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File 155779468258.png - (839.08KB , 1558x1064 , Episode 7 Title.png )
932772 No. 932772 ID: a451fc

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/D3:_Slight_Return
Discussion: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/126175.html
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No. 934809 ID: a451fc
File 155961894640.png - (574.99KB , 1558x1064 , Eye Door Room 3.png )

>That eye is following you... maybe ask it for help?
You ask the eye for guidance, but it is unsympathetic to your struggle.

>What would happen if you tried to leave and go back to the room you guys were in when you teleported?
You try exiting from where you entered, and again find yourself in the same room.

You enter the doors in this order, with no discernible change after finishing.

You tell Delphi your idea and she follows through with your plan. You two enter the door to the right of the door together and exit together again in the same room. Next, you split up so the Eye can't look at both of you and enter both doors at the far ends of the room. After going through the doors you still both exit into the same room, but before the doors shut behind Delphi you see the panel above her door glow red. When the door shuts the light goes off. You look at the door you entered through and realize it's missing it's light panel, so Delphi probably didn't notice this.

It doesn't matter who the eye looks at, if it can't look at both of you it just doesn't bother. Whatever that thing does it's purpose isn't to loop the rooms.
No. 934813 ID: b1b4f3

Huh? ...one of you watch the other one going through the doors, see if the lights always come on or not for those with lights above the door.
No. 934816 ID: 91ee5f

Maybe you’ve gotta enter while the light is on?

Do that again and then see if Delphi can hold the door open. Then you can rush over and both of you enter the door while the light is on.

Alternatively, you guys can enter both doors closest to the eye and see if the lights turn on above those doors.
No. 934821 ID: 04ca3e

First of all, go through the door to the right of the eye, just to check they all work the same way.
Then, see if you can hold a door open if you keep holding down the button. If it doesn't close, see if its possible for Delphi to hold open a door, and use her stretchy body to pass through to the other side while still holding it open.
No. 934833 ID: a9af05

The eye might need to be looking in the direction of the door when the light is on for something to happen.
No. 934995 ID: a451fc
File 155983924694.png - (261.79KB , 1558x2128 , Eye Door Room 4-5.png )

The light above always comes on when a door is opened for all of the doors. Regardless if it is entered or not, and when closed the light shuts off.

The doors stay open for about five seconds when you push the button. Holding it down makes it stay open. You hold Delphi's hand as she passes through the door. The door doesn't close on her arm, but she never exits. After a while you tug on her arm so she walks back through. Delphi described it as walking through infinite red light, but exiting was very quick.

That's not it, then the eye would've reacted to you both being near the open door just now.
No. 934996 ID: b1b4f3

Can you open all the doors at once?
No. 935001 ID: 91ee5f

Are there any other symbols in the room? Maybe on the ceiling or on the floor?

Vol, how long do you plan on holding Delphi’s hand like that? It’s almost like you like her or something.
No. 935003 ID: 6ce86d

Enter the doors on the left and right really quick to make the eye oscillate. I think there's a fifth door squished beneath it.
No. 935024 ID: eeb7d9

Let's this, i want to see what happens.
No. 935038 ID: 8d4593

Maybe try climbing into the eye?
No. 935086 ID: a9af05

Don't try to solve this all by yourself! Talk to Delphi and see what she has to say about this situation.
No. 935088 ID: a451fc
File 155995071647.png - (489.74KB , 1558x1064 , Eye Door Room 6.png )

>how long do you plan on holding Delphi’s hand like that?
Not long, and it's more like she hasn't let go of yours yet and you didn't really think about it too much...is what you're going to tell yourself.

That's very possible since the doors stay open after being pressed. You and Delphi go around the room and open each door. Afterwards the eye on the wall closes drops down from it's position.

You touch the eye to try and move it, and your hand goes right through it! You and Delphi walk through and exit the room.
No. 935089 ID: a451fc
File 155995072315.png - (286.88KB , 1558x1064 , Hallway 1.png )

The two of you emerge from a wall in a very different looking area. You can't enter back through the wall. In front of you there's a hallway that forks off into two paths, before you can move forward Delphi stops you.

DELPHI: Wait!...I can hear something over there.

You listen closer and hear slithering and mumbling. Whatever's over there is going to pass by the hall your in in a second.
No. 935092 ID: d3602f

Delphi, can you get a hand hold on the ceiling and hold us up so it doesn't notice us?
No. 935093 ID: 8d4593

Hold onto Delphi, have her cling to the ceiling, and be very quiet as it passes.
No. 935107 ID: a451fc
File 155995892515.png - (295.90KB , 1558x1064 , Hallway 2.png )

Delphi grabs hold of you and lifts you up onto the ceiling of the hallway.

The slithering noise gets louder as the demon passes through the hall. The sound of it's body moving across the floor stops. The large demon slinks into the hallway you and Delphi are hiding in. He looks at the wall the two of you entered in through, then slowly exits the hallway again. Before you and Delphi think it's safe you can hear the demons deep voice bounce off of the stone walls.
???: I know you're there! Two of you in fact. Hehehe, It's quite alright though! don't come out for my sake. I've no idea how either of you got here but we're quite happy to have new arrivals that can get past the test fast enough! I'll be showing a bit of "mercy" this time simply because hunting new arrivals before they get a chance to get properly situated is simply no fun.

It cackles as it begins to wriggle off
XIRXON: Well, you can call me Xirxon! If we ever meet again be prepared! I will not hesitate to kill you then. Have fun while you can! I know I will!

You and Delphi wait a bit longer, shocked by the encounter. Xirxon's long gone by now, so Delphi lowers you both back to the floor.

DELPHI: T-This...This is REALLY bad...
No. 935109 ID: a9af05

Start crying and wishing Roland was here because he would know what to do!

Then immediately slap yourself in the face, while telling yourself to snap out of it! Roland ain't here, so it's up to you and Delphi to find your way out!

You can do this! Believe in yourself!
No. 935110 ID: a9af05

Make sure you go in the opposite direction that Xirxon went.
No. 935111 ID: b1b4f3

Yep. We gotta get situated.
No. 935112 ID: ad51b8

hmm, looks like it might have 8 eyes assuming it's symmetrical. Maybe more. Any idea what kind of demon that was or is this a new one. Either way he's an asshole.

Also is it kinda sad that it's starting to feel normal to be trapped in a bunker/dungeon with a killer demon(s) that I actually feel a bit relieved to see what we have to go up against this time? I mean first it was those bugs back when you first took Roland to his first bunker spelunking dive, then when you met troy and caught peaches. Now we have old eight eyes here. Wonder what we'll get out of this one as well seeing how the first time we got the living tree, then the already mentioned troy and peaches. And since we already picked up troy we got the worst out of the way right?

Anyways as for what to do next... well I guess try to find an exit and wing it from there.
No. 935125 ID: 91ee5f

>Not long, and it's more like she hasn't let go of yours yet and you didn't really think about it too much...is what you're going to tell yourself.
It’s ok to admit that you were holding her hand because you were scared.

Start crying at the fact that Xirxon has more eyes than you and Delphi combined!

Go down the hall in the opposite direction that Xirxon just went!
No. 935127 ID: 04ca3e

Does Delphi know anything specific about who this demon is or what's happening, or is she just generally expressing her dread?
Most important thing to do is get a handle on the layout of what kind of place this is. If its some kind of labyrinth, there might be a place where Delphi can break you out of its boundaries.
No. 935179 ID: eeb7d9

We need to understand where we are and what this giant asshole can do. Stay calm, don't panic. He thinks he has the advantage, be that will make him overconfident. Go the oposite direction to where he went. Start exploring this place for a posible exit or something that could help you beat that giant ashole. This is what Roland would do.
No. 935206 ID: 8d4593

I would Follow his path. We don't know where he came from, but we can assume he was going somewhere of note.
No. 935214 ID: 3ce3ca

You could also assume that he came from somewhere of note, which might be more likely here. Before he may have been doing something important, but now he seems a bit preoccupied with his guests.

We also have no idea if there are any hiding spots in the room where he's going. Better to just avoid him entirely.
No. 935216 ID: 8d4593

This is clearly a hunting ground where he and others are the hunters and we are the prey.

There's a chance he might be goin to some hunters only or off limits area while he waits for us to "Get acquainted" with our situation.
Whatever the game is, I doubt it's set up to give us any real hope for survival. We have to play a different game, and that different gave is currently slithering away from us.
No. 935234 ID: a9af05

We should only follow him if we either have no other choice or we have a plan to beat him. And since we haven't gotten to either of those points yet, we should avoid him as much as possible.
No. 935324 ID: a451fc
File 156019295298.png - (141.74KB , 1558x1064 , Walking.png )

You might be scared and a little bit queasy, but no way in hell are you going to start crying over this! Not on the outside anyway.

>Head the opposite way of Xirxon
That's a given. You and Delphi walk the other way. Everything from this point on is stone hallways and rugs, odd paintings are hung on the walls, no matter where you go there's the subtle scent of blood in the air that makes your nausea worse.

DELPHI: Vol, do you think there's a way out of here?
YOU: We got 'ere didn' we? d'ere's gotta be a way out...I fuckin' hope d'ere is.
DELPHI: What's worse is if we don't get home in time, Rascals gonna eat my dinner.
YOU: Is dat really da worse part about dis fer ya?
DELPHI: Well no, she says she will but she never does. Still she said she was gonna make steak today, and I love steak.
DELPHI: And yeah I guess being hunted by a high demon is bad too, but if you think there's a way out then I'm sure there is!
No. 935325 ID: a451fc
File 156019295633.png - (429.63KB , 1558x1064 , Garden 1.png )

After some walking you come to a doorway that leads outside of the building. It looks like a garden.

Now that your outside you can see that the building you were in is a castle, and that the red sky definitely means you're in the Aether now, you didn't want to believe it before but now it's kind of hard to deny. Outside the blood smell is drowned out by the smell of flowers, it'd be peaceful if not for the circumstances.

There's an odd looking box in the drained pool in front of you.

DELPHI: Man...I miss when this was looking for treasure. Now I'm too worried about being hunted to want shiny stuff.
No. 935326 ID: 7c1196

Well, the key to winning a battle royale is getting the best gear you can get.

Open the box.
No. 935329 ID: 91ee5f

>Now I'm too worried about being hunted to want shiny stuff.
“Hopefully any shiny stuff we find is a key or something to help us get out of here.”

Check inside those giant vases on both sides of the door, there might be something in them.

Then go check the odd looking box.
No. 935330 ID: 3ce3ca

Might as well open it.
No. 935331 ID: 8d4593

break the vases and check the bushes for anything left behind by your predecessors.

After you search the immediate area, Have Delphi launch you two onto the roof so you can get an idea of the layout here. Fuck running around blind.
No. 935337 ID: ad51b8

this a hedge maze? if so have Delphi pick you up with her stretchy arms and raze you to see above the maze.
No. 935342 ID: a9af05


That'll work while we're still in the little bit of "mercy time" that Xirxon has given us.

But we should be careful on how often we do that, since it also gives away our position.
No. 935346 ID: eeb7d9

In my line of work, shiny stuff helps you out of stiky situations. And if you are really lucky, you get to save some other shiny stuf for later. So let's cross our fingers. But first thigs first, a way out of here.
No. 935392 ID: e5b36b

Open the chest away from you, in case its trapped.
Getting on the rook to have a look around is a good idea, but i'm concerned this place might have countermeasures to things like that. Also, it might put us in view of anyone else in the maze. Is it possible to push through the hedge?

I think Delphi is trying to distract herself from how bad the situation is by worrying about something small and inconsequential.
No. 935503 ID: 58b4f3

Vol, do you know if time in the Aether moves faster or slower than it does on earth? Because you should be prepared for the possibility that if you take too long to get out of here, 100 years will have passed on earth and Roland will be long dead by the time you get back!

But look on the bright side, at least Troy will also be dead.
No. 935583 ID: 3ce3ca

Doubt it, seeing as Roland was fine after entering and leaving the place. At worst the time probably just doubles (1 minute aether, 2 out or vice versa).
No. 945003 ID: 8fb3ba
File 156841788905.png - (244.87KB , 1558x1064 , Garden 2.png )

>this a hedge maze?
No, at the other end of the garden is another hedge enclosing the small garden. If it is a maze then the guy who designed it really half-assed the whole thing.

>break the vases and check the bushes for anything left behind by your predecessors.
Nothing of value in the vases, just dead bugs that Delphi eats...gross. The bushes hide no secrets either.

>Open the chest away from you, in case its trapped
You very carefully open the chest facing away from you and Delphi. No explosion, no traps, just a small beep as the container opens up. You look inside to find wrapped packages and cans filled with liquid. Delphi unwraps a package while you open a can.

DELPHI: Oooh! Crackers!
YOU: And d'ese cans are filled with wata'. Wat are d'ese, rations?

While Delphi chews on one of the crackers you can hear some thing approaching your position. Delphi snaps to attention as she hears the movement too.
No. 945004 ID: 91ee5f

>just a small beep as the container opens up.
>something is approaching your position.
Even though the chest held helpful things in it, that beeping sound gave away your position!

It’s time to move! Go in the opposite direction, away from whatever is coming your way!
No. 945015 ID: b1b4f3

Grab the stuff, evac. If possible, observe from a hidden location.
No. 945021 ID: 8fb3ba
File 156843152936.png - (560.99KB , 1558x1064 , Run.png )

>It’s time to move!
You and Delphi grab what you can carry of the chest's contents and gun it in the opposite direction. Neither of you can really hear anything coming from behind you for a while, you just focus on getting distance. You and Delphi begins to slow down a bit, until the sounds of movement from your right startles the both of you. Something faster than the both of you has managed to catch up, and if it managed to reach you in such a short amount of time it's likely it'll outpace you both entirely sooner or later and cut you off.
No. 945028 ID: b1b4f3

Delphi, throw a cracker at it.
No. 945036 ID: 91ee5f

That.....might work? I honestly can’t think of anything better to do, so let’s throw some crackers at it.

Assuming Delphi doesn’t eat them all first.
No. 945037 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, I wonder... can Delphi use a stretchy arm like a slingshot? Or an atlatl? Might be worth making blood ammo for her.
No. 945090 ID: 58b4f3

Throw food at it!
No. 945147 ID: a9af05

If you can't outrun it, then you'll have to confront it.
No. 945336 ID: ce39da

The rations were placed deliberately as a sort of resource cache. You passed a "test" to get in. You tested your way into getting to play a game; one you probably can't leave unless you win. Also, since demons don't need to eat very often, it looks like you're expected to play for a long time. The only question remaining is: "What's the win condition?"

As for more immediate concerns; whatever is chasing you seems to be around your size. It's not the guy you met before. We can't bank on it being a friendly, though. Simply stopping might cause it to shoot off on a wild goose chase, or at least give us a chance to stand our ground and parry it.
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