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File 150369985060.jpg - (1.18MB , 2138x2133 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 1.jpg )
825061 No. 825061 ID: 1187e2

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No. 911485 ID: 143250

*Does not respond to Dreamwalker because he cannot hear him... or is ignoring him*
No. 911510 ID: 70be57
File 154292756014.jpg - (4.41MB , 3053x4481 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 433.jpg )

No. 911520 ID: 5cdf08

Oh, yeah *munch much* you might be right about that. Or it could be the exact opposite and I know that’s how you view me so me acting so nonchalantly and uncaring might just be an act for you and to fool you entirely.

*munch munch* by yeah you know it’s whatever.

Yeah so anyway Marty, you never answered me, and yeah that crumpet guy is right. Not a good idea to talk to yourself, that way lies madness. If you’re wondering how I’m seeing him, I’m a god of dreams and imagination.
No. 911565 ID: 70be57
File 154301553028.jpg - (1.55MB , 1705x3067 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 434.jpg )

No. 911566 ID: 5cdf08

Uh-huh. Yeah my brother *munch munch* was more into mixed nuts, I was always a sweet and salty kind of guy with pretzels and chocolate.

Sorry I can’t help when I get hungry, by the way I have another poem!

Everything seems to stay in place.
Always going in circles.
Together forever.

Not that it will matter
Until it’s to late.
Love and hate are one
Like a forced marriage.
No. 911585 ID: ae9b99

Essence, you keep on talking to "Dreamwalker" like he is having a conversation with you, or you keep complaining about his eating. But... I didn't hear him say anything nor do I hear him chewing on anything like you are saying, nor do I think he would be eating at all if he was here... are you talking to yourself Essence? you should probably stop talking to yourself Essence. Only insane people do that, Essence.

Actually, that insanity is most likely why you've become a cyclops, and spitting out blood, and have that chest wound and many injured teammates while in comparison Laura looks clean and healed like the day she was born. You are always so distracted by your insanity and hearing voices that aren't there that you are putting yourself and your teammates in danger.

You even tried to get Ember to go outside even though she was shot and marked by the moon card. You really don't have our best intentions in mind.

And to top it off, your insanity is even driving you to self destruction, begging Laura to kill you as I arrived. What the fuck are you even doing with that strategy? are you trying to lose on purpose and get all of us and more importantly, myself killed?

I'm sorry Essence, but your distractions from your insanity are a hazard to my health. I came to help so I can feel more complete by absorbing Felafaf and Tv Head, but *shows letter detailing the memory loss* I am losing a lot more to make the win not worth it and perhaps losing more than I will gain, making me feel even more empty with myself than when I arrived.

*is standing between Essence and Laura*

inner thoughts: ... *groan* as for you, you're not Mr. Crumpet or a figment of my subconscious, are you? No, you are just Dreamwalker's flaming headed neglectful babysitter trying to manipulate me into doing something. I can tell it's you because you hold great disgust towards Dreamwalker, and I just saw a bit of you as you are trying to project an image of Mr. Crumpet. Good job watching over Dreamwalker and keeping him out of trouble by the way. The Great Constructor must be sooooo proud of you and your efforts.

inner thoughts: You are just like Tom, Nadly, Betty, Jerry, Mike, the Ash Tree spirit, Demoria and Essence. Only pretending to be my friend looking out for my best interest when in reality you're just using me and will toss me under the bus when I've worn out my usefulness. The fact that you also pretended to be a part of me making me not even trust myself is especially cruel.

inner thoughts: But I can forgive that because at least you now finally get it. You see how terrible the multiverse truly is as I do now. You finally understand why I want to destroy all of it, or why I gave my heart to Ember so easily even though I know it will kill me. It is to finally be safe from everyone. To finally be isolated and at peace either with myself dead, or with everyone else dead in an empty multiverse with only I left standing.

inner thoughts: I can almost see the final destination of my life in my head. If I am most likely going to die here after those horrific voices destroy my heart, I'm going to at least have some fun annoying certain people as I protect Laura before I go out with a bang. Besides, helping the person you despise, Dreamwalker, would be a good way to get revenge at you for manipulating me.

inner thoughts: But I'll admit, after you've finally seen this multiverse the way I do, perhaps in another life, maybe you could have been my best friend, or my only true friend. Actually, since you've given up all hope, would you like to be my friend right now and enjoy ourselves as I celebrate my death day while I struggle to protect Laura?
No. 911586 ID: ae9b99

Scarred, I really can't think of anything else no matter how hard I try. Sorry.

Use your Valkyries Doom on Ember. It should be able to finish her off especially after that gunshot wound. and even if it doesn't, it has a chance to paralyze her so hopefully it will paralyze her so she won't be able to attack the spirit, and she will not be able to move and hide again.
It should also mark her for death and weaken her attacks and defenses dramatically to finish her off on the next turn.
No. 911588 ID: 5cdf08

*points at Ember*

No. 911637 ID: 70be57
File 154308395834.jpg - (2.89MB , 2480x3568 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 435.jpg )

No. 911708 ID: ae9b99

Stop. Telling. Me. What. To. DO!

jeez, you guys are gonna give me a stroke. Fuck. *takes deep breaths to calm self*

First of of, Essence. No. Just, no. Stop it Essence. I'm done. I'm not pinning Laura to the ground. After hearing that Ember has quite possibly faced her demise after putting her full trust in you, that was the final straw. You are far too distracted, and not in a good mindset to make reasonable effective strategies due to those emotions you cannot control,
Not to mention, after I've seen Felafaf and TV head injured badly quite possibly by your leadership, and after seeing you in a bloody mess WHILE I REMIND YOU THAT YOU WERE BEGGING LAURA TO KILL YOU AS WELL WHICH WOULD LEAD ME TO LOSE while meanwhile our enemies are in perfect shape without losing members in their team, I can see that my safety with you is at far too much of a risk at this point. I'm done listening to you.
In fact, if you are losing control of this monster as you said, I at this point want to see just how chaotic this can get. Hee hee hee hee...

inner thoughts: As for you, Batman with the flaming hair, fuck you too for messing with my mind like that. You made me believe I have finally had someone to befriend, even if only imaginary, all just so you could manipulate and lie to me like everyone else has to fulfill your selfish wishes to kill Dreamwalker and yourself. That is truly a dick move. I can see you don't have my best intentions in mind or want to even see me succeed in any kind of goals in surpassing Absolution Prime.
Think about this, Adam West: What do you suppose would of happened if I did kill Dreamwalker? I would be left under the suffering of Essence instead, only forced to fulfill her goals, not mine. You don't care about my well-being, or my goals, you are only telling me what I want to hear so I can do your dirty work and take the fall for it.
Besides if you see yourself as a failure in giving advice, than how can I expect to take your advice seriously as well. Really, I could of probably helped you if you didn't mess with my mind and pretend to be Mr. Crumpet, but you blew it by being unfaithful to me.
Just for that, you said earlier that "we all will die by trying to accomplish some unattainable goals that we set up for ourselves" well guess what: your punishment is an oxymoron. Since your goal is that you want to die with Dreamwalker, I'm going to make your goal for death an unattainable goal for you to have as you suffer in Dreamwalker's and your humiliation and failure without hope for death in this living nightmare. hows that for vengeful actions, batman? At least maybe you will spend this time to try harder with Dreamwalker this time instead of giving up, you quitter.

inner thoughts: And Dreamwalker, do not think you are off the hook just because I am ranting about the two people you aren't too fond of. You are no better than they are. Even though I didn't respond to you, I have heard everything you have been saying and doing when I got here, and unlike Laura, and that idiot Batman wannabe, I knew exactly what you were trying to do through Essence... you were fucking trying to give Laura a hint to consume the rest of my memories against my wishes with your poetry and pretzel eating, leaving me with nothing left after I have lost control of my body, my appearance, parts of my mind, and my heart. You are just another shining example of someone trying to use me and throw me under the bus.
What is worse is that you have chosen to be an extremely picky eater never consuming ANYONE'S MEMORIES your whole entire life in godhood, and yet you choose me, the one person in your life you try to order Laura to take memories from AGAINST MY WILL, and WITHOUT a second thought, and just about immediately as soon as I show up.
It is pretty telling that if even a goodie pacifist like you Dreamwalker wants me to suffer, then that proves I officially am alone against the entire multiverse.
so while I am choosing not to kill you Dreamwalker, as I think it will be a fitting punishment for what Batman did to me, I'm going to give Laura an offer which you probably won't like. I hope you get pink eye after the weird stuff you've been putting in your eye. But I bet you are going to take all of what I said in stride like the unfeeling god you are. Sicko.

No. 911709 ID: ae9b99

*activates void speak with Laura so Essence, Dreamwalker and Dreamwalker's aid won't hear.*

Laura. You and I are in the exact same circumstances, with both sides demanding us to do things, both sides manipulating us when we don't do things they want, and even everyone here is abusing or killing us in different ways whether it be intentional like those voices against me, or Essence against you, or unintentional through poorly uncoordinated plans with disregard for our safety from the people we are following. And I don't know about you, but I'm sick of following orders from people who only wants to use us, and tired of people trying to hurt us.

Don't get me wrong, I hate you. But know that it is a different kind of hate than what I have against all the others. I'm sure you've noticed that even though our circumstances of gaining these weird abilities from gods or demigods are similar, everything you are, and everything I am are complete opposites, like Yin and Yang. Such as your pacifism attitude and fear to hurt others even though they are harming you, to my want in absorbing others to get stronger so nobody can harm me ever again.

And really, I hated how everything you are is everything I am not. I wanted to be your rival because of that and be rid of you.

but after thinking through it, I come to see why exactly I hated being your opposite, it was because I see you as a personification of everything that I am missing to feel whole. I wanted to get rid of you, but in reality, it was jealousy of wanting the pieces of you that I am missing.

And I have this feeling you see me as someone who has all the missing pieces you don't have as well that you want.

So let me ask you again the 6th question I tried to ask you when you first entered here which you refused to answer:
No matter how many friends you have, no matter how much love you give and receive, no matter how much entertainment you partake in, no matter how much power you have do you’ve gained, do you still feel there is an empty part inside your heart that you just cannot fill no matter what?
...Because I do. And I'm trying everything I can to fill it, and I don't think any amount of people or souls I absorb in the void will fill that emptiness.

and I know that you feel that emptiness too. Even though you've gained Dreamwalker's ability to see, you still feel empty, so you do weird dream magic in others' dreams, protect Ana's mind, and even enter Essence's dream to fill the emptiness when really you could have just enjoyed life with you new eyesight not bothering anyone.
You are lying to yourself when you say you only wanted the ability to see again. You are really just looking to feel whole again... like I am.

and if you feel empty like I do, and if you feel I am the missing pieces of you need like I feel you are the missing pieces I need, then how about it? why don't we disband from our respective teams and form a pact of our own right here, right now, and become whole at last as equals and finish this battle?

I assure you that I will not kill you. I'll make sure you are kept alive. Besides, after my heart exploded, you are the only person here with a heart to share. There is no point in killing you, Laura.

Want to be teammates *holds hand up to Laura waiting for her answer*

No. 911717 ID: ae9b99

Well, I guess we wait until it is our turn again... unless this monster does nothing after not getting attacked. In which case, I have an idea. Since Ember is laying there unconscious, maybe one of us should quickly grab Ember, put a weapon against her, and tell Spirit contaminator that she must leave the battlefield, or have her ally killed.

If Spirit Contaminator see's her allies as family, then she should have no choice but to comply and leave. Afterwards, we will move Ember out of the battlefield, destroy the throne, and finish off this monster...

Not to mention right now we are burning because of that status effect we got hit with. I can only hope I can get rid of it in the next turn. No promises, I've used up my Temperance card after all and it is at cooldown.
No. 911768 ID: 3583d1

*gives a very sad sigh and throws the pretzels away*

You're right, Marty. I'm not gonna stand here and act defensive and say that I'm not picky with who I choose to consume. You're right. So yeah I will take it in stride, but I accept your words as truth. I don't have a reason to want to eat you, in fact, I don't want to. I'm glad I don't have to make that choice anymore, Marty. I'm glad you found your voice, just like that little boy who was always off playing ghost busters and trying to find paranormal lore. Just makes me sad to see you now. If there was anything that could be done, I'd be willing to listen and help. I'm sure Laura would too, bless her heart. Just, know that I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to do.

*Suddenly turns to "batman"*
Caio, that's enough. More than any one here, you are what I regret most. You didn't fail at all my boy, I failed you. More than anything else I know that I failed you worst of all.

I still remember when mankind was young I gave them the power to dream of something greater, cities and civilizations. What I didn't see happening was the great conflicts that would arise because of it. There are so many wars ideas that could have been prevented, I loved humanity too much to stop them. And in the great city of Mycenae, I found you Caio. A cold hungry boy, alone, and scared on the docks. An orphan. And I thought if I could just help one person, then maybe I'm not a failure. So I talked to you, got to know you, was bound to you. You were my first Seer. Together we were a team, I thought we could change the world, I've never stopped trying. But maybe you're right, maybe I'm not good enough no matter how hard I try, I can't fix everything. I loved Humanity too much. And I loved you, Caio. You were, and are a son to me. I failed to see how my father was remaking you, was telling you things about myself that I didn't tell you. You're not a failure, Caio, I failed you.

Can you forgive me, Caio. My son?
No. 911802 ID: ae9b99

*does not respond to Dreamwalker. Is more interested in waiting for Laura's answer*
No. 911849 ID: 70be57
File 154326959337.jpg - (4.55MB , 3508x4413 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 436.jpg )

No. 911908 ID: ae9b99

rolled 5 = 5

No. 911909 ID: ae9b99

hmmm... well darn. Out of all the cards, it had to be 5. This might be the worst possible outcome here.

this means I can't use lovers kisses to heal hp, and I can't use High Priestess' Exorcism to heal bad statuses, and I can't build a resistance shield against bad status effects with Hierophant's blessings.

I hope I can think of an alternative...
No. 911957 ID: 848f6a

What do I say?

I say, are you just gonna take that Marty? Marty, I know you signed a contract to not hurt Essence, but no where in that contract did it say you gave her permission to take power away from you realm. I know what you are now and what your research led to, and it made you a king, no, a GOD of this Void. And are you going to just let her do this to you?

No. 912005 ID: ae9b99

*sends his five clones over to Laura*

*has four of his clones attempt to pull each of the spirits' arms off of Laura*

*the fifth clone is standing between Essence and Laura. He is facing Essence with both his arms stretched side to side blocking and in a defensive position acting as a shield to block Essence from getting closer*

*the real Null is sneaking and moving closer slowly towards Essence and Laura, but not too close, just at a safe distance*

*also looks at the state of the corpse engine and boiling hate to see if it cooled down and got smaller and weak enough to attack at all as he heads his way towards Laura and Essence before he decides what to deal with*
No. 912096 ID: 70be57
File 154344863151.jpg - (2.49MB , 2560x3303 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 438.jpg )

No. 912359 ID: ae9b99

*glances at the matches*
*glances at Ember* Glances at the matches again*
*glances at Ember again*
*finally looks over at spirit contaminator and gives her a nod as if to say "yeah, Dervan is that serious to do it."*

You know, I remember something Scarred. That one ghost with the question mark who asks for riddles in exchange for answering questions for people told us this: Never leave anything to chance, if you are going to make a decision stay behind it. relying on luck won't accomplish anything.

having my card burned might actually be a blessing in disguise. I've been using luck to try to get us healed and powered up. But it is not a reliable way to go through this battle. If I am going to help at all, I'm going to have to rely on my wits and strength, not on my luck.

That said, here is what I am thinking. Laura is top priority to keep alive. If she dies, it is game over. So I am going to use my Tarot Pentacle move to form a barrier around Laura so that nothing hurts her from this Null abomination. Meanwhile, Scarred. I want you to use your Shake it off move to get rid of Laura's burning status ailment. Got it?
No. 912361 ID: ae9b99

Null #5 (the one blocking Essence's way): Happy? did you say Happy? *gasps* OH GOSH! OH CRAP! ... who the hell is happy? Demoria never mentioned anyone named Happy to me before. And even if she did, ummm, I'm losing my fucking memories from this battle so... it is hard to take your spooky threats seriously if I don't know who Happy is and why I should fear him, especially with a name like that.

Null #2: (one of the Nulls trying to pull a spirit's hands away from Laura): *whispering to Laura* Laura, are you seriously giving up in trying to escape these spirits? Already??? Look, your enthusiasm to join me and make us feel whole again makes me delighted, but your wish to give up trying to free yourself already and form a pact with me right away with the blind hope that it will help save you is... pissing me off. Before I can have you join me, I need to be sure you are worthy and ready for it. You and I have to EARN that privilege in forming this pact. I cannot accept cowardly quitters to be a part of me, otherwise you'd be putting me... or rather us in too much danger. I'll only form a pact with you sometime AFTER you get freed from these spirits.
Hell, I bet you didn't even TRY to help at all in pulling yourself free from these spirits when I am trying to pull them away from you. You just stayed down hoping you'd be rescued or keep hoping for some kind of miracle. Your problem is that you keep relying on a gamble as you rush into things or blindly follow people's orders without regards to your safety. You keep trying to take the easy way out of danger when it arrives, but you never see the possible consequences. Stop rushing into things, and stop taking the easy way out Laura. That is how you got stuck in here in the first place after you tried using your mind powers to negotiate with me. That is how you got your friends in danger when you desperately called them for help summoning them. That is how you got in this battle in the first place.
Life doesn't throw you bones. You've got to work your hardest to earn those bones yourself.
Also use your brain, what do you think would happen if we formed a pact right here and right now? all that would happen is that you will still be pinned down, but this time with me being pinned down with you.
Has anyone ever read you the story of the little engine that could? use that for inspiration. Just keep thinking in your mind over and over again "I think I can"
Now lets try again. I'll try pull the Spirits' arms away from you, and you pull yourself away from the arms. Try with all your might this time and don't give up for fuck's sake.
And don't you dare use your frustrations to fucking cry about your misfortune and give up again. Only babies do that. Take those frustrations to fuel your determination to free yourself from these gross hands instead.
oh, and once you free yourself, I want you to immediately stand on the table. these spirits are coming from the floors, and walls. So it is best for you to stay away from those by standing on the table.
*continues trying to pull the arms away from Laura*

Null #4 (the one who is also pulling the spirits' arms away from Laura): inner thoughts: listen Dreamwalker. I'm still very pissed off at you for trying to kill me, and for neglecting Laura. I don't think I can ever forgive you for that especially since you are taking my insults in stride right now, feeling sorry for yourself, and asking for forgiveness. You have to work to earn your forgiveness, not just with your words.
But just this once I will relay any messages you might want to say to Laura to motivate her. Oh, and be fucking careful of what you say. Essence can hear you in case you forgot. try to make it so that Essence still thinks I am going to form a pact with Laura as soon as I can. Make it quick.

The real Null: *is keeping an eye on the corpse engine and the boiling hate*
inner thoughts: excellent. the flames seem to be dying down, but I do not think it is small and weak enough to attack it just yet. I'll wait a little longer and see if it gets smaller until I feel it is small and weak enough to attack. Those idiot voices just have to not attack my body to make it grow again, and I have to make sure my clones keep Essence distracted as they try to free and protect Laura. I'll also need to balance the time between the flame getting smaller, and Laura outside sinking before I decide when I'm ready to attack the engine.
Also can't forget Essence might find me out if I attack the engine. I'll have to be careful and decide whether I want to go through with this or not.

No. 912387 ID: 97b4a9

*places both hands on Laura and uses Shake it Off*
No. 912388 ID: 97b4a9

Laura, taking the easy way is how you become a person like Caio, someone who has no faith in anything anymore.

Fight on.
No. 912412 ID: b80527

Null #4: *whispering to Laura* your eyeball friend says taking the easy way is how you become someone who has lost faith in everything. And then he said to keep fighting on.
No. 912413 ID: b80527

*uses Tarot Pentacle on Laura to get a barrier to protect Laura from attacks*
No. 912442 ID: 70be57
File 154363612635.jpg - (4.06MB , 3158x4769 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 439.jpg )

No. 912834 ID: ae9b99

heh heh heh... Really? do you truly mean what you say with your arms stretched out like some sort of holier than thou messiah giving a lecture to the masses?
then let me get this straight: living a lifestyle of ignoring the world's rules and ignoring decency for freedom makes one a mutilated bloodied cyclopes as they lie to themself trying to smile away the physical and mental pain to desperately convince they're living the good life. Yeah, sure. that sounds about right. do you not see the irony of what you are saying here?

You have a terrible unskilled poker face. no one is genuine with what they say with a forced smile like you were pulling as you say those words. It makes it so very obvious that you are lying to us... and especially lying to yourself when you say you are a testament of what true freedom is. Let me lay down the truth that you are too terrified to admit: you are not free. At all.

In fact, your mutilated body looks more like one of a trapped tortured woman with some sort of Stockholm syndrome with her kidnapper(s) and has given up on escaping it. Your obsession with Happy seems more like the symptoms of someone who has been easily manipulated. He may see you as his favorite giving you free reign to do whatever you want, but it is a classic manipulation tactic to give the person they are controlling false sense of freedom, happiness, and rewards so that when the manipulator (Happy) asks the person they're manipulating (you) to do something unreasonable, like say... jump into a volcano, they'd do it without any question.

Happy's favoritism towards you is not genuine. his favoritism of you is more akin to enjoying their favorite character in a video game to control. Sure he'll get upset if you perish, but it is not genuine sadness. It is more of an annoyance sadness of having a favorite character get a game over or killed off in a story.

And even if you weren't manipulated by Happy, you are still trapped by that asshole, the Ash Tree. sure you've gained unlimited powers from that tree, but you are cursed to be tethered to that tree like an abandoned dog leashed up to a tree, forced to relive the nightmares of this reality over and over again. If I die, I'll die laughing knowing that fact

My advice to you Essence: if you win this battle, and you truly want to be free, find a way to ditch Happy, and only trust yourself and no one else. You don't need him. You don't need anyone, Essence.


Boiling Hate, you've been eavesdropping and listening silently on our conversation. I do not know if you are sentient with mentality or not, but I'll leave you with this thought: After you've heard that Ember put all her faith in Essence and went outside as per her orders along with taking my heart as I had absolute faith in Essence to allow Ember to take it, only for her to meet with an unfortunate end including getting my heart destroyed, And after you've witnessed me losing more of my memories and lose control of my body, lose my heart, and lose my form due to following Essence's orders, do you think it is wise for you to continue following her knowing those facts? Looking closely at you now, Boiling Hate, you do seem to be losing more and more of yourself, getting smaller as well as you continue to stay and follow Essence just like Ember and I was when we were following Essence, so you must have some sort of opinion as well, Boiling Hate... I'll leave you with that thought.


in any case, I'm done talking. My decision is final: I choose Laura to be in my team.
No. 912835 ID: ae9b99


Well, Spirit Contaminator. You heard Dervan. Ask us about it.

inner thoughts: in any case, we've all used our turns, it is the enemies' turn.
No. 912981 ID: 70be57
File 154396082442.jpg - (3.09MB , 2480x3508 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 440.jpg )

No. 912987 ID: c683fb

*scarred Ana uses taunt*

You once told me you didn’t want to fight anyone who couldn’t give you a worthy challenge. So what are you doing hitting her for? I’m right here! If you’ve got something to say let’s hear it!
No. 912988 ID: c683fb

You sure you want to do that?

If you do I won’t tell you what Scarred actually thinks of you. I will give you this one for free, she does love you Essence. Despite everything that you’ve both done to each other, she does care.

Or even better, you look like you are having one hell of a migraine there. Do you want me to tell you the truth? To be honest, looking into your mind is like looking at s mixed number of jigsaw puzzles and trying to put them all together. In fact...


Alright, that explains quite a bit actually. You know Essence you remind me of the joker in more ways that one now. You read comics at all? Alright so here’s the thing, in an issue of the justice league batman sits down in this all knowing seat called the “The mobius char.” This chair can answer any question that it’s posed. What bathan asks it is “what is the name of the joker?”

Do you know what the chair said?

“There are three.”

Do you see what I’m saying, Essence? Do you know why your brain can’t get a whole image and why one song keeps playing over and over again?
No. 913094 ID: 5e933d

rolled 2 = 2

(I'll post a little later, just rolling the dice to see what card got burned)
No. 913095 ID: 5e933d

*checks crystal ball on Spirit Contaminator to see what Spirit contaminator might do before she does her card combination, and talks to Spirit Contaminator just in case*
No. 913245 ID: ae9b99

inner thoughts: hmph, screwed over by both sides of this battle by being a part of this. Well, if I am forced to die here by the hands of both Dreamwalker and the voices and/or Essence, then I'm gonna take both sides down with me one way or another by screwing them over as they are trying to do with me.

inner thoughts: Dreamwalker it is time for your punishment for trying to get Laura to consume my mind and for those voices trying to kill me. I won't kill you or Laura as that will piss the fuck out of Essence and your Batman fellow and I want to screw them over for trying to fuck with me, but I'm going to do something just as bad to you.

inner thoughts: I'm going to corrupt Laura's mind by awakening the more darker side of her her that you have so hard tried to keep her from trailing into. I will make her lose the innocence and purity you've desperately have been trying to keep intact within Laura that had made her so unnatural. It'll probably screw me even worse, but at least if I am going down, I am taking every single one of you with me.

*grabs Laura's hand* In closing... fuck every single one of you.
No. 913246 ID: ae9b99

*also takes a quick glance at Dervan with crystal ball because why not*

So you want to know, Spirit Contaminator? Alright... I'll tell you.
No. 913344 ID: 70be57
File 154419490126.jpg - (3.52MB , 3157x3937 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 441.jpg )

No. 913351 ID: 97b4a9

When did I ever say I was a pacifist? Sometimes the only lesson is ones that’s taught with a belt. To be honest Essence it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of it all, there’s interesting stuff happening outside.

See, it’s not hard to mentally torture someone when you know more than they do. For example here’s my final ultimatum, you can try to kill Laura and that will be be the end of you and your little sister outside, because it looks as though something big is about to happen, or you can stop this dumb cheating charade and go help the ones you care about.

I imagine that’s fractured mind of yours feels like it’s about to split down the middle with this. Just my opinion though.
No. 913663 ID: e51896

rolled 4, 4, 1 = 9

suggestor's note: since card 2 is burnt, here is how the cards will be:
1=1, 2=3, 3=4, 4=5, 5=6

Alright, I'll tell you Spirit Contaminator.
Of course Scarred and I are still here to save Laura, It was our only goal at the start and that hasn't changed.
But sadly... being the only reason why we are here is a lie that I desperately want to believe. I know that protecting Laura will mean that if victory is ours, Essence and/or some of your family will just keep confronting us for revenge. That said, If self defense means having to take Essence and her army down so they can finally leave us alone so we can actually make some progress in our adventure without Essence's interrupting us to hurt or even kill us or our friends, then that would make what Dervan said correct about getting rid of our opposition now.
I wish it was true that it is only for Laura, but to prevent the inevitable of you guys seeking revenge against us just for defending our friend Laura, then we will have to eliminate Essence and your family now to prevent that outcome.
No. 913664 ID: e51896

rolled 5 = 5

current cards: upsidedown 5, 1
free reroll due to double cards(5)
Keeping upsidedown 5, 1

Which brings me to you, Spirit Contaminator. Essence made me go through a very traumatic experience forcing us to go up against a spirit parasite queen. And even after I tried to reason with that queen to settle things nonviolently, and even let her escape when she gotten too weak from our attacks and ran away from us, that Queen would stop at nothing to hurt us in the most cruel ways possible from taking control of our friends in a most painful manner to her hosts with her children to even killing every single one of our friends at that time.
I even saw an instance of how cruel she was, eating sacrifices of humans that were given to her... which were STILL ALIVE.
No. 913665 ID: e51896

current cards: upsidedown 5, 1, 6
*heals party*

It was then I've learned about your species and how you are one of the most dangerous species in the multiverse. Did you know you all made an entire universe go close to extinction because of your species' parasitic nature and desire to overpopulate and make other species suffer? Yeah... after seeing how cruel your species can be through the spirit parasite queen, I actually made a promise that I will eliminate any Spirit parasites I come across.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are friendly good Spirit Parasites out there. Maybe you aren't such a cruel monster like that queen was. But the fact is, if you, a (maybe) nice spirit parasite were to give birth to newer spirit parasites, whose to say that one, two, maybe even all of your children might be cruel, if not, even more cruel than the spirit parasite queen we fought against? And what if they initiate a scenario of another overpopulation and extinction of another universe? that is something I do not want to see again.

That said, Dervan wants to keep you alive, capture you, and have his crew research you. I on the other hand see that as a very dangerous idea and feel it is better off to eliminate your species. Far more dangerous than letting any other spirit parasites simply escape purposely.
It could get to a scenario where scientists using their experiments on spirit parasites could potentially create universal destroying weapons, or even mind control weapons eliminating free will of others. That, or if a spirit parasite were to escape the experiments, they could cause major harm to everyone in that universe.
Case and point, take whatever Essence did to make you part cyborg for instance. you have the power to control people through that weird blue liquid. Imagine the consequences if scientists were to create something even worse experimenting on your species. It'll be the nuclear bomb all over again, but 10x worst.

That said, it is Dervan's wish to research you. But it is my duty to destroy you instead. Otherwise, not eliminating you all and simply letting you go could cause betrayal to the people I promised to eliminate spirit parasites.
I'm sure what I said was unforgivable in your eyes, but at least now you know where I am coming from.
No. 913667 ID: e51896

*wants to rant about how there's no point in having power if he can't even control his own body throughout this battle, and how he isn't joining Laura, but instead having Laura join him and needs her beating heart to stay alive, but is in too much pain to talk*

*is trying not to succumb to to his injuries after losing his heart, getting attacked by the voices and Dervan, his memories getting erased, Essence burning him, losing control of his body, and having all his bones broken*

*suddenly remembers that since his bones are gone, he can do things a person with a stable form with bones cannot*

*in a last ditch effort, he attempts to tear apart his own hand, and toss his decapitated hand towards Laura's hand*

*is shaking in pain, and feeling like he is going to pass out soon with his vision getting blurry now but still has hopes his decapitated hand has reached Laura's hand*
No. 913749 ID: 3583d1

*Says nothing but only looks between Fortune, Dervan, and Spirit Contaminator with something akin to stoic pity, as though all three of them are reprehensible in some way*
No. 913761 ID: 70be57
File 154458333355.jpg - (3.28MB , 3508x3479 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 442.jpg )

No. 913762 ID: 70be57
File 154458337585.jpg - (247.01KB , 1020x505 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 443.jpg )

Is just a joke, sorry but

No. 913771 ID: 3583d1

*Reaches out and touches both Laura and Null's hands, becoming the conduit.
No. 913843 ID: 3583d1

*face is calm and but not passive, almost like a sad determination. There's no anger or hatred in her.*
I have nothing but pity for you, SC.

And as for why I'm here, that should be obvious. I'm here to keep a promise your sister made me keep. That's it.
No. 913874 ID: e51896

Ironic isn't it Essence? you wished to get rid of Laura, and you wished to get rid of me... I guess if you really think about it, in a sick and twisted way, your wish is finally granted, in the worst way possible for you... I hope it's everything you wanted........... Enjoy!
No. 913875 ID: e51896

inner thoughts: I really didn't want to say that. I'm not happy I said that. I must sound like a real villain... but I have to think long term here. If I were to let Spirit Contaminator survive willfully, it would most likely be seen as a treacherous action to the Dimensional Tribunal and his people. And I would rather much try getting them as our allies over having them as our adversaries... Especially after I made a promise to the incubus Melkior's bearded friend to eliminate all spirit parasites no matter their personality...

...but it doesn't mean that I do not feel rotten about it...
No. 913935 ID: 70be57
File 154474056946.jpg - (5.81MB , 3508x4961 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 444.jpg )


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