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File 153501556397.png - (202.38KB , 1378x1378 , Drawthread.png )
40083 No. 40083 ID: ad251f
heyo, im King of Sorrow, im a guy with a lot of free time, i draw lil guys, crazy gods or big boobs

will post some art here.
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No. 40084 ID: ad251f
File 153501574568.png - (342.70KB , 1378x1378 , sonido.png )
No. 40085 ID: ad251f
File 153501577514.png - (933.24KB , 4592x4585 , silence.png )
No. 40086 ID: ad251f
File 153501583386.png - (376.54KB , 1378x2534 , zifurr.png )
No. 40087 ID: ad251f
File 153501605076.png - (226.78KB , 884x1456 , melody 2.png )
also this is the design that i will use for melody on the second thread, that will take place on Melody's past
No. 40088 ID: ad251f
File 153501617806.png - (98.86KB , 623x623 , bianca.png )
something that i did a long time ago because of the calarts meme
No. 40089 ID: ad251f
File 153501643881.png - (436.95KB , 984x984 , malvyn 2.png )
so, yeah, ask me to draw something if you want, i need more practice
No. 40093 ID: ff82d2
>lil guys, crazy gods or big boobs
A nice combination.

That's quite a figure she's rocking heh. Much different than her present self.

Btw, what happened to the second thread? I thought there was something but then it went poof.
No. 40096 ID: 33cbe7
Gladly. Could you try your hand at Teleste, from Spookqueste? https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/814448.html#815016
No. 40098 ID: 625c94
File 153508398165.jpg - (101.79KB , 720x960 , 31880874_1987611567977156_1836662662994329600_n.jpg )
about that, i deleted the thread, but i did it because i wanted to write a script before doing anything at all.
TBH, i laughed a lot with the suggestions

also possible protagonist for another quest in the future? maybe, maybe.
No. 40099 ID: ff82d2
Maybe. They certainly look original as far as species is concerned.

Ok, but remember to not plan out too much of the story in advance, so that suggestions can play a larger role.

>ask me to draw something
Draw the Goddess of Sound with large chest :p
No. 40101 ID: e2ea73
It's fine for there to be a plan for the story in advance. A quest should have an idea of where it's going. The only important thing is the suggestions need to meaningful to the suggesters.

But on the other hand, it's easy to get paralysed by the conviction you need to get everything ready in advance. The best way to get the ball rolling is jumping in. Good luck!
No. 40102 ID: 51d5a1
Draw yourself, but as a boss of a game!
No. 40104 ID: 625c94
File 153517227130.png - (234.68KB , 1378x1378 , teleste.png )
its done! i hope you like it
No. 40107 ID: 625c94
File 153518175567.png - (241.97KB , 1378x1378 , sonidod.png )
here, im still thinking what colors should i use for her.
larger chest version coming as soon as i figure out her colors.
No. 40108 ID: 33cbe7
She looks great!
No. 40141 ID: b82528
File 153544369756.png - (253.79KB , 1378x1378 , sonidod.png )
there we go, i like her colors
No. 40142 ID: b82528
File 153544373515.png - (246.46KB , 1378x1378 , sonidod2.png )
and larger chest version
No. 40143 ID: b82528
File 153544384021.png - (381.91KB , 1378x1378 , niko.png )
well, 1 request left, meanwhile, enjoy some of my doodles
No. 40144 ID: b82528
File 153544387521.png - (238.60KB , 1551x1453 , ser junkan.png )
No. 40145 ID: b82528
File 153544402692.png - (309.52KB , 1378x1378 , ddd2.png )
well, i know i still have 1 drawing left to do, but here is a lil reminder that im taking requests :D

and... yeah...
No. 40146 ID: ff82d2
Good job! I bet any adventurer would be happy to get his hands on a chest of that size.
No. 40155 ID: b82528
File 153552700005.png - (167.82KB , 2763x2050 , king.png )
there we go, yeah, i suck at backgrounds, now you want to know how to beat me? well is easy

you literally do nothing.
No. 40157 ID: b82528
no no no
i will do this again, and i will do it RIGHT
No. 40291 ID: bced74
File 153656979101.png - (120.22KB , 666x798 , melody calarts.png )
hi everyone i have been busy, i still have to redo that other drawing, but until then, here is a Upgraded melody in toon style
No. 41750 ID: b41f89
File 154691992228.png - (244.26KB , 789x1047 , zifur and mozart.png )
hello guys, its me, im back, and i want to talk, you see, i have been busy with study and work, and to be honest i want to improve a bit more before coming back to make another quest.
Well here we have Mozart from the abandoned Mozart's quest and his sister Zifur
No. 41751 ID: b41f89
File 154692094525.png - (22.75KB , 717x1024 , NewCanvas1.png )
also i would be lying if i said that i dont have more ideas for quests, right now i have these ideas:
-remake of Mozart's quest
-chapter two of génesis
-Slave's Freedom quest
-To hell and back Quest
-The Beast Kingdom Quest
-The Child of the Tree
No. 41752 ID: b41f89
File 154692107448.png - (570.17KB , 1280x1519 , 8rykkk2w2.png )
Also i want everyone to stay mad at Sound, it will be useful for me on the future :D
No. 41753 ID: b41f89
File 154692115503.png - (143.95KB , 1898x2524 , nice pose.png )
and more of Melody
No. 41757 ID: 97a3e0
Welcome back. uwu
No. 41758 ID: a9af05
Nice legs
No. 41759 ID: 91ee5f
I agree
No. 41761 ID: f37295
Me too.
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