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File 154914774257.jpg - (9.83KB , 236x236 , image.jpg )
127521 No. 127521 ID: 6fcd81

For, as you might have deduced, discussing The path of a hero.

All topics even vaguely related to the quest are fair game. Discussion, speculation, feedback, praise, critique, and those funny reaction images that I forget the name of.

You can throw insults at me all day, but I will be distinctly displeased if you attack anyone else.

Now go, go ask me questions, go start conversations that will inevitably end up as flame wars, and go be the glorious Internet denizens I know you are!
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No. 128325 ID: fbfc06

You mentioned in the beginning of the quest that you, like borya, have a case of psychopathy (or sociopathy, can't really tell the difference), how is it like? Is it like the (what I assume) borya's really exaggerated case where you can only think in a certain way (like ways to kill people in borya's case) or is it just a problematic condition that, while giving you immunity to stress (from what I know) and reduced ability to feel makes basic things like conversations and meaningful relationships between friends and loved ones quite difficult and reducing the quality of one's life?
No. 128326 ID: fbfc06

Sorry for asking such personal questions if such things bother you.
No. 128336 ID: 3e0c37

Hah! You definitely don't need to apologize. I love talking about myself. In fact, it may be my favorite subject.

So, psychopathy and sociopathy are rather different from each other. Kind of. See, psychopathy is a blanket term for all forms of mental illness or disorder. But sociopathy is something you're born with, so I don't really consider myself a psychopath. But you could call me one.

More pertinently to you questions, I'll give you a brief explanation of what sociopathy is, medically speaking.

It is a name for a disorder of the mind that prevents standerd human empathy. Resulting in low regard for human life, lack of an intrinsic moral compass, and a general lack of outwards emotion.

Normally, such a disorder is caused by a lack of neurotransmitters, resulting in overall anti-emotionality. A side effect of this anti-emotionality is sociopathy. This is what Borya has.

Another, and far less common form of sociopathy is where the part of the brain in charge of empathy (mirror neurons) is underdeveloped. Resulting in a lack of empathy. This is what I have.

It means that I, well, for the most part, have the same emotions that everyone else has, just not empathy. I feel happiness (okay I actually don't feel this one very often), sadness (Not really this one too much either), and anger (much anger). But like, If I saw someone mortally wounded and close to an agonizing death, I could care less. But if my pizza burns in the oven, then I feel something.

You see what I'm saying? I don't have the ability to empathize. Well, I do, but I can only feel like, 10% of the empathy most have.

So in short, I'm all fucked up because part of my brain didn't form like it should have. I actually have dyslexia too, which is also an under-formation of part of the brain. Funny right? A dyslexic incapable of feeling empathy goes off to write stories on a community-based format.

But don't think that because part of my brain is underdeveloped I'm unintelligent. They call it high-functioning sociopathy for a reason.

As for how it impacts social interaction? Not too much, any more.

When I was younger I had a lot of trouble. I also did some really fucked up things. I was responsible for the hospitalization of several children, and because of me; a kid I used to know walks with a limp to this day.

But nowadays, I have a strict moral code I follow at all times. It keeps me in line.

And as for like conversation and such, I'm actually really good at talking to people. I've been accused before of being a schmoozer. I just don't have much of a capacity to form relationships. I have no friends. I'm not close with my family. That sort of thing.

But I'm getting better, I think. Any day now a bunch of people will start vying for the friendship of that one weird guy that's always talking about how easy it is to break the human neck. Yep, prime friendship materiel.
No. 128352 ID: b146ba

How does a sociopath, with dyslexia none the less, decide it's time to start writing some quests in such a questionable website, is it because you enjoy dark humor about the unfairness and evil of life or is there something about writing about broken characters with problems that you share to an extent in a way to express one self (not trying to be an annoying paparazzi kind, but I'm genuinely intrigued)
No. 128364 ID: d1223c

I enjoy answering questions like these, so I really mean it when I say feel free to ask them.

Firstly, yes. I love dark humor. I also like writing characters like Borya. You were right on both counts. But that's not the main reason I started questing.

So, I found tgchan about six months ago when I clicked on a link in the comments section for a piece of fanart. This link led me to Story Seeker, which was the first quest I ever read.

After that, I went off and read Fen quest, then Asteroid Quest, then Tozol quest. After Tozol quest, I was struck with an epiphany.

An idea, far fetched and honestly ridiculous. I knew it probably wouldn't work, and if it did it would take a lot of effort. That's why I stuck with it.

An idea for an enormous, over-complex, brutally visceral quest about a person caught up in a conspiracy so large; it encompasses more than one genre.

Originally, quests like TPOAH and The Brothers Grim were just supposed to be warmups for this one. That's out the window now, as both quests have outgrown their intended scopes; but the point stands, I had this idea, an idea for the ultimate quest.

My magnum opus.

Some day, when I've finished the other projects, and gotten an artist to illustrate my masterpiece (probably myself) I'll start this quest of quests.

That was a long winded way of saying that I started questing cause I had a good idea.
No. 128366 ID: 708d3d

Outgrown their intended scopes? but one just "ended" their first chapter and the other literally just begun? You mean those things by just starting those quests or you don't expect them to go on for long?
and I was honestly suprised at the brutality of the comments on the TPOATH, never knew how nasty and inhuman they can be (I'm totally not taking what is literally a test quest and a bunch of letters into a full blown thread about suggesting best way to torture a person, while streaming that person)
No. 128369 ID: 98e742

Well, what I mean is how much planning I've done for the path of a hero and the brothers grim. I've written out a ton of ideas for plot arcs and characters, and I expect that both will be rather long, assuming the protagonists survive long enough.

And as for the brutal comments and writing? Humans are animals. They always have been, and always will be. Most people have moral codes that prevent the monster from breaking loose, but at heart we are all beasts.

I'm just different because I'm monstrous on the outside too. I've been compared before to a wolf: cold, calculating, no remorse or mercy, but capable of functioning in a pack.

What I've done with The Path of a Hero is created a monster, then given control to the suggesters.

Now only one question remains: will the suggesters reform the monster that is Borya? Or will they become monsters themselves?
No. 128386 ID: 7e3ccd

While I personally disagree with such an outlook, that's just what made TPOAH one of the most interesting quests I've read, minus the overwhelming amount of text you put into them, one of borya's responses often feels like half the text of an average quest. (not asking for a change seeing it would be difficult for this type of quest)
No. 128387 ID: 7e3ccd

And since you mentioned you like talking about yourself, I've heard narcissism is a problem a lot of sociopaths have, is this one of the facts that influence your stance on taking about yourself (not accusing you of being a horrible person, it's just strange seeing how most people on this site avoid talking about themselves in this detail like the plague, and when they do it's often self-deprecating)
No. 128388 ID: 7e3ccd

facts may have been the wrong word choice...
No. 128394 ID: de688f

I am intrinsically narcissistic beyond what is anywhere near acceptable. I'm fairly certain the other quest authors don't talk about themselves because they have the good grace to stay professional, and focus on quests rather than themselves. I don't have that good grace.

And yes, my outlook is rather grim, and shared by few. But I am a rather grim person, influenced by few.

Speaking of good grace, allow me to direct (as much as it pains) attention away from me and towards the topic this thread is themed upon.

Do you feel that a more minimalistic approach to TPOAH's writing would benefit it? I actually spend quite a bit of time trying to make sure my writing isn't too brief. Trying to describe things in detail, and attempting to convey a visceral sense of immersion, despite the lack of pictures.

So if that's what people want, it would be no trouble at all to start using a more bare-bones style of writing. It would certainly make updates shorter, and more to the point.

Can I get some opinions?
No. 128398 ID: 7e3ccd

Your writing does a darn good job of making the situation seem nasty and depressingly grim, making the text shorter would effect some of that atmosphere, and I'm all for quality over quantity.
No. 128453 ID: 6462c0
File 155254767693.jpg - (56.18KB , 450x450 , image.jpg )

>nasty and depressingly grim.
I do my best.
No. 128454 ID: 6462c0

>made TPOAH one of the most interesting quests I've read.
Well damn, I just payed attention to your comment, and saw this for the first time.
I take that as an immense complement, considering how many truly interesting quests there are on this website.
No. 128456 ID: 03823e

While most quests have interesting ideas, most don't grapple with such themes like TPOAH.
I found that this quest, unlike lot of others, really keeps me engaged and makes me come back for more, not a lot of times you get to be at the helm of a murderous sociopath child that you're constantly trying to convince that breaking and arm off anyone who gets within 5 meters of her is a really, really bad idea while encouraging or discouraging the belief that she's basically a human human meat grinder.
No. 128457 ID: 97bcb6

Your wording is well chosen.

Grappling with complex and often socially unacceptable themes is a central cord shared by all my quests, wether they've just begun, or are still in the concept phase.

Don't get me wrong, I love good old fashioned storytelling like the lord of the rings or quests like Story Seeker. Sure, a lot of the material has become cliché by now, but there's a reason those clichéd styles are used so often, because they're good.

However, I find myself most strongly engaged with stories where it's following a very mainstream theme, but something is off. A great example of this is the Witcher series, both the books and the games. The stories in those series take very large cues from classic stories by Grimm, but they always twist it, always throw you off kilter just when you think you know what's gonna happen. It's... Masterful, really, how good the plot is throughout that continuum. Hell, it was so good that after six books there was still plot enough for three games.

But I digress, my point, is that I want to write the Witcher. Not literally of course, but I aspire to that sort of dark fantasy that just immerses you and makes it impossible to put the book down.

Or close the thread, in the case of my Quests. That's what I aspire to, and that's what I strive for.
No. 128498 ID: 926ad8

Because feedback is the best kind of feed, I would ask those with the time and inclination to rate TPOAH overall on a 1 to 10 scale.

Then, if you still feel like my ego isn't big enough (or is too big, as the case may be) go ahead and give me the predominant reasons for your rating. Give it too me straight, I like hearing about what's wrong with my quest because it allows me to objectively make it better.
No. 128507 ID: 4294c6

You seem narcissistic. The way you write most questions looks like you're expecting something more than just an answer. Also, putting your email in every post is an indicator as well.

Other than that, you're pretty cool. You've already accomplished something more than the majority of people: Making a quest. I wish I had the drive you do.
No. 128528 ID: f66b8e

>You seem narcissistic.
I am narcissistic. My username is actually a nod at that.

I put my email in every post as a habit, and also because I want anyone who wants to, to be able to contact me in a private fashion. I made that email expressly for the purpose of tgchan.

>Other than that, you're pretty cool.
Thanks. I do try. And you seem to have genuinely spoken your mind, which makes you pretty cool as well.
No. 128530 ID: 4dbb4c

Oh yeah, and:
>The way you write your questions seems like you expect more than an answer.
I struggle with this all the time. It's a sociopath thing (wanna bet on how many times I can pull that card?): my inability to empathize with other people makes it extremely difficult to predict how they are going to interpret something I say.

So please understand that when I sound snarky, or like there was a subtle implication behind my words, it's just my social ignorance flaring up.

I'll try to be clearer, sorry.
No. 128612 ID: ab1fe9

Why do you use so many paragraph spaces and line breaks during normal conversational posts, in discussion threads and suggestions and so on? It comes across as like... the forum equivalent of someone sitting so spread out on the bus they take up multiple seats. Sorta visually obtrusive.

Like, especially in quest threads when you're suggesting, because the focus of a quest should be on the author's posts, and a suggester really shouldn't be making big screen-filling posts unless it's necessary to get their ideas across. Whereas with how you format your suggestions is not really necessary. Adding in a paragraph space now and then to break up a giant block of text is fine, that keeps things visually pleasing, but just every one or two sentences? That's really not.

Do you post from a phone, or something?
No. 128628 ID: 5c9b38

The use of multiple paragraphs is just how I learned to write. It's a style thing. The way I was taught, you use a new paragraph every time the immediate subject changes. I am still getting used to writing on tgchan. It's very brief, impersonal, informal. A far cry from the monotonous, precise, formal style I had drilled into my skull. Your comment is useful, I genuinely wasn't aware that my posts were so arrogantly flamboyant. Perhaps this is a bit better?
No. 128641 ID: ab1fe9

That is better, yes, thank you. The concept of using paragraphs to break writing into blocks that each cover one "step" or idea isn't a bad one, but I think it's intended more for writing essays and so on, where each of those steps is going to be more substantial and the text as a whole is going to be longer. Then, in creative writing, it would be different again, and paragraphs breaks would be more like how camera cuts are used in movies. Still, it's generally the case that you don't make a bunch of paragraphs that are too small. You can use small ones every now and then, but those would generally be used scarcely, and for, I guess you could call it...

... perceptual impact.

You know? For something that's supposed to stand out. If you use them all the time they won't be able to do that, in addition to making your text feel unnecessarily longer and drier. There are always exceptions, of course. You might use a string of short, paragraph-stretched lines to depict something like someone trudging through an empty desert. Though, doing that sort of thing too often or in too overblown a way could come across as pretentious. It depends.
No. 128648 ID: 2202fb

So there is unintentional narcissism and there is intentional narcissism. Which are you? Do you try to be narcissistic?
No. 128655 ID: 132157

Thanks. That really is helpful advice.

I really don't. I really, really don't. In fact, I've spent the majority of my life trying to be less of a narcissistic, cruel, arrogant bastard. Success has been varied. I may have explained this before, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself, but: Sociopathy doesn't just mean that I don't feel sympathy for other people. It's as if everyone around me was merely a complex inanimate object. Sure, they may talk about their feelings, their likes and dislikes, and I am consciously aware that they have minds of their own, but I don't have any real ability to see that as important, or meaningful.

So you can probably imagine how it would be very difficult for me to actually see people around me as important or meaningful in any way. I try, I really do, to value everyone individually, but it is extraordinarily difficult to see anything that doesn't directly impact me as important. Within my mind, though I may consciously know otherwise, it's as if the entire universe revolves around me. Because I don't have the capacity to see anything other than myself as meaningful. Narcissism is an inherent byproduct.

I'm trying to be better. I'm really trying. But there is a reason that sociopaths are never heroes in media, yet are so often cast as villains. It's kinda like being born a witch, or a demon. All the people I've ever met, as soon as they learn what I am, or see the side of me that does truly monstrous things, they shun me as a danger to society. Hell, my kindergarten teacher wanted me removed from the class and sent to a mental institution. Boo hoo, poor me. Sorry for venting.
No. 128698 ID: d5d338

Somehow, TPOAH's dis-thread has become "Aspiring quester talks about his sad-sack life, and guns, the thread." I feel as though I could merely copy and past the text from this thread and I'd have a solid autobiography. Sorry for waxing on.

Alright, back on topic. I'm workshoping the next chapter before I start writing it, and a little audience input would help.

The story is going to be 'on rails' for a little bit. Where the overall direction the plot heads is going to be more or less set in stone. It's only for a bit, then suggesters are back in the saddle. But for that time, would you rather I just give a sort of overarching narrative? It would keep the 'on rails' segment as short as possible (and be far easier to write). Or would you rather I just bring suggesters in for key moments and then have the rest be explained with narrative exposition?

Up to you guys. (And/or girls, I ain't judging).
No. 128945 ID: 54e0aa
File 155435131854.jpg - (48.99KB , 500x628 , image.jpg )

Y'all fucked up. Bad.

I wasn't going to help, but right now we're heading full steam towards the 'bad end'. And it seems everyone wants a 'good end', so I'm going to give a little advice. Take it or leave it.

The suggestions Borya are receiving right now are tearing her apart. You tell her to have emotion, to feel affection, to show trust; then you turn around and tell her to be paranoid of everything around her, to hide her emotions, to man the fuck up and be a cold, emotionless professional.

Think about what that's doing to her psyche, to her self image. I'm going to be completely honest, and say that she would have already committed suicide if you hadn't chosen the stable-psyche trait in the beginning.

You have to choose. You have to decide who you want Borya to become. If you keep asking her to act like a normal little girl, then turn around and demand she preform like a hardened soldier, the dichotomy is going to kill her, one way or another.

I'm not saying it's an all or nothing, she could still be a compassionate worrier of sorts (if you play your cards really well). But if you keep reaching for an impossible ideal, sooner or later reality is going to come crashing in.

Also, you have to remember that you guys are the closest thing she has to friends. Your the only moral support she has. So if immediately after an emotional breakdown you're saying 'can it, get up, and keep moving', with no regard for how she feels, she's going to feel more and more like nobody cares. When a reoccurring the I'm I'm seeing in suggestions is 'people care about you'.

Basically, just show that you care. Or else you just became another one of the people pushing her to be an emotionless monster.

Well, I think I've talked enough. Again, this is just advice, not rules for how to play. Take it or leave it.
No. 128947 ID: c967e6

I'm pretty sure people are aware of that, but they seem to be hell bent on turning her into a monstrosity, a few here and there are telling her that she's gonna be ok that's just the minority. not saying it's a bad thing, this is a fictional character after all, and if that's what the voice of the people wants, then may it be so.
No. 128948 ID: c967e6

It's quite interesting what you've done with this latest response from Borya. You made everyone question the way they treat her, was this a reaction you planned to happen (to have her break down) or was this some hidden response to tgchanners to reconsider and re-evaluate the way they're treating her because of the abundance of messages encouraging being a soulless monster that were so common that they even made you worry a bit, or was it that you just thought that people were being unoriginal and weren't giving enough thought to suggestions?
No. 128953 ID: 78fb52

Yes? Partly all three.

I want people to question what they want. I don't think they know.

By my pen, Borya will follow suggesters to the nth realm of hell and back, if they so will it. I just want people to realize along the way that sometimes there's no such thing as 'the right' answer, sometimes there's no such thing as 'the good guys, and sometimes you have to comment an evil to spare a greater evil.

You have to make your own decisions, be your own person. If you're just doing something because people tell you it's the 'right' thing, you are allowing your soul to be consumed by modern-world sensibilities.

Borya isn't perfect, she never will be. Nor will any human ever to walk this earth be perfect. Sometimes life's a shit show, then sometimes it gets better, but sometimes it never does. Some people live and die a waking nightmare.

I'm not saying that's what Borya is destined for, I'm saying she is never going to have a perfect, normal, happy little life with loving parents and friends. As much as people might want that for her.

Am I making any sense?

The hand Borya was delt is unfair, it is. Basically a super-soldier waiting to happen born right before one of the greatest Cold Wars in history, and raised with a nuclear threat on the doorstep. For her, life just sucks. And her life is never going to be as good as a 'normal' persons. But that is why she has to fight all the harder, why she has to keep hoping.

Why suggesters have to keep hoping. why they have to keep fighting.

In the end, when you peel away layers of blood-soaked depravity, Borya is just a scared little girl who had everything taken away from her, a normal upbringing, friends, a normal life, by a mental disorder she had no control over.

Either she needs a friend, a person she can trust, can heal with. Or she needs to let these wounds scar over and become more hardened to the horrors that everyone must face in this brave new world.

The path must be chosen. And whatever is decided, I'll follow this story, to whatever end its followers deserve.

All I ask from suggesters is that you think, is that you feel. Let your actions be guided by your viscera, by your deepest self. Not just by your logical mind.

I can't tell you what is or is not right or wrong. Just be true that which you feel, not what you know. And I guaranty the path chosen will reflect the suggesters true self.

I sound like a fucking Disney cliché, so I know I've been talking to long. Does that answer your question? Sorry for getting preachy.
No. 128955 ID: 05ebc7

Yeah, but that's boring and sad.

I say that not as an insult, but more as a reason for why some players might be choosing as they are. At the end of the day, at the very core of all of the reasons people might enjoy this quest.

It's entertainment. Some people are entertained by different things than others. How they go about even getting the SAME entertainment can be very different. But in the end of it all, we want to be entertained by a fictional story.

And saying 'she'll never have a happy ending' outright, I believe, was a mistake. Because now that WE, the PLAYERS, know that that is impossible, then...why bother? Why hope? God himself has said that it's not happening, and that's that. Sooo...

Expect us to find alternate ways to entertain ourselves in this story. If she can't be happy, then the easiest and most entertaining way of getting entertainment is to have her become a monster (be it tragic, or well-meaning, etc etc...). But she'll be an ENTERTAINING monster, and considering this is a fictional story with no real consequence, that's all that matters. What I think is that I want to be entertained by this fictional story somehow. What I feel is disappointed that she can't be happy, so fuck it, if she can't be happy, she can at least be fucking cool to watch wreck shit as I eat popcorn.
No. 128956 ID: 78fb52

Ohh, I fucked up my wording again. Da?

I was being a, ah, bit melodramatic. A happy ending is definitely possible, I just wanted to explain that, whatever may come of it in the end, this is not a feel-good story. My greatest fear for this story is that it becomes a living cliché, as the majority of media nowadays is. So to prevent that, I wanted to ask people to really think about their actions. I suppose I wanted to provoke real emotion from participants, rather than the sort of disconnected, glassy-eyed manner most seem to look at media in.

Based on your response it seems I have failed immensely.

If that is truly what people want, a thoughtless, saccharine happily ever after; then I'll doff my hat, swallow my pride, and do what I am obligated to as a writer, and an entertainer: give the readers what they want.
No. 128957 ID: 49a777

Don't give up so easily; when working together, we are as a child, our tendencies are, well, childish. What I think I was going for there was that you shouldn't say you will not give an easy out, and then do just that; these things are ephemeral, whether or not people are happy about the end they wind up with, they will move on. If it ends poorly, they will remember what happened when they did what they did, they may have regrets about how it ended, but, even then, they would remember. If they manage to scrape themselves together or some form of a majority forms, they may yet persist.

I for one would like for them to be treated not as children, this is interactive, if they want a better end, they can manage that, but they need to be able to engage. The form of the last few updates has been a bit jarring, I think; the gaps in time were larger than before and the natural response to the unknown was the result. Now, of course, this could possibly be remedied by the players themselves- and now I forgot where I was going with all
of this. I should sleep more. This probably reads like the disjointed blathering that it is and I'm sorry for that, I hope this somehow helps someone.
No. 128959 ID: 05ebc7

It's not an A or B situation, my dude. Largely my rant comes down to 'Don't take the possibility of sincere success away from the players.'

It's called Earning Your Happy Ending. That's all.

No. 128960 ID: 38e49f
File 155444937293.jpg - (36.79KB , 444x442 , image.jpg )

You're both right. And it seems you've found the words and phrasing I struggled with. That is precisely what I mean; a happy end will not simply manifest itself. It will take some doing, and some deep thought, but I'm confident that if everyone puts their minds to it, they'll be able to work an optimistic conclusion out of a pessimistic situation. If that's what you want, and that's what you strive for, you'll earn your happily ever after, and I won't have to sacrifice my artistic integrity. You have made clear to me that I was deluding myself into believing suggesters were at fault, when in reality I have no one to blame but myself for lack of flexibility.

I think what I need to do, as was pointed out, is stop treating suggesters like they are incapable. Perhaps they will play with fire, and perhaps they will get burned. But if that is to be, so be it. They will learn, they will figure it out themselves. They are intelligent people, whatever else they might be. I need to start giving credit where it is due, and stop telling suggesters how to suggest. Whatever they decide, however I feel about it, I will write it well to the utmost of my ability.

And Jimva, please. Your post could hardly be called blather. Perhaps you haven't read some of my previous posts? They will reveal to you the true meaning of blather. And for what it's worth, I found your words helpful. My sincere thanks, really.

Now if you gentlemen will excuse me, I need to man the fuck up, get the arrogance that has blinded me out of my eyes, brew myself a cup of coffee, and start writing this story like it deserves to be written.
No. 128963 ID: 8eaf98

Minor confusion here does Asa the wizard=Ace of Spades? Your IP seems rather dynamic.
A tripcode could help. I only recently found out how to do them: use "#" in the name field followed by what amounts to a secret username that gets hashed which is what others see after the "!" (or "!!" if you use more than one "#")
No. 128964 ID: 13cd18

not really arrogant, for your (I'm assuming) your first quest it's fantastic, usually people make a super bland story with characters less interesting than a box of sand and end very quickly, these are relatively small flaws and to see an author take criticism so well is what this world doesn't have anymore (i've watched Bioware get exposed for denying crunch time not too long ago so I guess it's a bit of a stretch to say to make such claims)
No. 128965 ID: 13cd18

Speaking of endings, I assume if the Disney type good ending where all's well and good can't happen, then I assume the absolute worst ending possible, one where absolutely everything, and by everything I really mean EVERYTHING, ends in a horrible disaster can't happen. Life isn't exactly fair but the rule of the silver lining has always been a thing from what I can tell.
No. 128971 ID: 9e269f

Yeah, it's me, the Wizard. I just decided to use the nickname I received a couple years back. They called me 'the Ace of spades', and that sounds cool. So I went with it. I think I did this tripcode thing right. Am I tripping yet?
>Your IP seems rather dynamic.
I know. It's really weird. I'm not doing that on purpose. I'm just special, I guess.

Kind words. Thank you. I like criticism, I really do. It's more helpful than anyone who isn't a writer could know. And besides, if someone cares enough about my story to take the time and point out the things that could be better, or that they don't like, then I can only thank that person for their dedication and contribution to the improvement of my work.

Ah, a good point. Now, I'm really not entirely opposed to a true happy ending, it's just that I get so disappointed by endings nowadays that I feel it is my duty to do better. If it seems fitting, and goes with what is appropriate in the story, I will, without hesitation, write a true happy ending. But that does mean, conversely, that if that is where suggesters take us, then end will be unabashedly tragic. It's all up to you guys. You know, no pressure.
No. 128974 ID: 8eaf98

>Am I tripping yet?
you trippin! *small nod*
No. 129378 ID: 9e269f
File 155746887993.jpg - (13.31KB , 225x225 , image.jpg )

Yep, it's me. I know ya'll missed my inane fucking questions, so I'm back with another one. Answer truthfully, and know that your decision has true portent. No pressure.

Which is more important: The wound that precipitates a death, or the death itself?
No. 129379 ID: 8eaf98

The death itself. The wound is only defined as the cause of death once the death has occured.
No. 129380 ID: dd260a

The wound, the events that led to someone getting that wound could be used as a chance to learn something (occurrence: bullet in head, lesson: don't get shot in head)
No. 129381 ID: dd260a

has nothing to do with the question but how to hell can someone with dyslexia gain such a (frustratingly) large vocabulary? audiobooks? movies?
No. 129384 ID: 5cd314

Well, one day when I was nine, I got tired of not being able to read, so I sat my ass down and started trying to read. The object of my attempt at literary comprehension was some novel or another, I forget the name but it was pretty good. Anyways, I must have sat there for around an hour just trying to parse the first page, to little avail. But as I read, it slowly became easier and easier, and by the end (keeping in mind that it took me around a year to finish a 400 page book) I had about the equivalent reading ability of my peers.

As for how my, egh heghm, let's call it unique (though dated and pretentious is probably more apt) vocabulary developed: I started reading classic literature in its classic form; Shakespeare, Po, Lovecraft, etcetera. Not only did they give me a wider vocabulary, but they also got me intrigued in what writing could be; A fresh plot, a tragic ending, a grim hero or an understandable antagonist, the pen is mightier than the sword, and I wanted to be the mightiest of all. Not that I mean to compare myself to those paragons of the craft, in comparison I'm a hopeless novice, but rather; they are the reason I fell in love with writing as well as reading.

And I did notice your parentheses use of 'frustrating'. While I might hope it was simply for emphasis, I realize that my language can be dense. Perhaps I should adopt a more common vocabulary writing my quest, you know, just to keep it easily readable. What do you think? I'd love your opinion.
No. 129387 ID: 8eaf98

I have had no issue with it and think it likely that writing it using the words you think best fit will result in the highest quality story rather than trying to 'dumb down' the language.
I also think I have quite minor dyslexia, but it seldom makes itself known
No. 129393 ID: 900559

Duly noted, your opinion has helped shape me towards the perfection I strive for.

Oh, and, if it make you feel any better, dyslexics are always the smartest (Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci), trust me, I'd know. My opinion is entirely free of bias, and based solely on facts.
No. 129434 ID: 2839e1
File 155799219206.jpg - (61.15KB , 586x750 , image.jpg )

I have been sitting on my ass for two days now debating whether I should be railroading the next update or waiting for suggestions.

I can not decide if I am happy for the break, or anxious to get writing again. Grateful for this time to think, or sad for the time away from my favorite psychotic protagonist.

I think I'm suffering from writing withdrawal. Is that even a thing? Yes, it is. Because I'm feeling it.

The struggle is real.
No. 129451 ID: 8eaf98

I got-chu. Would have done so earlier but I have been distracted from TGchan of late.
No. 129453 ID: abb1d8
File 155816394913.jpg - (18.36KB , 276x183 , image.jpg )

Ontological crisis averted.
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