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File 153075712323.png - (38.08KB , 800x800 , 968.png )
891215 No. 891215 ID: bfb318

Wiki and previous threads: http://tgchan.org/wiki/AsteroidQuest
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Lagotrope

>"Arza, Penn."

Vanski says our names less to get our attention, and more to buy time to construct what he's going to say to us.

>"You won't be talking to the CAI directly. ASE - that's the Alliance of the Silhouette Empire - are hooking the CAI up to a data output terminal, which you will be reading off of."
>"No talking to the CAI directly? Really?" asks Arza.
>"Take it up with ASE if you have a problem with that. There is a dedicated CAI study lab. There will always be a guard there to walk you through through the entry and exit procedures. You'll both be in guest room number 5."

He walks around the desk to us.

>"And remember that no matter who gets access to protect or study the CAI, the CAI remains mine."

This insectoid alien, who's gotten insensibly close to us, waves us off with his clasper.
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No. 922928 ID: 91ee5f

>You are are an upstanding young lady speaking to a man of the faction who has attempted to kidnap you in the past
>attempted to kidnap you in the past
You’ve seen all of the data they have on you. They have the capability to kidnap you anytime they want. If they wanted to kidnap you, they would’ve already kidnapped you.
No. 922929 ID: 3cc68c

If you want to know about Arza's business you can ask him yourself.

I will talk about Raush if you ask nicely though.

As for what I am thinking?

Well after what happened to Raush I could ask you the same question. A old man in a wheelchair traversing the dimly lit halls alone? In a base full of horrible criminals no less. By any account you should be nervous as can be.

So I am not nervous for probably the same reasons you are not. (lets hoping his reason is he does not know any better)

(also we need to get a bodyguard. Ask for the big white neumono lady to be assigned to guard you)
No. 922930 ID: 2735ca

"If I should be nervous about all those things, then I should probably be nervous about answering questions, shouldn't I?"

But if you want to be polite and/or give an impression of honesty (which might be useful), tell him there aren't any safety measures you can take, anyway. What are you going to do, ask some trustworthy person to loan you their trustworthy guards? Hide away and not go anywhere at all? Where could you even hide, here? So there's nothing you can do, and if there's nothing you can do what point is there in being nervous?

There's a danger that if you don't answer him on what you're doing down here then he'll bother the neumono for that information, which you don't want. So tell him you were very interested to see what information they had on you in your file. Putting a slight edge of accusation/displeasure into your tone could deflect him a bit, and leave him with the impression you just came to see what they had on you.

>I didn't see a phone around here, and Arza broke my cell phone
... I guess this is the consequence of insisting your goggles and all the other bits of technology on your person be wired and not wireless. Though, wait, how did your goggles get loaded with the information to display names above people's heads, then?

I mean, they must have some sort of wireless network down here, right? What kind of laboratory complex doesn't have wifi? You need on-demand access to databases for like, research stuff. I mean you shouldn't be allowed to have phones down here, that makes sense because of the whole secret criminal base thing, but they'd need an internal system for themselves. And if they had wi-fi they would have some sort of in-base messaging system. Right? It would be ridiculous if they didn't, how would they expect to get work done at any modern speed? Write it on paper and stick it in vacuum tubes? This is a place of (criminal) business, here. People need to, like, send reports. Do accounting and stuff. I mean, maybe they don't? You could take advantage of that.

Anyway Penn you need to get yourself a device for access to the network here. I was kinda working off the assumption you had something of the sort the whole time.
No. 922931 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155097840502.png - (11.71KB , 800x800 , 1016.png )

"I have no more reason to be nervous than a lone old man wandering the halls in a wheelchair, after what happened to Raush. I doubt a convoy of guards, a well lit hall, and a camera would help me anyway."
>"Then I suggest you not wander far. You are valuable to ASE, and as a result, you are valuable to anyone who wants to have something that ASE wants. That is everyone here. You cannot trust anyone, and you are out of your element."
"My element doesn't matter. I'm here to help Arza. If you want to know his motives, ask him yourself. I'm not going to help you improve your psychological profile of me, especifically not if you're already having difficulty predicting or understanding my behavior."

He stares me down.

>"Let me made a prediction of your behavior, then. You don't want to be here. You never did. Arza tricked or coerced you into coming with him. Am I correct, Doctor?"
"Think what you want. I'm surprised you didn't take the opportunity to sell your faction as sympathetic, after one of your own was killed so closely to me."
>"Sympathy? We have attempted to kidnap you. We have spied on you relentlessly. You are a somewhat naive college girl underneath your cold facade, but not so naive that you would have been won over by an ASE member being killed."
"If you don't have a point to trying in trying to scare me, I'm leaving."

I say that, but he's still sitting in front of the door I took on my way in. Leaving involves walking by him or finding another way out. Either way, I should ask Arza about a wireless network around here, unless they're so paranoid about the CAI's capabilities that this place is completely wired. Even my goggle data was put in with a data plugin by Arza.

>"My point? You are trapped here. You've come here without any advantage over us, while we have every advantage over you. You have your own reputation to uphold, family back on Belenos, and friends even closer, such as Roxie. All of which we can hold over you. One way or the other, you will cooperate with us. I am obviously not a benevolent man, but while I could have you kidnapped at any time, I would still like to see you cooperate willingly. If you understand, then come with me. There is something I would like to have you look at."
No. 922932 ID: b1b4f3

This is a good chance to see some of the inner workings of ASE. Keep your enemies closer...
Also tell him you want to start talking to the CAI directly if there's something he wants from you. There has to be some give and take if you're going to work with... the director of ASE, I assume?
No. 922938 ID: 9125e0

I say fuck him, but we might just have to fallow him. You should go back and ask Ciphik if he has a phone? Then try to call Azra for the ok. If not possible Fallow him but make sure you have a weapon of some sort, Mind the shadows and vents. This is also a good time to learn more about ASE and OPA, But remember that questions kill.
No. 922941 ID: afdebc

>Leaving involves walking by him or finding another way out.
It would be pretty poor design from both a safety and security standpoint if there were only one way in or out of this block. Not really worth it to spite him, though.

>Either way, I should ask Arza about a wireless network around here, unless they're so paranoid about the CAI's capabilities that this place is completely wired.
That has its own risks, since any wireless device you're accessing can be hacked.

>>"My point? You are trapped here. You've come here without any advantage over us, while we have every advantage over you.
[sarcasm]"Yes, which is why leaving the army I brought along for protection behind when I went to walk the dark halls was so foolish."[/sarcasm]

>There is something I would like to have you look at.
"Show me what you've got to show me."
No. 922943 ID: 86eb65

And we both know why you never really tried hard to kidnap me before. Because deep down you don't want me to hate you and you are to scared to push that hard.

Having me join you willingly is your dream I bet.

So here is your chance to convince me. Lets hear your pitch on the way to whatever this is you want me to look at. I have spent my whole life looking over my shoulder at you idiots. Would be nice to finally find out exactly what you want.
No. 922945 ID: 2735ca

"My reputation was ruined the moment I was brought here. If this base was found and I got out right now, even this barest interaction with criminal scientists would be enough for belenosians afraid of what I am to push for me to be under house arrest the rest of my life. My family I'm sure are under watch, just in case their genes do the same trick again, and with your wonderfully detailed files on me you should understand already that my family and I couldn't care less about each other by this point, in case my leaving to an entirely different planet didn't tell you as much. As for my "friends", I have school acquaintances I barely knew outside study groups and one roommate who was effectively my maid. She was probably fast enough to call in my abduction that she's under watch as well. In other words, just because I don't credit your organization with enough intelligence to realize it on its own: my reputation, family and "friends" are not worth what you'd have to spend and risk to use them."

"Since I've clarified that, let me clarify further: yes, since you seem to want me to acknowledge it, I am afraid of you and your people. It is the same kind of fear I'd have for a toddler with a loaded gun. What I feel more of is contempt. As a scientist, I am open to revising my assumptions, but so far my impression of you is a group of people trying to rebuild a demonstrably failed system that existed on the scale of a mere star system when we live in a galaxy. A group of people who call themselves scientists but wear black coats because they care less about the practical reasons for wearing white than they do looking impressive and intimidating."

"The fact of the matter is, sir, that I have such a low opinion of your group's competence at this point that, even with all your intimidations, I would be more afraid for myself and the things I care about if I did work with you. After all, Raush was with you, wasn't he? We've seen how that ended for him. Prove me wrong on that, first, and then perhaps you can try scaring me again."

"For now, if you have something you want me to look at, you can make a request for my time with my boss. Or you can try bribing me. You'll have to account for the price of the insurances I'd need, though."
No. 922947 ID: b970b2

I think we should go with them, if only to learn more about ASE. However we're in a bit of a awkward spot at the moment, by showing resistance they think they need to bring up what points of leverage they can use against us. So going with them just indicates that those might be effective against us.

This actually works pretty well, it establishes that we're not afraid of them, while going with them.

Too wordy. Keep it simple, by addressing each of their points in turn they can infer that we care enough about each of them to try and make them think they're not important to us. And trying to intimidate them when they know we have no leverage over them in return seems ill-advised, it's basically daring them to test the levers they have.
No. 922950 ID: de6d84

Short and simple, I like this.
No. 922951 ID: 465a14

as much fun as imagining speeches where you totally own people is they don't fit here so I'll go with >>922941
No. 922952 ID: 15a025

I'd say go with him, but make sure to watch your surroundings and keep a mental map of things on your way.
No. 922953 ID: 2735ca

It is a bit wordy, I admit, but it's a sentiment I still think Penn should go for.

Just something along the lines of "dude you couldn't keep one of your most valuable guys alive, I have an extremely low opinion of you for that and many more reasons and unless you prove otherwise I'd be more scared being on your side than I am of your threats" would be nice.
No. 922954 ID: 10c408

Noope. Don't go with him. do not. Just. No.

Bluff your ass off, Penn.

"No. If you insist on being between me and that door, Vanski's eventually going to start asking questions about why I'm late to report back to him."

Give him a few seconds to gauge his reaction.

Whether or not he caves on this, we're gonna get some information on how much clout the ASE has with Vanski.
No. 922955 ID: bad12e


Man, his diplomacy desperately needs work. Creating ultimatums and threats before even presenting a lure? It's far easier to just inform us that there is something he wishes for us to see; appeal to our very naivety and curiosity he goes on so much about ...

That said, ask him what it is. Then we'll decide if it's interesting enough for a naive college girl to wish to see.
No. 922956 ID: 2735ca

Like, if Penn does represent some sort of ideal to them, the idea that she looks down on them would really hurt. These guys are basically the belenosian equivalent of neo-nazis, they're hungry for pride, they want to be cool and scary, they want to be big boys, they have insecurities. If Penn can trick them into trying to impress her, that could spin into a big advantage. And, while obviously Penn doesn't want to try "reform" them, if she makes some attempt to redirect their ideology she could at least plant the seed of a splinter faction in their organization. Cause some civil war. These kinds of people are always ready to start infighting, and the more effort they spend on each other the less they'll have to mess with her or resist the authorities.
No. 922958 ID: 470289

Go see it.
No. 922963 ID: 91ee5f

>There is something I would like to have you look at.
“Is it an old man on the floor next to a tipped over wheelchair?”

Please don’t actually say this, it was meant as a joke!

But seriously, Penn, you’ve got to find someone in this place that you can trust to be your bodyguard so that you don’t have to always be looking over your shoulder every time you walk down the hallways!

>try to turn them against each other
I would love to see these guys tear themselves apart if we can get that to happen.
No. 922966 ID: 0c3c2c

Hmmm. Idea: Have the Neumono move him out of the way.
No. 922976 ID: 91ee5f

What Neumono? Penn and the old guy are the only ones here.
No. 922990 ID: 2007b6

>You are valuable to ASE, and as a result, you are valuable to anyone who wants to have something that ASE wants.
All these threats are a distraction from the hard fact that you've still got sole control over something the ASE seems to want more than anything: your own personal attention. Tell him if he's got something so important to show you, he should schedule an appointment and/or mail you all the relevant documentation like a normal sane scientist, instead of trying to corner you in an alley like a cheap thug. Then, walk away.
No. 923035 ID: 2202fb


You are kind of vulnerable as you are now. When you do go, you should wear a needle-proof layer under your clothing along with a respirator.
No. 923080 ID: fd2d31

Any surveillance or nearby potential witnesses?
If no, then why not kill the old goat?
worst case, it would send a message that you don't Fuck with Penn without getting hurt.
No. 923093 ID: 2870a3

sorry >>923080
but are you serious?
please be a joke because that is the worst idea to exist
for so many reasons no do not do that
the worst case situation is so much worse than penn getting "street cred"
No. 923112 ID: 2202fb

Aww, but that good street cred

But seriously, this is a very bad idea.


We shouldn't walk past this guy cuz he could easily inject or spray us with something.

Could we see if we could chat with the big neumono for now?
No. 923137 ID: 39e3f1

Instead of actually kill him, we metaphorically kill him. Like "hey bro I know you guys probably look down on the soft sciences, lemme give you some psychology insight, threatening someone won't work if they think everything you threaten them with will happen anyway if they do what you say. You already told me there are people who'd want me just to spite/bribe you guys, no reason they couldn't try the same threats, and if you want to offer me protection then ok let me just ask Raush how good you are at that oh wait"
No. 923159 ID: bcc41d

"It's true. You have many advantages. Behind the veneer, surely I am just a scared girl, out of her element, vulnerable - but these advantages are not that new. You have always had resources, and opportunities, and have stopped short earlier. So, the scared girls thinks, what has really changed?

Who do you think is being played here? Me, for coming? Or you, for your attempt at coercing me once you became aware I was here? I had reasons to join Arza. You have reasons to try to coerce me. Who's to say you're not being set up here? Isn't that why you are not, in fact, coercing me, merely implying that you have the means to? Or is it all out of courtesy to our host, who also has some interest in me and can monitor our conversations?"

Wield Vanski's interest in you as a weapon. They can't kidnap or harm you here - this is HIS place, and if they want to be welcome here they can't just out-and-out snatch one of the people he may end up relying on to get the CAI working again.

Is that visor removable? Reach out and pluck it from his brow. Hold it at an angle that lets you have a quick look at what it's saying and what he's looking at right now (take pictures with your own visor). Then plonk it back on his noggin. Seek refuge in audacity.

"Forgive me. I was curious whether it was bionic or not - and, to be honest, whether you shared my eyes. I cannot be the only one you've found before."
No. 923164 ID: d8f1e9

Go with him to see what he's got, minimal talk.
No. 923167 ID: 363437

Speeches and ultimatums look like childish outbursts.

Ask him why you should go with him. The last thing he just said was to not trust him and that wandering these hallways with strangers was stupid.

Is he extending a offer of protection? What do you get out of going with him?
No. 923194 ID: b970b2

No. ASE are fond of cybernetics, there's nothing to suggest that this guy isn't augmented enough to defend himself if we attack. Remember, he's saying we're foolish for going on our own, but he feels safe enough to confront us on his own. Which might mean either he's competent enough to defend himself, or has guards and such hidden.

>>923137 >>923159
Can we not give them reasons to test the points of leverage they have on us? Belittling, disregarding them, or insulting them is just posturing they can see through. I don't us to wake up next morning and be given a box with Roxie's ear in or something as a warning to comply and follow their instructions.
No. 923199 ID: bcc41d

If Penn is going to be pushed around, she should explore the limits of her capacity to push back and what all this means. Sure, we can find out what this dangerous fellow has in mind - although it's a risk trusting and following him - and we can soften and shorten the response with respect to the criminal organization he's a part of and the threats he's making, but I disagree - and Penn should disagree - with the idea that they have as much power over her as they imply they do.

If that was so, she'd already be in their hands and with far less choice. Old man goat here indicated as much - they're not that interested in playing nice and they know plenty about her already thanks to their surveillance efforts. Why then suggest they're still playing nice because they want her to help them 'willingly'?

There are surely reasons - practical and political - that they have not managed to effectively wield these threats against Penn before. Why would the nature of those threats change when she is herself all of a sudden closer to them? The people they are threatening are still where they always were. Rather, why didn't the nature of the threats change? You'd think, right now, that physical threats would be more pressing. If they're going for 'oh we'll get your future, your family and your dog/neumono, too' instead of 'do as we say or we'll break your knees', that is something to note. Perhaps it's just their psych evaluation figuring out what threat would work the best, but... their current level of coercion is nothing they couldn't have done at any time before.

Which, thankfully, must mean that breaking your knees is not high on their list of available options. At least not presently.

Penn should give them the impression that certain threats do not scare or impact her, precisely so that these threats become less useful to them and thus gets less used. It might be posturing, but it's no less effective than, apparently, what they're doing right now. Penn turning up here changed shit in regards to the threats they posed against her reputation, family and friends. They could've sent an anonymous message titled 'ASE' and this would have had about as much impact. In fact, they probably have one written and waiting, if not already in the mail.

An ASE representative turning up being cryptic and threatening and for once being an adressable factor and not just this vague shadow hanging over her life is probably of no help when it comes to resisting making big speeches and ultimatums, I'd say... but I'll cede that the response should be kept civil and short.

Really want to have a peek at the insides of that visor, though.
No. 923219 ID: 470289

Ask for something you want in return for doing what he wants willingly. He might be willing to get you something menial for him but important for you. No clue what that'd be though.
No. 923289 ID: c0641d

Honestly, if we think we can get away with it, I'd waste this guy while we have the chance. Surely, there are corners of the base where there isn't enough hackable tech to justify a camera? "I suggest you follow me, first."
No. 923292 ID: 2735ca

He's almost certainly some sorta cyborg or something, though. He's in a wheelchair, but that in itself is super suspicious given that medical technology for belenosians especially is super advanced, like "just grow me some new legs and stick em on" advanced if I remember right. Maybe his legs don't work because of some experiment gone wrong or something, but that doesn't mean the rest of his body isn't full of stuff.

Actually, that makes me think of a new angle on his questions. He's down here alone, so maybe he has some reason to think he's fine on his own, like he has some hidden thing to let him take care of himself. Maybe he's wondering if Penn's behaviour means she has some hidden means of taking care of herself.
No. 923819 ID: 574c72

"You talk about "we", but you're here alone. How do I even know you represent your whole organization? Someone like you should have an assistant anyway, and if you were intending to threaten me with the ASE's power, you should have someone at your shoulder as proof of your backing. It's not like you're going to act out those threats your own self, is it? You're also awfully willing to burn any chance of good will from me. Yes, you've tried to kidnap me, but your ultimate goals haven't been clear. There was still a chance of converting me over time. Going straight to threats seems short-sighted for a large group... but maybe not for an individual with their own plan."

"Tell you what: I'll ask the neumono where I could find one of your compatriots. We'll go visit them and see if they agree with you. Not too much of a diversion, right?... In fact, why don't I call out some of the neumono anyway?"

Best case scenario: There's someone he doesn't want to know he came down here, and with the neumono as witnesses who can't effectively lie, we could blackmail him and simultaneously get on their good side by splitting the benefit of that with them.
No. 923827 ID: 10c408

That's not going to work.

For one, the neumono here are highly unlikely to go along with trying to play the unauthorized access game.

and for two... You want to try and get this guy busted for unauthorized access by... fetching another ASE clown? We'd have better luck getting someone who actually works for Vanski that isn't an arkot.

And for three, he's still in-between us and our point of entrance that we'd need to go and fetch someone.
No. 923853 ID: 7d9d06

I think we should listen to his magnificent beard.

I mean I think we should listen to him. He seems like a reasonable beard. I mean guy. I meant guy.
No. 923868 ID: c1212a

I know there's already one person here who doesn't give a damn about any of that. Your power is more tenuous than you say.
No. 924562 ID: 574c72

The point of it is to maximize the chances of finding an ASE member who's not in on it with this guy, which he probably doesn't want, as opposed to asking him to call a backup and getting someone who's in his pocket. Besides that, though, the journey up towards a lab where such a person would be would bring Penn along areas where she could just run away relatively easily. We go up there "with" him, see?

Like... worst case scenario on what Penn is is that she's a ready-made brain transfer vessel for someone else to download themselves into, which is backed up a bit by the ASE having all her physical and potential-identity-theft-related information but not notes on her mentality/personality. Given that possibility, then, she should be very wary of an old wheelchair-bound ASE belenosian asking her to go off somewhere in an evil laboratory with him, right? And him dashing down here to do it the moment she's alone would suggest maybe the ASE doesn't agree among themselves who should get her, since they only have one of her and there are probably a lot of them who want a new body.

If we confirmed all this as being the case then it might be an idea to try set up and pull off a fake brain transfer where we kill someone and pretend they overwrote Penn, but that'd be kinda risky. They're not going to do that sort of thing without multiple people overseeing the operation. If this guy wanted to do it then he probably has some goons waiting somewhere to spring on Penn and strap her into the machine.

I mean there are other possibilities for what's going on here but a little paranoia in the evil crime science cave is probably wise.
No. 924601 ID: 977456

Ooooh yeah, that is my kind of paranoia. Penn, he is definitely planning to body-jack you. Clean your goggles and use the reflection to subtly check behind you. They have probably hacked the personnel tracking system the goggles use. Remember that horns, beards, and robes all make for great leverage in a fight, but that robes can conceal weapons.
No. 924602 ID: a9af05

>Steal Penn's body and put someone else's mind in it.
You know, there is such a thing as being a little too paranoid, right?

And if that is what they planned, then what are they going to do with Penn, leave her as a brain in a jar?

It would honestly be much easier for them to attempt brainwashing instead of body stealing.
No. 924618 ID: 977456

They will want personal power. There is a huge difference between controlling the emperor and being the emperor.
As for difficulty? Modifying a brain directly requires insane amounts of data and ludicrously precise tools. Manipulating its own systems requires control, resources, knowledge, and most of all time, which complicates all the other needs, especially when dealing with a freak instance that apparently they lack mental data on. Brain-transplant requires surgery and some adapters. It also avoids many vectors for mental correction that imperial biology might possess.
Penn's brain will be dissected for study. People have an amazing capacity for focused self-worth. Replacing an uncooperative brain with your own enlightened genius is an easy step even if it is your god's brain.
No. 924639 ID: 2735ca

Brain transplant? How unsophisticated! Remember, these guys have access to salvaged ancient imperial belenosian technology, and are the most likely people to know how to use it, given their obsession with it and lack of restrictions. The old imperials were AT LEAST able to transfer people's minds to robot bodies, and it's not a stretch to think they could download those minds back to bio brains again, too - at least into one that was specifically designed to accept that sort of thing. Like Penn's might have been.

Of course, if I was the sapphire emperor, and went to enough trouble to stick a mark of ownership right on my clone-vessel's eyeballs, I'd have taken steps to make sure anyone who wasn't me who tried to move into one of my vessels got a nasty surprise. Maybe something along the lines of "whoops, you didn't input the password, now your mind is the one that gets taken apart and its knowledge stolen", but it's too high a potential price to risk.
No. 925426 ID: 58c855

Threatening Roxie and your family is crossing a line. Maintaining your reputation is not nearly as important as them. Show him exactly why it was a mistake for him to assume that you'd be easy to manipulate.
No. 925980 ID: e95cec

I kindof agree with this guy's points. In general, it seems like trying to verbally own this guy may just cause more harm of one variety or another.

If feasible, maybe see if you can call Arza from the lab. Dunno, really.
No. 929677 ID: 7d9d06


> your own reputation to uphold
> family back on Belenos
acceptable losses
> friends even closer, such as Roxie
just an overly affectionate bag of meat
> One way or the other, you will cooperate with us
I think not.
> come with me. There is something I would like to have you look at.

Guess you have to go with him then. Or else you'll never find out what cool shiny thing he wants to have you look at!
No. 929809 ID: 977456

A policy of not following ASE members around has avoided involvement in at least one murder in the past 24 hours. This is a trend that you should continue.
No. 930297 ID: 8eaf98

It is true! What are we if not processers of information, that becomes hard when we have very little information! That said, some information comes at too high a cost. This may be one of those times.
No. 930305 ID: 46a2c4

While i agree with your logic and the reasoning behind it... i still think it best to follow him.
Sure he MAY be after our body and MAY just break our mind, but if we dont follow him or at least see this through. May becomes WILL. Plus like another post we are an emperor clone and they already have our biological data. Why not just grow your own emperor? Probably can't if they havent yet.
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