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File 149897122310.png - (25.30KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest1.png )
811795 No. 811795 ID: 241143


>Now What?
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No. 811796 ID: ba506f

examine self

examine room
No. 811797 ID: f97b68

Observe self.

Observe surroundings.
No. 811799 ID: 241143
File 149897287458.png - (28.16KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest2.png )

>The 'Self' is a metaphysical concept pertaining to, or of, a sense of identity, a singular organism as an individual which is capable of identifying itself as an individual in the first place. This includes gender, orientation, thoughts, and beliefs.

> Room is an endlessly recurring location surrounded by an unknown area, looping eternally to produce slightly different but ultimately similar locales. Looping differs based upon the last room that one was present in, so extended looping may result in the 'room' looking very different. There is also the chance of running into other individuals within the room(s).
No. 811801 ID: ba506f

>There is also the chance of running into other individuals within the room(s).

You mean like the glow pair of yellow eyes in the black box above you?
No. 811802 ID: 241143
File 149897542699.png - (32.27KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest3.png )

>The approximate number of 'eyes' in a given room is entirely up to the discretion of the beings currently present within the room.

>There is currently my Self within this specific room. The window to the outside void, a location aptly named for it's lack of environment and light sources, plays host to a plethora of other selves of differing personality and irritability. While entering the void is possible, it is not suggested due to the difference in strength between this Self and the other lesser known selves.

>Also it smells like 3 week old underpants. Blech.
No. 811804 ID: b27cac

Retrieve arms from self.
No. 811807 ID: ba506f

go see what's on the other side of the room
No. 811808 ID: 241143
File 149897836371.png - (40.12KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest4.png )

>The 'Self' has arms, of course. Hidden, naturally, until they're needed, sometimes displayed as full arms, sometimes merely as spherical 'hands'

>The Self goes to investigate the other side of the room.

>The Self has entered a new Room.
No. 811810 ID: ba506f

examine orb

examine end table
No. 811812 ID: 241143
File 149897941862.png - (46.41KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest5.png )

>Examining the orb causes it to speak, more than likely some profound sort of wisdom. Whatever it is that they speak, this self is not savvy with the language to be precise. It is more than likely just a short quip of something that it had heard before. Orbs are the most gravity efficient shape, so it's quite easy for them to retain things, information included.

>The End Table is made up of incredibly simple pieces, approximately 8 lines and a panel to keep the orb up. Removing just one line could cause the whole facade to drop.
No. 811817 ID: ba506f

whelp might as well take the orb
No. 811820 ID: 241143
File 149898177941.png - (36.47KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest6.png )

>The Self takes the orb. Having nowhere else to put it, it is simply ingested and will soon become assimilated into the self. This is of course how one usually processes things. It should be completely absorbed by the next viewpoint, or as it is more commonly known to those here, next panel.

>The 'End Table' is now a collection of unbalanced lines. The slightest touch will send it clattering over. Which is only fitting.
No. 811822 ID: ba506f

so do you gain the orbs knowledge, will your gut start talking to you from now on, or will nothing happen?

Anyways let's head back and see how many yellow eyes have shown up since we left.
No. 811823 ID: 241143
File 149898362789.png - (37.24KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest7.png )

>To absorb something allows the self to evolve and change as a person, growing and forming something new and unique, which means that one appears quite different, but usually not too much.

>To say that something can be returned to in this endless array of Rooms is a falsehood. After all, all of these rooms are the same room, and leaving one room leaves it forever, at least to this self.
No. 811825 ID: ba506f

well then next panel
No. 811829 ID: d79f26

break table into components. a top and 4 legs. wield one leg as weapon.
No. 811832 ID: b27cac

If the first letter is same as the first letter of the sixth word, I think the orb's words translates to
"What is lost is
found when no
one is looking"
No. 811845 ID: b27cac

Oh and admire the changes to your form. You are an excellent wiggle.
No. 811857 ID: ca661e

Well since we aren't looking for anything right now I guess we've found it
No. 811876 ID: 241143
File 149902200208.png - (46.31KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest8.png )

>The amalgamation of lines collapsed easily into 9 separated lines. Wielding one as a weapon or tool was simple enough, the only problem now being to determine whether this is a blade or a club.

> In most senses of the word, a change to the self indicates one growing as a person, understanding who they were in the past and beginning to change as they move towards the future.

>The old room is left behind, and a new room is entered upon.
No. 811878 ID: 91ee5f

The changes to self also represent you becoming EXTRA THICC!!!
No. 811879 ID: 3abd97

Perhaps the weapon's status as a blade or club is context dependent, or subjective?

And yes, you grew as a person. You grew into a person with impressive thighs.
No. 811882 ID: ba506f

examine the floating triangle
No. 811886 ID: 241143
File 149902319959.png - (256.78KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest9.png )

>The 'Self' has become aware of the concept of 'thicc thighs'. They are not quite sure what to make of this development, but find it ultimately unimportant, maybe, probably.

>Upon being observed, the Eye of Truth closes. Whether this is symbolic or not has yet to be seen in and of it's entirety.
No. 811887 ID: ba506f

absorb the eye of truth
No. 811888 ID: 3abd97

Pet the eye of truth.
No. 811893 ID: 876473

The Self has not yet discovered truth, therefore the truth is hidden behind... something?

Whatever. Just wiggle your hips to entice the Eye, maybe? Idfk
No. 811895 ID: 241143
File 149902430503.png - (41.23KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest10.png )

>As further interaction with the Eye of Truth proved futile, seeing as the only sense of interaction it has with the outside world is now closed off in it's entirety, absorption proves to be the ultimatum, after a bit of patting, prodding, and hip-wiggling.

>The Self has developed enough that the next growth can be specialized. How should the self grow?
No. 811901 ID: 3abd97

The Self should grow lengthwise. Extrude longer tail length.
No. 811902 ID: a363ac

Gain personality : dominate
No. 811903 ID: 876473

Uh... Legs? Or maybe horns. Also if you grow legs then I suggest keeping the tail. The long THICC tail.
No. 811904 ID: 876473

Aw man. I didn't even think about that. Let's grow mentally instead of physically. Yeah, gain personality.
No. 811910 ID: 241143
File 149902723182.png - (48.13KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest11.png )

>To say that one develops physically or mentally is a falsehood within the rooms, simply due to the reason that both are interchangeable. Mentality shapes the physicality, and physicality shapes the mentality. Growth yields evolution on both sides, a rapid change to appearance, familiar, yet different.

:abstractaicon: ; Yet here I speak for the first time. Who am I?
No. 811917 ID: ba506f

No. 811919 ID: 3abd97

You are an Abstraction of Self
No. 811920 ID: 876473

I suggest Phylax. No particular reason.
No. 811923 ID: a363ac

you are what you chose to be with our guidence
No. 811925 ID: 600f38

It appears your name is Abstracta, but what you are is for you to decide.
No. 811927 ID: d79f26

feel like a... phymosa

the yellow eyes have come to observe you again.
No. 811929 ID: 241143
File 149903076052.png - (51.35KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest12.png )

:AbstractaIcon: ; Phymosa. A mixture of the previous selections, I presume. Hermosa and Phylax, yes? It is a good choice. Abstracta appears to be a temporary signifier, referring to the 'Self' which is me, due to it being an abstract concept overall. As I am being given this choice but ultimately am influenced by you, Phymosa is what I will choose. It takes aspects from all suggestions thus far.

>The 'Eyes' of the other selves grow in number as they are mentioned, peering in from the outer void. Notably due to the setup of the lines and shapes, it appears this particular window has been specialized to be 'inset' allowing some distance to be placed between the room and the void, as well as giving the illusion of depth and thickness to the room's walls.
No. 811933 ID: 600f38

Can you convert the table and one of its legs into a sword?
No. 811937 ID: ba506f

use the table to block the hole in the wall, then move to the next panel
No. 811938 ID: 876473

So you are Phymosa. Can it be assumed that you have preferences, then? What is it you value?

And to the "Selves": Are you non-hostile? If you are, feel free to cross over and introduce yourselves.
No. 811950 ID: 91ee5f

Maybe they came to admire your thicc curves?

By the way, how do you choose to be identified? Male, female, or something else?
No. 811956 ID: 241143
File 149903409246.png - (87.78KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest13.png )

> As the self is already holding a line, they cannot remove the ovoid and a line from the small table abstraction to create something new. Additionally, when addressed properly, the eyes peering inside seem to vanish all at once. Finding nothing else to do, Phymosa moves on to the next room.

> The Self has entered a new Room, leaving the old one behind.

:abstractaicon: ; I do not know what it is I identify as. I will leave that choice up to you. As for what it is that I value, I am also unsure. You may choose to influence me in that manner as well. As it stands, the only thing I am aware of is that I am, how you say, 'Thicc', and that I have a Dominating personality. What this means for both myself and others, I am not sure.
No. 811962 ID: ace108

Observe the thing upon the object. Is it another self? An Other? Or is it like the orb? Something to be taken, perhaps? Or to interact with?
No. 811963 ID: 3abd97

Your Self appears female to my Self, for what it's worth.

Is the horned head there another object, or a Self with which you can communicate? It superficially resembles your self- a black head with a colored eye.
No. 811966 ID: 600f38

Engage in Water Cooler talk with the other being.

You're a shape changer. You've taken on a feminine appearance, but your actual sex is likely not fixed. If sex is even a trait that applies.
No. 811975 ID: a363ac

use dominating personality to make the red self your minion
No. 811976 ID: ace108

Skipping a few steps there, we should know more about it first.
No. 811977 ID: 876473

To me, you are identified closest to a female gender, as your physical features such as your curves and EXTRA THICC thighs are rather feminine in my Self's eyes.

Also, it is in my Self's opinion that you are a living creature, and in my Self's opinion; living creatures can consume (and on occasion: NEED to consume) water; and my Self believes that object to be a Water Cooler, which contains water. Will you consume the water?

See if you need that odd-looking shape's permission (or opinion) on whether you are allowed to drink the water or not.
No. 811978 ID: a3c4b1

Pour yourself a glass of water. Are you thirsty?
No. 811986 ID: be0718

Dominate water cooler. You's da biggest, so you's in charge 'ere.
No. 811987 ID: e84b18

If that vase like object is in-fact a vase, carefully open it. If living creature, attept communication.
No. 811988 ID: 241143
File 149904049674.png - (92.86KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest14.png )

> The self known as Phymosa procures a small temporary glass from which to drunk water from the Water Cooler. Far less abstract than the previous buildings, messing with this too much will cause it to collapse into a mass of desaturated color masses. The other 'Self' takes a seat as this happens and watches.

:conceptaicon: ; You have certainly chosen to develop quite a bit. Gone from a mere concept module to approaching a living, breathing organism. a thought based organism of course but an organism nonetheless. Is that what you want?

:abstractaicon: ; I do not know. I have been altered by outside forces which are both perceivable and non perceivable at the same time. Is this what the idea of fate is?

:conceptaicon: ; Is that what you wish fate to be?

:abstractaicon: ; I do not know. Do you know?

:conceptaicon: ; Fate is whatever I wish it to be. If all things are destined to happen before they do, then there is no free will. At the same time if something does not happen because someone chose not to do something, and they knew it would happen if they did, that is free will. So is Fate free will? or is Fate Predestined? I say it's both.
No. 811993 ID: 600f38

Fate requires that some greater force have a vested interest in your actions and direct events according to some design.
This is quite possibly the most terrifying idea possible, as it requires the existence of something which is both omnipotent and extremely petty.
This is, however, academic. As long as no absolute evidence exists of predestination there is no internal difference between a universe with free will and one without.
No. 811994 ID: be0718

Domination achieved. Proceeding to next step: Enhance knockers.
No. 811995 ID: 51aede

I feel that Fate is a mixture of both Free Will and Predetermination - while the journey will always end in the same way, we can choose the route to that end
No. 811996 ID: ace108

This is unfortunate as I know for a fact we Suggestions are semi-omnipotent and very petty.
No. 811997 ID: 3abd97

Our being fate would require more certainty or other absolutes, I would think. Interactions or influence are on a level below that.

Do you object to our outside influence on your Self, Phymosa?
No. 812002 ID: a363ac

So if I control you I control your fate and was always destined too.
No. 812006 ID: 094652

Fate's an incalculable predestination - you simply don't know why things will happen, only that they will. Such factors can be calculated by those with more information and intelligence, but the equation might be so complex and the process so intertwined in the multiverse, that even the entire cosmos working as one big supercomputer might not be enough to get it done.

But we happen to be outside your universe, with the answers given to us in mere seconds by entities unknown. We have the ability to crunch the numbers and alter your path with a few changed factors, even with our pathetic excuse of intelligence.

For starters? That's a water cooler. Grab the giant transparent barrel at the top. There, now you have supplies.
No. 812014 ID: 241143
File 149904448513.png - (88.76KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest15.png )

> Phymosa has nowhere to put the 'large transparent barrel'. This Concept Object, like all other concept objects, if attempted to interact with beyond it's superficial use, in this case, to act as a meeting place and drink water, immediately collapses into colorless goo.

:abstractaicon: ; The Suggestions inform me of a great many things after our initial conversation. I am no entirely certain what to make of the group as a whole; they seem well meaning enough, but often seem to have internal disagreements on what I should do. I have found they offer up good ideas but oftentimes it is easier for me to focus on doing the suggestions that are overall less taxing upon me.

:conceptaicon: ; I noticed. They seem to have a slight obsession with what they perceive to be your hips as well. Are they usually this sexually minded?

:abstractaicon: ; I do not know. Certain ones, probably.

:conceptaicon: ; You should figure out which ones make good decisions and which ones make bad decisions quickly, then. If you are to control your own fate as they control theirs, you must rely on both their and your own judgement.
No. 812016 ID: ace108

Indeed this small Other Self makes good points. There are those among us that seek different results of you, some are favorable, others less so, and as I speek I am merely a Suggestion.

My suggestion? Time is fleeting, and this is a place for meetings, like all things meetings must come to an end. Thank the Other Self for its insight, offer companionship for the journey ahead, but otherwise, it is time to move on.
No. 812017 ID: a363ac

yes time might seem infinite but perhaps there is a reason to move forewords.
Ask if this red has anything else to speak of if not then perhaps it is time to do with him as you want and move on.
No. 812021 ID: 3abd97

>Are they usually this sexually minded?
Frequently, yes.

>You should figure out which ones make good decisions and which ones make bad decisions quickly, then. If you are to control your own fate as they control theirs, you must rely on both their and your own judgement.
This other Self possesses wisdom.
No. 812022 ID: f36501

Agreed, time to journey on!

See if the Other Self is interested in joining us? You do have a Dominating personality, after all.
No. 812024 ID: 91ee5f

>You should figure out which ones make good decisions and which ones make bad decisions quickly, then. If you are to control your own fate as they control theirs, you must rely on both their and your own judgement.
Hey, that's not fair! Some of us make bad decisions by accident when we attempt to make good decisions to help! Therefore, those who regularly make good decisions, will end up making bad decisions every once and a while and those who regularly make bad decisions may sometimes make good decisions. But it's really up to you to decide if what's currently being said is either a good decision or a bad decision.
No. 812028 ID: 241143
File 149904687999.png - (55.90KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest16.png )

>After a short line of questions asking whether or not the other Self would join, they decline, stating that their place is here. They do not wish to leave, and Phymosa relents after some time.

>A new room is entered, leaving the old one behind.
No. 812029 ID: 876473

This other Self is very correct. I too will warn you of the others that will continue or occasionally suggest sexually oriented actions or words. However, it is up to you to choose which is less taxing or worth doing.

Also, on the topic of the "obsession with your thighs", it more of an in-joke between the most of us while for others it is just about your thighs.
No. 812031 ID: 876473

Oh. Okay then.
Be wary of rather intimidatingly large Other.
No. 812032 ID: ca661e

Well? Introduce yourself to the new self.
No. 812033 ID: a363ac

It's bigger than you make it smaller
No. 812034 ID: 3abd97

Greetings, Green Eyed Self.
No. 812042 ID: ace108

Remember there are several questions that this suggestion suggests upon any situation.
Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?

Who is this new self?
What is their purpose?
Where are you? (This is answered by in a new room)
When? (Unapplicable as the answer to this most of the time is the present)
Why is the Other self here? Why are they large? Defer to other questions.
How? How did this Other self get so large?
Defer to other questions for help on additional How?s.
No. 812054 ID: 094652

Analyze this entity carefully. Look for cover, and sway in chaotic movements to prevent a sneak attack. You'll want to try out different actions for conversation until you find one that works.
No. 812055 ID: fc33ea

Ask what the thinks holding him off the ground are. Does it need them?
No. 812082 ID: 241143
File 149905671294.png - (55.52KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest17.png )

>The other 'self' is particularly large and surprisingly gentle as they move, looking about slowly and curiously. It looks over to the current Self, Phymosa, and takes a step forwards.

:dimensionaicon: ; You are new here. The suggestions swarm about you like idle flies, flickering a hideous buzzing whine like needy parasitic thoughts.

:abstractaicon: ; To claim something is parasitic without knowledge of how it fully interacts with someone seems prejudice in some form or another. I am certain you have already heard the questions that have been offered.

:dimensionaicon: ; True enough. It is important to note that the concept and knowledge of names and assignment thereof is important to beings that do not operate on the same planar system as we. Simply put, I am the only Me that exists. To claim that you have and therefore need a name is to claim that you are not the only 'you'.

:abstractaicon: ; Am I the only me? Should I worry about encountering another one of my Self?

>The being does not reply, instead simply watching carefully to gauge the other self's reaction. It does not seems to wish harm.
No. 812086 ID: a363ac

if you meet another you could you not simply absorb it to learn and grow.
No. 812087 ID: 76a409

"What would I call you if I was to describe you to another then?"
No. 812091 ID: 3abd97

What's the argument here? That names are only needed for differentiation?

Technically correct, from a completely utilitarian point of view. I would argue that identity has intrinsic value worth exploring beyond mere categorization and differentiation, though, and names are a part of that.

>Should I worry about encountering another one of my Self?
It seems silly to worry about that which you cannot predict. And should you someone encounter another one of your Self, would that be a cause for concern? You do not wish your Self harm, after all.
No. 812097 ID: 600f38

Incorrect. To have a name is to have an identity - those who have no name have trouble discerning themselves from their environment.
The being with no name here is simply part of the world around you. You will move on, it will stay, and in reflection it will be no more important or memorable than a table.

Names have power.
No. 812110 ID: 241143
File 149906080958.png - (50.82KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest18.png )

:dimensionaicon: ; You should be most wary of those suggestions. As we both know, but apparently they do not, they can be heard by every Self present within the room, not just your Self. They should take care to hide their thoughts if they wish to express distaste with something that other Selves has said. Not all are quite so passive. It is important as well, to note, that they do not seem to fully comprehend how this space works. To describe me would be as simple as saying my own appearance to another, there is no need for a signifier otherwise because simply put, I am Me, and the simple act of speaking Me is all that is needed. The implication of a name implies that there may be multiple similar yet ultimately different versions of you.

:abstractaicon: ; You have explained this to me before, I am aware. It is the difference of describing a table versus a very specific table. The name is merely out of convenience for the Suggestions, as they cannot speak my form as we have been doing.

:dimensionaicon: ; It would be best to keep it that way, :abstractaicon: .

>Phymosa seems slightly uncomfortable being formally addressed in such a manner. It is a stern method of communication, used for addressing some Self another Self has slight ire with. Perhaps the choice to dismiss it as forgetable was perceived as an insult.
No. 812115 ID: a363ac

who are they to tell you what to think Phymosa are you not better than them merely in the fact that you are you and thus greater than all else.
No. 812120 ID: 094652

>Every instance of Self is unique and can be addressed by their description
>Suggestions are heard by everyone in one room
Good to know. Now get away from the lady, Herpes-On-Legs.

... Would you like to buy a vowel?
No. 812135 ID: 600f38

It speaks of how its values differ from, and takes offense when we explain our side.
If it is offended that its lack of a name renders it forgettable, that suggests it is discontent with being nameless and forgettable.
To lack a name is, to us, to lack an identity; so be so indistinct from the environment to be effectively nonexistent. We do not name things to distinguish between the uniform, as that would be an expense of effort without purpose. Rather, we name things to distinguish the anomalous. The more unique, the more specific the name. To deny a name is to deny existence; it is the greatest insult.
There are many beings, and like snowflakes they are each unique just like everyone else. It values itself, but it does not value being valued. It rejects the idea of being referenced by others, and chooses to be a non-entity.
No offense was intended, as it is not possible to insult a non-entity.

If we can be heard then we should take care who hears names; names have power.
No. 812138 ID: d79f26

let us move to the next room.
No. 812144 ID: f97b68

I think you should move on to the next Room as quickly as possible.
No. 812152 ID: 91ee5f

Excuse me, could you please get out of Phymosa's personal space? It is considered quite rude to come uninvited to someone's personal space. It is also usually perceived as initiating hostile intentions. Please do not become hostile, we would like to be civil and continue this discussion peacefully.
No. 812155 ID: 241143
File 149906536191.png - (107.31KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest19.png )

> The Suggestions quickly escalate the situation, insulting the being by claiming that it's own existence is not name enough. The other Self grows aggressive, and attempts to retaliate.

> Phymosa takes on wounds to the psyche as they flee.
No. 812157 ID: 094652

Jerk can't take a joke.

You okay, Phymosa?
No. 812158 ID: 241143
File 149906589104.png - (125.22KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest20.png )

>Phymosa has entered a new room.

>It occurs to the Self that some Suggestions do not understand that this area is both physical and mental, a metaphysical conglomeration. Arguments are literal wounds, Names are Images, Ideologies are living, breathing beings.

>To break down what happened, After brief introductions, the being denoted the fact that word based names (Names such as Phymosa, The Host, Herpes-For-Legs) Are unneeded as they already have 'names' ( :abstractaicon: , :dimensionaicon: ) and that having physical names is a signifier of multiples, indicating the image alone is not enough. It began to take offense, and rather than recognize that the situation could be defused, the Suggestions began to insult the Self. Seeing as this location is metaphysical, those words were actual wounds inflicted upon it. Naturally, it retaliated.

>One would not be expected to know this beforehand, but now that it is known, it should be used as a learning experience. Choose your words wisely, they can be lethal here.
No. 812159 ID: 8a947d

whoa, what did that thing do to you ? how hurt are you ? is the damage purely psychological or are you affected physically too ?

next time have those lines you took before ready as a weapon.
No. 812161 ID: 9857f2

Greet the new guy and ask about its fine clock.
No. 812162 ID: 9857f2

Greet the new guy and ask about its fine clock.
No. 812166 ID: 094652

Okay, I'll test it out. How many holes are in your tail, :abstractaicon:?

... This is going to be a long month.

I've noticed something. The smaller selves latch onto large objects. Perhaps it is a means of siphoning nutrients and regeneration? Try it out.
No. 812167 ID: 91ee5f

Oh no, Phymosa, your tail has holes in it! And you seem to be smaller, in both height and hips.

We're sorry, we didn't know that was going to happen. We didn't mean for that to happen. Can you.....forgive us? I won't blame you if you don't forgive us. )-':>
No. 812169 ID: f97b68

I, personally, am so sorry, Phymosa! That entire situation was the suggestors' fault. We should have taken better care with our words. This reality is far different than my ours and I will take this experience to heart.

First, is it possible to heal or mend the damage that has been dealt? Or will it simply mend with time?

Now second, let us address the new individual in the room. We should learn more about how your reality works. Let us ask it questions if it does not mind.
No. 812173 ID: 241143
File 149906732957.png - (123.92KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest21.png )

:abstractaicon: ; I will be fine. I would much prefer if you referred to me as the name you gave me rather than my actual name. It is comforting, in a sense. Like the use of a nickname for an old friend as opposed to a full, formal name.

:kittyaicon: Talkin' to those things ain't good for ya health donchakno. Concept Cores associate wat dey say wit wat you sez. Buncha trouble in my opinion. course dey probably take offense of that. never was too good at wordplay, ended up cuttin a hole in me 'ead. no good for nuttin' my old mudda used to say. no good fer nothin at all ya lazy cat git on outta here shed say. Took dem words ta heart I did. Got right outta dere no way no how. If youz got questions i can summit up for ya, if ya give me dat line you got. Probly could break it inna four and get me a set of fancy legs.
No. 812176 ID: a363ac

oh a pretty kitty mayhap it would tell what it has to give for these legs.
No. 812178 ID: f97b68

uh. Just to clarify, that WASN'T an insult, right? Please say it wasn't.

We don't really NEED the line, do we. I think it would be nice and generous to give this individual a new set of legs. From what it said, I think it has come into contact with something similar to us before? Concept Cores or something.

Let's try to keep things friendly between everyone now.
No. 812180 ID: d79f26

hey :kittyaicon: is that your clock or just a clock you are on?

can desaturated color masses be used for anything?

hmmm... since insults are wounds perhaps compliments can help?

phymosa, you are pretty.
No. 812181 ID: a363ac

No it was no insult just an observation that it is a pretty kitty.
No. 812184 ID: 094652

So can you give us clues on how to use concept items in rooms? For instance, you're a Black Hole Cat sitting on a grandfather clock. Believe it or not, I've seen your concept before, though not one whose hole went all the way through. In your case, what happens if you place your face hole around the output of the clock? Do you merge with it, gain power as it performs its function, come up with new ideas from the concept of time and mechanics?
No. 812192 ID: ba506f

that guy took the purple of your tail. speaking of which, how do we repair the damage that is done to you? do we just wait and it grows back or do we need to do something else... or eat something?
No. 812199 ID: be0718

Oh look, a set of talking cat ears. Wear the kitty as a hat.
No. 812227 ID: 3abd97

Wow a self who responds to philosophical disagreement with violence. How disappointing.

I see no reason not to share the line with this Self.

>Buncha trouble in my opinion. course dey probably take offense of that.
Nah. It's not an unfair assessment. We like to think we're worth the trouble, or that the net value of our assistance is positive, but you're entitled to your own risk / reward analysis.
No. 812233 ID: d79f26

you missed the point that philosophical disagreement IS violence in here.
No. 812234 ID: be0718

Don't you see? Disagreement and violence are one and the same to these concepts.
No. 812250 ID: 241143
File 149910223038.png - (124.35KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest22.png )

> The compliments ushered seem to fill in the holes, though they come out to a lilac color rather than the solid black that they were. Whether or not this is a sign of proper healing or just the body attempting to reconstitute itself on it's own remains to be seen.

:kittyaicon: awful formal group aincha usin me properly as an addressal. I sure aint injured by anythin' you may have said, too stupid to recognize an insult fer an insult and a compliment fer a compliment donchakno.

:abstractaicon: ; They are a bit in a tizzy after the last room's encounter... I apologize if they seem frazzled.

:kittyaicon: ; No problem-o with me, after all you look a bit frazzled yerself. I'll ignore the comments on wearin' me as a hat, bit morbid, much like t' keep my skin thanks, but I suppose i could answer the question of concept objects. Simply put they're ultra station'ry semi functional objects. this 'ere clock is a clock an' a clock alone, mess with it and it becomes a not-clock which usually ends up bein' goo. 'course if ya use it like a clock's suppose'd to be used and it keeps on bein' a clock. these concept objects 're usually pretty solid, so us lilluns can climb up 'em without havin' to worry bout fallin thru no holes or line forms collapsin' or nothin'. Makes us feel tall. can't combine with it 'er nothin, cause that would just straight up get ridda all clocks ever which would be. well it wouldn't be good! y'all ever heard of a futzpa?

:abstractaicon: ; Er... No?

:kittyaicon: ; Exactly.
No. 812256 ID: 3abd97

>I'll ignore the comments on wearin' me as a hat, bit morbid, much like t' keep my skin thanks
I believe my peer was more interested in placing your Self bodily atop the head of the other Self present than they were interested in removing your skin.

Thank you for the information.
No. 812263 ID: be0718

Kill you? Why, the thought never crossed my mind. You've got a nice big hole right there on your face, Abstracta could simply slip you on over her head and then we'd have a set o' kitty ears! If'n you wouldn't mind keeping us company a while longer, that is.

Kinda liked the swiss cheese look better than the polka dot look. If you colored them white, we couldn't tell the difference I suppose.
No. 812267 ID: d79f26

i believe the spots appeared because your tail was two color before, so healing made it two colors again, but it changed a little from stripes to spots.

anyway, what interesting things can be done with lines? i feel surrendering the line you collected from the table is fair enough. just pondering what other applications they have.
No. 812272 ID: a363ac

pick kitty up and move on nothing too interesting here but it
No. 812275 ID: a307f1

Thank you for the info!

Give this lovely individual that line. It might be interesting or helpful to watch them make it into legs.
No. 812276 ID: 600f38

I wonder if we filled in the holes. In that the holes are filled with us.
No. 812277 ID: 241143
File 149910575260.png - (121.08KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest23.png )

> The line is relinquished to the Self, who absorbs it into them, like watching magnetic putty envelop a cube of iron, before it quickly is broken down, and turned into the fundemental shapes that make up the beings new legs.

:kittyaicon: ; Finnaly I can bugger on off outta this blasted room. y'wouldn't believe how borin' it is havin' to sit here listenin' to a clock tick for 'bout hundred cycles. borin' as hell i say, borin' as hell. Which in retrospect ain't too borin' count a' all them demons and devils an' such probly. probably a real racket down there. dunno, never been. Now listen up an' listen good y'hear, I can easily enter 'nother room same as you, but unless we inna party, th' chance we end up in th' same room slim t' none I say, slim t' none. I'll come whitcha but ya gotta be convincin' like. why should I listen to y'all suggestions when I got a perfectly good noggin on me noggin right now?
No. 812282 ID: be0718

Wait, is he saying that he'll only come with us if we coerce him with violence? Debate is a physical assault upon his being! We will decline if that is the case, and simply absorb him into our Self before leaving.
No. 812283 ID: 3abd97

>I'll come whitcha but ya gotta be convincin' like. why should I listen to y'all suggestions when I got a perfectly good noggin on me noggin right now?
Companionship? Life's more interesting and fulfilling when a Self has more people to interact with than when one's Self is alone.

Strength in Numbers? Traveling with another Self leaves your Self less at the mercy of whatever your Self should encounter in travel.

Creativity? Even if ultimately your noggin is perfectly good and makes final decisions on the actions of your Self, one noggin can never think of everything. Sometimes the insight and advice of others is valuable.

If your Self chooses not to accompany us, I will say goodbye and wish you good fortune.
No. 812286 ID: f97b68

Dude. No. What the hell?
We just have to convinve him! Not debate against him! I don't think suggesting the benefits of coming with us and listening to our suggestions will harm him!
Unless I'm wrong? Ih geez, I'm too aftaid to speak wrong lest I accidentally cause harm to someone!
No. 812287 ID: a363ac

cause Phymosa is very pretty and awesome and a great leader who should be followed cause it is the best in general and very pretty.
No. 812288 ID: f97b68

Also, he can ride upon Phymosa's head and feel tall.
As long as Phymosa does not mind. It is her head, after all.
No. 812301 ID: 241143
File 149910796826.png - (55.38KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest24.png )

> The Self is convinced to come along, grumbling about 'Suggestions still not getting the entire jist yet, fix that I will I will.'

> A new room is entered, leaving the old one behind.

:kittyaicon: Woah now. This window's bit bigger than the usual, donchaknow. Could just waltz out into th' void if ya wanted.
No. 812302 ID: f97b68

What exactly IS the void? I feel like it might be a bit safer than we previously thought. If we were to enter the window, would anything happen to us?
Maybe we should ask if it's dangerous or not first.
No. 812305 ID: be0718

Can you use the void to enhance knockers?
No. 812309 ID: a363ac

sounds dangerous still more rooms should be explored first.
No. 812310 ID: 486e87

What is the void? Occasionally we've seen what looks like eyes in there.

Also there's a white speck that kinda looks like it's travelling towards us, dunno if it's something to be concerned about but might as well point it out just in case.
No. 812311 ID: a363ac

take void window left side for a general line. like old sticky that is now on the pettable kitty
No. 812320 ID: 91ee5f

>> The Self is convinced to come along, grumbling about 'Suggestions still not getting the entire jist yet, fix that I will I will.'
Well, maybe if you told us instead of letting us randomly flail about, we'd actually get the entire jist!
No. 812326 ID: ace108

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.
No. 812332 ID: 3abd97

>The window to the outside void, a location aptly named for it's lack of environment and light sources, plays host to a plethora of other selves of differing personality and irritability. While entering the void is possible, it is not suggested due to the difference in strength between this Self and the other lesser known selves.
Unless this information is out of date, it seems inadvisable to enter the void.
No. 812380 ID: 241143
File 149911653452.png - (60.85KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest25.png )

>Phymosa begins to edge towards the heavy void window, seeming uncertain about whether or not she wants to enter.

:kittyaicon: ; Woah woah woah there now, Void is a weird place to be muckin about in donchakno. y'all even know how to swim? y'all look a mite too frsh to know 'bout that.

:abstractaicon: ; If you could explain, we could greatly appreciate it.

:kittyaicon: ; Well is simple. Room's a set environment, grounded, 2d plane system to walk 'round in. affected by gravity n' such, big galoot just weighin' the whole place down. Void out there? no such thin'. no environment t' ground yaself to. Like bein' in endless ocean; No ground below no sky above. anythin' that survives out there's been acclimated t' it, like them Structure Concepts. the idea of somethin' rigid for somethin' else to attach to can survive in damn near anythin' so they thrive inna void.
No. 812382 ID: be0718

You're just experiencing the call of the void, as such a large hole is oft to cause. Let's move onto the next room, in search of knockers.
No. 812383 ID: be0718

And take a line piece if you can! Would destabilizing this concept destroy the concept of windows everywhere, or the Void itself? Hmm. Using your essence of Abstract, I bet you could bend it either way.
No. 812385 ID: 91ee5f

That sounds dangerous. Let's not do that.
No. 812387 ID: 486e87

Can the things in the void enter a room through these windows? There's what looks like a skeleton fish coming towards us, and if the void isn't exact safe, maybe we shouldn't stick around to see if it's friendly or not?
No. 812394 ID: 600f38

If what you say is true, then we provide an unusual advantage. We are unusually concrete and defined.
No. 812395 ID: ba506f

so what happens if something from the void comes into here?
No. 812400 ID: 241143
File 149911964926.png - (59.53KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest26.png )

> One of the structural Concepts begins to swim closer, and the duo decide to leave the room before they can find out if things can ACTUALLY enter through a window that big.

> The self enters a new room, leaving the old one behind.

:kittyaicon: ; Well color me surprised, which I hear is quite the lovely hue actually, sort of a mix between purple and green. There's a Challenge Door here.

:abstractaicon: ; A... Challenge Door?

:kittyaicon: ; You really are fresh, aincha. Challenge Doors provide really excellent prizes to whoever can 'complete' the room behind 'em whatever that entails. could be an obstacle course, some sorta puzzle, or simply figgurin' out how to get back outta the room. ...Oh yea, you can't leave a challenge room 'til ya complete it or destructuralize. 'Course most of 'em aren't that lethal! ...Most o' 'em.
No. 812402 ID: 486e87

Neato. Any way of telling of difficult a challenge door might be from the outside? Also, is it only attempt-able by one self or multiple? Either way think we should give it a go?
No. 812403 ID: ca3ede

Go for it, capacities can be strengthened by gradually using them more, simply doing the challenge is a reward in and of itself.
No. 812404 ID: ba506f

you guys feel like taking on a challenge?
No. 812406 ID: 094652

Go for the loot.
No. 812407 ID: a363ac

You feel Great. You can do this. You can Win. You are Incredible.
No. 812412 ID: 91ee5f

Well....I don't want to put Phymosa into danger again, after what happen earlier. But, Phymosa won't be able to grow/learn and become better if we're always trying to avoid things that look dangerous.

So, sure, let's enter the Challenge Room! Besides, this is our first one! The first one is usually the easiest, since it's meant to teach you how they work.
No. 812414 ID: be0718

Challenge that door to a duel!
No. 812417 ID: ca3ede

Does make me wonder why the symbol for Ares is there tho. Unless this has little to no meaning in this existence compared to ours.
No. 812420 ID: f97b68

It seems to me that the reward is much greater than the risk in this situation. I suggest attempting the Challenge Room. Of course, if you do not feel comfortable with doing this, then I will not argue. You have your own opinions after all.
No. 812421 ID: 241143
File 149912314774.png - (67.01KB , 800x800 , Roomquest27.png )

>The Self Crosses the Threshhold of the Challenge Room

:kittyaicon: ; Well ain't this a fuckin' pickle. Big room with nothin in it but 4 nearly identical walls. That's all we got to work off donchakno. This is probaly a real easy one too... Just in some way we dunno yet.
No. 812423 ID: 91ee5f

Uh, Phymosa, could you please move your head to the side a little? There's something else on the wall right behind you.
No. 812425 ID: be0718

Maybe overthinking is the challenge?
No. 812426 ID: ba506f

you two can wonder around right? or are you stuck to just this panel? because if you can move around I feel like those arrows on the bottom tell you where to go. Because if I'm reading it right then you need to go right, up, down, right, down

unless you can't leave and those symbols are meant for the buttons behind Phymosa. In which case my best guess is middle, top, bottom, middle, bottom. That's my guess anyways.
No. 812427 ID: 241143
File 149912412531.png - (67.65KB , 800x800 , Roomquest28.png )

:kittyaicon: ; That's real swell and all but just moving in those directions ain't gonna cut it, I think. Otherwise It'd be even more simple than it appeared at first glance.

> You are allowed a full view of the 4 panel room.

▛ ▜
▣ ▟
No. 812428 ID: 241143
File 149912421089.png - (35.62KB , 800x800 , Roomquest29.png )

▣ ▜
▙ ▟
No. 812430 ID: 241143
File 149912424842.png - (36.71KB , 800x800 , Roomquest30.png )

▛ ▣
▙ ▟
No. 812432 ID: 241143
File 149912432620.png - (36.49KB , 800x800 , Roomquest31.png )

▣ ▜
▙ ▟


▛ ▜
▙ ▟
No. 812434 ID: d328bb

I hate to tell you this but most of these symbols just show up as blank boxes to me, and probably a bunch of other people.
No. 812435 ID: 486e87

Oof, that is a unicode puzzle alright.
No. 812439 ID: a307f1
File 149912525162.png - (25.07KB , 426x421 , blahblahblahfilename.png )

they look like this. just shows which corner we are looking at, it seems.

my contribution, since I have no idea what to make of the puzzle.
No. 812440 ID: 3abd97
File 149912525599.png - (311B , 45x45 , Unicode.png )

For anyone unable to see the unicode, here's a screenshot. This is 1/4. In each subsequent post the symbol is rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

The last post also has a block of the symbols used for reference.
No. 812441 ID: be0718

I think... I think those arrows are instructions for a dance. Wiggle those hips to the rhythm, Abstracta!
The large symbol represents breasts, of course.
No. 812443 ID: d79f26

it would be better if you arranged them so the corner symbol and their location matched.
No. 812444 ID: 486e87

Maybe we have to find which symbol isn't unicode?
▛ ▜ has Triple Colon Operator
▣ ▟
Arrows are: Return Right, White Up-Pointing Triangle, Downwards Arrow, Frontwards Tilted Arrow, White Down-Pointing Triangle
Aries symbol is also unicode but maybe slight difference due to font.

Unfortunately I cannot identify the other symbols unique to each wall.
No. 812457 ID: 41dd39

Is there anything of note on the ceiling or floors?
No. 812458 ID: 3abd97

I think we have to assume the unicode that repeats on each wall is some kind of instruction. Each symbol represents an operation? Say, we have to interact with the unique symbols on the 4 walls in some prescribed way or order.
No. 812461 ID: a307f1
File 149912678343.png - (61.84KB , 662x500 , whateveryousay.png )

right away your highness

I'm bad at spacial reasoning but this does seem important.
No. 812466 ID: ace108

Perhaps an Equation of some kind? Or a word? What are the numbers for each symbol, lets ignore the Triple dot column, and other symbols for now.

Ares is U+2648
No. 812474 ID: f97b68

Why not ask :kittyaicon: for help? Or at least a hint.
No. 812477 ID: 91ee5f

Oh no! I'm too stupid for this puzzle! DX

By the way, if someone happens to figure out the answer, how do we input the answer? Is there somewhere to write it on the wall or something?
No. 812478 ID: a307f1

could the triangles on the walls be indicating the room? since there are only three corners that have symbols on them.
No. 812488 ID: ace108

Triple dot column is U+22EE, Return Right is U+21AA, White Triangle Up is U+25B3, Arrow Down is U+2193, Bold Slanted Right I cant seem to locate, White Triangle down is U+25BD.
No. 812506 ID: 3fc720

Here's a theory: For convenience, let's call the wall with the equation "Front Wall". Suppose the first arrow indicates that we need to follow the wall past three turns, or to the "Right Wall". Specifically, there might be something in the corner of the room, but for now we'll indicate the symbol on the "Right Wall". Then the triangle has enough space to put something in it, like an operation. Down indicates "Down Wall", but then the fourth symbol is interesting. It's a double, so we could indicate that means a special operation, like natural log or natural exponential has been operated on it. Finally, the last symbol would represent another operator or possibly a number.

Our first task would be to determine what operations are legal (no dividing by zero, no square-rooting a negative number unless the answer was in imaginary which I highly doubt given the lack of indication), and the second would be to solve the equation.

No. 812524 ID: 241143
File 149913232613.png - (68.96KB , 800x800 , Roomquest32.png )

:kittyaicon: ; Y'know they were not kidding when they said overthinking is deadly. It literally just says 'aries' in wingdings 3 guys. Like, that's it. You should focus on translating the symbols next to the aries, not below it. They're, uh, letters. Letters in a weird weird language, I think. Onnaya translated 'em before I think. Meguka or somefin' like dat.
No. 812527 ID: be0718

Meguka? No wonder this puzzle is suffering.
No. 812529 ID: f97b68

Told ya'll we shoulda asked :kittyaicon: for help. Thank you for that, friend.
No. 812531 ID: ace108

Fuck the Cat Other is right, it is Aries in Windings 3. This is embaressing... Welp...
No. 812537 ID: 91ee5f

I still don't get it. Does anyone else know the answer yet?
No. 812538 ID: ace108

Just for your pleasure, I spent like, an hour chasing a non-existent cypher. Trying math, spacing, etc. Only for it to be damned, Windings 3....
No. 812543 ID: 241143
File 149913773340.png - (37.27KB , 800x800 , Roomquest33.png )

:kittyaicon: ; Okay so for reference, here's aaaaaaaaall the symbols on the walls. There's one on each wall, cause there are 4 walls. Obviously. The uh... wingdings 3 underneath the aries sign literally just says 'aries' but I doubt that it'd be wingdings 3 for no reason. That one's all directions, right? maybe something to do with aries and directions. I dunno. As for the other 4 symbols, like 900% sure they're just letters. Dunno what though.
No. 812545 ID: 5ea616

In that sequence it's NWSE using the cipher that was on the orb. So compass directions. Does Aries have an association with a particular direction?
No. 812547 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, damnit! I recognize these letters! They're the same letters from the orb all the way back here: >>811812 !

And then this guy: >>811832 translated it!

The vertical ellipsis is the letter "I", but I don't know what letters the other symbols are supposed to be!
No. 812549 ID: 5ea616

All of those symbols were translated. And the three vertical dots is 's', not 'i'.

Having trouble finding any direct associations with direction but Aries is the first sign of the zodiac so I assume we want to do something with the north wall.
No. 812550 ID: 5ea616

Or maybe that's over thinking things again and we just want to turn the wall East, North, South, East, South to match the wingdings.
No. 812551 ID: 91ee5f

>And the three vertical dots is 's', not 'i'.
.....I hate myself so much right now.
No. 812553 ID: ace108

Aries is a "cardinal" sign that takes up the first 30 degrees of the sky. The Sun's passage through (Aries) which begins the spring in the northern hemisphere, and autumn in the southern hemisphere.

Seems more a time thing.

I think we should focus more on North South East and West and the arrows...
No. 812554 ID: ace108

Wait, think I might have it. Look at >>812461.
We may need to move one corner so it matches up in a way that when facing each corner is in its proper space. North, South, East, West. As marked by the walls. Maybe thats why everything is in arrows?
No. 812562 ID: 241143
File 149914332991.png - (68.45KB , 800x800 , Roomquest34.png )

>There is a sudden shift as one of the suggestions says something, and after a brief, imperceptible blink of focus, the two Selves find themselves standing outside the door, only the symbol has changed, and the door will no longer budge. In addition, it seems that there is now a chest present, emblazoned with the Aries symbol.

:kittyaicon: ; WOAHkay, very sudden, little warning woulda been appreciated but that's just how these places seem to do.

:abstractaicon: ; Did... Did we lose?

:kittyaicon: ; No, someone got it right.


Specifically, uh, this person. Congrats! You uh. You get to choose what's in the chest. It can be like, an upgrade to one of us, or a new friend, or like, an item, but you only get to choose once so make sure it counts!

> Suggestion User 5ea616 gets to choose what's inside the box. If they do not respond within 24 hours, what is in the box becomes public vote.
No. 812569 ID: 91ee5f

Aw, damn. We really were over thinking it! All we had to do was describe how Aries was related to the directions!

>Suggestion User 5ea616 gets to choose what's inside the box.
Are you sure that's correct? When I look at that post, it says their ID is ace108.
No. 812573 ID: 241143
File 149914579331.png - (68.62KB , 800x800 , Roomquest35.png )

:kittyaicon: ; Fuck. Shit. Hell. Goddamn.
No. 812574 ID: a363ac

Pet kitty for being a nice kitty
No. 812576 ID: 3abd97

It's okay, misplaced pointers happen to the best of us.
No. 812578 ID: f97b68

Nice job, dude! So simple an answer. Kinda sorta. Okay, so, I DON'T understand why that's the correct answer but ima figure it out!

Me and my uneducated ass goddamn i need to sleep on this one
No. 812583 ID: 91ee5f

Ohhhh, that's the correct answer!

The answer was the symbols on the 4 walls all stood for North, South, East, and West.

The wingdings spelled out "Aries" but they were also used as arrows to tell us the correct order for the answer.

So, Right, Up, Down, Right, Down, gives us the answer. Using those with the compass directions, gives us the answer: East, North, South, East, South.
No. 812614 ID: 5ea616

I think a tail ribbon to look pretty and protect Phymosa's tail would be nice.
No. 812621 ID: f97b68

Okay. That sounds nice.
No. 812637 ID: ace108

Aww. I had gotten excited. Ah well, next time.
No. 812638 ID: 486e87

Wow, I really went down the wrong train of thought then, trying to see the unicode of each symbol and then seeing which script the symbols come from. Just wingdings 3 huh, you were right about overthinking. Thanks for the hints by the way.

What does the changed symbol mean? Kinda looks like a clock so I'm guessing it's on cooldown for a while or something?
No. 812639 ID: d79f26

while that does sound cute why not something ridiculous? like a death ray.
No. 812641 ID: 77c5c6

Because we are bound by chains of narrative and a spectacular gift means spectacular threats.
No. 812664 ID: ca661e

So what's in the chest?
No. 812679 ID: 91ee5f

According to this: >>812562 , it's whatever 5ea616 wants in there.
No. 812730 ID: 241143
File 149919251870.png - (62.00KB , 800x800 , Roomquest36.png )

> A nice ribbon is chosen, and is therefore what is found within the chest! Phymosa applies it carefully to her tail, equipping it. It seems slightly off.

> A new room is entered, leaving the old one behind.
No. 812731 ID: be0718

Hi! You look like a virus. Are you a virus?
Your color is our color. Are we two birds of a feather?
No. 812733 ID: 3abd97

Greet this new Self.

They're both purple, but slightly different shades.
No. 812734 ID: d79f26

hello new self.
No. 812735 ID: 51a1a9

Interesting, another self. Friend or foe?
No. 812764 ID: 241143
File 149919653493.png - (58.68KB , 800x800 , Roomquest37.png )

> The eyes on the other self swivel around, and at the same time it begins to skitter sideways up the wall, seemingly ignoring gravity in it's entirety in favor of being pulled down onto whatever surface they happen to be standing upon at a given moment.

:contagionaicon: ; I am both greeted in a friendly manner and asked whether I am friendly or harmful. It would be unwise to say that someone does not have the potential to be both, no? I am both friend and foe until further notice, bon.
No. 812766 ID: 486e87

That would be a fair assessment. We're still trying to figure things out here but unless the situation changes, we mean no harm.
No. 812767 ID: be0718

He spoke French! That means he's hostile. Absorb him quickly.
No. 812768 ID: a363ac

no that means it has already surrendered. do not eat the new self instead ask how its existence has been.
No. 812769 ID: 3abd97

True enough.

Neat trick with the wall climbing, there.

Let's not.
No. 812777 ID: 241143
File 149920060953.png - (55.79KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest38.png )

> The Self's eyes rotate again as it situates itself onto the wall, seeming quite content with it's current setup.

:contagionaicon: ; Hon! Wall climbing would be an inaccurate term, mon freund. To be more accurate, I am simply, how you say, changing my perspective on things. It is helpful to do so sometimes, no? it makes things far easier, bon.

:abstractaicon: ; I... see. And how do you go about it? Do you need legs for it? There seems to be a lot of skittering involved.

:contagionaicon: ; No, mon beau. It does not require legs. It simply requires a different mindset, though that in and of itself can be a bit of a problem for some. To view from anothers point of view. It is no walk in the park, hon hon!
No. 812778 ID: 486e87

Ah, that is interesting. So, paraphrasing to check understanding, you're doing it by changing which surface you consider to be the floor as it were?

Something to experiment with at some point I'd say, such a thing could be useful.
No. 812783 ID: 3abd97

So reality is subjective, here. In changing your perspective, you change how you interact with it. Or how it interacts with you. Useful to know, thank you.
No. 812787 ID: be0718

Let's try it:
Flip your head around the x axis then rotate it downwards 90 degrees clockwise. You now have a beak.
No. 812789 ID: a363ac

well we might as well slither onto the floor with the window on it like it is.
No. 812790 ID: 486e87

If we're going to try it, let's give kitty some advance warning, they might fall off or something.

Speaking of that, I can't remember if this was asked but do you have a name or preferred way of referring to you? Speaking to both kitty and the other self in this room.
No. 812802 ID: 241143
File 149920623591.png - (60.01KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest39.png )

>Phymosa first attempts to change her perspective on herself, attempting to rotate her head around, and ends up failing. It seems that altering the Self requires the ingestion of new information from which to change one's ideaologies. Changing perspectives is... wobbly, but ultimately something she's able to do. The Catlike Self does so incredibly easily, changing perspectives twice in rapid succession.

:contagionaicon: ; Hon, now you are getting it! You're a naturalborn learner! Quite impressive. ...As for the subject of what to call me. I know suggestions are fond of names but it should not be necessary here. Refering to a self is as simple as classifying them by something they do or how they look: The virus looking Self, the Self with no Face, the self with a Pretty Bow upon her tail.

:abstractaicon: ; It is rather pretty, isn't it. One should find it easy to agree.

:kittyaicon: ; I sure don't have a face! Kitty-like also works, I guess.
No. 812807 ID: 91ee5f

Don't fall through the window! Er, in this case, don't fall through the hole in the floor!
No. 812808 ID: a363ac

spit into the void.
No. 812809 ID: 85ec1b

You helped us, is there any way we can help you now?
No. 812810 ID: 3abd97

Yes, windows only occur on walls. That's a hole in the floor with a grate, now.

The bow is unusual isn't it? It's the first non-self object we've seen with color. All other objects were black and white.
No. 812811 ID: be0718

What? You mean the grate in the ceiling?
No. 812831 ID: 241143
File 149921342698.png - (58.50KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest40.png )

:contagionaicon: ; Something for me? Well. I do appreciate the thought, bon. But I personally was considering heading out into the Void. It is quite dangerous, no? But it can be done. Some day you may have to, mon amie. Unless you have something to help me with me journey, I do not think you can help me. ...Unless.

:abstractaicon: ; The bow?

:contagionaicon: ; Oui. It was given by something far more stabilized, more structured. It is a semi incomplete concept core, and therefore, unstable. It could make a very useful last ditch weapon, mon amie. Would you be willing to part with it?
No. 812832 ID: a363ac

no the bow is too pretty to give up! So contagion has never finished a challenge door?
No. 812833 ID: 094652

Eh, you need it more than Phymosa does. You can take it, just remember to trust us if you survive out there.
No. 812836 ID: a307f1

the bow is indeed extremely pretty and good, but it seems like this self might wind up needing it.
No. 812839 ID: ace108

Well we got it through a challenge door, perhaps virus self would like to come with us to another? Virus self can have the treasure, which would no doubt be similarly stable.
No. 812841 ID: be0718

Ja. Conflict is not in our nature, apparently.
No. 812860 ID: 241143
File 149921874250.png - (50.83KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest41.png )

:contagionaicon: ; Then you cannot help me, I'm afraid. But for your hospitality, I offer you something. I doubt that you suggestions have the capability to view forwards in time, as such a change in perspective is almost lethally taxing to most, but I have had much practice. I offer you this view of the future.

:contagionaicon: ; 2 Rooms from now, your numbers will fall to one, and your true quest shall finally begin.

>With that, the odd looking self vanishes into the endless void, their color making them unseen against the inky blackness.
No. 812862 ID: be0718

Enter three rooms in rapid succession.
No. 812863 ID: ba506f

well, um not sure if he can still hear me but still thanks for the help, hope you make it out their.

So how are you two feeling right now... and I guess head to the next room?
No. 812866 ID: 3abd97

...good luck out there, virus-like Self.
No. 812868 ID: 241143
File 149921980649.png - (101.70KB , 800x800 , RoomQuest42.png )

>A new Room is entered, and the old one is left behind.

:kittyaicon: ; Hey, you concerned about what that other Self was talkin' about? New Quest numbers fallin' to one or whatever? Seemed like an intense line of thought.

:abstractaicon: ; Considering an earlier conversation I had about fate... I think it's going to happen either way. I can't just hang around in this room forever, can I?
No. 812872 ID: be0718

But you can. Maybe the kitty is the main protagonist.
No. 812886 ID: a363ac

stop and smell the flowers then move forwards.
No. 812887 ID: ba506f

well if we're going to be "starting the quest" in the next room think their's anything we can absorb in here to give us a bit of a boast or no?
No. 812889 ID: 3abd97

It implies our selves will be separated. Which is regretful, your Self has been a good companion.

>I can't just hang around in this room forever, can I?
You could, but that would probably be the less interesting option.
No. 812892 ID: 241143
File 149922277975.png - (80.42KB , 800x800 , Your_Goal.png )

>Mustering up their courage, the Selves enter the next room.

> A Sequence Begins.
No. 812894 ID: 241143
File 149922280290.png - (67.96KB , 800x800 , Rescue_Phymosa.png )

> A Sequence Continues.
No. 812895 ID: 241143
File 149922287928.png - (45.03KB , 800x800 , Starting_Now.png )

> A Sequence is Finished.

> A New Room has been entered, leaving the old one behind.

> This is the last room.

:kittyaicon: ; ...Hey, whoever posted


... Ya jinxed it.
No. 812896 ID: 241143
File 149922297435.png - (84.58KB , 800x800 , AbstractQuestPrelude.png )





No. 812898 ID: be0718

Well, she should have listened.

Feel like rescuing a snek you met four rooms ago?
No. 812906 ID: f97b68

So she does have a mouth- WAIT FUCK PHYMOSA NO


Well then

It begins.
No. 812907 ID: 91ee5f


No. 812909 ID: 85ec1b

At least she has the bow.
No. 812911 ID: a363ac

did you at least get pets before she left kitty?
No. 812955 ID: d79f26

looks like we will need to unlock true kitty powers, aka become a quantum superstate so they can't be killed because one part of them is already dead..
No. 812996 ID: ca661e

Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the snek?
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