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File 155272171750.png - (206.30KB , 800x525 , title3.png )
925961 No. 925961 ID: 270774


This quest is R18.
chapter one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/897413.html
chapter two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/910050.html
disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124805.html
patreon: https://www.patreon.com/iraprince
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No. 938917 ID: c49ece

"You're talking without saying anything.
...Figuratively. I'm not clueless. I'm not quite the master of the obvious you are, but I get the picture. "

Then she's probably going to keep telling you things you know already, tell her OKAY MOOOM before you focus on reassembling your arms correctly.
No. 938918 ID: 368ebc

This is a good post and I want to add that caring is also super sexy so that's important too.
No. 938925 ID: bb78f2

I need to think and reflect after a duel. Especially one that tied. I can't afford to do it later, I may forget to reflect.

I need some me time.
No. 938979 ID: 23dc9d


agree with this entire post. also with sexy sirloin here and mignon hovering over lamb earlier, let's have an undead boner meter check for our protag change.
No. 939034 ID: 0516fe

hey lamb, when's the last time you ate?
No. 939066 ID: c2daad

No. 939070 ID: 465a14

fwiw the fang part of their "general" gesture is very close to the ASL sign for goat and I think it's hilarious
No. 939071 ID: 808536

Despite my ardent advocacy for analingus, especially between our sweet Ricardo and Pascal; I'm honestly super excited for Lamb's point of view. I personally ship the USS. Lamb and Sirloin, because it A) sounds like a great resturaunt name and B) it'd be cute as fuuuuck.
No. 939079 ID: 2915db

I want to make well reasoned and constructive suggestions to move the plot along but im so gay that I keep typing in "KISS SIRLOIN. instead and

tell her your pissed about flying to the one place in the country you can't kill any damn vamps just to train pretty boy's ward.
No. 939106 ID: 75cf31
File 156313611104.png - (116.74KB , 800x525 , 508.png )

“Patronizing” is the first word that comes to mind. Lamb doesn’t know how to sign it. She fingerspells it instead, rather than mincing words or settling for anything else. It’s patronizing, getting ‘good duel’ from the top of the class. She furrows her brow, slowing her signs and making them more forceful for emphasis. When I just lost to someone who couldn’t ever be a Gallowglass.

I’m not patronizing you, Sirloin protests, chuckling. And it wasn’t a loss. You tied.

I lost, Lamb signs insistently — fingers hitting her palm with a loud slap. And you’re patronizing a lot of the time, she adds, this time mimicking the sign Sirloin used for it.

I’m not trying to be. Listen, you’re riled up. I’m just trying to talk to you.

Lamb exhales, a little frustrated. The rest of this doesn’t come easily to her. I DID want to kill him. He’s the worst kind of vampire. He’s everything I hate.

Sirloin doesn’t reply this time, giving her breathing room to keep going. She does, slowly. When I have to hold back on people like that, I feel like I’m missing the opportunity to do the right thing.

You know, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that, Sirloin says.
No. 939107 ID: 75cf31
File 156313613423.png - (80.59KB , 800x525 , 509.png )

Lamb has learned that any conversation that starts like that is awful. She tenses, preparing herself for it, eyes trained on Sirloin’s profile.

Sirloin is better-looking than her. She always has been. She’s tall and strong and she carries herself differently. Everyone likes her right away, or if they don’t, it’s obviously because they’re jealous. Sirloin is funny and Lamb isn’t. Sirloin can talk to new people and Lamb can’t. In the right light, her skin even has a sheen to it, like a refracted violet aura — and this isn’t the right light, the inset lightbulbs of a hotel elevator, but Lamb still knows about it.

She’s jealous of Sirloin, she thinks. She’s jealous of the way she fits in and of the ways she stands out.

Do you really still think that? Sirloin signs, pulling Lamb back to the present. That killing any vampire besides us in the squadron is the right thing to do, always?

She looks down at her, with those dark, narrow eyes. They won’t be dark for much longer, Lamb thinks — and she wonders how much longer her own eyes will be light. Strip’s only five years older, and her original eye color is almost gone. After we’ve spent five years together?
No. 939108 ID: 75cf31
File 156313614892.png - (138.91KB , 800x525 , 510.png )

It… feels weird, when Sirloin signs together. Lamb feels defensive and embarrassed.

And she knows the answer to that question. It’s still yes. But somehow, she doesn’t want to say that to Sirloin.
No. 939109 ID: 7b3ae5

pascal and ricardo want to take out the cradle, which is arguably the greater evil. like, a lot greater. so maybe admit that it's ok to let them live, at least for now? and then reassess as necessary.

provided lamb knows about that. its not like ricardo and pascal were trying to keep it a secret.
No. 939110 ID: 02e2dc

ooohhhhh nooooooo lamb has a baby crush. lamb has a baby crushhhhhhhhhh

i mean maybe you should tell her that anyway? you guys clearly have some sort of rapport and maybe she can help you work through these feelings you are having because obviously there's some internal conflict here!!!
No. 939114 ID: 16cbe9

I think maybe looking back on the fight Lamb still mostly considers herself human in a lot of rights. Even five years in, if you feel like a human among vampires you will ultimately feel alienated with the “together” bit.

Her squadron mates (though ASTOUNDINGLY sexy) still don’t share Lamb’s feelings or goals in many aspects, as far as we know.
No. 939115 ID: 3ed3c3

Does Sirlon really have a right to judge here?
Her life - and subsequent unlife - are completely different from Lamb's.
Sirloin didn't have to watch her family get slaughtered by a monster she despised.
She didn't have to compromise her beliefs and become one of the monsters she hated.
Lamb has every justification to be the way that she is.
No. 939116 ID: 89934c

lamb, its not jealousy, youre just a lesbian
"why wouldn't it be? we're abominations against the lord, arent we?"
No. 939117 ID: 2e6ab6

Lamb u precious baby lesbean. Ur not just jealous ur GAY.
Anyways. While I think it's still fair that Lamb feels the way she does about outside vampires, I also don't think that Sirloin is... Necessarily trying to judge. I think she's honestly asking if that's really how you feel.
And, to a degree, I think she might be trying to remind you that, even if that *is* how you feel, you've still got people around you that care about you.
No. 939119 ID: 7b4f3d

i looked up how to contribute suggestions just to share my feelings on this which are that i LOVE sirloin, i was already super gay for her when she was introduced but now 10x more, her interactions with lamb feel really genuine and tender (although that could be me misreading) and i am foaming at the mouth for more of these lesbians. i realize this is not very helpful towards actual suggestion as to what lamb should do next. but i also think she should do whatever helps her kiss and have steamy loving sex with sirloin the fastest
No. 939124 ID: bb78f2

Every dead vampire means more humans live longer. Who know's who Pascal will feed on next, especially to heal from this spar. That person will die because I couldn't kill Pascal.

Now some humans are as much scum as many vampires, but the reality is that there's too many vampires to feed on just human's who actually deserve to die.

It's a grim, paradoxical reality with a hypocritical sense of morality to it, but in the end, there is a practicality to murdering vampires.
No. 939125 ID: 9ac70c

Pascal's witchblade can kind of instantly create a tie with anyone just via Pascal letting himself get his shit kicked in, and decorative ward or not he's still Bathory trained and has a good few centuries on you, and you fucked him up regardless.
A tie is still something you deserve praise for, and I think Sirloin was genuinely impressed.
No. 939128 ID: 7e9c89

like i mean.. she knows how you feel about vamps and why, i think you could tell her your mixed feelings. but i also think, that not wanting to say it to her face, means you may need to reconsider privately - i know its still important to you! but does her opinion, and the others, matter as much as your faith?
No. 939129 ID: bb78f2

Also, basically the only way to justify my continued existence as a sinner and a vampire to to kill other vampires.

If I'm not doing that, what good am I to the world? To God?
No. 939130 ID: 69c061

It's definitely hard to let go of the kind of things vampires have done to you and your family. Five years isn't really enough to heal from that. But at the same time, you have to admit you've got a bit of a double standard going on here. Why is the Gallowglass army exempt from "all vampires must die"? Can you really vouch for every single one of them?

Also, if you have the kind of relationship where you can do that (and you feel up to physical contact right now) you should just kinda lean your head against Sirloin's shoulder. You're tired and you need comfort.
No. 939132 ID: 3e7944

a) im in love with sirloin
b) so is lamb

maybe tell her it's hard to let go of the moral ideas that we were brought up with. but that we do care about the squadron. its a complicated situation
No. 939169 ID: 368ebc

Be honest but couch it. Make it seem like you're less sure than you are or that you'd rather not feel that way. Specify that if Sirloin wasn't in the group you might not feel like killing her.

I don't think she's judging. I think she's honestly asking because she wants to understand Lamb.
No. 939207 ID: b463f2

Lamb sweetie, you want to kiss her. you're noticing things you find admirable and beautiful about her!

and. I mean, fire, that look she gave you, and how tenderly she's talking to you - I think she's trying to show you care, not being patronizing.

also please know that it took me many minutes to compose this through my intense admiration for Sirloin... and esp that one panel of her looking to the side.
No. 939212 ID: b1b4f3

Defensively: humans deserve to be protected.
No. 939237 ID: 9ac70c

oh yeah can we get an undead boner level check real quick just to get a baseline
No. 939254 ID: 094652

>Do you really still think that?
"I think it makes logical sense. I've come to realize that most vampires are simply bad people with powers. But another person with their own life and their own talents and their own aspirations must die to keep a vampire alive for a month. It's an unfair trade, plain and simple. And then there's times like now, when two people are going to die because I was playing with my prey. And then there's Pascal, who used the time he stole from Rick to sleep in bed for a week, or fantasize about how he's going to commit suicide, or something equally insignificant.

If you're going to goof off, do it as a human. If you're going to kill things, do it as a vampire. So to every vampire in Vegas on vacation: Screw. You."
No. 939326 ID: 16cbe9

Nothing’s the right thing to do always. And I don’t get to decide what the right thing to do is. But leaving Pascal standing felt wrong, so that’s what I’m working with. I don’t understand what Kel sees in someone as useless as that. *stare empty and lovingly into sirloins eyes for like 10 minutes*
No. 939375 ID: c49ece

Well it was sure as shit the right thing to do now.
No. 939499 ID: eb87cf

Raise the sails and tie the jib ya'all for the strong western wind doth fill the sails of the USS. Lamb & Sirloin. Its so damn cute!!!! I can't wait for them to communicate physically, is gonna be awesome; I hope we manage to get more backstory and emotion from the apathetic Lamb.
PS. Can we get an undead boner check from our beautiful cast.
No. 939509 ID: 973504

jealousy probably oh no

lamb honey. honey. you know you like girls right. and that sirloin big sexi right? oh my god lamb.

ignore your "jealousy" and explain your mixed feelings. like theirs gotta be more vamps like your squadron out there right? that aren't total shitheads?
No. 940060 ID: 75cf31
File 156385220183.png - (119.70KB , 800x525 , 511.png )

It was the right thing to do NOW. That’s more of an attempt to stall than to answer. Because it doesn’t really answer the question — the question was not about Pascal, and it was not about that fight. She keeps talking about it anyway. And now, because I failed, someone is going to die tonight. To heal him.

Sirloin looks at her for a long moment before raising her hands to answer. He would have had to feed anyway. If not tonight, then by next week, or the week after that. Lamb drops her eyes, frustrated — and then remembers that for Sirloin to talk to her, she can’t be looking away. It’s something she has to remind herself of frequently, but at least looking at someone’s hands is easier than looking into someone’s eyes. Just like we’ll have to.

Okay. Usually easier. Lamb locks up, and Sirloin sighs, slowly signing a clarification. I’m not trying to stress you out. These are just things I think about a lot.

Humans deserve to be protected, Lamb signs back, abruptly, stiffly. Every time a vampire is killed, lives are saved. That’s why it’s always good to do it. Her hands hover for a minute in front of her chest, fingers curled tensely. She believes what she signs next, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel good to be right. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

Sirloin hums, thoughtfully. When Lamb glances up, Sirloin’s face — normally so expressive — is unreadable, beyond the furrowing of the eyebrows required to mark a question. So humans’ lives are worth more than ours?
No. 940061 ID: 75cf31
File 156385221707.png - (122.76KB , 800x525 , 512.png )

Normally, Lamb hates being interrupted. In this case, though, the elevator chiming before she has to think of a response feels like a blessing.

There’s a burst of noise the second the doors slide open, because the others were waiting in the hallway for Lamb and Sirloin to catch up.

“God, did you see him, though?” Rack throws a hand over her forehead and takes a few exaggerated, stumbling steps. She puts on a B-movie Count Dracula voice. “Oh, I’m Pascal Bathory, and I am hurt.” Back to her normal voice for a split second. “Strip, you be Ricardo.” Count Dracula. “Carry me, Ricardo! Carry my shitty useless hurt body.”

Strip picks up the bit without missing a beat, striding forward to catch a wilting Rack in her arms. “Oh, I’m Ricardo Whats-his-face. I’m so sensitive. I’m sensitively taking care of you because you’re so hurt.”

“Ooh, Ricaaaaardo, my HERO—”

“I’m your hero. I’m your sensitive crybaby hero and I love my mommy.”

“RICARDO, you are so sensitive and romantic. I vant to suck your—”

“Alright, settle down,” murmurs Mignon.

Strip looks up, still holding Rack in a dramatic dip. “What, we’re not allowed to make fun of little bitches anymore? Are they that deep in the General’s pocket?”

Mignon is leaning against the wall, checking her phone. “The two of them have faced a lot of difficulties.”

“Play me the Hallmark movie about it. Everyone here is dead.” Strip straightens back up, pulling Rack with her, and when she notices Lamb and Sirloin stepping out of the elevator she smoothly transitions to signing as she speaks. “Yo. You coming down to the casino with us?”
No. 940063 ID: 75cf31
File 156385223324.png - (73.26KB , 800x525 , 513.png )

I didn’t know that was the plan, Sirloin signs back.

“The General says we get half days all week, on account of she’s giving Ricardo time off too, since he’s got stuff to do or whatever,” says Rack. She, like all of them, signs as she speaks when Sirloin is present. “So we can stay up late for once. Which obviously means it’s time to party.”

Sounds cool. Lamb’s probably gotta clean up first, though.

The conversation grinds to a halt. Lamb busies herself, immediately, with counting the geometric shapes in the hallway carpet.

Why. Why draw attention to her. Why assume she wants to go. Why make it sound like she wants to inconvenience everyone so she can go. Why—

“Oh, for real?” That’s Rack, leaning forward at the waist in that inquiring way of hers. “Are you seriously gonna come out for once?”

“Don’t be stupid, Sirloin’s just talking over people again,” Strip interrupts. She makes a sign at Sirloin that she doesn’t bother vocalizing — one that only exists between the two of them, but that Lamb has defined by context. It usually means some variation of you asshole. “Leave her alone, V—”

“Hey,” Mignon says, sharply. “Names.”

Strip throws Mignon a rebellious little look, then scoffs and corrects herself. The name sign she made first, the one Mignon corrected her on, is another one that seems to only exist between her and Sirloin; Lamb doesn’t know what spoken name it corresponds to. The name sign Strip corrects to, as well as what she says aloud, are the names they all use. “Leave her alone, Sirloin.”

Sirloin and Strip know each other’s names. Lamb’s pretty sure Rack and Strip might know each other’s names, too, though she’s never seen any evidence. Lamb doesn’t know a single real name in the squad besides her own.

She keeps counting the shapes in the carpet, even though she knows everyone’s waiting on her to say something. 32. 33. 34. 35.
No. 940064 ID: 69c061

Poor Lamb, this sounds overwhelming. D: I'm torn now, I really want to see more interactions with the girls but I don't want to force her into it if she's too overstimulated! Maybe ask them if she can have a minute to think about it while she showers and changes? Seems like everyone else is at least going to need to do the latter.
No. 940066 ID: 3e7944

god lamb is so deeply relatable

we should go out and have some bonding time though, it might be good for us
No. 940067 ID: 7e9c89

definitely ask for a minute while you clean up.. they wanna hang out w you!!
No. 940068 ID: 3ed3c3

Honestly? Lamb has better things to do than screw around in some greasy casino. Besides, it's hard to relax with so much shit on your mind.
No. 940070 ID: 531f99

Why would anyone want to hang out after you made a fool of yourself? Just because you want to go doesn't mean that you deserve the time it would take to change. Agree with Strip and mutter something about not wanting to ruin their good mood.
No. 940072 ID: b463f2

my GOODNESS what a scene by Rack and Strip, that was amazing, I forgot what was happening with Lamb, I just. amazing goofy dramatic wonderfulness. and that *dip!* Also, I just love how smoothly incorporated VSL is into their social dynamics and into the text and images of the quest - that continues to give me about ten thousand feelings.


so then I reread for, you know, actually giving Lamb suggestions.

Lamb, take a breathe in and out, or do some repetitive soothing movements with your hands, or find some other way to ground yourself. V- I mean, Sirloin is working to *include* you, not make you stand out in a bad way. It'd probably be good for you to spend some time getting to know these people outside of training.

Also, Sirloin's trying to be considerate (one of the many, many things I love about her) with bringing up that you need some time before going out - and I do think it'll be nice for you to have a bit to clean up, as well as prepare for the socializing.

....maybe take a moment to consider how sexy and fun it looked when Strip was dipping Rack like that.... do you want to be touched like that, or otherwise be close to Sirloin, Strip, and Rack? close physically... and/or close emotionally, like how they know each others' names?

('cause, I'm pretty sure that you could like something in and around those realms with all three of them.)
No. 940074 ID: b463f2

also, this is good. having time to reflect before making the decision!
No. 940081 ID: d8c5c5

oh i ADORE the girls making fun of our boys, and also lamb/sirloin makes me *500 REACTION IMAGES FOR WHEN YOU'RE FEELING TENDER AND GAY*. on the topic of next step suggestions if lamb wants to lean towards minding her own business she should say smth like "it's up to you, i don't really mind either way", but i think she should go party!!! it'll be fun!!!!
No. 940082 ID: 094652

>So humans’ lives are worth more than ours?
"God only knows. I'm here to save some lives and take others. Worry about how much they're actually worth after we're perma-dead."

>Rack and Strip are hecking Pascal and Ricardo
"Enough, Rack. Spare some dignity for the kid; he has to live with us of all people, and he still hasn't broken down. He's not as emotionally weak as you think he is."

"... Okay. Fine. Yes. Everyone needs a vacation. Cool. Sure. But we're still doing training-vacation.

If you can find me a paintball arcade, a street fighting ring, or even a race-through-Vegas-to-eat-at-fifteen-different-restaurants challenge, I'm in."
No. 940085 ID: 16cbe9

I think with my newly found time off, I’d rather ask Kel for additional training. If Ricardo and Pascal are off as well as the team it might be a good opportunity for 1 on 1 so I can win the next time. Maybe casino can be a backup. I should thank the squadron for the invitation, anyways.
No. 940099 ID: 73c479

You know, I think we SHOULD go party. I'm not sure how much Lamb is feeling it right now, but she really deserves a break. It might be fun!
No. 940101 ID: 23dc9d

as much as i'd like to see lamb socialize, oof a casino sounds a bit scary. extra overwhelming on top of just having gone through as intensive of a duel as she just has. And casinos are known to be pretty loud and flashy and smelly and not exactly autism-friendly, so its hard to expect lamb will have a good time there.

even if lamb won't necessarily be enjoying herself, it is important to bond with the rest of the squad though. from what I can tell so far, she's probably pretty closed off and defensive and guarded around them, and thats PROBABLY for a good reason but its something we gotta work on fixing.
No. 940115 ID: d1981c

I mean. A few things.
One: If it's good to kill vampires because they have to kill humans to survive, wouldn't it be equally true that killing humans is good because they have to consume resources as well? Or that all cows should be killed because they eat the grass? Or all wolves that consume sheep?
Everything consumes something else to maintain itself. That's just... Kinda the way the world works? Food for thought, I figure. Lamb doesn't seem... Super sure of her own stance, deep down.

Two: It might be worth it to socialize with your squad mates a little more. They might be a little overbearing, but I think they ultimately mean well and are trying to include you in stuff, even if the way they put it is a little... rude sometimes.

Three: Girls... GOOD...
No. 940120 ID: d1981c

Actually an extra thing.

4: if ur not sure about socializing and all that, think it over while you get cleaned up.
It might be nice to go out and do something with the squad.
And hey, if it gets overwhelmingb or you get fed up with something, you can always just bail out, aye?
No. 940128 ID: 973504

If it won't cause some sensory overload (casinos are a LOT) go out and try to have fun!

They're asking because they want to include you you know. They do like you and want to be around you for more than just training.
No. 940612 ID: 3d8097

sirloin is asking because she wants to include you. she wants to spend time with you. she wants you there, its not out of pity. you taking time to showering is not some huge inconvenience - what, 20 minutes? why would they care about 20 minutes? they have eternity. you have eternity. plus, they have hours to party.

you are a squadron. you're supposed to be close, to have each other's back in battle. reaching out is the first step towards it.

say yes.
No. 940652 ID: c49ece

>So humans’ lives are worth more than ours?
We're meat for the machine. Not some aristocratic priss whose eternal life is so damn precious he couldn't even spell self-sacrifice. Or a self-pitying pile of parental abandonment issues, which is apparently the case in at least two observed cases. It makes me want to tear out my hair, watching vampires waste their immortality.

Tell them you're going to 'clean up' and not to wait up. If sirloin follows to convince you to go, go ahead, but you don't owe it to the others to act like you weren't uncomfortable.
No. 940940 ID: 75cf31
File 156451173884.png - (102.96KB , 800x525 , 514.png )

36. 37. 38. 39. 40.

“I have to take a shower,” says Lamb.

Rack is the first to respond, gesturing broadly at Lamb’s bloody shoulders. “I mean, duh.” Then she grins. “But you’ll come out after?”

“Maybe.” She takes a break between sentences to tug at the legholes of her leotard. “I’m tired.”

“Why don’t you all hit the showers,” Mignon suggests.

I don’t need the showers,” Rack protests. Strip immediately thwacks her in the back of the head.

“Yeah you do. You still reek from earlier.”

“No, I don’t!”

“Stinky. Stinky rat.”

“Showers,” Mignon repeats, more firmly this time. “We’re already letting you sleep in tomorrow. I don’t want you wasting time on it when you wake up in the evening, especially when we’ll already be wrangling you hungover.”

“Fiiiiine.” The girls move as a pack down the hallway, and Lamb follows.
No. 940942 ID: 75cf31
File 156451176118.png - (180.59KB , 800x525 , 515.png )

This is the 70th squadron’s first time in Vegas, but Kel has trained wards here before — for decades, apparently, and she’s established enough of a relationship with the den that she gets special quarters. A barracks, essentially, built into the hotel, with living spaces attuned to her military sensibilities.

The conversation topic has already shifted by the time they reach the high-ceilinged communal bathroom, and Lamb listens in.

“Absolutely not,” Strip is saying. “Ew. Never.”

“A girl is a girl is a girl!” Rack yells back. “Not that much changes! Banging a human girl is the same as banging a vampire girl! We were humans, like, five years ago!”

“It’s not.” Strip starts struggling out of her tube top, pausing in the process to wrinkle her nose and gesture. “We’re dead. Plus, what if you squish her! What if she gets crushed like a — like a warm grape.


“You’re the one who brought it up!”

I’m on Rack’s side here, Sirloin signs. You just have to be gentle, right?

“That’s two against one,” Rack crows. “It’s fine as long as you don’t eat them after!”

Strip rounds on Lamb. Lamb does not look at her nipple piercings. “Hey, Lamb, come on. Back me up here. It’s weird, right? It’s definitely weird to fuck living women!”

Mignon calls this “locker room talk.” Lamb has never been able to keep up with it. It’s less the autism and more the … experience of being raised in what was essentially a box full of crucifixes and knives.
No. 940943 ID: 75cf31
File 156451177581.png - (72.02KB , 800x525 , 516.png )

She tries to think about whether or not this was ever addressed. Only one memory of her mother surfaces.

“If you have time to think about romance, you have time to kill vampires.” The distinctive sound of her racking the slide of her gun. “So kill vampires.”

Okay. Thank you, mother.
No. 940944 ID: 75cf31
File 156451178928.png - (98.88KB , 800x525 , 517.png )

“Uhhhh,” says Lamb.
No. 940950 ID: 7b4f3d

oh lamb is the repressed autistic lesbian representation i've been waiting for my entire life. i'm thriving. anyway what i think she should do is stare at rack's nipple piercings and become too distracted to respond. nice way out of a conversational snare AND we get to look at boobies!!! also goddamn lamb's mom has got it going ON
No. 940957 ID: e0c854

Wait, what situation would any of us even get into where we'd bang a living woman in the first place, without them being able to tell that we're undead? Plus, looking at it from the other side, humans generally don't want to mess around with dead bodies, and getting involved with a human in this way without them knowing and being okay with our undead status seems sketch. Logistically, it doesn't pan out.
No. 940963 ID: 3e52fc

if a human doesn't notice the fact we're a vampire they're kinda dumb. there, deflection
No. 940964 ID: 7b4f3d

correction to earlier comment i meant strip's nipple piercings lol my bad
No. 940973 ID: 51d10f

unhelpful suggestion: consider the word “squish” out of context and its proximity to the beacon of the nipple piercings.
No. 940979 ID: c49ece

I like your mother's attitude.

Hey, if you never gave it any thought, tell 'em you never gave it any thought.
No. 940986 ID: b463f2

>You just have to be gentle, right?

maybe get distracted thinking about what Sirloin being gentle would mean...

romance and what the squadron are talking about are different things. maybe think about.... have you ever wanted to get close to women? have you ever gotten distracted gazing at some feature of a woman, wondering what it'd feel like to touch with your fingers, or mouth? even right now... are you wondering what it'd feel like to press up against any of your squadmates, skin on skin... or maybe even between them?

also, this.
No. 940987 ID: 262f3a

"We didn't have time for romance in my order. I've never thought much about it, but I wouldn't be with someone who didn't know I was undead."
No. 940994 ID: 14e641

90% of the suggestions so far are pure Gay Disaster, and I support them.
No. 941003 ID: 96dc8d

try your best not to get distracted by rack's strip - i mean strip's rack. point out that strip isn't very good at being gentle about anything, but sirloin on the other hand....
No. 941006 ID: 7e9c89

stare Just a little
No. 941010 ID: bb78f2

Plainly state that Intimacy is always weird as hell. Being touched by a warm hand was already weird when we were alive. You ever have sex that wasn't awkward, Strip?

I mean, like, do what you want. If human body heat's your fetish I'm not going to shame it.
No. 941011 ID: 3e7944

[sings to the tune of stacy's mom] lamb's mom has got it going on

im trying to think how to respond but my brain is just short circuiting with girls girls girls. esp sirloin being gentle. i liked someone's suggestion of deflect with "wouldnt a human be able to tell?" (but also as a human, i wouldn't mind so idk if that arguement is actually valid :P)
No. 941022 ID: f8de59

wouldn't a human girl be able to tell that we're cold? ... do we run colder than humans?
its not weird to bang human girls. we were humans 5 years ago! we're not that different.
but yes, you would have to be gentle.
or bottom.
No. 941028 ID: 094652

>"If you have time to think about romance, you have time to kill vampires. So kill vampires."
Except you have more time than you need to do both. Also, your order wasn't exactly civilized.

Point is, if you were an obedient weapon of your order, you would have killed yourself the moment Kel showed up to keep her from taking her enemy's equipment. You didn't. You're more than their killing machine and you know it.

Think about it - you didn't turn because you were weak; you've survived things that would mop the floor with your mother. You turned because they kept you ignorant of all these wonderful things sentient beings are allowed to do, and when Kel gave you a taste, it made you more human than you ever felt when you were human.

So go out and explore freaking Vegas. Think of it as willpower training.
No. 941034 ID: 10c408

oh good gravy this is not a fun conversation for the ex-living weapon raised by fanatics.

Let's face it, Lamb. Any answer you give or even NOT give to Strip here is going to give the girls enough social justification to drag you away from whatever you planned to do next and parade around town.
No. 941035 ID: 02e2dc

lamb: Girls I Heard Of Them

so it sounds like the way lamb's been living is like, she hasn't been allowed to enjoy herself at all. i think if she wants to explore romance and stuff she should do it but also let the other girls know she has Boundaries and like if things get to be overstimulating for her while they're out clubbing she should be able to dip out.
No. 941070 ID: 23dc9d

Okay lets be real, "dead" is a very STRONG term for what vampires are: aka people who can eat (to an extent), run around, fuck, and BE KILLED so thats not the issue here.

Now, where fucking humans can be a bit uncomfortable is more of a structural power issue rather than a physical one. No matter how physically gentle you can be with a human, there is no changing that they are almost always at mercy of the vampire's whims except for really specific cases. Therefore consent is a really iffy issue. If they know you are a vampire, its hard to tell if their consent is sincere because they are afraid. If they don't know.... well it feels kinda gross fucking someone who has no idea how much power you have over them really.

I have no idea if Lamb would think this stuff but considering her fraught relationship with vampirism, its possible.
No. 941074 ID: d02123

WAIT ok here's how to deflect AND make it gayhorny: what about banging non-human yet still non-vampire women? is that different?? anyone in this thread fucked a witch? a werewolf? a mer??? statistically speaking SOMEONE must have!!! we're gathering valuable information and its up to lamb to get to the bottom (👀) of it
No. 941553 ID: b5bc34

They all see humans as nothing but food, right? Sure maybe they won't eat that one, but there's a lot of problems with that situation. More to the point, vampires are evil and they don't deserve that sort of intimacy, especially if you couldn't have it as someone on the righteous path.
No. 941598 ID: 75cf31
File 156512062574.png - (165.47KB , 800x525 , 518.png )

“I haven’t thought about it. Um. It’s not like we’re really corpses,” Lamb starts. She’s not looking at Strip’s nipple piercings.

“We’re kind of corpses,” says Strip.

“We’re not corpses, dude!” Rack argues.

“But I wouldn’t want to sleep with someone undead if I didn’t know they were,” Lamb continues.

“See,” hisses Strip. Okay, she’s kind of looking at Strip’s nipple piercings. She must have gotten them before she was turned. Lamb wonders how much it hurt. If she asked, Strip would probably just scoff and say it didn’t hurt at all, but — anyway, it probably feels different, right, like if someone were to touch here there, wouldn’t it be—

Focus. Focus. “But… It’s one thing to touch someone a little before you feed on them, but wouldn’t someone notice something was wrong with our bodies if we really slept with them?” Lamb concludes. She furrows her brow. “Have any of you actually slept with a human woman before?”

“Uh,” says Rack. There’s a beat.

This is all hypothetical, Sirloin finally admits.

“Yeah, it’s hypothetical.”

“Well, it’s hypothetically weird,” says Strip.

“It’s probably weird if you don’t tell them first,” Lamb agrees. “But if you told them and they were okay with it, I don’t see why not…”
No. 941599 ID: 75cf31
File 156512064788.png - (130.71KB , 800x525 , 519.png )

“Bah,” says Strip. She doesn’t seem to have an argument, though. Sirloin’s already turning on the water in one of the open tiled stalls. “You’d still crush them,” she finally says, as she steps into her own.

Sirloin is tall enough to stick her hands over the partition. I can’t see what you’re saying when you’re over there. Just fill me in when I’m out.

Strip raises her hands, too. Yeah, got it.

When she withdraws her hands, Lamb continues, out loud. “But Sirloin said she could be gentle. That would probably be fine.”

“Doubt it,” Strip snorts. “We’re so much stronger than them.”

“What, do you just think you wouldn’t be any good at it?” Rack teases. “Don’t have the range?”

Lamb hears Strip sputtering.

“I can do anything Sirloin can do!”

“Uh-huh,” says Rack. She sounds like she’s being mean, but it’s hard to tell, sometimes.

“Well, what about…” Lamb starts smoothing soap over her shoulders, wincing at the tenderness of the newly-closed wounds. “Not vampires, but not humans. Things that are a little closer to us. Werewolves, or something…”

“Kel said there are werewolves outside town,” Rack says excitedly.

“She said that because she was telling us to stay away from them,” Strip cuts in.

“God, Strip, for your whole rebel-rebel act, you sure love following rules.” Rack gives a loud, thoughtful hum. “I would totally fuck a werewolf. I bet it would be fun.”

“Okay, but while they’re in human form, or as a werewolf?” Strip asks. “Don’t just say both! Think about it! Doesn’t it depend on how wolf-y the werewolf form is?”

“Strip, you are so hung up on details. But yeah, I guess. As long as they still have titties.”

“The titties aren’t the problem!”

“What problem? Where’s the problem?”

“If they’re too wolf-y it would gross me out—”

They’re just arguing again and Lamb’s mind wanders.
No. 941600 ID: 75cf31
File 156512066708.png - (181.57KB , 800x525 , 520.png )

She’s thinking about Strip’s nipple piercings.

God DAMN it, she thinks, and then chides herself for taking the Lord’s name in vain. Well, it’s not like she can really contribute to this conversation anyway. She knows the rest of them have been hooking up sometimes, in their free time, as the squadron travels around. Any time one or more of them doesn’t come back to the room, it’s safe to bet they’ve found someone to spend the night with. Strip and Sirloin seem to kind of have some sort of tally going, even. And sometimes Lamb thinks maybe the two of them have even —

It’s dumb. It’s probably weird, to even be speculating about that. She guesses she could ask, but wouldn’t that be weird, too? She just doesn’t feel like she’s part of any of this.
No. 941601 ID: 75cf31
File 156512068983.png - (159.81KB , 800x525 , 521.png )

She’s only got one experience under her belt. A witch — not the one who forged Burn Paradise, an apprentice. One who stayed with her family for a bit, the year before everything ended.
No. 941602 ID: 75cf31
File 156512071166.png - (173.96KB , 800x525 , 522.png )

There was just this one little moment where they kissed, for a while, and then the witch slipped her hand under Lamb’s clothes, gently. And she liked it. She didn’t come, they were both too jumpy, and she didn’t get a chance to try reciprocating, and then by the end of the week the witch was gone, but —
No. 941604 ID: 75cf31
File 156512072954.png - (169.80KB , 800x525 , 523.png )

Lamb’s been thinking about that moment a lot, lately.

“Hey, Lamb,” comes Strip’s voice, from the next stall. The water turns off. “You good? You went quiet.”

No. 941606 ID: f30d0d

"I'm okay. I was just thinking about... the duels. Rack, why were you talking about sleeping with humans anyway?"
No. 941613 ID: 604e11

"she just doesn't feel like she's part of any of this" OOF. OFF. RIGHT IN THE REPRESSED AUTISTIC LESBIAN FEELS. i don't have any suggestions to make as to where the conversation should go next but all this is resonating with me so much i just wanted to say that
No. 941621 ID: b5bc34

I wonder if that witch is still around somewhere? Maybe you wouldn't mind being with that human.

And you were just, uh, reminiscing about the past, is all. Unrelated to all the sex talk, for sure.
No. 941627 ID: 3e7944

Flustered lamb is so cute omg!

Just say we're... tired?
No. 941628 ID: 69c061

oh my god poor, POOR relatable lamb

Uhh, just thinking about opportunities we didn't have the chance to take before we were turned.
No. 941630 ID: bb78f2

I zoned out. Having mammaries uh err memories and flashbacks. Easy to do in the shower. SHOWAH THOUGHTS!


Do you think they would work on a vampire?
No. 941632 ID: 3ed3c3

Yeah, what's up? She got her eye on someone?
No. 941634 ID: 90381a

do NOT, under any circumstances, think about Strip's extremely impressive ass
No. 941644 ID: 23dc9d

Oh Lamb is having a hard time keeping her mind engaged. Anyway, nothing quite like saying "Yeah I was listening" even though she clearly wasn't and also that clearly is not the answer to the question Strip asked.
No. 941660 ID: e22533

thinking about how tall & beautiful sirloin is. im just starinmg at her i cant even come up with a coherent suggestion. lamb thikn about how tall she is. shes so tall. i loveher.

also be honest and say u were thinking about sex. lamb i want to initiate some sex stuff soon imn. im shocked by how desperately i want the girls to kiss like soon when im so patient for riscal slow burn. [remembers im a lesbian] ok well theres that. im having trouble with coherency bc i love sirloin i cant stop thinknig about her. lamb are you experiencing this too.
No. 941679 ID: c49ece

Ask if she'd rather you sing in the showers.
No. 941806 ID: 303f77

I love how whomever Lamb rolls in the hay with, their names would sound great together. Lamb-Strip, Lamb Mignon, Lamb Sirloin...now I'm horny and hungry, is this what Ricardo feels like all the time?
It's funny but this scene reminds me of the high school locker room way back when. Watching all the guys change out of the corner of your eye trying your damnest not to look. Anywho I feel that the Lamb-Strip combo would be great, you have the timid unsure Lamb and the confident knowledgeable Strip. Still though how does our anxiety ridden Lamb feel about being amorous with a fellow soldier as the saying goes 'don't shit where you eat' although the Vamp camp seems pretty relaxed with casual sex.
No. 941830 ID: afa349

Sirloin watch out you're gonna hit the water thing
No. 941853 ID: 094652

Count your scars and remember how you earned them. Then tear the ones Pascal made.
No. 941872 ID: ff2d8e

"i was thinking about the last time i touched a human woman like that. thinking if it would be different as a vampire"
No. 942726 ID: 714b14

SAY THIS or something vaguely suggestive enough to keep talking about sex. PLEASE IM JUST A HORNY LITOL CREACHER... but for real i def think lamb would feel more relaxed about horny stuff if she had a candid convo about it with them!!! and it can help in a general social sense maybe! which is hard when ur an autistic repressed gay as i know too but like. anyway lamb should def talk about the same thing with sirloin, about sleeping with non-vamp non-humans too! and what sirloin meant by Gentle... no, really, like, i think lamb should think VERY HARD about what that entails. BTW perhaps a lil "it just seems like you put so much thought into this. do you really think about this stuff that much?" would work, and help lamb feel at ease about her own HOT GIRL THOUGHTS!!! two tits with one stone
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