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File 146898276451.png - (16.55KB , 500x500 , 1.png )
737105 No. 737105 ID: 32d627

Your name is SUPLEX, and you aren't really sure what you are.
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No. 918085 ID: 0e2ebe

Don't tell people how seriously to take something.
No. 919404 ID: 53b212
File 154881179976.png - (17.90KB , 550x550 , 244.png )

SUPLEX: His name is Mason, get it right.

Both guards stay quiet, only the first one muttering in response.

???? (1): don’t let the director hear you say that, though…

Something stirs in your chest that you can’t quite place at that, but you keep your priorities straight. For once.

SUPLEX: We’ll take the bandages.
SUPLEX: You got anything like a blanket, something we can use to clean him up and calm him down?
???? (2): Should be a t-towel somewhere.
???? (1): We aren’t supposed to use those-
???? (2): Get it.

The first guard nods and runs off to get the supplies- you make sure to follow him around, needing answers and figuring he’d be more help than the injured smartass.

SUPLEX: We need as much info as we can on him. How to care for him, how to fix him up, how strong he is…
???? (1): We just administer the tests unfortunately, we’re not caretakers.
???? (1): MC- Mason’s...very anxious. And very strong.

He swallows.

???? (1): Very, very strong. He’s injured a lot of guards, doctors…
???? (1): His tusks are what you look out for. They’re big, and they are sharp. He’s used them to injure himself before, which is another thing you have to look out for.
???? (1): He can and will hurt himself if it’ll help him get out of something, just as much if not more than hurting other people.
SUPLEX: How long will the sedation last?
???? (1): Ideally, it’ll be enough to calm him down, but I can’t guarantee that…
???? (1): Be careful.
???? (1): As for how to care for him...bandage up the drainage wounds, and let him rest a while.
SUPLEX: ...shit, we might not have time for that.
SUPLEX: Can we carry him?
???? (1): He doesn’t like that, and he’s heavy. Much bigger than the other two.
???? (1): But, if he trusts you enough, maybe...big maybe.
No. 919405 ID: 53b212
File 154881181866.png - (18.76KB , 550x550 , 245.png )

He hands you the bandages and a large, white towel.

???? (1): Again, I’m...sorry we can’t help more.
???? (1): Good luck.

You return to the testing chambers, standing outside of Mason’s.

SUPLEX: Chance, you good with this kid?
CHANCE: Mm, I’ve helped him out quite a bit...
CHANCE: I can do my best.
SUPLEX: Right. I’m gonna open the door, you’re gonna take him out of there and get him in this towel. Dwayne, Nelson, you’re on bandage duty.
NELSON: Someone should stay with the kids-
DWAYNE: I’ll do it. You got patching him up under control?
NELSON: I should. I’ll let you know if I need help.
SUPLEX: We ready?

Your party nods, getting into position as you haul open the door.
No. 919408 ID: 53b212
File 154881189998.png - (28.67KB , 550x550 , 246.png )

The difference between Mason and his sisters is immediately apparent, the feeling of hostility running chills down your spine. He’s dressed the same as the others, and you swallow as you realize just how the collars you’ve all been wearing work- he’s chained to the ground, links fitting perfectly into the middle segment.

Black sludge mats his fur, thick globules oozing out of evenly placed wounds on his arms and legs.

He doesn’t say a word, snarling and glaring as best as he could under the sedatives.

Everyone’s frozen, and you realize that you hate this godforsaken place, because there’s always something new. There’s always some new feeling that you have to deal with, and right now, something about this kid is scaring you all shitless.

Even with your own experiences, your own tortures, you have never felt so much hate.
No. 919410 ID: b1b4f3

Stick with the plan. Get Chance to snap out of it if you have to.
No. 919414 ID: a9af05

Would having his siblings talk to him help him calm down?
No. 919428 ID: 3ed3c3

He hates this place, and you hate this place. That's already a pretty solid connection. The only thing to be done now is to prove to him that you're allies. Being kind to him and his siblings is a good start, and patching him up and freeing him would certainly help.
No. 919429 ID: f3ba68

quickly explain to him who we are and that we dont have much time, tell him youre an experiment too
No. 919448 ID: e3e99e

"This is a rescue, Mason. We're breaking out of here, and we've already rescued Melanie from their experiments.
I am going to free you, and if you'll let me then I'll do what I can to treat your injuries.
Do you want me to ask Melanie to come in here to talk to you so you can know I'm telling the truth?"
No. 919449 ID: 158da5

Let Chance warm him up and then be very matter of fact with your plans.

Tell him you're freeing him and his sisters. This includes patching him up and leading you all out of here. If he'll let you, you can get him out of those chains and get him to some bandages.
No. 919452 ID: 91ee5f

My heart hurts just thinking about what this poor kid has gone through.

Both of these.
No. 920231 ID: 53b212
File 154942981826.png - (22.29KB , 550x550 , 247.png )

SUPLEX: Chance, could you-

Chance is already walking forward before you can even finish, Mason’s snarls growing quieter as he registers who it is.
You notice the moment that Chance realizes the state Mason is in. You can just barely see his muscles tensing, in worry and in anger that he doesn't show.

He kneels down beside Mason, going slow and easy so as not to startle him.

MASON: ...why are you here-
CHANCE: I’m here to get you out, okay? Get you someplace safe.
CHANCE: Do you trust me?
MASON: Yeah.
CHANCE: Then you can trust them, too. They're some friends of mine, and Mel's.

He delicately unhooks the chains, holding out the towel for Mason to flop forward onto. The kid starts sniffling, no less angry than before. Chance wastes no time in scooping him up in a gentle hug.

CHANCE: Hey, hey...I'm here. I got you.
MASON: I hate it...I hate it so much, Chance…
CHANCE: I know. But I've got you.
CHANCE: We’re going to take you far, far away from all of this. You don't need to worry anymore.
Mason looks up slightly.
MASON: Promise?
CHANCE: Promise.
Chance gives him a warm smile.
No. 920232 ID: 53b212
File 154942983565.png - (20.59KB , 550x550 , 248.png )

Chance pulls him out of the chamber carefully, making sure to hold him close enough to support him, but not too tight as to aggravate his wounds or to make him feel all restricted.
Nelson and Dwayne hesitate, holding the bandages and watching Mason carefully as he growls.

CHANCE: Mason, it’s okay. They're friends, remember? Nobody's going to hurt you. I've got you.

Mason quiets down, albeit slow and reluctantly.

NELSON: H-hey, buddy, we’re just gonna bandage you up.
DWAYNE: Stop the bleeding and all.
NELSON: If it starts hurting, let us know. We’ll try to be gentle.
No. 920234 ID: 53b212
File 154942986096.png - (20.17KB , 550x550 , 249.png )

Chance sets the kid down, Mason reluctantly holding out his arms without a word and watching both of them with narrowed eyes. First touches warrant a warning growl, but he does his best to swallow it down and let them patch him up. His gaze slowly turns to you, and does not move.

MASON: ...you’re like us.
SUPLEX: Yeah. Yeah, I am.
MASON: Do they do this, to you too?
SUPLEX: Not really the same things b-
MASON: Does it hurt?
MASON: How much?
SUPLEX: A lot. Hurts a lot.
MASON: Enough to want to hurt other people too?

You think back to how many skulls you’ve crushed in, how many siblings you’ve torn to pieces just to survive, to the guards you’ve devoured out of both survival and spite.

You remember the mixed feelings, the sickness over what you’ve done, and a twisted kind of satisfaction, of success.

You’d call it victory, but you knew better than that.
No. 920235 ID: 53b212
File 154942987221.png - (38.76KB , 550x550 , 250.png )

There is no winning here.
No. 920236 ID: 53b212
File 154942988625.png - (21.13KB , 550x550 , 251.png )

SUPLEX: All the time, kid.

This calms him a bit, looking less on edge. There’s a sense of understanding between you two, and he doesn’t flinch as you sit down to talk to him.

SUPLEX: My name’s Suplex. The guys patching you up are Dwayne and Nelson.
MASON: Are my sisters ok?
SUPLEX: Yeah, we got them safe. The plan is to take all of you out.
MASON: Where are we going?
SUPLEX: Outside-
MASON: Where?

Boy, this kid loves to interrupt.
No. 920237 ID: b1b4f3

No time like the present to plan a bit further ahead. What places are there nearby that you hide? Possible organizations that would take you in? Obviously you're gonna have to ask the employees here since you don't know much about the outside world.
No. 920238 ID: 158da5

Out. You don't know anything about outside, just that it has to be better than inside. And getting out is the number one priority with a bullet, and deciding where to go next is far less important. But you have a few seconds, and a few people from outside to help. Ask them if they have any good ideas or general directions to head in. If Mason wants a plan, he'll get a plan.

And now's not the time, but we need to give Chance the opportunity to vent. He's taking on a lot of stress and holding it in for the sakes of the kids.
No. 920245 ID: 3ed3c3

Suplex isn't the most knowledgable about the outside. To her, anywhere but here is paradise by comparison. However, if any of our party members happen to know of a place that may offer some more security, then they're welcome to speak up. For now, though, the plan is pretty much "get out and as far away as possible without dying."
No. 920255 ID: 91ee5f

>Where are we going?
We’re going to see Doc Fuller. We heard that she has a way to get people out of here.
No. 920273 ID: 8f36f1

Anywhere safe.
No. 920306 ID: 7d9d06

Somewhere mom can't touch us.
No. 920358 ID: 4c908d

There has to be places in the outside world that don't tolerate or would criminalize all of... THIS.

There has to be places that value life.

...We don't really know much, do we?
No. 920368 ID: a9af05

I can't tell if he's asking where we're going in the facility or if he's asking where we're going once we get out.

If he's asking where we'll go once we get out, tell him that you don't know.

If he's asking where we're going in the facility, then tell him what >>920255 said.
No. 920913 ID: 53b212
File 155002795603.png - (16.57KB , 550x550 , 252.png )

SUPLEX: Do you mean inside this place or-
MASON: Both.
MASON: I don’t wanna be here anymore.
MASON: So, where are we going?

You are suddenly smacked with the realization that you don’t know shit about the outside world.

SUPLEX: Well, uh, shit, , we’re gonna go see this person named Doc Fuller first.
SUPLEX: They’ve got a way out.
SUPLEX: Anywhere out is better than in here, anywhere that-
You hesitate.
SUPLEX: Somewhere that Mom can’t touch us.
SUPLEX: Somewhere we don’t have to deal with this ever again, where they actually care about life-
MASON: Have you ever gone out there?
MASON: How’d you know then?
MASON: What if there’s more people like Mom?
MASON: If you didn’t see it, how do you know?

Chance clears his throat, trying to get your attention.

CHANCE: I lived outside of the facility for a long time. I grew up nearby.
No. 920914 ID: 53b212
File 155002797048.png - (14.54KB , 550x550 , 253.png )

CHANCE: There’s a stretch of desert between here and there, if it’s stayed the same since I was hired... Well...
CHANCE: It’d be a hard trek, and we’d have very little cover... and a lot of ground to get through, but if we can just get inside the city…
CHANCE: It’d be hard for anyone to find us without crossing lines with Grind.

Dwayne snorts, making a dismissive hand gesture.

DWAYNE: Gods aren’t gonna help us, dude. If he even is a so-called god.
CHANCE: Whether he's a deity or not doesn't matter, the people in charge wouldn’t take well to anyone from here searching around for someone. Not in broad daylight at the very least.
CHANCE: I think that’s our best shot.

CHANCE: We get into Mockery somehow, and we find a way to lay low. Blend in.
CHANCE: ...get these kids a good life, you know?
No. 920915 ID: 7e9c89

"does that sound okay, mason?"
No. 920925 ID: 158da5

"And the fact that we're bred to be monsters won't upset this "Grind"? We'll be able to just... Live there? That seems good. Sounds like a plan, right, Mason?"
No. 920929 ID: 3ed3c3

So there's the plan: get out, get to Mockery, lay low, don't die. A simple, four-step program for a better life.
No. 920930 ID: 91ee5f

>We get into Mockery somehow, and we find a way to lay low. Blend in.
“I can see you guys and the kids blending in, but do you really think someone like me can blend in? In case you haven’t noticed, I kinda stand out.”
No. 920936 ID: b1b4f3

There's also the question of the other maybecats trying to break out, if any of them catch up to us.
No. 920951 ID: e3e99e

"Think they'd take refugees? Or deserters?
If it'll keep the kids safe, I'll fight for these Grinders."
No. 920953 ID: 10c408

Vivi is already breaking out other maybecats. We're just the ones who've gotten the furthest along.
No. 920955 ID: f1ae8a


Seconding. Ask Mason if they're up for that
No. 921006 ID: f73624

Sound like a goal?
No. 922398 ID: 53b212
File 155062361238.png - (15.57KB , 550x550 , 254.png )

SUPLEX: I mean, that sounds great and all, but if you haven’t noticed-
You gesture to yourself.
SUPLEX: I’m gonna stick out like a sore thumb.
SUPLEX: And my siblings would stand out even more than me.

Chance shakes his head, stopping you before you can ramble on.

CHANCE: Mockery has a large population of mutated residents, I’ve seen plenty of people more visibly mutated than you.
DWAYNE: Yeah, and that’s why they call that city cursed. Stay too long and you become a monster, right?
CHANCE: Well...that's the rumor, yeah, but it’s just an urban legend. Mockery's a good place for monsters to travel to, so that's why there's a lot of monsters there. It's somewhere safe for them to live and be accepted… and that’s exactly what we need.
CHANCE: They’ll have resources, accomodations, things we could never have here... Or, honestly, anywhere else.
CHANCE: The larger and more outwardly-mutated people that come with us may have a harder time, but if they're going to have a shot at a normal life anywhere, it'd be Mockery.
SUPLEX: So...we can just live there?
CHANCE: Well... it’s all up in the air until we actually get there, but, I really think it's our best bet.
SUPLEX: Simple enough, I guess.
SUPLEX: How’s that sound, kid?

Mason thinks it over, pulling his knees close to his chest and resting his head on them.
MASON: It's really better than here?
MASON: ...I guess.
No. 922400 ID: 53b212
File 155062373651.png - (23.32KB , 550x550 , 255.png )

Mason struggles to his feet, stumbling a little. Melanie runs over, supporting Maes on her own shoulder as best she could.

MELANIE: Mason!! You’re okay!
MASON: Melly...yeah, I’m okay.

Melanie pulls Mason over, then brings her siblings in for a hug, Mason having to lean down to be on the same eye level. The contrast is almost jarring.

NELSON: Everyone ready to go?
NELSON: We should probably get rolling again...I don’t want to push our luck.
NELSON: If you’ve got any last minute things to do, now's the time.
NELSON: It's a straight shot to Fuller from here.
No. 922405 ID: b1b4f3

We got the supplies from this room, the former guards are no risk as far as we can tell... let's go.
...it occurs to me that we just spoke at length about our escape plans in hearing range of the two guards. Do we need to silence them?
No. 922415 ID: 3ed3c3

What are the odds She knows we're going to Fuller? This could very well be an ambush waiting to happen.
No. 922420 ID: 7e9c89

i think we can just go, as fast as we can. we've known we were in danger and that she might guess stuff
No. 922423 ID: 158da5

Take the guards' weapons if we haven't already. And tell them to keep an eye out for other escapees, make sure they're on track to follow. And if anyone chases after us, try doing the right thing for once.

That's all I've got.
No. 922439 ID: 91ee5f

We should get moving. Because Vivi has warned us that this guy: >>893853 , who single handedly took out multiple escapees without breaking a sweat is coming after us and I don’t think any of us want to run into that guy!
No. 922442 ID: 2202fb

We either need to kill them or take them with us, regardless of what they want. It is too dangerous to leave them when they know our plan.
No. 922456 ID: 91ee5f

>kill the guards
They’ve already told us that they’re not going to stop us.

The guard with a big chunk missing from his leg knows that he’s going to die from blood loss and the other guard knows that he can’t do anything to stop us. The guard missing a chunk of his leg even expressed that he’s happy someone finally started a mutiny.

Let’s just keep moving and leave these guys here.
No. 922484 ID: 83bf07

Recruit guard. Check supplies. Move ahead.
No. 922709 ID: ecd116

bringing the two guards or at least one of them could be useful and you could use them to scout ahead at points a bit ahead of your group, even use them as decoy for a distraction so you can do a stealth attack or it all fails meatshields/bait. of course i recommend the first two as much as possible and leave the last choice to use only when your back to the wall in the face of certain doom and you have noting else to fall back on and hope it does not come to that. it least in that case give them weapons of some sort so they or at least one of them can buy you time to escape or fight back. wait have you ask their names yet? if you have time go do that if you want.
No. 922790 ID: a9af05

There's no need to kill these guys, since they ain't gonna try to stop us.

Let's just leave them here and keep moving!
No. 922835 ID: 2202fb

This isnt about them stopping us, it is about what they know. Hell, even if they dont break under extreme torture, they could probably have their brains scrubbed for info. Info like our plan and where we are going.

This is why we either need to take them with us, or kill them (specifically, smashing their brains).
No. 922871 ID: 158da5

I'm sure it's tempting, and it's certainly easy. But it's not good. And sometimes being good means leaving problems for later.
No. 922872 ID: 91ee5f

We can’t bring them with us, they’re dead weight and will slow us down. And considering our group is already at 7 people, I’d like to call that max capacity of necessary people.

We can’t kill them because there are children watching. And we can’t send everyone away and let Suplex kill them, since that would be splitting up the group, which is a very dangerous thing to do when we’re so close to our goal.

The only option left that doesn’t have us waste anymore time is to just leave them and get going.
No. 922873 ID: 10c408


Gentlemen, there is a solution to this problem. Give guard 2 something sharp. Take guard 1 with us and remind him, quietly, that he can either put his lot in with our escape attempt OR get choked out and left behind to the tender mercy of whoever finds him first.
No. 922875 ID: 158da5

That has the problems of all three plans. I think I'm pretty set with leaving them.
No. 923031 ID: 2202fb


Being good or bad has nothing to do with this. This is about survival and leaving these guys behind is a very very dangerous thing to do. I am all for finding another option, but we can't let the enemy have access to their gray matter, be it living or dead.
No. 923441 ID: 6f6f25

No. 923448 ID: 91ee5f

>This is about survival

According to what Vivi told us, we’re currently running from something that effortlessly took out a couple of the other escapees before turning to follow after us. We can’t afford to waste any time or it’ll catch up to us!

Which means we can’t waste time killing these guards, so we’re better off just leaving them.
No. 923449 ID: a9af05

I agree.

Our time is precious and even the few seconds it would take to kill these guards could mean the difference between getting caught by the thing chasing us or getting away from it.

We should just leave these guards here and not waste anymore time on them.
No. 923501 ID: 21bd50

That is ridiculous. It seems like sparing them is the route most people want to take, but just say it like it is. Seconds dont matter that much. If they did then we are already fucked.

Here's a question for you. In general, is it better to be pragmatic or is it better to help others, possibly to your own extreme detriment?
No. 923502 ID: b1b4f3

...actually, it doesn't really matter if they find out where we're going, does it? Once we're there, they can't touch us.
No. 923516 ID: 158da5

This isn't even pragmatism versus doing good. It's pointless cruelty versus potential minor complications. The stakes were never high enough that a discussion of killing the guards was ever needed in the first place.
No. 923524 ID: 53b212
File 155125623211.png - (24.47KB , 550x550 , 256.png )

SUPLEX: Nelson, go check for supplies.

The softbody nods, speedwalking off to look around.

SUPLEX: Only other thing I can think of is, well….

You gesture towards the other guards with a quick head motion.

DWAYNE: You gonna take ‘em out?
SUPLEX: ...no. I thought about it, and it’s just…
SUPLEX: I don’t want to kill anymore. Not more than I have to.
SUPLEX: We don’t need to take them out, and we’ve already got too many people to take them with us.

Dwayne watches your face for a moment before nodding approvingly.

DWAYNE: Yeah, good choice.

He looks over as Chance scoops Melanie up again with one arm, taking Maes’ hand in his other.

DWAYNE: Things never stick to plan, do they?
SUPLEX: ...maybe that’s for the better.
DWAYNE: Only if our luck holds up.
DWAYNE: Til then…

He smiles, reaching out to catch a bag Nelson tosses over.

DWAYNE: Guess we just keep moving forward.
No. 923525 ID: 53b212
File 155125625665.png - (51.42KB , 550x550 , 257.png )

Coast looks clear enough- you nearly jump out of your skin when you feel a tiny hand touch yours, even more surprised to see that it’s Mason. For all of his rage and hatred earlier, you can tell that he’s just as worried about this as his sister.

DWAYNE: Cmon. We should get going.

Mason swallows, holding on tight to your paw as you move forward. You kind of wish you had thumbs, if only to give his hand a squeeze. That’s what people do, right? You saw Chance do it at one point for Mel, and...maybe that’s what people do, with scared kids.
No. 923526 ID: 53b212
File 155125626966.png - (130.53KB , 550x550 , 258.png )

What they’re supposed to do.
No. 923527 ID: 7e9c89

focus on the feel of his paw in yours, contact vivi if you can think through the flashback - you'll be okay, suplex.
No. 923532 ID: 158da5

You want to be there for Mason, but maybe it's going to have to be the other way around for a bit. As long as you didn't collapse, hopefully they'll lead you along until you can get past this. They're all waiting for you, and they all understand. You have so much ahead of you.

But for now, you must confront what's behind you.
No. 923535 ID: 83bf07

Stop. Breathe. Sandwich his hand with both of yours. This will have to do. Stay in the present. What's right in front of you? Focus on that and keep moving.
No. 923565 ID: f1ae8a


>You can do this and get through this
>You didn't have someone there for you like a child should have, but you're here now, you're still here now, and Mason needs you as much as you need him
No. 923830 ID: 91ee5f

Both of these.
No. 923831 ID: a9af05

No one was there for you when you were a child, but you won't let that happen to these kids. It'll be different this time. You'll be there for them.
No. 925583 ID: 53b212
File 155245467534.png - (96.58KB , 550x550 , 259.png )

You sandwich Mason’s paw between both of yours. You can’t see much, and everything’s all shaky and hard to understand through the red haze, but you can feel him squeeze back without hesitation. You try to focus on the feeling of his pulse, grounding yourself. The irony of this isn’t lost on you- here you are, trying to be cool and strong for this kid, and he’s out here keeping your brain in check.

You’d laugh at how bullshit it was, but you’re too busy appreciating it to be sarcastic. It’s helping you stay in the present-

MOTHER: You disappointed me again, MC-122. Again, and again, and again.

Not all the way.

MOTHER: I hope you’ve learned your lesson.

But it’s enough.
No. 925584 ID: 53b212
File 155245471146.png - (76.10KB , 550x550 , 260.png )

You’re here. Mason needs you. Everyone needs you.

MOTHER: You are nothing but a waste, undeserving of my attention in the slightest. You’ve been nothing of a burden on me, on this project, on yourself! You could have been so much more, and you’ve squandered it with your failings.

But you need them too. They’re waiting for you, and they get that shit is rough for you. You brought them all together, and yeah, maybe you’re their leader- but you’re a team now.

MOTHER: You have nothing ahead of you aside from abject failure. Nothing will ever come of you, and I’m tired of hoping otherwise.

You have so much ahead of you and you CAN do this, you CAN get through this. Nobody was there for you when you needed it, but who gives a shit? You have this now, and you won’t let that shit happen to them again.

MOTHER: Let’s see how well you live on your own, just like the rest of them. Let’s see how you do as just another pitiful monster, unfit to even LOOK in my direction, to breathe the very AIR that is provided to you.

You’ll be here. For all of them. No matter what happens, and you’re sick of this shit keeping you from feeling that, from knowing that.

MOTHER: Trying to get ANY potential out of you was a waste of resources. The most you'll ever be worth is the meat on your bones.
[i]MOTHER: You should have died in your tube.

Time to find some fucking solutions.
No. 925585 ID: 53b212
File 155245476916.png - (79.18KB , 550x550 , 261.png )

You reach out to see if you can get ahold of Vivi, and while the connection is shaky, it’s there.

VIVI: Suplex! It’s good to hear y-
VIVI: ...oh dear, you’ve got a bad aura around you.
VIVI: What happened? Are you alright?
SUPLEX: Just...not great, right now.
SUPLEX: I keep having these flashes of memory, ever since we ran from helping you guys.
SUPLEX: I want it to stop. You said you could like, mess with people’s heads and shit.
VIVI: You want me to do something about this?
SUPLEX: Please.
VIVI: From this distance, I can’t stop the flashbacks, but I can redirect.
VIVI: I have no control over what comes up when I’m so far away, but...would you like a kinder memory?

No. 925586 ID: e75fd1

yes please, vivi
No. 925587 ID: c8452a

You want the memories to stop taking over. But if it's all you can get right now, a kinder memory would be good enough. Thanks, Vivi.
No. 925593 ID: 1d8da8

Something peaceful would be best, yeah.
No. 925595 ID: b1b4f3

If this is going to keep happening you need Vivi to be closer so she can snap you out of it the instant it happens. After you talk to the Doc and plan out an escape route I think it'll be time to regroup.
No. 925599 ID: 83bf07

Your times with Nelson could do. Recent enough to not be wistful, not too distracting (hopefully) and easy to snap out of (maybe).
No. 925612 ID: 2202fb

Since we do have employees breaking out with us, they should have some experience with high-risk and usually-considered-dubious surgery. It shouldnt be too hard for them to surgically alter tcps that escape to restore functionality. They could fix your nose and stabilize your biology so you dont die really young, for instance. It should be possible, they just dont do it here cuz you are expendable here.
No. 925616 ID: cfad5b

Anything easier to bear right now. Anything.
No. 925952 ID: 29a990

Seems like all the time spent waiting in the cell would be a good broad nutral target, it doesn't seem like pleasent is really something that happened in her past.
No. 926017 ID: 91ee5f

Could we ask for something that won’t block our vision and hearing? That way we can actually see and hear what’s going on around us in the present. Because it would really suck if we walked into danger because we couldn’t see it or couldn’t hear our allies warning us.
No. 926364 ID: 53b212
File 155302726629.png - (119.02KB , 550x550 , 262.png )

SUPLEX: Yes, please, anything-

The new memory comes without warning or notice, dropping you into it.
You’re bleeding, and it hurts. It hurts so much, and it’s suffocating, and-

You feel a hand on your shoulder, vision swimming as a voice, so familiar and so foreign, cuts through the haze.

????: Hey..hey, it’s okay…
????: You’re real roughed up, huh?
????: You can cry if you need to.
????: Won’t judge, I cross my heart!
????: Everybody has to cry sometime.

The tears come, and you hate it. You hate yourself for bawling like the child you know you used to be in this moment, and you hate that someone is seeing it.

????: That’s it, that’s okay.
????: You can let it out.
MC-122: C-can’t, you can’t-
????: I won’t tell. I promise.
No. 926365 ID: 53b212
File 155302728860.png - (85.44KB , 550x550 , 263.png )

The person talking to you flickers into view- you recognize the face, but something’s not quite right to what you remember, not the same.

????: My name’s Harvey!
HARVEY: What’s yours?

You swallow, throat feeling clogged and tight.

MC-122: I don’t have a n-name…
HARVEY: Do you want one?

You stare blankly back at her, not really understanding.

HARVEY: If you want a name, you should give yourself one.
HARVEY: You can even keep it secret, if you want!
HARVEY: Mine’s like that. Just for me- but I trust you with it too.

She makes a shushing motion with her hand, and you smile a little.

HARVEY: How ‘bout it?
No. 926369 ID: 7e9c89

"i don't know what to pick.."
No. 926373 ID: f46e5e

He looks kinda like a Viking.
He looks tied up, my guess is this is how he looked last we saw him, the same way it seems memory you has current you's coat.
No. 926379 ID: b1b4f3

SUPLEX, because wrestling is cool and you want to be cool too.
No. 926394 ID: c8452a

Choosing a name is powerful, but there's something special about being named by someone else. Especially someone who cares. Maybe Harvey has a suggestion? Maybe you're waiting for someone else.
No. 926429 ID: e7848c

What makes a good name? It needs to be special, right?
No. 926432 ID: c8452a

No. 926447 ID: e66de2

Can it... can it be anything?
I've always been fond of Flicker, or Afterglow...
No. 926460 ID: 1d8da8

Flicker, then? Just for now.
No. 926461 ID: 91ee5f

Question: Is this supposed to be the moment when Suplex decided to give herself the name Suplex? Or is this the moment when she gave herself a different secret name that we don’t know about because she started calling herself Suplex to keep her other name a secret?

Because if it’s the latter, then that would mean that Suplex isn’t actually her name!
No. 926474 ID: f2320a

Agreed let them name us
No. 926494 ID: c8452a

The name suplex was given by interns, she doesn't name herself that.
No. 926501 ID: b1b4f3

Oh right, in that case...
No. 926502 ID: 3432dd

Our other siblings have names that start with M.

How bout Maggie?
No. 926517 ID: af928d

Harvey can give a name, if their name is a secret they shared how about it be our secret

Or maybe Marcel
No. 926558 ID: cbdfa8


i was thinking Kara.
No. 926672 ID: cac518

its obvious.

No. 926678 ID: 11fcab

"Call me Maybe. Maybe Quest."
No. 926680 ID: 688dd6

Maeby Quest
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