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File 126492025123.png - (140.13KB , 1024x768 , 12648985861.png )
9985 No. 9985 ID: 4f5297

Ever since Rynh was outed as a girl, I've kinda felt sorry for her. She tried so hard to keep up her disguise, and now that her cover is blown we're just treating her like the bunch of hormonal neckbeards we are. She almost feels like a little sister at this point - young and naive, and I want to protect her.

Dammit, how dare you do a good job at characterization and make me care about one of your characters!

Anyway, discuss.
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No. 50248 ID: 049dfa


>I've been paying pretty close attention and Rynh's dragon magic is apparently "I want to do x, so I will it to happen and so it happens."

She had a little magic book that she read to learn spells.
No. 50256 ID: 07eaf7

Actually, when we brought up healing or enhancement, she mentioned she was scared of fucking up her body. :V
No. 57558 ID: b85f8c

I thought Rynh didn't know who her parents were?

Is this a complete reboot of Fortune's Call?!
No. 57559 ID: a3b384

Seems so.
No. 57573 ID: 1f8505


No. 57577 ID: 6a13b9

This is awesome and Gnoll should feel awesome.
No. 57583 ID: c7dc56

Unless he lets this also reach the graveyard. Then he should feel baaaaaaaaaaaaaaadd.
No. 57584 ID: 99090a

...so the last few threads are just being thrown out the window?

I really hope that isn't the case.
No. 57585 ID: e3f578

No one suggest banging her dad, please.
It's too obvious that someone is going to, lets draw a line like there.
See the line?
It's drawn motherfucker. right there.
So drawn.
No. 57611 ID: 58396a


... This is now Rynhy Quest.
It's going to be about incest.
With her tiny little brother (or big one, who knows).
No. 57619 ID: a3b384

>little brother
Well I doubt he sired another half-dragon, and he certainly has exotic tastes so... maybe an elf? I'm saying if she has a little brother this time around, it could be Jehral.
No. 57620 ID: 6a13b9

>Incest quest.

Silly anon. Gnoll isn't how you spell Reaver.
No. 57621 ID: e3f578

Reaver hasn't even joked about Dad-daughter right? So what if tgchan said that part was up for grabs? There was a joke or two with moms all oedipus style occasionally, but no reverse oedipus, which is why I gotta point out that no
there's gotta be a line
There'd no doubt would be temptation, look at how adorable BESTDAD is! He's a kobold too, you know how tgchan is with kobolds!
Don't even touch that with an 11-foot pole tgchan.
No. 57622 ID: 8d0824
File 134312644175.jpg - (26.60KB , 325x214 , The_More_You_Know.jpg )


The distaff counterpart of an oedipus complex is an electra complex. However, if you want to be technical, both parents need to be involved for either, so the son can kill his dad or the daughter compete with her mother.
No. 57623 ID: 6a13b9

True. And while I agree with drawing a line, I think at this point somebody is going to suggest it anyway, if only because you don't want them to.

It's how the internet works.
No. 57624 ID: 58a693

And somebody's probably going to draw it anyway. The line will be one comprising her dad's penis as it's inserted into her asshole.
No. 57626 ID: 14a1d0

Nobody even mentioned it before you came along and told people not to mention it. Your attempt at reverse psychology is laughable, you pervert.
No. 57628 ID: a7a256

What about lesbian/gay/bi Oedipus/Electra complex?

Mom/Daughter is cool, though. No double standard.
No. 57629 ID: e7e90d

>What about lesbian/gay/bi Oedipus/Electra complex?

The Classics:
Son w/ mother vs father: Oedipus Complex
Daughter w/ father vs mother: Electra Complex

We can assign each of the three syllables to a trait:
Son: Oe, Daughter: El
With mother: di, with father: ec
Vs father: pus, Vs mother: tra

So then the variants would be:
Son w/ mother vs other mommy: Oeditra Complex
Son w/ father vs other daddy: Oeecpus Complex
Son w/ father vs mother: Oeectra Complex

Daughter w/ father vs other daddy: Elecpus Complex
Daugher w/ mother vs other mommy: Elditra Complex
Daughter w/ mother vs father: Eldipus Complex

If any individual in the process gets gender swapped after the child comes into the picture, but before the incest starts, we'll mark the relevant syllable with an accent. (So Oé means son who was a daughter).

In the case of single parent families or polygamy we'll omit or double up on syllables as necessary.

No. 57630 ID: ad164c

What the hell are you even on about.
No. 57631 ID: e3f578

With tgchan it's always necessary to be preventive! Point it out and discuss it.
Plus its gotten some discussion here has actually been educational.

I mean, come on, you know someone was going to tell her to nose rub him and then all chaos would break loose. This shit right here is preventative.

And by demonizing me as one trying to use reverse-psychology, I have truly prevented it. I'm the heroic pervert gothamtgchan deserves. Of course! It's so simple!
No. 57633 ID: 120d63

Your posts are bad and you should feel bad.
No. 57634 ID: 58a693

Well, you know I'm just going to end up drawing it during a request stream now, though, right?
No. 57638 ID: 997ce7

I had no urge to encourage incest until I read your post. I'm going to do it now.
No. 57639 ID: e7e90d

I feel no shame in taking an idea to or past its logical conclusion, or for expanding our vocabulary in idiotic ways. :V
No. 57640 ID: e3f578

Okay I feel bad now.
I'm sorry everybody.
Don't touch my posts with 11 foot poles.
No. 57642 ID: e3f578

But before I stop posting
I would like to point out that if I'm really using reverse-psychology here to get people to request that, that's encouraging reverse-psychology posts for people getting what they want.
And if people don't request or draw any of that to spite the reverse-psychology I'm theoretically using, that might mean that reverse-reverse-psychology was effective and that encourages safe consensual sex between two unrelated adults for the purpose of bearing children.

It's lose-lose for everyone! How many reverses does this psychology even have?
No. 57646 ID: fa9f7e

After a few reverses, people stop paying attention and start being as assholey as they can.

And if you try to imply or state that this was or can be your plan, I will use my Internet Tough Guy powers to punch you through our computer screens.
No. 57650 ID: e3f578

After all this time I've forgotten what I actually wanted in the first place.
Now I just want my dignity back.
What has this place done to me, or what have I done to me?
I used to be the practical one.
No. 57665 ID: 6a13b9

I read this post as a pop song.
No. 57687 ID: 1d5849

What the fuck is everybody talking about?

I went through like five pages of /quest/ and saw absolutely nothing of anything Fortune's Call related.
No. 57691 ID: e3f578

The new thread has no former title, in either the subject line or the picture itself.

It's a nondescript image of mountains, no color or much detail, but you can get a sense that Gnoll drew it from just the simple lines.
No. 57693 ID: 997ce7

Third picture does have Fortune's Call, though.
No. 58536 ID: 14a1d0
File 134479575387.png - (113.64KB , 479x570 , squeek squeek.png )

Babby Rynh playing with babby Jehral.
More like babby Rynh teething on babby Jehral, but that's like playing. Jehral is having the most fun.
No. 58537 ID: 6a8f04

No. 58554 ID: 58396a


You must be using the new sourcebooks. We've only got 10-footers, here.

Daughter x Father incest, eh? Maybe not with BESTDAD, but perhaps another quest altogether...
No. 58559 ID: 733ae0

>Reaver hasn't even joked about Dad-daughter right?
Reaver only does brother/sister.
No. 58587 ID: 14a1d0

Oh good. The site has started to draw in the really creepy fuckers.
I weep for the future.
No. 58588 ID: dd287a

As do we all.
No. 58589 ID: e3f578

Dude, that entire line of posts was a joke at tgchan's tendencies with kobolds that I accidentally went too far with and now I'm going to be THAT one guy forever. Leave it.

Now then I'd just like to say that >>58536 is goddamn adorable and I want to see where this goes. Either punishment or utter bewilderment from the parents.
Also Gnoll, totally sorry for that line of posts again. Just wanted to say sorry for suddenly attracting creeps.
No. 58594 ID: 14a1d0

You're not the one attracting them. It's just that the creeps other people have attracted will latch onto anything that caters to their sick, specific fetishes. Be more careful in the future.
No. 58595 ID: fa9f7e

If it makes you feel better, I don't think you're That Guy, and even if you're currently viewed as such, it'll be for a week or two tops before someone else fucks up.

If you want, I could... hm. Start suggesting that Boaga rape Grentoniss eggs, either before or after they hatch? I'm pretty sure that would get whatever spotlight remains off of you.
No. 58604 ID: 14a1d0

>implying you weren't going to suggest that anyway.
No. 58606 ID: fa9f7e

I honestly wasn't going to, since I mostly just lurk in that quest.
No. 58607 ID: e3f578

Egg yoke on dick
better than shitdick
No. 64893 ID: 3734f6

where does
fit into the continuity? Its not listed in the wiki
No. 64899 ID: bdb3f8

It fits quite logically after http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/397671.html which is not in the wiki either because it appears to be a different timeline entirely.
No. 64906 ID: 3734f6

thank you.
Is it a reboot of the series?
No. 64909 ID: beeca1

Same main characters, new backstories, different plot, new side characters? A reboot? Of course not, don't be ridiculous.
No. 64912 ID: 3734f6

Well, I was on a much earlier chapter when I asked..

But now that I have read through them all in order I can clearly see its a reboot.
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