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File 151677560018.png - (98.18KB , 499x600 , mootpoin dist.png )
119900 No. 119900 ID: a30024


Kind of backwards way of doing this, but now that the first episode is done, what do people think?
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No. 119903 ID: fb45d4

i love this good wholesome lewd content, i'm having a really rough time lately and it cheered me up a ton
No. 119904 ID: d887c0

Hope things get better for you.
No. 119905 ID: 3ce125

Cute lewd stuff is great.
No. 119915 ID: a363ac

*Standing ovation*
No. 119916 ID: 6cc25a

What I like the most about the quest is the art. And Miki. She's cute. Too bad we'll never see her again!

Compliments aside, the one critique I'd mention is that there were some misdirections in the writing due to limited information. For instance, it was mentioned that the salamander might be too much to handle (but not why), and that the binding coils were hard to control (but not in what way), which probably made at least a few suggesters think that using the coils wasn't a good idea so they looked for other options. But that turned out not to be the case. The coils were the solution and the salamander was easy to handle.
No. 119920 ID: c2051e

Raithe's issue was an abnormal case, Delian. What you pointed out means that the characters believe salamanders are normally much more difficult to handle.
No. 119922 ID: 3abd97

It was silly and fun.

For future missions, I'd be interested in having more of an idea what our characters are capable of. Even if it doesn't go as far as a fixed list of powers or spells, it would be nice to have a general idea of each spirit guide's theme.

So far Gabe's done gates and wards (boundries? Space? Geometry?), Kol's a medium (displacing from his body, astral and ether stuff), and Casey does bindings.
No. 119923 ID: a30024

Yeah I realized that it was probably pretty hard to suggest when you didn't know the characters abilities, but this was intended to be basically a tutorial chapter that established their powers and a framework for how they'll get assignments.

The result was that I was getting a lot of "correct" suggestions, but was forced to sideline them in order to keep the pacing right and I see why people were concerned that I was ignoring obvious "solutions".

That being said I think this quest is actually going to end up functioning a little differently from my previous ones. The first chapter at least, was intended to be more like a puzzle than my usual stuff, and I was looking for more specific suggestions than I usually do in say, Sunfish. As always though, if someone comes up with a suggestion that I think really helps tell a fun and sexy story, Im 100% on board with going with that.

>So far Gabe's done gates and wards (boundries? Space? Geometry?), Kol's a medium (displacing from his body, astral and ether stuff), and Casey does bindings.

Essentially yes.
Gabe is what's called a SENDER: he can open gates that link to specific beacons that he's dropped throughout the city. He can also create barriers that keep ghosts and spirits from escaping a small area.

Most importantly he has the ability to open gates to the GHOST ZONE, where ghosts need to be sent for reasons that will be mentioned soonish.

Casey is a BINDER: Does what it says on the tin. She captures things with her aura and holds them while the party does whatever it needs to pacify it. Think ghostbusters proton packs, but with more fondling.

and Kol is a MEDUIM: He can leave his body, interact with ethereal things and let them use his body instead. Right now he can't go very far, but with practice he should be able to astral project wherever he needs.

I intend for all of them to get more skilled with their powers with use, and possibly pick up some fun and weird toys and tools to mess around with as well! I'm not going to do like a hard XP system for something like that, but I will let readers know when new skills are available.
No. 119925 ID: d36af7

Lighthearted practical shamanism with Lost Vikings-style team tactics? Heck yeah!

And the sex is fun too I guess.
No. 119928 ID: a30024

oh yeah and by the way, I'm starting a patreon!
If you like my work, I'd love the support
No. 119984 ID: cf1a8c

Your colors are always so magical Tox.
Also how was it drawing a room full of shelves full of dildos, the designs of which you had to cum up with?
No. 120295 ID: 67456a

Hey, were you guys curious what happens when someone reads a perfectly good comfy-smut story, gets interested in the universe as a whole, and writes some spooky stories that take place in that same universe?

If you were, here's Memorial Services, stories about Lazarus the Sender and Josie, his ghost girlfriend with the power to hulk the fuck out.

Memorial Services (Prologue): https://pastebin.com/aPfS439a

Memorial Services (Reaper Man): https://pastebin.com/5DvTvqzB

Toxo approved, in the sense that they do not completely hate the fanfics in question and they more or less comply with Moot Point canon. More to come in the future!
No. 120325 ID: c914a9

I love this quest sooooo much! The art style is adorable, all characters are so nicely written and have cute and appealing personalities, and the storyline is so good and gives off so much happy vibes which makes it SO comfy and fun to read; I'm addicted to it! Keep up the amazing work!
No. 120987 ID: ed67d9

It's really, really disconcerting to see people constantly assuming that horrible things are going to happen as a result of banging a kelpie.

Like - the level of overreaction is kinda silly, you guys.

It's a comfy, fun quest!
No. 120988 ID: 91ee5f

Not all quests that are comfy and fun stay comfy and fun.

Also, people are allowed to have an opinion on if the kelpie is going to screw us over or not.
No. 120989 ID: a363ac


I can say with almost complete certainty the quest isn't changing tone and in fact toxo is trying to make it more comfy.
as someone who has conversed with the author on the subject of the kelpie lewds. The Quest is not suddenly shifting to be more serious, its entire conception and plan moving forwards was and still is supposed to be about comfy, nice, problem solving for these spirits (even if its mostly involving fucking.) and it has weighed on Toxo's mind about weather there should even be any kelpie lewds because he is worried that the suggesters don't like the character.
No. 120990 ID: a363ac

cute mouse butts are A++++++++++
No. 120991 ID: b1b4f3

The Kelpie is likeable, there's just some serious implication that she's dangerous.
No. 120994 ID: 90f3c0

The Kelpie is adorable. Even if it does turn out to be some sort of Fey trick, being swept off to an eternity of cuddling doesn't sound like such a bad fate.
No. 120997 ID: 13cc26

oh no but kelpie lewds
No. 120998 ID: 13cc26

Slightly more seriously I think it's less people don't like the character and more that fae generally and kelpies especially have kind of a terrible reputation.
No. 120999 ID: 67456a

FWIW I'm just a no-fun-allowed asshole who plays to win. Everything'll be fine, but what is sweeter than getting laid AND knowing you won?
No. 121002 ID: ed67d9

Toxo isn't me, heh.

Seriously, though - the entire reason Toxo's made this quest is to have an excuse to draw cute things having comfy fun. I'll ask him to post here and clarify for people tomorrow, so that way everyone's on the same page.
No. 121008 ID: afae51

I can understand why people would be so worried about deals with the far but im hoping to change that preconception as we meet more of them. Im already changing a lot about their nature to fit my fuck-monsters-and-ghosts quest, and while i do enjoy a certain amount of dramatic tension, i dont intend to make them bloodthirsty or evil. Just kind of alien.

Though people seem to think losing to her would be the worst case scenario and thats not the case. The worst case scenario is to tell a bad story.

That being said, what’s really bothering me is suggestions that feel reliant on out of character information. Like in the case of this chapter: earlier I received a suggestion to lure the kelpie out with sex. A good suggestion but it would be bad storytelling to do that right away, plus I like the ambiguity created by waiting and splitting up the party. But now that theres ambiguity, suggesters want kol to immediately try and catch her because theyre operating on the OOC assumption that she isnt the true casey. And Im not going to have Kol do that right away because she’s given him no reason to believe that. I might have him be suspicious, but her suggestion to lure the kelpie out is still a good one.
Its part of the problem with writing something that is more puzzle oriented: I have to give readers clues in order to make appropriate suggestions, but I cant make it so obscure that I bottleneck the quest.
No. 121010 ID: a4408d

I love the kelpie. She's adorable, if not entirely trustworthy, but her motivations are pretty clear and she seems social enough.

As an aside, as I'm still new to questing, is it OOC/meta knowledge to make recommendations in accordance with what we believe the tone of the quest to be?

The sex lure idea was believable to me, but I did think that would be a bit rushed. I should've waited an update or two to post it.

Is it meta to think 'This is a comfylewd quest, the kelpie seems to want kelpielewds, we should propose a strategy involving comfylewds that might win'
No. 121012 ID: b1b4f3

Why would assuming it's the Kelpie in disguise be OOC?
No. 121015 ID: 689a69

I think I see now what's happening.

The suggesters are thinking of ourselves as our own entity.

Toxo sees the suggesters as just being whatever character is on screen.

The trouble is, with a three-character quest it can be very tough for us to keep track of what each character is supposed to know.
No. 121016 ID: 689a69

I was worried about this issue a bit with XenoQuest, since Outissa and Penelope are separate narratives.

My solution is to just ignore posts that have cross-information, and if it ends up becoming a problem, then I'll just make a post in the thread gently reminding people that there's no shared info.

Maybe try doing such a reminder, Toxo?
No. 121017 ID: 3abd97

That doesn't actually address the question you're responding to and comes across as kinda patronizing.
No. 121019 ID: cc09df

I addressed it.

If were are giving a character suggestions based on information that character doesn't have, then that's OOC
No. 121020 ID: 3abd97

The question was "why is jumping to that conclusion / making that assumption OOC". You answered "what does OOC mean."

The fundamental disconnect being that the readers didn't actually have information the character doesn't have. The readers didn't have prior knowledge that's the kelpie in disguise- they assumed or guessed it was. A character would reasonably be capable of being similarly suspicious or wary without additional information.

If Toxo's asserting it's not in Kol's character to be suspicious of this kind of trick when hunting fae, that's fair. But that's not the readers failing to compartmentalize information, that's the readers lacking information about Kol's characterization or this setting's version of fae.
No. 121021 ID: a30024

Its something Ive run across a lot in my quests. I create a situation where there's some ambiguity, or there's a character that's kind of sketchy.
People are really quick to suggest "Oh dont trust that guy" or something but I'm not going to have a character act on that alone. Think of it like an RPG: you might know a character is up to no good but you cant act on it until you've found plot triggers to move forward. People gave some good suggestions as to how to find out if shes a kelpie or not, but I was getting the sense that people just want Kol to grab her and declare victory because they're so afraid of losing.
TBH just winning outright would be a much worse outcome than losing.
No. 121024 ID: 91ee5f

>TBH just winning outright would be a much worse outcome than losing.
Not really. Just because we win, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun.

We could just take the kelpie to our house and everyone can lewd the kelpie. It gets her out of the spa and she gets to have her fun with Kol, everyone wins!
No. 121029 ID: b1b4f3

What's wrong with wanting to win? Especially when it'd be so easy?
No. 121041 ID: afae51

The reason i decided to make moot point was because i was spending a lot of time making porn that was fun and cute, but also easy and had no context or story. And while theres no shortage of easy sex in moot point, my goal is to create a story. Something that involves dramatic tension and sometimes failure, not because i want to punish characters or readers, but because its more interesting that way.

Theres nothing wrong with wanting to win, or wanting to see a character succeed, But tgchan has a kind of obsession with always achieving the best possible outcome to a situation. anything less is taken as a failure on either the authors or the suggesters part. But the thing is, i would rather a single suggestion in which a character fails, but in an interesting and creative way than a hundred tactically sound and predictable answers. It doesn’t mean im always going to force characters to make dumb, tactically unsound decisions. but it does mean that if i see something that is creative and fun, id much rather go with that.

But ive seen authors get a lot of pushback whenever they do that. A good example for me was causing bucky to wreck the Starlette in the sunfish. I took a suggestion that i thought was creative and cool and applied some consequences (as well as some dice rolls) and it created a situation that the cast was forced to deal with in the next chapter.

So in response to “Whats wrong with an easy win?” Its because its easy that its not satisfying. As an author its like setting up a murder mystery dinner and having someone say “the butler did it” during the first course. Its not that theres anything wrong with it, but that instant gratification is what im trying to avoid. There were good suggestions not just saying “she is the kelpie,” but asking “How can we tell if she’s the kelpie?” But just blind assumptions are not what Im after.
No. 121050 ID: dcccb7

So, last night, I had a silly little idea about a hypothetical situation. Namely, what would happen if two Gabes suddenly ran into the locker room in the middle of Kol and Casey getting filthy.

After a few drafts, this fanfic was the result.

And Soon They Number More (SLIGHTLY NSFW): https://pastebin.com/Hrxakbjp
No. 121109 ID: 09587a

Raptie can you maybe not openly dunk on suggestions you don't like in threads? Or at the very least be polite or try to see the other posters view. The current moot point one was really put off by that last thing.
No. 121112 ID: ed67d9

I understand where you're coming from.


Understand that the suggestions other people were leaving were putting off several individuals, myself and the author included.
No. 121121 ID: 09587a

Then be polite about it, that's the gist of what I'm saying.
No. 121145 ID: 6f0f83

ironically in your quest to white Knight for the sake of people's discomfort you wound up making others uncomfortable

maybe you should let people fight their own battles, if they're uncomfortable they need to suggest against them themselves. preferably politely but this is a chan board and violent infighting is pretty much always guaranteed here
No. 121170 ID: a30024

I understand that you guys want to be able to disagree politely, and I'm all on board with that, but I think dredging up a week old post to do a callout is a pretty impolite way to go about it.

I thought Raptie was being fairly polite about it at the time, and wasn't calling out anyone in particular. The discussion moved to the disthread and I think that people got better overall about keeping the suggestions lighter and more chill. While I'd like to keep arguing to a minimum, I understand that there's going to be disagreements between readers and I think you guys have kept things pretty civil so far.

That said, please don't use my threads to do callouts or start fights. This isnt the Coxwette disthread.
No. 122509 ID: 07a312

Aw man I don't do this often but the suggestions I've been getting for this chapter have been fantastic! Thank you guys for keeping things creative and fun! Sorry if Sunfish fans are stuck waiting for updates, its just been really great working on this chapter
No. 122514 ID: eeb7d9

Well thank YOU for making this thread, I am loving it.
No. 123221 ID: e5c658

The doom was obviously a 3000-year-old loli dragon necromancer.
No. 123362 ID: eeb7d9

I have heard of this before.
No. 123987 ID: ff0134

Pretty soon this quest is going to devolve into The protagonists constantly trying to outdo eachother by sleeping with increasingly mythical/fantastical/divine creatures.
“Oh so you banged a lich? Well i banged a god!”
I’m scared of where this will go next.
No. 123988 ID: 5fa661


expect Gurren-Lagann-level escalation
No. 123991 ID: 05ff2f

Next stop: The Fates! All three of 'em at once!
No. 125160 ID: 094652

Hm. I could have done that rap better. If anyone wants to improve it just post.
No. 126684 ID: 4c304f


Why dont you just recycle your other characters from your not current quests? You seem to being doing your best with moot point so I feel like itd be nice to see some cameos now and then from wasps and such
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