png - (247.99KB , 1212x826 , Room Service Shadow 4.png )

As they are now, distracting or slowing them down seems impossible.

But with the Voyeuristic Globule...
No. 804227 ID: 8a947d
File 149567120819.png - (267.92KB , 1212x826 , Room Service Shadow 4(VG View).png )


Enemies and Allies are highlighted in the Voyeur's sight, and whats more important is that there seems to be something important to the Shadowmen under the bed !
No. 804239 ID: 51058c

Thanks Eddie!

Alright, issei can keep them distracted for a second, while you go for what's under the bed!
No. 804250 ID: 2f70c1

Alright, go and try to find out what that thing is, if it is really important, they will try to stop you, and that's when Issei could get his chance to catch one at least one of them.
No. 804253 ID: 95aee2

Well now, messing with their stuff ought to help distract them. Even better, if it's an important part of the magic they're doing it might outright stop them.
If messing with their stuff is effective at messing with them, we need to expect they'll try to strike at us or otherwise stop us. What can we do to get ready for the problem before they try to cave in our head?
No. 804257 ID: 70983e

While you question the demon's highlighting of Issei as 'friend, you're not about to step into that maelstrom of tentacles yourself. Tell Issei to flip the bed.
No. 804258 ID: 8a947d
File 149567859099.png - (400.24KB , 1212x826 , Room Service Shadow Clash.png )


You head for whatever's underneath the bed. If its glowing yellow like that its a weakness against your immediate enemy.

You: Issei! I've got a weakness in sight cover me while I go for it!

The shadow swirls behind you glowing with voodoo energy, before it can cleave your skull apart you duck and Issei stops it with a tentacle.


You slide to the edge of the bed and reach underneath it...
No. 804263 ID: 8a947d
File 149568022242.png - (140.79KB , 1212x826 , Room Service Runic Carving.png )

Its some sort of talisman, whatever it is it wouldn't have been glowing if it wasn't important
No. 804264 ID: 8a947d
File 149568024787.png - (217.77KB , 1212x826 , Room Service Runic Carving Smash.png )

You smash it
No. 804265 ID: 3abd97

Sound logic.
No. 804270 ID: 8a947d
File 149568269391.png - (123.22KB , 1212x826 , VIctory.png )


The shadow begins to ripple and disrupt, bits of darkness fly off the and disperse as the blob of darkness dissolves leaving behind two people. Pike and Sleek sit on the floor defeated. You aim your gun and Issei readies his tentacles.

Pike: Ya bastards, you and dat monsta ya got are gonna pay for dis...

Sleek: Da Boss'll hear about dis dis and when he does, you'll be in deep shit.


Now that this is over Issei will get his meal unless you can strike a deal to get something more from them, then again if Issei doesn't eat them he has threatened to eat you instead.
No. 804271 ID: 70983e

You'll have to ask the Baron to pass the message along.
Let Issei FEAST.
No. 804274 ID: 3ce125

Tell them you don't think you had much choice in the matter, it was either you or them and you can't come back from the dead.

Tell them you'd like to negotiate with the Baron if possible, arrange a peace treaty.
No. 804276 ID: 3abd97

Oh no, I'll be in such deep trouble when the voodoos are after me! Except... wait, you were already after me.
No. 804285 ID: 95aee2

Hold up, we should give these folks a chance to explain themselves. Sure, it'll be full of self-serving justifications and probably liberally laced with lies, but I think we should let these people tell us what they're really after and why we shouldn't let Issei eat them.

Watch out for tricks, stalling, summoning help, and escape attempts though. We'd look pretty stupid, and splattery, if they got away and Issei had to try and make do with us in their absence.
No. 804286 ID: 8a947d
File 149568778633.png - (96.49KB , 1212x826 , Hungry.png )

You: Oh no~ I sure would hate for the Shadowmen to send people to kill me like they already just did !

You: Issei, they're all your's

Issei's jaw unhinges and his body begins to twitch unnaturally. You leave the room before you see anything you don't want to, but you still hear it being done. You just hope the walls are thicker than the doors here. Crunching, slurping and what sounds like an engine failing to start, then suddenly silence.

Issei walks out surprisingly clean and looking a lot less agitated than before.

Issei: that was refreshing, this deal was quite worth the trouble.
No. 804287 ID: fa8f9d

Does this mean we are allies now? I'm sure if we keep going at the pace we are at we will continue to find many more baf guys for you to eat.
No. 804288 ID: 91ee5f

Suddenly realize that you lost your hat and now your woman disguise is incomplete!

Then again, your feminine curves could be more than enough to make up for the loss of your hat.
No. 804292 ID: 094652

I doubt you can trust him in the long-run. He allies with you because you locate prey, and given the nature of your journey, I doubt you'll find him fresh long pork on a daily basis. Worse yet, he is somewhat disconnected from the world with his demonic status and might blab about you for the heck of it.

Still, you might as well point him in a good direction, or find a band of never-do-wells for him to join and a huge target for them to take out.

Ask him how many times he requires to be fed weekly.
No. 804294 ID: 3ce125

I guess you're safe now. Probably time to hole up in your room and wait to arrive.
No. 804303 ID: 0d1514

Thank you and I hope we don't meet again because it feels like helping an edritch gentleman feast on ?human? flesh is the sort of thing that might make one rotten
No. 804305 ID: 91ee5f

No, we're helping him eat people that are already rotten and when he eats them, he's removing rotten people from the world. So, technically we're doing a good thing by helping him get rid of rotten people, which means we shouldn't get rotten ourselves! .....I hope.
No. 804425 ID: 8a947d
File 149574914319.png - (89.86KB , 1212x826 , Speaking with a monster.png )

Before you can say anything to Issei he speaks to you first.

Issei: well now that that mess is mess is over i simply must know, what did you do to cause voodoo hit-men to come and after you ?

You tell Issei your story, cutting out points that may not be best to reveal, from the jailbreak to the airship.

Issei: well that's certainly an interesting story! you seem like the kind of person who'd attract all manner of dangerous and seedy characters.

Issei: would you mined if i were to accompany you on your little journey ? i've simply been wandering around for the past 122 years and having someone to help might be a nice change of pace. besides with all the trouble that follows you i'd be happy to help you and myself.

Issei: i promise to keep my dining to around 1 or 2 people a day if it bothers you.

do you want Issei to follow you ?
No. 804427 ID: 3583d1

Yeah! why not!
No. 804431 ID: 3abd97

Will you be okay if there are slow days? I can't guarantee my enemies will always have someone after me, or they might trick or hire a non-rotten intermediary.
No. 804437 ID: 8a947d
File 149575179222.png - (84.65KB , 903x790 , New toy.png )

Issei: excellent, i promise to do my best in your serv-


Issei coughs a up a new revolver, probably belonged to one of the late Shadowmen.

You get an Ivory Repeater!

Issei: excuse me, seems i need to chew my food more. lets hurry on out, it sounds like the next stop is coming up.

You move up the ship and cut through the dining area. You're slowed down by the lines of people a bit but make to the exit, only then do you realize Issei isn't behind you.
No. 804438 ID: fa8f9d

Maybe we can get changed into our alternate outfit if we haven't already?
No. 804441 ID: 8a947d
File 149575450450.png - (130.00KB , 1212x826 , Goddammit Issei.png )

You'll change after you get off the ship, but right now you have to find..

Issei: sorry i broke off from you for a little a got hungry.

No. 804442 ID: 094652

Wipe Pac-Man's face and find an escape route. Do not stick around when you stick out.
No. 804449 ID: 3ce125

Issei already went over 2 people today. I'm not sure this is going to work out, you're gonna get implicated for a bunch of murders.
No. 804466 ID: 91ee5f

You've, uh, got a little, er, a lot of blood on your face.
No. 804474 ID: 3abd97

...if you're going to keep doing that it's gonna be real hard to get any millage out of my charm stat.
No. 804484 ID: 9876c4

So, roughly how many of the passengers here have "rotten souls?"
Because we need to determine how much of a problem this is going to be.
No. 804544 ID: 844e25

Warn us before you do that issei!
No. 804569 ID: 8a947d
File 149583173478.png - (105.77KB , 1212x826 , Strawberries.png )

Issei: what? they had strawberries over at the buffet. I've still got more if you want some.

You: I thought you hated human food?

Issei: yes but everybody likes strawberries, i can probably survive off of these if we don't encounter anybody to eat.

The Airship comes to a halt. A bell chimes signaling you've reached the first destination, Gudon.
No. 804572 ID: 3ce125

Oh. Well that's good. Does he like any other fruit?

Also that's our stop, apparently. Make sure you have all your stuff and we can depart.
No. 804576 ID: cd2dbc

Grab a few strawberries. Even if you don't eat them, you can use them as summoning reagents.
No. 804577 ID: 91ee5f

*facepalm* >_<

Also, your hat is missing! Now your disguise is incomplete!
No. 804582 ID: 8a947d
File 149583632472.png - (218.96KB , 1212x826 , Guts got off the ship.png )

Issei: its not fruit that i enjoy, i only like strawberries

As you head for the front you pass Troy.

Troy: Ya got everything from here?

You: Yes I can make it from here on my own.

Troy: Good, if ya need anymore smuggling expertise I'm in Itsdin. Try not to die, I could use the business.

Issei follows you off the ship.

Issei: so, what exactly are you roaming around for ? just exploring, or do you have something to do ?

you tell Issei about resetting the world.

Issei: my that sound incredibly unrealistic and impossible, but i've seen crazier things happen. say if you do happen to succeed, what will you do ? will you rule over the new world as a new god or just wander ? will you gain immortality to see your world grow or die before it starts ?

Issei: and the most important question about this whole thing, just HOW do you expect to reset the world. the azerite alone isn't enough to do it, and yes i sensed the azerite through your bag its hard not to.

You: I've got a plan Issei don't worry about it. First I need to meet up with a pagan colony down in New Oldec. We'll need a map while were here as well.

You and Issei check the town directory in the Airship station.
No. 804584 ID: 8a947d
File 149583681079.png - (128.58KB , 1212x826 , Gudon city map.png )

Your hat isn't missing you just put it away, you plan to change out of the dress soon anyway.

You grab 3 Strawberries from Issei

The town directory shows the town of Gudon.
1-Airship Station
2-Map Maker
9-General Store
10-Herb Shop
12-Jail/Guard Post
16-Weapon Shop

You've got 330 gold and the whole day to spend, what do you do ?
No. 804588 ID: 094652

To the glassblower's!

Buy some reflective lenses neatly packaged with cloth inside two leather-cased iron tubes connected by a torque with a secret case containing reagents binoculars.
No. 804589 ID: cd2dbc

Change into your rad western outfit.
No. 804590 ID: 3abd97

Map store first. Let's see how much the map we need costs before we buy anything else.
No. 804593 ID: 95aee2

We should ask Issei what else they need, want, and like if we're going to be partners. Maybe consider a heist from some rich parasite asshole that Gudon would be better off without so Issei can get another meal and we can get more spending cash.

Extra rations and summoning materials from the herb shop, butcher, general store and glassblower are all things we could use, and maybe some extra storage from the leather goods place. Binoculars are also something that would be very nice to have, if we can afford good ones.
No. 804594 ID: 8a947d
File 149584253828.png - (85.71KB , 745x731 , Costume Switch.png )

You duck into an alley way and change quickly, a much more fitting disguise than the dress.

The Map Store is closet so going there first would a good idea.

After the Map store you'll see how much money you have left and check the glassblowers and then the rest of the stores, maps do tend to be expensive.
No. 804596 ID: 8a947d
File 149584283817.png - (129.00KB , 1212x826 , Map Shop.png )

Issei: I'm not hungry at the moment, but thank you for the offer. I would however enjoy a good book.

You enter the map shop, Todd's Maps. Inside he walls are lined with topographical posters and the like, there are tools for making your own maps and books to help you learn how to use them.

At the front of the shop a tired looking man scribbles on a piece of paper barely moving his eyes to look at you enter.

Todd: Welcome to Todd's Maps how may I help you today sir ?
No. 804599 ID: 3abd97

One plot MacGuffin, please.
No. 804601 ID: 91ee5f

Finally! Something that hides your distracting feminine curves! Now, no one will mistake you for a woman anymore! XD
No. 804603 ID: 8a947d
File 149584587799.png - (206.69KB , 1212x826 , Map Shop Inventory.png )

Todd: Here's what I have in stock.

Second Helchaim Map: G-300
Itsdin City Map: G-100
Map Making Kit: G-400
Monoscope: G-50
No. 804606 ID: 91ee5f

Aw, we can't get any of these! I mean, we could get the map for Itsdin if we ever decide to go back or the Second Helchaim Map World Map, but we don't need the Itsdin map right now and the Second Helchaim Map would take away most of our money and leave us unable to buy anything in the other shops here in town!
No. 804608 ID: 3ce125

Well one thing we need to consider is what kind of summons we can buy reagents for.
Is there a list of all possible summons? Or at least, all summons we could potentially buy reagents for? Or scavenge for reagents for, anyway. By the sound of things, trash cans are good places to find reagents.
No. 804614 ID: 8a947d
File 149585062155.png - (63.36KB , 863x644 , Broke as Fuck.png )

You are definitely low on funds, it seems you'll have to raise some funds if you want any more supplies. Your mission isn't time sensitive, but you don't want to muck around doing nothing.

Todd notices your monetary issue.

Todd:There are always odd Jobs in Gudon that need doing: The library needs help organizing its stock and would gladly pay for submissions to the collection, selling unwanted goods at the general shop'll do too, if you're really desperate you can gamble; the guys at the Inn are always running a game of Soul Poker

Including the new page of summons you stole from the Shadowmen you can summon 9 demons.

Lv1 Summons
Demon Flagellum: Animal Viscera, Something Reflective.
Roaming Gluttony: Tooth, Rotten Fruit, Something Metallic.
Cerebral Gnat: Dead Insect, (3)Amethyst Shards, Rotten Fruit, Something Shiny.
Voyeuristic Globule: Amethyst Shard, Rotten Fruit, Something Reflective.
Aquatic Stalker: Dead Fish, Something Metallic.
Bulwark Brute: Bone, (2)Obsidian, Something Tough.
Lv2 Summons
Living Pyre: Wood, (2)Ruby, Something Burnt
Hunter-Killer Hawk: Feather, Animal Viscera, Obsidian Shard, Something See-Through.
Serpentine Vanguard: Sharp Metal, Poisonous Material, Dead Reptile, Something Used for War
No. 804630 ID: 8a947d
File 149585400610.png - (128.58KB , 1212x826 , Gudon city map.png )

You decide not to buy anything from the map shop yet.

Where to next? Todd mentioned a few different ways to earn extra money:some sort of poker game being held in the Inn, selling things at the General Store, and helping at the Library; or you could try broswing more shops

1-Airship Station
2-Map Maker
9-General Store
10-Herb Shop
12-Jail/Guard Post
16-Weapon Shop
No. 804631 ID: 094652

Unless you have any better ideas, buy a round at the inn and try to find a merc job.
No. 804632 ID: 3abd97

Let's try the library!
No. 804633 ID: 844e25

>>804614 Question, can the same thing be used for two things in a summoning? like The vangaurd needs something sharp and something used for war, A sword would fit both. Would that work or do they need to be separate?
No. 804637 ID: 8a947d
File 149585726074.png - (167.13KB , 1212x826 , Inn the Inn.png )

No, the object described as Something "Blank" is the catalyst the summon sygil is drawn on and what the demon emerges from. The sacrificed reagent can't also be the catalyst object.

You make your way to the Inn. There are four men playing what you assume is the "Soul Poker" Todd talked about, the bartender is unoccupied. You approach the front desk.

Bori: Welcome to Desert Cat Inn, I am Bori what can I do for you today ?
No. 804638 ID: 3ce125

Hmm... would a gold coin count as something shiny and metallic? Or reflective?
No. 804641 ID: 91ee5f

Check inventory to see if we have anything we don't need anymore. Also, we have multiple of the same kind of weapon (gun), so we cam sell one and keep the better one.

That's a good question.

Another question is, can we use 1 thing to do 2 summons at once? For example: The Roaming Gluttony and the Aquatic Stalker both require Something Metallic. So if we had all the materials for both but only 1 Something Metallic, could we use the 1 Something Metallic to summon both of them or do we have to choose just 1 of them?

I think the name of the game makes it obvious on what's being bet and what gets taken if you lose. Do you really want to risk your soul?
No. 804642 ID: 0d1514


Gamble with them and win their soooullllsssss or small change. Ask em about jobs available for a spirited young lad with a gun.
No. 804643 ID: cd2dbc

Ask if he has a Waystone.
No. 804644 ID: 8a947d
File 149585891758.png - (80.69KB , 1162x763 , Hey Fellas.png )

Gold coins are metallic and shiny, but drawing the symbol on the tiny surface is difficult.

Each summon requires its on ingredients, only one demon can be summoned from a catalyst object.

You head over to the gambling table.

Thin Man: Dammit! I'm out for today.

Big Man: Better luck next time Mak, come back when lady luck's finished screwin' ya!

Mak: Up yours Joel!

Joel: So whatcha lookin' pal you want in?

You: I'm not familiar with this game, what makes Soul Poker different from normal ?

Joel: Well the rules are all the same, its the Texas Hold'em style but the main difference are the use of Special and Soul Cards.

Joel: Special cards have different effects on how the games played: there's the hand swap card, the re-draw card, etcetera.

Joel points a strange statue on the table.

Joel: This here's called a Seeker Totem, it deals the cards and scans your soul to create unique cards. Depending on what sort of person you are it creates a Special card for the game.

Joel: So a game with different people means a game with different effect cards in the mix.

Joel: People think you bet with your soul, but we just use regular chips and money. So d'ya want in ?

Do want to play ? You've got 330 gold to spare.
No. 804654 ID: 3583d1

What are the rules?
No. 804657 ID: cd2dbc

Sounds neat. If we win, we'll have to upgrade the card in our hat to the four of hearts.
No. 804707 ID: 3abd97

Lets give it a try.

>Now, no one will mistake you for a woman anymore!
Just give it time. The curves will out, costume notwithstanding.
No. 804709 ID: 8a947d
File 149591614815.png - (265.82KB , 1212x826 , Soul Poker New Card.png )

The rules are the same as Texas Hold'em, but special cards are in play that effect the game, it would be quicker to search Texas Hold'em Rules rather than have me explain them

You decide to play.

Joel: Alright then take a seat. First things first you've go to place your hand on the Seeker Totem to generate your soul card.

You do as Joel said and touch the Seeker Totem. The wooden figure begins to emit blue energy before a card materializes in the air above your hand.

Targets: All Players
Effect: Players throw away their hole hands and the community hand is redrawn.

Joel: Good, now we can get started.
No. 804716 ID: 3abd97

When and how do we activate specials? Can we just trigger it whenever?
No. 804723 ID: 8a947d
File 149591873660.png - (87.57KB , 1212x826 , Soul Poker 1.png )

After the first round of bets go out each player is dealt a Special Card, Special Cards can be played at any time unless the card states otherwise.

The Game Begins!
Players: Joel, Pen, You, Daryl

Pen puts in the Small Blind of 5
You put in the Big Blind of 10

The Cards are dealt: You have a 6 of Diamonds and 2 of Diamonds

Daryl >Checks 10
Joel >Raises 20
Pen >Checks 20

Do you >Check >Raise or >Fold?
No. 804743 ID: 90f3c0

No. 804750 ID: cd2dbc

Check. We can reset everything if we end up getting trash, anyways.
No. 804751 ID: 8a947d
File 149592578118.png - (104.63KB , 1212x826 , Soul Poker 1_5.png )

You Check 20
Daryl Checks 20
Joel Checks 20

The Pot is now 125 G

Joel taps the Seeker Totem manifesting 3 community cards after burning one.
No. 804752 ID: 8a947d
File 149592632184.png - (144.40KB , 1212x826 , Soul Poker 2.png )

You're mistaken, The [RESET THE WORLD] card is not in your hand upon manifestation it is simply in the deck for to be drawn and used by everybody


The Totem summons a Special Card for all players.

you draw...
Targets: The player
Effect:You may match the previous bet without putting money into the pot

A Queen of Hearts,5 of Diamonds, and 3 of Spades sit in the community hand. You hold a 6 of Diamonds and a 2 of Diamonds

Pen Bets 15 G

Do you >Bet or -Fold ?
No. 804755 ID: 094652

Fold. You're still early in the game and the odds of drawing a 4 are low, never mind all the things that can be done with a queen on the board.
No. 804759 ID: fa8f9d

I agree with the fold
No. 804768 ID: 3ce125

No reason to fold. We have a special card that lets us bet without betting!

So use the card to match the bet.
No. 804771 ID: 8a947d
File 149593653204.png - (157.01KB , 1212x826 , Soul Poker 3 Reset.png )


You prepare to fold, but before you do Daryl plays your Soul Card [RESET THE WORLD] to redraw the games cards.

Joel: Daryl don't play cards like that so soon! you should wait til' someone folds so they're out.

Daryl: Meh, too late now.

Joel: Goddammit Daryl.

You throw your cards away and a new community hand is created
No. 804772 ID: 8a947d
File 149593661367.png - (130.41KB , 1212x826 , Soul Poker 3 Reset 2.png )

You have a 6 of Hears and an Ace of Hearts

There is a 10 of Spades, a 5 of Clubs, and a Queen of Spades in the community hand

Your new special card card is...
Target: The player
Effect: On your turn, Replace one card in your hand with a burned card.

Pen bet 15 G before you

Do you >Bet or still >Fold?
No. 804779 ID: 3ce125

>Replace one card in your hand with a burned card.
What's a burned card?
No. 804782 ID: 8a947d
File 149594170641.png - (49.40KB , 1212x826 , Burn Card.png )

To increase the randomness of the cards in the community hand, the dealer throws away every other card they draw. Those cards are burned and sent to the burn pile. with [BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE] you may replace a card in your hand with one of these.
No. 804786 ID: 3ce125

These special cards sure are powerful...

I'm worried about Reset The World basically guaranteeing the holder of the card has a good hand, but this card is almost as good.

Let's check the 15. Once we see more of the community hand we can decide what card to exchange. The Ace we have is good enough to keep going, at least.
No. 804788 ID: 031add

I think we are ignoring what the cards are telling us. One of these players is the embodiment of "Pass the Debt" a card that avoids paying, they might try to cheat or leave without paying. "Burn Down the House" could mean the player that summoned it is a psychopath, or maybe just a run-of-the-mill pyromaniac. This may also give us a hint as to their playstyle the Pass the Debt will likely be more reserved in their bets trying to get the best profit possible with the least risk whereas the Burn Down the House is likely less cautious or even aggressive in their playstyle.
No. 804789 ID: 8a947d
File 149594313493.png - (145.67KB , 1212x826 , Soul Poker 4.png )

You Check 15
Daryl Checks 15
Joel Raises 25

The Pot is now at 215 G
No. 804790 ID: 8a947d
File 149594338305.png - (142.14KB , 1212x826 , Soul Poker 5.png )

Another card is added to the community hand.

There is a 10 of Spades, a 5 of Clubs, a Queen of Spades, and a 2 of Hearts.

Pen checks

Do you >Bet >Check >Play your special or >Fold ?
No. 804791 ID: 031add

We have the Card let's play it before we give up.
Burn Down the House.
No. 804792 ID: 90f3c0

Let's wait for all the community cards to be dealt before we use the special.

No. 804793 ID: 3ce125

Um, I think everyone is supposed to have to match the raise or fold, but okay fine whatever.

Check. We're still waiting for a good card, and trying to bluff will just result in whoever's holding the reset card to use it if he believes the bluff or to make us pay if he doesn't. Can't force someone with the reset card to fold.
The mere presence of that card really throws the entire flow of the game out of whack. I feel like we should stop playing after this round finishes.
No. 804795 ID: 031add

That is why we use our card now, if we can make this a good hand and the reset-er believes they have a good hand they wont risk getting a bad hand by changing their cards.
No. 804797 ID: 8a947d
File 149594566749.png - (144.85KB , 1212x826 , Soul Poker 6.png )

Oh crap you're right, i'm sorry

There is only one Soul Card per player in the game, 8 other Special Cards are also included but are less powerful. Telling a Soul Card from a Normal Special tends to be pretty easy: Special Cards have simple names such as [CANCEL] or [SKIP], Soul cards have more complex names like [BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE] and [RESET THE WORLD].

There is no longer a [RESET THE WORLD] card since its been used.

You Check
Daryl Folds
Joel Raises 50

The Pot is now 265

The next card is drawn...
No. 804799 ID: 8a947d
File 149594623764.png - (138.66KB , 1212x826 , Soul Poker 7.png )


There is now a 10 of Spades, a 5 of Clubs, a Queen of Spades, a 2 of Hearts, and a 9 of Clubs on the table.


Joel: Whats the matter Penny, not gonna play ?

Pen: Dammit Joel I know you's cheatin' ! You gots that shit eatin' look in your eye !

Joel: Pen, you always say that when you're losing. Ever notice how you never say it when you're doing well or when anybody else wins ?

Pen: Oh Whatever I now whats what and I'm gonna do somthin' about it! Cheatin' on a first timer now thats just down right despicable!

Joel: Just play Pen you're holding us up.

Pen: Oh sure Joel, I'll play alright...
No. 804801 ID: 3ce125

Ughhh we can't make anything unless we get a 2 of a kind via the Burn.

Use the special card, let's see what happens. Drop the 6.
No. 804805 ID: 8a947d
File 149594768540.png - (215.35KB , 1212x826 , Soul Poker 8 Swap and Trap.png )

Joel plays a special card:

Targets: you and another player
Effect: on your turn Swap the hole cards of both players.

Joel: Wha- Pen you son of a bitch!

Pen: That'll teach ya ta cheat me every time we play.

Joel: Yeah? Well We'll see about that

Joel plays his Special Card

Target: The player of a Special card that targets you
Effect: The target is forced to fold their hand

Pen: THE FUCK!? See this is what I mean about you cheatin'!

Joel: I wouldn't a played it if you hadn't played your card, besides thats your soul card. its your fault. Since ya fold you don't get my cards.

Pen: Aren't ya forgettin " somethin' ? Just cause I'm out doesn't mean you don't get out of [SWAP]'s effect scott free. the effect passes on to the next person to your left !

Joel: !

You're so confused... you guess you get Joel's cards and he gets yours ?
No. 804806 ID: 8a947d
File 149594793879.png - (139.49KB , 1212x826 , Soul Poker 9 The River.png )


You've got a 10 of Clubs and a 7 of Diamond.

There is a 10 of Spades, a 5 of Clubs, a Queen of Spades, a 2 of Hearts, and a 9 of Clubs on the table.

There's no doubt Joel's going to fold after this, he's got nothing in his hand and no special to turn the tables.
No. 804807 ID: 3ce125

Well I guess we may as well make this hand even better. Gonna lose the special card after this hand, right?

Burn the 7, and point out that 60 of the pot was from raises that went unanswered. So the pot should really be 205, and Joel gets to keep the 60.
No. 804809 ID: 91ee5f

But he said, "There's no doubt Joel's going to fold after this, he's got nothing in his hand and no special to turn the tables."

So why would we change the really good hand that we got from Joel? We could just stay and let Joel fold, so that we win!
No. 804810 ID: 7d9d41

ALL. IN. Not that it will do much in terms of the game, but if someone is looking from a distance and hears you say all in, and you take over half what you put in, all from the very first round of the game, it will generate respect. Respect you need to get a merc job.

Keep the card, you have a 95% chance of winning, and the 5% comes from outside factors.
No. 804811 ID: 91ee5f

No, Kome, there's no need to even do that!
No. 804812 ID: 8a947d
File 149595055768.png - (189.56KB , 1212x826 , Soul Poker 10 Brun Down Showdown.png )

Why not? its a win anyway. You play [BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE] and get rid of your 7, you draw a 2 of Spades.

You don't bother betting since Joel would've folded anyway.

The game ends with you as the winner !

You: Joel there was an error in the game I think there's...

Joel: Godammit Pen! How many times do I gotta tell ya, I don't cheat in Soul Poker!

Pen: Don't think I forgot about last time Joel! That extra ace just layin' under ya foot.

Joel: You know I gotta prosthetic leg I couldn't feel it there ! It was an accident.

Looks like hes too busy, oh well money's money.
No. 804813 ID: 7d9d41

This is going to get messy. Take your winnings and leave.
No. 804814 ID: 8a947d
File 149595153150.png - (227.96KB , 1087x821 , DING 2.png )

You grab your 550 Gold and leave the table

You feel great after winning you first game of Soul Poker ! granted it was kinda out of luck but that's how poker is.

Your Skill and Wit feel like they're improving! After everything You've gone through today you're sure you're only going to get better.

You have 2 extra Attribute Points. What would you like to enhance ?
No. 804815 ID: 3ce125

Agility, Charm.
No. 804816 ID: 3abd97

Charm and charm
No. 804817 ID: 103a6a

Both into Agility.
No. 804822 ID: 91ee5f

I'm kinda curious on what Issei's soul card would be. But we can't spend all day playing cards. Oh well. Maybe some other time.

No. 804823 ID: 7d9d41

Skill and Agility.
No. 804824 ID: 031add

So Daryl is "Burning Down the House", Pen is "Man Trapper", and Joel is "Pass the Debt.
At least I'm assuming that's what they are based on the way they are acting.
I feel we should make note of this.
No. 804825 ID: 8a947d
File 149595577363.png - (128.58KB , 1212x826 , Gudon city map.png )

You slot your extra points into Agility and Charm.

Wits: 8
Agility: 2==>3
Strength: 2
Charm: 4==>5
Skill: 4

Now that you've got a little extra money what next? You could always see what the deal is with the Library and School to get some more cash, you could go straight to buying things from shops, or you can turn into the Desert Cat Inn for a day

1-Airship Station
2-Todd's Map Shop
9-General Store
10-Herb Shop
12-Jail/Guard Post
15-The Desert Cat Inn
16-Weapon Shop
No. 804826 ID: 031add

General store, let's gather some supplies. The butcher next for some rations though I would leave Issei outside I don't trust him around so much raw meat.
No. 804830 ID: cd2dbc

No. 804855 ID: 91ee5f

I doubt he's going to eat anything if a rotten soul isn't attached to it.
No. 804879 ID: 031add

I'm not worried he'll eat the meat, I'm worried the sight of it and the smell of blood will make him hungry.
No. 804892 ID: 8a947d
File 149599916902.png - (210.01KB , 1212x826 , General Store Inventory.png )

You head to the general store, and plan to hit the library next. you need to watch your money since you still need a map from Todd.

You enter the General Store and go straight to the counter.

Erin: Hey there! Welcome to the General Store, what can I get for you today ?

You look through what he has in stock.

Fruit Pack: A large trail mix basket of assorted berries(strawberries included) (20=G)
Flask: Tin flask for holding liquids (10=G)
Hooded Lantern: standard hooded lantern that illuminates the area around you (10=G)
Jerky: Bag of beef jerky (15=G)
Jolt Drink: Energy Drink sure to bring your energy back up in no time.(15=G)
(10)Paper and Pen:a pack of paper with a refillable ink pen (5=G)
Shovel: a normal two-handed shovel, makes digging easier if you're not very STRONG (30=G)
Tent: Sturdy temporary shelter. (40=G)
Grappling Hook: Metal hook attached to a strong cord(45=G)

You have 550 Gold
No. 804894 ID: 3ce125

Fruit pack, flask, paper+pen.

We don't have any plans to travel right now, but we can get some basic stuff.
No. 804897 ID: 91ee5f

Where do we go to sell stuff? What do we have in our inventory?

No. 804904 ID: 3abd97

Seems reasonable.

Let's check the library next.
No. 804905 ID: 8a947d
File 149600764207.png - (236.30KB , 1212x826 , General Store Selling.png )

You purchase the Flask, Fruit-Pack and Paper Pack for for 35-G leaving you at 515-G.

Erin: If your lookin' to get rid of anything I'd be happy to take it off your hands !

Excluding what you've just bought you have...

1 Six Shot Pistol: 80-G
3 Strawberries: 4-G per
3 Crystal Shards: 20-G Per
3 Obsidian Shards: 35-G Per
1 Wicked Dagger: 55-G
1 Dead Fly: 0-G (seriously who'd want this ?)
1 Reflective Gauntlet: 80-G
1 Tin Mug: 10-G
1 Ivory Repeater: 150-G
1 Horned Skull: 30-G

What do you want to get rid of ? Be careful not to sell anything you're going to want to use later !
No. 804907 ID: 91ee5f

Even though we don't need 2 guns, think carefully about which you should sell.

Even though the repeater sells for more, it might be stronger than your old six shot.

I say keep the gun that has more attack power and sell the weaker one.
No. 804908 ID: 3abd97

Keep both guns. It never hurts to have a surprise holdout.

Sell the gauntlet, though. We're not going to use it for its intended armor purpose, and we should be able to find cheaper reflective surfaces for summoning. (We could buy a few cheap hand mirrors, say).
No. 804910 ID: 094652

Keep both guns, it takes time to reload and having a backup pistol can make all the difference.

Don't sell anything, a summoner like yourself can find a use for all of it.
No. 804913 ID: 8a947d
File 149601347050.png - (88.81KB , 1212x826 , Library.png )

You decide not to sell anything yet and head to the library.

Inside the Library shelves fill the place and line the walls, however many of them in the back are empty or barely have anything on them and the ones in the front only have one or two rows with anything in them.

You approach the woman at the front and inquire about the job here.

Medi: Hello and welcome to Chapter One Library ! I'm Medi, How can I help you ?

You: I came because I heard you had a job here, am I too late ?

Medi: Oh no you're right on time! I need somebody to help me organize my stock, I have a hard time getting everything together I'm so busy.

You and Issei could do this job in no time, but you also feel like drawing attention to Medi's low stock of books, it's hard to believe this place has stayed open for so long with such a limited supply. What do you do ?
No. 804916 ID: 3abd97

>it's hard to believe this place has stayed open for so long with such a limited supply
Well, libraries don't need to turn a profit to stay open- they're often funded by the local government.

Still, yeah, ask if something happened. There are less books than you would expect!
No. 804917 ID: cd2dbc

How much skill would we need to efficiently dual wield revolvers?
No. 804918 ID: 3ce125

Ask her about the books.
No. 804923 ID: edd5e1

Issei, do you like guns?

So, how much is the pay? I guess we could do it, but I got the feeling almost all of the books are stored somewhere else, and our time estimate could be wrong.
No. 804926 ID: 8a947d
File 149602312532.png - (108.79KB , 1212x826 , Library 2.png )

To be able to dual wield and not drop your accuracy you'll need to be pretty proficient (8 SKILL).

(Issei: i've never been a fan of guns, i've never found much use in them.)

You: How much would this job pay ?

Medi: Well it shouldn't take too long, I'm only giving this job because my ladder broke and I can't reach the higher shelves.

Medi: For the work and time I can give up 100 gold for your time.


You: Are most of your books in the back ? there aren't a lot of books out here.

Medi: Yeah, well... something happened recently that's reduced my stock of literature.

Medi: The Regent Church did a random inspection on my library and found an "unauthorized" book in my possession. They confiscated it and deemed my entire collection heretical taking everything else, the books in here now are scavenged, donated, or bibles and scriptures sent by the Church.

Medi: I-I'm sure after they go through all of them and authorize my books they'll return them... I hope.

Knowing the lazy Regent Church you doubt they'll ever get around to returning them. Those books are gone unless somebody goes and gets them. The Regent Church station is outside of the city way past the jail, you can go there if you want to try and steal them back.

for now you get to work organizing, Issei grabs the higher books and you place them in the correct spaces.
No. 804927 ID: 3abd97

Stealing the book collection comes back is a good deed. And we can pocket the heretical tome for ourself (it's just gonna get her in trouble again if we leave it).
No. 804931 ID: 3ce125

Keep an eye out for any interesting books in the current collection.
No. 804940 ID: 91ee5f

>Issei grabs the higher books
Well, it's a good thing you've got someone as tall as Issei with you! Otherwise, this job would've been difficult for a midget like you! XD

That's nice and all, but do we even have a way to transport an entire library worth of books? I'm pretty sure we can't stick all of them in our bag and carry them back with us, there's too many!
No. 804943 ID: 8a947d
File 149602775368.png - (171.25KB , 1212x826 , Map Shop Buying Map.png )

The days starting to run out, you'll see about stealing those books back tomorrow.
There'll be more time to think up a plan after that.

Non of the books are really interesting to you, and a lot of them are so damaged they end halfway through. There was a library in Daesfield, the pagan town where you grew up, it was full of incredibly long and boring books that you were too young to get through; seeing this library makes you think of how much you miss Daesfield sometimes.

You finish up organizing the books and collect your 100 gold bringing you up to 615 G, now that you can spend some money without worrying about going bankrupt you head back to Todd's and pick up a Second Helchaim map for 300 gold bringing back down to 315 G.
No. 804944 ID: 8a947d
File 149602781412.png - (172.24KB , 1212x826 , Second Helchaim Map.png )

Currently you are on the continent of Moree...
No. 804945 ID: 8a947d
File 149602792329.png - (117.68KB , 1212x826 , Moree Map.png )

You pull up a second page from inside the scroll, showing you a close up of Moree. You're a long way from New Olmec but at least you know where you're going now.
No. 804949 ID: 094652

Ask about places the map doesn't show. You did pay 300G for it.
No. 804953 ID: 8396bb

Soooo, what's up with 'hole'
No. 804954 ID: 3ce125

Oh we DO have plans to travel. I suppose we should go back and buy some camping supplies from the general store. Like a tent, a lantern, and some jerky.
No. 804963 ID: 8a947d
File 149603411630.png - (98.05KB , 1212x826 , Inn Renting.png )

Some people think that place is ground zero for the disaster that ruined Helchaim, you aren't sure if it's true or not but you've heard stuff gets strange the closer you get to that place.

You swing back around to the general store for a Lantern, a Tent, and some Jerky for 65G bringing you to 250G. It's starting to get late, it's best you head to the inn to get a room.

Afterwards you head back to the Desert Cat Inn to rent a two-bed room for 15G and turn in for the night.
No. 804964 ID: 0d1514

No. 804965 ID: 91ee5f

Does Issei need to sleep? Cause he might get bored waiting for you to wake up.

And since you're gonna be sharing a room with him, even though you got a room with 2 beds, hope you don't mind if he decides to suddenly come and snuggle with ya! XD

Too late. Gonna have to wait for morning cause it's sleep time right now!
No. 804966 ID: cd2dbc

Don't forget to upgrade your hat card.
No. 805026 ID: 6d8df5

What time is it? Are we just renting a room for now or do we need to get some sleep?
No. 805059 ID: 8a947d
File 149609610032.png - (119.26KB , 1212x826 , Sleep it off.png )

You: Issei do you even need to sleep ?

Issei: i don't really NEED to do anything but eat.

You: So you don't know anything about what you are or where you came from ?

Issei: oh i know where i came from...sort of.

Issei: way way way back i remember crawling out of a hole full of black water. i was very small, about a third of the size i am now.

Issei: i don't remember where i was born, but i do remember swimming for a long time before i found my first human. she was so nice, thought i was some sort of odd squid. she put me in a fish tank and fed me strawberries from her garden.

You: You don't feed squids strawberries ?

Issei: anyway, her house got broken into by bandits. they took me in a bag, probably to eat me, but they sure were in for a surprise when i was the one chewing on their bones. When i got back to her house she was gone... since then i've just been wandering around

Issei: at first i was looking for her, then i learned humans don't live as long as i do. so i've just been going around doing whatever comes up eating whoever deserves it.
No. 805068 ID: 6d8df5

So then how did you get that song written about you? I take it since the thief survived and met with someone who ate evil people he wanted to change his ways. Maybe he became a bard and wrote it?
No. 805072 ID: 3abd97

Sounds fair. There are lots of people who deserve to be eaten, probably. I'm glad the first human you met was one of the nice ones, though.
No. 805083 ID: 8a947d
File 149610156820.png - (115.53KB , 1212x826 , Sleep it off 2.png )

Issei: i'd assume the thief i let go made that rhyme, who knows it was a long time ago.

Issei: so what about you ? all i know about you is you're on the run from voodoo men and you want to reset the world, but there's got to be more to you than that.

is there anything from your past you can share ?
No. 805085 ID: 3abd97

Tell Issei a tale of home.
No. 805088 ID: 91ee5f

Tell a tale of how because of genetics, you ended up inheriting your mother's feminine curves. Which resulted in you being hit on by a lot of guys in high school because they thought you were a girl.
No. 805089 ID: db0da2

Tell him about that time you won that rap battle.
No. 805093 ID: 8a947d
File 149610558430.png - (176.88KB , 1212x826 , Sleep it off 3.png )

You: Well, I lived in Daesfield for a good portion of my life, Pagan community built into the side of a mountain.

Issei: why is it called daesFIELD if its built into a mountain ?

You: guess nobody really like the name Daes-mountain. Anyway my life was pretty normal, even with the wraps I have to wear nobody really cared since pagan dress-code is pretty odd.

You: The person in my life that really made a big impression on me was my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, tied his soul to a statue using an old pagan ritual, he used to tell me about how the world use to be lush with green trees and plants until the disaster.

Issei: i've heard of that too, so it was true ?

You: Yes, it wasn't peaceful but it's better than it was now. Aside from that my childhood wasn't anything special.

You: The one thing I remember the most were the potatoes, Daesfield grew tones of potatoes. Hell I should be sick of the things by now, but I always crave the damn things and I can never find them anywhere else.

Issei: did you get hit on a lot ?

You: Odd question but no, I was never much of a ladies man...

Issei: i meant by guys

You:...No? Why would you ask that.

Issei: i'm just saying you filled out that dress pretty well.


No. 805094 ID: 3abd97

>did you get hit on a lot?
I think Lyda hit on you while you were wearing the dress. Some gals are into that!
No. 805098 ID: 91ee5f

>i'm just saying you filled out that dress pretty well.
Mother, why must I be cursed with your wondrous curves? They send the wrong messages to everyone I meet!
No. 805131 ID: 8a947d
File 149612206507.png - (2.94KB , 1212x826 , whats up ad hoc.png )

No. 805132 ID: 8a947d
File 149612221819.png - (34.74KB , 1212x826 , Darker and Darker Still 1.png )

Boss: So, two more of our men have failed

Shorty: Their life signals disappeared mid air, they're dead for sure.

Shorty: Should I...

Boss: No, don't revive them yet, let them suffer at the Crossroads a little longer...

No. 805135 ID: 8a947d
File 149612263526.png - (71.68KB , 1212x826 , Darker and Darker Still 2.png )

Boss: What I do want is for you to ready the dark gate, It seems I need something a little less human to get this job done.

Boss: Get that piece of bandage we found at the weapons shop and prepare the ritual.

Shorty: Gotcha Boss!

Boss: I don't care what ya do Slim just don't get yourself killed. We have company and I don't want to have to bring one of you sorry sacks back to life

No. 805137 ID: 8a947d
File 149612294587.png - (29.38KB , 1212x826 , Darker and Darker Still 3.png )

Boss: Now, you know why I brought you here.

Boss: We are getting close to capturing our own large piece of Azerite.

???: And you want me to help you catch if your goons screw up again?

Boss: You know it, now we can't stay in Itsdin for much longer so I'm going to need your help doing some heavy lifting.

???: Of course! did ya know fish can't feel pain Boss?

???: At least that's what I've heard...

No. 805138 ID: 8a947d
File 149612311381.png - (58.00KB , 1212x826 , Darker and Darker Still 4.png )

???: Braving such a hostile environment full of odd and unknown creatures they can't afford to feel pain!

???: Through any sort of danger or trouble they survivor and ignore any discomfort.

???: We should all strive to be more like fish! They're far superior to us.

Boss: Hmmm, whatever you say.[/i]
No. 805139 ID: 8a947d
File 149612342869.png - (90.33KB , 1212x826 , Darker and Darker Still 5.png )

Shorty: Boss, It'll be ready in a few minutes. With that Pagan's bandage it'll be able to track them to no end.

Boss: Good, get ready Shorty we'll be moving out of Itsdin soon.

Boss: That pagan will be in the ground after we're done with him, and well have that AZERITE in no time.

No. 805140 ID: 8a947d

here's the quest discussion for anyone that has any questions.

and here's me shilling my tumblr.
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