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File 155272171750.png - (206.30KB , 800x525 , title3.png )
925961 No. 925961 ID: 270774


This quest is R18.
chapter one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/897413.html
chapter two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/910050.html
disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124805.html
patreon: https://www.patreon.com/iraprince
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No. 944711 ID: 75cf31
File 156809050223.png - (131.78KB , 800x525 , 531.png )

“Uh.” There’s a light dusting of pink rising over the bridge of Strip’s nose. It’s suddenly incredibly easy to look at that instead of at her nipple piercings. “Yeah?” She clears her throat, hoarsely. “I mean, yeah. I just said I’m the only one who’ll do it right, didn’t I.”

Sirloin is giving Rack a look that Lamb can’t decipher. Rack is giving a similar one back.

Suit yourself, Sirloin signs, and despite the sarcastic bounce of her hands she doesn’t seem actually offended. She turns to leave, and Rack falls into step beside her.

“That frees me up to do whatever I waaaant,” Rack trills. “Don’t worry, I’ve got no plans to third wheel. At least not this time. Have fun, like, crushing beer cans against your head, or whatever Strip does for fun.”
No. 944712 ID: 75cf31
File 156809051976.png - (89.61KB , 800x525 , 532.png )

Strip launches a snarl at Rack’s retreating figure, but her expression is mostly back to normal by the time she turns back to look at Lamb. “Okay, uh. Guess we should go get dressed.” There’s a little hesitation here that doesn’t fit with her normal brash manner, but she seems to be getting it back as she goes. She straightens up, grabbing a waiting towel off a nearby hook as she speaks. “I’ll meet you down in the lobby. I don’t take long to get ready, so hurry up. And wear something you can move around in, okay?”

“Okay,” Lamb murmurs, automatically. She realizes, now that she’s alone with Strip, that all of her skin feels like it’s practically vibrating with barely constrained energy.

She just asked someone out. She asked someone out. Her mind immediately fires back — It’s not a REAL date, and it’s your teammate, it doesn’t count — but those insistent caveats don’t change how she feels about it.

Exhilarated. A little triumphant, even.

She’s jolted out of those thoughts as Strip’s hand lands on top of her head, and then Strip ruffles her damp hair, lightly. She’s gone before Lamb can really react.
No. 944713 ID: 75cf31
File 156809053664.png - (148.92KB , 800x1000 , 533.png )

By the time Lamb gathers herself and wraps a towel around her body to leave the showers, the hallway is empty. Their nearby rooms, at least, are separate, though they’re all together in a block. Lamb enters hers, closes the door behind her, and stares at her dresser.

Great. Now she has to figure out what to wear.

paper doll update! some notes: to avoid Unsightly Thread Stretching, if you resize or add on to the image to draw, please resize it back down to 1000 PIXELS OR LESS horizontally before posting in the thread; if you have long links to images of potential clothes/outfits, please run them through bitly or a similar url shortener before posting. this keeps the thread easy to read when images are expanded and saves the front page on mobile, too.
No. 944714 ID: 3e7944

yayyyyy paper doll update! i feel good about strip as a choice, her blush was so cute! though if/when the opportunity arises to go out with rack and sirloin, i hope we take that as well! drawing some cute outfits for lamb will be a fun project for tomorrow!
No. 944716 ID: c4cb10
File 156809236655.png - (111.14KB , 800x1000 , steve.png )

feels like the last paper doll was missing something..
No. 944718 ID: 0338c7
File 156809335298.png - (420.32KB , 660x989 , 9A5F490C-2D35-4B04-AD51-3EB2A00A2845.png )

I think lamb would look good in something dark and lacy! We don’t want to put on something too outrageously colorful, probably, though it may be fun to try.
No. 944719 ID: 32666c


I think something like this would be cute.
Somethinh casual and a nice change of pace from more of the bondagey outfits she's had, which are very good don't get me wrong. It's not like, a sexy outfit, but we were all just showering togther. I don't think we need to still be in full titty flaunting mode.
No. 944722 ID: f9ca75
File 156809773603.png - (459.59KB , 800x1000 , Lamb Date.png )

I feel like Lamb's non-combat wardrobe is probably mostly soft loose things, (because a common experience with autism that I have is itchy clothing heightening moments of panic) so I have a bunch of soft linen centric outfits in mind!
No. 944723 ID: e7dcb0

The boots would look nice in the same grey as the piece in the middle (I have three things I think that's called and they might all be wrong), but otherwise I totally agree with this!
No. 944725 ID: f9ca75
File 156810243043.png - (409.94KB , 800x1000 , Lamb Date 2.png )

lamb 2, this one comes with a side bag, why? because do vamps have fake ids in case of a human bouncer at a club?? who knows.
No. 944726 ID: f9ca75
File 156810247154.png - (366.58KB , 800x1000 , Lamb Date 3.png )

lamb 3, arguably the most femme? also blue suede boots.
No. 944728 ID: d23dad

(slamming my fists repeatedly on the table) SUIT SUIT SUIT SUIT S
No. 944730 ID: b29475
File 156811324362.png - (240.74KB , 800x1000 , shepherdspie.png )

leggings+runners for freedom of movement, a jacket to shrink into if things get overwhelming, and a ribbon in case strip wants to pull it off us later :)
No. 944731 ID: 14e641
File 156811507516.png - (144.40KB , 800x1000 , Untitled95.png )

Loose, light, semi transparent shirt.
Short grey jean shorts.
Ass kicking boots.
No. 944732 ID: 2d2e50
File 156812410613.png - (149.37KB , 800x1000 , 156809053664.png )

No. 944733 ID: 37b6a5
File 156812661904.jpg - (90.40KB , 750x1002 , 63539B42-6558-4570-B001-751AC83C5DB0.jpg )

woke up, dressed lamb, went back to sleep
No. 944734 ID: cc1e4b

Oh I love this one!!!
No. 944736 ID: 6dc464
File 156813641635.png - (121.40KB , 800x1000 , lammb.png )

No. 944740 ID: da877f
File 156814701151.png - (358.51KB , 800x1000 , Lamb Date 4.png )

more lambs incoming, this one keeps some of their bondage/harness style but is also cozy
No. 944741 ID: da877f
File 156814706703.png - (488.30KB , 800x1000 , Lamb Date 5.png )

learned i hate actually making plaid patterns but dam it cute
No. 944742 ID: da877f
File 156814709638.png - (344.18KB , 800x1000 , Lamb Date 6.png )

edgiest of my lambs
No. 944766 ID: 3e7944
File 156815281923.png - (295.90KB , 1000x1250 , lamb_jeanoutfit2.png )

Jean lesbian lamb
No. 944767 ID: 3e7944
File 156815284664.png - (278.38KB , 1000x1250 , lamb_jeanoutfit1.png )

without jacket to show flowy top
No. 944773 ID: 3e7944
File 156815834174.png - (292.97KB , 1000x1250 , lamb_sporty.png )

A sporty lamb! really digging into the something you can move in instruction with gym shorts, plain white crop tshirt thing, and sleeveless hoodie
No. 944774 ID: 3e7944
File 156815977593.png - (217.91KB , 1000x1250 , lamb_blackandsilver.png )

a bit more gothic of an option
No. 944775 ID: 0cfbab
File 156816018126.png - (151.93KB , 800x1000 , lamb date outfit 1.png )

You know when you see a character and your heart goes 'ack!'?

Strip. Strip just did that to me.

I'm super glad I get to participate in the outfit choosing this time so I got two more after this pic :>
No. 944777 ID: 0cfbab
File 156816029801.png - (136.97KB , 800x1000 , lamb date outfit 2.png )

No. 944778 ID: 0cfbab
File 156816038555.png - (147.92KB , 800x1000 , lamb date outfit 3.png )

Also I'm sorry for all the red and black, I'm just so used to seeing it that's all my brain is ok with ; v ;

They can be any color though, of course
No. 944792 ID: 37b6a5
File 156817202863.jpg - (76.01KB , 750x930 , C966CA00-B5E9-46FA-BE88-FD83F7AE7B94.jpg )

the tesxtures.....soft floaty shirt tight shiny pants...this is my autistic fashion :)
No. 944807 ID: 6b66cf
File 156818296618.png - (106.91KB , 800x1000 , dress up.png )

something soft and simple!
No. 944814 ID: 6b66cf
File 156818461737.png - (109.43KB , 800x1000 , dress up2.png )

someone mentioned a titty window on ira's cc and i couldn't get it out of my head. also i highkey gave up one the boots don't look too close at em
No. 944821 ID: 456ad4
File 156818722489.png - (154.99KB , 800x1000 , lamb plaid dress 9-11-2019.png )

comfy and stylish
No. 944822 ID: 456ad4
File 156818730128.png - (180.04KB , 800x1000 , lamb gtoh dress 9-11-2019.png )

this is impractical for moving around easily but i think it slaps lol
No. 944828 ID: 9c4f92

Hello, please double-check your image resolution in the future.
No. 944835 ID: 001be0


these are cute!!
No. 944839 ID: 001be0
File 156821380626.png - (123.85KB , 800x1000 , 1568090536642222.png )

No. 944840 ID: 001be0

No. 944872 ID: d91078
File 156825311348.png - (202.20KB , 800x1000 , lamb1.png )

tried my best, please excuse the shoes i have NO idea how to draw them kjhfkjdhfkjsdf
No. 944884 ID: 5393c6
File 156827074972.png - (306.94KB , 800x1000 , Lamb Date 7.png )

my contribution to the A Suit For Lamb campaign
No. 944909 ID: b00828
File 156832992962.png - (284.94KB , 1000x1000 , 89E82135-CCBE-49AD-A39A-9B8C58D5B58F.png )

1) velvet goth?? velvet goth
2) daintier!
3) strappy heels are not the best to go romping around in but i, the one with the tablet pen in hand, can dreaml
No. 944910 ID: b00828
File 156833003510.png - (300.68KB , 1000x1000 , 824FFFB9-FA54-4B9B-8B7A-9664CB7F9AC0.png )

alt version with some jackets, since what is the point of a nice top if we’re not casually-on-purpose shedding a jacket to reveal it to strip
No. 944918 ID: afed67
File 156834231482.jpg - (461.13KB , 750x824 , A0FB4520-9109-4D54-9858-8E225FDDEA24.jpg )

A bit off the base, but consider BDSM/buffy aesthetic Lamb
No. 944954 ID: b8d6cf

outfit 1 is so beautiful!
No. 944963 ID: b8d6cf
File 156839323551.png - (143.17KB , 800x1000 , outfit-2.png )

No. 944966 ID: b8d6cf
File 156839458621.png - (136.96KB , 800x1000 , outfit-3.png )

No. 944969 ID: 8fa857
File 156839897067.jpg - (105.19KB , 790x988 , 355431DD-0AB6-4DD0-814C-35FE2F9A169C.jpg )

please consider: Weird Autistic Layering!

I’m imagining her scrambling for an outfit, trying to go in three different aesthetic/practical directions at once, and then stumbling out of her room only half-aware of what she actually put on.

I also really like the light blue dress with the bondage harness, and the plaid dress over the white t-shirt, that others posted.
No. 945048 ID: b8d6cf
File 156846544740.png - (156.91KB , 800x1000 , outfit-4.png )

No. 945050 ID: b8d6cf
File 156846674092.png - (129.93KB , 800x1000 , outfit-5.png )

i'm jsut going wild. i love paperdoll updates
No. 945165 ID: 51d10f
File 156865018093.png - (392.31KB , 900x643 , lamb outfits 1 and 2.png )

some Outfits. i may have gone a bit too ham on details but im gay and love clothes and lamb? i have others sketched too that i'm hoping to get finished later today but heres the first two in my Lamb Get Cool Belt Agenda
1. in my lesbian opinion hiking boots are both sexy and practical for many occasions.
2. hood in case of needing something to hide in from getting overwhelmed (and hoodie strings for the potential for a Pulling Someone Towards You By The Hoodie Strings move,)
No. 945199 ID: 51d10f
File 156869719903.png - (457.97KB , 1200x750 , lamb outfits 3 alt colours.png )

okay another late entry outfit, this one with two colour options because I couldn't choose between them.

i just think, that underboob, is fun. its cute
No. 945200 ID: 51d10f

AH CRAP I forgot to resize it oh no I'm sorry! I completely meant to do that before posting but it slipped my mind. i'm not sure how to delete a post to repost a properly sized version, or if that's a thing I can do?
No. 945216 ID: e7dcb0

There's a small checkbox near the name area of your post, click that then go to the bottom right of the page and click delete
No. 945237 ID: 75cf31

don't worry about it, i'm about to update within the next few hours and this isn't so wide that it's super disruptive. i appreciate u keeping it in mind tho
No. 945266 ID: 75cf31
File 156876680350.png - (164.73KB , 800x525 , 534.png )

It feels like no time at all passes as Lamb tears through her drawers in a blur, and the next thing she knows, she looks up and her room is a mess. She feels like she’s tried on half of what she owns — a couple outfits built around flowy velvet skirts, at first, but then she remembers Strip’s instruction for mobility, so she switches to shorts instead — then agonizing over what’s too formal, what’s not formal enough, what would make it look like she’s taking this too seriously, what would make it look like she doesn’t care… she doesn’t even know what “normal” date clothes entail, but this isn’t really a normal date.

In the end she settles on something close to what she normally wears. She skips heels, per Strip’s request; chooses a tight, seamless bodysuit, one she’s always found comfortable because of the firm compression, and one that she hopes makes her look… sexy?... and layers on a hoodie, too, just in case. Her noise reduction headphones are on the nightstand and she grabs them, looping them around her neck for safekeeping.

There’s a little more useless fussing, but she cuts it off. The only thing more embarrassing than showing up in the wrong thing would probably be annoying Strip by keeping her waiting.
No. 945267 ID: 75cf31
File 156876682937.png - (158.09KB , 800x525 , 535.png )

Strip is already in the lobby by the time Lamb gets down there; and, to Lamb’s immense relief, is dressed pretty similarly. She gives Lamb a brief nod, turning towards her as she approaches. “Hey.”

“Hi.” There’s a beat. She feels too embarrassed to say anything as cliche as “did you wait long,” or “you look good,” and luckily Strip picks up the slack before the silence can become awkward.

“Uh, honestly.” Strip rubs the back of her neck with one hand, the other gesturing loosely towards the rest of the hotel. “I’ve trained here before, with my last squad, and I kind of fucking hate this place. So.” She straightens up, shoving her hands deep in her pockets. “I’m borrowing a bike while we’re here, since we flew in and — you know how I am, I gotta go get my own space sometimes, and — I dunno. Unless you’re, like, married to the idea of doing the casino or the bunny bar here or whatever, I figured we could get out of here and go somewhere else.”

She seems to realize she’s given a pitch that’s pretty heavily weighted, and sighs, trying to backpedal a little. “Or at least another casino. Somewhere off the strip, and not a touristy vamp trap full of 300-year-old stiffs.”
No. 945268 ID: 69c061

Sounds like fun; maybe she knows somewhere a little quieter than average, so you can have conversations and not get too overwhelmed with noise? If she's been in Vegas before she probably has a few favourite spots, right?
No. 945269 ID: d1981c

Yeah go for it! Fuck the casino! Go find somewhere nice and have a good date!
No. 945270 ID: 094652

Do you ascribe to that theory where vampire psychopathy partially stems from a lack of self-image? Hell, you can't even see your clothes! Modern technology could reconstruct your face even more thoroughly than a mirror.

>Go somewhere else
Open up with a joke
"How about the underground furry pits? I read about them in a novel."

Go wherever. Grand Canyon's in another state but if your bike is powerful enough you could get there and back in a day.
No. 945271 ID: b3c9cc

ask where she likes to go/what she likes to do when she gets out of this place!
No. 945272 ID: 3ed3c3

Let's blow this joint.
No. 945277 ID: 49863e

honestly, getting somewhere quiet sounds ideal - y'all can focus on each other, and not get overwhelmed by flashing lights and loads of noises.

perhaps somewhere where there's some form of entertainment, or at least something to look at? Like, maybe driving out to the desert some to see the stars... I think it'd be useful to have Something to look at or engage in for potential lulls in the conversation, and to allow for time to process before responding if necessary.
No. 945292 ID: ce3b01

Yeah absolutely take Strip up on her offer. Its not like the casino was gonna be the most pleasant place for Lamb and we were mostly preparing to go there so she could get to know the others instead of the appeal of a casino. Also ask what she has in mind.
No. 945293 ID: bb78f2

Wanna watch the desert moon? Crash a biker bar and start a fight with humans, holding back our strength and give them a minor fighting chance? Crash a vampire biker bar, not holding back and give them a minor fighting chance?

Hunt and Kill a nazi? Hunt and kill a vampire Nazi?

Coffee? Err... yeah wait might still work if vamps can drink beer.
No. 945296 ID: 0e2ebe

Go with her first idea, it sounds great. You want to spend time with her, on a date, not really go to a bunny bar.
No. 945308 ID: 3e7944

Since she knows the area, definitely what she thinks would be fun. Somewhere were we can chill and talk, but also with something to do, so we don't have to worry about filling the area
No. 945311 ID: 69f83f

Ahhh... Lamb and Strip cute...

I've never been to Vegas but there's like gotta be some silly retro diner or something around right?? Or maybe a drive-in theater thing? Can you tell I've never been farther West than Pennsylvania (but once had a really cute friend-date night around Provincetown)?

Idk casinos sound lame and I know neither Lamb nor Strip are that old but I think it'd be cute to find something w/ that sort of aesthetic a little off the main drag. Drive-in theater playing a dumb black and white vampire movie to casually mock before biking off before sunrise.

I think it'd be nice to get away from all the bright lights and hotels and just fool around w/ a jukebox someplace. You can't enjoy the milkshakes but you Can terrorize tonight's prey w/ "what's new pussycat" on repeat. It's more low-key than bunny bars and I doubt it's an experience Lamb's gotten to have yet so could be new casual fun!
No. 945376 ID: 6d979f

there's werewolves in them sand dunes. we got told to stay away... maybe it's not the best idea to get near any potential scraps.

it's a nice surprise that strip needs space sometimes, after the initial introduction we got as ricardo. something semi-active or that helps split strip's attention away from lamb (though not too much! just enough for some conversational buffer time) could be nice.

there's a neon museum in vegas that's like, a couple acres of old casino signs and so forth, on display on an outdoor lot around a defunct hotel lobby. no idea if that's up strip or lamb's alleys, but they do night tours, and they call their collection their NEON BONEYARD. they also literally have this on their info site: "Due to the broken glass, rusty metal and darkness, we recommend night tours for visitors ages 12 and up." so as far as museums go, it's a pretty wild one!

(yes i literally went and googled what to do in vegas. only the most in depth of odd date ideas for lamb and strip)
No. 945438 ID: de8aa6

i feel like the casino is too much stimuli for right now? Like it would be just extremely good to like focus on the date(?) and also not have a billion things and noises going on at the same time.

Riding a motorcycle while holding on to Strip sounds extremely nice. Maybe tell her that a walk sounds nice too or somewhere more uh lowkey than a big casino.
No. 945439 ID: de8aa6

No. 945443 ID: deddc1

They should go to a steakhouse...and order the Lamb Strips ;)
No. 945445 ID: 7011e0

bro they are so cute i can't cope with this

let's go somewhere else! i bet lamb hasn't seen a ton of deserts so even leaving the strip is an option
No. 945489 ID: 49863e

I think that not going into the desert is specific to Ricardo & Pascal, because Pascal is awful and would kill the werewolves.

>>933143 for reference
No. 945524 ID: f46390

Strip wouldn't ?
No. 945544 ID: 421241

lets go somewhere else! its a good call, casinos can be overstimulating!
No. 945546 ID: 5e565b
File 156912034888.png - (227.28KB , 800x525 , 536.png )

“I really don’t mind that at all,” Lamb says immediately. “I don’t think a casino is really for me, anyway…”

“Probably not, huh.” Strip starts walking towards the entrance, hands still deep in her pockets, and Lamb falls into step beside her.

“Do you have some favorite spots, since you’ve been here before?”

“Not just been here. I mean, been to the Silver Crown, yeah. But I’m from Vegas.”

Lamb blinks at her, surprised. It strikes her as impossible that she didn’t know that; but then, now that she thinks about it, she doesn’t know where the others are from, either. If there was any discussion of it recently, especially as they were traveling here, she must have tuned it out. She knows she spends a lot of time in her own world, but until tonight, she hadn’t really thought this much about how much she was willfully missing outside of it. “I didn’t know that,” she finally says.

Strip shrugs. “You didn’t ask.” And it’s a cliche, but it’s true. Lamb frowns a little, looking back down at the tiled floor as they walk — a different set of shapes than the carpeting upstairs.

“We’re not supposed to know too much about each other.”

“Well, trust me, nobody else is following that rule.” Strip’s voice is rough, a little closer to the snarl she uses with strangers than the lower voice she uses around the squad; but she smooths it out relatively quickly and moves on. “I was thinking about going out to Red Rock. It’s closed, so it’ll be real quiet.”

Lamb’s frown deepens. “Kel said—”

“Werewolves don’t bug you unless you bug them. It’ll be fine.”

Strip sounds like she knows what she’s talking about, and quiet sounds ideal… if anything, this is better than sticking around in the hotel, which was a plan Lamb was already apprehensive about before. She nods, pensively.
No. 945547 ID: 5e565b
File 156912037002.png - (150.33KB , 800x525 , 537.png )

The air is warm and still when they exit the hotel. Strip withdraws her hand from her pocket, and with it her phone, on which she checks and replies to a message. She gives a brief sideways nod to Lamb. “Okay, cool. My friend has the bike ready.”

The bike in question is a block away, with a vampire leaning against it, and Lamb tenses. It hadn’t occurred to her that the tradeoff would involve a new person, and she decides to just stay quiet, dropping a step or so behind Strip as they approach.

“Hey, Arco.” The other vampire doesn’t straighten up, arms still crossed over their chest.

“Hey.” Strip’s hands are back in her pockets, and she’s doing a Strip Thing that Lamb sees her doing a lot: head held low like a dog’s, jaw jutting, chest thrown out. She’s never really been able to figure out what it means. “Thanks. I know this was short notice.”

The vampire’s eyes flick over Lamb, and she almost shrinks back. They lower their voice, then, not that it matters. Any one of them can hear a conversation happening blocks away, if they try. “I don’t care that it’s short notice, dude. I care that it’s the only reason I found out you’re in town.”

“Yeah, well.” Strip shifts her weight. For a second, Lamb thinks she might hear a rare apology. In the end, it doesn’t happen. “Now you know.”

A pause. Strip’s friend chews their lip for a moment. “Okay. Well. Heads up, Belle knows you’re here.”

Air hisses between Strip’s teeth. “Why would you do that, man—”

“She asked!” That’s a normal volume, before they hush themself again. “I will do a lot of things for you, dude, I’ll do you favors, I’ll stick my neck out, but I’m not gonna lie to her face if she asks—”

“Fuck’s sake.”

Her friend sets their jaw, the same way she does. “Just — ugh. Are you gonna come by.”

“I dunno. I’m — I don’t know how long we’re here, and I’m… I’m busy. With training.”

The friend’s eyes slide over to Lamb again. “Yeah, apparently.”


“Whatever, Arco.” They drop a keyfob into Strip’s hand. “Sorry. Don’t mean to hold you up. What with all your important Gallowglass business, and shit.”

If Strip has a retort, she doesn’t get to use it — there’s a dark blur, then a bat streaking away against the sky, silhouetted for only a moment against the streetlight overhead.
No. 945548 ID: 5e565b
File 156912038477.png - (126.59KB , 800x525 , 358.png )

There’s a long, unsteady silence that Lamb doesn’t know how to break. Then Strip makes that noise again, half-sigh, half-hiss, all teeth, and lightly thumps her hand — curled loosely around the keys — against the seat of the bike.

“Sorry.” She doesn’t turn around, fixing her attention on the front of the motorcycle instead. “That was — weird, and I should’ve thought about the fact that they were gonna get like that.” A vague, jerky gesture, with her free hand. “Hometowns, right.”

“I lived in the woods,” says Lamb.

“Oh. Well. Homewoods.” Strip seems to shake it off and swings one leg over the bike, looking back at Lamb. “Whatever. Forget it, I don’t wanna talk about it. Actually, hey, there’s some girl advice I can give you — people who want to talk about their exes on first dates always end up being freaks.”
No. 945549 ID: 70df1e

thats good advice! thank strip for it. you had no exes back in your homewoods. also get on the motorcycle and put your arms around strips waist so you dont fall off (but also because you are gay)
No. 945550 ID: 7011e0

get on that motorcycle!!! let's go hang out fuck hometowns
No. 945551 ID: 094652

Patrol the town and look for a fight. Failing that, go out for fancy smoothies and wait for the fights to come to you.
No. 945552 ID: ae76e8

that's fair, definitely get on the bike and hold on to her because of both not falling off and gay reasons.
maybe we can ask more about ex's later. for now we should ask more about background. growing up maybe? is it taboo to ask how/why someone got turned?
No. 945556 ID: e7dcb0

Maybe on the second then. And then off you go.
No. 945558 ID: 0cfbab

I know we can't die from, like, falling off a bike but we should hold on to Strip's toned waist while she takes us out on this ride.
Y'know, for safety :>
No. 945559 ID: 0338c7

I know she said we’re unlikely to see werewolves but given Pascal’s kind of hmmmm take on them it’s be really cool to see some while we are out there.
No. 945560 ID: 69c061

I heartily add my support to the suggestion of holding on very tightly for safety. It's just good sense. Also be sure to appreciate how firm and muscular her back and waist are while you're there.

Going out into the desert sounds like fun (I mean, not for me, because I'm not an undead creature who presumably isn't bothered by heat, but for them.) Find out about Rian and Belle some other time; don't push it for now, just enjoy some desert scenery.
No. 945561 ID: 421241

honestly yeah do this exact thing
No. 946075 ID: f46390

ira you're so great
No. 946240 ID: 49863e

yes, I'm all for climbing on that bike behind Strip, wrapping arms around her, and appreciating the feel of her skin and muscles beneath....
No. 947356 ID: 75cf31
File 157143449154.png - (227.06KB , 800x525 , 539.png )

“That’s good advice,” Lamb murmurs. “Thanks.”

She knows not to poke at it. She knows what it’s like to not want to talk about something, to bristle when it gets brought up, to feel trapped — she wouldn’t do it to another person. Instead she just approaches and gets onto the back of the bike, a little uncertainly at first.

Strip twists in her seat to face her. There was a helmet hanging off the other side of the bike, and she’s unhooked it and picked it up. She plonks it on top of Lamb’s head, and Lamb wrinkles her nose as it’s pressed down over her face.

“We’re vampires,” she points out. “Even if there’s a bike accident, I won’t die.”

“I guess not. But what if your brain gets splattered everywhere, and then it takes a couple days to regen? That’ll put a damper on the date, huh?” Strip raps the outside of the helmet lightly with her fingers, and then her tone is less joking. “Besides, this cuts down on wind noise. You won’t like how loud it is without it.”

“Hm.” Lamb reaches up to adjust the helmet, making sure it’s snug, and slides the visor down. She doesn’t love how it feels around her face, but… she likes that Strip is thinking of her. It doesn’t really feel patronizing. “Okay.”
No. 947357 ID: 75cf31
File 157143450713.png - (165.62KB , 800x525 , 540.png )

Then comes the part she’s been equally excited and apprehensive about. Strip turns back around and grips the handles and it takes Lamb a second to decide to lean forward. When she does, she reaches around Strip’s torso, seeking around her oversized jacket, and eventually her hands find each other again over Strip’s firm, muscled stomach. She feels a little warm to the touch, under Lamb’s palms — probably because of the blood loss from the duel earlier. She worries, for a second, about her cold fingers being unpleasant, but if they are Strip isn’t saying anything about it.

“Tighter,” Strip says.

Lamb jolts a little, startled out of her train of thought. “What?”

“You’re gonna wanna hold on tighter than that,” Strip repeats. “Or I’m gonna lose you on the turns.”

“Oh. Okay…” Lamb shifts her weight and leans forward a little more, tightening her arms, just a little bit at a time — a pause after each adjustment, waiting for feedback, because she doesn’t know how much tighter it’s supposed to be — she’s overthinking it, she knows that, but—

“There you go,” Strip says, when Lamb is holding her far more tightly than she thought she’d have to. There’s a relief in it, in that confirmation. Her cheek is pressed against Strip’s shoulder (which isn’t as romantic as it sounds when there’s a thick layer of fiberglass and foam between them, courtesy of the helmet).

“Ready?” Strip asks, and when Lamb nods, she revs the motor and peels away from the curb.
No. 947358 ID: 75cf31
File 157143452181.png - (182.36KB , 800x525 , 541.png )

Vegas is brighter in motion. A hundred different neon signs and flashing lights melt into harmonious streaks when they’re speeding past, in a way that Lamb thinks is much nicer to look at. Strip’s right about the helmet quieting things down, though she doesn’t mind the engine noise that still makes its way through, steady and low.

Here and there, especially when they slow down at lights or in traffic, Strip points things out. “I used to live down there,” she says once, when they stop at a wide intersection. “There’s an offshoot of the Vegas den there, in the building right next to my old one, that’s how I found out about vampires.”

Past the flashy Flamingo hotel: “There’s a wildlife sanctuary there, with actual flamingoes and fish and stuff. I thought about breaking in there with you, but they’d all be asleep, so it would be kind of boring.”

As a bar whips by, one Lamb doesn’t catch the name of: “I got stabbed there. While I was alive. Like, not severely, but y’know.”

Eventually the traffic thins out, the buildings grow smaller and dimmer, and Strip takes an exit onto a broad, yawning highway, flowing out into the dark desert.

They can hear each other perfectly well, despite the helmet and the wind and the engine; Strip’s gone quiet, but if Lamb wanted to fill the silence while they finish the drive out to Red Rock, she could now.
No. 947359 ID: 69c061

Does she miss living in Vegas? It sounds like an exciting place.
No. 947380 ID: 55f56a

Share some bittersweet memories from when you were growing up as a vampire hunter?
No. 947394 ID: 49863e

maybe spend some time pondering how nice and good it feels to be so thoroughly in contact with Strip.... maybe say it out loud to her.......
No. 947434 ID: df5939

racks body must be strong, right? how does it feel holding her? think about this.
ask about her motorcycle. how long has she been driving? does she have her licence, or is this a fun illegal activity?
No. 947459 ID: c9c450

Talk about how pretty it is in motion. About how the little details of her snippets of life and unlife create a warmer picture than you expected. Maybe she's exactly what you needed to appreciate it all.
No. 947460 ID: 91a76a

possessed by gay instinct to second this
No. 947601 ID: be8768

love all of these
No. 947637 ID: 19bc84

can we ask about the sanctuary? maybe we can go there next time (wink wink. don't wink though lamb that would be strange) and ask what her favourite place in vegas is. we liked the drive
No. 947638 ID: 70df1e

this! tell her that you didn't like vegas so much when you all first came over (the lights and the noise and the heat and the constant /bustle/) but that it seems nicer with strip. friendlier. you like her stories.
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