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File 146552611135.gif - (18.59KB , 500x500 , 2f_fanart.gif )
100245 No. 100245 ID: 163674


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No. 123890 ID: 3583d1
File 153022968602.png - (3.37MB , 2732x2048 , F423CC6F-D0AE-4A8F-8680-64821A3D1630.png )

Sir Double Faggot as Horus Lupercal, primarch of The Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus/Black Legion, the sixteenth legion
No. 123891 ID: 3583d1
File 153022991535.png - (1.96MB , 2732x2048 , 647EBC83-FC0D-4169-925D-ADC0FF08C148.png )

Apollo as Lorgar, primarch of the Word Bearers, the seventeenth legion
No. 123892 ID: 3583d1
File 153023010471.png - (2.12MB , 2732x2048 , B7F57514-36C4-4497-A8B8-8378704286C1.png )

Hard Reptilian with No Extremities as Vulkan, primarch of The Salamanders, the eighteenth legion
No. 123893 ID: 3583d1
File 153023024080.png - (2.98MB , 2732x2048 , 31513098-8E8F-4F15-BAB8-3E02B87AFA38.png )

JiggyDino as Corvus Corax, primarch of the Raven Guard, the nineteenth legion
No. 123894 ID: 3583d1
File 153023034785.png - (2.61MB , 2732x2048 , 371E0B65-D0C2-4FE4-8B47-CE7D8D1D257E.png )

Anon as Alpharius Omegon, primarch(s) of the Alpha Legion, the twentieth legion
No. 123895 ID: 3583d1
File 153023045208.png - (4.08MB , 2732x2048 , C0B04B9D-9ABD-4129-A68D-8051F23CB3B7.png )

Weaver as The God Emperor of Mankind
No. 123896 ID: 3583d1
File 153023061654.png - (3.07MB , 2732x2048 , 1A96BD49-4298-4DC7-993D-BBFC5DD5FC79.png )

OVERLORD as Khorne, The Blood God, first god of chaos
No. 123897 ID: 3583d1
File 153023071296.png - (2.41MB , 2732x2048 , 3C17C8D7-3583-4CC7-8ADA-FAA326A450FF.png )

Trout as Tzeentch, The God of Change, the second god of chaos
No. 123898 ID: 3583d1
File 153023079295.png - (2.45MB , 2732x2048 , 724E23D5-CEAD-44BB-8AA0-B410DA10F5B1.png )

The Hif Man as Nurgle, the Plague God, the third god of chaos
No. 123900 ID: 3583d1
File 153023100230.png - (966.36KB , 2732x2048 , D304E345-5C1F-4373-BB1B-37AAA19DE8A6.png )

Apples (represented by Horny Futa) as Slaanesh, The God of Pleausre, the fourth god of chaos
No. 123901 ID: 3583d1
File 153023109527.png - (2.49MB , 2732x2048 , 11FE46C7-4087-41EE-876F-1366B3180D7A.png )

Smik (represented by Nem) as Kaldor Draigo, Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights
No. 123956 ID: efa855
File 153043064753.png - (193.08KB , 989x919 , Gallows1.png )

No. 123957 ID: 8a947d

No. 124563 ID: eef56a
File 153287051080.png - (468.26KB , 896x889 , baileybike.png )

I drew a fnart because Bailey from moot point is a real cute b@.

I hope she is responsible enough to wipe down the exercise equipment after finishing her workout!
No. 124573 ID: 2007b6

I would hope that if such a machine were actually built, and installed somewhere that expected a lot of relatively anonymous customers, it would somehow be thoroughly self-cleaning.
No. 124575 ID: 9876c4

Harbard, these are spellbinding.
No. 124581 ID: 206f56

Thanks! I have more of them in the works, Ozaenin and IamPanknak are probably next.
No. 124602 ID: 9876c4

If you're of a mind to try, I wouldn't mind being Ursarkar Creed.
No. 124609 ID: 3583d1
File 153319760252.png - (617.31KB , 1093x819 , 295A7C54-F223-493A-998A-19BC6FF68BD5.png )

Ozaenin as Cegorach, the Laughing God of the Eldar
No. 124613 ID: d887c0

[B A Z I N G A]
No. 124622 ID: 7131f2
File 153325988501.png - (49.51KB , 1397x1444 , dellipilletaltcrop.png )

Delli and Pillet from Haze Town by Lagotrope
No. 124626 ID: bfb318

Thanks again for this, those two look great in your style.
No. 124694 ID: cc0a23
File Victor.webm - (4.00MB )

I do not typically get much fan art. This may be because I'm reclusive and barely interact with the community, or it may be because my quest updates every other fortnight, or most likely it is because my quest is shit and, rightfully, nobody likes it. Anyway after waking up in a puddle of tears and urine with an empty bottle of walmart brand wine clutched in my hand, as I so often do, I decided to rectify the situation and make my OWN fan art.

Hurray! I have a fan now! (It's me!)

Victor, from 'Rock'.
No. 124699 ID: 2474dd


Oh come on, you know your quest is good. A key factor in getting fan art is having a cute chick. Noodle's got great boobs but a scary face. All you need to do is put a cute chick in who hasn't been cut in half, a bit of marketing, and boom, you will have fan art. It's probably why I've got Nem fan art and the only Sami fan art that wasn't paid for was basically because someone wanted a character to draw for a warm-up.
No. 124700 ID: d491b4

Would it also help if I also said that I had an idea for another warhammer 40k drawing for Nobody?
No. 124707 ID: 2755f5
File 153375883910.png - (83.30KB , 352x570 , Nouille.png )

Nouille from "Rock"
No. 124708 ID: cc0a23

Honestly I just meant it as a joke and a justification for putting the sculpt in this thread instead of making my own drawthread to put my crap in (since I don't really make enough side art stuff to justify that). I'm kicking myself now since it seems like a plea for attention when I really didn't mean it to be. I've gotten a bit of fan art and I appreciate it, and I certainly realize that most of my stuff is grotesque and not fan-artable so I don't really expect more.

I might make some more sculpts, so maybe I should just make my own thread after all. Candy/Katie for sure could probably use an actual face. I might redo Victor as well, I'm not entirely happy with that.

Oh, I'm sure I'll be a servitor or something. Maybe a grot. Fingers crossed!
No. 125129 ID: 2474dd
File 153548487947.jpg - (75.76KB , 640x720 , WorldIsAFuck.jpg )

No. 125130 ID: 2474dd
File 153548560336.jpg - (87.94KB , 640x720 , WorldIsAFuck2.jpg )

Also this
No. 125316 ID: fa6839
File 153618874070.png - (1.69MB , 1280x860 , Preview 3 DA ONE.png )

This but a small part of a bigger piece i'm working on (but as it turns out this as a standalone pic is pretty neat).Some fanart for the awesome Lagotrope!
No. 125323 ID: de6d84

This looks super neato!
No. 125329 ID: eeb7d9

Fucking cool mate!
No. 125332 ID: 4f1cbc

I really enjoy that you captured how the laser rifle looks like a cutout.
No. 125356 ID: bfb318

Fantastic, thank you!
No. 125437 ID: fa6839
File 153689471824.png - (4.85MB , 1507x2132 , ASTEROID POSTER.png )

Some more Fanart for Lagotrope,the finished poster for ASTEROID QUEST!
No. 125438 ID: eeb7d9

No. 125443 ID: ab52c1

That's an amazing effort!
No. 125457 ID: bfb318

Fantasticer, double thank you!
No. 125459 ID: 7cfc2b
File 153697820089.png - (14.26KB , 1200x800 , tozol-a.png )

I've been dabbling in vexillology/flag design, and this is my favorite design I came up for the killer space weasels we know and love.
No. 125470 ID: deec6e


All kinds of wonderful and right.
No. 125471 ID: 372edb
File 153705209194.png - (2.03MB , 1378x1378 , Rokono-2.png )

An attempt was made.

Some art of Rokoa about to kill via snu anu.
No. 125484 ID: 4dc321


Hey, thanks!

Neat work.

(Would it make sense for the three triangles to be larger?)
No. 125525 ID: 9125e0
File 153733068613.png - (19.16KB , 714x405 , Neumono's With Attitude.png )

ok so this was from a lost bet,
The rules were I got 20 minutes to make a replica of a hip-hop album cover with only using Quest character's, and you have to do it in ms-paint.

so here it is Neumono with Attitude
No. 125608 ID: 0a2db6

N.W.A does not stand for nine white accountants
No. 125644 ID: 9125e0
File 153784124791.png - (58.39KB , 2000x2000 , Greay ranger.png )

Still getting used to this new pc.

What's your favorite Ranger
My favorite is Grey
You know what they say "once you go polo you an't coming home"
No. 125645 ID: 9125e0

oops accidently uploaded the big version sorry
No. 125646 ID: 9125e0
File 153784165377.png - (91.56KB , 800x800 , Greay ranger.png )

ok here we go this is the proper size

once again sorry for the big one
No. 125694 ID: 0c3c2c

Cool armor. Good work on the colors.
No. 125805 ID: 4dc321
File 153855701525.png - (274.81KB , 1189x961 , jozi_2.png )

Jozi from Nice Save
No. 125817 ID: 93f082

The text version was hilarious
No. 126120 ID: 7efe6b
File 154010533282.png - (1.24MB , 1400x990 , PennyByTac2.png )

Character: Penny Ainsley
Quest: Dead Dust by teegee
Artist: Tac
No. 126145 ID: 9125e0
File 154026108032.png - (123.62KB , 1200x939 , F1D3B4FF-3C41-40F2-BA7F-A365A3E8C126.png )

This is what Vanski see’s when he close’s his eye’s
No. 126146 ID: 9125e0
File 154026119188.png - (173.18KB , 1200x905 , B6B3A8EA-6B20-4605-8E43-AA8D4316B63A.png )

Also Rokoa trying to teach Kappi how to use weapons he thinks he’ll never have to use.
No. 126168 ID: bfb318

For when Kappi has to be as good as a movie action hero. Thanks for the art!
No. 126179 ID: 9125e0

Thank you Lago for such a awesome quest.

Great because you said that,now all I can imagine is a version of ScarFace where Kappi is Tony Montana.

Also im going to "try" to do some Slinko fanart.... but I dont think its gonna come out good.
No. 126180 ID: eeb7d9

I can't wait to see Kappi's time to shine like badass.
No. 126190 ID: 0dfaba
File 154059303497.png - (159.00KB , 800x600 , kappison.png )

This is old and I've shown it to people before, but it seems appropriate to add it after that last one.

A vision of a future where Rokoa decides to have a kid with Kappi after all.
No. 126198 ID: eeb7d9

I can totally see it happening. Look at those little angry barks.
No. 126206 ID: 4dc321

I love it

This one?
(I wasn't sure what text to use so I just posted it blank :V)
No. 126276 ID: 70be57
File 154091640502.jpg - (486.53KB , 1186x1214 , BB 116.jpg )

Since Halloween will start soon I think that it would be fitting to do a fanart of a truly terrifying character from an old quest. This is my tribute to Weaver and I hope one day he will return to this site

No. 126278 ID: 70be57
File 154091649390.jpg - (277.20KB , 790x1215 , BB 117.jpg )

Might as well do the Pilgrim as well from that old quest. This character had an intimidating presence, even more than Padre in my opinion

No. 126279 ID: eeb7d9

Even more than Padre? I mean, yeah he was a creepy bastard, but Padre was straightly paranatural.
No. 126280 ID: 70be57

The scariest thing about the Pilgrim is when you find out who that character is and why that person is doing all those things. That was what made me really scared of Pilgrim because anybody can become that kind of monster under the pressure
No. 126285 ID: eeb7d9

I can't argue that. I thought you were going to mention that, that is what make him scary for me as well.
No. 126286 ID: 70be57

There is something more frightening when a person is transformed into a monster because of their own desire to accomplish a noble goal
No. 126295 ID: eeb7d9

Something like Maquiavelo?
No. 126297 ID: 70be57

Yeah pretty much
No. 126448 ID: 015ecc
File 154200851388.png - (614.47KB , 1280x1024 , doodles 11-11 cake.png )

Cake Mimic from Dungeoneer.
Happy birthday Arhra
No. 126450 ID: d18b05

That really takes the cake!
No. 126464 ID: 976aca
File 154213777466.jpg - (926.11KB , 2102x3112 , IMG_20181113_143343.jpg )

It's Penny, of Dead Dust fame. Except in a notebook colored with highlighters.
No. 126468 ID: 891b91

Thanks, I love it!
No. 126478 ID: 2a7417

Odd flex but ok
No. 126562 ID: de6d84
File 154321433769.png - (4.77MB , 1655x2340 , SlinkoBirthday2018.png )

It was Slinko's birthday, and I wanted to do a something!
No. 126563 ID: 91ee5f

Wow, that’s amazing!
No. 126669 ID: d49689
File 154396463339.png - (148.53KB , 820x820 , advert.png )

Tozol dressup game!
May be considered nsfw.
No. 126674 ID: 06fdc0

hahaha a tozol cone of shame :P
No. 126703 ID: 8269f3
File 154408350653.png - (34.93KB , 512x804 , Fen.png )

No. 126727 ID: b1b4f3
File 154417008528.png - (339.55KB , 1500x1500 , Kylia.png )

Well you guys wanted to see more of this girl so I got SportsDrink to help!

I wonder where those 8 knives are.
No. 126730 ID: bfb318

V. good kobolds, thank you!
No. 126939 ID: fa6839
File 154535078982.png - (4.15MB , 2360x1462 , kuj.png )

"In the mountains, there you feel free".
Something that i have been procrastinating over for way too long,but heeey here it is!
More fanart for Lagotrope's Asteroid Quest.
No. 126941 ID: 7a524b

Excellent Rokoa and landscape, thanks!
No. 127230 ID: a98542
File 154708815739.png - (1.16MB , 2000x2000 , New Canvas3.png )

The dungeoneers have acquired an over-abundance of perfectly normal potions.

Deem is not amused.
No. 127231 ID: a98542
File 154708817979.png - (848.27KB , 2000x2000 , New Canvas3i.png )

No. 127232 ID: a98542
File 154708833587.png - (874.35KB , 1500x2000 , New Canvas.png )

Also, an arrangement of Alices from a while back.
No. 127234 ID: 40df11

All these beautiful faces!
No. 127345 ID: 12b116
File 154785201953.jpg - (130.43KB , 556x691 , deemneedsbling.jpg )

Deem needs more crystals
No. 127354 ID: 465a14

a high quality boldpost
No. 127390 ID: 195fad
File 154839782566.png - (18.19KB , 526x485 , PennyDD.png )

>When you realize what that subtle pungent undertone actually is.

Penny from Dead Dust
No. 127394 ID: 891b91

Yeah, it's years of built-up ass sweat!

(Thanks a ton, I love it!)
No. 127412 ID: caf1de

or years of built up something else
you don't know what or who she's been doing in here
No. 127413 ID: ceb2d5
File 154868288866.png - (327.86KB , 727x557 , req doodles - Door Golem.png )

Make way for the best dungeoneer
No. 127414 ID: 70be57

No. 127520 ID: 2735ca
File 154914720691.png - (393.74KB , 777x1000 , ceriskifinvisible.png )

Dragon Romance! Ceridwen and Skif having some fun with invisibility.
No. 127524 ID: 3b5e14

Shouldn't he be able to smell her invisibility?
No. 127527 ID: 465a14

Here's the thing: no one care
No. 127529 ID: 395c02

"Unrelated to anything else what do you think of my new invisibility-scented candles, dad?"

"I always found the scent of invisibility to be pretty... alluring."

"Haha! Yes! Yes..."

(Thanks for drawing this though it's amazing!)
No. 127530 ID: cdd6de


Very good stuff, oh my
No. 127531 ID: df5c09

As usual for Jukashi's stuff.
No. 127788 ID: 4adf51
File 155017759737.png - (2.64MB , 1600x1600 , Wire Troubles-2.png )

Syrra from Songbirds of Eolais in the middle of a workplace incident. :u
No. 127791 ID: bad12e


Absolutely ADORABLE
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