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File 128418040470.png - (136.15KB , 928x550 , aaa.png )
22942 No. 22942 ID: 0b2a05

<Theta][Sigma> now I have mental images of a dick chart for all the different quest character species.

Throughout history, man has engaged in the contest of "whose is bigger." The words "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours" have visited their share of backyards. Today, we bring you that same experience, quest-style: The Definitive /Quest/ Character Penis Chart.

Now, technically, "penis" is a limited definition, so you can use "intromittent organ" if you want to. Claspers, gonopodia, hemipenes, aedeagi, etc. are equally welcome.

With all the variety present here, it seems to me like a fascinating endeavour for science... And of course we can finally figure out whose is biggest.

In this thread you can and should request for authors to contribute characters.
You can also ask for info about why any of the chart entries are thusly shaped, or other relevant things.
Authors don't need to consult with anyone to add on; just draw the thing on the chart with the name and species/race of the character. That's it! Do try to keep to the general style of a black outline with colourless shading. Otherwise, draw it as if it were an image in your quest!

Known entrants: Anciu, Baod*, Eustice, Everett*, Glukmil*, Jehral, Narus, Ram, Ruzke*, Sekani**, Sul, Tiak, Epsilon*
Completed: Anciu, Baod*, Narus, Ram, Ruzke*, Tiak

*Drawn with permission from quest author, by someone else.
**Permission granted but no designated artist. If you want to draw an entry for one of these, please contact the person who owns the character, to make sure you do it right. If you don't mind submitting one of your characters into this category, say so in this thread!
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No. 70322 ID: 5d5ee0


Yes, yes. We are all aware of your massive boner for harboring petty grudges for extended periods of time. Kindly keep it off the fucking board, kthx
No. 70347 ID: 9dba7d

>massive boner
>penis thread
No. 70793 ID: befc95

I'm adding Lilac to this.

give me like 30 minutes.
No. 70799 ID: befc95

Done. I gave it to Toastline to add because I'm REALLY REALLY GOOD at fucking up charts.
No. 70961 ID: befc95
File 136979685537.png - (137.54KB , 918x2000 , dix.png )

Now with added Chameleons
No. 70995 ID: 593f45
File 136987919590.png - (62.35KB , 368x375 , dohoho.png )

"I see a Jehral slot that's blank."


"I dunno~ It should probably be filled in. For science or whatever."


"I haven't seen it in about ten years, so my information might be inaccurate."

No. 71002 ID: bdb3f8

but.. the Jehral on that list is a halfbold. This is a different universe!
No. 71003 ID: cf49fc

But Jehral was ALWAYS a half-bold. He was just half-elf or goblin or human or something smaller than a dragon. Or maybe he was just a quarterling.
No. 71005 ID: bc8d67

Not the current, rebooted Jehral seen here >>70995. This one is 100% kobold. It might not look like he's pure kobold 'cause Gnoll changed the look of his kobolds to be fuzzbolds.
No. 71006 ID: cf49fc

Awww, I liked Spikybolds.
No. 71008 ID: f2c20c

So draw it then.
No. 71023 ID: 593f45
File 136999553434.png - (71.95KB , 434x486 , measure.png )

>"Why the hell do I have to be the one on this stupid chart?"

"Because it's funny and you don't have any naked pictures floating around yet. Also, you have no choice."
No. 71026 ID: cf49fc
File 136999896301.png - (589.47KB , 1024x768 , Shapeshifted Forms in parallel universes count.png )

He does too have naked pictures floating around!
No. 71031 ID: 57a559

How do you expect him to get hard Rynh? With his hands? No girl, you gotta do it someway some how. Pure dog kobolds hands are simply inefficient for personal foreplay. It's your responsibility.
No. 71033 ID: 0eef61

No. 71034 ID: 57a559

it won't be long until we start talking about vaginal depth and then finally will this thread peak.
No. 71035 ID: 593f45

Like an orgasm.
No. 71036 ID: 735f4f

Clitoris size?
No. 71039 ID: b3dd38
File 137004871082.png - (154.63KB , 900x2000 , doqr2.png )

Sul finally puts in an appearance.
More entrants confirmed for eventual inclusion.
No. 72570 ID: 593f45
File 137180509102.png - (139.26KB , 906x643 , Just measuring and nothing else.png )

Oh geez... I didn't even do anything, except stripping him down and licking him. That would hardlymakethishappenwoulditImeanitsalotbiggerthanIthoughtitwouldbeIfigureditwouldbesomecutelittlenuborsomethin
aybetheyre luckybecause thatsenough for even me... to... uh...

>"Can you speed this up? Not too fast. Sudden movements might be a problem. You'd better calm down too. If you do this with shaky hands, things will get messy really fast."


Okay. Just give me a bit to work up the nerve to put the tape to it and we'll have the results.

Oh God, it moved!
No. 72571 ID: 9ddf68

not turning out the way you thought it would huh?

So think you're going to start having dirty fantasies about him now?
No. 72572 ID: 735f4f

And you wondered why kobolds had so many kids.
No. 72577 ID: 93ed4d

Jehral must have an amazing poker face.

... this is probably going to afffect suggestions in the quest 'slightly'
No. 72578 ID: 57a559

Have his sister and Shera help.

His sister probably doesn't give a fuck he probably walks around newd all the time that entire family cuddles and jesus christ the morning wood must be extreme to the point it's annulled all nerves.

Shera so the sight of his sister doesn't make him go completely flaccid.

With those two professionals you should be able to do this no problem.
No. 72581 ID: 450660

You have opened up some amazing potential ...!
for delicious boldcest
No. 72599 ID: 593f45
File 137186464529.png - (66.44KB , 418x308 , Final results.png )

Alright, I measured it. Here's your information for your chart thing.

We are both young and healthy, so of course we probably think about that... maybe. Do you?

"My parents really want me to have children with you, remember? So, I guess I have."

See? Normal.

That and we can have around three or four at a time and we lay eggs, which frees up the space for another three or four eggs. Kobolds used to take over territory by just overrunning the place.

I think we're done here. Now we will never speak of this again.
No. 72601 ID: 735f4f

Be careful if you tease and lead him around to long he will find someone else. And the only other guy in your life is quite a bit higher on the list there.

Also you should check Thodren to make sure there have not been any changes since we last saw him. There was a universe reboot and all.
No. 72615 ID: cf49fc

Seven-point-three? Seven-point-three WHAT? Inches? Centimeters? Parsecs? Scalene's-Tails?
No. 72617 ID: 34cbef
File 137189963795.png - (23.24KB , 646x511 , mineisthisbig.png )

No. 72621 ID: ee8b47

>I think we're done here. Now we will never speak of this again.

But Rynh, we still don't know if he's particularly large (or small?) for his species! You'll have to look at some others.
No. 72623 ID: 450660


Large enough to ..... do what?

Come now, Rynh. Do explain your thoughts and feelings to the class. There's nothing to be embarrassed of; it's just youthful energy, no?
No. 72632 ID: 593f45
File 137192685934.png - (44.04KB , 356x329 , nuh uh.png )

Inches. That's what we're using, right?

Oh well. The only other male kobolds I know are my dad, Jehral's dad and Jehral's six year old brother. None of those are cool by Rynh's rules.

Yeah, well, when you belong to a race where 'youthful energy' can score you a dozen kids in the span of a year, you hold off.
I guess anti-fertility charms have been used for hundreds of years and are really popular with adventurer-types, but I never bothered because I wasn't interested in banging dudes left and right and uh...

I am not feeling up some giant bull monster to measure his dick. You do it if you're so interested.
No. 72641 ID: f2c20c

So you've never had sex because you don't want to get pregnant, and you don't use protection because you don't want to have a lot of sex?

What is this, sex ed in hillbilly country?
No. 72642 ID: 3a3fd8


trust me, if I could, I would.
No. 72643 ID: 7e859d


>Inches. That's what we're using, right?

Well how long is the typical foot in your era?
No. 72660 ID: c23ab0


I've got one word for you, kobolds.
No. 72676 ID: 593f45
File 137199580147.png - (44.87KB , 356x329 , guh.png )

Also because the only things I need to actually worry about are other kobolds, other dragons and maybe a few weird crap like pixie faeries.

Kobolds are super fertile with themselves and not fertile with anything else, unless the anything else gets around it by being ridiculously magical. So it wouldn't be an issue until there was another kobold, like Jehral. WHICH IS NOT TO SAY I'M GONNA START BANGING HIM.

I'm just saying that Jehral is not safe, while I could go at Thodren all day long and never have anything happen.

Like you all aren't pushing that shit all the time anyway.
No. 72677 ID: 2645fa


this is some very useful information. thank you.

No. 72678 ID: 19b3c3

You're assuming the kobold species compatibility rule (only fertile with bolds) takes precedence over the draconic one (fertile with damn near everything). And considering there have been few enough draconic half breeds (let alone half kobolds) that each probably qualifies as their own case study (if they were studied at all) you really don't have enough data to say that with certainty.

Obviously the only safe solution is to bang other ladies.
No. 72732 ID: bc8d67

And not only is this a strong possibility, it also doesn't preclude you inheriting the kobold super fertility trait as well. So, Rynh, your theory of banging Thodren all day long being perfectly safe (procreation-wise) would not only backfire, it'd very likely do so in a spectacular manner by getting you pregnant with multiples. Half-minotaur multiples... Yep... As if you didn't already have enough reason to never ever be fucked by Thodren.
No. 72734 ID: f05efa


Reread the post.

>unless the anything else gets around it by being ridiculously magical.
No. 72740 ID: 1d5849

Rynh, you do know there are other ways for pleasure than straight-on penetration? Even without getting too creative, there are such simple, pleasurable, and completely safe things to use as hands, mouth, and anal.
No. 72754 ID: 450660

Rynh! Weird question, but:

If Jehral is over 7 inches long and he's just a regular little kobold, and you're at least twice his size as a half-dragon-bold... just how big of a penis would you have?

I mean, being both a dragon and a bold, doesn't that mean that if you were a guy, you'd have one MONSTER of a dick?
No. 72755 ID: 34cbef
File 137212083949.jpg - (82.38KB , 250x179 , 598-eabf008b6378cc42db37bea37eb7d73d.jpg )

Rynh, "whoops, i dropped my monster condom. The one that fits my monstrous sized dong."
No. 72787 ID: cf49fc

Hey, if you're doing an opposite gender Rynh, change the name to Rynn at least, to grant SOME differentiation.
No. 72793 ID: f920f8


the vast majority of dwarves actually have normal-sized dicks. so it would make sense for a giant to also have normal-sized dick.
No. 72809 ID: 450660


I have to ask: are we talking about "dorf" dwarves, or just really short humans?
No. 72823 ID: f920f8


humans with dwarfism.

though I have yet to come across a dorf represented as having a below-average cock.
No. 72855 ID: dad2ee

But we're not talking about giant kobolds or miniature kobolds

We're talking about kobolds who are half-dragon. They technically arent even kobolds. They're... dragbolds... kogans... things with big dicks.

Hey, how big of dicks do you think Rynh's brothers have?
No. 80693 ID: ca0da5

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