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File 133502766220.jpg - (25.96KB , 285x320 , acto-moral.jpg )
51558 No. 51558 ID: 61e7f9

Let's try to contain the moral/ethics discussion/debate/shitstorm to one thread so we don't derail others.
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No. 51559 ID: 61e7f9

Morals and ethics suck.
Your turn.
No. 51561 ID: ce4a4d

I guess soul vore is messed up and stuff, but people in games have been eating ghosts since at least Pac Man.
No. 51562 ID: 4183c9

Communism is inherently immoral and unethical.

Firearms, as inanimate objects, are more moral than 95% of mankind even when considering the primary function of firearms.

Religions preach morals while most of their "morals" actually are just "these are groups it's OK to kill just because they have a slightly differing opinion on some arbitrary things".

Quests without tanks and tits are pretty much the epitome of immorality.

Smoke weed everyday.
No. 51563 ID: 980e12


Personally, I'm against them.
No. 51564 ID: 4abc95

Plunk a couple of quarters in and they're good to go again. Shit's like Soul Food, and probably just as bad for you.

I'm sorry, I really just wanted to make a joke about Soul Food.
No. 51574 ID: 3734f6

You are correct on everything but the weed. There is nothing immoral about it but it is a stupid thing to do as it burns away your memory.
No. 51577 ID: 0d7a83

I prefer the Rorschach approach to morality:
Normal guy
>Protect him
Guy breaks a law. Any law.
>pummel him to death with your fists
No. 51578 ID: 72d49b

This seems like basically a big dumb argument thing.

In quests I generally prefer characters who aren't particularly bound by morality or ethics. But behaving dishonorably is just bad form in all cases.
No. 51581 ID: af3c4d

Well anyone whp knows me knows I don't like violence, but I don't hate people who do. If its what they like, its what they like! As for morality (is that how its spelled?) I'm a very big believer in Karma, but I have the same stance here as I do on violence. I won't hate anybody for who they are, so lets all just keep making quests and having fun! ^.V.^
No. 51585 ID: cf49fc
File 133507368314.jpg - (35.47KB , 600x600 , Templar.jpg )

Way ahead of you.

Anyway, morality and ethics vary from person to person. A being literally given the power to do WHATEVER THEY WANT by GODS is going to be vastly different from ordinary people. A crippled hermit who lives on a pole is going to be even more different from them.

Therefore, there is no concrete morality shared by EVERYONE in the universe.
No. 51586 ID: af3c4d


Thats very true! The part about it varying from person to person I mean.
No. 51587 ID: d5dd99

no i dont like morals .. they are sometimes violent ö_ö and i hate violence u,,u
No. 51589 ID: af3c4d

(puts my hand on your shoulder) We have to be Tolerant my friend.......
No. 51592 ID: 209a4f

But having morals be relative is almost (almost, mind you) functionally indistinct from having there be no morals at all.

I would say that there is an absolute set of morals to live by, but people can't agree on precisely what those morals are. One set is right, but we're all scrambling around trying to figure out which one.

....I like italics. Did you notice?
No. 51593 ID: 209a4f

Also, shouldn't this be on the general discussion board?
No. 51596 ID: fa9f7e

I think it was made specifically for the shitstorm in Lunar Quest after nobody wanted to use the discussion thread for actual discussion.
No. 51631 ID: b26b9b

This should be in general discussion.
No. 51634 ID: 61e7f9

This is morals/ethics specifically to do with quests. Instead of shitting up each discussion or quest thread we do it here.
No. 51643 ID: 2e9aab

Not to change the subject, but why did you block me on FA Beakie?Did I do something wrong?
No. 51670 ID: b26b9b

You are annoying, immature, and I didn't want to see your comments on my stuff anymore.
No. 51671 ID: 1963d1

Personally, I like Kant's ideas on morality.

Yes, the world would not work if we actually followed those ideas, but it's nice to have something we can point to as a moral absolute.
No. 51683 ID: 5bf190


I actually like to point at Kant's deontological morality as an example of Lawful Good, while the subjective consequences-based morality is Chaotic Good.
No. 51686 ID: 99c568

everyone's gonna say or do what feels right to them, so it's kinda pointless to discuss about it.
No. 51692 ID: 0d7a83

Eh, I'd say it's kind of hard to really know your own moral stance, considering that the average, everyday chump rarely gets to actually deal with a moral quandary from the position of power. Add to that the fact that most of us are living in areas of the world where certain morals are pretty much enforced for the well being of everyone or whatever. Basically I'm saying the only way you can tell how good or bad you are is by what you did that one time you played Sims. You built four tiny walls around the guy and watched him pee himself to death, didn't you, you monster.
No. 51694 ID: 459534

[nitpick] That's "moral status", not moral stance. Moral stance is more or less your take on which acts are good and which acts are evil. ...I think... [/nitpick]

>consequences-based morality

Kant, eh? I *think* I'm of a more Aristotalian-Thomistic persuasion myself. ...I think. :| I don't really know enough about A-T thought to say for certain...
No. 51707 ID: 76b862

Sorry, I really do like your art though. Can I please please still watch you? I promise not to offend you again. And about my personality, its just who I am. I'm sorry that you don't like it.
No. 51723 ID: b26b9b

There's nothing stopping you from continuing to watch me.
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