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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 136470426630.gif - (491.88KB , 250x188 , 1345507760339.gif )
24220 No. 24220 ID: 2a163c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Everybody post a bird.
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No. 28009 ID: 2a8a36
File 147464706747.jpg - (326.66KB , 1140x1602 , image.jpg )

He's here
No. 28035 ID: 37f049
File 147574099529.jpg - (91.94KB , 940x627 , doing_what_a_pelican_can.jpg )

What are birds?
No. 28036 ID: b7883c
File 147590362901.jpg - (11.40KB , 236x224 , 0d9b16124c18d066e2bed04c65e78533.jpg )

A miserable little pile of peeprets!
No. 28078 ID: 37f049
File 147645298172.jpg - (136.07KB , 761x700 , swiggity_swooty.jpg )

But enough talk, have at you!
No. 28360 ID: 0055dc
File 148624897172.jpg - (5.65MB , 5312x2988 , 0204171711.jpg )

The block has been invaded by an army of good animals.

While out walking doggo too many bird perched on a single branch which caused it to snap and raised a large feathery commotion.

File 147732631992.jpg - (16.73KB , 238x328 , kwang_nam_jang_82266.jpg )
28099 No. 28099 ID: 2dee8e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

post comics/manga/manwha that you think are really good.
i'll start with Hellper.
is a fantastic romp of comedy, action, drama, and FEELS. like holy shit, i was not expecting anywhere near this many feels from something staring this guy.
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No. 28245 ID: 9f3729
File 148265123631.png - (373.04KB , 960x1508 , img000060.png )

Also, here's fire punch, possibly the most metal manga ever after Berzerk.

The protagonist is a dude who's superpower is swift regeneration who got set on fire by another dude who's superpower is producing flames that don't go out unless he wills it.
As you can imagine, he's pretty fucking pissed about being on fire and vows to kill the guy who did it.

This is all set in a post-apocalyptic winter and it's a pretty fun ride!
No. 28276 ID: 47f07a

I signed up for dude on eternal fire punching shit and ended up getting crazymotherfuckers in their underwear beating the shit out of people
No. 28302 ID: 4cc846

so 11/10 is what you're sayin'?
No. 28306 ID: 47f07a

Oh yes. The scene with Director Lady driving the truck was great.
No. 28359 ID: 621cb9
File 148624069808.jpg - (121.08KB , 564x751 , 6fa10dc0a32d14ff686ae16cb3d22527.jpg )

Requiem Chevalier Vampire is the best comic I have read. It's French, but there are translations floating about.

It's about a Wehrmacht soldier from the Eastern front who enters as a vampire into a bizarre and inverted underworld where the most evil people in life were rewarded with power in the afterlife. A lot of real figures show up in the story re-imagined as characters.

It has enjoyable humour and aesthetics. Somewhat outdated 1990s edgy looking shit, but it has some cool designs also.

File 147869368378.png - (1.12MB , 640x1136 , IMG_4952.png )
28124 No. 28124 ID: b9aa79 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Who else thinks America is fucked rn
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No. 28267 ID: 9f3729

I'm getting salty now so I'm gonna take a step back, if I'm wrong yeah show me I'm wrong, but this is what I'm aware of about the situation and I'm not sure what reducing those regulations will ever accomplish towards fixing the broken economies of places with no industry to speak of.
No. 28268 ID: 0d6c82

>Even if every single person in wyoming voted for a single candidate, they would make up less than one fifth of one percent of the vote. So if they were stuck with the popular vote, their votes literally would not have mattered in any election in the history of the nation.
That is still something that applies to any small minority. For example, muslims are ~1% of the US population, so would they have a similar claim to having no political influence? (Or does government not have the power to set policy to their detriment?)

>It's really weird to me how the same people who championed the various 'occupy' movements and crowed about the 1% are suddenly pro-'rich get richer' when it comes to economic policies that are keeping THEM richer.
So you don't think Trump will make the rich richer with his proposed tax plan?
No. 28269 ID: a788b7


>Draft legislation aimed outside the college so it's good parts stick around and burn the rest of it out of our system like the parasitic entity it's become.

I agree entirely that the electoral college should be reformed.

>There you are sticking words in my mouth again. I'm saying don't drag our reasonably ok economies down to where yours are at because you're bitter the jobs in your area dried up.

I'm not sticking words on your mouth when you're the one saying them, Mr. 1%.

Why shouldn't the funds that were meant to help people through the recession gone to the people who were ACTUALLY suffering? That sort of shit is what I'm talking about. Not feeding funds that are supposed to be relief to the corporate interest groups in large, wealthy cities is not the same thing as 'dragging them down' to anyone else's level. You're just proving my point there; you piss and moan about the people who have more than you want to keep it for themselves, but fuck other people with less than you - their requests for help are just requests to drag you down to their level.

>and I'm not sure what reducing those regulations will ever accomplish towards fixing the broken economies of places with no industry to speak of.

Do you not understand that things like tariffs and restrictions on contracts for companies with non-domestic production are regulation, not deregulation? That's the platform that Trump ran on, not removing regulations. I'm kind of confused as to where you got the idea that I support a deregulated economy.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 28271 ID: 9f3729

I think we might have had a bit of a misunderstanding on both ends, if I'm reading this right. I thought you were working off the "deregulating businesses will bring back jobs" argument, a common theme amongst the more extremist right-wing politicals and something I have personal beef with for being a very poor idea. That was a shitty assumption to make, sorry about that. I go on about not making snap judgements but it's a hard habit to train yourself out of.

Conversely, it seems you think I was arguing in favor of the very tax breaks I've been condemning. Stuff like the tax break you get for marriage, for example: That one is only really a big help to people who are already fairly wealthy with a lot of assets. It's things like that I am very much against, I would rather see meaningful tax breaks to people under the lower-middle class bracket. Even reducing the wage taxes on them by a quarter would do wonders for their purchasing power and the economy.

Other things I do want to see kept around, if modified: the idea of using Tax Breaks to encourage good corporate behaviour has, at best, been somewhat ineffective in my eyes. Creating a tax break for job creation, for example, just seems to result in a lot of cheap and shitty minimum wage jobs and reduces how much pull-in we get from those companies in tax revenue, further affecting our deficit and public works funding.

Instead, I'd like to see that become a legal requirement for companies breaching above a certain operational capacity. Perhaps they can maneuver around profit margin-based laws through clever accounting, but limiting the spread of these companies would serve a dual purpose: it would leave the door open for newer companies to sprout up (encouraging competition and diversity) an
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 28275 ID: db0acd

>Muslims do not have their own governing body in the united states.
I concede that there is a point that anti-discrimination would be best handled on a constitutional or supreme court rather than executive level while you can't not 'discriminate' against states in the economic sense that a lot of federal money allocation is done by state. It still is the downside that the fact that the electoral college also effects social issues has contributed to the country's course towards making those "should be" constitutional and court protections farther from actual protections. Well, you have convinced me from being entirely against the electoral college to being ambivalent about it.

Aside from the existence of the electoral college overall, would you agree that it would be better to have electoral college votes just be decided by the people who vote for them rather than being an actual person who could change their mind? For example, I loathe Trump and think he will be awful for the country but still think it would have set a likely worse precedent for US democracy in the long run if the electors had voted in Clinton despite being voted otherwise.

>understanding why the DNC threw the country away running an unelectable candidate means you support trump!
I did misread your earlier post as being about presidential politics when it was more general, but since you bring it up now Clinton is overly pro-rich while being less pro-rich than Trunp (awful two party system and all that).

File 148053407278.png - (430.07KB , 544x416 , TitleScreen.png )
28184 No. 28184 ID: e136ae hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So I had a few conversations with people last night about the Dungeon concept. Some people wanted a more permanent link to test it out.

This is a conceptual, incomplete game I made in RPG Maker. The inspiration for Rekki, Nem & Macha all began here. Other characters like the witch and the bloodslinger were less interesting and never made it into quests.


That's the original concept test I did for a Dungeon that gets angry over time. It has a few RNG elements, but these elements are impacted by the Dungeon's rage. While I could go back and fix some elements, I'd just as soon start fresh and plan things out so the code can be more optimized and less experimental.

Plus maybe learn some RUBY to do some more advanced things.

It's made entirely with default assets -- at the time I wanted to see how much I could do with just scripting and standard assets.

Quick FAQ:
Q: Is this finished?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 28199 ID: 9f3729

needs more creeping dread and more playing around with the concept than just harder monsters, like more traps and harder to navigate areas.
Maybe style it similar to Witch's House and have it slowly become an impenetrable deathtrap of monsters and booby traps
No. 28201 ID: e136ae

Appreciate the feedback. I'm going to be addressing stuff like that in the next test. Right now it's just about testing potential.

File 147948609242.gif - (1.40MB , 300x225 , derail.gif )
28158 No. 28158 ID: 595d54 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So what's up with the IRC right now? .gif not really related, I know, but it was the first one I saw.
No. 28159 ID: 398fe1

What do you mean?
No. 28161 ID: d163e3

The IRC is ok
No. 28164 ID: 395c02


No. 28122 ID: 398fe1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Circa Infinity is a very unique almost-platformer almost-puzzle game, where you navigate through a stage by navigating inwards through successive circles. Enemy/obstacle mechanics slowly become more complicated with each stage you complete. At the end you have to keep track of like five different things at once, it's a real brain workout.

I really loved this game and want to see more people playing it. Maybe someone will upload a proper speedrun someday, even!

My sloppy attempt at speedrun mode is 1:26:21. BEAT MY TIME.

File 146293941650.gif - (2.00MB , 341x321 , 1313013119066.gif )
27775 No. 27775 ID: 8013df hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

What's with the new captchas? I always thought no captchas was an advantage tgchan had over /tg/. That and I can't see for shit and fail half my captchas.
No. 27776 ID: 5ad4a7

Somebody decided to flood the quest board, that's why.

Blame that guy, whoever it was.
No. 27778 ID: 0eaeaf

...And I just lost all the text of my latest update.

Thanks captcha.

F*ck you random spammer.
No. 27779 ID: 15a025

Probably a good idea to save a back up copy of your updates in the future. Never know when something might brake and you lose your updates.
No. 27782 ID: 06b6c5


Were you using quick reply? It's only new threads and quick reply (in other words, the post entry field on the front page of /quest/) that has a captcha requirement. If you post from within the threads, there's no captcha.
No. 28113 ID: 1b8f07

I also always had the problem that longer texts were suddenly gone...
Especially when I am clumsy and press F5 or back or a link on a different website that is leaving the page.
Some time ago I had a nice FF-Addon, but it kind of broke...

So, nowadays I use a small userscript written by me:

All input fields get a small blue corner on the lower left.
Clicking it turns it red and everything you enter is automatically saved.
Hovering over the cordner is displaying the saved text.
Right-clicking is restoring the text.
Left-clicking is disabling auto-save again.
To clear saved texts there is a menu command registered.
ctrl+shift+alt+c restores saved text
ctrl+shift+alt+d toggles autosave on/off

Affected are <textarea> and <div contenteditable> elements.

File 147607183118.jpg - (63.06KB , 1505x744 , Why+is+spurdo+a+leg+monster+now+_3582a189fb7153614.jpg )
28044 No. 28044 ID: 4dc2d2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

On a scale of 1-10, how dead is this site?
16 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 28074 ID: ea1c62

>/tg/ bans quests, furries, and smut
>tgchan is composed entirely of quests, furries, and smut.

I'm looking forward to the MTG purge, I can finally run that phyrexia quest I always wanted :^)
No. 28077 ID: 398fe1

>phyrexia quest
That sounds pretty boss, why not start it now?
No. 28079 ID: ea1c62

Eh, I'm not really in a position to do it justice at the moment tbh.

Gigeresque biomechanical monstrosities lean towards the graphics-intensive side of possible subject materials, and I'm struggling to keep up with the projects I already have. It would be cool if someone else with the time/talent/inclination were to pull it off though.
No. 28080 ID: a788b7


To be fair, anyone using a tripcode but not producing content is a cunt.
No. 28081 ID: a6ae5c


File 147593278833.jpg - (922.12KB , 3696x1926 , 1475917496235.jpg )
28038 No. 28038 ID: 34647c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

IP Address: intcraft.online
Server Version: 1.8.8 (any client from 1.8, 1.9 or 1.10 can join the server.)
Chien's World Map cropped to Eurasia
Towny, Brewery, meme recipes, word filter and more..
RP and General Rules
Contrary to previous iterations we will now state the actual rules for the server in a clear way, pre-launch. In theory, as always, there is only one rule: Don’t be a shitter. If you follow this set of rules, you are thereby not a shitter and you are in theory allowed to do what you want on Intcraft, and it will be up to the server population and community to put an end to their own disputes.
Towny War Flag will only be enabled from Friday-Sunday, from Monday-Thursday it will be disabled. PvP will always be enabled.
First 24 hours after launch will have War Flag disabled
Building a town/nation must be historically accurate for that location given the current time (300bc-300ad)
Buildings do not have to be 100% accurate, variations are allowed. But no memes.
Towns do not have to be exactly in the same geographical location as they were, but it should be in the same general area.
If you only want to pvp, find a pvp server
If you only want to buildfag, join a nation or get gud.
Nations can spread through conquest or diplomacy, but no Atlantic Federation tier memes.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 28039 ID: a73eb9

im joining tbh
No. 28040 ID: 5f883d
File 147597771851.png - (782.81KB , 1920x1005 , 2016-09-30_04_39_05.png )

>tfw Gothia breaks the Roman monopoly and ensures a vibrant and diverse serb

File 147519529921.png - (683.49KB , 800x1280 , sketch1475192312537.png )
28023 No. 28023 ID: d0b2b6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

How do I contact quest/thread admins? I only have access to mobile and do not believe I can connect to IRC. Thanks!
No. 28024 ID: 595d54

Slinko at least is pretty active, try questdis if you need help. Do you need a flat-out admin or will a moderator do? Also, IRC's old, old technology and should run smoothly on most stuff, I think.
No. 28025 ID: 3abd97

There are a bunch of different irc aps for mobile, if you wanna try that.

You can contact mods via irc, asking in threads, or using the report function there on the lower right (if your reason for contacting them is relevant to a specific post).
No. 28029 ID: d0b2b6

Thanks for the help!
No. 28030 ID: d0b2b6

Thanks for the help!

File 147425774299.jpg - (10.40KB , 320x180 , image.jpg )
28003 No. 28003 ID: 8c1058 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Itt we sit back, relax and share with others how our day went.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 28012 ID: b9aa79

got hit by a car today
No. 28013 ID: 8c1058

S**t! Seriously? Wow I'm sorry that happen to you, are you okay?
No. 28014 ID: 383927

Yeah, it sucks but I was okay to the point that I didn't need to go to the doctor. Painful but nothing serious. The real loss is that I was wearing a white t-shirt and nice dress pants and both are now fucked up and I'm not savy with needles and thread
No. 28016 ID: 48cb0c

Talked to a chick I like yesterday, it went well.
No. 28017 ID: 383927

Solid B^)

File 146508861720.png - (122.22KB , 682x1168 , 6-4-16+if_you_die_in_the_dream_you_die_for_real+.png )
27821 No. 27821 ID: 4b1e09 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Would you rather fight demons, other people, or a combination of the two while you sleep?
No. 27824 ID: 15a025

I'd probably have a better time fighting demons.
No. 27826 ID: 99d7d8

Humans, would probably try to tame the demons.
No. 27827 ID: 4201a2

Both, because FFA is always easier than duels.
No. 27974 ID: eb56bd

Demons. Variety is the spice of life.

File 146992314835.jpg - (23.98KB , 400x300 , Mudy_Quest_2.jpg )
27912 No. 27912 ID: 6e506e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hey guys. I'm not really sure if this is the right place to ask, and I'm sorry if it's not, maybe the discussion place is, but I'm sorta new sorta not new to the whole questing thing, as well as this site in particular.

I learned about questing years ago through weavers art when I read rubyquest, then moved only divequest and stuff, and also Mudyquest from there. From what I can tell, these are fairly well known quests and are considered a very high quality.

However, I have no idea where exactly I go next. If I click "Archive" or "Graveyard" (not sure what the difference is yet) there are so many goddamn quests with no easy way of seeing what they are about or a description of the main story. From what I can tell, there is no rating system either, so I don't even know if something is any good, or total garbage. I couldn't find anyway to determine length of a story either, and if it had a million chapters or just one. Sometimes I just wanna read a short story while on break or something but I have no idea what I'm getting myself into here.

Is there any easier way of sorting through stuff? Can you guys please give me some recommendations as to what I should read next? I read ruby/mudyquest years ago but I don't read quests often and would like to get into it more. Couldn't find a recommendations list either but maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

No. 27918 ID: cea69d

Tgchan wiki is pretty comprehensive, and you can look through quests based on author if there's someone you're particularly fond of or have been recommended. Brom and Fractal are both pretty big names from what I can tell, although I haven't seen them quite as much here lately. tHere's a bunch of sections on the wiki for stuff like major completed quests, or there's a section on "quest settings" where you can see the universes that more than one quest takes place in, giving you a good idea of what quests might have more meat to them yanno?
Anyways my advice is to just check the wiki, hope this helped
No. 27919 ID: 8c1058
File 147018544787.jpg - (661.63KB , 1750x2500 , image.jpg )

Hey bob, I'm also new here.
No. 27920 ID: 595d54

If you're not being ironic, you might want to know that "Bob" is the default name on /meep/, similar to "Suggestion" or "Anonymous". Welcome to tgchan, enjoy your stay.
No. 27921 ID: be4c6e
File 147023233729.jpg - (661.63KB , 1750x2500 , image.jpg )

Okay no I didn't know that, thanks for the welcome though.

File 143797103896.png - (6.47KB , 593x424 , TGMUD.png )
27229 No. 27229 ID: 262c5e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So for anyone who knows about MUDs, there's one that's been on-and-off active called TGMUD for a few years now, set in the oh-so-vague multiverse of TG's various quests. It's fun, and immersive, but extremely barren of players due to its obscurity.

For anyone that doesn't know the term, MUDs (Multi-User-Dungeons) are text-based adventures (think Zork) where you can play and interact with other people. There are lots of different MUDs that have been programmed, all using different rules and different settings, and TGMUD is just one of them.

For one of the more recent servers, here's the site with all of the info you'd need to play: http://www5.tgchan.org:27744/
It's cool. You can connect in your browser. Try it out. Or don't, I'm not your mom.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 27287 ID: 7debe0

I'd love to give this a try. Any plans for support for Chrome-users?
No. 27288 ID: e114bc

I don't think the in-browser app has ever worked. I just realized there are no instructions on how to get a client. Might want to add that, OP!
No. 27292 ID: 2eeb65

I use mudconnect.com/fmud/, tgmud is the first option in the list there.
No. 27311 ID: 3ab69d

The mush client works for me. The MUD is awesome but I haven;t had the time to dedicate to it...
; (
No. 27786 ID: 4201a2

This is a lot of fun, and even more fun when more people know about it.

It'd be cool to get a link to TGMUD from the front page of the wiki or somewhere else reasonably visible, to attract more interest.

File 145954601334.jpg - (8.58KB , 206x206 , 1459532069533.jpg )
27715 No. 27715 ID: 15a025 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

>it's a Mr. Frensky
No. 27716 ID: 2a2f8a

shalom, Mr. Frensky
No. 27777 ID: cd90cb

Whoa! How'd you do blue text like that?
>it's a Mr. Frensky

File 141486857769.png - (638.28KB , 850x850 , Song_of_Skaia.png )
26782 No. 26782 ID: 2eac65 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Official Site:

Thread 1:

Thread 2:

Thread 3:

This thread is for Homestuck, the current adventure in MS Paint Adventures.

Act 6 Act 6 Act 4 is coming, and things officially just got real. Brace yourselves.
31 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 27751 ID: 9f0151

im a great fan of http://not-terezi-pyrope.tumblr.com/post/142820056331/how-lord-englishs-defeat-was-achieved this explnanation
hussie style bullshit at its finest
i mean, i better get a damn epilogue, bc im both mad and not mad, but like, damn man
No. 27752 ID: 5ad4a7

This is really stupid.
No. 27753 ID: c4cfa0

Given how Hussie essentially wrote the whole thing by ear from start to finish, I can't help but wonder how much of this was actually planned by him and how much is fans overanalyzing things.
No. 27760 ID: 4854ef

That's the thing, if he's a Lord of Time why would he even need the outfit to perform time Shenanigans to begin with.
No. 27761 ID: 5ad4a7

A lot of it is fans overanalyzing things. A good amount of it is Hussie just cheating heavily via callbacks to random details he didn't originally plan on being important. SOME of it is planned ahead of time though.

File 146013123834.gif - (1.13MB , 400x304 , promotion.gif )
27728 No. 27728 ID: 635f0e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

People around here like playing games, right?

Well, a lot of games these days like offering special promotions, recruitment bonuses, friend benefits, or whatever they want to call them. Point is, people who play them get a code to give people, and if people use that code, everyone benefits. So let's have a thread where we can dump those codes and make some profits.
No. 27729 ID: 635f0e

To start with, if you're a european and you've been interested in playing Heroes of the Storm, I've got a recruitment code for you: https://battle.net/recruit/QM8PFZ5W98

Use that, and play on a european server, and you'll start playing HotS with your ol' pal Jim Raynor as your first Hero, and an experience bonus to get more levels, more gold and therefor more characters faster. Get to account level 10, and you'll also get Sylvanas. It's a good time to get in now, because Blizzard's just about to run an "all Heroes available to play for free" weekend, with another promotion of a week's bonus experience on top of what you'll get from the recruitment bonus.

And if 4 of you get to level 10, my characters get to ride a bike.

But aside from that I think it's a pretty good game. If you've wanted to get into MOBAs like LoL or DotA before but found them to have too much of a learning curve, HotS might be what you're looking for.

File 130740438936.gif - (255.68KB , 4500x2234 , Where in the world.gif )
15998 No. 15998 ID: 75c491 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Just I thought I'd make a fun thread to see where all y'alls live.

Also helpful to arrange meeting ups/murders.

Just add a dot on the map with your name and city. Make sure to save it as a .png
73 posts and 60 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 27695 ID: 15fae4


call the cops
No. 27697 ID: ab9ddd
File 145747960998.png - (1.87MB , 4500x2234 , 145575946390.png )

No. 27698 ID: 5ad4a7
File 145752078582.png - (1.76MB , 4500x2234 , 145747960998.png )

Fine, I'll do it for you.
No. 27703 ID: 15fae4


how dare you
No. 27704 ID: 5ad4a7

You could have prevented this.

File 125624653536.jpg - (166.50KB , 733x600 , To_Do.jpg )
364 No. 364 ID: f4963f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Alright, fuckers. I've updated the fuck out of this here wiki, and from a general query in IRC, it seems that some people don't even know we have one. No wonder; there's no obvious link to it from the site.

http://www2.tgchan.org/wiki/Main_Page < Here is the main page.

The original organization scheme made it hard to add or remove quests from the listing, and required each quest to have a preview image. What I've gone ahead and done is created a page stub for each quest I could find, as well as a bunch of redirects (for anal differences like KaraQuest vs Kara Quest), and added category tags to each one.

The advantage of category tags is that a person needs to know a lot less wiki-fu in order to do it reliably, and it's easier to micro-manage if you know that, say, quest X is no longer active. I eventually would like to create a 'running quests' category, but for now, I'm just splitting quests up into Quests and One-Shot Quests, with a subdivision between text and image (IE: standard) quests.

What I'd like to see is the ability to reach the Quests category from the front page.


These are the category tags I've been using for articles, for anyone else who wants to carry on this work:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
369 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 27625 ID: 86cfc3
File 145040177953.png - (4.84KB , 270x270 , This is cool, right.png )

Hey so Dylan went and updated the wiki with a newer mediawiki version. There's a bunch of cool little improvements / features as a result of this (like sortable tables now work), but the big thing is this:

It's now easy to sign up for the wiki. All you need is an email and to solve a captcha. No longer do you have to wait (days or weeks) for a lazy wiki-mod (me) to get around to manually clicking the "yeah this guy doesn't look like a robot, approve" button!

Oh, and even if you have no interest in contributing or editing, the search bar on the left now suggests autocompletes of page names when you start typing, making it easier to find stuff.

Thanks, Dylan!
No. 27644 ID: 1f8505



Thanks Dylan~
No. 27699 ID: 1b3b5e

Alright, I've tried to look at the wiki if I could find all the previously featured quests, or if some quests had a "featured" tag, or something like that.

Turns out I can't. I feel like I'm missing out on A LOT of great quests (deep, alien quest and the end being the first three I have found here that I hadn't yet read)!

Since the "major completed quests" has like ten quests, but there's a lot more quests that are worth reading, (maybe a major unfinished quest page like the romanticar series) could anyone help me out here? Thanks!
No. 27700 ID: 02422f

This history shows every quest that's every been featured. Just start clicking through.


Personally, the reason I never added a tag or category to show off quests that have been previously featured is that featuring is somewhat arbitrary and unfair. There are plenty of good quests that have never been featured, and while I'm comfortable holding up something once a month or so and saying "hey this is good maybe more people should look at this" I'm less comfortable curating a permanent list of what's quality and what's not.
No. 27702 ID: 1b3b5e

Wonderful, thank you! I'm also checking out the completed quests and some of the unfinished ones.

File 144518041508.png - (130.16KB , 500x254 , tumblr_inline_nua28hAPkW1tuxk2u_540.png )
27347 No. 27347 ID: f02a77 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Probable quest-maker here, and I've been wondering something from other QMs (hoping this is appropriate to ask):

What program do you guys use to draw your quests?
23 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 27553 ID: f02a77

Never said I was special for feeling this way. I'm not ignorant, I know I'm not the only damn person to ever feel insecure. I wasn't trying to say that, either, and I'm sorry that my openly-stated self esteem issues pissed you off so much. I'll try to be more cautious, since I don't want more people insulting me for being sad and unsure of myself. What a thoughtless person I am.

While I'm here, might as well turn the argument back at you; just because you manage to live a normal life without putting yourself down doesn't make YOU special. YOU don't have the right to curse out somebody venting their feelings of inadequacy. Maybe I'm incapable of "powering through it". Maybe I literally can't manage. I don't know, and neither can you, so I don't see how you can even be that rude to someone you don't even know.

Yeah, it wasn't my place to just haul all of my whining into the forum like this/that. I get it, I just couldn't help myself and I sent it before I could think about it. And yeah it probably is super easy to stick to something long enough for you to not put yourself down. It's not like I think it's the hardest thing for everyone; it's just the hardest thing for me, whatever the reason is. Believe it or not, some people work differently than other people. Shocker, huh?

Nice job on complaining and whining about someone complaining and whining, btw. Real professional.
No. 27555 ID: e20f68


This thread almost seems like a front to vent your insecurities from the start. It didn't devolve over time: your second post here was putting this information forward and we were in a catch 22 from the beginning. Asking for a drawing program to help you with your quest with currently no intention of using any of the ones listed due to crippling insecurities about drawing. And hey, most others including myself chiming into this thread have offered you empathy and genuinely wanted to help. It's fine being insecure and talking about it, were all fairly nice people on this board and want to see new authors come forward and contribute. But you've gotten to the point where you're lashing out. What do you want us to say? You're right, you really can't do this, I'm sorry we tried to help you?

Chill for a sec, it didn't seem like >>27552 was cursing you out. He used curse words for emphasis, sure, but I didn't see any insults. I think he brings some good points especially because I have 1000000% been there. The difference between you and us isn't our insecurities, depression, anxiety, etc. Everyone feels like playing the victim game. It's an easy game to play, there's no risk, and the reward is that you get a trump card you can flash to anyone who challenges you. The difference between us is that we got over it, and we're getting done what we need and want to get done or at least trying to put in the effort despite wanting to be a victim. Because being a victim doesn't help us grow and improve. Working on this shit despite your feelings is the harder struggle and is worthy of respect. Folding up and pissing
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 27556 ID: f02a77

i mean, that wasn't the reason when i first made the thread. i was legitimately curious what kinda programs were floating around. i dunno where this thing came form like that. i need to find better outlets for my emotions i think.

Since this is pretty pointless now should i just like delete the thread or something?
No. 27570 ID: b49f7c

nah, leave it up i say. theres some good points brought up here that could be pointed at in the future.
No. 27674 ID: 9c510d

my art is shit and I'm proud of it

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