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File 155219417497.jpg - (157.34KB , 1100x776 , image.jpg )
128347 No. 128347 ID: 5b70e0

For the general discussion of quests and related topics.

Saliently for my own quests, of course. But discussion about other quests is not discouraged.

Trolls and spam will be purified by the holy wrath of the mods.
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No. 128407 ID: 76a275

So, at about 3 AM on Sunday, I got to doing something really dangerous.

I got to thinking.

And as I was thinking, an idea occurred to me. A horrible, wonderful idea.

I was thinking that I could do a oneshot quest, where for an entire day (or maybe even multiple), starting when I wake up and ending when I go to sleep, I would let suggesters control my actions throughout the day.

It would be from a first-person perspective, and basically I would hand over control as if I was an avatar in a video game. Letting suggesters decide what I 'equip', letting them decide what 'missions' I undertake.

I imagine it would look like a point and click adventure, where players get a panoramic view of the environment, and choose what to do from there.

It's probably a terrible idea, and I implore anyone with enough common sense to talk me out of it.

But maybe, just maybe, it could prove a fun and humorous quest.

Or maybe it's against the rules of the site and then I definitely wouldn't do it, but I don't know.

No. 128412 ID: 9b7f98

That's a terrible idea.

If you want an example of one of the many reasons, we get bots and who knows who/what else rummaging through this site, and your proposed idea could easily expose a lot of your personal information unintentionally.
No. 128423 ID: bd52c5

Yeah, okay, you're probably right.

I don't really know what people might garner that I would rather keep secret, but that's sort of the point, innit? That which one might overlook.

In a perfect world, it would be great. But- I don't really need to finish that sentence do I?

Goodbye fair quest, abandonbrew is such sweet sorrow.
No. 128424 ID: b1b4f3

Forget bots, tgchan is open to google searches.
No. 128452 ID: 6462c0

Has anyone noticed how, in recent months, tgchan seems to have become significantly more popular? Perhaps no more suggestions per-quest than usual, but the number of running (actually running) quests seems to have increased quite a bit.

Maybe it's just me. But mayhap tgchan will get the popularity it deserves.
No. 128473 ID: 776137
File 155271420995.jpg - (29.98KB , 500x500 , image.jpg )

It is Friday, my dudes.

Which means that Saturday starts in... 1 hour 33 minutes for me.

I'm planing on a small blitzkrieg for this weekend, pumping out a couple updates a day is the hope. But we'll see what comes of it. Just thought I'd give a small heads up.
No. 128546 ID: b2f41e

It entirely slipped my mind to mention this, but I'll occasionally use music in my quests. By pairing songs with certain scenes, or by using music to open or close with.

When this happens, a little thing will pop up that looks like this:

Music: *link here*

The idea is that you would listen to the song while reading the following scene. But do whatever you feel.

I've already done this in TPOAH, but I'd forgotten to mention what that was all about at the time.
No. 128560 ID: 0ab3ed

Probably would go differently on tgchan tbf
No. 128647 ID: 2202fb

quester would end up in jail in a heartbeat. Either for breaking and entering, murder, or indecent exposure.
No. 128656 ID: 132157

I live on thirteen acres of partially forested property, so I was planning on having the quest confined to the property. With the fences around the outskirts acting as 'invisible walls'. Sort of like a sandbox level.
No. 128669 ID: 59ed7a

I believe it can be fun, but only with some level of preparation on your side. Maybe you can start with classic "get out of room" setup, or with amnesia and running around looking for notes which someone left for you.
But no-rails open-world quest may be kind of boring unless you're not going to do something out of ordinary.
No. 128676 ID: c27c96

Oh no, it would certainly have plot. That's really the only reason anyone would want to read any of my quests. It's the one thing I'm good at; deep plot.
No. 128710 ID: 5ba090

Here's a mirror of The Brothers Grim https://mspfa.com/?s=29696&p=1
What description should it have? Also, stories on MSPFA have a square thumbnail, if you want to make or find one.
No. 128728 ID: 899ebf

Thanks man! I really do appreciate it.
Okay, short description here. Put my writing hat on for this one.
"Karl Grim sought to cleanse the world of occult horrors, and for this mission he paid with his life. Now he seeks truth, in a world of darkness, fear, and ancient conspiracy."

I don't have any perfectly square thumbnails on hand, unfortunately. Does it have to be exact? Or could I just crop an image until it was square-shaped?
No. 128760 ID: 5ba090

It doesnt have to be exact. If it isnt square-shaped, it gets stretched or squashed until it is. Cropping is fine.
No. 128771 ID: 9051b4
File 155373709651.jpg - (94.88KB , 414x436 , image.jpg )

Alright, this should do. I think. Don't mind the grotesquely uneven pixel count.

Once again I must thank you, really. I do appreciate it.
No. 128794 ID: 0ce3a6

I have come down with influenza, it is rather severe. This will undoubtedly prevent me from posting any sort of update for a week or so.

More importantly, should I die, I want Kome to continue writing my quests. He's the only one I trust.
No. 129092 ID: 80c195

I've got an idea for a short horror quest. Wanna feel out the genre.

Who's game?
No. 129151 ID: 094652

Wow, I... thank you.

I'll keep it in mind. For now, you've got this.
No. 129188 ID: 629d38

Not trying to be a downer but the way your quests are (you know, all long and heavily worded) I doubt making a new one (as in a new story) would be quite taxing for anyone. Many authors here have a hard enough time running one, so I'd suggest you bide your time for now.
No. 129189 ID: 629d38

Remove "I doubt" from the statement above to understand it's meaning. god dammit i hate rushing messages and ending up with incomprehensible walls of text
No. 129192 ID: a2aa23

Hmm, probably sound advice. Hubris is certainly a weakness of mine. I'll attempt to finish what I've started before committing Napoleon's great mistake of stretching oneself too thin.
No. 129195 ID: 22acff

If that's going to be a reoccurring problem then there's no harm to your pride in saying that you need more time or can't finish a quest because of real life issues. Many authors face that and this community (while still capable of immense stupidity like any other) understands that real life needs come first.
No. 129196 ID: 22acff

At least I hope that's the case...
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