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File 157059993821.jpg - (40.47KB , 240x330 , C153A55C-F678-43B3-82D5-0AAD6E65FA05.jpg )
11759 No. 11759 ID: e83ce8

No. 11762 ID: c7757d

newb question how does hero questing work
No. 11763 ID: 9876c4

You go to the godsplane and reenact the ancient legends. Ideally you have living representatives of the major figures, if not you contact the gods directly (highly dangerous).

Success depends on season, number of worshippers, omens and luck. You can still get a happy ending if you don't tell the original story to a T.
No. 11764 ID: 9876c4

For Instance, at one point in a Heroquest. Orlanth must recite a poem to free a kinsman imprisoned in a cube. those embodying him must compose a poem, or find some other way to open the cube, or the quest will get much harder.

HOW you do it doesn't matter. But if you don't free him, be prepared to lose your voice forever or be struck with a stutter in the mortal plane.

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