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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 155094927490.jpg - (335.34KB , 3000x3000 , OOIP.jpg )
922894 No. 922894 ID: 4a8fd8

Headache. Your head hurts. You... you can't recall anything. YOU CAN'T RECALL ANYTHING! YOU CAN'T...

...ok, no time for that. You think and recall:

You found something round and ate it and now these voices talk to you. You're blind. And... this seems odd, but, perhaps due to the fact you're blind, you can make this mental "map" in your head to get a idea of where you are.

...so... what... do you do? and what ARE you, even?
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No. 922895 ID: 4a8fd8

(My bad! I forgot, you're only able to remember what happened 10 minutes ago!)
No. 922898 ID: 977456

Clearly, you are a janitor. More specifically, you were sentenced to a century of undead community service for several counts of negligent omnicide. Not like it was your fault, you were just eating. Life just isn't wasn't fair for a slime composed of networked particles that convert organic matter into more of themselves. But now you are stuck as a janitor ghost to use your powers of eating for the good of the community from beyond the grave. You are hoping to get enough good will or illicit contacts to get a full revivification at some point...
No. 922899 ID: 4a8fd8
File 155095460131.png - (3.47KB , 1261x800 , Untitled.png )


So... you're a JANITOR SLIME... ghost thing. Ok, that... kind of helps. But... not much.

Feeling around, the space seems to be... small. And trashlike.

The world seems so big... what do you do? And... who's that voice? Maybe they have a name. You've decided since they knew what happened to you... why not... hm...

Memorybringer. That'll do. That can be their name.

Again, what do you do?
No. 922913 ID: 977456

It is quite apparent that something is eating your memories, and, by proxy, your brain-equivalent.
Panic. Flee. Swift as you can. Anywhere is fine just not here.
No. 922915 ID: df0c42

Seek the exit.
No. 922920 ID: c52d35

Check for recyclable (edible) trash and then pop open the lid.
No. 922965 ID: 4a8fd8


The voices are right. Freewings, you're calling these two. So you leave. But... well, you stayed for a reason: You're blind, remember?

You have no idea where you are now, if you went north, or south, or... or up...


You do feel somewhat more comfortable having listened to this voice beforehand, Trash...thing (you'll make a better name later), and grabbing something familiar.

It seems metallic and roundish. A trash can lid, maybe?
No. 922993 ID: 977456

Equip shield
No. 922997 ID: 4a8fd8


Shield equipped!

...Doesn't... help much...
No. 923005 ID: 11d31d

>if you went north, or south, or... or up...
Can't you feel the gravity?

Being limited to tactile sensations, use your slime abilities to flatten yourself so you can 'feel' more space at once.

Stop moving for a moment and focus on your perceptions. Feel the ground and try to describe where you are sitting. Can you hear anything? If not, slap the trash lid to determine if you're deaf.

If you are still feeling just trash, assume you're in a landfill and move on a single direction, avoiding 'climbing up' the trash as that van mean a trash pile.
No. 923006 ID: 4a8fd8


Something feels nontrashlike, at the least. You can hear thing, but you have no idea what they are.

You still can't see, remember? Heck, how are you remembering these things?
No. 923046 ID: 2202fb

As a slime, we are able to morph ourselves into different shapes and consistencies. We are also a hermaphrodite, able to form or remove either or both gender's characteristics. We are also highly resistant to poison, however we are also prone to dilution if we come in contact with large bodies of water.
We should be able to form sensory organs in order to see, hear, etc.
No. 923057 ID: 4a8fd8


Already got most of that covered, but...

No matter how hard you try to make working eyes, you just... can't. Sure, you can make it LOOK like you have working eyes, but you can't SEE with them. So no dice with that...

More of those things you hear. Which way?
No. 923063 ID: 2202fb

hmm, you should be able to...

maybe you are mentally handicapped somehow.
No. 923108 ID: 977456

Meh, slimes come in all sorts, some are just viscous puddles who only know Splash. In future, sonar might be viable?

Stay still under your shield and listen for voices that aren't signs of insanity.
No. 923117 ID: 2202fb

what if this voice is a sign of insanity though?

Idk what to do, i still dont have a good idea of what our situation is.
No. 923236 ID: 0be68b

Just start touching everything and map it out in your mind. Mayhaps you encounter an exit.
No. 923243 ID: c52d35

Try spreading out to feel more of your sourroundings. Figure out how malleable your shape is while you're at it.
No. 923247 ID: 4a8fd8
File 155109451508.png - (5.87KB , 1261x800 , Untitled.png )


You've decided to make like a turtle, and use the trashlid as a "shell". This should protect you... this area... feels longer. It might not ACTUALLY be longer, but it FEELS longer...
No. 923298 ID: 6f6f25

Be the other guy
No. 923320 ID: 977456

Clang your shell and listen for sooner/louder/nearer and later/quieter/further echoes.
No. 923328 ID: 2202fb

might it be possible that we can actually see but we are just in complete and utter darkness?
No. 923435 ID: 4a8fd8


...You swear you have this urge to strike a pose because shit just got real...

...but nothing's gotten real whatsoever. You ignore this sensation.




a clang echoes back after a while, as well as sounds you don't recognize.

"Hey, Joe, ya hear that?"
"What, that sound of some poor bastard gettin' run over?"

You don't understand what they're saying...

(So why can you, the viewer understand? For your sake.)
No. 923438 ID: 6f6f25

Wonder how you got a sensation that did not even apply to anything at all...
No. 923978 ID: 4a8fd8

A road's ahead, maybe. You think it is, cause you heard sounds.

Do you:
Go cross the road
Look for another way
Just go back to the junkyard
No. 924005 ID: 977456

Cross the road. Ask yourself why you did that.
No. 924423 ID: 4a8fd8


You do so. And... you feel... a sense of... pride? You feel kinda free. And hungry.

So now what?
No. 924453 ID: 977456

Spread out and test the surroundings for palatability.
No. 924629 ID: 4a8fd8

It's smooth and rocky. It doesn't feel like road. And you've felt road. That was why you got chained up, that mess...
No. 925623 ID: 6f6f25

Wait, what chains? You have never mentioned us being all chained up until this point.
No. 926487 ID: f2320a

Try to remember
No. 930056 ID: f2320a

go around without aim try to feel for anything blocking you

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