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File 133006340832.jpg - (3.93MB , 3058x2532 , Scan0016.jpg )
49633 No. 49633 ID: e19cdf

Hey guys! Just thought I'd start this up so we'd have it - 30% for actual discussion, 70% so I can dump my FQ art somewhere without cluttering up the actual thread. :3
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No. 49634 ID: e19cdf
File 133006363814.png - (209.84KB , 700x900 , imgonnaotp.png )

“The idea of Miriam being your girlfriend makes you giggle. You could NEVER land a girl that pretty in a million years. Besides, she’s your best friend! That would just be weird.”

Oops I accidentally OT-peed all over everything

for a story where literally everyone’s shipping opinions matter except mine
No. 49635 ID: ed57e8

i still dawwwed.
No. 49636 ID: e19cdf

Oh, I should probably mention - before you guys get any ideas, I ship EVERYBODY WITH EVERYONE (except Harriet with Hamilton because I don't really like this kind of stuff), so TOTALLY DISREGARD any implications of the art I post here. Nothing will be any kind of spoiler or hint!
No. 49637 ID: d5ee6f

This comic is adorable!
No. 49645 ID: e19cdf
File 133010559243.png - (152.99KB , 400x400 , harrietsmudge.png )

Quick warm-up sketch of Harriet. One of these days I'll do an actual nice, clean, pretty picture of the characters! ksdjfksdhfds maybe when I'm done with my commission queue. @_@
No. 49659 ID: e19cdf
File 133014556322.png - (2.78KB , 200x70 , harrietvfudge.png )

I started making this the other day, but it's really relevant now that the last update basically confirmed a rivalry/power struggle between these two. OwO
No. 49660 ID: ed57e8

you should get on IRC and ask about streaming. is the best way to take art requests. you could also OC with people, that's fun.
No. 49661 ID: c4a1fc

Dropping in to say this quest is best quest.
No. 49663 ID: e19cdf

I downloaded it and I have it working, but I am completely 100% hopeless with computers and I can't figure out how to stream! @_@ I do have a livestream account, but for some reason the chat on my procaster has been down, and it steadfastly refuses to let me change it . . . do you guys just want to log on and give me requests via text, and I'll just post them here when I'm done?

THE BEST QUEST? -faints- Oh my gosh, nuuuuuu! hfdsjdsgfjdsfh I'm so glad you like it!
No. 49665 ID: ed57e8

yeah sure, requests from IRC would work better.
No. 49666 ID: e19cdf

Okay, the room name is #FudgeQuest, and I'm pretty sure I'm on the "WebChat" server? I'm not really sure, I just made the room in whatever the default server is. x_x
Anyway, come hang with me and request some delicious fudgey art!
No. 49667 ID: ed57e8

ah, i think you missed the thing over there
this site has it's own room, #tgchan on Rizon
No. 49668 ID: e19cdf
File 133015014723.png - (101.95KB , 500x450 , riderabbitride.png )

No. 49673 ID: 53aede
File 133016528237.png - (14.90KB , 264x280 , fudgefanart.png )


you got me to actually make my lazy but make fanart for you.
No. 49678 ID: e19cdf

I'm really really excited because I've honestly never had anyone draw fanart of my characters before! (except for close friends and stuff.)She looks perfect, thank you!
No. 50777 ID: e19cdf
File 133309569951.jpg - (151.57KB , 700x437 , fudgetea.jpg )

So, I'm being dumb and making tea blends for the characters. They're actually real blends you can buy, too! http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/blend.html?blend=20571&SID=c29e030ca0a8af70b247193ba7e0e832
No. 50778 ID: e19cdf
File 133309573101.jpg - (77.58KB , 700x437 , harriettea.jpg )

And here's the Harriet blend. http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/blend.html?blend=20582&SID=c29e030ca0a8af70b247193ba7e0e832 Others are in the works!
No. 50779 ID: 5464d4

That...is pretty damn cool.
No. 50783 ID: 77b5a0


that sounds unexpectedly sweet- and cozy-tasting for a tea named after Harriet.
No. 50788 ID: e19cdf

You know, honestly, I did think about that! But if I were to be totally representative, it probably would have ended up an really strong cinnamon/ginger tea that would burn your tongue off and basically be completely undrinkable. I had to tone her down a bit.
I actually really do want to slowly buy all of these once I have enough cash, so I don't want them to be nasty. X_X And if I'd actually bottled her essence, Harriet's would have been.
No. 50790 ID: e19cdf
File 133312293387.jpg - (128.87KB , 700x437 , hamiltontea.jpg )

Aaaaand the Hamilton blend is finished! http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/blend.html?blend=20589
No. 50793 ID: a0db7c

Wouldn't that just be plain water?
No. 50794 ID: 77b5a0


>This tea is naturally caffeine-free and would be perfect for relaxing before bedtime.

>Please note that all Mate varieties contains caffeine; we would not suggest it as a nightcap.

just thought I'd point it out.
No. 50795 ID: e19cdf

Oh crap, my bad! Mate is listed under herbal and the vast majority of herbal teas are caffeine free, so I didn't even think about it. Nice catch, changing the description now.

You could just brew it really weak, I suppose.
No. 50923 ID: 519ce1
File 133347516026.jpg - (33.53KB , 700x437 , miriamtea.jpg )

Miriam blend complete! http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/blend.html?blend=20752
No. 52190 ID: 519ce1

Hey guys, just to make things a little more regular, I'm gonna try to start updating FQ on a schedule - probably every Wednesday and Saturday.
No. 52544 ID: 551d90


So... I can't help but notice with recent updates, showing up under the title screen and all... Harriet used to be significantly... taller.
No. 52549 ID: e19cdf

Yep! I've ended up exaggerating all of the character's features a lot - Harriet is short and fat, so I made her shorter and fatter; Miriam is tall and skinny, so I made her taller and skinner; Fudge has big hair and round hips, so I gave her bigger hair and rounder hips, etc. I was actually going through my first few pictures of Harriet because someone needed a reference, and I realized that they're all pretty off-model now because I've exaggerated the designs so much! I like them better this stylized, though.
No. 56065 ID: ecb09c

Boop boop boop this is now officially the question thread for both IC character questioning and author clarifications ready set go
No. 56569 ID: ecb09c
File 134099145387.png - (787.17KB , 1000x1500 , harrietbazooka.png )

artspam time because apparently all the art is supposed to go here
No. 56570 ID: ecb09c
File 134099257616.png - (107.45KB , 500x700 , grifffudge.png )

No. 56571 ID: ecb09c
File 134099260292.png - (71.22KB , 500x700 , ravenmiriam.png )

No. 56572 ID: ecb09c
File 134099263514.png - (83.58KB , 500x700 , slytharriet.png )

No. 56573 ID: ecb09c
File 134099266975.png - (96.86KB , 500x700 , hufflehamilton.png )

No. 56574 ID: ecb09c
File 134099272346.png - (178.21KB , 700x600 , whatamievendoing.png )

cat lesbians
No. 56575 ID: ecb09c
File 134099287908.png - (212.76KB , 612x903 , longhairedfudge.png )

also a fudge in a bathing suit with long hair
i actually really like long-haired fudge and i should probably draw her more often
No. 56576 ID: ecb09c
File 134099292970.png - (343.27KB , 851x632 , freshmanfudge.png )

aaaand fudge as a freshman in high school
this would put her at, like, 14?
No. 56577 ID: ecb09c
File 134099303408.png - (251.40KB , 700x600 , fudgecore.png )

and harriet and fudge as wheatley and spacecore (buttcore) because somebody requested it, i forget who
No. 56580 ID: 14a1d0

You mean her hair isn't naturally bright pink? I am shocked and appalled.
No. 56589 ID: ecb09c

No. 56604 ID: d5ee6f

you've been lying to us
No. 56630 ID: 7472ad

I knew it! Everyone around her is just so formal they call her by her last name!
No. 58869 ID: 58e730

in much the way that
harriet hadn't called hamilton
the city hadn't called harriet
voices are more real
without faces
the names of the butterflies on the wall were
young women to whom those rings belonged
but these things are now eternally part
of the collections
of the house
and her girl


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