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File 150683625812.png - (17.00KB , 600x400 , 231.png )
833797 No. 833797 ID: 23a020

"A sword is a tool, an extension of yourself. It is used for provoking, defending, intimidation and for killing."
Red eyes takes a stance in front of me.
"Ultimately, what it does depends on how you use it. Now take a swing at me. Show me your intent."

Strike Hard - Swing with full strength. Strike Medium - Swing enough to hit her sword. Strike Light - Do a soft swing. Other
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No. 844741 ID: 13fded

Victoria would only think about that if she knew Emils isn't from the same specie as herself and therefor could be classified as something other than "native".
Either way I would expect Emils to have the same level access because of her need for mana to survive and Sammy's willingness to tell this information to her as well.

Thanks Sammy and warn him about the hunters. Ask him to avoid getting in confront with them and help him doing so by intercepting them first.
No. 844743 ID: 66a4ca

The weaver said that Victoria's specific mutated genetics grant L1 clearance, not that every native has L1 clearance. Victoria knows that Emils doesn't have the same genes as her (Emils isn't her offspring), thus the question makes perfect sense.
No. 844746 ID: 600f38

"Emils, ask what your clearance level is."
No. 844750 ID: 13fded

By mutation I thought he was talking about the evolution of the specie. If it's about the dragon blood your question make a lot more sense.
No. 844770 ID: 91ee5f

If we're done questioning Sammy, then we should probably warn him about the hunters that are looking for him.
No. 844772 ID: b9b4da

The dragons and their towers are responsible for this mess. Ordering the shutdown of the first began a chain reaction. You're going to beat the access codes out of this Administrator, then you're going to restart the system. Probably with less fate-tempting names than the seven deadly sins this time.
You should look for other translators using royal connections. Emils is too valuable to lose on the expedition.
No. 844774 ID: 3a76af

sounds simple to me. it's just an epic quest to that center dragon tower under the dragons ridge. simple!
No. 844778 ID: 094652

The way Emils interprets her new friend's prophecy might be a byproduct of her own technological viewpoint (instigated by us). But the implications are clear:

Your world is dying because it was never 'natural'. The towers stabilize life support, from the air you breathe to the mana you cast, and if they all fall then civilization goes with it. Bonus points if the towers are spawning feral monsters because of malfunctioning.

How do you feel? The world's on your shoulders, because every better hero is unaware and faithless.
No. 844779 ID: 0c84a3

if people didn't realize the weavers could communicate, or were intelligent, what if they killed the entities that maintain the towers mistaking them for dangerous animals? it's possible that your king unknowingly instigated this particular doomsday.
No. 844781 ID: 0c84a3

Kind* not king.
really wish this place had an edit button.
No. 844782 ID: 66a4ca

It does. All you need to do is delete the post and make a new one.
No. 844783 ID: ba56e6

You should probably make sure those hunters don't kill Sammy.
No. 844785 ID: 65dabf

Does Emils have a clearance level? If so, how high?
No. 844788 ID: c88e6d

Thank Sammy, quietly attempt to contain approaching existential crisis. Then attempt to resolve Existential Threat by heading for the Dragons Ridge.
No. 844798 ID: 33cbe7

I think Emils is doing something flashy to distract us from the fact she didn't find the plants.
No. 844799 ID: 3ce125

So the towers are a life support system and are becoming overloaded by increased population (and increased magic use but there's no reason to conclude that from this information). Aggressive manabeasts may even be an effort to reduce population down to manageable levels! Anyway, the jist is you need to get through the entrance that was excavated and contact the Moderator in order to tell this "Mother" to contact the Dragons to get them to come back and repair the towers.

Ask Sammy how he knows this stuff. Is he a servant of the Dragons? What other servants are there?
...does he know why Emils is able to understand him?

Is there a way you can contact him again? Or another Weaver that's willing to talk instead of fight? Tempting to outright bring him into town but it might result in mistreatment.
Speaking of mistreatment warn him about the hunters.
No. 844811 ID: 7152b7

How can I raise my clearance level?
No. 844846 ID: 1b7b69

Yeah, you... mostly get the gist by now. It might be worth escalating this issue- after all, with Emils acting as interpreter, you can just repeat this to someone more capable.

That is, of course, unless the reason that Emils can understand this thing isn't something other people should learn about. Might want to ask Emils what's up with that.
No. 844963 ID: 830fb7

You could always keep the weaver (Sammy) as a "pet", have a meeting with the people that gave you the draconic item with him on the other side of the window and Emils translating while sitting in front of the windowsill.
No. 844993 ID: 35089a

how the hell is we supposed to fix anything if it won't tell us anything
and is it using Emils to talk through or is it something she can do just like with any thing
No. 844997 ID: 9b80a5

how high is emils's clearance level
No. 845004 ID: 23a020
File 151065995179.png - (13.43KB , 800x600 , 485.png )

The weaver does not understand Victoria. Emils is translating back and forth between them.
"Just to make sure, what is Emils's clearance level?" I ask, putting my hand on her shoulder.
The two begin a small discussion, and then Emils answers, "He says that my genetics makes my clearance level at 0, which is lower than yours."

"Then... What are mana beasts? What do you do?"
"He says that we perform many functions from janitorial, mining, maintenance, and security. His original function was repairs, but now his role is to try to confirm the operational status of Facility Lust, and locate moderator Lust."
"If the situation is so dire, why haven't your kind tried fixing it?"
"My kind has met resistance when attempting to search near native habitats. Natives has settled around facilities. Attempting to reach facilities has been met with dire resistance."
It points towards me, "He says he remembers you from the last attempt to search nearby habitat."

"I..." I think back, 4 years ago there was an outbreak of mana beasts that threatened to invade the kingdom. I did participate in defending a small village at the time...
"I remember the event, but I do not remember you."
It shrugs... I think?
"He says that it does not matter."
"Is there any way to confirm this? Any way for us to confirm any of what you have said to be true?"
Emils and the weaver enters a deep discussion about... something?

It takes a minute, but Emils answers, "He said that he is unable to provide any kind of proof, but can apply... modifications. Improvements?"
"He asks for your tag." Emils points towards my hand.
"Tag?" I hold the bracelet around my wrist. "... Don't break it." I slide off the bracelet and hands it to Emils, who holds it up to the weaver. It then proceeds to... pull it into itself? somehow? I have never known these things to have any kind of mouths or internal organs. Every mana beast I've cut apart were nothing but a metal shell around a corpse of some kind of beast. Larger mana beasts has bodies of people in them. It's what make the larger ones more dangerous compared to these medium ones.
I look at Emils... she's just the right size for this one however...

It spits it back out in Emils's hands and she holds it back up to me.
... I am hesitant to touch it.
"He said that he's added proper level 1 clearance onto your tag and applied functionality of original tag."
"What does that mean?"
"He says that he's only allowed to tell you that it holds energy and can be used for first aid. There are more functions, but you don't have the clearance level to access them."
I frown, taking back my bracelet. It feels... saturated with mana? Like holding a loaded Mana stone, and I can feel it leeching into me. I warily place it into my pocket.
"Thank you, I think."
It waves it's scythe and clicks, "Think nothing of it."

"That reminds me, There are two hunters around that are looking for you. I met them a while ago nearby a river."
It perks up and looks about before clicking to Emils and turning around to leave.
"He said to thank you and that he should return to his mission."

As he leaves, I dismiss the idea of bringing it back with me. Nothing about this goes with what common sense and history has told us about Mana beasts, and I can't confirm that others won't try to... kill it.

No. 845005 ID: 8f618b

Head home I guess. Got to cut this trip short. Get your shit together and let's motor.
No. 845006 ID: 0c84a3

if this creature was telling the truth, time is of the essence. find out as much as you can about that tunnel going into the range as soon as possible.
No. 845007 ID: 13fded

That rip to Dragon's Ridge just become a priority.
I suppose we could explain those events to Prince Enrod. Even if he doubt he should be inclined to caution and will accept this as explanation for your sudden interest and the usefulness of bring a child.

We could leave right now, but I think there is enough time to at least eat. It would be a shame to waste the meat.
No. 845009 ID: 66a4ca

So he's good with repair huh? Damn, we should've asked him to repair the tent!

Anyway, that is a lot of info he has given you. It's also highly doubtful that anyone's gonna believe any of this. So, there's nothing much to do but to accept that prince's mission once you get back.

Well, let's continue the adventure day. Ask Emils if she's gathered those plants.
No. 845010 ID: 600f38

Well, the weaver's actions prove that Emils WAS communicating with it, and doing so more or less accurately.
Emils has to go with you. The ability to communicate with mana beasts would be a critical asset in your mission.
No. 845011 ID: 9e4723

Emils should be connected to the mana beasts some way to be able to communicate like that. That, or she is just that special.
No. 845013 ID: 830fb7

Why do I feel like Emils was not telling the truth about her clearance level when translating.
No. 845015 ID: 91ee5f

>Emils waving
Aww, that's adorable!

Sit down and eat the food you were preparing. Ask Emils if she ever found those plants you sent her out to find.

If she didn't get the plants, then she's got a very good excuse on why she didn't complete such an easy task, so you can't exactly punish her or anything.
No. 845016 ID: 91ee5f

And then after you're done eating, it's time for you to face down your nemesis once again! This time, that tent is going to stay standing and it won't mock you by falling down again!
No. 845023 ID: 2fe26a

Tackle that tent again. Send Emils back out for those plants. Worldview-shattering revelations are no reason to cut a fun day short.
No. 845037 ID: ba56e6

Hug Emils and tell her you were worried about her.
No. 845042 ID: e03e13

oh right, warn him about the hunters looking for him.
No. 845046 ID: 7152b7

>"That reminds me, There are two hunters around that are looking for you. I met them a while ago nearby a river."

Already did
No. 845049 ID: 3ce125

Even if you can't confirm most of this information, you were going to the excavation anyway. All this means is that you may know more about what's inside there, and what you should do when you get in.

Alright, it's food time. Ask Emils if she got the plants.

>I look at Emils... she's just the right size for this one however...
You suspect she's a person who used to be inside a mana beast? That could explain some of her anomalous properties. Why not ask her directly? But reassure her beforehand that you're not hostile about it. Something like "I won't tell anyone if you are, but... are you a mana beast?"
No. 845053 ID: 7152b7

No. 845102 ID: 3abd97

So mana beast claim to be the tools of the long-lost creators, trying to go about their business, and getting killed by people when they're perceived as a threat. How much loss of life could have been avoided?

Seems like you might want to bring Emlis with you on that expedition. You need someone who can talk to these things if it's true.

Maybe ask Emlis what she thinks about this? You've heard her translation, but not her opinion, and by all indications, she's got at least one piece of the puzzle you don't.
No. 845217 ID: 23a020
File 151075210150.png - (19.05KB , 800x600 , 486.png )

I had sent Emils back out to pick up herbs, considering she didn't have any when she came back, but this time I follow her.

Turns out she had found a surprisingly large amount of them, and had left them aside before meeting the weaver.
She has an uncanny ability to spot the required herbs and plants, which would have been difficult due to how highly harvested they are.

Nothing eventful happens till the sun starts to set as I prepare dinner.

"Emils, tell me honestly."
"Do you know who your parents were? Any memory of whomever raised you?"
"I don't know who my parents are. My earliest memory was waking up in a cave, like I told you before."

I try to find any sort of tell of a lie in her words, but I can't find any.
Sometimes I worry about how willingly she follows instructions.

"In a few months, I will be going off on a journey."
"To the center, yes?"
"Yes. If the weaver is to be trusted, I don't think you'll be able to follow me in there."
"You are planning to leave me behind."
"That would be up to you. I have an acquaintance who's a teacher of magic. He'll be arriving within the week. He'll test your magic proficiency, and should you pass, you can enter an academy that teaches magic."
She perks up the thought.
"Now, just don't get your hopes up too high, You'll still have to pass the exam."
She nods, "I understand. Will you help me?"
"Sure," I smile.
No. 845224 ID: 91ee5f

>tent is still standing
Victoria has finally defeated the evil tent of falling down!

Now both her and Emils can sleep comfortably tonight!
No. 845226 ID: 1c92a4

Notice that it is now hung on a rope strung between two trees. Guess she got sick of trying to get the supports to work.
No. 845228 ID: 13fded

Emils won't be able to follow? I haven't though of that possibility.
That conversation happened because Victoria has level 1 clearance, but Emils was allowed to participate like an intermediary. I though that the obstacles would likewise open to Victoria and allowed anyone close to her to pass.
No. 845229 ID: 9e4723

You know, Emils, this new individual may be able to detect your true identity. You are going to have to be careful.
No. 845230 ID: b9b4da

Are we back? Good. Emils, our timeframe has moved up. You need to beat Victoria to those towers. Try using city sewers to smuggle Sammy into the Lust facility.
No. 845231 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, I noticed. That's how she defeated the evil tent!

You mean the Weaver?
No. 845251 ID: ba56e6

Hm, you think the sewer slime is the Lust Moderator?
No. 845253 ID: 3ce125

Victoria, you're not asking the right questions. Ask about the cave! If you want to verify Emils' story you should go visit that cave.
No. 845262 ID: 9e4723

No, i was talking about the teacher that is coming the this week. There was one person that found she wasn't normal and it was an novice in magic. Imagine what an expert could found if she is not careful. She already can do a lot of things that other people can't in a short period of time, it's going to look fishy.
No. 845266 ID: 600f38

Emils may - MAY not be able to follow Victoria in, but she CAN assist on the trip.
The most dangerous mana beasts, she can talk into lending assistance.
No. 845275 ID: ba56e6

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