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File 156836031324.gif - (138.26KB , 1500x1200 , THE HUNTING BEGINS.gif )
944938 No. 944938 ID: d91ef0

A Oregon trail stylized RPG, A limited copy that you, the player have got your hands on.

Let's begin the Hunt!
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No. 946945 ID: 9876c4

Agreed. The time to win is before the lead starts flyin.
No. 946947 ID: d91ef0
File 157086613715.png - (106.61KB , 1928x1904 , 456556.png )

B o u l d e r s

The group heads to the tippy top of the mountain, and pushed the biggest rocks they could find-It required a little explosives but the payoff was worth it.

The boulders easily broke across the camp killing or destroying anything in its rolling distance. Explosions break out and quick gunfire.

You have successfully squished bounty.
No. 946949 ID: 9876c4

Guess we should go down and cut off a foot or an ear or something.
No. 946993 ID: 977456

Better confirm the Bon Scott impersonater's cause of death, and raid their surviving Akka Dakka collection.
No. 947007 ID: d91ef0
File 157092637884.png - (48.16KB , 1126x1082 , sdadasdasdasdsa.png )

The head was enough anyway.

All it took was brute strength and a dull knife to collect the reward, I'm sure the government would understand.

When the head was presented to the officals, they hesitated at first of: The fact that four men just came in and presented a bloody head, Or how they couldn't of just brought the body.

They promptly given you the money and sent you on your way.

No. 947009 ID: d91ef0
File 157092775211.png - (62.01KB , 1126x1082 , g2.png )

Just as you're about to ahead back to the bus, You spot a strange stone shrine. Five pure black stones, And a static television but you can see some images from were you stand, There's no outlet-Which is extremely worrying.

You're team is strangely disappeared too. Must've walked back to the bus.

Of course you knew this seemed like a trap, Walking once around the structure-Not a soul-You might should take whats remained.

Should you investigate the TV?
No. 947010 ID: 9876c4

Gotta know what happens if we do.
No. 947011 ID: eeb7d9

Sure, why not, a working TV in the middle of the forest. What could possibly go wrong?
No. 947012 ID: b1b4f3

Oh? Is this the end of the Hunting Bus quest already? I'm quite sure that TV will send us to HUESO.

It's up to the other suggesters if that's what we want. I feel like we should go a little further at least?
No. 947015 ID: 977456

The stones are black. Eat them!
No. 947020 ID: d91ef0
File 157093321129.png - (37.97KB , 1126x1082 , nhbnbmnbmb.png )

You took the TV.

Nothing supernatural happens, The TV's screen dims a number-Then blacks out.

You are okay.

You are Yavuz.

The TV gets sold for a decent price at $150 at a pawn shop-It's shuffled into the backroom for repairs.

You've got $4150, and feeling lucky that you aren't dead

Let's head back to the bus.
No. 947021 ID: d91ef0
File 157093419670.png - (131.63KB , 1126x1082 , bcnbbn.png )

The bus moves along the forest, Heading to the nearby down Vintinkab. A small-town isolated within the forest-Religious foke.

"Another job list!" The old man shouted.
No. 947023 ID: b1b4f3

That's either a 4 or a 11/1. 11/1 is the day after halloween, so that makes sense for a time limit...

Yeah? What have we got this time?
No. 947025 ID: d91ef0
File 157093694303.png - (83.19KB , 1126x1082 , bfhfhgfhfghf.png )

Three job posts were laid on the table, The old man told you to pick-And the other vultures will take the other jobs.

A-A bodyguard job.

B-A dog rescue

C-A strange funeral

(Choose wisely.)
No. 947026 ID: 8d4593

If it's posted here it ain't no normal dog.
This'll be fun.
No. 947028 ID: eeb7d9

We obviously have to pick the dog. B
No. 947039 ID: 977456

A: It is the most honest.
No. 947042 ID: 094652

A makes the most sense; you each get the same level of pay for more people and more people means less risk. Try to bring the whole bus along!
No. 947050 ID: 8d4593

But A wants a licensed firearm.
I doubt anyone on the hunting bus actually has LICENSED firearms.
No. 947052 ID: 9876c4

>4000 4 ways is better than 500 each.
No. 947058 ID: d91ef0
File 157099338328.png - (62.83KB , 1126x1082 , hjjhbmnn,mn,m.png )

A. The bodyguard.

The pastor of the church comes out to talk to, all of you.

"You are all here for the job?, Good-My Son Brian has been visiting a girl lately during the night. There is a residence that seems to be upset of my son's relationship with the girl."

They've taken away their only mother. Brian and his little sister Margret have been safe here up until now- They have found out that Brian is at my church-And are planning on taking him as well including his sister!-They're a big family-And they will all be here tonight to get him any means necessary!"

[b] "Please protect my church from these vengeful souls, I hope that god will be kind with the fate of our battle in this matter./b]

To make it simple, You and the gang will have to protect a child from a wave of a angry family, Every window and door has been boarded up but the front-They'll need to storm in through there.

four hunters suggest a approach.
No. 947059 ID: d91ef0
File 157099522730.png - (59.89KB , 1126x1082 , jklk,hj.png )

Four hunters suggest a plan, Nick-(A car dealer.) Lyndon-(A X-Private solider.) Quinton-(A technician) and Kristopher-(A old veteran.)Give you some advice to your next plan.

How about we give them $2000, That'll be enough for them to leave our friend alone, And we can get the full reward.-Nick suggests.

"Once we get rid of them, we're gonna need to go to their estate to make sure the whole party wont be coming after us."-Lyndon suggests.

"We only need to just kill the one's attacking, then we leave town as soon as the money is given to us." Quinton suggests

"I bet the whole town hates these foke, Why don't we tell the townsfoke to take on these troublemakers with us!-They will be overwhelmed!." Kristopher suggests

Who's Decision do you want to go with?
No. 947068 ID: 9876c4

Fanatics can't be reasoned with, and we're not being payed enough to wipe them out. Leaking the element of surprise is stupid.

Quinton's plan has no obvious holes, so that's my pick.
No. 947069 ID: 977456

Kristmas time!
>>947068 Surprise isn't much of a factor for a fixed defence.
Do the brats we're guarding know any more?
No. 947071 ID: 8d4593

Lyndon's right. The hunting bus has got enough enemies as it is, let's not leave loose ends here.
No. 947073 ID: 6f2e27

Supporting Lyndon's plan.
No. 947074 ID: 6f2e27

With the caveat, no non-combatants
No. 947084 ID: cc1e4b

No. 947088 ID: 094652

Hm. Bulletstorm in a church. This won't end well.

Here's an idea: how competent are the enemy at tracking? We should start by leading a trail away from the church; if it gets blown up we'll lose our payday. Then lead a false trail back to the fortress in all its gory glory. Finally, show them what happened.
No. 947123 ID: d91ef0
File 157110533612.png - (56.74KB , 1386x1550 , fdsfsfsdfsfsdfsd.png )

>No time for other plans, Lyndon's plan is NOW in motion!

"As soon as we take care of the attackers, we need to head up to the enemy estate-They'll need help.Isaak shouted.

Two trucks pull up to the church, You and Isaak rush out while the rest guards the inside.

No. 947124 ID: d91ef0
File 157110582938.png - (42.22KB , 1386x1560 , fg234 - Copy.png )

You and Isaak take cover in-front of a barrier, Four enemy's are parked out in-front of the church.

Objective: Kill the attackers
Keep Issak alive.
No. 947127 ID: 9876c4
File 157110687155.png - (110.39KB , 600x675 , Churchbat.png )

Let's keep it simple.
No. 947150 ID: 094652

We could aim for the cars, but they might not explode.

Shoot the guy out in the open and the guy on your right. They have the least cover. Then let your other partners shoot the guys in cover from above.
No. 947168 ID: d91ef0
File 157116340272.png - (31.66KB , 1386x1550 , dvbvbwefdsfdfsdfsdfsdfdsfsdf.png )

Yazuv headshots the enemy!

Yazuv fatality wounds the next enemy!

Isaak manages to land a shot between the eyes!

Isaak is out of turns

The remaining enemy shoots Issak in the shoulder successfully!
No. 947169 ID: d91ef0
File 157116381527.png - (42.24KB , 1386x1560 , fg234 - Copy.png )

Isaak will bleed out in 2 turns.

It is now you're turn.
No. 947172 ID: 9876c4
File 157116642502.png - (93.87KB , 600x675 , HB2.png )

Y, move and shoot from new position
I, Hunker down and apply pressure.
No. 947177 ID: d91ef0
File 157118031207.png - (76.18KB , 1386x1550 , dsadadadada.png )

You shoot the last enemy, And patch Isaak back to health

The both of you make a quick dash to the estate to help the others.
No. 947224 ID: d91ef0
File 157121604235.png - (48.97KB , 1386x1550 , gdhfhfhgfhfghfg.png )

> The estate burns in a glorious bright flame, For revenge-And the hunting bus.

"That was oddly quick, There used to be a lots of cousins and relatives from their tree-Now its as frail as mine." Isaak said

The job was done, most of you got out unharmed.

+ $8000
No. 947225 ID: d91ef0
File 157121670698.png - (26.27KB , 1000x1000 , dfsfdsfsfsd.png )

The bus moves away from the town, Although you helped a boy from presumably being killed by inbreds-But at what cost?-More lives wasted?

The night gets darker-And the Hunting bus pulls over.
No. 947226 ID: 047531

Hunt some dinner!
No. 947227 ID: 094652

> You saved the priest but massacred a family in 'self defense'.
This whole mission was screwed up from the start. But that's just casual Friday for the Hunting Bus.

> What do
Stop ruminating about the ethics of your work before the rest of the bus turns on you. But think about who is driving the bus and why that stick of dynamite didn't even leave a dent.
No. 947255 ID: d91ef0
File 157124960281.png - (78.90KB , 1386x1550 , hjkhjhjkhh.png )

We pulled over in the forest, Somewhere-It's hard to tell where it starts and ends.

I never thought about WHO was driving the bus, Or who ran this group, It was always very vague to us-That's what you'd expect from a vigilante/Bounty hunter group-Maybe that old man knows.

>H u n t

You are going to hunt, Alone.
No. 947257 ID: d91ef0
File 157124995434.png - (50.62KB , 1386x1550 , vbnbnmgmngmgghm.png )

You stop-Somewhere-There you spot it!-Prey!-A deer!-Shoot it!

S h o o t w a i t
No. 947258 ID: 8d4593

Wait. Listen.
Were you followed?
No. 947264 ID: d91ef0
File 157126183162.png - (67.38KB , 1386x1550 , who that.png )

You turned around hearing the sounds of a gun click in reload.

Could it be?. . .
No. 947265 ID: d91ef0
File 157126215908.png - (42.20KB , 1386x1550 , dsadsadsadsadasd.png )


No. 947268 ID: 9876c4

No. 947270 ID: b1b4f3

Take cover behind a tree, start putting bullets into the zombie.
Have you ever seen this before?
No. 947272 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah sure that makes sense. Ehhhh put a round in him and see what happens? If he doesn't die, just retreat.
No. 947273 ID: d91ef0
File 157126916189.png - (53.52KB , 1386x1550 , sdfsfsdfsdfsdfds.png )


"Georgie..But how!" for once Yazuv spoke

"While you was busy eating like the fatso you are, I was busy prepareing to kill you!, BUT ENOUGH TALK-Fight me like a man Yazuv!



C-shoot him
No. 947274 ID: b1b4f3

A. Never turn down a fisticuffs fight.
No. 947276 ID: 8d4593

No one planning to fight like a man actually tells their opponent to fight like a man.
No. 947277 ID: 9876c4

A. I want to see how this plays out.
No. 947278 ID: 18b0ae

B. Fighting like a true men involves bricks.
No. 947282 ID: 094652

Don't play his game. C.
No. 947283 ID: eeb7d9

Fuck you Georgy, you are supposed to be dead!
No. 947284 ID: 431e6c


Sometimes the simple option is the best
No. 947285 ID: d91ef0
File 157129662695.png - (48.53KB , 680x618 , dsadasdaasdsad.png )


You took out your own brick, Truly this was like fate meeting again.

"Come as close as you'd like." Georgie challenged.

Be warned that Georgie is an a experienced brick thrower- May god have mercy on your soul.

No. 947286 ID: b1b4f3

Use Quick Shot to throw first and dodge.
No. 947287 ID: d91ef0
File 157130033881.png - (41.97KB , 1386x1550 , fsdfsdfdsfsfsd - Copy.png )

You and Georgie are in the middle of nowhere, He hates your guts for blowning him up earlier

>t h r o w b r i c k

The brick bounced off georgies head like it was foam

"You're not leaving this forest alive."
No. 947289 ID: 8d4593

Protect your head! Hear he comes!
Try Knee-Capping him!
No. 947290 ID: b1b4f3

You lit that dynamite, Georgie. Admit to your own mistake.
No. 947291 ID: d91ef0
File 157130300237.png - (21.47KB , 1386x1550 , dasdasdasdadsa.png )

Georgie epicly throws a brick at your face, your nose starts to bleed

"Remember to hold your head up high to stop the blood, Hahahaha!


Your turn.
No. 947292 ID: 9876c4

You shouldn't have lit up that TNT, but you're not the one tailing me. You only started a day ago.
No. 947293 ID: 9876c4

I'd figure his torn face would be a weak point.
No. 947294 ID: d91ef0
File 157130375910.png - (36.60KB , 1386x1550 , hgfhgfhfhfghgf.png )

"You lit that Dynamite stick Georgie, You were insane!"

"IT WAS THE OLD MAN-HE WAS THE ONE WHO CALLED the SHots-He took all my stuff when we stole from that house!-


No. 947295 ID: 9876c4

Yeah. well. We don't trust him neither.
You need another, fat man?
No. 947296 ID: d91ef0
File 157130484260.png - (105.78KB , 2172x2156 , hhjmnhmhnmn.png )

"That's enough." The old man spoke up.

"See that's him-Traitor!"-Georgie spat out a tooth

"Why is this happening-What is going on."

"Just kill him, We got to go back to sleep." The old man demanded

"Gah, You can't kill me i'll kill you before you kill him! georgie..said

A- Kill Georgie

B- Question old man

C- Kill Old man
No. 947297 ID: 9876c4

(This really shouldn't be in my hands.)

But I'm with Georgie, because this is our Georgie playthrough. Do we know where to take the bus if we kill the old man?
No. 947298 ID: 094652

B) "Look, if he so much as looks at another brick, I'll set him on fire. But we should tie him up and give him to the authorities. The world needs more anti-insanity research and it needs test subjects."
No. 947299 ID: af1a4b

Kill georgie then question the old man
No. 947300 ID: eeb7d9

Didn't the "rules" said that all treators/madmen must die? How does that work? Because as i see it, we all are kinda crazy here. So i would need some parameters.

If the Old Man can provide me with that, yeah sure, I'll kill Georgie.
No. 947301 ID: b1b4f3

B. Kill him? Isn't he already dead?
What'd you take from Georgie, anyway? If he had meds this nasty business could've been avoided.
No. 947302 ID: d91ef0
File 157133911141.png - (65.61KB , 2172x2156 , ghjghjghjgjghjghjhg.png )

Just as you were about to do anything, The old man pulls out a pistol.

"You know what?, I don't even wanna hear it-The both of you are up to something!"

the gun fires
No. 947303 ID: d91ef0
File 157133927413.png - (69.70KB , 2172x2156 , fgfdgdfgfdgf.png )

"Nooooo!" Georgie jumped infront of you taking the bullet

Georgie is dead for realz yo
No. 947304 ID: d91ef0
File 157133931051.png - (54.55KB , 2172x2156 , ojljkhg.png )

"Eh, i dunno why he did that-Let's go back to the bus.

what do you do.
No. 947305 ID: 9876c4

...I'm not vindictive, I just wanted to Save Georgie.
We shouldn't trust him, but we didn't before. Ok.
No. 947306 ID: 094652

> Eh, i dunno why he did that
"Dude, he's crazy."

> Let's go back to the bus.
"Okay, but we're burning the corpse this time. I don't want him to come back again with a bomb jacket."
No. 947314 ID: eeb7d9

Man all this people is fucking nuts. Make sure he dies for good, burn his body or something.
No. 947315 ID: b1b4f3

The old man just tried to kill us and nobody's gonna even say anything?
No. 947319 ID: 0a7f21

Ahh, so you are having a bad drug trip.
No. 947321 ID: 9876c4

Been known to happen on long bus trips.
No. 947322 ID: 8d4593

Rules is Rules.
The old man's Crazy.
He's gotta go.
No. 947325 ID: d91ef0
File 157137546549.png - (46.29KB , 2172x2156 , ojljkhg.png )

GEORGIE COMES BACK from the dead-AGAIN!, And stabs the old man in the back-Causing him to fire in panic!

"heheheh-You're days are over old man.." He coughed

"How-But.." The old man studded

Whens this gonna end..
No. 947328 ID: d91ef0
File 157137599101.png - (131.50KB , 2172x2156 , DSFSDFSDFSDFS.png )

The old man and georgie fell flat to the floor, You stood for a minute encase any of them sprung back to life-It seemed like this was it.

You stand now alone, In the middle of the night with two dead bodies.

You feel sore.
No. 947329 ID: d6c0a8

Back to the bus. It's over.
No. 947330 ID: d91ef0
File 157137634782.png - (68.53KB , 2172x2156 , iuoiuououui.png )

uh oh
No. 947331 ID: b1b4f3

Well you can still stand, it must not be too bad. Patch yourself up. At least enough to make it back to the bus alive. Can't be that far away if the old man managed to find you, right?
If you sincerely doubt you can do that, you might want to search the old man to see if he's got some kind of quick fix.
No. 947332 ID: 9876c4

>You can save one hunter during a mission.
This is well within your wheelhouse. Bandage yourself with someone's clothes, and try to think of an explanation.
No. 947336 ID: eeb7d9

Do you know hot to extract a bullet and treat the wound? Because if not, you should probably go. Like, right now.
No. 947338 ID: d91ef0
File 157141118884.png - (38.22KB , 2172x2156 , dsadasdadadadasda.png )

You then realize, you got enough time to save at-least one person (including yourself) from fate with your medical skills.

The choice is yours
No. 947339 ID: ac7700

The pops pulled a gun on you out of the blue and started throwing accusations around, making it likely that he's the one actually behind something if he's that easy on the trigger with you (unless he's naturally trigger-happy), you should probably leave both of them behind, one of them is insane and the other sketchy
No. 947341 ID: b1b4f3

Georgie is definitely crazy and also an undead monster, the old man is probably crazy since he tried to kill you for basically no reason and apparently stole a bunch of Georgie's stuff. Save yourself then see if you can do anything for the old man after disarming him, just to interrogate him.
No. 947343 ID: 094652

Save yourself first, then loot both mens' corpses. If either of them is still alive or undead after all that, bring them to the bus and let the other hunters decide what to do.
No. 947347 ID: 9876c4

I don't think Georgie was ever undead, just strangely tough as nails.

So RP playthough, Yavuz would probably save himself.
If we're dedicated to our Georgie playthrough, this is our last chance to resume it.

I guess compromise and save ourselves. Then help the fat loon and leave him if there's time.
No. 947350 ID: 8d4593

Save ourselves.

Then patch Georgie up, even if he appears dead.
He'll thank us when he comes back to life again.
No. 947352 ID: d91ef0
File 157143069677.png - (124.09KB , 2172x2196 , dsadadsadsadada.png )

You resuscitated yourself, Bandaging up your bullet wound with strips of clothing.

You walked the direction the old man came from-Which was north. You've been walking for a while.

. . .

Where's the bus?
No. 947353 ID: b1b4f3

Seems like you got turned around. Try to find some footprints to follow.
No. 947354 ID: d91ef0
File 157143119466.png - (161.93KB , 2172x2196 , dsadaasdasdsasa.png )

Theres no end, No landmark-However the tree's are getting more and more dense.
No. 947355 ID: b1b4f3

I think I see the road ahead. Go there and look to see if you can spot the bus.
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