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File 126602765471.png - (71.96KB , 960x540 , Treasure\'s Allure.png )
130225 No. 130225 ID: 62489a

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No. 130227 ID: 62489a
File 126602776067.png - (64.35KB , 960x540 , Treasure\'s Allure2.png )

My name is Doobanicus Strifecloud, the last of the Silvermoon clan. Travelling with me are my companions, Mr. Crowlto and Stars. We are EQUALIZERS, set out to restore order to the galaxy.
No. 130234 ID: c0f3bf

What's the circle on a chain? And can Stars talk
No. 130246 ID: 62489a
File 126602881665.png - (47.45KB , 960x540 , Stars.png )

"Hey Stars, can you talk?"

>"Ask me that again and I'm gonna bite you in the dick, Stars!"

Oh right, Stars can talk. He's got this really grating high pitched growly kinda voice and compulsively has to say his own name at the ends of sentences.
No. 130249 ID: 632862

Where are you, what is your destination, and what's up with Mr. Crowlto?
No. 130251 ID: 62489a
File 12660291221.png - (59.16KB , 960x540 , Silvermoon Amulet.png )

This circle thing is my SILVERMOON AMULET.

It helps me tap into my ANCIENT SILVERMOON POWERS.

It also points me in the direction of my current goal when I hold it out in front of me, and can remind me of tasks I haven't done yet.
No. 130258 ID: eb91b2

Hold out the amulet and let there be plot.
No. 130259 ID: 62489a
File 126602940315.png - (64.41KB , 960x540 , crowlto.png )

Mr. Crowlto is half crow and half pony. I don't know anything about him other than he is an extremely handsome EQUALIZER like myself, and possibly might be competition should we find any LADIES to SCORE with.

My destination? Oh, we're heading to old man Boldsworth's place. He says his house is haunted.
No. 130260 ID: 632862

Well, let's get going then.
No. 130267 ID: a85626
File 126603059834.jpg - (29.25KB , 512x408 , charlesnooooo.jpg )

>> Mr. Crowlto is half crow and half pony.
No. 130268 ID: 34470e

What species is Stars? Where did you meet both Crowlto and Stars?
No. 130310 ID: 62489a
File 126603271575.png - (131.84KB , 1920x1080 , too slow bro.png )

I met Stars and Mr. Crowlto when I was selected by the Weavers to be an EQUALIZER. They're my partners in our little three man teams.

I'm not sure what the selection process is but I assume it's very advanced and exclusive, which means that I'm obviously better than anyone we'll meet in this adventure...
No. 130312 ID: 62489a
File 126603286931.png - (123.96KB , 1920x1080 , gotta get that crowlto.png )

...Which is why I have to be extra careful that damn Mr. Crowlto doesn't steal any LADIES we meet from me, because he's also an EQUALIZER, and thus probably the only person that could possibly be more impressive than I am.

Only that's impossible, because I'm also part dragon and part doobie. There's no way anyone would willingly go after him instead of me. Yeah, that slug bitch must've been trippin' balls...
No. 130318 ID: 62489a
File 126603302516.png - (89.32KB , 960x540 , Gobbo Quest entrance.png )

Stars is some kinda dragon too, I don't know. I guess there's multiple kinds of dragons 'cause he sure as hell doesn't look like my mother.

Anyways, we're almost out of the Sea of White Sand and into the town where Boldsworth lives.
No. 130327 ID: cfad4e

Is that a river? Or like, a giant hole in the ground with space underneath, like in Toejam and Earl?

Also, examine gigantic skyward facing sign and giant skyward facing tits.
No. 130360 ID: 62489a
File 126603596319.png - (136.30KB , 960x540 , Definitely some kinda space thing.png )

It appears to be space, sorta like in Toejam and Earl.

The stars under seem to be moving, or more likely, we seem to be moving. These bottomless crevices appear between all the various patches of worlds the WEAVERS tried to save. Currently these bridges are the only way to get from place to place. They're common enough. Why they couldn't just, you know, move them a bit closer so that you didn't need a bridge is beyond me but hell, that's the Weavers, man, you never know what they're thinking.
No. 130361 ID: 632862

What caused all this? Was it the REAVERS?
No. 130362 ID: 62489a
File 126603602825.png - (138.23KB , 1920x1080 , Rape Ogre.png )

Speaking of which, it seems an OGRE is guarding this bridge.
No. 130374 ID: cfad4e

You can't hand over your precious QUEST ITEMS.

We're going to need to obtain some breasts!

Or just jump over the gap.
No. 130376 ID: 632862

Or we could just rough up the ogre.
No. 130377 ID: 62489a
File 126603688591.png - (94.19KB , 960x540 , unravelers.png )

Nope, it was the Unravelers, the destroyers of worlds. The linked together worlds have been stabilized for the most part but there's still an impending crisis on the horizon for when they return.

I've got a lot of special powers but growing tits ain't one of them. We might be able to solve this DIPLOMATICALLY, or we could try VIOLENCE.
No. 130380 ID: 632862

Ehhh, let's talk to him a bit.
No. 130383 ID: cfad4e

Let's compromise between the two options.

No. 130385 ID: 62489a
File 12660380968.png - (75.95KB , 960x540 , Rape Ogre2.png )

Alright... Let's try INTIMIDATE!

"HEY! Ogre! If you don't get out of my way I'm going to torch you and slice off your head!"


What? What the hell is that? He just makes this hissing noise at me and points to the sign.

Upon closer inspection this guy seems pretty strong, and it doesn't look like intimidation is working. I'm sure as hell not giving him any of my stuff though.
No. 130387 ID: cfad4e

Kick him into his own pink lightning machine.
No. 130393 ID: bf1e7e

Does stars have tits?
No. 130415 ID: 62489a
File 126604396011.png - (72.45KB , 960x540 , stars has tits.png )

>Does Stars have tits?

"Hey Stars, do you have tits?"
No. 130416 ID: 62489a
File 126604399861.png - (175.09KB , 960x540 , honk.png )

No. 130417 ID: 62489a
File 12660441534.png - (88.35KB , 960x540 , pause.png )

No. 130438 ID: 632862

Oh hey. With her gender revealed this does bring up an interesting possibility. You do have some things in common, after all... like the dragon thing.

I'm saying you should start flirting with her at every opportunity.
No. 130474 ID: a85626


No. 130484 ID: d31d16

Regale Stars' seductive talents in song.
No. 130491 ID: 632862

"Good work, soldier!"
No. 130650 ID: 3a8122
File 126609583411.jpg - (28.67KB , 319x252 , secret revealed.jpg )

No. 130697 ID: cfad4e

Success. Proceed into tittyland.
No. 144683 ID: 62489a
File 126820078336.png - (89.57KB , 960x540 , Tittyland.png )

We exit the Desert of Despair and head into "tittyland" as some call it. Already I can think more clearly but at the same time I feel the overwhelming urge to wander around and not get anything done.

"So uh... Thanks for the help back there. And nice tits."

"What tits?"

"Nevermind. Nice um... Tail."

"Uh, okay..."

Wait, what was I doing? Something about a kobold.
No. 144692 ID: c0f3bf

No. 144713 ID: 62489a
File 126820263456.png - (116.39KB , 1920x1080 , The Amulet.png )

Hey yeah! Jesus this thing is useful. Should I go straight there or go shopping for some ghostbustin' equipment first?

As if a ghost could stand a chance against my equalizer powers and the powers derived from my silvermoon clan, dragon and demon and doobie heritage among others.

...Actually I have no idea. I wish my mutt-like heritage came with some sort of instruction manual.
No. 144716 ID: c0f3bf

Then definitely get some ghostbuster equipment, though you probably won't need MUCH.
No. 144729 ID: cfad4e

Search nearby town for ghostbusting equipment and tits.
No. 144773 ID: 62489a
File 126820665333.png - (147.32KB , 960x540 , Who ya gonna call.png )

That's like telling someone to find something yellow in one of those gallon-size cartons of goldfish. This town is swimming in tits. Elves, Ratfolk, Dwarves, Gnolls, you name it.

After some searching I find a shop that seems perfectly suited for my needs.

"Welcome!" the friendly glowing person behind the counter says. "You here to try to catch that ghost?"

Fuck, you lower your defenses for one second and every psychic person in fifty yards is reading your mind.

"Yes, and I can explain about the cheese."


Oh good, he didn't read that part of my mind.

"Nothing. What do you have here?"

"Everything a ghost catcher could need!" he proudly proclaims, "We have our special Proton Pack imported right from the Layridin underworld as well as the ol' reliable Poltergeist 2000, and many other related accessories. I'm Igon Sep'Enger, by the way."
No. 144783 ID: 61d96f

don't worry, i don't think your mental defences were compromised. that person is a scientist and simply figured out why you are there with their science powers.

anyway. get a proton pack, a spectre detector, and a ghost trap.
No. 144810 ID: cfad4e

...wait, do you have any money?

Maybe you can just borrow the el cheapo model for like, a day, in exchange for clearing that house out.
No. 144842 ID: 45be60

...you mean even cheaper than a vacuum cleaner and a flashlight? Its not like the Poltergeist 2000 is the pinnacle of high tech gadgetry.
No. 162168 ID: f0ceda
File 127089735696.png - (97.29KB , 960x540 , Silvermoon is so srs.png )

>Do you have cash?
Well yeah, I have cash but I'd much rather use it to upgrade my skills later. Everyone knows the best use of money is buying skills at the level up screen.

I could use cash to buy something, just freaking rob the place since I'm an equalizer and should be getting this shit for free anyways, or just walk out and try to catch this ghost with my bare hands.

Which... with my mixed heritage might just be possible.
No. 162169 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell him that you're an equilizer and should get shit for free. If he still doesn't give it to you then go catch a ghost with your bare hands. And then come back and rob the place.
No. 162256 ID: f0ceda
File 127092716520.png - (93.48KB , 960x540 , Silvermoon is so srs.png )

He says I can't get it for free.

What's the plan?
No. 162260 ID: cf68aa

Hmm... Seduce him
No. 162262 ID: 0fc814

Just take it. Dare him to stop you.
No. 162264 ID: 7524b0

How about we ask to borrow the stuff?

Put down a deposit, and just use the stuff to catch the ghosts?
No. 162265 ID: f0ceda
File 127092812794.png - (97.07KB , 960x540 , Silvermoon is so srs.png )

>Just seduce him
"So baby, does the carpet match the drapes?"


I don't think that worked.

>Just take it

Whoa now, we're supposed to be virtuous warriors, I don't think forcing a supple young lorhke over his own counter is-oh wait you meant the ghost catching stuff. Well I can't just reach over the counter and grab it, I need a PLAN!
No. 162268 ID: f0ceda
File 127092854062.png - (94.61KB , 960x540 , Silvermoon is so srs.png )

He says we can't borrow it either.

He says if we don't have any money we could probably earn some as mercenaries.
No. 162274 ID: 7524b0


Let's just go and catch the ghost with our HAM HANDS.
No. 162286 ID: f0ceda
File 127093050510.png - (93.69KB , 960x540 , Silvermoon is so srs.png )

Okay then.

I leave without getting any equipment. Should we go directly to the old house or dick-dack around first?
No. 162290 ID: f4e0af

wait what do you actualy have equipped?

if you have nothign get your butt in there and ask for the price list.
No. 162295 ID: f0ceda
File 127093287237.png - (120.86KB , 960x540 , Silvermoon is so srs.png )

Well, I've got my DEMON KNIFE, the CRIMSON PROPHECY OF OMEN'S BLOOD BLIGHT, and the amulet we used to get here.

We currently have 1,536 Doobloons.
No. 162297 ID: a26274

So buy "something" "good" with your dirty "Doobloons" then.
Dunno what, check gamefags or whatever.
No. 162299 ID: 7524b0

Maybe the DEMON KNIFE will work against the ghosts.

Can't hurt to try, right?
No. 162302 ID: 0fc814

Spend some money to upgrade yourself with Ghost-Eating Technique. It's a solar charm, but your EQUALIZER template should let you access it at double cost.
No. 162319 ID: f0ceda
File 127093577583.png - (139.69KB , 960x540 , Silvermoon is so srs.png )

Solar template? Stop speaking nonsense and try suggesting something a little closer to reality, good sir.

The job is to catch the ghost, not kill it. It's for a professor. Or like, rip it's soul in twain or whatever a demon knife does.

>Just buy the shit.
I go inside and purchase the three better objects leaving me with 14 Gnollbucks, which my Doobloons apparently turned into upon entering this world.

Oh well. Hopefully I can get it all back during the mission.

The lorhke's assistant "Skittles" walks in and helps me with the gear. She reeks of sexual hijinks and potential party member.
No. 162321 ID: 701a19

Buy her for 8 Gnollbucks.
No. 162322 ID: 9a1fa4

Complement her awesome rainbowness. It is awesome.
No. 162329 ID: f3de2f

No. 162330 ID: 701a19

Taste her rainbow? We hardly know her!
No. 162333 ID: f0ceda
File 127093759931.png - (140.90KB , 960x540 , Silvermoon is so srs.png )

>Complement her on her awesome rainbowness
"I like your harmony."

"Thanks! I like your face!"

Whoa, really? I might have a shot with this one and not have to resort to Stars when I get lonely anymore.

>Buy her for 8 Gnollbucks
"Hey, wanna join my party for eight Gnollbucks?"

"Aww, that's cute hun, but I make a lot more than that just standing around here."

"Ghost catching equipment is a surprisingly lucrative business." the other lorhke chimes in.
No. 162334 ID: 0fc814

"Well, I can offer more than just money"

If she takes the bait, completely drop the ball and start rambling on about your mystical kung fu powers like a huge tool.
No. 162335 ID: f3de2f

No. 162336 ID: 8c0848

Use your super speed and agility to pop the buttons on her overalls. No one will ever know.
No. 162338 ID: 701a19

No, I meant BUY her. From the OTHER guy.

"More lucrative than partying up with an equalizer?"
No. 162341 ID: f0ceda
File 127093972023.png - (95.29KB , 960x540 , Silvermoon is so srs.png )

That... That is a REALLY good idea... I mean damn, that is a fantastic idea... But now's not the time. They'd see a black blur and her tits coming out and I'd probably get thrown out without a chance at the full package.

You mean "Ohio is for Lovers?" It's the Silvermoon theme song, sure, but I don't think this is the proper time for that either.

Damn good song though.
No. 162342 ID: f0ceda
File 127093986520.png - (97.02KB , 960x540 , Silvermoon is so srs.png )

"Well I can offer you more than money."

"Really? Like what?"

"Like letting you see my awesome Equalizer Half-Demon powers and going on really cool matrix swordfight adventures."

"Hmm, that does sound nice..."

Oh shit, I've almost got her... What can I say to seal the deal?
No. 162344 ID: 889351

I love that song.
No. 162345 ID: 9a1fa4

What about Stars? Cute animal mascot.
No. 162346 ID: a26274

Tell the Lohrke you'll braise her in butter with various delicious herbs.
No. 162348 ID: 0fc814

Tell her you can make a woman orgasm using only your voice.
No. 162351 ID: 7524b0


you could offer a share of the loot and maybe flirt with her a little more.
No. 163047 ID: f0ceda
File 12710391491.png - (57.76KB , 960x540 , Skittles.png )

"Well, we have a cute animal mascot..."


"You can have a share of the loot, of course..."

"Of course..."

"I'll braise you in butter with various delicious herbs." Wait what? What is that a metaphor for? Or is that a metaphor?

"Kinky..." Err, okay, she liked it anyways. She starts leaning over the bar so I can see RIGHT down her cleavage, and suddenly I am very thankful that I am wearing a cloak over my pants right now.

I start to sweat as I say the last thing that comes to mind. "I can uh, I can make a woman orgasm using just my voice."

She leans in close and whispers "Sold."
No. 163049 ID: 701a19

>"I can uh, I can make a woman orgasm using just my voice."

Go someplace private and prove this to her.
No. 163050 ID: 9a1fa4

But first you must hunt the ghosts!

Or second. Your choice really.
No. 163056 ID: 8c0848

NOW use your super speed to undo her overalls.
No. 163064 ID: 7524b0

I think maybe we'll hunt the ghosts before making with the hanky-panky.
No. 163067 ID: 9a1fa4

Yes, then you can have adrenaline-fueled victory sex!
No. 163070 ID: f0ceda
File 127104064799.png - (119.63KB , 960x540 , Silvermoon is so srs.png )

>Should I stay or should I go now?

I don't know you guys... This place is notorious for people who get sidetracked mysteriously disappearing but those tits I just want to unclasp that pair of overalls so hard! Hnnnnnnnnngh...

I've got a really bad feeling about getting sidetracked and, ack, uh, dicking around but I want to hit that SO BAD...

D-Dammit... Going after the ghost is probably the smarter choice here but... D-Damn...
No. 163072 ID: 8c0848

Do it, faggot! or do you like dick better?
No. 163073 ID: 9a1fa4

ADRENALINE. FUELED. VICTORYSEX. aka "The Muschio". Don't mess up how awesome it'll be later now.
No. 163074 ID: 7524b0

Well if we get sidetracked then we'll find out why people disappear right?
No. 163075 ID: f3de2f

Just remember to keep her out of the sun.
No. 163076 ID: 15f6d6

Go! It's no big mystery. The characters don't disappear forever.
No. 163077 ID: 889351

Go impress her with your ghost handling.
No. 163078 ID: 0fc814

Unclasp those overalls.

Take her somewhere out of sight first if you must. Pussy.
No. 163080 ID: f3de2f

No. 163096 ID: d1ad31

Keep it in your pants for now.
You already spent money on the ghost hunting shit, no need to potentially let that go to waste.
No. 163127 ID: f0ceda
File 127104378426.png - (72.84KB , 960x540 , titsun.png )

Okay.... Okay... I tell her I'll pick her up after I catch this ghost. By then it should be night and the tit-sun won't be out anymore and it'll be safe for her to be outside.

"YOU FUCKING BLEW IT!" a tiny voice says from within my pants.

Oh shit.
No. 163132 ID: f0ceda
File 127104388936.png - (70.90KB , 960x540 , Penis.png )

"SHE WAS RIGHT THERE! You saw the size of those tits! I could smell her vagina! She was fucking creaming for you man! Now what am I supposed to do!? You are such a MORON! I want to get off, dammit!"

I'm really lucky there's nobody around to see this.
No. 163134 ID: f98e0b

"Shut up, penis. I'll jack off or something later. Is there no pleasing you?


What's Crowlto up to? Haven't seen him in a while. He had better not be stealing the fucking ladies from you.
No. 163136 ID: 8c0848

Go buy some khakis at that GAP
No. 163140 ID: 0fc814

No. 163149 ID: f0ceda
File 127104482760.png - (70.64KB , 960x540 , Penis.png )

"Shut up, penis. I'll jack off or something later. Is there no pleasing you? Shit."


Crowlto and Stars have wandered off somewhere. I'd... Better take care of this first. Why don't you guys bother someone else for a while?

[Your choices are CROWLTO or STARS]
No. 163159 ID: 0fc814

No. 163163 ID: 9a1fa4

Stars. Because.
No. 163169 ID: 8ecfd4

Crowlto. We have to make sure he's all mysterious and have a dark past and shit.
No. 163183 ID: 8c0848

No. 163185 ID: f3de2f

No. 169378 ID: f0ceda
File 127209370871.png - (105.10KB , 960x540 , stars one.png )

HOKAY I *hic* might be a liiiiittle intoxicated hehe... and uh... not gonna lie but I'm prolly gonna pee on a building or something soon... Hoo boy...

Kinda... can't really walk straight here. That mansion we were supposed to go to is behind me and Strifecloud is... fuck if I know... dicking around or sh-something...

Everyone here has fucking massive tits and they're gonna have their... dicks up their asses or something I dunno I lost my train of thought there... Uh...

Yeah... I should uh... do... something... we could probably just show up at the mansion tomorrow or I could just show up drunk I really don't care...
No. 169379 ID: 7524b0

I see a bathhouse. Go there.
No. 169381 ID: 0b2a05

Find someone and have drunksex with them. It'll keep you out of trouble until you're no longer inebriated.
No. 169388 ID: f0ceda
File 127209478838.png - (85.93KB , 960x540 , stars one.png )

ooooooookay I wander around for a while and eventually I FIND SOMEONE FOR DRUNKSEX they seem nice
No. 169389 ID: 7524b0

...too nice. This guy wants to MARRY you. RUN AWAY FROM THE COMMITMENT!
No. 169412 ID: 0b2a05

No. 169414 ID: f0ceda
File 127209638063.png - (99.60KB , 960x540 , stars one.png )

yeaaaaaah nooooo fuck marriage free sex whooooooo where should I go what should I do?
No. 169417 ID: 7524b0

Flirt with the gobbo standing right there.
No. 169427 ID: 1ac39d

bang stars.
No. 169431 ID: 0b2a05

You could take that goblin or head to a bar, I'm sure there'll be horny guys there.
No. 169464 ID: 6d5be7

Ask him if he has seen Crowlto. It's time you healed his scarred soul through the power of sexual healing.
No. 169522 ID: 754d8d

Pin and molest the goblin. Gobbos don't consider it good sex unless one side isn't consensual.
No. 169633 ID: a85626

Attempt to molest the goblin, but puke on him instead. Stagger away in abject embarassment, then forget everything you just did a few minutes ago.
No. 397878 ID: c6beb3
File 133332366017.png - (148.28KB , 1455x810 , cloaca.png )

>Fuck/Molest the gobbo

Oh I pin him to the ground alright, pin him and give him the best view in the house, heheheh...

>"Oh, uh, I see you have one of those uh, lizard vaginas, um, a cloaca?"

"Oh, that's not a cloaca..."
No. 397879 ID: c6beb3
File 133332369273.png - (165.48KB , 1455x810 , eyeball.png )

"It's an eyeball."

>"W-What... I-"

"Lick it. Lick my eye."
No. 397880 ID: c6beb3
File 133332373020.png - (175.84KB , 1455x810 , smirk.png )

Ahh! I feel a lot better! Though that took longer than I thought.
No. 397881 ID: c6beb3
File 133332375825.png - (175.84KB , 1455x810 , what was I doing.png )

Wait, what was I doing? Something about a haunted house?
No. 397906 ID: f72f26

flee in terror from the eye vagina
No. 397912 ID: b85f8c

Yep. Get to it. Kill that ghost.
No. 397935 ID: c6beb3
File 133332780621.png - (242.13KB , 1440x810 , come quickly.png )

Okay, uh, I find Stars but she looks like she's busy so I just go to the mansion myself.

Inside there's a very exasperated cutebold, you know, the stupid dog kind of kobold instead of the cool lizard kind, who wants to know if I'm one of the EQUALIZERS, and I say yes. Because I am and that's a thing that is true.

He tells me that there is a GHOST in his house and it has been haunting him for months, and that he just can't spend another night in this house until it's gone as it's been getting worse and worse. He says there's been strange disturbances in the FOYER, where we are now, THE KITCHEN, the STUDY, and just outside the BEDROOM late in the night. He tells me that he'll see me in the morning and he's going to stay at the inn.

...Hmm, well now, I do have a job to do but that ALSO means I'll have a decently party-sized mansion at my disposal for the night...
No. 397939 ID: 953355

I dunno invite skittles over.
No. 397941 ID: affb00

No. 397943 ID: b85f8c

Definitely party time. You can kill the ghost during the party, it'll be like a show!
No. 397946 ID: f72f26

invite all of your friends and every sexy girl you have ever seen

all get drinks lots of drinks
No. 398127 ID: c2c011

It's Party TIME!!! Invite over everyone you know, and tell them to invite everyone they know. Oh, and bring some booze.
No. 449365 ID: 87d89c
File 134629333947.png - (202.13KB , 1440x810 , thinking of skittles.png )

I don't think I can invite EVERYONE I know, I'm friends with pretty much everyone on every form of social media forever, I get that from my father's side. Nah, I should probably invite a couple people I actually know and then just whoever I can find on the street. Who should I try to invite though? I mean, when I say I know everyone, I mean everyone.

Oh man skittles, it's easily been five minutes since I last thought of her, she is a cutie isn't she? Maybe, you know, I could have sex with her during the party if you know what I mean. Like, sneaking off somewhere and doing it fancy style in a fancy room with the fancy drapes and the fancy sheets.

Wait, no, I'd have to take the fancy sheets off first. That shit's expensive, don't want to ruin them. Maybe I could find a way to purify them with demon magic. Wait no, that sounds like a horrible idea. What was I doing again? Right, throwing a party.

Okay, I need names, people, names.
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