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File 134617063123.jpg - (77.13KB , 600x750 , Enclave Eddy.jpg )
59450 No. 59450 ID: 82967c

http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20485061/ http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20478611/

old quest threads.
with any luck this is a temporary move and we can all go back to using 4chan in a few days. feel free to call me a faggot
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No. 59451 ID: 716c62

I'm hoping that it's temporary.
No. 59452 ID: 82967c

Probably will be. We'll vote on it.
No. 59453 ID: 716c62

So how do you plan on the whole Civ aspect to work?
The research on the Intellipumas and Squirrels must have taken 2 or 3 turns; will we go back in time from the start of the work with Scar and do everything else, with the knowledge that a lot of our resources are taken up by the research until the two timelines synch up? Or just expand back up to the Civ aspect now where we're dealing with Fin's lovesick girlfriend?
No. 59454 ID: 82967c

We'll start with Fin's love sick girlfriend. Fuck but it is wierd woking with a normal computer after being only ps3 for so long.

Main benefit is the map I'm making right now.
No. 59455 ID: 82967c
File 134617333780.jpg - (294.04KB , 1409x1079 , PaxAmericanaMapUnfinished.jpg )

https://twitter.com/ZacharyMHines oh and my fucking twitter account.
No. 59457 ID: 716c62

What's that thing between the Hole and Love's Rest?

Also, are we starting soon?
No. 59459 ID: d5dec8

What is the red text on the outlines? I can't read it too well.
No. 59460 ID: 716c62

You know, I thought New Boston was MUCH closer to Salvation City. I didn't realize that New Washington as between there and NB.

At least now, we have more places we can send scout teams to explore.

Also, we need those expanded facilities for food and water at New Boston. With the number of slaves kept at the Colosseum, we can't handle that influx of new immigrants.
No. 59463 ID: 96ae9c

We need to deal with Colosseum. Preemptive strike anyone?
No. 59464 ID: 96ae9c

OP alive?
No. 59465 ID: 716c62

Yes, we need to deal with the Colosseum, but we need to be able to handle the fallout from it.
For example, all of those slaves. If we just let them go, where will they go? Most will likely be absorbed into Samson's Army, giving him a massive boost in manpower.
And this comes at a time when we're trying to expand ourselves and need more manpower.
To get those new immigrants and be able to support them, we need to increase our capacity at New Boston before we attack the Colosseum.

As for OP, he said he's in the path of the hurricane, so maybe power got knocked out.
No. 59467 ID: 98a065

okay, red text to the south says "The screaming ruins." That blob around "fort endurance?" that's the "coke forest" The one near Alhambra "The salt flat wastes" That bit between the love nest and the hole is "Gen Pla" you'll have to investigate it if you want to learn more.

yes first map sucks. I'll do better next time.
No. 59469 ID: 96ae9c


Yes, but what if we seize the infrastructure of the Colosseum? They got to be feeding themselves somehow. That way we keep things going after the takeover.

FE's woman could be our ticket to infiltrating the city. Bribe her with some low level cybernetics in exchange for helping us get in relatively unopposed.

If we can't trust Samson to help us takeover, we could use Alambra. Maybe even let them initiate the takeover, with us supporting them. That way, we can keep our full capabilities secret for a while longer.
No. 59470 ID: d5dec8

I actually made a bit clearer version, I can post if you want.
No. 59471 ID: 96ae9c


With the priestess's help, our special ops teams and squirrels can strike the Colosseum's armories and other defensive centers. We then move in with a combined force of Alhambra and American Union soldiers. Once the slavers have all been killed or subdued, we set up a temporary government that includes former slaves and our own "advisers."
No. 59472 ID: 716c62

We'd have to take over the Colosseum, and if we engage in a combined operation with Samson, I don't think he'll like it much since he's also looking to expand his nation.
What's in it for Alhambra? They're already a prosperous, wealthy trade hub. They may not like slavers but that doesn't mean that they're going to go out of their way to alienate an entire market for their goods and services.

Also you're forgetting that the woman is a Faith priestess. She follows Fin around because she sees him as a Saint of Murder; she's going to want combat augs and I'm leery about giving a fanatic of a religion that says you should kill people for fun and not profit, combat implants.
No. 59473 ID: 98a065

I like you. Do so please.
No. 59475 ID: 716c62

I'd say we should take the Colosseum ourselves, and once taken, rename it to New Philadelphia.
Treat it as a new state, with the slaves given the same choice as we gave the slaves we freed before: stay and be a citizen, go home, or join up with Samson.
No. 59476 ID: d5dec8
File 134618378701.png - (79.20KB , 1238x1311 , PaxAmericanCleanMapUnfinished.png )

Hope it works.
Also. We should focus on increasing food capabilities right now, not the colesium
I agree with him
No. 59477 ID: 96ae9c


War spoils, a percentage of future profits, exclusive contracts, and other promises could be used to get Alhambra on our side. We could also tell them that Samson will probably want to takeover the Colosseum and if we don't act together none of us will get a piece of the pie.

The faith priestess can get her implants and more. Put in a explosive fail-safe just in case.
No. 59478 ID: 716c62

The problem is whether they have enough vehicles for their infantry.
Yes, they've got guns, lots of them. And bullets for those guns. But do they have the vehicles to transport those troops they can spare?
They'd be visible long before they got into engagement range and our surprise would be spoiled.
Our troops in New Boston can attack at night, with a full mechanized force, in under 3 hours.

We can also afford to have New Boston relatively undefended because we can have our tribal client states send some defenders, and the built in defenses are more than enough to deter any casual raiders.
And we can have Scar do some garrison duty.
No. 59479 ID: 96ae9c


The problem with that is that the Colosseum already feeds itself. If we takeover with minimal damage, it will continue feeding itself. It might also be profitable once the slavers are taken out of the equation.

I for one don't like the idea of Samson completely blocking us off from the West, which will happen if he controls the Colosseum.
No. 59480 ID: 98a065

WOW. way to put me to shame anon. I say that with love. Care to post a template for that grid?

oh, and the threads up in quest.
No. 59481 ID: 96ae9c


Can we transport Alhambra's soldiers? If we move our troops in waves, we might be OK with a vehicle shortage.

Also, destroying the Colosseum's armories and watchtowers with special ops and squirrel teams would make even an obvious attack have much higher chance of success.
No. 59483 ID: d5dec8

Workin on template.

But is the coliseum growing its own food or is it trading for the majority of its food from the profit I would imagine the coliseum would give?
No. 59484 ID: 716c62

The squirrels can time their attack to coincide with ours. But that can't be done if we have to match a footslogger's pace.
We can do more with the soldiers we have, if we use them effectively.
No. 59485 ID: 98a065

explosive failsafes are totally a possibility!
No. 59486 ID: 98a065

500 jeeps, 400 Humvees, 300 APCs, 200MBts, 25 motorised howitzers, 50 Vertibirds. majority of these are stored in the New Washington base, all of these run off power cells.

So I don't think vehicles are a problem.

Might wanna use the jeeps for allies if you wanna hide your power level.
No. 59487 ID: 98a065

My body is ready!

You don't know enough about the colliseum's finances to know if they're trading or growing food.

They do have a decent sized farm plot though.
No. 59488 ID: 96ae9c


Are we going to use this thread or the other one?
No. 59489 ID: 98a065

Okay defending via tribals... you have 2000 tribals you could levy(ie?) for that. The spiritual tribes are still doing their thing so you may want to look at them.
No. 59490 ID: d5dec8
File 134618595622.png - (43.16KB , 1238x1311 , Map Template.png )

We should really figure that out before then.
No. 59492 ID: 98a065

I'm goinna have fun with that template.

This thread is for discussion, arguements, whatever.

the other thread is for the quest, ideally we use them both.

Also, its Finn's skill as a killer, his ferocity in battle, and his animal magnetism that she likes, his implants are incdidental to that equation.
No. 59493 ID: 716c62

With a combination of using tribal defenders and Scar's Intellipumas, we should be fine in regards to defending New Boston.

Now, we know how much land that the Colosseum is using for farmland. If we can find out how fertile their crop is, we should be able to determine crop output, and therefore, if they can feed all of the people there.

The squirrels of the Coke Forest are known to be black, and we dyed their fur red.
Are squirrels of their size seen normally outside of the forest, especially in the area of the Colosseum?
No. 59494 ID: 96ae9c

If the Colosseum is dependent on food imports we could solve that problem with enlisting the help of Alhambra and the Tribals, both ally and neutral. In exchange for exclusive trade contracts, they ship excess food to the Colosseum.

The priestess can be made to talk. We either can FE earn her loyalty, have our Tribals torture her, use one of the pumas to read her mind, or flat out lie to her about our intentions. If we're successful, we'll know where their armories and watchtowers are so our stealth teams can demolish them.

Our own forces could probably take them. However, we don't want to show our hand. Using the Tribals and/or Alhambra, we can beat with only small part of our real power.
No. 59495 ID: d5dec8

I support earning her loyalty. I'm quite a fan of this priestess. We should keep her around
No. 59496 ID: 98a065

The squirrels seen outside the forest are larger, dumber, and more vicuious. you only keep an eye on them because they'll steal you food. most people have a shoot on sight policy.
No. 59497 ID: 716c62

The only psychic is Scar, and the form of psychic reading he does involves swapping memories. I don't want that fanatic's mind anywhere near an 8+ ton living MBT.

With the usage of our howitzers, the destruction of armories, the placement of explosive charges at military barracks, I think we can take the Colosseum using the full military force of New Boston without revealing the capabilities of New Washington.
No. 59498 ID: 96ae9c


FE could take her under his wing I suppose. I still support put an explosive failsafe on her. Maybe one of those collars the slavers use.

Maybe having the Colosseum dependent on food imports isn't so bad. If we can arrange for them to be supplied, they'll be more supportive of joining the American Union.
No. 59499 ID: d5dec8

We should talk to the lord protector about that then. He owes us one.
No. 59500 ID: d5dec8

Alhambra wants help with food and water pipes? We should help them. I'm a bit leery about the requirements for military aid though. We want to help them, yes, but we also want them to join us. We should help with the supplies, but turn down the military requirements.
No. 59501 ID: 96ae9c

We should see about find who the Colosseum trades with. If we can get them on our side, we could keep the place supplied with food.

BOS mentioned that the Colosseum has its own farms. How much of their own population can they keep going? Even if it's only a small amount, we could boost it through own excessive food along with the tribes and Alhambra.

I think we should work with Alhambra. They're naturally reluctant to work with us, but if we show them the benefits of continued cooperation they'll be more amiable to joining the American Union.
No. 59504 ID: 6f180b

Yeah, I agree about being leery of military assistance.
We can probably take the Colosseum ourselves if we do it right.
Use our squirrels and our covert ops unit to sabotage the Colloseum's defenses, then attack them in the night with all the forces at New Boston (except T-51d and AMK2), Roughriders, and Tribal Auxiliaries. Some tribal defenders and Intellipumas should be enough to defend New Boston against raiders dumb enough to try fighting us.
No. 59507 ID: 96ae9c


How about instead of military assistance we offer them electricity? We could use the alien generator to increase our own power output and shunt the excess to them.

Also, be sure to the trade deals exclusive two-way. We want them to become dependent on us, not the other way around.

I think we should use Alhambra militarily. Just because we can take and hold the Colosseum without their help doesn't mean we should. We'll be expending less of own resources and hiding our full capabilities if we go with a joint assault.

In addition to the above, we should make finding out who the Colosseum trades with a priority. If the Colosseum are being asses, we could offer them an alternative. If not, we could destroy or confiscate trade goods to put the hurt on them.
No. 59509 ID: d5dec8

But to get their military assistance, they want trade rights that favor them, instead of balanced, the and free reign over selling "civilized goods." I think the exclusive two way was a given though. If we can take it on our own, we should. Then use what else they wanted for later bargaining if we can.
No. 59510 ID: 96ae9c


Like I said, we could offer electricity as an alternative to the terms.
No. 59511 ID: d5dec8

Sorry, misread that. I'm game for it.
No. 59512 ID: 96ae9c

Hmm, I don't like building infrastructure for people not directly under our control.

How about we offer them more electricity, DESIGNS for the infrastructure they want, and trade deals for some of our non-military advanced technology.

For that, we should be able to at least get food and water from them. Maybe even some military assistance with the understanding that they get some of spoils of war.
No. 59516 ID: 716c62

If we want to close the loyalty gap with the priestess, she already said that the only way is for us to prove we can kill more and better than the Colosseum. When we wipe them out and take over, I think that will prove us to her.
And yes, it seems we only got as far with her as we did because Fin was the one asking.

As for other methods of gaining her trust and loyalty, she is a fanatic. We have to either spend months deprogramming her, or fit within her worldview. She's not concerned with who wins or loses; it's all about who can kill more and with more zeal.
No. 59517 ID: 96ae9c


Then we show her how much better killers we are. Do a weapons display. Show the big guns. Kill things. Taker her on a raiding trip against the Colosseum and make her watch as we we slaughter her fellows. We are better killers and anyone who isn't a fool can see that.
No. 59518 ID: 716c62

But do we enjoy it? Do we kill because it's pleasurable?
Fin does, and that's why the Priestess is so enamored with him.
Even if we kill more than the Colosseum does, we would still be apostates in her eyes, like Khul.
No. 59519 ID: 96ae9c


Fine. We can't get her on our side and we can't read her mind. That leaves torture, oh wait "enhanced interrogation." We need what's in her head and we need it now.
No. 59521 ID: d5dec8

Or, y'know, just have Fin lead the raiding parties.
No. 59522 ID: 96ae9c


How will that do anything? We need her information on the Colosseum's defenses and capabilities.
No. 59523 ID: 716c62

We don't even know if the information we need is in her head.
She was a priestess of the Faith. If we want military information concerning defenses, locations of garrisons and armories, then we would be better served capturing the Colosseum slaver and raider parties and getting the information out of them.

We can also do long-range observation via our covert ops team, to build a map of the city that our squirrels can use to confirm targets.
No. 59524 ID: d5dec8

...get that logic outa here.
But yeah, that does make more sense. I support this plan.
No. 59525 ID: 96ae9c


She's a priest in a society which exalts ritual warfare and bloodshed. It'd be unrealistic if she was any less knowledgeable than the warrior she leads into battle.

Now if you don't want her to be interrogated for moral purposes, I understand. It's just that if we don't, we're taking a risk when send in our scouts. Especially when we don't know their capabilities and the likelihood of our guys being detected once inside.
No. 59526 ID: 716c62

I honestly don't think that she has the information we want, and that raiders and slavers, who would have first-hand knowledge of the armories and barracks by writ of using them and living in them, are a better source of information.
No. 59527 ID: 96ae9c


If we're not going to interrogate her, then I suggest we don't capture anyone for interrogation. Once the news gets out that we're taking people, the slavers will prepare and our information will be outdated. Better to send in our own people, even with the risk of being captured or killed.
No. 59528 ID: 716c62

That news shouldn't get out, because we don't leave survivors. As for bodies, the wargs need to be fed on meat, and I assumed Fin was feeding bodies to the wargs to keep them fed.
No. 59529 ID: 716c62

Also, these are wolves the size of horses.
I think their energy requirements, as well as jaw size, would make them eating human bodies to the point where without modern medical forensics it would be not possible to determine how many people were involved.
No. 59530 ID: 96ae9c


I highly doubt there will ever be "no survivors." If the slavers have radios, if one leaves to go take a shit, and never mind some escape, the rest will learn we're taking captives. First they'll make sure to move everything they can, including armories and garrisons. Next they'll start traveling in larger groups. Thirdly, it's unrealistic that they'll tolerate constant raids for over a month. They'll respond with an attack. It'll probably be repulsed but still, our enemies aren't stupid nor are they fools.
No. 59531 ID: 716c62

We already spent a month of killing their slaver and raider parties, 75 dead slavers in all.
I think they know we're targeting them.
No. 59532 ID: 96ae9c


75 dead isn't a lot for a organization their size. They controlled at least two cities before we came here. They probably lost that many every month or so, what with the giant critters and hostile natives.

No, once we start attacking them consistently, they'll know that someone is targeting. They'll start traveling in larger groups up a few hundred, stay in radio contact, and probably retreat in face of superior firepower.
No. 59533 ID: 716c62

We already put up those heads along our trade route.
Their spies have in all likelihood already reports on it.

So far, they appear to have chosen simply attacking the trade caravans beyond our defensive envelope and accepting that some parties won't come back as being the cost of business.
No. 59534 ID: d5dec8

I suspect we have binoculars / telescopes, and we have vertibirds. Fly around the coliseum at a safe distance, and observe the camp. Find the targets, note their location. Armed with this knowledge, have sneaky teams go in to confirm/destroy targets.
No. 59535 ID: 96ae9c


That still doesn't mean that they won't know we're taking prisoners. Hell, they might already know we've taken the priestess.

Also, the whole "no survivors" thing is pretty stupid when they have radios. The only thing that could prevent them from spreading the word is if they were all killed in under a minute. Very unlikely with large groups.
No. 59536 ID: 96ae9c


Anyway, I think we shouldn't waste FE by sending him to hunt down slavers. Better yet, have him track their trading parties and find out who they're trading with.

The priestess should be put to work. Let's see how reluctant she'll be to talk after a months worth of hard labor
No. 59537 ID: 716c62

They're unlikely to have radios, though.
Samson having backpack radios was considered to be a very unusual thing.
No. 59538 ID: 96ae9c


Yes, because Samson appeared to only have early industrial age capability. The slavers might have more.
No. 59539 ID: 716c62

Our radio tower hasn't detected any radio transmissions besides ours and Samson's though.
No. 59540 ID: 96ae9c


Fair enough. I still think it's optimistic to believe that they won't notice that we're taking people alive. It's very hard to kill a large party of people, especially when they can hide, run, or both.

This isn't like Salvation City where Samson had the slavers boxed in and helpless. These people are very much capable of striking out and hurting us. That's why we have to finish them off quickly or else we'll risk a much longer conflict.
No. 59541 ID: d5dec8

Hate to point to myself, but this just seems much easier.
No. 59542 ID: 96ae9c


Yes, much less riskier. I support this.
No. 59543 ID: 716c62

>It's very hard to kill a large party of people, especially when they can hide, run, or both.
Normally, that would be the case.
The difference is, they're on foot while we're mounted, so they can't run. They can't hide, because this is the Midwest wasteland, so it's just open plain. And finally, these are worgs, so we essentially are tracking them with dogs.
We also have better weapons, too.
No. 59544 ID: 96ae9c


What happens when one or more of the slavers are mounted?
No. 59545 ID: 716c62

Worg keeps up with the horse long enough for either the horse to tire, or the rider to take a shot with a laser rifle at the horse.
No. 59546 ID: 96ae9c


So wolves now have better endurance than horses? What happened to predators being burst runners?
No. 59549 ID: 723398

you guys still here?
No. 59550 ID: d5dec8

Yeah, argument is mostly about after attack though. Other thread has suggestion up so I think were waiting for BrotherOfSteel.
No. 59551 ID: 716c62

I admit that the horse would probably have an advantage if the chase went on too long.

But wolves achieve speeds of 50-60km/h.
Horses average about 40-48km/h.

I'll admit that with the increased size and stride of the worg, I don't know what its max speed will be.
Unless the raiders are using race horses rather than the more common riding horses, they likely won't be able to outrun a worg.
No. 59552 ID: 96ae9c


This whole argument is no longer valid now that binoculars and vertibirds have been introduced into the equation.

Since we don't need FE for hunting down raiders, we can use him to track down trading parties. Hopefully we'll find out who they trade with and how much of a threat if any they are.

Before he goes, maybe we get the priestess to tell us more about her people. Nothing that will make her betray her people, only information on their society. Afterword we can either let her go (her people won't be much of threat after the attack) or we can put her into a forced labor camp with the rest of the slavers.
No. 59553 ID: d5dec8

Nah man, shes been helping us, we should let her become a citizen. Maybe watched citizen, but still.
No. 59554 ID: 96ae9c


I'm not so sure. She respects FE but I doubt she'll ever respect us. If she doesn't respect us, there's nothing keeping her from going to back to the old ways. Better to put her into forced labor for a few months and release her on good behavior later.
No. 59555 ID: 723398

wait i thought she is finn thing?
No. 59556 ID: d5dec8

I suppose that makes sense, but I mean, she would also do perfect as a part of the Worg Cavalry. So many options...
No. 59557 ID: 96ae9c


Do we really want someone who kills for pleasure and isn't loyal to us fighting for us? FE may kill because he likes it but he's loyal and he's one of us. She's an outsider.

A few months of labor will do her good. She'll be used to following orders by then.
No. 59558 ID: d5dec8

Alright, as long as this ends with wolf mounted warrior priestess, I suppose I'm happy
No. 59559 ID: 723398

so i suppose lets do that.
No. 59560 ID: d5dec8

Now all we need is BoS back
No. 59561 ID: 723398

what happened?
No. 59562 ID: d5dec8

I dunno power outage maybe? Hasn't posted in awhile. Tends to give some feedback
No. 59567 ID: 4b44fc

I'm not sure why you've got this attitude of "tgchan people are going to hate me for posting a quest here". that's what tgchan is for. there have been so many /tg/ quests that moved here. No one cares about that. Enjoy your quest community.
No. 59574 ID: 96ae9c


This wouldn't be the first time BoS has abandoned a quest. Fineas was the main character of his last one.
No. 59576 ID: d5dec8

well then we can just go bother his twitter account then
No. 59577 ID: 98a065

I'm back, apologies for leaving I swear to fuck I laid my head down for 10 seconds and then I was gone. gimme a second to orient myself.
No. 59578 ID: d5dec8

No. 59579 ID: 98a065

"tgchan hates me" was a jab at my own worthiness to run quests.

The priestess is only loyal to Finn, and possibly to other people who enjoy killing. She's crazy as hell and in love with him. She's also from a society that values warriors and spits upon any tech that isn't useful, her main roll is use of "secret arts" (I.E. basic surgery, first aid, and applied chemistry) to heal the sick and wounded. Her people evade the klingon doctor hate by making their priests doctors. No she can't be trusted, and yes the only reason she told you anything was because she loves Finn

There are actually radio signals, but my insomnia caught up with me before I mentioned that. Was like, the next thing I was gonjna do, then I lay my head down. "how the fuck'd I get in bed?" In short you're recieving propaganda and military broadcasts to the effect of "Divine glory to grid 12A" The slavers Finn killed had radios on them hand set models very well crafted.
No. 59580 ID: d5dec8

Well then, wolf mounted warrior priestess under FE's command!
No. 59581 ID: 98a065

TG chan's actually a pretty cool place, I just don't spend that much time here.

Where was I...? Oh the radios, they has small circles stamped into the metal. These circles have 13 stars and a large "C" imprinted inside them. It's assumed, and confirmed by the murder priestess, that these are trade items. All patrols have at least one of them.

The worg raiders do leave a lot in the way of corpses and shit behind, the Slavers don't care because they're a barely organized mob and 75 casualties is "a good day" for them. They have reserves. If you wanna drive them out of the colliseum you have to break their spirit and force them to retreat.

Alhambra is willing to provide you with enough food and water to feed 5000 people.

By "exclusive trading rights" they mean they want favorable trading on various technological items for their military assitance. they want vehicles and power cells and energy weapons. They want better electricity (they burn coal for their generators) and dependable electrical infrastructure.
No. 59582 ID: 96ae9c


I don't know. Just because she loves him doesn't mean she won't betray us. What's more likely is that she'll try to get him to join her. We can't have that.


So I guess I was right. The raiders probably know we're targeting them.
No. 59583 ID: d5dec8

I'm not so sure we should accept military aid. Save the major improvements for them for if/when they join our glorious fledgling nation. Weapons maybe, but major electrical upgrade and vehicles
? Nah, save that for now.
No. 59584 ID: 723398

so hows our military forces. Also i don't get the differences of this thread and the other quest thread.
No. 59585 ID: 98a065

Okay I think that covers all the questions raised during my coma.

If there's more just ask.

First thing was increasing our agricultural capacity to handlke the slaves, which is doable and actually pretty cleaver.

Someone raised the issue of using the ZP generator to increase our power supply so that we could build a power grid. You could use that to create a power grid and spread the gride via wires in tunnels, and use power lines to send that power to alhambra, or if they consent reveal your burrowing capacity yto them and tie them into your subway network and give them power that way (I.E. let them see past your pwer level a little)

Or we attack the colliseum with or without the assitance of Alhambra.

Sound about right?
No. 59586 ID: 98a065

If I had access to a computer I'd probably be doing a lot with charts and power leevls and shit like that. The split is so that discussion doesn't interfere with artwork.

Which isn't a problem for us really.
No. 59587 ID: 96ae9c


Can we make so we're not building them an infrastructure and they're dependent on us? I'm all for helping them get some irrigation going but we shouldn't do anymore unless they join us. In meantime we can off them surplus electricity off our on grid (we certainly aren't using it all) and trade deals for our advanced non-military technology.

If they won't take the bait, perhaps we can appeal to the farmers who supply them.
No. 59588 ID: d5dec8

..or use generator to give out intellipuma power armor and tank grade energy weapons!
...nah that's crazy
No. 59589 ID: 723398

still in your PS3?
No. 59591 ID: 96ae9c

Overall though, I'm fine with just getting food and water from Alhambra in exchange for what I talked about. It's more important that we don't make them more powerful and therefore a future thorn in our backs.
No. 59593 ID: d5dec8

We should tie them into our grid. That way, if they become a major issue, we can cut power to them. They might still have the steam generators, but it'll still be a problem for them.
No. 59595 ID: 98a065

Yep, on my PS3, was at the library earlier and use that access to craft the eye rape that is my map.

You can build power lines to alhambra and tie them into your grid in an attempot to make them dependent on you. They wouldn't like it but it's dependable, plentiful energy. ?Easiest way to do this would be to tie new boston into New washinton's power grid and then use that combined output to fuel Alhambra.

The ZP generator would solve all your energy grid issues for the forseeable future. (and by forseeable I mean the next 10000 years.) 'course you could also usse it on something crazy like a mobile base (broken steel style mobile base) or I dunno... a shield helicarrier or something. It would take more resources than what you have available at the moment. Also, power level.
No. 59596 ID: 96ae9c


We should tell them that until we get to know each other better, we can't help them get a fission reactor. What we can do is tie them into our grid and offer them the technology for cleaner coal power.
No. 59597 ID: 98a065

possible. Hullpuma power armor, is one of the less crazy things about this setting.

Note that Scar and his people are mercs, and constantine has joinedup with you because he's cunning and wants to lead his own pack of puma's even if it's under American Rule.
No. 59598 ID: d5dec8

I can side with this for now.
so is >>59588 actually a viable idea then?
No. 59599 ID: 96ae9c


Hell, if we use the alien power module to get more energy, we could use it as an incentive for relatively well off settlements to join willing. It'd be like the Dam but less vulnerable.
No. 59600 ID: 98a065

well you can certainly give them better coal generators.

Keep in mind that these guys are veteran traders. the Lord Protector is still your man (as long as you have his city's best interests in mind.) so he'll help you as long as you don't actively sabotage or harm Alhambra.
No. 59604 ID: 96ae9c


Basically, we tie them into our grid and offer them better coal power as a feel good gift in exchange for food and water. By better coal technology, I don't necessarily mean stuff that will weaken our bargaining position, more like cleaner emissions so the people living around the plant are healthier.
No. 59605 ID: 98a065

If you have no problems with giving an *+ ton apex predator power armor, yes it is.

oh and you onbly have one intellipuma who's actually accepted American Union rules and regulations, the rest live in the coke forest under Scar's rule.
No. 59606 ID: d5dec8

I vote for our intellipuma to be power armored. Image all the possibilities! We could even give her a holo-cloaking device thing. The possibilities are endless!
No. 59608 ID: 98a065

Coal Lung is an issue. So power grid and cleaner emissions as a gift. Unless there's a shit storm over this I'll throw this in.

What are we going to do with that ZP generator?
No. 59609 ID: 96ae9c


I don't trust the puma. He's a psychic, 8-ton killing machine who's only joined us so can start his own clan. Making him an unstoppable killing machine is unwise.

Meanwhile, we can the alien power module to build a separate power grid from our own. That way we can keep our main grid at full efficiency while using the secondary grid to supply Alhambra and other potential customers.
No. 59610 ID: d5dec8

Not Scar, Catherine I belive she was called. The one who joined the American Union.
No. 59611 ID: 723398

Not yet dude we have like only one semi- loyal. So let's jsut focus on killing religious raiders and dealing with the cat people. Also any news from samson?
No. 59614 ID: 60fee2

I say you at least prototype the Intellipuma power armor for when you get more loyal Intellipumas.
No. 59615 ID: 723398

Plus dude that was already a done deal. At least thanks to his endeavors we can make more intellipumas that can join our side. But sooner or later he might make some moves on us.
No. 59616 ID: d5dec8

Alright, so we can prototype the armor. But I suppose also using the Alien Reactor to give us our Hoover Dam is also a worthy idea.
No. 59617 ID: 96ae9c

We already did our one action (buffing up the food/supply of New Boston). That means we have two left.

The second is the trade deal between the American Union and Alhambra. We're going to tie them into our grid and give the cleaner coal power. In exchange, we will receive food and water. I suggest we use the alien power module to create a sub-grid, but a consensus hasn't been reached.

Thirdly, we've decided to use binoculars and vertibirds to scout the Colosseum for vulnerable targets (armories, garrisons, watchtowers). Our stealth teams (squirrels, special ops) will then sneak in at night and destroy them.

On the horizon, we can begin the invasion of the Colosseum next month.
No. 59618 ID: 98a065

Nah, Constantine joined us. Though the next puma can be a Catherine.

Come to think of it Scar's band already has a Constantine.

So ours is Constanstien "Con-stan-Stein"

Scar' is "Con-Stan-Teen." probably a story in there somewhere.
No. 59620 ID: 96ae9c


I was talking about our semi-loyal Puma. He's semi-loyal as in he's helping us so he hopes he gets his own clan away from Scar. He's not loyal enough to be put in a unstoppable death machine.
No. 59621 ID: d5dec8

The scouting is a given necessity, so trading agreement and using alien generator to help us power should be the next move
No. 59623 ID: 723398

No. 59624 ID: 98a065

Samson's been having some issues with a tribe of Raiders from the West. They're occupying an old military base and he wants you to do recn, and maybe aid his army in a strike against it. It's off the map but I'll describe any recon you bring back from scouting out the group Samson wants your help with.

When asked about the colliseum he says "When one eats, one must chew, lest one choke on one's meal."
No. 59625 ID: 96ae9c


Perfect. While Samson is busy taking out those raiders, we strike the Colosseum.
No. 59627 ID: 98a065

The Alien Module is now "Operation Bootstrap" an Ultra top secret known only to the Scribes, Scientists, Military Officers, Paladins, and Politicians involved in it's construction.

Every one jhust assumes its a Power Generation experiment unless told otherwise.
No. 59629 ID: 96ae9c


I suppose we could send a token scouting force, just to stay on his good side. Meanwhile, we should start mobilizing our forces for the assault on the Colosseum.

Have we begun the scouting missions?
No. 59631 ID: 98a065

Was waiting to see your response and whether or not you wanted to snub him. He honestly doesn't even care if you participate in his campaign against those raiders or not. He just wants you to fly in, take pictures with the vertibirds, leave and send the info to his forces with couriers.

shouldn't detract to heavily from your campaign against the Colliseum if you choose to take it alone.

Granted you could always switch out that population bonus for mercs from alhambra, they still wanna be indie and notr join up with you, or samson or anyone else for that matter.
No. 59632 ID: 96ae9c


They will join us in time. No need to force them.

The assault on the Colosseum. This will be our first invasion...
No. 59633 ID: 723398

So has month passed yet? Expecting growth in POPulation and everythign that is growing
No. 59636 ID: d5dec8

Take a few pictures for him then advance with our campaign. Also updated the map in free time.
No. 59637 ID: d5dec8
File 134621711870.png - (177.96KB , 1612x1314 , PaxAmericanCleanMapUnfinished.png )

Derp fergot to post the map
No. 59638 ID: 98a065

You have plenty of kids, and tribals, travellers and mercs who join up are at a suffiecient level to replace fatalities in the conflicts you experienc but not enough to really change the game for you, thus no pop increase. The colliseum has a capacity for 50000 slaves, currently they have 30000 to 40000 slave in resuidence. You have a capacity for 29250 residents when spread between all of your bases. (15000 for NW 12250 for Nb and 2000 for Fort Endurance.)
No. 59639 ID: d5dec8

If we can improve Fort Endurance even more, that would be a good idea, though it would probably need much better security around the civvies.
No. 59641 ID: 98a065

wow, nice, and yeah it has been 8 months since the start of the game...did I say six? If I did, I'm wrong.

anyway, nice map bro!
No. 59642 ID: d5dec8

Thanks, first thread that I've really been following/involved in, so figured I would give it more than random ideas.
No. 59643 ID: 723398

Nothing is really happening there much plus we are all pretty hyped for the colloseum invasion. So other than the thing we agreed for this turn. Fort endurance is kinda in the last of our to do list.
No. 59644 ID: 96ae9c


Our current capacity is enough. It's doubtful that all of the slaves will want to join us, instead opting for Samson's camp or independence.

We should time our attack on the Colosseum with Samson's attack on the Western Raiders.
No. 59645 ID: 98a065

We haven't taken a third action yet, and you're still building that tunnel to Fort Endurance Via NW.

Anyway you could ship in some supplies but Fort endurance is basically an old style stone fort with modern troops and a handful of guys in power armor at the moment.
No. 59646 ID: d5dec8

I was hoping to support more population from there, that way we can have space for other people after we free the slaves in the Coliseum.
No. 59647 ID: 96ae9c


Yes, boost Fort Endurance's defenses. I worry about Scar deciding he doesn't need us anymore.
No. 59648 ID: 98a065

I't appreciated bro!

Okay so basic consesnsus is doa fly by of the raider base, print out some reconphotos for Samson, give him the photos and prepare for invasions.

when he does invade, we hit the colliseum with not-quite everything we've got, forces who can hide their power level like "shadow squad" ad "The reair men" and those holobots we developed will be included but anything too obviously high tech will be left behind.

We'll hae air support where we need it most, I'll gve you a blow by blow account and walkyou through controllig your forces.

Now is thee anything we need to do befoe giving samso his recon and deciding what forces we'll be using?
No. 59649 ID: d5dec8

Sleep time for me. See ya'll tomorrow.
No. 59650 ID: 723398

see yah dude
No. 59651 ID: 98a065

'night map Anon!
No. 59652 ID: 723398

how abt you OP sleepy yet?
No. 59653 ID: 98a065

I'm gonna be here all night, I already passed out on accident so I coyuuldn't sleep if I wanted to.

Okay Fort Endurance isn't on the edge of Samson's borders and most sane people stay the hell away from the Coke Forest, so you have some AMK2 in storage and plasma rifles and stuff like that in case you get in trouble, as always Vertibirds are constantly charged and ready to go. If Scar attacks you can easily hold him off and Evac. No need to worry about that front, for the moment anyway.

In the mean time. You're guys are doing the recon. I'll include that In the next post. You're turn will end once we invade the colliseum and we'll enter war mode.

You want to keep your power level hidden somewhat but you also want to kick out the faith and take over the Colliseum.

I've stated your vehicles. You have basic combat kit and fire arms similar to what modern american soldiers use, only more advanced. You have laser weapnry and gauss weaponry and plasma weaponry. You have explosives and you have flamers
No. 59654 ID: 98a065

you have Worg Cavalry, an Intellipuma with combat armor made for him and communications gear as well as an implanted voice box so he can talk. You have squirrels who can plant explosives and who have poison and tiny squirrel sized weapons.

You have security robots, Mr. Handies and Eyebots.

What are you going to use in this invasion?
No. 59656 ID: 96ae9c


1. Aerial scout with binoculars and vertibirds.
2. Stealth teams target key locations (armories, garrisons, watchtowers).
3. We move in fast with all got while their defenses are crippled.
4. Free the slaves, send the surviving slavers to forced labor camps.
5. Tell Samson.
No. 59661 ID: 723398

Well first we send in the squirrels. Demo charges and sabotage. Poison enemy supplies and assasination on COs. Then we have contentious artillery and siege attacks for a few a hours and then we send the vertibirds. Then we hit them with the main force
No. 59662 ID: 98a065

Well now that you have a look at slaver forces what are you going to field against them? We can safely assume Scar's been paid to protect your borders and that the Tribals who are loyal to you will back you up.

Up until now you've just been a fortified trading outpost, now you're invading a major slaver trading settlement, one that's been in place for decades. That's going to raise some eyebrows. People think you're just seetlers from the east, now you're showing otherwise.

What are you going to field and how much of it are you going to field to support your tactics?
No. 59663 ID: 96ae9c


That plan causes lots of civilian deaths. We're looking to recruit the slaves not kill them all.

If we simply destroy the armories, garrisons, wand watchtowers, we can cripple them before we strike. Minimal losses for maximal gain.
No. 59665 ID: 98a065

It's possible to use the Howitzers without hitting the slave pens since they're right next to the colliseum and the slavers want to defend the slaves at all costs, they're the most important resource they have.

But you'd have to deploy radio using spotters and the slavers could probably track down a ground based squatter with a tech expert, and judging from their armories and camps at least one group is prety tech savvy.

So you'd have to send Vertibirds in first, and use them for spotting and range finding and hope the enemy's Anti-Air capabilities suck.
No. 59666 ID: 723398

Recon of squirrels and vertibirds first to see their capabilities. They could paint coordinates of enemy quarters and vital areas. so the howitzers would know where to shoot.
No. 59667 ID: 100061

rescuing the slaves should be our top priority, and that means we need any fighting to be quick and decisive. fortunately it should be fairly easy to sneak in a fairly large force. we can have some of our people sneak in posing as either traders or a raider band going in for some rnr, they will also be taking there "pet Squirrels " in with them. (we should mix in a few non sentient Squirrels just in case the guards demand on to eat or something). once we have forces inside they can start picking targets. things we should focus on are the enemy AA and armories, as well as anything that would give them warning of an attack. we should also have our infiltrators avoid the power armored troops, since as an elite group they might have the discipline to notice someone trying to sneak past them. once the shooting starts we can take them out with focused air strikes and our own power armored troops.
No. 59668 ID: 98a065

Well shadow squad and the repair men would be good at painting targets and their holocloaks could let them pass as raiders quite easily if they decided to wear some fur cloaks or something.

Non sentient squrrels (Red Squirrels) can reach up to 30 pounds in wieght and small dog size.

Are we gonna infiltrate and paint some targets for the howitzers, like I dunno, radio beacons or something?
No. 59669 ID: 100061

I was thinking planting explosives in enemy armories, possibly disguised as bombs that are supposed to be there. and quietly killing the sentries that guarded the side our forces would approach from, and above all else neutralize the enemies AA capabilities.
No. 59670 ID: 723398

Yup minimise collateral before main attack
No. 59671 ID: 96ae9c


Infiltrate, plant bombs, and commence full attack in immediate aftermath. Seems to be the gist of everyone's plans.
No. 59672 ID: 98a065

Okay great, one last question.

We showed a little of our power level to Samson, now we're conquering the Colliseum so he doesn't get a stranglehld on the region.

How high is our power level going? We've shown we have two Vertibirds, how many of those will we use?

Will we deploy standard troops supported by vehicles and a little power armor, or will this be a power armor heavy force?

Is Constanstien FELine's MBT equivelent to be taken on raids or will the Worg cavalry take part in this action?

Are we above or Below 9000?
No. 59674 ID: 96ae9c


>Power Level
Pretty high and there's nothing we can do to stop it. Samson is moving fast. He's already conquered a major city and moving to take out another. If we don't step up our game, he'll achieve hegemony. Goodbye American Union.


Usually I'd only suggest we deploy a small portion of our actual forces. However in light of our scouts discoveries, I recommend we deploy all our options. These slavers are packing serious heat (heavy weaponry, power armor) and they outnumber us. A full deployment will increase our chances of success and minimize losses.
No. 59675 ID: 98a065

Okay at least one d00d wants high power level and full deployment, that'd Put FELine's Roughriders (and 'Stein the Puma) on the flanks protecting against raider feints. It would put MBTs and Vertibirds up front crushing enemy forces and it would have a lot of your forces using powered armor. You have a lot of T45Ds, a Middling Number of T51BS and A small number of AMK2s (Both BoS and Enclave editions.) as far as power armor is conerned. I Assume we'll laso be fielding robots and the full extent of our armory.

The upshot to this is just half of those slaves join you you'll have something like 20K after the increase in population.

As far as our population goes I just count the combat effectives and the cost for them when I list numbers, you have like 16000 people but half of them are too young or old to fight or engaged in other crucial tasks.

So full deployment means everything.

Unless you wanna hold back a little, say high-mid-level power level and use the more common, but high quality stuff at hand.
No. 59676 ID: 723398

I Suppose after this we will beyond samson's power anyways. So lets go full.
No. 59677 ID: 723398

Raise those Flags! Sounds those Cannons!Sing your cries! Hear the buzzing of the vertibirds! For the Union!
No. 59678 ID: 100061

i'd say hold some stuff back, its always a good idea to have a few surprises if needed. I would recommend holding back say 30 of our vertabirds, only deploy a 3 or 4 units of power armor and only a few MBTs, and guard them carefully enough to make it look like we can't replace them.

after this there is no hiding we are a major player, but we don't have to show the full extent of our strength to everyone who watches. with luck they will either underestimate us thinking we showed everything we could do, or overestimate us thinking we held more back then we did.
No. 59679 ID: 98a065
File 134622777092.jpg - (69.38KB , 800x566 , 86d3773cc202bcb20c33b7d867b30f54.jpg )




No. 59680 ID: 98a065

Okay hit them hard, but leave some surprises for later. In the meantime...

Hellmarch 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3rGO2WhZGg for such a crappy game C&C has boss music.

note that my PS3's OS turns any link I copy into the adress field into a front page hit for the awful youtube XL service so the only way I can see your videos is by copy pasteing the titles and searching for the video.

Quest post incoming in 5 4 3 2 1.
No. 59681 ID: 723398

Dude we have HUNDREDS OF VEHICLES. We pretty much have an aresenal of a small prewar nation.
No. 59682 ID: 723398

Also OP is posting in the quest thread
No. 59683 ID: 96ae9c


God Bless the American Union.
No. 59685 ID: 723398

For the Union!
No. 59686 ID: 723398

So what did we capture? Special artifacts and all?
No. 59687 ID: 98a065

Alright you've taken the Colliseum.

Now what do you want to do with it? For the Faith it was a symbol of their power and culture. To be fair it's damned impressive, especially for a post war construction. To slaves it's a symbol of oppression. You could tear it down or attempt to occupy it and put it to your own use, try and turn it into a symbol of american values or something.

Now you have the Faith POWs, among them are members of the "American Legion" those were the guys wearing power armor, apparently they're descended from some sort of militia and are real tough mercs. Then there's the faith priests, warriors fomr two dozen tribes, ascended slavesand Khul, former Governor of the colliseum and High Priest Thulsa, former leader of the Faith priesthood in this area.

You've put the POWs in the slave pens appropiately enough and have them under guard. have to do something with/to these guys
No. 59688 ID: 98a065

You have gained a net increase in your population.

You used to have 8000 people who could become combatants. From the slaves you gained combat capable 16000 recruits. You have 20000 people now. (in actuallity 400000 but I'm only counting the people who can fight for purposes of food and combat for the sake of simplicity)

New Washington has a maximum population of 15000

New Boston has a Maximum Population of 10000

and Fort Endurance has maximum population of 2000

as fo the colliseum, I'll stat it if you decied to keep it.
No. 59689 ID: 98a065

Faith related documents, historical texts of the faith, weapons, armor, the highly customized armor of the "American Legion" and by customized I mean uselessly decorated with fur, gold, silver, copper and jewels. So far no real tech artifacts but plenty of trophies and loads of loot from the slavers raids. Technical documents, maps, blueprints, the odd piece of esoteric tech....

Looks like they were trading with some fairly advanced civilizations. Samson had backpack radios, these guys had phone rafdios with the same range and functionality as the backpack radios, they didn't build them but someone called "Communicorp" provided them with the radios, presumably in exchange for slaves. Only Khul and Thulsa know who, or what Cummunicorp was and or is and they aren't talking until they get a personal guarantee of safety.
No. 59690 ID: 723398

Keep it and Settle it. It is an impressive wonder of the Post war World so might as well keep it. For the POW, im not deciding yet. But first we learn from the different parts of the faith faction and then decide from that

But i am expecting us to execute half of them
No. 59691 ID: 96ae9c


Keep the lands, demolish the slave pens and fighting pits. They're symbols of oppression and they don't belong in the American Union.

Begin interrogating the POWs. Offer those who talk life in a forced labor camp. Those that don't can hang.


I mentioned this earlier. We should have tracked where their trading parties were going.

Oh well, I suppose we interrogate the two of them for the info. By interrogate I mean kill one and tell the other he'll be next if he doesn't talk.
No. 59692 ID: 98a065

Judging from their maps their trading partners go way beyond the range of your vertibirds, remember they run off electricity, and short of overhauling a lot of them to make long range vertibirds you'll have to build recharging stations for them if you want to employ them as more than short range scouts and force multipliers.

If the others agree to execute one to put fear into the other we can do that.
No. 59693 ID: 96ae9c


I suggest we kill the priest. He's unlikely to talk. The governor, however, may be far more vulnerable to physical intimidation.
No. 59694 ID: 723398

yes kill one of them. Make sure it's very public. Like a hanging
No. 59697 ID: 98a065

Okay, we execute Thulsa publicly, presumably a good old fashioned Hanging in front of the PoWs before we put them in a forced labor camp. Though come to think of I can't imagine what a bunch of convicts can do that robots or laborers can't...

Moving on you have the oclliseum, we're gonna settle it, break down the slave pens for parts and turn it into an american facility.

How many people do you want to settle here? How much effort do you want to put in defending it? you have both the slaver's radios and your own broadcast facilities, do you want to broadcast anything?

Then there's the farms and the smorgasbord of mutated plants and their pharmacuetical properties....
No. 59698 ID: 723398

We gonna use the colosseum someway. So let's put operational again. A large bazaar or something. If we could find acts lets put it there.
Also lets put all our extraPOP in here since most other settlements are in Maximum holding.
No. 59699 ID: 716c62

Yeah, Thulsa is unlikely to talk. So let's give him a trial, sentence him, and execute him.
Khul has the choice of giving up his secrets and spending the rest of his days in a labor camp, or facing the same fate.

Also, we have the technology, let's fix up those American Legion power armor suits. Get rid of the embellishments, and do some repairs, and we should be able to reuse them.
No. 59700 ID: 723398

Lets broadcast a call for entertainment. With the Colosseum we have to fill it just i said above. Since it gonna be known from the waste with the Radio call. Let's put medium defense.
No. 59701 ID: 723398

If he still says no let's turn him to robobrain.
No. 59702 ID: 98a065

You have 6000 people in new washington, you can have a maximum of 15000 in new washington.

you can have a maximum of 10000 people in new boston, you have 1000 there.

you can have 2000 people in fort endurance. you have 1000 there.

you have 16000 new recuits to your army. where are you gonna base them?

Technically your numbers are double this but I only count combatants in the numbers for cities and leave the noncombatants vaguely defined. better that way, you can use you imagination.

what would your labor camp produce that manufacturing facilities couldn't? why even spend a budget on something like that? you've got nuclear powered factories in your secret capital and you're gonna have slavers do what...? break rocks all day? its your decison guys but my mind, it boggles.

You could take samples of The Colliseum's wierder crops and covert their farms from drug fields to food fields.

so basically turn the Colliseum into a trading town/24/7 circus? MiteBeCool.
No. 59703 ID: 96ae9c


I still don't like the idea of putting things which have questionable loyalty in unstoppable killing machines. If Khul doesn't talk, we just execute him too. We have to appear like hardass's or the slavers will never give in.
No. 59704 ID: 96ae9c


The Colosseum was a drug farm before we got there. With minimal work we can turn it into a regular farm.

House people everywhere but in New Washington. The Colosseum has space yes?

The labors are because we don't execute people who surrender and are willing to reform. There's plenty of thing we can do with them such as digging irrigation channels, working in the quarries, or repairing the old railroads. There's always a use for good old fashioned manual labor and boy do we have a lot of laborers.
No. 59705 ID: 723398

But we have to at least kill half of their officers
No. 59706 ID: 723398

So what's the infor about the inhabitants of the coloseum? Which is the different groups that we have imprisoned?
No. 59707 ID: 96ae9c


So? We kill enough of them and the rest will accept their new lot in life. Once that's done we send them to work, preferably to the least desirable work places. I'm talking giant scorpion infested quarries, radioactive fields, and railroads so broken we don't know which way they even went. Those that survive are free to leave or become genuine citizens.

Meanwhile, we can convert the Colosseum into a large farming settlement. Hell, since it seems to be a profitable location for trade, we could even made it our official trading hub.

On the side, we should really begin to watch our borders more earnestly. I have a feeling Samson may not like the fact that we took the Colosseum from under his nose. Also, the Cummunicorp may try to reinstate the previous regime.
No. 59708 ID: 98a065

Just be careful you don't want a pwder ganger situation. Make sure you guard those fuckers.

Okay there's a bunch of tribes, if you're that interested I can give you names and details, but when it comes down to it they aren't that different from the tribes that you've got near New Washington. They have either a cultural thing (Clubs painted with irridescent yellow paint, a findness for red signs, a fondness for gauntlets.) or they have a mutation that makes them different from normal humans thanks to FEV that was spread through the environment during the war. (Red Corneas, Canines so large that they make you lisp, Extra or webbed digits, maybe both, unusual skin color, you get the idea.) and they have a primitive hunter gatherer culture, with maybe some farming.

You know the faith, blood, war, death. Original sin, warped martyrs and saints.

So far the only real lead is "Communicorp" their symbol is 13 stars in a circle around a large C. and they seem to be resonsable for the Faith's radio tech, maybe more.
No. 59709 ID: 96ae9c


Explosive collars anyone? Would be pretty ironic for a slaver to meet his end at the hand of his own creation.
No. 59710 ID: df801b

How many of the new population can the Colosseum support, especially if we convert the farms to food farms?

For the labor camp we can put explosive collars on the prisoners. I also don't think we should label them as POWs. They are slavers and raiders, terrorists and members of non-recognized nations. They aren't protected by the Geneva Convention.
We can put them to work in the fields, producing food, or digging irrigation channels, and we still need roads and sewers. Lots of projects that need manual labor.
No. 59711 ID: 723398

Ok thanks for now let's just fortify our borders. Trading Hub colosseum sounds good. With a sign and some reputation already makes it a perfect place to settle. What kind of drug did the faith people make.Also we should really start with our espionage and law enforcer department. We can't rely on Military police forever and all our recon can't come from squirrels and Black ops team. Sooner or later we are gonna hit something as big or maybe even bigger than us so let's go with that. With our rising powerlevel and our taking of the colosseum lets see how is marcus.
No. 59712 ID: 723398

i mean samson
No. 59713 ID: 98a065

After you convert the farms to food farms? 10000, your farming tech is pretty sweet.

Okay Colliseum becomes a circus and a farming place as well as a trade hub.

Explosive collars for the Chain gang, with remote detonation if they leave a certain perimeter or act uppity.

So far we have

Execute Thulsa, and Khul if he doesn't talk.
Take the Felons and kill their officers, then explosive collar them and work them to death or rehabilitation, whicever comes first.
Turn Colliseum's drug farms into food farms and make the place a trading hub and entertainment hub.

anything else?
No. 59714 ID: 723398

Recommendation for the Espionage and law enforcer department. Also do we have the YOU ARE ...
No. 59715 ID: 98a065

There's one coming up. in the mean time we're setting up the colliseum.

YOU ARE THE GUY is slated for Ozz's next encounter with Samson. you get to decide hgow to explain your actions to him, after all we can easily assume he was planning to take the Colliseum after he got Salvation city under wraps.

okay you have the coilliseum do you wanna try walling off the whole shebang or would you rather create guard houses like the slavers did and have police forces operate out of those?

Maybe turn the Colliseum intoa military facility?
No. 59716 ID: 98a065

The faith made ALL OF THE DRUGS here. They grew a lot of stuff. most of it is recreational but a lot of it has medical uses.

Starting a civilian police force is totally possible.
No. 59717 ID: df801b

Guard houses for now, using part of our forced labor to construct more defensible walls. We should also station about 10 mobile Howitzers at the Colosseum.

And begin building a factory. Bullets and guns, and Jeeps.

The factory at New Boston should be upgraded to handle laser weapons and power cells.

And we'll need to send scouts later to te Whispering Caves and the Screaming Ruins.
No. 59718 ID: 96ae9c


I support this.

Also, I think we should start preparing for potential conflict with Samson. Just in case he tries to force us out of the Colosseum.
No. 59719 ID: bc3f84

We may want to keep some of the medicinal crops, then.
Also starting a civilian police force sound like a good idea.
No. 59720 ID: 723398

All ideas stated i support
No. 59721 ID: 96ae9c


Hmm, an idea just popped into my mind. What if we gave Khul to Samson as a gift? Show him that we're for equal justice and let his own people try the governor. Even if Samson still wants to attack us, his people may not be so inclined to kill the "Cleansers of the Colosseum."
No. 59722 ID: 98a065

we can retcon his execution, Death by Samson is the same as death by noose as far as results for Khul are concerned.

well we have New Philadelphia set up. and we have a bunch of slaves who'd like to be transportaed to salvation city. Also our resources are a little stretched so we need to find new sources of stuff before we can upgrade our factories on a widescale.
No. 59723 ID: 98a065

well...ex-slavees if you feel like being accurate.

Also why did I put thos felons to work on adeensive wall...?

whatever, they're irrgating the fields I guess.
No. 59724 ID: 96ae9c


OP, you getting sleepy? I'm getting sleepy. Off to be with me I suppose.
No. 59725 ID: 723398

Want turn in for the night dude? Continue tommorow?
No. 59726 ID: 98a065

yeah my typing turns to shit soup when I get sleepy. Night you two.

See you in a few hours.
No. 59728 ID: d5dec8
File 134624965315.png - (204.90KB , 1613x1302 , PaxAmericanCleanMapUnfinished.png )

Just woke up. Looks like glorious things happened and we made new enemies. Everything in the aftermath looks good, but I think it may have been more effective to have the warrior priest be killed in single combat by one of our best warriors, instead of an execution. More of a "They killed off our greatest warrior priest, oh shit" instead of "they executed our greatest warrior like cowards." All in all, sounds like it went well.
No. 59729 ID: 716c62

Locations for Scouting:
Love's Nest
Screaming Ruins
Whisper Caves
The Towers

Also, we need to explore further to the south and east. South, to find CommuniCorp, and East, to expand further.
And it's imperative that we find new sources of raw materials, and increase trade to get more metals. We need to improve our factories to support our increased military.
No. 59730 ID: d5dec8

Agreed, I think we should start with scouting out the Towers, then Screaming Ruins
No. 59733 ID: 100061

lets talk death rays, now that we have 4 times the power of a prewar superpower would some sort of large energy weapon emplacements be feasible? assuming it is I have 3 ideas that we might want to try.

1. laser emplacements- lasers don't arc so range is limited to the horizon, but they would make good static defenses.

2. plasma artillery- the shots from plasma weapons have some substance to them, so it might be possible to get a plasma shot to arc. possibly giving it enofgh range to be used offensively

3. mining laser- we are not going to be able to use any of this in places not hooked up to the power grid, so a tool that lets us quickly dig tunnels so we can securely connect distant sites to our power grid would be very useful.
No. 59734 ID: d5dec8

Having automated laser turrets would take a huge load off of defending our territories, we could put fewer troops on security detail, so we can put more in action without relying on tribals or scar for defence.
I'm not so sure plasma would arc, but for offensive artillery, a magnetic cannon firing a mass of metal and explosives over extreme distances could work too.
If we could find a way [perhaps a load of extension cords?] to make it more mobile, [attach it to a track laying subway train?] then I could totally go along with this.
No. 59735 ID: 716c62

We will create the Stonehenge Theater Defense Artillery Array. Massive Gauss Cannons that can shoot over the horizon to strike any target within a 500 mile radius.
No. 59736 ID: 716c62
File 134625694360.jpg - (59.46KB , 800x579 , Stonehenge - cannon.jpg )

If we're going to make a Death Ray, we shouldn't do half-measures.
No. 59737 ID: 716c62
File 134625705492.jpg - (16.62KB , 300x150 , Stonehenge - gun view.jpg )

Of course, we need far more resources than we have available. Even if we dismantled the Colosseum, I doubt we would have enough materials for this.
We would need to take apart several Vaults, maybe even find a major city, such as Kansas City, Detroit, or Chicago.
No. 59738 ID: d5dec8
File 134625713238.jpg - (135.65KB , 1600x684 , Mac Cannon.jpg )

Lasers are for babies. A real man uses a MAC gun. Multiple if possible.
No. 59739 ID: d5dec8

He has a point. Still, this is why we want to go scouting.
No. 59740 ID: d5dec8

Also, this needs to stay hidden, or are we completely abandoning hiding our power?
No. 59742 ID: 716c62

It needs to stay hidden for now. We've shown that New Boston has hidden stockpiles of Vertibirds, MBT's, and T-45d Power Armor, but we've kept our reserves of T-51b and Advanced Mark 2 Power Armor hidden, as well as our Gauss weapons.
We can hide the death ray project behind lesser projects, such as creating gauss cannons (so we can work out the problems of gauss artillery and making gauss weapons that big), and stockpiling materials.
No. 59744 ID: d5dec8

Alright then, makes sense.
No. 59745 ID: 98a065
File 134625964385.jpg - (103.02KB , 1024x768 , 1345797140104.jpg )

-sips coffee- Hey guys, I've been making mistakes, which is embarassing for me but fuck it. Yeah I ran Guardsman quest, the fight for amerigo secondus and I quit due to RL stuff and the simple fact that my mind shut down and I couldn't absorb enough 40K lore to maintain the integrity of the whole thing. Apologies to anyone who liked that, I should've had the balls to say I was quitting. Rest assured I will maintain Pax Americana until we reach the end.

Now, I'll let you build a subway mounted mining laser, It'll cut burrowing times in half, but you only get one, and it'll use up resources that could be used on other things.

I've been fucking up, we're in the year 2200 and AMK2 wasn't developed until 2212 or thereabouts. So we have AMK1's but we have brotherhood and enclave variants pick your favorites.

So should I retcon Khul's execution so we can hand him over to samson or what?

oh and <---- this is the BoS AMK1
No. 59746 ID: 98a065

Oh, and I fucking love these maps.
No. 59747 ID: 716c62

>No AMK2
Really unfortunate, but it shouldn't matter too much.

>Retcon Khul's execution
I'm ambivalent. He's going to die either way. Would it really change our relationship with Samson?
No. 59748 ID: d5dec8

Nah, the execution was fine. The power armor looks right terrifying. Before the mining laser, I think we need to focus on scouting in hopes of new resources and other necessary things. get our supplies back to full strength before any more of these megaprojects.
No. 59750 ID: 100061

I would like to point out that the limiting factor for the size of rail guns is probably not power consumption. not unless we start doing something crazy like have them launch canisters of super compressed plasma or something... we might want to look into that, the ammo would be expensive but the shells would pack some serious punch.
No. 59751 ID: 98a065

anyone else notice that the designer for Fo3 just ripped of Tactics APA for their Enclave PA designs?

Fluff says the T45Ds were enough to take out towns during the lead up to the big one, our power armor basically functioned as walking tanks, even with some bits on the outside. While we may not have AMK2s we do have something I always wanted to see.

Design Variation

Command Modified Armor basically combines Hardening (and in the case of T45D putting all the exposed bits under armor) with a powerful communications package.

Combat armor has targeters or strength inhancements and hardening.

Stealth has camo and agility enhancements.

Scout makes you go Fasta, almost as good as being red.

Okay Khul is dead, so's Thulsa, you wanna talk to Samson or just get down to the nitty gritty of scouting and stuff like that?
No. 59752 ID: 716c62

I'd like to get to scouting.
No. 59753 ID: 98a065
File 134626071863.jpg - (105.65KB , 1024x768 , fallout_tactics_brotherhood_of_steel-29.jpg )

Forgot my pic, this is what the APA in Tactics looked like. compare it with Enclave AMK2.

Also that dude in the Hazard-Armor is what your HAZMAT teams look like.
No. 59754 ID: d5dec8

Off to scouting! I need more stuff to add to da map
No. 59755 ID: 98a065

Okay we scout, seeing as how these are locations and not randomly generated events we don't have to roll die for what you find.

anyway, do you find any particular location appealing, or shall I pick one in particular?
No. 59756 ID: d5dec8

The Towers seems like a good first target. But any of them work.
No. 59757 ID: 716c62

Wait, Samson is about to start his campaign to that military base to the west isn't he?

And a big chunk of former slaves have joined up with him.

Maybe we should talk with him first to head off possible conflicts now.
No. 59758 ID: 98a065

yeah he's kind of busy consolodating his power base, he has hostile tribes and raiders and stuff harassing him, he's pissed off a lot of people. Doesn't mean he won't win though.

He's a legend, and you're an emerging power, granted you're a well equipped, amazingly toough power, but he has experience.

So you wanna talk with him right?
No. 59759 ID: d5dec8

Talking with Spampson works too
No. 59760 ID: 716c62

Yeah, let's talk with him.
Then once we finish talking with him, we'll examine the Towers.
No. 59761 ID: 98a065


So yeah, in depth RP stuff coming up, prepare your diddly hole.
No. 59762 ID: 716c62

Formal Wear.
We've already done our Shows of Force.
Now we need to show we're normalizing relations.
No. 59767 ID: 98a065

Dat lack of consensus...

oh the hell with it. Formal command armor.
No. 59768 ID: 716c62

Setting Question: We're all about Old World Values and America Fuck Yeah!, but are we secular or a Christian and God-fearing nation?
No. 59769 ID: 716c62

Should we reveal that above Colonel Mandaris stand others? Such as the President and the Elders?
Or should we keep that secret?

I think we should allude to a President of the American Union, but we shouldn't come out and reveal the location of New Washington or of our government's inner workings.
No. 59770 ID: d5dec8

We shouldn't point out the capital, but we should show we have a civilian government, not just a military headed endeavor
No. 59771 ID: 98a065

Secular, freedom of religion means freedom from religion. That said this isn't the science inquisition. Religion is allowed, there are churches all over the place and chaplains in the army.
No. 59776 ID: 716c62

Samson disabled that holo-table on purpose, just to test us.
He is a canny motherfucker, and we can never underestimate him. Any level of paranoia regarding him we have, will never be enough.
No. 59777 ID: 98a065

The holotable is lower def than a union one, has less memory, and less processing power but it can network with other devices and is compatable with holotapes.

You can make better ones but its a damn impressive piece of work for post war tech.
No. 59778 ID: 716c62

OP, do our mobile Howitzers outdistance the Raider's artillery?
No. 59779 ID: 98a065

You're not certain but they look like standard models, ones used by the US army, probably salvage.

You based your mobile howitzers on standard designs and basically just mounted them on a set of wheel and gave room for the guncrew to sit and hold on for the ride.

over all they probably have the same range.
No. 59780 ID: 716c62

We'll need forward observers for our artillery, then. Maybe do it at night to minimize retaliation.

I'd send in the Vertibirds, but their AA is still pretty effective and makes it too dangerous.

Maybe hit their AA, then scoot away while the Vertibirds come in and wipe out the Raider Howitzers?
No. 59782 ID: 98a065

Their AA consosts of Browning M2s mounted on traversing turrets that are worked by hand WW2 style, probably made from scratch. Potent enough, but Vertibirds in this setting have missile launchers that can target via an IR beam and other possible equipment. So they make pretty damned effective raiders.

But yeah, firect aerial assault would mean the loss of at LEAST one vertibird.
No. 59783 ID: 849766

How fast can our howitzers move? Can they get out of the way of counter-battery fire?
No. 59784 ID: 98a065

They have to brace before they fire, so no. something like a top speed of 100 miles per hour when not bracing.
No. 59786 ID: d5dec8

What if we have groups of fast movers [Worgs, Jeeps] draw the howitzers attention while we try to get our own in position to blast them away. If they move fast enough, we should be able to avoid the majority of casualties. Or use robots. Then there's no biological casualties.
No. 59787 ID: 98a065

robots are difficult to produce but you do have quite a few of them so the casuallties woyuld be negligible as far as biological life is concerned.
No. 59788 ID: d5dec8

I think we can risk a few bots as bait to pound out their artillery.
No. 59791 ID: 716c62

Robots are hard to build and replace, though.

Wouldn't it be better to send Shadow Squad in to set timebombs on the ammo piles that the Raider Howitzers depend on, then have squirrels be forward observers as our Howitzers shell the enemy artillery?
No. 59792 ID: d5dec8

If shadow squad is already on site, then they could just call in the artillery? We lost a good number of squirrels in the Coliseum, I'm not so sure we should send them out as readily.
No. 59793 ID: 716c62

I want to ask Samson about his stance on non-human descended intelligent species.
But on the other hand, I don't want to reveal too much, that we have squirrels and intellipumas among our citizens.
No. 59796 ID: 98a065

Okay I have to break off for a few hours.

Be back by 6 oh clock ish.
No. 59797 ID: d5dec8

6 on what clock?
No. 59798 ID: fa9f7e

I suppose we'll know when he comes back.
No. 59806 ID: d5dec8
File 134628353107.png - (222.74KB , 2429x1404 , Pax Americana Map Updated.png )

Map Update
No. 59807 ID: 716c62

Awesome map, anon. Thanks.
No. 59808 ID: 723398

Just woke up sup guys
No. 59812 ID: d5dec8

Should have full summary here
No. 59813 ID: 96ae9c

Sorry BOS, I didn't know you had already posted the execution of Khul when I asked for us to send him over to Samson. No need to retcon.

Overall, our exchange with Samson still has me worried. If you believe what he says, he won't target us directly. Therefore, we should take measures to establish a more thorough police force and even a intelligence agency. We can't afford to have spies and saboteurs mucking around in our territory.

I'd also like to suggest we check out Vault 57. Alhambra's ancestors might have left stuff behind we could use, like a fission reactor, advanced electronics, and other hard to find goodies. At the very least, we could use it as a new bunker.
No. 59815 ID: d5dec8

Seriously what 6:00 did he mean?
No. 59820 ID: 723398

No. 59852 ID: 98a065

Note to self, clarify time zones better.

I meant 6:00 Pm that day but life thought differently. Ess schedule conflict, more stuffI didn't plan on happening.

Good news Is I have all day free.

Apologies to anyone who had been waiting for this and wasted even a second of their time on my quest thread.

I'm here now and will be until mid night, central time.

lemme read through the thread.
No. 59853 ID: 716c62

That's alright.
Now, we can get down to business.
We need to form an intelligence agency to counteract Samson's spies, as well as to coordinate our recon and intelligence assets.
No. 59854 ID: 98a065

visiting vault 57 shouldn't be a problem, and as I always say map-anon, cool map I love those things!

Okay samson wants to know what the official stance on mutants, from ghouls and supermutants, down to tribals and civilised folk with odd defects is.

As far as thePax Americana is concerned they're american citezens with all the rights and responsibilities of american citezens. This is applied in practice on intllipumas and the members of Squirrel Force Recon but is a subject of fierce debate in the senate.

How would you like to respond to samsons first question?
No. 59855 ID: 716c62

Intellipumas and Squirrels fall under the category of Non-Human Intelligence, but there's no need for Samson to know about those for now.
No. 59856 ID: 98a065

heh, good answer, if no one dissents that in the next 154 or so minutes we'll use that.
No. 59857 ID: 98a065

15 minutes...I meant the next 15 minutes...
No. 59858 ID: 723398

Holy fuck finally here you are.
No. 59859 ID: 723398

yup agreed response
No. 59860 ID: 723398

For the record though. What are our policy to Non-human sentinents?
No. 59861 ID: 98a065

Sorry bro Real Life happened, but you want Fallout Quest, not my RL baggage.

anyway you haven't decided on what your stance is concerning non human intelligence, so it's being debated in the senate.
No. 59862 ID: 716c62
File 134633468075.jpg - (56.22KB , 640x557 , 1346119299726.jpg )

So, how idealistic is the American Union?
Our aim to spread our creed to the entirety of the old United States of America is going to bump up against a lot of nations that have sprung up in the ashes.
Do we accept that we will not be able to beat them into submission (until Project Megalith is completed and our Doom Ray is ready), or do we basically act like Jackson?

I think it better to take a pragmatic approach.
We're not so idealistic as to stop our expansion, but we're pragmatic enough to not pick fights unnecessarily.
No. 59863 ID: 98a065

that is fucking gold.

Uh anyway, so far our approach seems to be prehmatic idealism, in the wasteland drug use, prostituiton, alcohol and all manner of other vices exist so our banning of stuff like slavery and persecution of slavers and raiders ongeneral principal makes us pretty idealistic.

In short our policies are decided via consensus, so far your stance seems to be the popular one.
No. 59864 ID: 716c62

Yes, that's what I was getting at.
We won't invade city-states and nations that have laws and societies similar to ours, like the Mutant Nation and Alhambra, but we will not stop our expansion until we spread from sea to shining sea, and slaver and raider cities and nations will be on our hit-list.
No. 59865 ID: 96ae9c


Tell him we're of the same kindred. Our first priority is making this world a safer one for the American Union. This means eliminating slavers and other groups hostile towards our way of life. Our second priority is peacefully expand our borders. We're confidant that the American Union has something for everyone.
No. 59866 ID: 96ae9c


Our expansion policy

1. Neutralize hostile groups with as little bloodshed as possible.
2. Expand as our borders as peacefully as possible.
3. Respect our neighbors borders whenever possible.

We're not some two-bit marauder band. We can offer even prospering communities resources previously not available and protection unparalleled. We're pretty sure most people, given the chance, will join us willingly.
No. 59867 ID: 723398

And For all we know we might just convince him to join us. Let keep this idealistic reputation for now. IT will have it's uses
No. 59868 ID: 98a065

I just noticed that Map-Anon's map bears a mild resemblance to a pip-boy or holo-table. He/She is really good at this.

Okay This seems to be the consensus that I've seen in all the threads up to this one, and I can see no reason to deviate from that answer.
No. 59871 ID: 716c62

I'm really curious about Samson's origins.
He knows pre-War American history, and accurately at that.
No. 59873 ID: 723398

Okay i think Samson is way over his head. We have been giving him way too much freebees for the sake of a good relationship. I think if we are gonna go through with this next deal let charge him something.
No. 59874 ID: 723398


ALso lets ask him about it!
No. 59875 ID: 716c62

Oh yes. Knocking out a mutual threat is one thing; supplying radio broadcasting components is another. That's strictly business. He can pay for them just like he pays for the bullets we supply him with.
No. 59877 ID: 98a065

Now he never claimed he was asking for freeby radios. I think he made it clear he was asking if your people would be willing to trade radio technology. Think about it, the slavers were using black powder bombs and crossbows along with chainmail and leather armor. They clearly had to get radios from someone else. We may take radios for granted but they'd give any post war ogranization a massive bonus in combat against forces that don;t use radio communication. Also it could be a test to see whether or not you can manufacture "Cheap, Civilian radios."

Also I see no reason as to why you couldn't ask him about his background.
No. 59878 ID: 716c62

We can work out a reasonable licensing scheme for the technology, and we might have the old FCC radio protocols. If not, now is as good a time as any to revive them.
No. 59879 ID: 723398

Also those ham radios that can be easily produced.
We could build and teach them to use broadcast towers for an asurance of continued partnership with each other and some cash. Let's try to squeeze an alliance out of this guy.
No. 59881 ID: 98a065

AM and FM system, 0-50 for the AU 51-100 for the MN sounds sensible.

Okay, so you wanna just work up a few hgundred ham radios and sell those to him? Or modify the design so that they can't broadcast and interfere with radio ocmmunications?
No. 59883 ID: 723398

We still have those prewar military codes and frequencies right? If yes use those.
No. 59884 ID: 96ae9c


We shouldn't do this for free. We should get something concrete out of this deal, like more food and water.
No. 59885 ID: 716c62

I think the initial offer should be for a couple hundred regular radios that can only receive, and the components to build his own radio tower.
Samson wants to set up his own radio shows, right? So a radio tower would be better than a hundred small HAM radios that could muck up transmission.
No. 59886 ID: 716c62

This isn't for free.
This is an opportunity to either come up with a new recognized monetary unit, or to trade for raw materials that we need.
No. 59888 ID: 98a065

Hell, he never even said he waned you to destroy the artillery for free, you just decided not to ask for anything in return.

yeah Samson wants radio shows, so a tower and some basic receiving radios would be his wishlist.

Food and water are both viable payment options, what do you want in return for your radios and radio tower?
No. 59889 ID: 98a065

Good a time as any to develop coinage, bottle caps are still used just about everywhere.

Do you want to develop a mutually accepted currency unit between yourself and the mutant nation?
No. 59890 ID: 716c62

Yes. Though we both have high technology, our economic systems are still based very much on barter. This is our chance to bring back the American Dollar.
No. 59891 ID: 98a065

Okay great, you've been getting gold, silver, and copper in trade for various activities. Not much but enough to facilitate trade between yourself and the Mutant Nation. If you stepped up your economic incentives you could easily bring in enough of these materials to give you a steady supply of coins.

Mandaris has adopted the old Pyramid-with-an-eye from the american dollar as his personal symbol, what do you think should be on the new american dollar?
No. 59892 ID: 96ae9c


Food, water, and raw resources. Basically anything we need more of or can't produce in our own territory.


Yes, let's get some currency going. I suggest we keep our currencies separate units unless we want to make some sort of unified economy.
No. 59893 ID: 723398

Let's make it unified. It will be easier when if say they "join" us. Plus this share the wealth between us and the mutant nation so more diplomatic points
No. 59894 ID: 533c7a

indeed. we can have our symbol on one side and theirs on the other. will let our people trade together without having to worry about exchange rates.
No. 59895 ID: 716c62

Since this unit of money is supposed to be between the Mutant Nation and the American Union, we have the Mutant Nation's symbol on one side, and the American Union's on the other.
Ours can be a balanced scale, with the Brotherhood's gears and wreath on one side and arrows on the other. The scale will be surrounded by the 13 stars of the Enclave.
No. 59896 ID: 98a065

Food, water Misc resources (metal, chemicals, etc. etc...)

Okay what's the AUs symbol? So far the brotherhood and enclave personel have just used their own personal symbols and whatever was on the kit that was produced. (half your combat kit has the E and 13 stars, the other half has the gear and sword and wings.)
No. 59897 ID: 96ae9c


You have a point. Unified economy it is then.

I'd also like to suggest that we do some joint military training exercises with them. Nothing major, just enough that we can build more trust between our peoples.

Stuff we're doing;

1. Helping Samson with raiders.
2. Brokering economic alliance with Samson's people.

Stuff I'd like to
3. Begin joint training exercises with Samson's people.
4. Salvage what we can from Vault 57 and potentially turn it into a new settlement.
No. 59898 ID: 723398

So guys on long term i vote for a series of events to finally end to a union of our two nations and people's. If they won't agree at least very close allies
No. 59899 ID: 723398

i a series of choices
No. 59900 ID: 96ae9c


Let's make our symbol a retro combination of BoS and Enclave. Like substituting the stars for gears or the E for a sword.
No. 59901 ID: 716c62

I don't think we trust each other for that.
Samson is very, very intelligent. And while he doesn't appear to be power-hungry, he's very much aware of history. He's unlikely to trust us until he sees how we treat mutants and ghouls, and will want a leadership position in our government if we were to merge.

Also, Vault 57 technically still belongs to Alhambra. I don't think they'd like it if we simply took it without at least sharing its resources with them.
No. 59902 ID: 723398

Or Annexing they. Either way it would be an international incident
No. 59903 ID: 98a065

I kind of like keeping the Stars but throwing away the E, I'd think people would feel tainted being members of an organisation that tried to genocide a continent.

13 stars, for the 13 colonies, and sword.

That's my take anyway. This is all decided by consensus.

So we're developing an economic alliance with the MN, probably something similair to the euro that euro zone countries use.

and we can probably begin joint military training exercises with him before we take out the raider's artilery, turn it into a joint operation maybe.
No. 59904 ID: 723398

Yup pretty much
No. 59905 ID: 98a065

Notice how I said try to begin. Samson doesn't trust you completely but if you demand the joint exercises in exchange for your help he'll probably concede to that demand.


There's a lot of ways we can do this. Being a jerk is always a viable option. not a smart one but you can do it.
No. 59906 ID: 96ae9c


Then we go to Alhambra and offer to salvage it for them because they clearly lack the expertise. Since their ancestors lived there, we'll offer them a favorable cut of the pie.
No. 59907 ID: 98a065

oh, and you know for a fact that Alhambra raids vault 57 for supplies periodically. so yeah, taking it without their permission won't be well looked on.
No. 59908 ID: 723398

So bro im off to bed. See yah in a few hours
No. 59909 ID: 96ae9c


If he wants stuff from us, he's going to have to learn to work with us. Military and economic cooperation will aid both peoples. It doesn't have to start out big but it has to start.

Alhambra we will be more than amiable to a deal if we salvage Vault 57 with their permission. Like we get the advanced technology they can't use in exchange for making the Vault habitable for them.
No. 59910 ID: 98a065

Good night anon. See you in a few hours.
No. 59911 ID: d5dec8

Also, because I don't think we have many mutants, of many varieties in the Union, we could use the combined military exercises as a way to get troops to adjust to some of the more extreme mutants.
No. 59912 ID: 716c62

Demanding cooperation doesn't exactly sound like the basis for a cooperation of trust.

Also, Alhambra giving up the advanced technologies of Vault 57 doesn't sound like something they would do, since that's the equipment that they're lacking to further improve themselves. They want that General Atomics nuclear reactor since it's better than what they have, they just haven't been able to extract it.
Better to work out an agreement that's actually more realistic and doesn't assume that they'll accept whatever scraps we leave for them with gratitude.
No. 59913 ID: d5dec8

Weve gotten to stuff they couldn't get to, so im sure both sides would be willing to agree on a price.
No. 59914 ID: 98a065

Alright I haven't seen any star sword hate, so its assumed that the MN and AU will make use of a shared currency. The first coin of which will be valued at 5 bottlecaps worth of gold. One side will have the sword and stars and one side will have the MN's atom insignia. (A single atom with 3 orbiting electrons. or positrons or whatever...)

We've agreed to provide him wioth basic radios and the means and knowledge to construct his own radio tower.

For the sake of moving forward we'll table Military operations for the moment and bring it up later.

We want to ask Samson where he was educated, and we'll agree to take out that artillery for him as a show of good will, 'cause, seriously, fuck raiders man. they fucking suck.

Anything I've missed?
No. 59915 ID: 716c62

For right now, speaking with Samson, no.
We need to talk with the Lord Protector of Alhambra about a joint salvage operation of Vault 57, whether we're going to strip it or restore it to habitability, and how much it will cost for that salvage.
No. 59917 ID: 98a065

Always a possible future event. TAlly ho! to the post!
No. 59918 ID: 716c62

Okay, for taking out the Raider artillery:
We should be able to park our Howitzers within range, and with our advanced targeting, should be able to get in first strike capability.

Do we know how many Howitzers the Raiders have?
We may need to have our spec ops teams sabotage them at night. If we also shell them at night, we should be able to make it more difficult for the Raiders to accurately counterattack our artillery.
No. 59920 ID: 716c62

Never mind then, we've got robots to replace now.

1. Explore The Towers, Whispering Caves, GEN PLA, Screaming Ruins, Love's Nest

2. Contact Alhambra and work out a deal to salvage Vault 57 or make it habitable.
No. 59922 ID: 98a065

Okay you've got tribals who've found your secret capital, via means only they know (apparently I-Ching was heavily involved.) WHAT DO?!

Alright, I guess we're exploring the towers next.
No. 59923 ID: 716c62

Ask them what they saw in their vision, and let them join, I suppose. Though they have to know that once they enter, they can't talk about New Washington, and they'll be discouraged from leaving until we reveal New Washington.

Also, how did they get past our defenses?
No. 59925 ID: 98a065

you have no idea. there's no record of them on any of your monitoring equipment (you have the close areas around New Washington monitored by everything from cameras to sonar) though there does appear to be some tampering in the equipment, you can't tell if it was performed from inside NW or on the monitoring equipment itself.
No. 59926 ID: d5dec8

Well this is freaky, I suppose that because they found the capital, they won't be able to leave until we reveal it. Its a good chance to get some different cultures, I suppose. Or maybe they know more about the unexplored areas.
No. 59927 ID: 96ae9c


Do we have memory wipe technology? Even if we allow them to join, they'll compromise the location of New Washington. Either we wipe their memory or detain them.


You underestimate people's willingness to take sub par deals. As long as we offer them more than they usually get from salvage, they'll be happy. A "good-relations" gift like making the vault habitable will increase likelihood success greatly as well.

1. Begin to explore our surrounding. All areas we haven't checked out should be.
2. First, let's check out the Vault ourselves. Once we know what's there, we can decide whether salvaging it is even worth it. If it is, we contact Alhambra and ask them about a salvation operation. Since they lack the technology to do a good job of it, our people will be doing the work. We'll give them a decent cut of the profits (we're doing all the and they don't even know how). We'll even offer to make it habitable for them.

3. Ask Samson about joint military training for our people. Nothing big, just so our main forces get use to working with each other.
No. 59928 ID: 98a065

Ahahahahahahah. No. Alhambra will settle for nothing less than the sweetest of the tech still contained in the vault, they may not know about the computers and how useful they were but they remember the plumbing, food machines, vault suit extruders, and all the other extremely practical tech. Do you think they'd settle for some guns or whatever they could get from that when they could have the wonders of the vault for themselves? These are traders not tribal rubes.

And if by mind wipe, you mean full erasure of a person's personality and memories so that you can bake a robo brain? then yeah you have heave mind wipe tech.

No MIB nueralizers here.
No. 59929 ID: d5dec8

Hmmm.... fresh group of robobrains...
Nah, that kinda goes against what we've been doing
No. 59930 ID: 716c62

Thanks for making NPC's intelligent and leaders actually be concerned about their national interests rather than rolling over for the players.

Anyway, we can let the tribals join up, but like everyone else in New Washington, they won't be able to move out until we know they won't talk, and even then, they'll be closely monitored.

Have our techs examine the surveillance equipment again.

We need an engineering survey team to check Vault 57 to see if it's even worth repairing, or if it would be more economical to strip it.
Also, if the machines can be repaired at all, and if there are any atomic reactors.
No. 59931 ID: adb6f1

I do not see why we should ask for permission or pay to re-purpose the vault. They left it and now it is free for grabs. So what that they raid it once in a while? If they really wanted to keep it, shouldn't have left it.
If you guys keep making stupid consessions like these, we will be known as a nation that is easily walked over.
They do not get to demand anything. We will give something if we feel generous but we do not have to. If someone throws away their shit, they do not get to make demands of someone that picks it up.
No. 59932 ID: 716c62

Just because they left it doesn't mean that it's no longer theirs.
They had to leave it because most of the systems were no longer working and they didn't have the technical expertise to repair them. Is it really a smart idea to stay in a Vault when the air recycling, lights, and water purification systems are all offline?
No, that's just stupid.
They did the sensible thing of finding a close by source of water and building a new settlement and returning to the vault for new parts and supplies as needed.

And as our recent invasion of the Colosseum showed to everyone in the region, we are a powerful military force that is not to be taken lightly.
However, we can't just go and knock over every single settlement we come to because 1. that goes against our professed ideals and doctrine, 2. the Mutant Nation which has a military force big and powerful enough to cripple us would not stand for it, and 3. there are other powers in the Wastes that actually have a tech level almost comparable to ours with an unknown industrial capacity.
No. 59934 ID: 98a065

Okay Last I checked We'd decided on letting the tribals in and keeping them coinfined to the city until we can trust them.

I take it we'll educate them and institute screenings for disloyalty or the inability "to keep your fat mouth shut"?
No. 59935 ID: 98a065

You're welcome FO is only fun when you have to deal with intelligent factions who honestly want the best for their people.

Of course sometimes "the best thing for their people" os your imminent death...
No. 59937 ID: 716c62

Also if Jove saw where the darkness fell, and if he can pinpoint in on a map.
No. 59938 ID: 98a065

Alright, should I begin the scouting mission by order of precedence or should I let you pick one and begin the scouting mission from that point?

The listof locations is the order of precedence.
No. 59939 ID: 96ae9c


I agree. You guys are attributing more intelligence to people than actually have. How the hell does Alhambra even know what is valuable and what isn't? They have no technical expertise for dealing with vault-tech. Sure, they have wondrous stories about the technology stored there, but those are still stories. Their ancestors could be venerating toasters for all we know.

There's a difference between having npcs who aren't stupid and having npcs that are all knowing. If Alhambra was so powerful, they'd control the region by now. However, if you wish to restore the vault for them and hand them technology they have no way to use, fine. It just won't be very profitable
No. 59941 ID: 98a065

......should I have used imprtance instead of precedence there? I probably should have. Oh well....
No. 59942 ID: 716c62

Scout them by precedence.
No. 59944 ID: 98a065

You know for afact that Alhambra has a camp of guards, around 5000 strong posted outside of vault 57, and that they hire local tech experts (like the nurds) and travellers to help them salvage stuff from it.

I would have included that when investigating the vvault but I'm posting this to head off any arguements.
No. 59946 ID: 716c62

So they did exactly what an intelligent leader would do when they have a Vault within their area of influence: set up security, guard it, and try to bring in experts to salvage things from it and understand it.
No. 59947 ID: 96ae9c


5000 strong? Are you really going to use that much heavy-handed railroading? I hope this isn't a new habit because if so I'm out.
No. 59948 ID: 716c62

We'll have to investigate the Towers and the Whispering Caves in-depth later.

Our next actions should be negotiating with Alhambra for a joint salvage/repair of Vault 57 and sending a military force to take Generalised Plastics from the raiders.
No. 59949 ID: 98a065

Thank you for pointing out the Typo anon that's supposed to say "500" strong, not 5000, last I checked alhambra had 10000 people it could field as combat troops.

anyway upon further examination of your databases it becomes obvious that some of the Nurd's used their tech skills to bypass your security systems in the haunted hills to grant safe passage to walking man jove and hhis followers.
No. 59950 ID: 716c62

I did not expect tribals to have tech skills that sophisticated.
Did the Nurds bring anything of interest when they came to us?
No. 59951 ID: 98a065

plenty, mobile terminals, the occasional stealth buy, electronic lock picks, normal lockpicks, a few laser weapns, and a small fission genarator, all of it appears to be vault issue.

I always planned on the Alhambrans knowing just what they're vault had inside and just not having the means or the resources to get it up and running again. If following my own design documents is railroading maybe I should stop designing my own quests. Or start putting info up front before arguements can start.... hum.

Look guys NPCs won't be all knowing but you can't expect them to make less than 100% of an effort when it comes to making use of resources that are a part of their background. Vault dwellers forced to leave the vault will, out of neccessity guard the vault, even if they don't live there anymore, expect that to be SOP for any civilization born from a vault.
No. 59952 ID: 716c62

>NPCs won't be all knowing but you can't expect them to make less than 100% of an effort when it comes to making use of resources that are a part of their background.
I wouldn't expect any less.

Now, about the GEN PLA raiders. They can make explosives; did our scouts see what other weapons they have?
Since it's going to be a fight inside a building, I think we're going to have to use powered armored troops.

Oh, that reminds me, were we able to salvage workable suits from the raiders we defeated during the Colosseum battle?
No. 59953 ID: 98a065

Yeah they were standard T45Ds registered to a military base in this area. you stripped out the crappy decorations and they're a part of the NP armory.

The GEN PLA raiders have explosives, grenades, RPG launchers and a hgand ful of energy weapons salvaged from robots, most of the rest of the stuff is standard raider trash.

Oh and as for the Nurds and their tech skills? Remember the Chosen One? (Last I checked, in canon the Chosen one was a She if anyone cares.) Remember how the chosen one could tag repair and science as skills? This is just a society that valued technological superiority over just about anything else. Not that unusual, probably descended from college students of some sort.
No. 59956 ID: 716c62

So in the case of the Nurds, tribal is just a description of their social structure, not their technical capability. They simply lacked access to the tools and resources to actually put their technical ability to use.

Okay. Have Squirrel Force Recon scout the edges of the GEN PLA complex. Send in Shadow Squad to get a better idea of the raider disposition and how they're arrayed. Sabotage weapons and ammo if possible, but their priority is to get in undetected and get out safely with recon data.

Then we can send in power armor forces to crush the raiders.
Do we have an approximate number?
No. 59957 ID: 716c62

If we stripped the Vault, could we replace the systems with ones produced at New Washington?
And the Nurds just brought us a fission reactor we could use as a new power plant.

Also, as a research project, can we research the Stealth Boys the Nurds brought with them, and attempt to create a version that won't cause psychosis, and perhaps make a version that the Squirrels could use?
No. 59958 ID: 98a065

You used Vertibirds to scout the area, heat signatures indicate roughly 2500 raiders, they have a junk wall around the complex and the inside of the building is probably gonna be pretty tight as far as manuvering goes. Lemme post up Squirrel Force Recon and Shadow Squad...
No. 59959 ID: 98a065

If you built stealth suits that could shield the person's brain from the damaging effect of an optical warp field, yeah no psychosis. With heavy research you could develop Stealth suits for squirrels but they'd be carrying half their body weight around, which is about what...standard combat kit weight these days?

The fission reactor the nNurds brought with them is tiny and you've been using these things all along your self. It's about the size of a fridge, weighs 500 pounds and can produce enough watts to power your average american home but not much else. Its primary advantage is that they come with a fuel source that lasts for 500 years.
No. 59960 ID: 716c62

2,500 Raiders?
That's a hell of a lot. And they were just under 10 miles from New Washington?

If there's that many, and we have to fight in enclosed quarters, we may need to deploy T-51b Power Armor troops.
At the least, T-45d with Plasma Weapons.
No. 59962 ID: 98a065

The faith had explosives hand something on the order of 10000-15000 troops. When you crushed them a lot of them escaped, expect the raider tribes and slavers to grow exponentially in the coming months.

okay T51B or T45D troops are doable, pick one. Remember you have vehicles, rough riders, scouts, and MBTs to back you up. I'll post Squirrel and Shadow recon in a moment.
No. 59963 ID: 716c62


Well, according to this report, for just the bare essentials for a soldier meant to fight immediately, we're looking at 63 pounds, or 35% of average body weight.

So we'd be rebuilding the Chinese Stealth Suit in essence, then, if we wanted to have stealth troops? For the mission profile of Squirrel Force Recon, it does seem that getting them Stealth Suits would go a long way towards mission survivability.
No. 59964 ID: 96ae9c

Vault 57;

Agree to remove whatever they want before we purchase. What we shouldn't do is point out anything that is useful or help them repair anything we remove for them. We want them to be dependent on us or have you all forgotten that.

PLA Complex;

What are chemical weapons capabilities? If these people are all caged up in a small area, it should be relatively easy to neutralize a good portion of them with gas. Since these guys are slavers, we don't really need to worry about civilian causalities.

Once that's done, we move in with powered armored shock infantry, which should be immune to all but their heavy weaponry.
No. 59965 ID: 716c62

T-45d with Plasma Weapons and other heavy advanced weapons, like rocket launchers and Gatling Lasers.
Backed up with a company of MBT's, APC's, and HummVees. Some Vertibirds to do air support while the fighting is still outside the facility.
Also bring up 4 of the heavy security bots and 10 military Mr. Handy's for when the fighting gets inside the facility.

Roughriders and Constantien (the AU-loyal intellipuma) to be an outer ring to prevent the escape of any raiders.
No. 59966 ID: 96ae9c


If they have slaves, we should only use knockout gas. Otherwise, nerve gas.

The Tribals;

We should see about recruiting Nurds into the American Union. They'd be much more useful than the other Tribals. Otherwise, we should have a word with on the consequences of tampering with American Union property.
No. 59967 ID: 98a065

Yeah, Chinese stealth suits basically, enclave style. so the wieght requirements for the thing would'nt be too onerous for an SFR member and he wouldn't be in danger of gouing nuts or getting shot quite so much.

As for the Alhambrans, rest assured that they don't care much aboutr the Vault's super computer, or its cameras for that matter. They just want the food, water, clothing, and reactor. If you move out all of those you can take up residence and restore the vault systems and turn it into the bunker, that'd be one large project. (27 small projects.)
No. 59968 ID: 716c62

Alhambra's deal is that we set up things for them. That means to get them working, which will involve doing some repairs.
We can argue for better concessions, but part of the deal is to fix things.

They can always just refuse.
They control the Vault, they're well off, they can afford to take their time and slowly get things working again by hiring other technologically skilled people. And if we refuse, they could still go to Samson for his technicians.
No. 59969 ID: 96ae9c


Would giving the reactor cancel out our current energy deal? I don't much point in them trading electricity with us if they have their own reactor. Do we even know the condition of their reactor? They could be endangering themselves if they keep it.

For the assault on the complex, I say we open up with gas and then a powered armored assault. Free the slaves and send the surviving slavers to the camps.
No. 59970 ID: 98a065

Nerve gas is an abominable weapon an you should feel terrabad for suggesting it in the context of use by a nation that is using old world ideals.

Tear gas and knock out gas are premisable though, and you have them ready for use in grenade launchers.

Okay T45Ds with plasma weapons and other goodies like that. Bombard the close in area with Tear/knockout gas, support with combat vehicles (humvees, MBTs and APCs) with the roughriders and Constantien as an outer ring to prevent escape.

I miss anything?
No. 59971 ID: 96ae9c


I don't. We should consider all our options when fighting raiders. The NPCs under our control would. How many of them do think would be willing to die if they knew nerve gas would save them?

Besides, the squirrels already stated these people had slaves. It would look bad if we killed them. Therefore, a knockout gas should be used.
No. 59972 ID: 98a065

You don't know the condition of the reactor, you do know that Alhambra produces, uses and sells antirad meds, you knwo they guard the vault and are slowly learning tech. their deal is that you fix things for them. You can't go around screwing people oyut of technical aid so that they can suck at your teat for all their technical needs, if they have even the slightest grasp of commercial expertise they'll buy self suffiency, if not from you than from someone else.

For all you know the reactor went critical irradiated the vault and they're just picking technical components out of it so their offer tosell it to you is like selling a man a diryt bridge.
No. 59973 ID: 716c62

Have a few Mr. Gutsy's as well, to handle things like disarming traps and being on point when our forces raid the buildings.

Also, what would the Stealth Suit and Squirrel Stealth Suit projects be? Small Project or Medium Project?
No. 59974 ID: 96ae9c


So you basically want us to either give them an extremely sweet deal (fix everything for them, we get the scraps) or no deal. No deal. I refuse to bargain with people who think they can shake us down for as you said "a dirty old fridge."

If they want to play the waiting game, we'll play. We'll win the end, what with more power, more people, and more territory.
No. 59975 ID: 96ae9c

Meanwhile, we should see about beefing up our Tribal civilians. Firstly, that will show Samson that we care about mutants. Secondly, they'll be the poster boys for tribes that are considering joining us. Thirdly, we need them to deal with Tribes that are infringing on our territory. We're clearly out of our depths if a small party can get past all our defenses. Having our Tribals deal with other Tribals will be good.
No. 59976 ID: 716c62

>I refuse to bargain with people who think they can shake us down for as you said "a dirty old fridge."
I find this funny since this is what you advocate doing to them.
No. 59977 ID: 716c62

That's what we're already doing with the client tribes we have under our control.
The Nurds, Dinis, and Dayglos only got through our defenses because the Nurds are a technically skilled but resource-poor tribe of engineers and scientists.
No. 59978 ID: 96ae9c


Yes. I'm self-interested so you can kiss my ass.

The difference here is that we're in a position of power and they aren't. We're the only ones in the immediate area who can help them (expertise, technology, resources). You mentions Samson or Tribals. I say bullshit. If that was the case, they would have had it done already. Hell, not too long ago these people were having trouble with raiders and coal power.

Anyway, I see helping them get a nuclear fission reactor up and going as in violation of our original trade agreement. Originally they wanted a fission reactor in exchange for food and water. We all agreed that'd be a mistake. They're doing it again, instead this timing they're trying to trade us some we don't need for something they desperately want. So, no deal.
No. 59979 ID: 96ae9c


What I'm saying is we want to push the non-compliant Tribes out economically. We want our people to be more numerous. We ant our people to be more successful. We want every non-compliant Tribal to either want to join us or gradually move away.
No. 59980 ID: adb6f1

Glad to see that there is someone amonv the players who refuses to be a doormat. You guys keep saying "how high?" everytime someone says "jump". I do not understand why you want to please Samson so much by giving shit ton freebies, and generally rolling over for more or less decent civs. That is not American way. America is ruthless and unforgiving and has always been like that.

Alhambras are offering to sell us an old rundown house for provided we go there and take everything useful about it, fix it, bring it to them, install it and then we need to rebuild that shit back, on top of all other stuff we need to repair and repurpose.
Frankly, they have nothing special to offer and it would be cheaper just to build a brand new bunker nearby.
No. 59981 ID: 98a065

Don't be rude self-interested-anon.

And for the record Samson uses black bowder and coal because they're plentiful in this region and uranium isn't. The master had the technicians required to utilize prewar tech and there's no reason samson doesn't. He just makes use of dependable, plentiful technology. He's already got loads of energy weapons and explosives stockpiled, he just prefers to use them when the situation warrants it. He's a super mutant for fuck's sake, half his army have physiques that make them the next best thing to power armor.

Stealth Suits and SFR Stealth suits are both Medium projects.

and yeah, you're fine on the defense front. Jove only got through with a healthy amount of wilderness experience and the Nurd's tech expertise.
No. 59982 ID: 716c62

And that's what we're already doing with the tribes under our control. We've already provided them with improved firearms, expanded defenses, and provided a safe trade environment with our other client tribes providing security along the trade routes.

Also, Samson wasn't even in this region until a few months before we emerged from New Washington, and he's been too busy consolidating his hold on Sanctuary City to provide technical expertise to Alhambra. But eventually that situation is going to change and we'll have to compete with Samson in providing technical services.
No. 59983 ID: 96ae9c


Agreed. I'd much rather build a new bunker than buy a half-assed one from a bunch shifty traders. Doesn't anyone realize that the only reason Alhambra is giving us food and water is because we're providing energy? We'd be letting our population starve if we gave them a fission reactor. Next to creating a clan of super intelligent pumas right on our doorstep, giving Alhambra a working fission would be our worst mistake.

I also take back what I said about working with Samson. The more you guys talk about him, the more powerful he gets. I don't suggest any economic or military alliance to foreseeable future. We're both expansionist powers so it wouldn't seem wise to tie each other down.
No. 59984 ID: 96ae9c


Can make our Tribals expand more or less in the general direction of the non-compliants? That way, they either attack us or move away.

Also, are we going to get the complex anytime soon? We need to secure it before Samson takes it. Powerful enough as it is.
No. 59985 ID: 98a065

Which fallout games did you play anyway? bethesda did the super mutants wrong. They did them WRONG. The only way to cause any lasting damage to a super mutant is to shoot them in the eyes and get lucky or to hit them with energy weapons, flamers, explosives, or Heavy weapons.

Also if you can't see anything wrong with using nerve gas wiki it, if you come back and tell me you still see nothing wrong with using nerve gas when you have Gunships, plasma weapons, and power armor something is wrong with you.

I'm a moralfaggot, I'm running the quest, many factions will actively seek to screw you over PRECISELY because people like you are going to try and screw them over. If you don't like that leave, if you can deal with it shut up with "amrican am ruthless we always have been lets be ruthless" because this is "ENCLAVE DONE RIGHT" Nnot "LYNCH THE MUTIE" I'm going to type up GEN PLA now.

I'd appreciate it if the discussion became a bit more polite while I was doing that.
No. 59986 ID: 98a065

Yes you can encourage your tribals to expand, you might wanna look into dealing with the Dayglos, Ching, Nurds, and Dinis who are still in their ancestral villages. Most people leave them alone but if you encourage expansion of your tribals they will piss people off and the less defended tribals will suffer for it.

Also the chaingangs are nothing more than sadistic punishment, which is fine I guess, degenerate slaving fucks being punished for being degenerate slaving fucks, there's not much in the way of manpower here, and what manpower there is is sullen and uncooperative. You'd be better off hiring tribals to do any of this work and turning the gangers into robo brains or executing them or something.
No. 59987 ID: 96ae9c


You call yourself a moralfaggot? You let half the raiders from Colosseum be put the death. The other half are slowly be worked to death. That sounds a lot like the Nazis to me.

So let me get this straight. Samson is your GMPC who's super intelligent, super strong, super tough, and has almost everything he needs. In addition to this, he's a moral crusader. If you can't see why I and several others have a problem with him, then you're delusional. Hint; it's not because he's a mutant.

No, there's nothing wrong with using nerve gas as a weapon. Certainly not compared to vast area of other death machines we have. I suppose anyone who's suffered a plasma shot is enjoying the burned flesh and agony. Or getting mauled by one of our giant animals. Everyone loves that. A famous man once said War is Cruelty; the crueler it is, the quicker it is over.

So obviously, you're happy to have a single yes-man for your crowd and hope no one notices the array of inconsistencies your story has so far. Let's hope no one notices them. That would be rude.
No. 59988 ID: 716c62

Now that we've taken Generalised Plastics, I've got two questions:
1. Can the factory be repaired by us at all?
2. Do we need to defend the factory and use it as chemical storage, or can we move the chemicals back to New Boston?
No. 59989 ID: 98a065

What I'm doing anon is using fallout canon in my favor and applying simple honest morality and not using the apocolypse as an excuse to be a dick. If you don't like it leave instead of hurling insults. there are dozens of quests on /tg/ that appeal to your tastes. go, stay, I don't care. I'm not going to respond to you or take you seriously any more unless you act civilly.

You're self interested. Fine.

I could spend all day explaining myself to you. Instead I'll act like the authoritrarian dictator you seem to want.

I'm the GM. Kiss my ass. Play by my rules or don't you little premadonna. Run your thread and be more popular than me. Go log onto /tg/ and call me an enormous faggot while I'm banned. In the meantim eI'll wait for the rest of my players to wake up, log on.

and we'll continue without you. Please have a nice day. But do it somewhere else.
No. 59990 ID: 716c62

About the Stealth Suits and SFR Stealth Suits: is the SFR version dependent on completing the regular Stealth Suit first? Or could we do the SFR version first, then research the regular version later?

Also, with the chemicals from Generalised Plastics, what do our resource situation look like?
No. 59991 ID: 98a065

You can haul the chemicals back to New Boston and then use the subway system to bring them back to New washington.

You could feasibly repair the factory but not by using any of the machines there, the only thing that made it valuable were the rare petroleum based chemicals that its got in large holding tanks. You can pump those into barrels and load those onto trucks or you can defend the facility. It's your choice really. You could turn it into another outpost or just loot it.

It had 500 raiders in it before you invade dthe colliseum, then 2000 refugees came down from the colliseum and joined up with them. You've probably given the smaller raider and slaver clans of the regions more recruits by crushing the colliseum.
No. 59992 ID: 98a065

Basically all a stealth suit is, is a suit, with a stealthboy integrated into it. the nurds had some stealthbuys so you can develop SFR suits suits first if you like.

Chemicals bring situation up to 15 small projects. hich is 3 medium projects.
No. 59993 ID: 716c62

Speaking of petroleum, can our scientists produce a synthetic substitute?
I know that we can do it IRL, just that it requires lots of biomass and energy to do.

Right now, I'd push to simply loot the GenPla factory, and close it up and send patrols around a couple times a week just to make sure no one is squatting in it. It might be useful as a chemical processing factory in the future, but not right now.
And get started on the SFR Stealth Suit project.
No. 59994 ID: 98a065

yeah we have synthetic petroleum, its ho we make plastics, we just spend so much time and energy producg the stuff. that it restricts our ablity to produce the really cool stuff. Oh hey, we have one large projects worth of resources...

Anyway yeah, we can totally develop the SFR stealth uit. I'll wait 1 minutes and then I'll post that up. Feel free to post any questions in the meantime.
No. 59996 ID: 716c62

Okay, so if we get enough resources to do 1 medium project, we'll be up to the level of doing 1 large project.
Would this large project be producing a better synthetic petroleum process?
No. 59997 ID: 98a065

yeah 3 medium projects= 1 large project...

anyway. yeah I see no reason why 1 large project couldn't be a better synthetic petroluem production process. It would certainly cut down on the infrastructure bottleneck.
No. 59998 ID: 716c62

Oh, would the materials found in the Screaming Ruins contribute to our Resources?
Like, breaking down the buildings for steel and other materials?

And about the Towers, were there any helipads at the top of the towers, or any way in at the top?
If not, would a laser be able to cut an opening into the Towers? I'd rather not break anything if we can avoid it, though.
No. 59999 ID: 98a065

There were helipads on top, and probably hidden ground level openings. Presumably there are underground facilities that you can tunnel into and there's alsways lasers for the walls. so yeah, you can find a way in, but helipads are probably your best bet.

Breaking down Screaming Ruins buildings is probably your best bet for quick and dirty resources. No reason you can't send in a group of people to break down ruined buildings and turn them into resources.

I always planned to point out that chaingangs don't work, apparently I'll have to be more clear about stuff like that in the future. Unless someone speaks up we'll either execute the slavers and raiders or turn them over to samson to deal with. Who will just execute them himself. The wasteland doesn't have the resources for a large population of prisoners unless you're a slaver. In which case 75% of your infrastructure is devoted to feeding the slave so they can work for you. Whatever, Guss I'll hgave to be less subtle about a lot of things.
No. 60001 ID: 98a065

So are we gonna work on the SFR stealth suits, or are we gonna increase our industrial cpaacity so we can make more synthetic petroleum?
No. 60002 ID: 73cb4a

As much as I'd like the SFR stealth suits, increasing our industrial capacity right now seems more important.
So start work on the improved synthetic petroleum while sending workers to break down the Screaming Ruins. We'll use the resources from that to develop the SFR stealth suits.
No. 60003 ID: 5574a3

Yeah, I thought the chain gangs might have made some progress, because aside from the explosive collars I didn't see them as any different from the chaingangs that America had in certain states.
If our attempts at rehabilitation are no good, then we'll have to execute them.
At least the bodies can be recycled into synthetic petroleum.

I also suppose we should no longer take prisoners if we're only going to execute them afterwards.
No. 60004 ID: 98a065

Dude I'm in lousiana we used chaingangs. Only thing it did was make prison wardens and their backers money on slave labor. But yeah, executing raiders is the only sensible option, same thing with slavers.

If you get into a war with I dunno Samson (Not my GMPC by the way, I don't see the point in emotionally investing myself in a character that may have to die.) you may want to take his soldiers prisoner. Or fuck I dunno the NCR might invade. In short kill psychotics. But take civilised folk prisoner.
No. 60005 ID: 9974c0

Putting up a "Kill all Raiders and Slavers" is a big policy decision. Can we have the Senate and the Elders weigh in on this as well?
Basically I want support for this change in policy to be supported from the top, all the way down to Private Suluk, tribal recruit in the AU Armed Forces.
No. 60006 ID: 98a065

Alright I'll draft a little speech from I dunno, Elder Jhonen to the effect of "chaingangs don't work, and we don't hav ethe resources for a prison." that sound good?

I just raised the issue of the NCR because honestly, how many civilizations in the fallout universe can you name that aren't shitholes ruled by psychotic assholes? They're the only ones that popped into my head.
No. 60007 ID: 22fed1

Something along the lines of 'a person must want redemption for rehabilitation to work' and that they obviously don't want rehabilitation. That we can help those that wish it, but they reject our proffered hand, and so our only remaining choice is to make sure they cannot harm anyone else again.
No. 60008 ID: 22fed1

There's something fishy about those ruins. Maybe we should check the area over with thermal scans. Maybe bring Constantien and the Roughriders to see if they can smell anything weird.
No. 60009 ID: 98a065

yes there is something fishy about those ruins. Okay we can do an infrared and thermographic sweep of the ruins with vertibirds. We can also We can also bring in the Rough Riders and Constantien. Oh, and Catherine, the female Intellipuma. To search for scents.

Oh yeah. The mining bots are done with the New Washington to Fort Endurance tunnel.
No. 60010 ID: 716c62

Maybe a tunnel from New Washington to New Philadelphia, so that we can covertly supply it with more power.

We need an atomic reactor or something that can provide NP with more electricity to power a more robust water purifier, and to be able to expand our farms so we're not dependent on Alhambra.
No. 60012 ID: 98a065

Okay I have to turn in early. See you guys toorrow
No. 60024 ID: d5dec8
File 134638223592.png - (270.27KB , 2429x1404 , Pax Americana Map Updated.png )

Mapanon back!


Well crap. Oh well, read through. No major disagreements [except nerve gas], We should ask Alhambra to allow us to study and copy the vault technology before we give it all to them, so we can replicate some, if not all, of the technology. Death sentence seems alright I suppose, I feel sad for the few slavers that slave because they were raised to, and its the only way the know to survive, but Ill live. Have a map update. Also, what ended up happening to the Priestess of the Faith?
No. 60026 ID: 723398

WE Haven't gotten much info on finn and slave priestess since the Colosseum invasion.
Also since i just got here. What with this nerve gas?
No. 60028 ID: d5dec8

Someone suggested using nerve gas to clear out the GEN PLA building. A few were for gassing the whole building, most were vehemently opposed. Smoke and tear gas were used in the attack instead. Nerve gas IS a horrible way to go, no matter what type you end up using, but carefully controlled usage of the gas here [perhaps rigging a flamethrower to fire nerve gas instead of flames, for a more controlled application, could fire into room/ person face without needing to wait as long for dissapation, but could use fire the same way] would've been acceptable, albeit cruel.
No. 60029 ID: 723398

I would i find it interesting we finally got this point. It felt weird that we were all agreeing on one decision all the time
No. 60030 ID: d5dec8

Yeah, rouge anon came in with a harsher side to things, I'm thinking were going to have a few more people willing to look a bit deeper and be a bit more critical than before. Always good, as long as they can stay polite.
No. 60045 ID: 716c62

Also, there's the problem of contamination.
Nerve is a bitch to clean up, and even if your suit is environmentally sealed, you still need to be scrubbed down and go through a whole decontamination process. And everything at GENPLA would have been covered in the stuff and we'd have to wait at least a few weeks to months for the nerve gas to break down if we don't want to spend the resources to clean everything so that they could be handled.
No. 60046 ID: 98a065

As ever, cool map bro!

I have no problems with disagreements, I do have problems when a self important player gets pissed that my world isn't arranged to his likeing and has a tantrum all over the thread. He wanted to use chaingangs as slave labor.

When we were opposed to slave labor. Apparently I'll have to start going all D&D on this "YOU HAVE USED SLAVE LABOR AND BETRAYED YOUR PROFESSED IDEALS. YOU CANNOT FOLLOW THE US CONSTITUITION UNTIL YOU GET AN ATONEMENT SPELL!" never mind the economics involved in providing food for a large prison population, or the morality in forcing prisoners to work in dangerous conditions...

Whatever I'm on the dge of my own tantrum. Feel free to disagree, if you have a specific plan consult me on my twitter page or in the thread and I'll tell you whether or not it will work. Just show some ocurtesy for eff's sake.

Okay I woke up and can't go back to sleep, at least it isn't midnight, now we have an important decision to make. Do we stay or do we go?

What's the vote kids?
No. 60047 ID: 98a065

/tg/ vs tgchan, what's it gonna be?
No. 60049 ID: 716c62

Being on tgchan has been an interesting experience, but I'd rather go back to 4chan.
No. 60050 ID: 98a065

You named the SFR right...?

Okay one vote for TG.
No. 60057 ID: d161ba

/tg/ has bigger playerbase. Plus, I really don't like that we are playing the game in two threads. Better keep it in one. The way you set it up right now on tgchan will make it a bitch for the latercomer to read, since a lot of relevant info for the main thread is in discussion thread.
Also, I like to read from suptgarchive thread by thread if I missed the thread.
No. 60060 ID: 98a065

Good points anon, one more vote for /tg/ unless I get some pertinent reasosn to stay our next thread will be on /tg/ tommorrow.

No offence tgchan. you're a cool place but I don't think our method of play suits your set up.
No. 60062 ID: 716c62

Are we going to get through anything today?
If the next session is tomorrow, around what time, CST?
No. 60063 ID: 723398

Yeah what he said
No. 60064 ID: 716c62

Long-term plans: continued expansion to the east and north. South is Communicorp, and from their description that Samson gave, Jove's vision, and their apparent level of technology, we're going to have trouble with them, and a big fight on our hands.

Also, since we have the Alien Power Source, do we want to build up for a Massive Project (creating Stonehenge or Liberty Prime), or concentrate on Medium and Large Projects to bolster our conventional forces?
Or perhaps try to put together a Satellite Communications Relay and try to get control of a weapons satellite?
No. 60065 ID: d5dec8

Tgchan has its charm, but it'd be nice to be back on 4chan
No. 60067 ID: 98a065

I'll syat our next quest Noon CST on /tg/ tommorrow, if anything comes up that'll stop that you'll hear about it on my twitter. I'm gonna go apologize to TGchan for finishing our tenure here earlier and tell them how cool they've been.

as four your ideas SFR-Anon, all are possible and we'll wiegh them when our next quest on/tg/ comes up. stone henge, or a liberty prime lookalike are both possibilities, and both are massive projects (81 small projects)
No. 60070 ID: 716c62

Thanks for the heads-up, BoS.

So, advantages of Stonehenge:
Can be defended behind layers of defenses.
Based upon proven gauss technology.
Provides anti-satellite capability if necessary.
Technology can be used for an orbital mass driver.

Advantages of Freedom Maximus:
Mobile and pinpoint destruction.
Can target things that artillery cannot reach.
No. 60077 ID: 98a065

oh fuck it... I'm banned for 3 days... The quest is on hiatus until then.

Guess I'll find something to do.
No. 60079 ID: d5dec8

Having some more morally grey options would be a good idea, maybe spend free time thinking of some of those?
No. 60080 ID: 73cb4a

Banned again?
Do you share a connection with other people?
No. 60084 ID: 98a065

My system caches user names, and it decides which ones to keep and which ones to toss upon shutdown seemingly at random. in this case, one night while drunk on fatigue I got curious and decided to post as #opisafaggot just to see what would happen.


My system cached this dumbass tripcode that some hitlermod permabanned for shits and giggles. I was apologizing to someone for rustling their jimmies, and to be fair I was being a jerk, the sight malfuncytioned I reloaded and I forgot to ditch #opisafaggot and replace it with something that isn't permabanned. sadly this is all my fault. In the mean time I'll check in a few times a day to answer questions and discuss shit.

Okay we need more morally grey options. What do you define as morally grey? I felt killing the raiders and slavers was more morally just than using them as slave labor.

what do you think? morality is subjective.

Lets come up with some scenarios and I'll base morally grey encounters on those.
No. 60085 ID: ae8e16

Tribals living atop a military base/Vault and absolutely refuse to leave, and the culture means they don't want anything we could trade to them is a good old standby, cliche as it is.
Another is a war criminal that has with them some new and incredibly powerful technology; though our history shows that almost always we'll provide asylum.
Maybe the Coke Squirrels deman to be recognized as their own nation?
No. 60086 ID: d5dec8

Less clean-cut decisions, seems like most of the decisions have been pretty clear for good vs bad. I can't really think of anything that would fit well, perhaps something like a city with extremely high demands for peace, or that while still civilized, have values that contradict Pax Americana and our beliefs? I dunno, I guess some groups that aren't Raiders/Slavers, but don't really fit into the new america. Rambling off random ideas here, hope other people can think of more.
No. 60087 ID: 98a065
File 134644915452.jpg - (98.87KB , 585x780 , 1341645474521.jpg )

See? It's not easy being [spolier]grey[/spoiler].

As for the tribals, we'd probably just invade in the night, with power armor and vertibirds, offload them to a new location and give them resources to settle. LEast that's the vibe I get from our players.

Tch, Tch, Tch, Tch.... Wanna includ a vault where everyone needs a license for...everything, the guy who would take us to it got kicked out for forging goldfish care, breeding, and possesion licenses. MiteBeCool if we're given the choice of putting up with a 5+ years worth of paperwork to do anything with them or to just depose the leadership and put in a less paperwork crazy society.
No. 60089 ID: d5dec8

That sounds like a pretty sweet idea, not actually doing stuff wrong. Props for actually being able to think of all the stuff a civ game needs.
No. 60090 ID: 98a065

Thanks, it pleases me to hear that someone appreciates how tough this can be. I went into my first civ thread thinking "this will be easy!" by the third one I was like "fuck, no wonder sierra and all those dudes just stuck to empire management. Story hooks are tough."

Okay deposing paperwork fetishists is in.

I'm also thinking of having you encounter several vaults, paperwork vault being one. Several others, some inhabited, some infested with raiders or monsters.

We have a missionary movement doing stuff, so I'll include the occasional RP interlude with them...

and yeah looking over the vault-tech in vault 57, even if you just examine the machine would be useful. Vault-Tek had some sweet stuff.

Been thinking of having some sentient super computers from <plot hook preserved for surprise> and I'm not quite certain what benefits they would bring to the table gameplay wise.
No. 60091 ID: d5dec8

Toughie, it'll be cool to have AI in though. Maybe make research projects cheaper? Or boost combat robot effectiveness with better programming?
No. 60092 ID: 98a065

I like the second one, something to do with machines, robots, and computers...

I figure there was a hippy commune and other bohemians in the past, the ching us the I-Ching, an ancient chinese divination ritual, they're descended from chinese americans and hippies, the 'dinis are stage magicians and perfomers descendents, the Dayglo are hippies with a passion for bright clothing the nurds are well... nerds.

Uncertain if I should include androids or not. I kind of wnat a vault designed to test human and robot cooperative possiblities and from that we could recruit androids.
No. 60094 ID: 716c62

Could be a RobCo factory operated by a ZAX AI that went rampant. Of course, there would have to be a reason for the AI and androids to want to join up with the American Union, instead of staying isolated in their own community.
No. 60095 ID: d5dec8

Story I read had a vault that was pretty much dedicated to research and advancing technology, by time hero got to it they had androids and cybernetic implants for everybody. Could do a vault like that. They'd probably be pretty damn well off too, with all that brainpower.
No. 60096 ID: 98a065

Both are good possibilities. Also I'm going to include special characters who can up various types of research you have going if you fufill quests for them.

and from the looks of things an AU/MN alliance or full on merger isn't far off, just have to arrange a pro-mutant event.

Hrrr, maybe have some commonwealth exiles as the badguys... I'm gonna have several factions for the badguys to attack you with. The American legion has already been mention, and rest assured the higher ups iwll have their own stone henge Mega-Oppressor robot plans.

Freedom Maximus has to have a heroically stoic face, he has to look like he's constantly contemplating the burden of protecting FREEDOM from the scum of the world. yeeesss.

everyone seems to like the intellipumas and squirrels but I think I should keep the number of uplifted animals lowish.

how do you guys feel about cyber dogs and robo vbrains? you have the capacity to make 'em, no one seems to have brought it up.
No. 60097 ID: 716c62

I forgot that cyber-dogs are a part of the background and should be something the Enclave would have.
As for the robo-brains, we could have used raiders and slavers for that, but with the big thing about making a kill-on-sight order for them an AUAF policy, I don't suppose that works too well.
Maybe open it up as a route for the elderly and the terminally ill? Like, instead of death, you can join the Robo Legion, a branch of the AU Armed Forces that's composed of robo-brain warbots and vehicles.
No. 60098 ID: 98a065

I guess we have K-9 units now.

Probably best to bring up the robobraoin issue in the next thread and let the players discuss that way they can figure out how stark they want to be. could always decide to bring in Raiders and slavers, remove their brains and use 'em for organic processors.
Maybe I'll include a reporter as a recurring charcter...you are the guy him? use him as a veiw point for battles? writing the Battle of the Colliseum from a reporters viewpoint could be real cool.
No. 60099 ID: d5dec8
File 134645453246.jpg - (31.85KB , 314x475 , GWhistory.jpg )

Interesting idea for the robobrains, volunteer brains.

Definitely should keep uplifted animals low, but cyberdogs, I dunno, don't seem like they would be very useful. Maybe use the same tech to keep injured worgs battle-ready, but the normal cyberdogs seem kinda useless here. Maybe for sniffers sure.
Pic related, the face of Freedom Maximus!
No. 60100 ID: d5dec8

A recurring reporter would probably do awesome as a battle viewpoint. not too sure about using him a s a YOU ARE THE GUY person, maybe for important people interviews.
No. 60101 ID: 716c62

Cyberdogs might be useful as part of civilian police patrols.
Not too useful in the military when we have Worgs that pull double-duty as sniffers, guard dogs, and mounts; but they could be useful to regular police.
No. 60102 ID: d5dec8

Yeah, that works
No. 60103 ID: 98a065
File 134645633865.jpg - (456.76KB , 720x960 , LibertyPrimeCA10.jpg )

No no, not a human face, a semi-human face like the one way down left in the corner, see how sad and stoic he is? Perfect hero material."ONLY A METAL SHELL STANDS BETWEEN FREEDOM AND TOTAL DESTRUCTION."

Cyberworgs? Oh hell yeah.

Reporter will probably be featured in one or to IWBTGs...mostly I'll post some of his radio monologues. We need a newspaper name.

well we've got the slaver den of vie, maybe we should encounter a new reno/new vegas?

I know one of communicoprs proxies are the American Legion, now I just need a classical civilization to base a creasers legion type set up on. Egyption maybe?
No. 60104 ID: d5dec8

Egypt would be a pretty rockin' legion idea. Maybe something a bit more European, like the Celtics? A New Vegas would be an interesting challenge as well
No. 60105 ID: 716c62

Freedom Maximus:
No. 60107 ID: 98a065

Lets see these guys are building on pop culture and history celts had.

Blue face paint, druids, uhm, thats all that comes to mind, feel freee to expand on it anon, no reason they can't be another faction.

Eqyptions had the pharoah, god on earth, scribes, temples with history written on the wall, usually before it happened, animal headed gods... lots of fodder in both corners for cool foes.
No. 60108 ID: d5dec8

The celts were headhunters, preferred big hacking swords, fought similar to wild boars [could use some form of giant mutated hog mount], and apparently openly gay.
No. 60109 ID: 98a065
File 134645890787.png - (6.94KB , 210x230 , 1346443277943.png )

Freedomtacular! awesome stuff.

Hrrmm have the egyptions led by a Cleopatra wanna be, operate out of a glass pyramid and use a combination of archiac stuff like swords and crossbows and more modern stuff like grenades and energy weapons have "wizards" that use energy weapons and stuff like tesla armor. Maybe install some mildly advanced tech in obelisks like CCTV and machinegun turrets, egpyt thenmed security robots and the wizards can wear T45Ds modified with animal head turrets.

I don't know much about celts but there's absolutely no reason they can't be influded. Maybe druids who utilized mutated animals and plants as weapons?
No. 60110 ID: 98a065

THAT has ALL kinds of potential. Head hunters, so they're obsessed with collecting heads, have a fondness for hacking weapons, rippers and such. Give 'em mutated pigs with huge tusks as mounts, have 'em grow poisonus plants and utilized stuff like acidic spore cloud producing fungi as mines... Oh yeah, no tech here, just lots of viet cong'd mutated wild life.
No. 60111 ID: d5dec8

GOOD GOD power armor with animal heads? Thats gonna be a must-have.
No. 60112 ID: 98a065

hell yeah! Animal head helmets with night vision and other cool stuff for thw warrior/priest/wizard dudes who use the laser guns and what not.
No. 60113 ID: 716c62

Thanks. I was going for the 'stoic defender of Freedom, Justice, and the American Way' rather than the rabid anti-Communist 'better dead than Red' vibe from Liberty Prime.
No. 60114 ID: 98a065

Well you did a great job of it. I thiink Freedom Maximus should embody the ideal of the meleancholy defender, prepared to fight for truth, justice, and the american way till the bitter end. That's my head canon anyway, share your own if you think it's superior!

Okay we gfot Viet Cong through the lense of celt culture iwth weaponised mutant animals and plants and fungi. They got rippers and other advanced melee weapons, presumably guns too.

And we got Psuedo Egyptians who have an arcology, footsoldiers with basic stuff like swords and crossbows, higher ups with combat armor and firearms and finally elite troops with energy weapons and animal head power armor. oh and they're led by "Cleopatra"

Methinks we should have the option to subvert and subborn these people.
No. 60115 ID: d5dec8

Sounds like a nice bunch! Also, subborn?
No. 60116 ID: 98a065

Derivitive of the word "Subordinate" basically means to make somone subordinate to you. My ma's an english teacher amusingly enough.

as for cummunicorp...? not talking about them.

Hrmm, Maybe I'll have a masked freedom fighter who's actually one person in a long line of freedom fighters. "Beneath this mask lies not a man but an Idea. You can't counter Ideaology with bullets. Stab me, shoot me, blow me up. I'll just keep coming. Ideas are immortal." they fight a long battle against the faith and anyone else who would tread n the common man.

Hrmm, maybe we should develop an augmentation program? would be a large project but making sure elite troops have cybernetic augmentations would probably increase our combat effectiveness.

Okay we have a radio program and we have readio plays...now just what do we play on the radio?
No. 60117 ID: d5dec8

Good ol' patriotic songs, like the enclave did. And probably some folk music from the tribes we've absorbed.
Nice V for Vendetta reference.
The augmentation program would be a good idea, if we can get the enclave half to be alright with it.
No. 60118 ID: 98a065

I figure there's war wounded so you can use stuff like prosthetic limbs and eye to get people who're leery of it to mutter about it behind closed doors instead of openly opposing it.

You can upgrade your spec ops squads so they're better at their jobs once augmenting is semi-acceptable. The brotherhood doesn't give a fuck about augments though. I figure a good 1/4th or so of the brotherhood's soldiers have small augments of somesort present in their systems.

I think we'll call our freedom fighter "The Minuteman" give him an old revolutionary army uniform for a costume, a theater mask of guy fawkes, a plasma pistol, and a sword. probably at least 2 bandoleers of grenades at any given time.
No. 60120 ID: d5dec8

Sounds like a very good hero. I'm gonna turn in for now. Helping out with a fair all day tomorrow, laater!
No. 60121 ID: 98a065

and a tricorn hat...yeeesss.

oh! good night anon.
No. 60122 ID: 716c62

We have the tech for brain-bots; can we put them in any kind of heavier robot chassis, such as that of a heavy security bot?
I like the idea of a Mechano Legion or Robo Corps, for the terminally ill, the old, and the critically injured to serve America even in death.
No. 60156 ID: 98a065

Oh god. dreadnaughts.

Well there's nothing I can say that would make this unpossible so yeah we could do that.

Might wanna be careful about who you choose, Go youtube the robocop 2 and the poorly done knockoffs OmniConsumerProducts tried to make of Officer Murphy
No. 60185 ID: 60fee2

I would suggest only trusted veteran volunteers who know about all of the advantages and disadvantageous as well as the existence of any fail safes(without telling them what they are of course be used for any Robo Corps. Make the chassis something extremely durable, powerful, and inspiring.
No. 60451 ID: d5dec8

Haven't heard anything in awhile. Anyone know whats up?
would make sense if brain-bots kept the human intelligence, but I am pretty sure they wipe the brain and just use it as the computer. So it could totally be used for the sick and elderly, as long as their brains haven't degraded too far.
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