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File 152186585887.png - (18.80KB , 150x150 , tgchanlogo.png )
121761 No. 121761 ID: 395c02

Welcome to the Quest Advice thread Mk. 2! Anyone is welcome to offer advice or ask questions about the amazing world of interactive storytelling!

Check the wiki page for additional information and tips: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Advice_for_Running_a_Quest

Old thread (Advice may be outdated): https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/15880.html
No. 121762 ID: 6f491a

If you have a cute furry in your quest put the cute furry in the opening image of the quest.
No. 121804 ID: d63ea8

I'm kind of new to the site; is there a tutorial for the various functions tgchan has?
i.e Bold, Italics, Green Text etc?
No. 121805 ID: 05ff2f

That kind of info is in the site FAQ, which unfortunately has a link on the site's front page that isn't that noticeable. If you have the sidebar frame, hit the "Front Page" link at the top of it, or if you don't hit the "Home" link in the upper right of the board pages. On the page that comes up hit the FAQ link in the tab between "News" and "Rules." The FAQ has info on post formatting tags and how to use the site's dice roller among other things.
No. 121806 ID: 3abd97

Could also just link the faq instead of describing how to find it.

No. 122159 ID: 9c48ac

Favicon thread, for setting an icon for your quest:

(Seems like a good thing to have near the top of this thread.)
No. 122608 ID: 0eda7a

I'm trying to find a quest that I've lost track of; it might be either in the archive or graveyard at this point. It featured a rather bashful protagonist who injudiciously used a magical artifact and found himself very large. He was setting off on a quest to find a way to get back to normal, together with a (standard-sized) woman he had a crush on.

Might someone happen to know the quest and be able to point me to it? I don't remember it getting very far, but I'm kinda hopeful that the QM might still be around and one day plan to continue it.
No. 122609 ID: 33cbe7

Was it Hugs Quest Gaiden? That QM's still around.
No. 122611 ID: 0eda7a

That's the one, thanks! https://tgchan.org/kusaba/graveyard/res/679723.html

Oh, that's Slinko and Typo! No wonder it was so awesome and memorable.
No. 122626 ID: 13cc26

Yeah I'm still here. Not sure when I'll get back to that one, though.
No. 122772 ID: 50d32d

When someone rants in your /dis/ thread about how they hate the way your quest is going, think everyone fools for making the suggestions that you took, and now feel the quest beyond saving and wish everybody dies... in a way, you should take pride in that. You inspired such passion in them, even if it was a negative emotion. Your art was powerful, and they truly, genuinely like your art, and care about what you're doing. They just don't like the way the plot went, and they might even change their mind about that, once they see where you were going with it. People like that are scared, scared that you'll get written into a corner and stop being able to think of updates, or scared that you're resenting the shitposters, and will stop updating because your quest got ruined by all the stupid suggestions. They don't hate you, or your work, otherwise they wouldn't have felt a need to express themselves in such anguish.

If someone says something like that, know that they care about you, even if they're wrong in the way they want the quest to go. Tell them I'm sorry you feel that way but I'm happy with the direction the quest is going. Tell them how you see the situation, if you think it'll help them feel better knowing someone else's perspective. Tell them why you still love the quest, and that you hope they can come to enjoy it too, but you're not going to do something you don't like, even if they object to what you're doing.

But don't think that they hate you, or they think your art is bad, or they think you suck at storytelling. Because they don't. They care about you, and in their own bitter, frightened way, are genuinely trying to help.

I was just noticing some quest authors saying that angry comments like this hurt them, and make them want to stop questing. But I am almost totally sure that is the last thing that commenter wants to happen. A comment like "This quest is boring. When is Slinko gonna update?" is a hundred times less supportive than, "This is terrible! How could you do this to my absolute most favorite character of all time?!" (Well, unless you're Slinko that is.)
No. 122924 ID: b93a7b

I completely disagree
creating a negative response from people is not an achievement nor any proof of quality. trolls inspire passion in people all the time, it's easy to make people angry, often very easy.

at best anger and outrage is the dying embers of passion, it is the voice of people who feel betrayed. it is typically followed by disinterest and abandonment.

when people are angry you should consider what you have done, whether their complaints have merit, and how many people share this opinion, and to keep in mind many of the people displeased will be to polite to say anything.
No. 122938 ID: 26e876


Questing is a cooperative storytelling effort that directly involves the audience. If you verifiably made a decision the readers really didn’t want, some of them could feel cheated, and rightfully so because the audience has stake in the story.

I’ve never lashed out at authors for stuff like this, I just simply stopped reading. I don’t get angry, I don’t hate the artist, I don’t hate their art, I just lost interest. You’ll probably get a good handful of people like me per one outwardly angry reader.

If I got an “I’m sorry you feel that way, here’s my opinion” in response to criticism, I would dip out of that conversation so fast. Criticism can be hard and not all of it is valid or constructive but in the cases that it does hold water, a response like that dodges the reader’s concern.
No. 122973 ID: b93a7b

I don't think that's as much dodging the readers concern as disagreeing with it.
it's unreasonable to expect a writer to agree with every criticism especially when those critics are in the vast minorities.
remember a piece of art is created for a large group of people not just an individual.
No. 123059 ID: 69d4b9

It's unreasonable to expect an audience that is used to participation to stay engaged when they're being treated like they're watching a television show. Except it's worse than that, because the authors of television shows only expect their positive feedback in the form of getting renewed each season by a board of suits, while in this format the authors expect feedback in the form of thoughtful, ego stoking, replies.
No. 123102 ID: b59fad

For an audience to feel like they were railroaded, their choices didn't matter or that they were forced into wrong/stupid paths is bad, in quests, because it violates the implicit promise of the medium that your choices will matter and that the "puzzles" (whatever form they might take) can be figured out. If someone suggests the right answer to a question and the character doesn't follow it (and the readers are aware of this) then they'll rightfully feel cheated, as they will if the best path required some knowledge that they should have been given but weren't. There's probably a whole list of things that will make a quest audience feel rightfully angry or frustrated.

However, if the overall story is just going through a dark spot, the author has the right to say "hold on it looks bad now but it's for a good reason". It's not reasonable to expect that there always exists some 100% perfect true path where the quest protagonist avoids every possible woe. They also shouldn't be shielded too much if they do genuinely make a mistake or fail to figure something out, though in that case it might be useful for an author to be able to say (or just give hints) what the right path was and how they could have managed it.
No. 123176 ID: b93a7b

I'm sorry I don't quite understand what you are trying to say, but since my comment was tagged I'll do my best to respond.

I believe a quest author, or any sort of story teller should neither ignore all critiques nor accommodate every critique. most of the time acknowledging a negative complaint and adjusting accordingly will not change the elements of the story people already like, but in some rare cases it does.
at that point the author may have to ignore critiques that will damage the project in the short or long run.

it's frustrating I know if your critique is the one ignored, but it is important to understand that accommodating one individual might end up alienating three others or more.
No. 123178 ID: cc5ab4

I think this is somewhere in the first quest advice, but hey.

What sort of licensing is stuff posted on TGchan covered under, and where is it listed?

I assume creative commons, but hey.
No. 123204 ID: d8f02e

Licensing is for sure a per-author thing. The default license if not stated is probably the standard US copyright thing where the artist(s) fully own and control it (minus fair use).

So if you want to do something with the content, ask the author first. Even if you think you can use it legally, you can come off as an asshole for not getting permission first.
No. 123347 ID: 0467b7

Friend and I - drawing and writing, respectively - are thinking of starting a fantasy quest; any authors here who'd be willing to talk on a 1-on-1 (well, 2-on-1, though the other's quite shy) basis about getting started, plot, etc?
Email's smergthedargon@gmail.com, FA's SmergTheDargon - I check the latter with greater frequency because I'm a degenerate. Once I get the message, I'll send a link to my Discord server so we can talk.
No. 123444 ID: 334b68

1. IT IS

No. 123452 ID: caf1de

urge to post is this thread dead in every non graveguard quest rising
No. 123480 ID: 334b68

I'll fuckin' ban you if you do it

edit: while getting my staff rank to show up on my posts is apparently fucked, this is not an empty threat
No. 123509 ID: dbf422

Hey, weird question but could I just test the dice rolling system here? Last time I tried to roll I utterly embarrassed myself in a quest by getting it wrong. I couldn't figure out if it was "dice xdy" or "dice+xdy" (without quotation marks).
No. 123511 ID: 33cbe7

The FAQ covers dice syntax on tgchan.
There's also a thread on the /tg/ board you could use.
No. 123514 ID: 7fad5d

You can also use the /moo/ board to test stuff in general.
No. 123522 ID: dbf422

Thanks you two.
No. 123523 ID: dbf422

Though I should point out that the FAQ doesn't include that it goes in the email field. That's probably common knowledge, but that's what I had messed up.
No. 123528 ID: 3abd97

It does.
>The desired expression should be put into the email field.
No. 123533 ID: dbf422

Figures I had to fit in one more mistake.
No. 123967 ID: c66305

To the mod who banned ClockworkFountain and I on ITQ,
I would like to put forth an apology and hope I might offer an explanation as to what I was doing. I’ve read old posts where quest characters would have letter correspondence between each other and I was trying to do something similar to that. I was not intending to break any rules. When I was given a warning the first time I was not intending it to get as far flung as it did. And when I was asked a question by Clock, I was legitimately trying to answer him based on what my quest character would do. I wasn’t trying to start a whole RP on that thread and I wasn’t intending it to blow up the way it did. I hope this gets us unbanned, at the very least I ask you in an Clock as I dont think he deserved that. Thank you and again sorry if it seemed I was breaking rules, that was not my intention.
No. 124441 ID: 416751

how do you change the icon on the browser tab?
No. 124449 ID: 671537

The mods change that, the details are in this thread >>66907
No. 124717 ID: 4cef42

To the person that permabanned me from all boards and called me "a horrible person": I have no idea what I did wrong. The last posts I remember making here are a suggestion on Acid Soup and posting a link to a clip from Spaceballs on FRACTAL's quests. May I at least receive an explanation for my ban? My ID was d887c0.
No. 124718 ID: 394bd8

It looks like it was a spambot ban that happened to catch your IP address as well. It should be resolved now.
No. 124720 ID: d887c0

My endless thanks.
No. 124936 ID: bd5c42

Hey, I have an etiquette question. I recently resurrected one of my quests that had fallen into the graveyard by starting a new thread for it. I now want to get people talking in its disthread, but the old thread was never replied to by anyone but me and has fallen into the depths of the disthread archives. Is it more proper to start a new disthread and not resurrect the dead one, or to use the same one to avoid cluttering the archives?
No. 124939 ID: e2ea73

Probably just use the old one. I find it's really hard to predict what will get people talking.
No. 124982 ID: 31eb45

How much activity is a reasonable amount to wait for before making a dis thread?
No. 124991 ID: 4f1cbc

There's really no need to make a new dis thread unless the old one has gotten large, or you're reorganizing. If you make sure your quest thread links the dis thread, readers will be able to find it when they need it.

Some authors wait until one is needed (ie, suggesters start trying to discuss stuff, or ask for one) other authors start one up preemptively (so it'll be there when needed). Either is fine!
No. 125003 ID: b0b5d0

I'm planning to start my first quest fairly soon and I was hoping to get some advice on how to navigate something I want to do. What I want to happen is that the main/player character outright lies about something, it will become pretty obvious fairly quickly that at the very least what the character tells the reader isn't the whole truth, but I'm a bit concerned I'll drop the ball writing it in some way so tips dealing with this would be very appreciated
No. 125012 ID: e2ea73

The trick I feel is establishing that there can be a disconnection between what the character's saying and what's actually going on. For example if it contradicts something they'd previously said. Also if it's a lie their telling to someone else, you have the option of showing their internal state to the suggesters, which can suggest something's off.
No. 125364 ID: 7969eb

Hey dudes, if I was thinking of doing a quest by having several smaller updates carried out on Saturday/Friday nights, college and work permitting, would this be feasible on tgchan? I'd be keeping the sessions to the same nights at roughly the same time with a twitter to announce it all.
No. 125366 ID: ceb185

It could work. Tgchan's usually a little slow paced so you might get less suggestions per update, but generally when people see a quest is updating frequently, they'll check it more often.
No. 125369 ID: 4f1cbc

Updating in sessions once or twice a week? Yeah, that's fine, there are plenty of quests that update slower than that.
No. 125555 ID: ad4798

General tips for maintaining readership/getting a consistent amount of suggestions? I know that’s a very broad question, but I feel like it probably has broad solutions.
No. 125564 ID: f1cb5f

These are probably still a bit vague but as far as getting good suggestions goes, I think the big four are:
1: Make decisions important. The suggesters need to feel their input matters.
2: Make decisions nuanced. Try to avoid making The Obvious Correct Choice an option.
3: Make information available. One piece of advice I've always liked is most of the information you need to know should be in the last three updates.
4: Reward interpolation. This is in tension to #3, but leave chances for better options where the suggesters have remembered other bits of information or have come up with a better plan.
No. 125574 ID: 8049ed


To expand on that, make sure there is actually something to suggest before waiting for suggestions.
Also that there isn't just one glaringly obvious path forward, that kind of situation tends to get one reply of 'do the obvious thing' followed by silence.
Balance that with too many paths forward though, too much choice tends to be a flaw in city builder quests that can paralyze discussion.

Early on expect to get the four basic text adventure commands a lot:
Look at thing, use thing, take thing, check quest log.

Try to be wordy enough that 'look at thing' and 'quest log' are mostly taken care of by the story posts. We need context and motivation.

and finally, update despite a low response! A common mistake is to assume questors will do the writing for you. Give your characters some initiative. Whatever character is the focus at the time should essentially be a questor that always posts.
No. 125988 ID: 9125e0

How do I make my text blacked out?
Some how I still dont know!
No. 125998 ID: 891b91

Use spoiler tags, assuming you mean something like this

Read this for details: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/news.php?p=faq
No. 126019 ID: 9125e0

Thanks man

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