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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 134117731204.png - (90.63KB , 280x200 , title01.png )
427924 No. 427924 ID: c3ec0a

Quest hatchery
Quest discussion
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No. 427930 ID: c3ec0a
File 134117788091.png - (592.80KB , 1000x600 , onboardcarrier001.png )

The carrier commander speaks his mind to me.
“Your battle record shows me that somehow with a fistful of our cybernetic commandos and an assault shuttle you managed to blow up an entire toad destroyer… I see that you are gifted in the art of destruction, Picard.

What would have taken at least five assault shuttles of our commandos you only needed one. What creativity your deed indicates - instead of taking a chance to slaughter the toad crew and abandoning or salvaging the destroyer you strike straight to the fusion reactor of the vessel. Ha ha ha! You indeed fancy starships instead of neat bloody slaughter.

Indeed, if you weren’t specialized in boarding tactics we would give you a frigate to command. Now we have to assign you to our boarding transporters. Skincracker 7356142 shall be your vessel from now on. It is a fine destroyer manned by female algaskins and three boarding squads of dark complexion. Skincracker 7356142 shoots fire and beams commandos straight inside toad starships. Your kind of a job. Do you honor our decision?”
“I do.”
“So be it. We’ll beam you onboard your new home!”

“What will come to my old crew? I’m attached to them.”
“They have been sent to the Eternal Battle to honor your achievement.”
“Damn. You wouldn’t send me with them?”
“Your mission is different. You have much more honor to reap in the outskirts of the Eternal Battle. Then, our fleet will peek. Do you have something more on your mind?”
No. 428141 ID: 0006f5

remind me, what is the eternal battle again ?

not much else to ask besides what the nature of our mission is; we'll use what we can gather from that to see what parts of the vessel to get familiar with
No. 428145 ID: 31015f

Ask exactly what is your mission.
No. 428152 ID: 55c4cf

Give a glorious ribbit.
No. 428174 ID: c3ec0a
File 134124041582.png - (592.80KB , 1000x600 , onboardcarrier002.png )

The Eternal Battle is where all the frogs end up to die a glorious and meaningful death. It is the connecting glue of the whole Frog Imperium. Every frog has born to dream of joining the deadly war that devastates whole star systems between the Frog Imperium and the Toad Imperium.

“What exactly is my mission?”
“We’ll engage a squadron of toad vessels inside the Horned One’s Nebula. Our shields aren’t operational inside the nebula so we need every card to play. Skincracker 7326142 will form a spearhead with other destroyer class ships. This way we are able to take advantage of both the speed and beam evasion of the destroyers while our bigger ships creep into close range. Your exact mission in the near future is to board an enemy battleship with 6 teams of cybernetic commandos and turn its weapons against its creators.”

No. 428176 ID: 0006f5

lets get familiar with out on-hand loadout then or mobilize and do it on the way. what do we have to use while boarded / what is our and the enemies' capabilities ?
No. 428180 ID: c3ec0a
File 134124440724.png - (218.67KB , 1000x600 , floodmorrow.png )


These items are still valid - Picard is also able to use light fighter cannons as hand weapons.

And so I was beamed from the carrier Floodmorrow to Skincracker 7356142. What should I do first on board my new home?
No. 428200 ID: 0006f5

start anew i suppose. are you up to getting attached to yet another crew ? go talk to your boarding buddies if you can and see what they are like
No. 429236 ID: c3ec0a
File 134149037715.png - (1.13MB , 1000x600 , cybercoreA.png )

As soon as I board the Skincracker 7356142 I seek to meet with my new boarding party. The female crewmembers guide me to the cybernetic core of the ship. A guard stands at the door to the cybernetic core and requires me to hatch out from my biometric armor and join the session.

Naked but not ashamed, I step into a chamber where I find fresh black-skinned cybernetic commandos sitting in pools of rejuvenation fluid and bleeding after brutal surgery. The air is thick with salty odors and a metallic scent. I have a towel on my hand

"Must be a painful process joining the frog with the machine, master." I say to the electrician that is focused on the surgery.

"Be quiet frog! Your turn will come soon enough... You'll know... You will know!"

The situation is grave stiff and I decide to sit in the fluid in silence until the electrician has finished his job with the three other frogs. No one takes the initiative to talk.

The electrician takes a stance behind me and his machinery gather around me like a pack of vultures scanning my body with eye-blazing brightness. The machines hang from the ceiling.

Suddenly I feel like something is very wrong. I don't want the electrician to implant me with anything. I almost panic and try to formulate an escape plan from this breath before any harm is done to my mighty body.

"Don't cry, big commando" the electrician tries to soothe me, sensing my capsulated fear. "It's all right."
No. 429237 ID: 0006f5

what are you afraid of ? is it the pain ?

if your concern lies in losing some part of you or unforseen consequences you cannot fathom, it would do well to ask despite being told to shut up.

ask the electrician why they think it is alright, maybe have him explain what is being done to you or what these enhancements ultimately do / work
No. 429241 ID: c3ec0a
File 134149573178.png - (0.97MB , 1000x476 , cybercoreBSkincracker.png )

"What are you doing to me?"

"I will mechanize you. You'll be able to fight even when your consciousness is lost, momentarily, or finally. These tubes I install in you will pump blood to your muscles with little enhancements so that your body will stay alive even when you're not. These light fibers I will implant inside you will work as a secondary nervous system, in case you lose consciousness. These little machines I put inside you will measure your biotic status.

I must ask you, do you still want to become a cybernetic commando?"
No. 429245 ID: 0006f5

that doesnt seem bad at all, but they sure didnt give you time to think about this, if you even have a choice.

request he help you calm and that the surgery proceed. its too late for the tough act
No. 429289 ID: 351631

Yes, but sounds like they're expecting you to lose! Tell him to think of something better. You need to win faster and harder. You can handle the survival part so bring on more POWER! We're talking sonic cannon in the mouth, laser gun in the arm, extra senses, subdermal armor superfrog here.
No. 429505 ID: c3ec0a
File 134157019081.png - (472.56KB , 1000x600 , cybercoreC.png )

"Yes, I want to be cybernetic, but not this way. I'm talking about sonic weapon in my mouth, a laser gun in the arm, extra senses, subdermal armor superfrog here."

"In that case I'll... research the galactic archives for these equipment. It will take a FEW DAYS to manufacture - after all you are an exceptional frog being. However, do not expect anything TOO MUCH OFF the ordinary, frog.
No. 429554 ID: 0006f5

oh. well now what are you going to do ? maybe talk to the ships' tactical, asking what we can expect leading right up into the attack; nothing should catch us off guard !
No. 429825 ID: c3ec0a
File 134163838915.png - (270.02KB , 1000x600 , battlecommand.png )

I talk with the commander in the tactical command of the ship. He shows me a schematic of the toad battleship. It's a huge angular pipe of four fusion reactor modules. Plain and deadly. These reactors are the powerhouse of the ships' long range beam weapons. The commander explains the difference between toad and frog tactics. While toads prefer centralized supercomputers and brute force, frogs rely on the force of combat spirit and the heroic substance of the individuals. There hardly is a supercomputer anywhere in frog ships. Instead the individuals are given the power of personal computers which are connected to intranets of different levels. The commander has an instant access to any personal computer and can order fire from these captions.

The commander admits that a single hit from a toad battleship will rip open the hull of the frog destroyer and that it's difficult to evade the aim of the supercomputer, but once inside the transporter range, which will only take a blink of an eye in ambush SPEED, the thing is easy to turn against its creators.

Toads currently lack the long range sensory data of their surroundings. This will give the frog squadron an advantage of a high speed target lock ambush. The frog squadron will dart into 2/3 of the speed of light locking the beam weapons and transporters at a long distance and flashing past the effective range of the toad ships.
No. 429835 ID: 0006f5

so its not even a prolonged slugging through fire, just one or two unlucky ships of ours getting vaporized before swarm-boarding theirs, all within a few seconds ?

i guess it would be dumb of them to hold off attacking the closest intruders on the off chance of such a supercomputer happening and attempting to kill our commando-carrying destroyers in the rear.

i cant think of anything else to do except wait to hear from the electricians' research / requisition. go work out or something
No. 429859 ID: c3ec0a
File 134164838008.png - (254.88KB , 1000x600 , cyberrange.png )

I go to the cyber shooting range to at last meet my boarding team. They're much more relaxed with their freshly acquired cybernetic wounds healed.

They're most ten standard years old and newly recruited virtual reality immersed youths with zero point real experience. I find little in common with them. Maybe time will show their hidden nature. Anyways, as I went on with the commander in the tactical command about this and that and state of the art I got officially promoted to lead this team of cybernetic commandos into battle.

These weapons in the cyber shooting range are cybertron photon guns. They draw energy through an photon crystal and the crystalline structure of the vacuum. The guns are guided by thought that is delivered wirelessly through an individual frequency of the shooters cybernetics.

Should I get to know better these cannon fodders?
No. 429871 ID: 0006f5

sure. even if you dont have much in common you can investigate for any tendencies to look out for or take advantage of
No. 429873 ID: b18143

Try to find some rooms and corridors you're free to practice in and get used to moving together and ordering them around. Storm a few rooms, things like that. Try to figure out which ones are the most inventive and intelligent and establish a chain of command in case you get split up or you die.

Talk to them and see if they have any special preferences or skills and set up the squads accordingly. Make sure each squad is balanced and has at least one good agile assault frog, a well armoured tank frog, a heavy weapons frog and a support frog. Maybe set up one of the squads to be a special all heavy weapons squad that can deliver max destruction at key points.
No. 429874 ID: c3ec0a
File 134165434549.png - (118.47KB , 1000x600 , profile.png )

A profile is mapped out in my mind about this team as I interview the "commandos". Quest paused for some time (dayz!time)
No. 435070 ID: c3ec0a
File 134288407735.png - (185.27KB , 600x300 , portraits_jo_may.png )


I get this excellent idea to practice room occupation with the commando younglings inside the Skincracker. We storm a few rooms, a medical bay, the cybernetic bay, the holding cells and some crew quarters. The occasional other crew members lay their eyes on our business with pure awe.


As I watch my squad practice I find two promising individuals to be promoted as non-commissioned officer. Their military names are Jo No Llama No Gay and May There Be More Gore. Others are quite level. As what comes to altering the commando tactics, I would have to manage the squad equipment and give special training to each of the specialization types in just three days.


Three of the frogs want to lead operations. One of them is unfit and mentally disabled. Six frogs want to just kill toads as much as possible and eight frogs do whatever their parents did when they died in the Eternal Battle.

Should I now divide the 17 frog commandos I have under my command into 2 platoons and 6 teams? What should each separate platoon do? Which type of a team should I personally join?

>assigning squads

I don’t know if I have time to do other than arm and equip these different roles in the fashion of one being a support frog, one frog tanking and one dealing with heavy weapons. Also, I’m not sure what you mean by supporting and tanking? If you mean an unmanned heavily armoured vehicle I think that sounds like the handwork of an electrician.

Maybe I’ll be able to talk the electrician of the ship into fielding a drone battleoid! That’ll slow down the squads and the operation and make the teams heterogenous, but if it’s what it takes to cut down casualties, I’ll do it. I seriously need to get these excited frogs gain experience in killing.


While practicing I try to investigate for any tedencies to look out for or take advantage of. The young commandos seem to avoid open risks, but keep up a speed that should come with practice and experience and not with imitation.

1/1 tedency/suggestion found: Imitation.
No. 435079 ID: 0006f5

do it, requisition a battleoid and leave nothing to chance !

what are some bad habits of yours ? and i agree, most of the squads should be fluid and able to withstand a ton of punishment, while one squad at most is the 'heavy hitter' card to pull out when the enemy makes the slightest opening.
No. 450043 ID: 710329
File 134643574405.png - (800.01KB , 1000x1000 , battleoid_garage.png )


The battleoid is now ready for baptism. It still needs to be told what to do. A famous Cybernetic Commando Virtual Intelligence formerly known as Wry-Lo has been uploaded to its artificial neural web - the artificial brain.

The battleoid is built of powered metal and nano-carbon plating. It has a zero-energy power source, that sucks energy from "the fabric of reality".

The weaponry is mainly three short barrel gauss cannons - sort of canister shot gauss cannons. On its left arm is a 6-pack of anti-personnel rockets that can cause critical damage through light armor and are also "AOE". Although these weapons aren't the best against armored turrets and opposing armors, battleoids and such - they sure frighten the hell out of light infantry.

>bad habits
Although my sexual desires aren't strong because of my toad-frog mixed blood, I enjoy slaughter. I also feel excited when I fire extremely heavy weapons like ship/fighter weapons. I also have fantasies of destruction and I like to fuck up things. The more complicated the object to foul up the more excitement and gratification. If you're a frog, don't get me into your bed - I'll more likely bugger up your organs than give you an incredible orgasm.
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