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File 150369985060.jpg - (1.18MB , 2138x2133 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 1.jpg )
825061 No. 825061 ID: 1187e2

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No. 919722 ID: 8b660e


*without a word Scarred plunges the point of her weapon through, pulling Essence through and pulling her into a kiss.*

I love you...
No. 919730 ID: e51896

*is prepared to use her turn to move herself in front of Laura as a body shield just in case Essence is preparing a counter attack on Laura after Scarred attacks Essence*
No. 919746 ID: 70be57
File 154912632905.jpg - (2.14MB , 3508x2315 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 468.jpg )

No. 919765 ID: 8b660e

*blinks and wipes some of the blood out of her eyes*

Uh... you wanna try that again? Or... what?
No. 919773 ID: 70be57
File 154915139863.jpg - (1.52MB , 3316x1843 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 469.jpg )

No. 919828 ID: e51896

*is still in confusion, silence and weirded out by Scarred kissing Essence, and then getting Essence's blood all over herself*

*finally breaks silence* I... don't think I'll ever understand love.

Alright, yeah, I agree, Laura. Essence's reaction of getting stabbed was kind of weird, kind of like she shut down and something else was trying to wake up inside her after she shut down...


I don't know what to make of this, but three ideas on what we should do with Essence came to mind out of this confusion. We could either:

1. Just finish Essence off and end the match thus saving Laura's life and forget this awkward moment never happened

2. I could try to use my Moon Card on Essence after Scarred tries stabbing Essence in the heart again without killing her and see if something hidden is causing Essence's weird behavior from getting stabbed in the heart. (This is NOT something I want to do though, as I prefer not to destroy my moon card, it is kind of a memento to remember the Ana we lost, the Bringer of Nightmare by. And I want to try to fix it in case we need to use it again... but I will use it if you really insist)


3. This one is crazy, but Stab Essence in the heart and get her into that state again, again without killing her. Once she is out of it again, Laura can try perhaps... using that mind negotiation again?

I don't know. Thats all the ideas I can think of. Scarred, Laura, Dreamwalker... what is your opinions?
No. 919863 ID: 70be57
File 154921468120.jpg - (649.42KB , 1327x1353 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 470.jpg )

No. 919890 ID: e51896

Unfortunately there are many times where I spared someone only leading to bad thing happening. Thus, as bad as it sounds, we'll need to finish Essence off. I can't think of any other way to save you, Laura.

Besides, I don't know what doing nothing will accomplish except stall time for Essence to find an escape and get the upper hand on us. There is no stalemates either.

I know you want to skip your turn again, Laura. But instead of skipping your turn, you should replenish your health with a healing food just in case (cereal or pizza).

I voted finishing her off. Scarred, what is your vote?
No. 919908 ID: 3182fe

If I might interject a moment...

I think finishing her off would be extraordinarily bad, especially since we are operating on video game logic and specifically what I can only assume is Final Fantasy.

The thing is however we’ve also been assuming that Essence herself is something a final boss but the more I think about it, the more I realize that this might not be the case.

Here’s the thing. In Final Fantasy there is such a thing as player summoning, however, the only people that’s perform summoning are the players themselves. Laura can Summon, but so can Essence.

This means what we’ve been thinking of as “the final boss and her forms” really isn’t that at all. It’s player vs. player, PVP as it were. And in every final fantasy game, there is always one option near the bottom to get out of fight when things look their bleakest. And the best part is, it will end the fight right here and now.

Essence, can you use the “Flee” option?
No. 919979 ID: 70be57
File 154930348626.jpg - (1.60MB , 2480x1857 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 471.jpg )


Also, this is obligatory to use here

No. 920064 ID: 3182fe

*Scarred slowly raises her hand...

And slaps Essence across the face*

How dare you? How dare you!?

*Scarred’s face twists in anger and sadness, with tears rolling down her face*

Do you even care about how I feel? You say I need to keep my promise, but you don’t even remember that promise do you? You don’t even care how I feel about it. Maybe this isn’t what I want, even though you do. Why are you in such a rush to die all of a sudden? I don’t want us to win or lose, I want all of us to live. And I can’t believe you don’t seem to understand that at all. No matter how hard I try to show you that fact, you refuse to accept it. I showed you our pain and our lives to help you understand me. But again, I failed.

This isn’t what I want at all. What hurts me is the idea of losing you to yourself. I tried to set that aside the first time and to ask me to do it again, it’s like a sick joke but nobody laughs. I’ve lost almost everyone I’ve ever loved. And to have you ask me to take that all away for your sake... it’s not fair. It just not fair. You don’t know me at all. You don’t care.

I wonder if you ever really did. I can’t trust you to not hurt me, Essence. And that’s what hurts me most of all, the fact that you think death is the only option to solve that fact, and you are unwilling to try for me.
*Scarred is quietly crying*
No. 920168 ID: e51896


odd. This is quite different than what was supposed to happen.

I remember two particular drawings Anthony made.

one was Scarred Ana continuously attacking Essence, which has not happened as far as I know.

The other was a secret drawing in which Essence chained while Scarred with a knife and axe was mutilating Essence and Scarred was screaming SING FOR ME LITTLE BIRDY! SING ME YOUR DEATH SONG!
This moment with Essence chained up like that reminds me too much of that drawing by Anthony, and yet that moment is far from happening.

If Anthony is known to have dreams of different times of certain things happening, then I don't know if that moment already happened and we forgot about it somehow, or if that is a moment that has yet to come, and yet, Scarred crying here is very different from that outcome. Very odd.

In any case, Scarred, the way I see it, our universe has a tendency of giving people hope, promise, faith, and goals that seem very possible to reach... only to have our universe tear those apart mercilessly. It doesn't matter how psychotic like Essence, or pure like Laura you are. Whatever goals we want to achieve, you can bet it will be taken away by the universe we are from.


*prepares wand for an attack*

that said, I feel the most we can do is exploit that fact of the universe taking away what we want to our advantage somehow.
No. 920181 ID: 70be57
File 154940179936.jpg - (1.43MB , 2480x2021 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 472.jpg )

No. 920186 ID: 8b660e
File 154940311069.jpg - (90.44KB , 609x611 , FDDFE60F-458D-46DD-83A2-29FD2442F85C.jpg )

Hey Scarred, come here a minute.

Puts his hand in Scarred, looking at her memories.

Oh! Ohhhhhh....

Laura, you’re going to need to communicate these feelings properly. Your the one who is gonna have to show Essence this. Brace yourself for this, it’s a little weird too look at.if you can negotiate this with Essence, we might have a chance.
No. 920188 ID: 8b660e

If there’s one thing I’ve learned Fortune, is that the future can change on a dime. All those drawings Anthony did were way before this had happened. They were events that could have happened and their outcome seemed almost assured. But the moment this happened...


That future changed.
No. 920251 ID: e51896

*still has wand prepared and pointed at Essence*


*talking to Essence* its not a matter of not wanting to kill you, it is a matter of needing to kill you.

*talking to Laura* ugh, it seems I am outvoted one to three.

Listen Laura... I acknowledge the vote's results.
I'm aware that we have overcame those obstacles that you mentioned.
And after learning about what Dreamwalker found out about Scarred and Essence, seeing Essence disappointed in having me kill her instead of Scarred, and considering the mark on Scarred's cheek that could of only been given to her from love between Essence and Scarred, I see that could be the one chance on getting the results of ending this without anyone dying that you all want...


while we overcame those obstacles, I want you to really remember what it cost us to make those results happen.

We got Felafaf and Flint to leave, but it was at the cost of both of them getting wounded until unconscious instead of being able to rescue them.
We took care of the abomination, but we couldn't save ALL the spirits, and it resulted in Null losing everything (which I don't care too much about him, but seeing you were saved by him, you probably have gained some level of feelings with him)
And we solved the hostage negotiation without anyone dying, but it resulted in our friend(s) being kidnapped instead of being released, with the possibility of punishment for them in some way.

So while a solution may likely exist to try negotiations using what Dreamwalker found out through Scarred and other facts we know to our advantage, like the mark on Scarred's cheek, I want you to realize that there is most likely a hidden cost you'll have to take that you might not like in doing this mind negotiation.

And while I know there is also a cost of my decision in saving you means killing Essence and having her army after us for revenge, at the very least I know your safety is guaranteed for a while longer.

So here is what is going to happen Laura, My choice is still to eliminate Essence, but considering the vote, I will hold off on making my move, but I am NOT going to skip my turn either. I'm going to wait a little longer.

Instead, before I take my turn, if you really have the confidence for it Laura, I will allow you and Dreamwalker to do one final mind negotiation in this battle, This time with Essence. I will give you the chance to change her mind. You did invade her dream to negotiate and learn about her in the first place anyway
(You should still be able to do negotiations despite already taking your turn since if I remember, negotiations do not count as an official move.)

But I'll only allow this negotiation to take place on these conditions:

1. you need to get three diplomatic points within three of your negotiations turns for the negotiation to go in your favor (while keeping in mind each diplomatic point will be more difficult to gain). If you can't do that, then I must take my turn to eliminate Essence. Be aware that Essence is a master manipulator. So you and Dreamwalker must be weary of any tricks she may pull.

2. Because I am waiting to take my turn to let you do this, I will NOT heal you as doing so will result in me losing a turn and having it be Essence's turn. You'll have to go in with the amount of hp you have.

3. If I catch anything bad about to somehow happens to you during this negotiation, I am immediately pulling the plug and eliminating Essence.

4. Because this will be your decision, Laura, I will not be held responsible for what might happen considering I voted against this idea.

Now, considering the stipulation I provided, and considering the costs we gave in order to overcome previous obstacles, and the risks you'd be taking with the amount of hp you have, do you and Dreamwalker have the guts and confidence to try your mind negotiations one last time using the knowledge you've gained and already learned about Scarred and Essence? Think very carefully about this.

*is still pointing the wand at Essence with the intent of killing her*
No. 920329 ID: 70be57
File 154955665764.jpg - (1.87MB , 2480x2833 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 473.jpg )

No. 920338 ID: 8c3a7c


*silently looks away, tears still in her eyes*
No. 920386 ID: e51896

yeah, what you said seems to correspond with your belief that Essence not being a real person, just a construct of Happy's, and "she" is only trying to attempt and imitate human emotions, almost to the point of her just being imaginary. It feels as if she needs to be known one way, or another by any kind of publicity stunt she pulls, good or bad, almost like she needs the attention to exist.

*lowers the wand away from Essence*

Honestly, at this point, I really don't care about Essence and what she wants to do, will do or what she has done anymore. There is far more important things to do than give her any kind of positive or negative attention by her actions. Yeah, I think we're done with her.
Imaginary friends, or imaginary villains in this case are for children and a waste of time. I'm an adult with much work that needs to be done for the wheel of fortune's sake,

*is also looking away from Essence, now ignoring her*
No. 920423 ID: 70be57
File 154965977853.jpg - (610.58KB , 1576x1569 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 474.jpg )

No. 920428 ID: ff50c0

*says nothing, back turned, still quietly crying*
No. 920448 ID: e51896

*has completely tuned out Essence's voice, not listening to her*

Next, I think we should discuss what we should do next

*looks at Laura and Dreamwalker*

Laura, you discussed how you want to find your father again. Just know that the world has become a much more dangerous and scarier place. Ana who we are helping has been in a lot of trouble in the city that we had to get her out of, even defusing a complicated bomb, and we still haven't even entered the forest yet believe it or not. And that is just scratching the surface, anybody else we have followed, observed, and/or helped often even find themselves in some manner of trouble in one way or another, like Laurence, Matilda, even Root himself. Needless to say, going on an adventure to find your father is not going to be fun, very difficult, and might end in heartache.

If you are still interested despite the risks, I strongly recommend finding people you can trust as allies to help you on your search for your father, not just dreamwalker. If you need a good person to start with, try Anthony. He has started showing signs of wanting out of the cult, and would probably escape with you, whether it is to help find your father, or just escape. His girlfriend may come along to. Though you may have to wait until after the trial with Godfrey concludes. In fact, you should probably go to the trial to get a better understanding on what is going on with Ana and everyone's stance on what is happening.

*looks over at Scarred.*
*Decides to help Scarred get over her sadness and completely get her mind off Essence by changing the subject to Ana*

I guess it is time for us to discuss what we ourselves should do next with Ana. I'm wondering, after everything we have went through, what we learned about the cult, about our knowledge of Absolution's betrayal and what he is trying to do with this universe, and the knowledge of this dimensional cycle... are you truly still committed to continue to stick to your past and make taking down the cult top priority, or do you want to help me find a way to help Ana and us escape this dimensional cycle somehow...
or do you have something else in mind for her. Ana's safety is our top priority after all.

Depending on your decision, we should also discuss whether to pull the plug on continuing to see the past as well...
No. 920494 ID: 70be57
File 154973205547.jpg - (1.67MB , 2480x2282 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 475.jpg )

No. 920534 ID: ff50c0

*inner thoughts* her name is Magna.

*sniff, continues to ignore Essence* The cult’s goals are pointless. If we understand how they do what it is they do we stand a better chance if understanding them. If we understand them well enough, then we have a chance of making them listen to reason.

If we work together then we might be able to escape this prison cell of universe. As for Absolution... he may pose the biggest threat he doesn’t understand that there’s nothing to gain by staying here. If we want to live, we need to make him understand too.
No. 920590 ID: e51896

*puts her hand on Laura's shoulder and gives her a look of reassurance to help continue to get Laura's mind off of Essence*

yes Laura, But also, this is a threat that you should not worry about at all anymore and just ignore. Trust me.

Now then, if you truly want to find your father after all the advice I've given you, just look for allies to help in your search, and most importantly, don't stray away from Dreamwalker.
No. 920686 ID: 70be57
File 154991833282.jpg - (1.12MB , 1748x2207 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 476.jpg )

No. 920696 ID: 663b9e

No. 920734 ID: e51896

*is not looking at Essence, is only speaking with Laura* Hm, good point, Laura, and besides, if Ember doesn't take revenge, Null would probably.
I mean granted, Null most likely will get killed by Happy as soon as possible for going against Essence, and even if he isn't killed, he may just stay a useless blob in a bucket not able to do anything as he should be... but I also must add I have seen people come out of terrible situations, seemingly killed only to come back miraculously, sometimes even improved like Flint becoming tv head after he died or Clarence who after getting killed by the fog, coming back to life as a doll.

*whispers to Laura* though I did think of another reason why Essence's plan is flawed. Essence isn't considering Anubis' deep feelings for Essence, and how Anubis might possibly think what would happen to Essence as a consequence if she were to follow Essence's orders.

enough said. To change the subject, The only other things I can think of asking you Laura, is what kind of dream adventures did you have before coming to this dimension? I know you were spending a lot of time traveling from dream to dream of other people, and was just interested in knowing if you found out anything of interest about anyone through their dreams?
No. 920751 ID: 70be57
File 154997078344.jpg - (1.58MB , 2176x2656 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 477.jpg )

No. 920870 ID: 8aca3f

Laura, we could take those bad dreams and memories away. We have the power to consume those nightmares that are the source of her trauma. If she mentally open enough we have the power to take it all away and give her good dreams.
No. 920875 ID: e51896

I see...

Laura, should I also use my turn to slap her like you and Scarred did to get her out of that trance? it would probably be kind of difficult to slap her from my wheelchai- I mean... chariot.

*takes a while to contemplate, looking at Essence in her trance, and Scarred in her saddened state*


No. 920876 ID: e51896


from what I understand... Essence, Scarred, and I have the exact same goal: which is wanting nothing more than to help Ana survive this strange new world, to keep her away from any more harm. The only difference is how we try to go about achieving this goal. Yet each one of our paths is flawed in some way (my inactivity when needed, Scarred's blind revenge and hotheadeness, Essence's mistreatment to a lot of people).


And after considerations, I think I have a weird solution to all this:

what if we just form a truce of some sort right here and now, and just allow Essence to help guide Ana as another voice, or as an equal to Scarred and I?
I mean it is clear to me that she wants desperately and painfully to guide Ana and prevent her from danger, and prevent Ana from making the same mistakes from previous cycles, and that is something we want too, right?

The issue I am seeing though is that while Essence has seen this cycle enough times to know the dangers and risks and is thus knowledgeable about most things, her seeing this nightmarish cycle over and over again however damaged her sanity, and she may continue to hurt others whether she means to or not without thinking of the consequences.
I realize this all throughout this battle based off her mistreatment towards her allies Ember, TV Head, or complete strangers like that guy she beheaded through the portal, leading to either her allies leaving her during battle like TV Head, not listening to her like Karikatura Scarred Ana did, or even possibly plan revenge like Ember might be doing.

With her mistreatment towards others being a risk to Ana's safety, the only way I can allow Essence to guide Ana with us is if she shows a bit of humility by just surrendering this battle like Happy wanted so that Laura and Dreamwalker can escape. It is a decent start to stabilize the sanity she lost, and show a bit more respect to others.

and if it is truly a fight where only one party leader is left standing can escape, then I suspect that there is a loophole around that issue which is: what if one party leader joins the other party leader? as in what if Essence joins Laura during her turn for example, thus essentially making her a regular party member instead of a party leader, making Laura the only party leader left standing? that might be a possible loophole around that rule, right?
No. 920885 ID: 663b9e

If we want to go down that road I think it would be better if Laura and Dreamwalker consumed those bad memories that make her crazy and also the ones of Happy as well. Then she really would be another voice that can help us in guiding Ana.
No. 920928 ID: e51896

Well in any case, she won't listen to us in this trance-like state. We'll need to snap Essence out of it, soooo...

*slaps Essence to get her back in reality*
No. 920996 ID: 70be57
File 155010253435.jpg - (1.75MB , 2379x2989 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 478.jpg )

No. 921065 ID: e51896

No, it wasn't Laura who made Scarred the way she is now. It was you who did that after you two somehow formed that relationship you forgot about. If you still deny it, then how do you explain the mark on Scarred's cheek then? That could not have been made without forming a loving relationship between the two of you.

And as far as killing you goes, did you even think of the consequence if we killed you? nobody will be able to protect Spirit Contaminator from Ember and probably Null after your mistreatment towards them. And who knows, their revenge might not just be directed to you, but could extend to Ana as well. Ember might want to go after Ana as well and kill her. Not to mention, once news of your death by our hands gets out, people whom supported you will also want Ana dead as revenge.

And as far as killing Laura goes, don't you realize that if you kill Laura, the cult will find out and thus place more priorities in killing Ana as a result of someone very closely associated with Ana: you killing Laura? They aren't stupid, they will deduce it was a person associated with Ana that killed Laura.
Their priority right now is rescuing Root, which works as a perfect distraction and we wouldn't want them to shift their attention away from rescuing Root and go after Ana instead, especially if we are considering to stop looking into the past.

If you don't believe me, think about how your mistreatment to Ember caused her to gain hatred towards you for possible revenge, Essence. I know you hate people who are above consequences. Don't become what you hate. you'll just become a hypocrite.
No. 921129 ID: 465f20

*embraces Essence*

No. 922051 ID: 70be57
File 155048525110.jpg - (1.43MB , 1748x2480 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 479.jpg )

No. 922182 ID: 663b9e

Yes you could do that, or you could hear them out. Here is what we have decided Essence, you don’t have to end it here. There’s a very very fun and old saying.


Right now you can join Scarred and Fortune in guiding Ana. You would abandon this bloody conflict you’ve started and instead you could be the guide you’ve always wanted to be. However, it comes with one condition, you must surrender your mind to Laura and Myself, and we will consume your trauma. You will be a changed person, without the painful memories that made you who you’ve become now. But for it to work, we need to know you, how you got to where you are now. Will you open your mind to us? Will you give yourself a second chance?
No. 922286 ID: e51896

rolled 6, 2, 4 = 12

*rolling for healing*
No. 922287 ID: e51896

rolled 4, 1 = 5

current cards: 6, 2, 4
Keeping 6
going for first reroll
No. 922288 ID: e51896

rolled 6 = 6

Current cards: 6, upside-down 4, 1

free reroll because rolled same card
keeping 6, and 1
No. 922289 ID: e51896

rolled 5 = 5

Current cards: upside-down 6, 1

free reroll
No. 922290 ID: e51896

Current cards: upside-down 6, 5, 1

using fool card to turn 5, and 1 upsidedown

current cards: upside-down 6, upside-down 5, upside-down 1

>powered up Lovers kisses activated

*isn't saying anything, just wanted to heal everyone up.
No. 922306 ID: 70be57
File 155057316651.jpg - (2.54MB , 2621x2784 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 480.jpg )

No. 922339 ID: e51896

Quite complicated.

I would love nothing more than to remove Ana from this world and live somewhere safer... but that is only a temporary solution, isn't it? Even after she lives a long normal life in a new world, she is only going to end up back in that dark world again as a spirit like Scarred and I as she is tied to the dimensional cycle, correct?

No, I think if we truly want to save Ana, we'll have to somehow break that link she has with the dimensional cycle somehow. I think that is my main goal. to sever the chains to the dimensional cycle Ana is tied to. that is the only way she can be saved in my eyes.

After seeing Scarred's ghost friends go off to the afterlife peacefully and happily, and knowing we can't go where they are, or any kind of after life and just stay stuck here to the cycle, I think breaking Ana outta that cycle is what I need to do for all of us spirits, and you as well Essence.

and no, that does not mean we will continue trying to stop the cult. I think I'm done with the goal of trying to stop them, or try to stop the fog. I am no longer going to go against them, and will only attack them if they provoke us at this point.
No. 922341 ID: bfb6f3

I guess this begs the question, in the first cycle, how did you get merged with the ash tree and gain some of its power and also get stuck in this dimensional cycle as a result
No. 922383 ID: e05a2c

It’s not as contradictory as you think. By fixing such a broken world, wouldn’t we also be saving her?

I don’t think of just Ana but everyone else that is trapped in this damned cycle. We’re all prisoners here fighting over bread and fighting amongst ourselves when we should work on finding a way to break through the walls.

Self preservation is pointless because the only thing we preserve is this world to continue on breaking the wills of others and letting it shape them.
No. 922408 ID: 70be57
File 155062625763.jpg - (558.61KB , 1348x1183 , Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions 481.jpg )

No. 922409 ID: 8b660e


What a dumb question. Shame on all of you.

You are all thinking in only in black and white. When all you see is black and white and shades of grey you forget to look for the other colors as well.

What is so shameful about all of this is you are talking about a person who has a mind of her own. She has the right to free choice just as much as all of you do.

Essence, you see everything as you do for Ana's benefit. But what you offer her isn't love or help, it's abuse. You want to control her like one of your puppets that you obsess over, but that robs her of her individuality. What you offer her isn't any kind of protection or real safety. You would hover over her like an overprotective parent and lead her about like a misbehaving child and give her no repercussions for her actions and no choices left to her. Why do you think I offered you the chance to have your trauma taken away, because forcing upon you would be wrong. People must understand that there are consequences for their choices. When there isn't we end up with a situation like this, where it seems blood is the only answer.

Fortune, i've watched you throughout this cycle and I must say, your pessimism and your laxity is your biggest flaw. You look at this situation only thinking what you yourself have done and what you have told Ana to do. It seems then you decided that caring about others hurt too much, and you deadened yourself to the pain. You're developing a kind of tunnel vision that blinds you to the other issues with this world and the dimensional cycle. You wish to focus on saving Ana, but you would damn those who stand against you. Even entire species of people, and yes I am talking about the spirit parasites. Now you would damn the rest of humanity with them, forever trapped in this limbo. Broaden your gaze, for the sake of your own soul.

Scarred, your attitude it just all over the place. You have a noble goal in mind but your self sacrifice and drive to be a hero puts everyone else in danger. I liked where you were going with your answer for a second, but you too forgot the crucial detail. Ana isn't you, and you can't make her like you. If you make her like you, then what would be left? A cheap imitation and a copy of a martyr. You can't always save everyone, it's a sad fact and a tragedy, but there it is. It's not fair and it's cruel but it's life. Have some thought to yourself and what it is you want. You can only give so much, if you give too much, nothing will be left you but a broken idea and a shadow of a person. Learn to forgive, and move as best you can.

How do any of us gain or grow? If Essence wins, Ana is still trapped. If Fortune wins, other's are doomed. If Scarred Wins, nothing is left of Ana. I'm tired of this farce of who fights who and who and who guides Ana.

Now if you insist on this stalemate, we can let it continue to it's final stupidity and pointless end.

Or, we can create an alternative that is fair and equal to all of us.
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