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File 153470020140.png - (292.65KB , 700x600 , disthread.png )
124957 No. 124957 ID: c1eaac

To discuss demons, hell politics, and dating! And maybe even worldbuilding questions.
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No. 124960 ID: 51d5a1

How purgatory/limbo works considering everything?
No. 124962 ID: 31eb45

Is Glas's hand also a hoof, or am I seeing things that aren't there?
No. 124968 ID: 70df1e


i think its a glove?
No. 124969 ID: 70df1e
File 153472708955.jpg - (15.52KB , 300x300 , s-l300.jpg )


No. 124970 ID: c1eaac

He's got fingers! He's just wearin' those weird half-hand gloves.

If there is one, demons don't know jack about it!
No. 125016 ID: 9876c4

Will there be cute eligible bespectacled demon lasses too, or is our lad too uh, fancy for them?

Is our evil an informed attribute, or are we expected to actually embody sin and lies?

Tangentially interested so far, but certain answers would change that.
No. 125017 ID: c1eaac


Ornias and Foxglove would both answer to the descriptor of lasses/ladies/etc but they both happen to use gender neutral pronouns! Demons be like that sometimes. Foxglove is sort of the femme fatale archetype, but Glas hasn't met them yet so I won't spoil anything else.

Also not all demons have to embody sin and lies! Most high society demons are polite, at least to each others' faces. Hell's social scene is very stuck in the Regency Era as far as manners and shit go.
No. 125080 ID: 70df1e
File 153532343986.jpg - (30.55KB , 400x300 , aaaaaaa.jpg )

im so glad that we as a people are so dedicated to hitting on camio

>give us more pictures of camio
No. 125088 ID: c1eaac
File 153534280794.png - (61.70KB , 284x399 , tumblr_oypfj9Zqdz1qzuc0lo2_400.png )

i heard someone wanted pictures of camio
No. 125094 ID: 270774

No. 125097 ID: 51d5a1

Finally, some good fucking demons.
No. 125126 ID: ee1478

Is that how he looks now, or in his younger years? Also, I think the eye on his patch used to belong to somebody.....
No. 125128 ID: 291d11

probably closer to a younger camio, yeah! demons don't visibly age very much though

also, the eye on his patch is a big ol' gemstone carved to look like an eye and set into some white embroidery! probably a gift from ornias, honestly (they pick out a lot of camio's wardrobe because he's so noncommittal and hates going to social events anyway)
No. 125152 ID: 501440
File 153556053942.jpg - (1.43MB , 2182x2813 , image.jpg )

Murmur may or may not show up in person in Hearts Goetia, but I have been drawing him a lot lately...
No. 125161 ID: 270774

guys we have to gun for hearts goetia 100% completion run. that's just my opinion. maybe not jasper, but on the other hand, maybe jasper strictly on principle. maybe jasper just to prove that we can
No. 125163 ID: c1eaac


i mean you CAN but at what COST
No. 125166 ID: d3602f

Is there a special high ranking demon for each of the seven deadly sins? Because that could possibly net us the lust position.
No. 125168 ID: c1eaac


there are not, but incubi and succubi do exist! murmur is an incubus, and glas has an aunt who is a succubus.
No. 125170 ID: 70df1e

im absolutely 100% with you lets do it comrade
No. 125172 ID: c1eaac
File 153560834591.png - (157.04KB , 526x506 , sibs.png )

a little scribble of some of glas's siblings!
No. 125229 ID: c1eaac
File 153577391345.jpg - (46.23KB , 839x603 , family tree.jpg )

a slightly outdated version of the bathinson family line! the only thing that's really wrong with it is that eligos didn't canonically have a brother yet when i made it, haha.
No. 125305 ID: c1eaac
File 153611785888.png - (185.68KB , 700x600 , coloredglas.png )

i...realized i'd never colored a picture of glas so i colored one of the panels from this update for shits and giggles
No. 125308 ID: 70df1e

glas CUTE
No. 125360 ID: c1eaac

i heard that posting pinterest boards is the Thing To Do these days

general hell aesthetic - https://pin.it/cb43dtn4pdri5b
general heaven aesthetic - https://pin.it/kadevcmr6m6pfn
ornias - https://pin.it/zkqyo7rfqaxbd6
camio - https://pin.it/h2c5jnwdfsw3qt
eligos - https://pin.it/ksc4hwl65p7kew
foxglove - https://pin.it/lzkrt6auywhvpj
arty - https://pin.it/potabvrm73kqin
murmur - https://pin.it/usgb622kcv2x5i

jasper and the others don't have boards because uhhhhh i made most of these a while ago and got too lazy to do all the demons in this 'verse. but enjoy these!
No. 125415 ID: dbf422

I had honestly believed he had cute claws until just now.

I will continue this belief.
No. 125427 ID: c1eaac


i honestly wish i had given him hooves so i could make a 'those are his hooves, you bitch' joke whenever someone pointed it out. but you live, you learn
No. 125428 ID: f14764

we need to romance camio AND ornias so, so sweetly
No. 125575 ID: c1eaac

i got a cccccouple hg related questions over on my curiouscat (which is https://curiouscat.me/hellpolitics thematically enough) so i figured i should crosspost 'em here!

>does camio like having his hair played with

camio is like a fussy cat and you can only play with his hair if he is relaxed enough to trust you to get that close

>How do your demon ocs feel about popular video game Doom?

pretty bold of you to assume that demons know what a video game is

>does Satan know about doom


>What does God look like in Hearts?

It Is A Mystery

>I know that a lot of your other works have Jewish characters and inspirations, but was Hearts at all influenced by your religious beliefs, especially considering how it deals with angels and demons and the afterlife and stuff?

nah not really!! the goetic demons have been one of my special interests since high school so i tend to do a lot of work involving them just cause i think they're neat. some of them (albeit different versions) pop up in other projects of mine too! most of my afterlife-set stuff tends to be more sandboxy and not adhering to any particular religion (hell in hg is a monarchy and is very regency era/french revolution, heaven in hearts is...well you'll see)

>Glas better fookin kiss Arty or I will make a second Stonewall riot

i don't know who sent this but i love and support you

>When WILL Glas KISS a wheels-within-wheels kind of Angel

i knew as soon as i drew one that someone was gonna ask this and i was not disappointed

>Does Kevin Smith's Dogma exist in the Hearts-verse and if so why is it Arty's favorite movie

it absolutely does and it is arty's favorite movie in every canon
No. 125816 ID: 7e9c89

i just started reading hearts goetia and it is so cute! can i ask if you have a twitter or anywhere that you crosspost updates?
No. 125821 ID: c1eaac


my twitter is @badscaryplace!!!
No. 126018 ID: c1eaac

oh yeah i made a nsfw curiouscat because an anon was asking me about camio's ass on main. most of the stuff on there is hearts goetia stuff actually

No. 126474 ID: c1eaac
File 154216644714.jpg - (152.21KB , 956x1200 , Dr3VWOfX4AEaXL6.jpg )

i drew some Boys with their hair down during my monday night tabletop game sesh
No. 126475 ID: c1eaac
File 154216647253.jpg - (163.28KB , 859x1200 , Dr3nT30X0AAHafj.jpg )

i haven't traditionally inked anything in like a year
No. 126652 ID: c1eaac
File 154389726845.png - (132.86KB , 476x374 , archangels.png )

update soon i promise but for now have some archangels. michael (left, she/her) is satan's twin and gabriel (right, they/them) is the stressed ceo of heaven.
No. 126656 ID: e0ca8d

Yay, I love Micheal! And Gabriel's designation as CEO.
No. 127300 ID: c1eaac
File 154750600455.png - (141.89KB , 700x600 , 55.png )

i made some edits last night that i'm only slightly sorry about
No. 127353 ID: a56751

No. 127913 ID: c1eaac
File 155073402119.jpg - (176.90KB , 914x1200 , DzX883QX4AE47Lm.jpg )

i drew a camio for valentine's day and forgot to upload it here. forgive me

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