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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 146501300143.jpg - (99.90KB , 590x880 , Title Card Ch2 .jpg )
727677 No. 727677 ID: 4cb314

Chapter 1: tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/688371.html
Discussion: tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/97900.html

"Once more unto the breach...."
-William Shakespeare "Henry V"
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No. 727681 ID: 4cb314
File 146501310652.jpg - (360.05KB , 1868x996 , Ch2 page 1.jpg )

It seems that Jessica is in disposed at the moment, so you will have to choose someone else to follow for the time being. You can switch between characters at any time but please indicate to which character you want to switch to and the action you want them to take. So who is it going to be?

-Franchesco The Dingo
-Conrad the Dog
-Finkton the Deer
-Maria the Ram
-Irean the Ram
-Peter the Crow
No. 727684 ID: 4cb314

I think Franchesco has earned a few moments to calm down from that nightmare. He should thank Conrad for shooting whatever that thing was in the face. Also say hi to everyone and catch up on what's going on.
No. 727743 ID: de5ad9

I'm thinking of either franchesco or Conrad.

Also assess situation.
No. 728324 ID: 024d8b
File 146533191360.jpg - (368.63KB , 1868x996 , Ch2 page 2.jpg )

At the moment, Maria is trying to comfort Jessica who is laid out on the floor crying. Peter, Conrad, Irean, and Franchesco are all trying to rebuild the barricade while Finkton "supervises."

It seems as though you decision has come down to either Franchesco or Conrad. So who will it be?

-Franchesco the Dingo
-Conrad the Dog
No. 728328 ID: b17b81

Im for conrad then.
No. 728369 ID: 7d01b5

Franchesco the Dingo.
No. 728468 ID: ec4f1e

ok, let's go with Conrad
No. 728680 ID: 91ee5f

No. 728768 ID: 502b9c

Just for tie breaker purposes, I'm going to say Conrad now. Have him check in with Franchesco and ask about where Jessica came from.
No. 728803 ID: 502b9c
File 146562109679.jpg - (61.53KB , 557x524 , Ch2 page 2_5.jpg )

You have Chosen Conrad! Conrad is a truely natural leader, not the most athoritative individual in the room at the moment mind you, but still has all the natural skills required to keep the group calm and organized. He has a great deal of skill and proficiency with a variety of firearms and is known to be quite level headed. This does come into question though when his protective nature gets the best of him. Otherwise he is very well meaning, in good physical shape, strong willed and only realy has a weakness for a good drink.

Before any action can be taken though, Conrad needs to ask Franchesco a few things.
No. 728804 ID: 502b9c
File 146562123939.jpg - (123.01KB , 902x650 , Ch2 page 3.jpg )

Franchesco: "Thanks for saving our skins back there Conrad, I owe you big time!"

Conrad: "Sure thing Franchesco, who is that woman that was with you though?"

Franchesco: "She said her name's Jessica. Met her when I went to the third floor looking for supplies."

Conrad: "I thought we agreed that any supply runs should be done on THIS floor. We don't know if any of the other floors are safe!"

Franchesco: "I know that, but the only rooms that we know are safe from those things have all been picked clean, It was only a matter of time before someone went to the third floor. The good news though is that it paid off. Jessica found some fuses when I found her, all we need is to find the fuse-box and we can drive those things out of the building!"

Conrad: "Well that's some of the best news I've heard in a while, but the fuse-box is supposed to be on the 1st floor remember. We will discuss this with the others later. But, back to the previous topic, who is she?"

Franchesco: "Don't know, just another survivor I guess. Get this though, she never saw any monsters before that run in we had in the hall way."

Conrad: "I'd say that was suspicious if that thing didn't almost try and eat her a moment ago. Did you manage to find any more supplies?"

Franchesco: "A few more cans of food, but its not much."

Conrad: "OK, well when your done shoring up the barricade put them with the rest."

Please suggest an action.
No. 729102 ID: fae33a

Alright, First things first. How's everyone doing? and what kind of supplies do we have? Also, do you still have ammo?
No. 734442 ID: 2ecce3
File 146795069794.jpg - (240.30KB , 1504x1022 , Ch2 page 4.jpg )

Turning around, Conrad sees every one in the room. Franchesco and Peter are busy making sure the barricade is stable while Finkton..."Supervises" right behind them. Irean seems to be gearing up to start another argument with him again over his lack of active participation. And Maria is comforting our newest addition near the supply table, right where she landed after diving in here. Jessica... looks to be just completely breaking down and crying into Maria's chest.

Thanks to that monster showing up, Conrad had to use three rounds but his rifle still has four left, he also has ten rounds in his inventory. His inventory also includes a bedroll, a trench shovel, a loaded flare gun with a spare flare, and a box of Arte de la IronĂ­a cigars.

As for the supplies shared among the group; Conrad, Finkton, and Irean checked them and estimate it to be enough to last them at least a week. But since we now have a new mouth to feed....well... we will deal with it as it comes.

Any suggestions?
No. 734582 ID: 7b174a

I think it would be convenient to stop the imminent fighting, considering that there is someone in a weak state.

Aside from that, if there isn't any pressing matters, I would say that we should start planning on how to get to the fuse box, What do we know about our surroundings?
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