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File 149789726695.png - (268.85KB , 800x600 , title.png )
809039 No. 809039 ID: 395c02

This quest is NSFW. 

Thread one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html 

Thread two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html 

Thread three: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/743976.html

Thread four: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/771470.html
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No. 835845 ID: 91ee5f

Go to Eye Cream!
No. 836020 ID: 395c02
File 150777920952.png - (115.00KB , 900x600 , 985.png )

You briefly consider applying a little 'Love Yourself' to yourself, but with everything so dark it's not really any better than closing your eyes and pretending you're in a mall while safely in your bedroom.

That and... you've messed up enough stuff thinking with your Tilde today. Running through the mall naked is one thing (the mammal taboos are stupid!!), but the more you think of the potential consequences of actually masturbating in public, the more your EXHIBITIONISM is overwritten by your DESIRE TO NOT DO SOMETHING SUPER DUMB (AGAIN).

So yeah.

This ice cream is really good, though.

>Ohno! It's dark! You sure hope you don't run into anyone naked in the dark and get accidentally groped while you're naked!
So far any contact has been brief and met with apologies. Not sure how you feel about that.

>Email yourself a copy [of the couple doing it on camera].
Why would you mail yourself a copy? If anything, you'd ask Siphon to hand you a videotape! But... maybe you've invaded their privacy enough. E-even if they did want someone to watch them, having a recording of it feels a little wrong.

Besides, you're in this for the romance, not to watch random people have sex! They're likely to start showing up at LOVE YOURSELF. You can use that time to get to know them better. Do this the right way.

>Ceri, you fool! Can't you see that Gulketi had Skif's shirt? Gulketi forcibly took Skif's shirt off!
You seriously doubt a tiny ketza could force anyone to do anything. You should know, since you spent time as one!

...Then again, when you first met Gulketi you felt psychic magic in the air. Psychic magic shouldn't be able to directly control people, but your current form implies that there's more to magic than what's in textbooks. You don't think...?

No wait. This is Skif we're talking about. No way it wasn't voluntary.

>Better idea! Smell for Skif!
There's too many distinct smells/tastes in the air to actually seek him out! Maybe if you had practice, or were actually a snake-person, but this is your first time in this form!

>Ceri yell out into the mall that "Everyone should take their clothes off so they don't get caught on anything and get torn up." If someone beats you to it, you should enthusiastically agree with them. Use your Appeal Boost.
Using the APPEAL BOOST means taking down the TILDE GATE. Your lust would become nigh-uncontrollable if you did that. You don't want to make any more mistakes today, so you'll pass. But, if someone else already said something, what harm is there in agreeing with them? Yeah! Solid logic!

(even with the gate your strong desire to get someone/ANYONE to fertilize your eggs combined with the emotions swirling around in your mind may have pretty much tanked your ability to be remotely logical and now you're going to do more dumb things and ruin everything even more and-- ceri no don't hate on yourself you need to cheer up and have fun just say it have fun dammit have fun)

"What they said!" you say.

"What?" you hear a voice reply.

"Are you mental?" another says.

"Does literally nobody around here know fire magic good gods," comes a third.

You speak out, "I'm just saying! Someone other than me, a completely normal and upstanding citizen, probably said we should take off our clothing so they don't get torn up in the darkness. And I think it's a good idea! For the safety of our clothing."

A flurry of replies are heard:

"Well I'm sold!"

"No! Not on my watch!"

"You can't 'watch' shit, dude! Dumbass mammals think you have night vision or some shit. Runnin' around like you own the damn place."

"A mammal literally owns the deed to this mall."

"Nobody cares!"

"It's you reptilians who spread corruption to the masses with your rampant nudity and sexual activity!"
No. 836022 ID: 395c02
File 150777923861.png - (120.52KB , 900x600 , 986.png )

Hey! Below the belt, random guy! Wait-- are you a stereotype????

...Y-you're a dragon, not a reptilian. Yeah, that means it's not stereotypical.

The dialog continues:

"Yeah! At least the birdfolk are happy to maintain proper social order!"

"Bullshit. They just don't complain because they're nice. Too nice, if you ask me."

"Wow, implying that all avians are the same."

"Look at this loser implying they're not!"

"Oh my god will you all just shut up."

"Mods! I mean. Guards! Do something!"

"This is a sign from the divine! Rid yourselves of mortal clothing! Bathe in the light of your nudity, so you may see in this literally dark time!"

"Buddy you are in for a world of pain once I figure out what direction your voice is coming from."

"Why I oughta...!"

"Your stupid...!"

They're just arguing senselessly now. Man, you've a lot of work to do if you want to be the benevolent draconic overlord to a utopian society. You decide to tune them out and do some more thinking. Is it weird that your thought process consists mostly of you talking to yourself?

>[Polymorphing into this form is something] you did before you were forced against your will through a weird dimensional vortex. So it probably has nothing to do with that after all! It's probably because you have such a powerful mind; you've always (well, usually) been a smart girl.
Oh! That's true, isn't it? Was turning into not-Daatra the tipping point that trained you past the mortal limit? But that can't be right. Your POLY is well past the point of being trained through use alone, and surely such a mundane transformation wasn't enough to push you past the limit.

...Unless your polymorph always goes up through use... but what would have caused...

No. 836024 ID: 395c02
File 150777926501.png - (212.38KB , 800x600 , 987.png )

The battle with Eezeryh's robot. You unleashed your D, then put all of that energy into POLYMORPH. With that, you were able to transform despite being in the anti-magic field. And then you had amazing dragon sex AUGH FOCUS

You were so caught up in everything that followed that you never really took a moment to realize...

Holy shit.

You hadn't surpassed mortal limits just now-- You've been past it the entire time. The only thing holding you back was yourself!

That's why you can stay polymorphed so long. That's why you were able to grow to a staggering 38 feet on the first try when using GIANT GROWTH.

The implications are a little... overwhelming.


...W-Where were you?

>It's time to wrap things up.
You know, damn it! If you don't find Gulketi soon, you might have to give up and leave the mall empty-handed. It's not like you can't go to the UNDERWATER BASE later and get your stuff from Gulketi then.

Honestly, it probably doesn't matter at this point. You didn't exactly get here without being seen, but running around naked was exhilarating, so you're tempted to call it a success anyway. It felt so great to run around and not feel like you have to be ashamed of your own body. Even if it's not actually your body.

fueling your exhibitionism was a nice plus, too

You've no shame in your body, not even your lizard-breasts. But it can be hard to ignore the stigma the mammals have put on the very things that feed their children. That the response to your stunt is mostly bemusement... well, it's a hopeful first step, at least.

Anyway. You're not sure where to go from here, so--
No. 836025 ID: 395c02
File 150777927913.png - (42.33KB , 800x600 , 988.png )



Unless Prince Chei saved himself and made it to the mall somehow, that has to be Gulketi! It came from the food court!

You run (slither?) there as swiftly as possible!


Okay! Made it.  Now what?

Wait-- that scent. Skif!

And the person with him... Gulketi! And they're headed towards the smell of-- OH NO

No. 836026 ID: 395c02
File 150777929814.png - (126.63KB , 800x600 , 989.png )

"What the-- fucking seriously!? Again!?"


The uh. The lights came back on. SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS THE RIGHT WAY.

You wave meekly. Think Ceri, think! How do you get out of this!? Or... into this...?

W-what do you do!?
No. 836031 ID: 0d1514

No. 836032 ID: 600f38

It's not awkward f you're also having sex!
Slam the door shut with your tail, demorph, and APPEAL BOOST.
"Quickly, Skif! I need you inside me!"
No. 836034 ID: ae9b99

QUICK, Portal everyone in this room outside! again!
No. 836035 ID: 6cd244

No. 836036 ID: a363ac

NOOOOO don't get into them... yet. take your dildo Skif, and Gulketi by the collar and drag them out of the mall
No. 836042 ID: c6cf6a

That was really rude of them, apologize to the nice lizards and drag your friends naked through the mall to the exit. Naked adventures shouldn't spoil other people's fun, they obviously can't be trusted to do it responsibly. It's okay that you're all naked and they're both erect because half the mall took off their clothes too. Make sure to stare at the glory you guys have wrought in the way out, because this many naked people in one place is a sight you won't see again anytime soon.
No. 836050 ID: 6cd244

>>836034 >>836035
>>836036 >>836042 >>836049
So the obvious compromise to "portal everyone out" and "go look at all the people in the rest of the mall" is clearly... Panic and portal everyone in the room to the middle of the mall!
No. 836053 ID: 830fb7

Inform them about the camera above them that has been recording this whole time to see their reactions.
No. 836054 ID: f268c5

Discover a forgotten school of magic, Pastamancy.
No. 836059 ID: 91ee5f

>Everyone saying portal out.
No! You fools are doing it wrong!

Grab Gulketi and Skif, turn on D-Burst, and Teleport all 3 of you out of the Mall, right now!
No. 836067 ID: 314bcd

Oh hey Skif and Gulketi.

Ever so slowwwwly back out of the room looking the couple dead in the eyes saying "sooooorryyyyy."

Head to the roof to recuperate. Create a portal as you exit the door.

No. 836069 ID: 3ce125

Guys the lights are back on we can't go back out into the mall.

Apologize, close the door and lock it, then D-BURST and portal the three of you out to a private location so you can put on your clothes. Or not put clothes on, and take out your tilde on Skif. Not sure what to do about Gulketi since he can't hold his polymorph during the act. Maybe he can go back home and get some help from Siphon.

I was about to support teleporting for a change of pace, but we can't teleport other people.
No. 836071 ID: 91ee5f

>I was about to support teleporting for a change of pace, but we can't teleport other people.
You're right. Normally, we can't teleport others with us.

But I'm suggesting we D-Burst and then teleport! D-Bursting should boost Ceri's teleporting powers to the point that she can bring other people with her!
No. 836072 ID: 094652

Knock them out, polymorph into one and have Skif wear the clothes of the other.
No. 836076 ID: c9278f

Are they still going at it?! How do they have this much stamina!?
We ARE getting their contact details and we (us and Skif) are becoming their apprentices!
Also their naked, your naked, Skifs naked, Gulketi isssss here so we can't actually do anything without destroying the mall Godamnit!
Wait Siphon is still around! She can deal with Gulketi while you and Skif "introduce" yourselves.
No. 836105 ID: 3fb646

Hug the boys and Portal to the mall roof after quickly apologizing.

Worry about their clothes later. Or not and let off that pressure you've been holding back.
No. 836113 ID: fe7355

Shove all your tilde thoughts aside. You three's presence has pancaked the mood here and it's not possibly coming back until y'all leave. If you try to insert yourself, let alone all three of you, into what should be this couple's private encounter, it sounds like the lady'll rip you a new asshole. So stow the lewd until y'all are out of the mall, okay.

Also don't throw around a bunch of powerful, dragon-tier magic, or magic from outside one class in front of random people. The more you show off, the more risk folk'll put things together and come to a dragon-shaped conclusion.

Realize that Skif and Gulketi don't know who you are in this form, which you can use to your advantage so this couple doesn't think y'all are in cahoots. Tell 'em to turn around, don't look and get out, physically pushing them out if they aren't quick enough, while you yourself avert your eyes and turn around. Quickly say to the couple you smelled sensed those two heading this way, tried to stop them before they entered and were too late, which you're sorry for. Say you'll set the lock on the door for them and close it when you leave, and ask if they want the lights left on or not. There should be a light switch next to the door you can flick for them if they want it dark in here.

Once you're outside, whisper to Skif and Gulketi that you're Ceri and... Finally notice Skif is naked... And erect... Dammit, you want him to tie you down and have his way with you right-Fuck! Focus, Ceri! Tell him to get his pants back on so he doesn't get banned from the mall for walking about with his boner on full display.

Whisper to 'em to head out the south entrance and meet you in the bushes on the east side of the mall, then portal-contact Siphon to tell her to go there to meet up. You'll shift your boobs and genitals away so the guards don't get all up your business and head out the north entrance. Once y'all are safely hidden by the shrubbery, shift to your normal form, FINALLY get your pack back from Gulketi and put your clothes on. Then pull Skif into a embrace, kiss him and tell him that he's a good boyfriend for coming to help you and you love him.
No. 836124 ID: 27600a

Grab Skif and Gulketi, apologise for stumbling in on the nice couple and scoot out of there.
No. 836126 ID: 100607

Ceri, this is all your fault. Think of this poor couple and the grief you've caused them. Portaling away or just leaving wouldn't fix anything and would be an extremely selfish thing to do. They would still have no mood, plus they wouldn't be able to trust using that room ever again. You have to fix this, and you have to do it the right way.

Apologise to the pair and tell them that you'll get them back in the mood in no time. Then proceed to have sex with Skif.

(Besides, it's only fair that they get to see you since you got to see them)
No. 836148 ID: be0718

Hypnotize everyone with your snake hips!
No. 836153 ID: 33b7e7

Well, you found Gulketi and Skif, so mission complete and you can poof back to your normal form so that your two boys recognize you. Then grab them by the shoulders and portal the three of you to the roof.

Once you're up there, ask Gulketi if he happens to have psychic magic that can erase that couple's memory of the last few seconds so they can get back to what they were doing without a spoiled mood.
No. 836154 ID: be0718

If we poof back now, they might recognize us when we start working at Love Yourself! Also, we're still naked! We can't declare this mission OLISHBBIS (Over Like It Should Have Been Before It Started) until we re-acquire our Ceridwearables!
No. 836155 ID: 56fca5

Do we really need to D-Burst to portal out of the mall? We aren't that far from the exterior, I imagine. Just portal the 3 of you out.
No. 836156 ID: 8c51fa

Well, ain't that a twist of fate? Our goal is finally within reach, but we can't get this over with yet due to a number of problems.

Problem: Skif won't want to leave the mall without giving you your clothes back.

Problem: You can't go back through the mall without your clothes.

Problem: Skif won't give you your clothes if he doesn't recognize you.

Problem: You don't to reveal your identity in front of this couple, so you can't shapeshift back to normal here.

Problem: You can't use portal magic here either. People already know that the boobnaga can shapeshift and they might realize your true identity if they see her using another kind of magic.

It looks like you can't leave without revealing your identity, and can't reveal your identity without leaving. Quite the sticky wicket we've gotten ourselves into, isn't it?


"Hey, I think I know you! You're Skif, right? Ceridwen asked me to find you for her. I'm Sila."
There, you've got a plausible reason to work together with Skif and you don't have to reveal your identity for it.

Then, when he asks what you're planning to do now or where Ceri is or something along those lines, say that you don't really know what comes next but Ceri told you she'd be watching your progress somehow.
While you're saying this, however, open up a portal beneath the three of you to somewhere outside the mall and at least somewhat secluded. Make sure to act surprised when you do this so it looks like it's being done to you instead of by you.

After the three of you unexpectedly fall all over each other, you can close the portal and see if it's safe to finally reveal your identity to Skif and Gulketi.

If anyone asks how you know Ceridwen or comments on your smell or anything like that, you can just act embarrassed and deflect the question by saying you don't want to talk about it now. It shouldn't be hard to look flustered in this situation.
No. 836168 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, that'll work. I'm voting for this!
No. 836173 ID: 16ae2c


Save the D-burst for practicing later, instead...

Use a good chunk of MP to better success a portaling the three of you to the roof to regroup! Because Siphon will be there. Yeah.
And you could also complete Siphon's mission.
and by using a ton of mp, you can pretend to be helpless at Skif's mercy

When you're on the roof, sneak some ceiling level portal to witness the mall.
No. 836176 ID: 2fe26a

Tell them you saw them on the mall cameras! That will either re-ignite the mood or save them from further embarrassment.
No. 836197 ID: adb0d6

Portal yourself, Skif, and Gulketi for roofcuperation.

But um,

you might want to let those two know that there's a camera in this room. If they ask why, you overheard a modguard freaking out over their situation.
No. 836199 ID: c88e6d

Quick, grab Skiff and Gulketi and portal all three of you outside. Apologize profusely and recommend they invest in DOORLOCKS.
No. 836203 ID: fe7355

In addendum to this: When you tell 'em that you're Ceri, discreetly form a small communications portal where just they can see. The fact that you can use portal magic as well as polymorph magic (which you obviously can use because of the exotic form you're in,) should be enough to convince them you are Ceridwen.
No. 836258 ID: 0c84a3

apologize then portals
No. 836272 ID: 0c84a3

wait a minute... gulteki's version of that last post was in color, yours isn't... why would the artist draw that twice when it's the same camera angle, unless...

Ceri, is your naga morph colorblind?
No. 836287 ID: 91ee5f

The artist doing Gulketi Quest isn't Slinko. It's obviously a different person.
No. 836290 ID: 0c84a3

...i didn't actually know that.
No. 837173 ID: 395c02
File 150817490870.png - (105.17KB , 800x600 , 990.png )

"S-sorry! Again! Third time, maybe!"
"You're both very pretty!" Gulketi speeps.

"Not really the time for compliments!" you spee--k right back. "Hey! You're Skif!"


"Nice dick! Wait I mean hi I'm uh um Sila!"

"Hi Ceri~!" Gulketi says.

Skif blinks. "That smell... oh! It is you, isn't--"

No. 837174 ID: 395c02
File 150817493517.gif - (79.82KB , 800x600 , 991.gif )

Gulketi hugs you for no goddamn reason!?

He rubs his tiny ketza face against yourrrRRRNNnn

With great effort, you stop yourself from making the sounds one would make when something soft and warm brushes against one's most sensitive area while they're at 70% tilde. In your moment of vulnerability you instinctively grab your breasts and now you hate yourself a little bit.

Your neurons plead desperately for you to ignore a tiny poke among the soft feathers.

"S-speep! Sorry! Didn't mean to rub you there! And um also there. Oh gosh is this what Chei goes through how does he get anything done ever SORRY TO MAKE YOU BLUSH"

He hugs you again, making the same mistake he literally just made. You glare at him as hard as you can. Which isn't very hard because his tiny little face is so cute you immediately feel bad.

Yeah, there's no salvaging this. Time to call it a day.

The male lizard speaks. "So you brought friends now!? What kind of sick pervert are you!?"

"You two are the ones having sex in a mall!" you object. "Also, there's a camera."


You PORTAL everyone to the roof before they have a chance to respond. The fresh air never smelled so sweet.
No. 837175 ID: 395c02
File 150817497989.png - (734.26KB , 800x600 , 992.png )



"My backpack."


PAR TIME - 0:25:00

Unlocked medal: Had an emotional epiphany (or five)!
Unlocked medal: Guess I'm (a) snake now!
Unlocked medal: Love for Love Yourself (Made friends with Kharadra)!
Unlocked medal: Gear!

Medal missed: Have sex in the vent and have the entire mall know you're there, which would have meant getting caught but oh gods the exhibitionism!
Medal missed: Get through the mall without doing something stupid that damages your seal!
Medal missed: Must Be Night Time Love (Love Yourself in the dark!)!

And with that, it's over. You've made so many mistakes and bad decisions in such a short period of time. You hurt Daatra. You put yourself at unneeded risk. You damaged the one thing keeping you and everyone around you safe from the dragon inside you. And you might have ruined that poor couple’s day (though you get the feeling they secretly enjoy getting caught).

But some good came from it all. You bonded with Siphon. You learned to be a little more okay with your emotions. You realized the importance of the bonds you share over trying to be 'compassionate' or 'self-serving'. You even got to run around freely, albeit in a form not your own.

No. 837176 ID: 395c02
File 150817500498.gif - (734.26KB , 800x600 , 993.gif )

You get to spend a moment admiring your handiwork. A lot more people are embracing nudity than you expected! A lot the mammals are upset, of course, but some seem to be joining in.


"Wow, pretty chaotic in there, huh?" Skif asks. "S-sure are a lot of naked people. Weren't you going to do something less crazy?"

You lightly punch Skif's shoulder. "Like you're one to talk! You're as naked as I am!"

"That's because Gulketi took off my clothes!"

"And you didn't think to stop him?? He's not even a meter tall!"

"He made some convincing arguments!"

"Speep~!" Gulketi says.


"Heehee. Yeah, I guess I can't argue with that."

Your long snake-mouth curls into a slight smile. Yeah, this was the dumbest thing you've done in ages. It may yet be the most stupid thing you'll ever do. But it awakened something that had been festering in the people of this town for who knows how long. For the first time, someone had thought to challenge the mammals on their taboos. To challenge the very idea of 'normal'.
It's a small start to a far greater plan. To show the world that dragons can be good. To redeem the Dragon Riders into Dragon Knights. And to spread Kharadra's message that it's okay to love yourself, through your flaws and mistakes, even if your concept of 'beauty' differs from the world's.

But you're getting ahead of yourself. For now, you have to deal with Dad (who might still be upset with you), make amends with Daatra, and help Kharadra. All while saving up for any equipment you might need.

You're going to need a clear head. You can't afford to be distracted with thoughts of egg-laying and sex. Not to the degree you have been.
"So where are you going from here, Gulketi?" you ask. "Need a portal back down?"

"Speep! I would appreciate a portal down eventually but I don't want to trouble you or anything also you also look really pretty like that and you're almost as soft as I am which is really really soft I should know I've felt me and also Chei."

Skif gestures at him. "How could anyone not do literally everything this guy says!?"

He's so small. So vulnerable.


"Gulketi, say something dommy," you comman-- submissively suggest.

"oh speep um hey how about we take care of our mutual tildes if you don't mind"
No. 837177 ID: 395c02
File 150817502795.png - (162.93KB , 800x600 , 994.png )

You oblige him.

There were two passing thoughts of things to try in this form. You do both at once. After making some adjustments to your size of course. The lovely aquatic woman who's totally not your mom would approve. your mom probably would too but you don't want to think about that stop thinking about that

But... even with your great skill, you can't lay eggs while polymorphed.

Oh well. There's just no helping it. Once you're done here, you're going to have to find somewhere private with Skif...

...And see just how well this Dragon Knight can tame his queen~
No. 837201 ID: 562244

You have failed to get the lizard couples names or contact details. The incredible skills they had shown may now be lost to us.
Oh well there's always Siphon, and Mom and Dad!
No. 837211 ID: 0c84a3


For some reason this line immediately brings to mind Abridged Mr Popo shouting "THREE HOURS!" which led to me picturing the entire recap read in his voice.
No. 837212 ID: 4854ef

>For the first time, someone had thought to challenge the mammals on their taboos. To challenge the very idea of 'normal'.
It's a small start to a far greater plan. To show the world that dragons can be good.

It's not going to be so good for the Mammals now is it? But if you really want to see most of the Mammals move out of town just because you want to prod their traditions and taboo's just because you wanna be naked.

Not going to stop your desire for "Lizard Supremacy" going on there.
No. 837223 ID: 314bcd

You have an awesome tale to tell to people in the future from this trip, which is pretty good.
No. 837234 ID: 0c84a3

Wanting one cultures views to stop being forced onto other cultures isn't fighting for supremacy, it's fighting against oppression.

If mammals in this world want to wear clothes, fine, it's their choice. But they shouldn't be forcing their views onto other races. If some folks want to be nudists, let em.
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