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File 136335557145.png - (114.11KB , 600x500 , dis.png )
69072 No. 69072 ID: 2de44c

I'd really like to hear any of y'all's opinions on how I'm doin' so far! ; u ; Any comments/suggestions/criticisms about art would be appreciated, along with stuff about the story! I wanna know what y'all think about it and maybe theories about whass gonna happen ouo

but yeah put some words here friends
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No. 69073 ID: 6f8d67

I'm really enjoying your quest!
keep up the good work!
No. 69074 ID: 2de44c

ahhhh golly gee thank!!! c:
No. 69164 ID: b53faa
File 136356121853.gif - (13.07KB , 65x65 , teraNospis.gif )

I did the thing
it took me forever
but the thing is did
No. 69165 ID: b53faa

oh also i animated it as an apology for how detestably late it was, haha
No. 69172 ID: 2de44c


holy toledo! ; u ; thank you so so much, friend! it's really really nice ahhhh golly goodness
No. 69180 ID: 6c1738

Woah whaaaaaat?
No. 69215 ID: b53faa

Haha, glad you guys like it! I might actually tweak the blink cycle just a bit soon, but im happy with how it came out!
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