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File 130716560635.png - (259.32KB , 600x913 , title5.png )
308967 No. 308967 ID: 544dd4

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No. 308970 ID: 544dd4
File 130716604019.png - (347.62KB , 850x600 , 510.png )


But now...
No. 308971 ID: 07416a

No. 308972 ID: 544dd4
File 130716653191.png - (274.11KB , 850x600 , 511.png )

"Oh, I see. Hmm."
No. 308973 ID: 07416a

No. 308974 ID: 00d3d5

Hello, M'lady!
Would you kindly identify yourself?
No. 308975 ID: 544dd4
File 130716686305.png - (329.87KB , 850x600 , 512.png )

"Well, this is curious. I wonder, a gift, or something he found?"
No. 308976 ID: 7aedd2

(Everyone shhh! We're just a normal stone!)
No. 308977 ID: 35e1a0

gift from his master, we are magic, he is a wizard is he not? we talk and stuff.
No. 308978 ID: 252e1b


Can you hear us? Your link is, well, unstable. August's got a gift for magery so he can hear us, and almost all kobold breeds have it to some degree. Humans can, and goblins probably can too. Fae would know us instantly and could master our amplification functions given a little time. But most vehrimen would have trouble even hearing us.

You are Lucidia, correct? We're an artifact from the stars, and currently serve August. We provide advice, instructions, glib comments, songs, and a plethora of ideas of varying quality. August is in the bath right now. He's sort of exhausted from his outing. It was quite an adventure, actually.
No. 308980 ID: 00d3d5

Ah, you would be August's intended, then?

We are an artifact he summoned to help him achieve his goals.
If you're to be his wife then I suppose we would be expected to keep you safe, but it would be best to let him know where we are.

OH! He was so flustered when you asked him to buy a fertility fetish! Said something about it being far too overt for public, but he was very interested. You should put us on, strip naked, lie in his bed, and offer yourself to him when he returns.
No. 308981 ID: 252e1b


Shameless! Don't talk to a lady like that! We just met her!
No. 308983 ID: abcbff

H'lo there.
No. 308984 ID: 07416a
File 130716892024.png - (69.77KB , 226x281 , Rat ass.png )


Damn, he imagines you with a really nice ass. Is your ass that nice? Show us to compare.
No. 308985 ID: 252e1b


I swear. It's like you guys learned nothing from that adventure we had with Kanes and the two lesbians.
No. 308986 ID: e41ad5

'Allo, little lady~
No. 308987 ID: 7aedd2

Is that someone behind you?
No. 308988 ID: 35e1a0

oh my god you are right, Lucidia look out!
No. 309015 ID: cbc115

[attempt synchronisation]

No. 309016 ID: 28e94e

You're breaking us, also I think August is back
No. 309018 ID: eba49f

In the future you might want to be a bit more cautious about picking up random items belonging to wizards. I mean sure we don't do too much crazy stuff, but some of the stuff wizards keep around is much nastier.
No. 309064 ID: 1854db

No. 309223 ID: 03692a


Get the willing chick to bd
No. 309433 ID: b6ca92

No. 309453 ID: b6ca92

No. 309466 ID: d8d42e

I don't think that's going to help.

No. 309475 ID: 252e1b

Hey maybe we should wait for August guys.
No. 309543 ID: a6dd15
File 130737944327.png - (288.97KB , 850x600 , 513.png )

” I don- so… so many-“
No. 309545 ID: a6dd15
File 130737971002.png - (371.74KB , 850x600 , 514.png )

Strong arms encircle and tug from behind. His scent, clean and pure from the bath, with the barest hints of thoroughly masculine exertion… Voice soft and low, authority mingled with bemusement. Breathing us in...
No. 309547 ID: a6dd15
File 130737985295.png - (295.89KB , 850x600 , 515.png )

“Mmmm, Lucidia~ you know, you know you should not be here?”
”I-I know, and yet-“
He leans in, nibbling at our neck, pressing against us warm and strong, fingers tracing the lines of our sash.
”August, y-you're barefaced.”
”You expected otherwise? You… desire, otherwise?”
No. 309548 ID: 00d3d5

Seduce August! You have already stated your desire for him plainly, so carry through on your request!
No. 309549 ID: 28e94e

Something is very wrong here. August should not be acting that... openly towards you.
No. 309554 ID: 40cb26

Something is off with him. He would be far more careful about such things... or maybe he is just a special kind of morning person. Talk with him a bit, ask him about us maybe.
No. 309571 ID: 1854db

Uh... maybe we have been away from August for longer than we thought. How long has it been since he returned with his mask?
No. 309572 ID: 7f017c

Why are you stating our? We can't feel...

Oh, stop daydreaming so much you! Though suave August is tempting, you like his bumbling shy nature also.
No. 309577 ID: d8d42e

Uhm. Yeah, he totally isn't that hot for you yet, sorry. Foist him off and find out what's going on.
No. 309578 ID: 35e1a0

i think it's a feedback thing, her feelings are leaking into us and effecting him.
No. 309752 ID: 1854db

Lady, please give us to August. Please. Your magical abilities are causing us to malfunction and that may harm you.
No. 309768 ID: 07416a

Yesterday he got teased within an inch of his life and went through a great deal of danger. Of course he's going to be a bit... Intense, when he gets back to a proper outlet for his desires~
No. 309797 ID: 00d3d5

Inch of his life? He was two sheets of cotton away from throwing the heirship of your children he sires into question.
If he wants to ravage you as much as you want to be ravaged, then go right ahead and assist his efforts.
No. 310192 ID: 7aedd2

I don't know... different people react to stress in different ways. Perhaps Verhimen's version of PTSD is getting randy? That red-haired lowlander was rather amorous, and her lifestyle did tend to seem to do a lot of risking of one's own life.
No. 310767 ID: 544dd4
File 130757958576.png - (268.83KB , 850x600 , 516.png )

Yes, of course, he needs us... and we... I...am
No. 310769 ID: 544dd4
File 130757989886.png - (263.72KB , 850x600 , 517.png )

No. 310770 ID: 544dd4
File 130758027392.png - (317.15KB , 850x600 , 518.png )

Do I, do I really? As a youth, perhaps even now, but should he not grow, in presence and power? To mold, shape, teach him... such things.

Such foolishness... he is just a bit shorter I think anyhow."

No. 310771 ID: 35e1a0

uh... wow, you can creature tactile illusions?
No. 310773 ID: 1854db

Ahh... the link is behaving better now.

Also that is super kinky. You are a naughty, naughty girl. How much effort does that take? How long could you have kept that up, hmmmmmm?
No. 310775 ID: 0d7a83

*tut tut* You shouldn't imply such things about a lady. Even if they are true.
No. 310780 ID: 00d3d5

Ok, that's impressive.
Now, strip naked, put us on, and either lie on his bed in a seductive pose or join him in the bath.
He's not forward, but he would not turn your advances away at this point. Just tell him that you're off-cycle, unlike the lowlander who tempted him.
Heck, say you hope offering him that fertility fetish wasn't too subtle for him.

Make your move - swift, decisive, and unambiguous.

On an unrelated note, do you find other women to be alluring?
No. 310785 ID: 835a2d

No. 310793 ID: 07416a

Why trifle with illusions when you could have the real thing? He dreams of you. You need simply reach out... And take what you wish.
No. 310799 ID: eba49f

His eyes and some spots on his back are glowing. Is this a normal feature of your abilities, or is this cause for alarm? There have been shape-shifting assassins creeping around lately, so it is good to be cautious.
No. 310819 ID: 07416a

Well. You didn't call him up deliberately, did you? Do you have control problems, Lucidia?
No. 310820 ID: 07416a

Well. You didn't call him up deliberately, did you? Do you have control problems, Lucidia? Do you want him that much?..
No. 310822 ID: d8d42e

Oh... okay, sorry to ruin your fun. We were just scared something weird had happened to him. Like mind control. Or being replaced by a doppleganger.

You may continue.
No. 310839 ID: 7f017c

Oh, I don't disagree that he will grow and become more bold over time. But I think you must admit also that many a rogue could have asked you to dance while trying to be charming and sweeping you off your feet. It is the real August who can be delightfully shy and nervous while still doing his best.

Besides, you HAVE to know someday when he is maskless and alone with you, when he freezes up shy for a moment, it is going to be adorable~
No. 310865 ID: 7aedd2

( Part of me wants to say that there's nothing quite so irritating as a woman who's always nagging at you that you should be 'more' than you are... )
No. 310881 ID: eba49f

How about an orb that does that? :P
No. 311770 ID: 544dd4
File 130776770755.png - (364.22KB , 850x600 , 519.png )

No. 311772 ID: 544dd4
File 130776776220.png - (379.38KB , 850x600 , 520.png )

No. 311777 ID: 0d7a83

No. 311778 ID: 544dd4
File 130776846488.png - (305.55KB , 850x600 , 521.png )

"Mistress, did you find hi- oh. I suppose not. I thought I heard talking and assumed..."

"No, I fear he must have sequestered himself elsewhere, still I did find something. Please, come and pick up this necklace beside me. I would like you to describe to me your perceptions as you do so."


"It... 'appears' to be magical, however... I would value your thoughts on the matter."
No. 311780 ID: 544dd4
File 130776886690.png - (422.04KB , 850x816 , 522.png )

"Try to avoid alarm, it seemed rather... lacking in the fundaments of propriety."
"It... talks?"
"Difficult more me to tell really."
"I understand"
No. 311782 ID: 35e1a0

hello... Steelsplinters. how goes it?
No. 311783 ID: 1854db

Hello there Steelsplinters. We're uh... a thing. That can talk.

Tell us about yourself. We haven't really heard much about you.
No. 311787 ID: 7f017c

Hello sir, not to be rude, but I feel your mistress has misjudged us. Propriety is an odd standard to hold when little more than a voice in an orb, I hope you would agree?
No. 311790 ID: 0d7a83

Your perception of the world is noir? THATS PRETTY GREAT.
No. 311802 ID: 00d3d5

The purpose of our existence is to advance the goals of our legitimate holder, and restricting our statements to the socially acceptable is contrary to that.
No. 311831 ID: 252e1b


She did not misjudge us, you guys were being boorish with her.

So, Steelsplinters, how's life treating you?
No. 311832 ID: 07416a

You have an awesome mask. Anyways, tell your mistress that we apologize. We got over excited.
No. 311833 ID: 252e1b

Oh and please tell her that the last time we saw August he was getting ready to take a bath.
No. 311857 ID: eba49f

Hello there. Yes, we do talk to people who hold us, but unfortunately your mistress's magic interferes with our ability to communicate with her. And please excuse that some of us can be rather uncouth at times.
No. 311965 ID: 252e1b


Friend, our perception changed because we leech a little magic power from whoever we're linked to. He's a normal verimen, I believe, and so he's got a very small reserve for us to tap.
No. 312030 ID: c73e17

I'd prefer to believe that's actually how he sees the world, and that he goes around giving an internal monologue like some grizzled dectective/Max Payne.
No. 312070 ID: 7aedd2


(Seriously tho, for >>311965 and >>312030 , that'd be Takkaya, as referred to chapter 2, >>265118)
No. 312075 ID: 35a114

Hey girls can be grizzled detectives to right?
No. 312192 ID: eba49f

Hmm. To summarize with August and Lucidia we see the world in color, with Wintertounge we see see the world in a grey-scale, and now with Steelspliters we see the world in inverse-grey-scale (plus blue for the goggle lenses.)
No. 312246 ID: 942ce7
File 130785581118.png - (275.02KB , 850x600 , 523.png )

A sense of weight, a stormfront's pressure change as dozens of disparate whispers clutter in like windblown tatters of newsprint on a wirefence. Filthy... heralding sooty occluded outpourings, but with a subtly electrical electrical flavor we relish for a moment like the bittersweet tang of a curare backwash.

"Are you okay dear, do you hear them, do you hear the voices too?"
"We=I-erh- yes, I hear them, confusing, but I can filter it.
"Excellent, don't strain yourself too hard on my account though, I suspect it an errant oracular of sorts. It could be useful to us, albeit perhaps disharmonious with my condition? I have some questions if you could relay them."
"I shall certainly attempt"
She makes to rise from the bed, taking our hand in hers, like so much in the world, the small and sharp hidden in the great and soft. The razor to the sheath, the claw to the paw, th-
No. 312255 ID: 942ce7
File 130785679753.png - (288.20KB , 850x600 , 524.png )

"I. am. a. girlbold!"
"Erhm, a problem so soon dear?
"How could this bauble be of any use? It babbles on about detectives and colors, or somesuch nonsense."
"Yes, I found it quite distracting. However, if you could perhaps give it focus, maybe ask in where August is?
"It mumbled he was in the bath, I think."
"Unlikely he's appeared there since we checked, and he could hardly have been keeping low in the bath all this time. Why, we only saw him once all week, with some muddy sack he handed of to his little sister before he said he had more 'work' to take care of. Speaking of which, it also mentioned some 'other' woman. Needless to say, I want answers."
We take a moment to parse this information, to willfully relay it to this... 'thing', gripping it tightly in our pocket as we imagine our questions passing from fingertips to the unmarred surface.
No. 312259 ID: 35e1a0

no need to try that hard, we can hear spoken words. the other woman we speak of tried to get august to bed with her but we managed to escape. say we because he is ours and we are his. we wish the best for him and his kind.
No. 312267 ID: 1854db

Aren't you a bit tall for a 'bold? We are only aware of the short ones oft called 'puppyfaces'. Are you merely a different breed from those? You look kindof like a Verhimen.

How long has it been since August returned from his trip? We have no sense of time. If it has been more than a day then we will have no clues as to his location.

The other girl mentioned was a member of the rival family, who rescued him on the road and planned to have him be her servant in more than one way. He evaded her advances, fearing impregnation, and absconded with a certain item he was looking for.

It's possible that he's arranged a second meeting with a childhood friend we came across there. The location was not mentioned exactly, but... a night on the town, perhaps?
No. 312270 ID: 40cb26

Ah our new and dear friend, we have no concept of time when we are left alone. Last we were aware of he had gone to bed just after returning from a quite exciting trip. As far as we can tell this morning followed that evening.

Oh and the "other woman" is no kind of threat to our fair lady.. I mean awkward situations were of course involved but that was because she had mistaken him for something that he wasn't. In the end we innocently used the misunderstanding to his advantage and immediate escape.

As an aside, we are rather upset he would leave us behind and we intend to smite him reasonably, as soon as we figure out how.
No. 312272 ID: 00d3d5

[Feed our statements one at a time, and give her a bit of time between each one.]

We do not sense the passage of time. The last we saw August he was heading for the bath before retiring for the night, and that was immediately after we returned from his adventure.
How long has it been since Lucidia went to the market with him? With that information we could tell how long ago we last saw him.

Less important
The girl is a lowland princess who saved his life and attempted to seduce him, but failed due to his desire to sire legitimate heirs with Lucidia. Lucidia should be informed of this.

We can hear her questions fine. You don't need to relay them to us.

We are not familiar with these "oracular" you speak of. Would you kindly tell us more?
No. 312274 ID: 07416a

Naw, he didn't sleep with her, no worries! Well, he slept slept with her, but there was no fucking and he was soooo sick. It was AWESOME he was hallucinating and everything.

Hey. HEY! Ask her if using too much magic makes her sick like it makes August sick! He was really feverish!

No. 312277 ID: 252e1b

Hey hey, you wanna hear a song? It's an awesome song, about how awesome August is!
No. 312332 ID: eba49f

And if you are curious about the bag, it contained a large frog for August's sister.
No. 312337 ID: 28e94e

[silence everything said in this post]
For fuck's sake seven, you're not supposed to go around telling random people all our secrets like that
No. 312340 ID: 0c019f

[don't silence it]
she knows he nearly fucked some chick so we need to explain and the rest is useless or questions.
No. 313066 ID: 942ce7
File 130803322110.png - (110.06KB , 606x598 , 525.png )

The answers flood back dripping into my skull with the insistence of a returning tide, littering factoids and ideas among the recessed tide pools of private thought.
"They say he was away for a while, when he brought back the frog, erh the frog in the bag, for his sister he must have returned."
"Perhaps, but that was well on five days ago, where has hidden himself now?"
"They say, while he was out, he met a rival princess, was ill and apparently she helped him, also slept with him."
Mistress grips our hand tightly, turning about to meet my eyes. We feel her gaze burrowing into us, probing, searching out the truth behind our mask.
"T-they say he feared impregnating her and thus spurned her advances.
"Did he?"
"Their current guess as to his whereabouts is, in returning from his outing he met an old friend and arranged a later meeting, maybe a night on the town?"
"Mmmm, it appears I shall have to examine his character more closely, perhaps I had gathered a rather... different impression of him?
No. 313077 ID: 942ce7
File 130803472467.png - (131.43KB , 850x600 , 526.png )

"Still, first things first, Takayya, this woman, I want to know what there is to be known about her. I must assume she's one of those Sperenze 'princesses'."
"As you wish."
"We should also inform the family he has been successfully experimenting with 'applied' objects, they will be pleased by such news.
"They've wanted confirmation of his progress, this is an almost sure sign. I've gathered his mother disproves of his interest in 'That' science, while his father is reluctant to tell us 'anything' as to his practical abilities... bargaining habits I imagine. Speaking of which, I wonder, what could his father wish to speak so urgently to him now about?
She purses her lips for a moment of thought, whiskers twitching pensively.
Mmmmmm, there is simply no way he spent most of the week with a friend on the town. It still doesn't sound like him, besides the guard would have picked him up at the least. It should know his habits, where might he be?"
"I shall ask."
No. 313079 ID: 35e1a0

we can try to find him, but unknown if this will even work.
[pull in direction of august]
No. 313089 ID: 00d3d5

The old friend is his roommate from school.

August slept in the same bed as the princess because he was her prisoner and had no choice. He was tempted, but refused her advances. Fear of pregnancy was not the reason, as she was not in cycle.

August would have taken us with him if he expected trouble or to be gone for more than a few hours. That he has been missing for days is seriously troubling, and mandates a response.

[Attempt to pull towards August]
[Attempt to put August's direction and distance into Steelsplinters head]
No. 313138 ID: 252e1b

Ehh, tell her to not treat us like an "it." Some of the jerks in here pick up on that and will perform small acts of sabotage in retaliation. Nothing serious, mind, but we'll become even more irritating.

And while we're making requests, can you please relay to the lady that August was traveling incognito and thus had to play the part of a wandering commoner. Otherwise he wouldn't have shared a bed with the Sperenze 'princess' at all. And make sure your lady understands he was a perfect gentleman.

Let's see, the only thing I can think of that would keep August away for a full week like this is his master. I bet the old man encountered him and they hared off on another adventure, probably something to do with the elf attack the night August and the lady danced.

Oh right, I bet you don't know. One of the elves launched a dream attack on August to attempt to learn where the old man is. When the mage got wind of elves on the grounds he fled; likely some sort of trouble he'd had with them in past. August's powers were sufficient to repel the dream attack, but the issue was wholly unresolved before we went to retrieve August's mask.
No. 313165 ID: 252e1b

Oh, Lady Lucidia asked about the Sperenze princess.

Here is a summary: Jolienne, the Second Princess of Sperenze and adjunct priestess of Mari. She is the sixth surviving daughter of the Matron. Jolienne is over two meters tall, and a fine shot with a pistol, skilled enough to hit a blaster from thirty paces on an otton at full gallop. Her private quarters are in what were the old crew quarters for the battleship, not far from the ship's mess. She speaks with a very strong accent.

She is naive, proud, and believed August to be a dragon traveling in disguise thanks to a flashy display of desperation magic he used when faced by overwhelming numbers of blasters.

August suspected she was in heat, or nearly ready to go into heat, judging by smell. Since we can't smell, we had to trust his judgement. We speculate that the Sperenze family has some way to maintain high fertility levels by either being mutants that are constantly in a low level heat, or use fertility rites that have actual effect somehow to achieve the same. There's no evidence for either besides their high fertility rates as a family, and August's observations.

High technology medical equipment, a hyperbaric life support chamber, was observed in the ship while August explored it. If their other medical technology matches that example, hormones or hormonally active agents may be available to encourage greater fertility.

Jolienne has the pet name Joey, but she only allows her brothers to use it.

That concludes my report on her.
No. 313208 ID: 1854db

She was smokin' hot, too.
No. 313211 ID: eba49f

And the whole 'technically slept with her' bit was a rather tactless play on words; referring to the fact that he indeed slept in the same room as her.
No. 313239 ID: 7aedd2

I'm assuming they've already checked Sirius's workshop, where they helped him clean up and whatnot... perhaps August is doing some scrying in the divination bowl thing?

(Also, guys, I really don't think we should be handing out all of August's doings and secrets to just anyone who picks us up)
No. 313241 ID: eba49f

But Lucinda isn't 'just anyone who picks us up'.
No. 313243 ID: 28e94e

>telling Lucidia we've been seeing another woman
>telling her that said woman is a rival princess
>nobody but me seems to realize how badly they'll react
No. 313246 ID: 07416a

Been seeing? SAW. Once.
No. 313258 ID: 252e1b


Hey, it's reasonable as long as you know the entire story. He was posing as a commoner, he rescued a father and son attacked by blasters, the son was injured badly but August stabilized him, blasters caught up to them, August used the desperation magic I mentioned earlier and was rendered insensate by it, Jolienne retrieved August and treated him as an oddity because he could cast magic.

Since August didn't want to rock the boat, he went along with her demands that he remain close to her until the first opportunity for him to accomplish his original objective and escape came up. He took it, and the rest is an adventure story.
No. 313315 ID: 07416a

That's even more reason not to tell her.
No. 313321 ID: 077a55

There may be other ways of finding out where he is. For example, his servants, and their friends.

August's personal servant is named Balrecgus. You may have met him before. There is another kobold, a wild-born, that serves Sirius, named Trechrejra, that seems to be fond of Balrecgus, and may be keeping track of him without his knowing.

Ain't love grand?
No. 313325 ID: 7aedd2

She might be more familiar with their actual kobold-translation names, ManyStones and WinterTongue respectively.
No. 314420 ID: 072521
File 130837464520.png - (182.34KB , 900x600 , 527.png )

"Jolienne, Second Princess of Sperenze and adjunct priestess of Mari, the sixth surviving daughter of the Matron. Is over two meters tall, a fine shot with a pistol, skilled enough to hit a blaster from thirty paces on an otton at full gallop. Her private quarters are in what were the old crew quarters for the battleship, not far from the ship's mess. She speaks with a very strong accent.
August suspected she was in heat, or nearly ready to go into heat, judging by smell. Since it can't smell, they had to trust his judgement. Speculations that the Sperenze family has some way to maintain high fertility levels by either being mutants that are constantly in a low level heat, or use fertility rites that have actual effect somehow to achieve the same. No evidence for either besides their high fertility rates as a family, and August's observations. High technology medical equipment, a hyperbaric life support chamber, was observed in the ship while August explored it. If their other medical technology matches that example, hormones or hormonally active agents may be available to encourage greater fertility. Jolienne has the pet name Joey, but she only allows her brothers to use it. Such concludes the current report on her."

I- erhm... they told you that? I suppose that will certainly give us something to go on."
"Yes mistress, please, if I may? Let me adjust your veloppertet before we go out."
No. 314434 ID: 072521
File 130837550562.png - (328.20KB , 900x600 , 528.png )

"Mistress, I do suspect the device is capable of a certain, perception of it's immediate environs. May listen to us speak directly. Just, something to keep in mind."
"I see..."
She straightens up, rubbing down the folds from her dress before opening the door.
"So we know nothing of August himself?"
"They suggested his master's place, the human and magus of sorts. If I remember correctly he lives in the more... industrial side of town. I could also question his boldservent, Baldrecgus, while you call the driver. I believe I saw a kobold meandering around in some garden out back."
No. 314451 ID: 072521
File 130837710088.png - (307.75KB , 900x600 , 529.png )

I walk around to the side of the house as my mistress speaks to the driver, the sky is leaden and the air tense with the occasional burst of frigid breeze. Promising rain upon which it has not yet delivered, today.

I spot the kobold, shirtless and pecking at some rows of herbs with a hoe and make to address him, barking boldly.

"Y-you there, yes, you. Manystones? Yes?"
"Oh, hello prettylady. Yes is manystones. Is also in garden. Many many stones. You like garden? Is mywork"
"Erhm yes, is certainly a garden.
"Yes, it is. Mywork. Is good with little flowers, and sweet things, sweet spicy things..."
"Kaaaay... well, your master, August yes?"
"Maybe, I mean, yes yes."
"Some questions for you."
"Oh okay prettylady."
No. 314458 ID: 1854db

Steelsplinters, I am still curious about your race. You are obviously far more intelligent than this guy here... Please at least acknowledge that you can hear me ask this question. I will accept an answer of 'mind your own business' or something similar. What are you, exactly?

Hmm, of course we should ask the kobold if he has seen his master in the past few days. Perhaps inquire as to what things he has been talking about, or doing. Directly ask if he knows where his master is, of course.
No. 314474 ID: 07416a

I heard that stutter. You think he's hot, don't you? Don't you feel hot? Maybe you should slowly unwrap your nose...
No. 314500 ID: 40cb26

Yes, we can hear and see around us, even from locales and angles which should not be possible. More likely we are looking at us and our host from beside or the front, than away from. However our vision alters according to who possesses us. With you things are rather... well, dark. Only outlines discerned, color barely exists. Is this how you see the world? Due to your eyes or mind?

Better view than when hanging out with the puppyhead bolds, at any rate.
No. 314513 ID: 00d3d5

Intelligence and education are two different things, and our limited observation suggests that bolds are kept uneducated and encouraged into menial service.
It's a standard repression technique, and SteelSplinters use of the bold 'dialect' in public suggests that there would be reprisal if her education was discovered.

So, SteelSlivers, is that part of your reason for biasing your choice of our words against August? My compliments on your skill at that, by the by.
No. 314520 ID: 28e94e

There's also the fact that he looks more like a small not-Burmecian than a kobold.
No. 314527 ID: eba49f

Shame on you, sir.

Yes, I am wondering whether many or all Kobolds are colorblind (or partially so).

I think the 'dialect' is actually another language that is being filtered to us as a dialect. There are benefits to being a magical orb.
No. 314624 ID: 7aedd2

I'm much more impressed by SteelSplinters' ability to, when she chooses to, give a word-for-word playback of information from us to Lucida. Clearly she's not having as much trouble 'hearing' us as her Mistress was. There are a few reasons that might be...

Anyway, now's not really the time for question and answer with US, but rather with ManyStones here. He seems to be rather whimsical, but now's not the time for flirting or displays of dominance. Just try to get him to focus and tell us where he's last seen August and what he may know of his plans.
No. 314963 ID: 072521
File 130846458451.png - (175.15KB , 600x600 , 530.png )

Upon hearing us speak our mother tongue the stone is incited into restless clamor for attention, questioning my 'boldness' my motives, my upbringing. Ignoring the out of place requests prying into personal interests one nonetheless couldn't avoid having such thoughts now brought to the forefront of our consciousness. We hadn't been considering it, but while the bold in front of us wasn't unattractive or stupid by any measure of the our sensibilities (though perhaps lacking in focus) I was not looking for such companionship.

"When did you see your master last?
"Mmmm three mornings ago?"
"He acting maybe strange? Say would be gone long, or where?"
"Says he wants deep thinking, no bothering, goes to study place with books...and stuff... and things."
No. 314968 ID: 072521
File 130846512121.png - (311.14KB , 900x600 , 531.png )

"Study place? Teacher's place yes?
"Yes, wise man, the Mister Serious."
"I see. Think is all we need knowing, but?"
"Does not remember you so tall? Always like that?"
"Is big bold, maybe...
grow bigger, yes. Is it, we grow.
like plants."

He gives us a wink before leaning heavily on his hoe.
No. 314971 ID: 072521
File 130846532838.png - (311.93KB , 900x600 , 532.png )

"I'll, just be going then."
"Kaay, bye. Hey you want maybe late*oufff*"
No. 314977 ID: 072521
File 130846621031.png - (181.32KB , 675x433 , 533.png )

"Oh good, you're back then?"
"He went to go think by himself at his master's study. Three days ago. However, I was also informed by the stone that he was attacked by the Folk recently, he may be hiding from them near the power plant, or perhaps even have had some influence plante-"
"No. Resting."
For a moment I am startled by my mistresses terseness, I make to hastily apologize for suggesting his ill, but notice a shiver run through her and her eyes staring past me.
"No. Resting. Yet wrested unrest, resisting not rest. Rosin unresisting."
No. 314980 ID: 35e1a0

uhh, is she okay? some kind of vision? but past, present, or future is hard to tell...
No. 315017 ID: 07416a

I personally have no clue. Resting, but takes unrest while not resisting rest? Rosin, a substance used to increase friction, unresisting?

Bluh bluh. Go outside and get your fields hoed. This mystery will have to solve itself.
No. 315034 ID: 1854db

She is having a vision. Ask where.
No. 315043 ID: 00d3d5

She is delirious.
Hug her from behind and wait for the episode to pass.

Also, who are these Folk and when did we say August fought them?
No. 315067 ID: 252e1b

We may be able to help her if she is experiencing a distressing vision. We helped August with the dream attack.

However, I don't think your mistress is experiencing a bad vision. Just a bit of clairvoyance.
No. 315142 ID: 7aedd2

Wh...Why was Manystones wearing some kind of false-feet to look taller? How could he possibly get any work done like that? I guess it was probably to impress the ladies with his tall-bold-ness, but still...
No. 315146 ID: 28e94e

Toss us! Quick!
No. 315147 ID: eba49f

Yes, if she is still in the middle of her vision, quickly give us to her. Our experience with the previous attack on August shows that we can follow him into a vision, and might do the same for her.

She might just be seeing the previous Fey attack, or he might just be having a nightmare, but we should find him without delay in case he is in another mind attack.
No. 315506 ID: 7bfeb5

Maybe her vocabulary has been magically limited? I mean look at all those 'rest's. Is that a thing that can happen?
I uh, I don't know what to do about it.
No. 316168 ID: b6ca92

Toss us if you think we'll land ON her, and not just bounce off.
Otherwise, flying pseudo-tackle. We managed to help August kill a Fae in his own mind-trap, we can most certainly help Lucidia survive whatever trance she's stuck herself in without undue harm or brain-sprain.
No. 316614 ID: f536f2
File 130880693157.png - (171.58KB , 506x508 , 534.png )

For a moment I am tempted to try the necklace for effect, the voices do insist, but I remember my duty and pull my hand away from the pocket and grab ahold my Mistresses tail whilst reaching into my pack.
"You've been able to get by so far... so strong..."
We pause for a moment there in hope it will pass naturally, yet her gestures and voice become more exaggerated.
"-could but crush in chance what was moulded in play, the mad-eyed stars blew earth's dust 'way. Will they go or will they stay, fight the metal or fight the fae-"
No. 316615 ID: f536f2
File 130880717698.png - (276.20KB , 800x600 , 535.png )

"...but you really need your medication right now."
The vein spurts just a bit and she twitches and twists round to grab me by the wrists.
No. 316619 ID: f536f2
File 130880779778.png - (241.93KB , 900x600 , 536.png )

Her nails dig into the leather gauntlets I wear while she makes a kind of indrawn hiss through her teeth at me. I pull her over and hug her tightly, soon her features begin to soften and relax as the drug goes to work.
"He calls with horns, he calls with shells, with chime and clanging of the bells, he calls with whistles from the hells, but if only they would make...would make some sound... or wear a face... where faces should... where faces should... be... found..."
She weakens her grasp and relaxes, she'll a bit sluggish for the next hour or so, but an episode is best avoided.

Likely was the stress.
No. 316625 ID: f536f2
File 130880829573.png - (233.60KB , 780x596 , 537.png )

However, we arrive shortly upon the raggedly clipped lawn of the city's main power generation station. Battered battlements of no less than 4 building styles overlook ill grass and a wall topped in iron spikes.

Were we in a proper city we could merely park the family car in a quiet spot and wait out her spell, or I could send her home with a trusted driver, as it is...

I question both bringing her inside, or leaving her out here. This place, these people are unfamiliar to me, the driver is some cousin of August's but I do not know him, nor do I have any particular obligation to August and his beyond my mistress' wishes.
No. 316626 ID: 35e1a0

would the metal and stuff help her condition? perhaps it will ease the magic on her?
No. 316643 ID: 07416a

Well. That's lovely. Medication to help cure persistent prophecy. I bet the withdrawal causes the symptoms to recur as well.
No. 316711 ID: 00d3d5

Waiting out the spell in the safety of August's room was the smart choice. Second to that is keeping her with you so she's not alone in a weakened state.

So, why do you dislike August so much?
No. 316874 ID: 77db9a

Perhaps there is a way to ensure for your mistress' safety and pursue her wishes at the same time. Ask the driver to assist you in helping Her indoors.

August's local family tend to be chivalrous, so they may not think anything of it.
No. 317168 ID: 7aedd2

Well it really depends how out of it Lucida is. i mean, if she's really in no state to be seeing August for whatever reason she was looking for him, then there's really no point in continuing into where you think he might be until she's recovered. In which case you'd just have the driver take y'all back to wherever you were being hosted and take a nap or something.
No. 317470 ID: d0314f

Tsk, these mortals. Spend so much effort to make one of their own more magically sensitive only to spend more effort to dull those senses.

Does the lady have any memory of her visions? If she is conscious during them, getting some magical training (if she does not already have some) would have a good chance of helping in the long term, if only because most forms of magic involve learning techniques for aiding mental discipline.

And I second the question of whether iron effects her visions. An iron helmet might be worth trying for a short term solution.
No. 317730 ID: 252e1b

What kind of music do you like?
No. 317793 ID: f536f2
File 130906296986.png - (353.14KB , 900x600 , 538.png )

I should have considered that. However, I did not. Pendel Sauterelle agrees to help my Mistress and I inside.
It isn't my nature to question the orders of higher-ups, but I'll admit to seeing an ironic circuitousness in spending generations attempting to increase occult sensitivity, only to find it more trouble that it is worth in most cases.
Among my required skills was a course in compounding and administration of psychoactive pharmaceuticals. Spent 5 months working in an asylum for that, the specific chemical cocktail used to achieve this effect is modified every 3 weeks to prevent natural Verhimen resistances building up. The result is a restful, though dulled, state she has described as "watching one's-self live" leading me to believe that it may merely redirect her prescience to a purely local effect, the perception of which precipitates a self-hypnotic feedback cycle.

A preferable state in most minds to her working herself up into a prophetic frenzy on a semi-regular basis. The toll both physically, socially and spiritually of such endeavors would be unacceptable for a lady of her standing.
No. 317801 ID: f536f2
File 130906373006.png - (353.04KB , 900x600 , 539.png )

I leave Lucidia on the ground floor as I make to climb up to the loft, the throb of the turbines, and the hushed voices of the workers the only sound till I mount the rungs of the ladder. One of the laborers, a male scalebold turns to give a low whistle, which I ignore, before turning back to converse with his compatriots.

She is NOT a fairy, ferrous materials nor electromagnetic flux has any effect on the symptoms or manifestation of her condition.

Choral Chant, Electroswing, and Machine Thump...
No. 317802 ID: f536f2
File 130906388957.png - (316.27KB , 900x600 , 540.png )

Ascending the to the platform I am confronted with a rather... unexpected sight.

I think it's him.
No. 317803 ID: 0d7a83

>Machine Thump

Oh man Machine Thump is just the best. Whats your favourite group?
No. 317805 ID: 35e1a0

he seems... yellow. put us on him.
No. 317806 ID: 1854db

First, investigate his physical state. If medical treatment is necessary having us interface with him could be dangerous. However, I should note that if he seems to be merely asleep but won't wake up then we should *definitely* be in his possession so that we may aid him with our unique perspective.
No. 317808 ID: 00d3d5

Check his vital signs. If they're anything but fine then tell the laborers downstairs that he's fallen ill and you need to get him to a doctor.
If he IS fine, then try to wake him up.
If he won't wake up then hand us to him for two minutes, then take us back.
No. 317864 ID: 7aedd2

Uhhh... maybe we should be looking around for a reason WHY he might be covered in yellow goop?
No. 318205 ID: ebbe6e

Are the lenses of your goggles enchanted with some sort of spell detection? We seem to be seeing some kind of yellow substance draped over August, and it is almost certainly magical because it would have raised alarm were it physical.
No. 318207 ID: 065795

It looks like something blew its nose on him. Something big.
And no longer congested.
No. 318333 ID: 252e1b

The odd appearance may be because we're leeching off of Steelsplinters' mana instead of the mana of someone properly aspected. Not that that's a bad thing, mind, but it does change things.
No. 318437 ID: f536f2
File 130920545754.png - (357.06KB , 900x600 , 541.png )

It has the appearance of honey or sap of some sort, the kobold Wintertongue also has been gummed to the floor. Difficult to tell if merely unconscious, or deceased. Indubitably the site of a minor struggle.

She managed to stagger an iota farther than him.

"Hey down there! Something's wrong! Has anyone been up here? When was the last time som-"
No. 318440 ID: 1854db

What? Gum? Get out of there! This is a combat situation, we need fighters!
No. 318441 ID: f536f2
File 130920602972.png - (493.10KB , 900x600 , 542.png )

A damp, ripping noise across the room, like the prying apart of two pasted sheets, draws our attention. A laborer calls back from the ground floor.
"What! Up dere? Not safe, that's were the strange man's keepen all his things. Only his servant 'nd the prince go up there. Best be down before your disturb somethen."

"Yeah, bit late for that..."
No. 318446 ID: 35e1a0

have any hardening powders? would be best. could also throw us at it and see if we can take control.
No. 318451 ID: 07416a

Close the chest. Then yell down for them to prepare a high-pressure water hose and retreat down the ladder. Drag August with you, if possible.
No. 318458 ID: 1854db

If you will not retreat... there is something green in your pocket that stands out to us.

That little gum demon has a core. I wonder if you can see it with that fancy eyewear you have?

Tell us what useful items you're carrying, and what abilities you have. Some manner of chemical could prove effective against whatever this is, but it's hard to say what it is.
No. 318471 ID: 28e94e

>there is something green in your pocket that stands out to us.
Where? I don't see it.
No. 318501 ID: 252e1b


This stinks of a fey attack. Their target must have been the old man. August and the 'bold were likely disabled to keep them out of the way during the fight.

Let's see. There are many solvents for breaking up sap, but we have to remember we have people in that stuff. Alcohol is probably a safe bet. Wash them with alcohol.
No. 318614 ID: 70a25f

It's pretty tiny, it's in the third whole pocket from the edge of the view.
No. 318711 ID: 252e1b


A fey sap-thing? If it can be talked to and bargained with well and good, but otherwise you'll need to either retreat and get help or utilize fey-fighting techniques. Alcohol may still be the best avenue for breaking that solvent apart, and cold iron is always useful against their ilk.
No. 318807 ID: 7aedd2

That chest looks empty. Maybe you can kick it at the creature while moving to implement some other plan?
No. 318856 ID: 71ed8f

Multitask. Inform the workers and see if it can be talked to (useful for delaying even if it won't be reasonable) by shouting
"Sap Creature! What is your business here?"
No. 319778 ID: f536f2
File 130941134502.gif - (1.09MB , 900x600 , 543.gif )

A fairy, here? The question resonates between the gestalt consciousness nestled in our pocket.

My fingers twitch nervously in my right sleeve for a moment, seeking reassuring chill of burnished carbon steel. Let's test that hypothesis?

In a flickering of movement both blade and a large globule of sap exchange sides. The creature seems unfazed by it's new ornamentation, if it even noticed at all. On the other hand, the situation's getting just a bit sticky on my end. I remember a small vial of ethanol on my belt, very pure.
"Help! Up here! a... something's got me, get a pressure hose!"
As I speak I can feel a numbness creeping up my side, an analgesic?
No. 319779 ID: 07416a

Dearest, in the future, dodge. The most important part of a fight is not being dead.
No. 319783 ID: 00d3d5

This is bad.
Grab August and drag him off the ledge. The fall's not that far, so as long as he doesn't land on his head he'll be find.
No. 319789 ID: 35e1a0

yes, get the ethanol and open it and drip some on the glob that has you stuck.
No. 319790 ID: 1854db

Throw the ethanol. Aim for the dagger you just threw so the vial breaks over the creature.
No. 320018 ID: fb10df

That depends on whether the dagger truly stuck in it or if it passed through to any degree. How close to the 'core' of the creature did you hit?
No. 321449 ID: 271a3e
File 130976402427.png - (196.09KB , 900x630 , 544.png )

I relegate our stupidity in standing so still to the old memory book as with sudden sodden tread the rosin beast charges us, alcohol just managing to dissolve that bonding us to the wall in time.
No. 321455 ID: 271a3e
File 130976447653.png - (305.35KB , 900x630 , 545.png )

Even were I so inclined as to break off a combat for him, I doubt a kobold of girlish figure such as mine could be expected to shift his sticky and insensate form from the ground in any expedient manner, sans aid of a prybar, spatula and turpentine...
No. 321457 ID: 271a3e
File 130976501688.png - (350.50KB , 900x630 , 546.png )

I twirl about to dust the sapthing and environs in clotting powder, rendering it perhaps less sticky for the moment.

Can smell alcohol somewhere up here if I could only gather a moment to sniff it out.
The 'core' of the creature, yes, I can see it. A metallic gleam within the torso, an inflexible spine from which a sickly green light glints reminiscent of the dulled, sinister eyes of a sharkman behind glass.
No. 321459 ID: 07416a

If you must, it looks like your best bet may be kicking the knife upwards to smack it into the spike.
No. 321468 ID: ce98ff

Ohhhhh... The core of that creature looks suspiciously like the unidentified wand that Master August recently found in Sirius's study. Perhaps the wand had a trap on it, or perhaps a spell went awry.

As you were running over here, did you identify the container on the ground to your right? It looks like it could contain the alcohol you smelled.

(As a side note, the fact that your world has Sharkmen is awesome)
No. 321490 ID: 252e1b


We can interact with other magic objects to some degree. While I am loathe to suggest it I would be derelict in my duty to August, and to you as bearer of us for the moment, to not mention a possible desperation move. Should you be unable to find another solution, you may wish to try pressing our orb against the wand in the middle of the sap-thing. Maintain a hold of us as you do so, we have very limited reserves of mana to operate on, and there's no telling if we could attune to the wand before out reserve ran out and we went insensate.

Once we have contact, we would attempt to take control of the wand and turn it off. Hopefully we could do so before anyone suffocated to death.
No. 321508 ID: 0d7a83

uh im really not sure it would be a good idea for her to keep hold of us that close to the creature. It would almost definitely lead to her being stuck to it along with us. If there is no other way to deal with it then you should throw us at its core where we might be able to disable it, or at least slow it down.
No. 321526 ID: 35e1a0

we could also try spell reproduction, we were directly connected to the ice crystal once, we may be able to cast it again. just point us at it.
[cast ice shot]
No. 321546 ID: 1e9d01

Alcohol? Well, to our eyes there were a series of jars on a shelf with a suspicious color to them. Like the greenish color I noticed in your belt. So that's probably where it is.
No. 321596 ID: 7aedd2

Alcohol seems our best bet if it makes the thing's material slog off. However, the plan to have us interface with the wand has its own merits. We shouldn't imagine the creature to be too terribly lethal, as we're operating on the assumption that August is still alive, and since he's been missing for days it's only to be assumed that the creature's gooey messes aren't lethal, which means that even if Takkaya here gets gooped while attempting to touch the orb to the wand it wouldn't spell the end for her. Of course, that's a lot of assumptions...
No. 322268 ID: 271a3e
File 130993061389.png - (417.52KB , 900x630 , 547.png )

The clotting powder has changed it's surface consistency, rendering it less fluid and slow.

Too slow to catch me, still fast enough to catch the Verhimen worker on the ladder, lashing out with it's pseudopodial 'arm'.

"Fuken I'n mah EYE!"
No. 322275 ID: 271a3e
File 130993133041.png - (145.21KB , 379x630 , 548.png )

The rosin beast disgorges yet more of it's heavy, soporific load into the face of the laborer who struggle to make an impact on the substance of it's body, tearing away chunks of it with the aid of my knife, and even his teeth. Yet still more fresh fluid wells up from it core replenishing it being in a patchwork accumulation of undulating blebs.
No. 322279 ID: 271a3e
File 130993195721.png - (243.23KB , 900x630 , 549.png )

If I must strike, I must strike decisively and finally, though of bold blood even I can not be immune to it's numbing grasp. The core, I must strike out the pulsing heart of it's being.

"Single Highland Malt... Cask Strength."
No. 322282 ID: 271a3e
File 130993243937.png - (273.39KB , 900x630 , 550.png )

No. 322287 ID: 271a3e
File 130993294718.png - (178.69KB , 635x630 , 551.png )

Through the encroaching desensitization running up my limbs I still feel the sense of heady satisfaction in a good kill as I withdraw the bottle with a slurping pop, it's contents now chugging into and over the struggling incohesive form...
No. 322293 ID: 07416a

Done good, girl. Wonder what the slime dude tastes like...
No. 322294 ID: 1854db

Get away from the ladder. You don't want to fall over the edge!
No. 322305 ID: 7aedd2

Before you fall unconscious, make sure to call out to make sure someone takes the four of you (August, Wintertongue, yourself, and the verhimen worker) to someplace safe to recover. Tell them you've neutralized the threat. And pocket the wand if you still have control over your arms.
No. 323933 ID: 271a3e
File 131018496798.png - (447.50KB , 900x630 , 552.png )

"This... is yours..."
"Ahuh.. Thhrankgru... I breen tankre"
"No, no, don't bother. I'm sure we'll have to be seeing plenty more of each other... later."
No. 323936 ID: 271a3e
File 131018528585.png - (388.19KB , 900x630 , 553.png )

"Ahuh... kay..."
The goop stained kobold leaves the room and I try to focus my senses... those of them functioning anyhow, on the orb.

"Bello.. do. vbratss bren... I brammut."
Well, then. Formalities aside perhaps I should opt for the less, verbal communications for a bit hmm?

Well, then. What have I missed, or more specifically, what have you gentlemen been up to?
No. 323941 ID: 75ce8a

Nothing much. Just saving your ass, in more than one sense. Y'know, the usual.
No. 323942 ID: 453e62

no clue, we don't see ANYTHING unless someone is touching us. can give you what happened right before you got you. lucidia came over and apparently when she touched us her magic was so powerful that it overloaded us and made a projection of you that started hitting on her. after it faded she gave us to steelsplinters and we talked about where you could be and so decided to come here. on the way lucidia had a vision of some sort and had to be given some kind of medicine to stop it. which we remarked was ironic as they bred her for magic power then used drugs to surpress it next we entered the study and fought the slime creature. melting it with high proof alcohol.

also, don't try any more magic experiments without us. practicing what you already know is fine, but trying something new is a nono.
No. 323943 ID: 3416ec

What does that sign say behind you?
No. 323945 ID: 07416a

Lucidia knows what you've been up to because some people can't keep their mouths shut, her powers and problems as an oracle are much more serious than have been advertised, coupled with a probably drug dependency to dampen them. Steelsplinters is educated and rather badass.
No. 323958 ID: 00d3d5

Lucidia wants you to seduce her, and needs you to explain about your encounter with a certain lowland princess.
No. 323991 ID: 7aedd2

Seriously? You're asking about us? What happened to YOU?! One moment you're going to go take a shower and the next moment we're hunting you down only to find you covered in some dude's sticky goo! Explain yourself young man!
No. 324006 ID: 252e1b


Lucida's got an altered mana state of some sort; it was difficult to establish an initial connection to her, and she was quite capable of projecting imagined images to us. Probably a side-effect of her having to train her visualization ability to make any sense at all of her prophecy gift.

Steelsplinters is indeed an awesome 'bold. With a lady in waiting like that, Lucida is in great hands.

It turns out we leech a very small amount of mana from whoever's holding us, and that our own reserves are minute. If you could figure out a way to infuse us with more mana, we could probably stay awake longer unattended. For whatever that would be worth.
No. 324020 ID: 1854db

...argh, there we go blabbing on about every little thing that our holder might possibly want to know.

Hi. You should probably know we are shit at keeping secrets. Try not to leave us lying around.
No. 324064 ID: 830984

So was that creature a trap laid on the wand, or was it a summon that got out of control?
No. 324329 ID: 28e94e

You sure that guy's a real kobold? The face, the stature and the presence of a rat-tail make me think that he's at least half verhimen.
No. 324367 ID: 40cb26

Ratbolds are an established thing already. How and why and the question of crossbreeding is another matter that is hard to ask and harder to answer. I will say though that bolds mind was sharper than most anyone of any race. Even if it was a bit awkward with the internal 3rd person perspective but even that was impressive in its own way.
No. 325303 ID: 271a3e
File 131047246209.png - (493.02KB , 900x630 , 554.png )

Oh that? Just some kind of inspection certificate or something.

See, it started with me testing out the wand, I think about... three days ago, I was trying to get it to do, something, anything, and it started to make this weird hum and a thin sheen of something started to coalesce.

Then a hell of a racket started from the trunk, so I went to check it, Trechrejra may have tired to interfere, but I was worried it might be something dangerous (and to be completely honest, just a bit curious.)

Next thing I know, most of my face is numb and I've bitten off more than I can chew, in more that the figurative sense! I lay there for what what seemed ages, drifting in and out of consciousness.
No. 325306 ID: 00d3d5

Ah, ok.
Since you never picked us back up after the shower on your return trip we can't tell you how many days you were lying there.

If you're feeling well again, then go visit Lucidia. You need to make sure she is well, and you need to smooth things over with her.
It would also help to convince her handmaiden that you are worthy of Lucidia, as Lucidia values her opinion.
No. 325307 ID: 271a3e
File 131047333763.png - (545.09KB , 900x630 , 555.png )

"Prince August de Sauterelle, your father sent me to collect you."
"Would you like any h-"
"Nuhuhh kaay gtit surfll"

...and when I wake up I'm in a hot shower being scrubbed down by frantic workers with wire-brushes. Who then stuff me in a waiting room and just kind of... hover outside. Like I'm catching or something.
"Vold er At!"
"Mkay mkay!"
You've told her what? Why would... WHY? How much? Saints! If it isn't enough for me to be afraid she can read my mind, you just go and just tell her whatever I'm doing! You, you didn't tell her I can actually use magic did you? Only my parents know that and we've just been telling her family I've been 'studying' magic, not that I can actually pull off anything useful.
No. 325311 ID: 00d3d5

I'm pretty sure she can't read minds. If she could then she wouldn't have her handmaiden spying for her.
After seeing her handmaiden in action, it's very clear that you don't give kobolds nearly enough credit.
No. 325342 ID: 0d7a83

I don't think we told her you can do magic, although she did say "We should also inform the family he has been successfully experimenting with 'applied' objects, they will be pleased by such news". I assume 'applied objects' means us, but does that mean they know about your abilities?
No. 325356 ID: 453e62

yeah you got totally trustworthy, and not trustworthy at all, voices in here at the same time. it's impossible to get the non-trustworthy sorts quiet. especially when around a female. but i am fairly certain that if you ask her kindly she would keep quiet about it.
No. 325389 ID: 07416a

I don't know, some of these voices are retarded.
No. 325452 ID: 252e1b


Most of these voices are retarded, especially the one that demanded she get naked and ready on the bed for you when she first picked us up.

We love them anyway, even the least capable of our brother-voices need lots of love and hugs.
No. 325557 ID: 7aedd2

careful, this guy's hand is hovering dangerously close to the knife you can't see from your position
No. 326227 ID: 271a3e
File 131063003438.png - (117.41KB , 437x563 , 556.png )

>pretty sure she can't read minds...
>wouldn't have her handmaiden spying for her.
>seeing her handmaiden in action

Oh, well now that is simply the most comforting thing I've heard all day.

Take in mind that I've spent most of the week listening to the saliva gurgle in my throat.
>some of these voices are retarded.
>and not trustworthy at all
>especially when around a female.
Fantabulous... a whole new meaning to 'thinking with one's balls.
I recognize him, he is a house guard, still, I opt to stagger along on the other side of him to the cart waiting outside. It both aches and somehow satisfies, an urge to move, to 'feel' anything.
No. 326228 ID: 271a3e
File 131063017666.png - (45.26KB , 900x630 , 567.png )

Ooh it's an 'armored cart', I haven't ridden one of these in years.

I wonder if it has those carbines under the-
No. 326231 ID: 271a3e
File 131063096699.png - (153.65KB , 900x630 , 568.png )

"Oh, afternoon, my boy, fancy meeting you here."
"AAAAHUawoaha! ahah hah erhm erh. Oh. Hai."
"Ohhoho no, don't mind me, still, you seem to be getting into more than the usual 'sticky' situations around here lately don't we? Anyhow, I suppose as long as we are both here, perhaps we can clear up a few things I've been wondering?"

Saints! it's Inquisitor Feuéchelle. What have I done to deserve this kind of company?
No. 326232 ID: 00d3d5

Fighting a possible fae creature in the middle of a city would do tend to do that.
Or you could, you know, ask him.
No. 326233 ID: 830984

I forget; would our (as a semi-autonomous magical item) existence be considered any sort of heresy to be purged?
No. 326235 ID: 7aedd2

Except that it's apparently not a fae creature and August kind of went down without a fight. Still, August's certainly guilty of meddling with magic and endangering the lives of others...
No. 326236 ID: 252e1b


Heh, maybe someone pieced together that you knew the jewel thief.
No. 326268 ID: 28e94e

Do not say anything. Keep your composure. Politely ask why he's here. If he's not here for you specifically, just keep going; if he does want to talk to you specifically, then see if you can't figure out what the charges are. We'll deal with it from there.
No. 326749 ID: 67ec6e
File 131079342537.png - (204.39KB , 900x630 , 569.png )

Okay, Okay, relax, it's probably... something incredibly obvious.

"Ah ell den, had exactly are ee going e awlking out?"
"Pardon me?"
"by unge, by unge is ill gung"
"... I see."

He continues to puff at his pipe, visibly unamused at this statement, The sweet scent of cicely filling the room as he seems to chose his next comment with care.
No. 326759 ID: 67ec6e
File 131079469595.png - (208.49KB , 900x630 , 570.png )

"I've just been thinking about things lately August... about you in particular. Perhaps I think we should come to some kind of... closer understanding. I've been doing some research, looking through my notes and references, to ultimately recall that faries are as a rule, not talented at dream magic at all. The state of sleep being something they cannot experience regularly and only dream in partiality. Something about low or discordant energy states I believe..."

"Ahhh ahuh?"

"A curious thing then, that we found traces of such spellwork in their room, granted they had a goblin with them so that could have been excused. Yet stranger still, your claim that one tried to attack you, an event no-one witnessed. Though you were seen 'acting strangely' in a sort of daze at some point that night.

I've therefore come to the conclusion that you did not fight, whatever it was you fought in the 'world as we see it' but in a dreamstate parallel to ours.

Which raises an important question, I know well you study magical theory, and yet I have to wonder, why WOULD a fairy show such interest in you in particular? Who really initiated that conflict?"
No. 326766 ID: 35e1a0

oh THAT incident. they wanted information from you about your teacher. seems that him practicing magic has caught their attention. and what better way of getting it then a way that cannot be proven they can do?
No. 326772 ID: 7aedd2

Well aside from the obvious answer being your relation to your master, why is it that the inquisitor here is failing to ask the obvious question of "Was that really a fairy/fae if it was using dream magic?" Unless he's accusing YOU of somehow drawing him into a dream state and attacking him. How would you even do that, if the fae don't really dream normally?
No. 326795 ID: 40cb26

Eh, I know your he wouldn't approve of blabbing anything here but honesty is really the least complicated thing. He already knows you were studying magic so he probably knows with who. They were after your teacher for a reason you don't know, and he took off and you have no clue where he is now. The only way you instigated anything was by not telling them what they wanted.
No. 326805 ID: 252e1b


Yeah, as soon as your teacher heard that the fae were guesting at your parent's home, he took off. Since you don't know where he went, you couldn't tell the fae who invaded your sleep that night. Since he was insistent on the matter, you had to fight him, and that was that.

You've had nothing to do with them since.
No. 326833 ID: 28e94e

This seems to be the safest option.
No. 327132 ID: 830984

It might be relevant that when talking with the elves immediately before the attack, you joined them at that pipe device, which might have had drugs to aid the attack.

You should tell him that whatever it was that assaulted you, it was clearly at home in the dream, confidently approaching you and asking "This your first time in the realms?".

Technically you threw a statue at it before it physically attacked, but by that point it had made its intent clear by advancing towards you brandishing a bloody knife and talking about how things were going to get 'messy'.
No. 327760 ID: 00f7d9
File 131103358468.png - (366.31KB , 900x630 , 571.png )

"Not my fault, they were looking for him, my master."

"You can't just act like what you do doesn't reflect on the rest of the community. You are a prince, your very existanc-

"My master, they were looking for him. Not me!"

"And where is your master, the human, Sirus?


"You don't actually know, do you? Is he coming back? Does he even have anything to return to? Or will he?"

"He will return, he said he would."

"Even if he 'wanted’ to, are you sure he even can,?"

"These questions aren't any of your bui-"

"Questions, are ALWAYS my business! What will become of you if should he not return? Who has any use for some half-baked scribe out here? You don't think bleating 'master master' like some lost goat will satisfy them if ‘they’ come asking more questions?"

"Then I'd grant them the answer any of us would deal their kind, cold steel and hot blood."


"Will steel and blood save you again should someone worm their way back into your sieved mind? How would your brothers react to you going mad? If I remember your family has a poor history of-"

"Don't you dare suggest they would... they wouldn't... I'm too..."

"It wouldn't hurt if you didn't think it weren't true."


"Then, again, I hear the mainland family has some close connections with an asylum. I'm sure they could find a 'place' for you."

"The hell do you want from me you bootleather botheration?"

"I'll ignore your snide remark as my words having bite, I want you to consider who you are going to turn to, to co-operate with... but if you truly feel things will all go according to plan, well, that's your business. Just remember that if you call down hell on us through arrogant carelessness, I'll be nailing your pelt to a board, because then? It's my business."
No. 327761 ID: 252e1b


Calm down August, compose yourself. This vehriman may be harsh, but no one wants another war right? You're not yet 30, and because you've been keeping your abilities under your hat, so to speak, he just thinks you've been wasting your parents money on a useless education from a human that just became more trouble to your kind than he was worth. But, if you can get him to think of you as more than a spoiled kid, you'll have a well connected ally who may be able to point you in the right direction for finding your master and resolving this before things become insurmountably difficult to solve with words alone.

So, buck up, apologize for your comments, and then tell him that you've been going through your master's things looking for some clue as to where the old man went. The trail is over a week cold, and the man was a capable wizard besides. Finding him through normal gunshoe work is probably going to be a waste of time because he can modify his appearance at will, so you were looking for documents that would indicate friends or family somewhere.

At least then you won't appear to be totally irresponsible to this inquisitor.
No. 327843 ID: 104c67

I'm not exactly sure what he's getting on about, other than your general need to be responsible when it comes to magical things with somewhat unpredictable outcomes. However, when he says "who to turn to, cooperate with," he may be offering his services. Or something. I can't remember what kind of organization this guy works for and what kind of things he could do for you. Plus I'm sure he'd want you to scratch his back before he scratches his. Or would it be "you rub my nose I'll rub yours"?
No. 327844 ID: 40cb26

"I'm not quite as foolish or selfish as you make me out to be. I'm doing the best I can here. If I learn of something you should know of then you'll know it."

Then ask him if he has anything else he should tell you. Maybe some kind of defense against fey shenanigans?
No. 328753 ID: 00f7d9
File 131121473128.png - (303.29KB , 900x630 , 572.png )

"Fine, was that some kind of, offer of assistance?"
"That depends entirely upon you."
"I'll assure you, I'm not as foolish as you seem determined to make me out as."
"If I thought you were completely useless, would I have made the offer?"
"I still don't know wha-"

The cart creaks to a halt and the door swings open.

"Seek me out later, if you 'are' at all interested. I may have a task for someone of your... understanding. You certainly seem like you could use guidance."
No. 328761 ID: 00f7d9
File 131121599548.png - (373.72KB , 900x630 , 573.png )

I exit the cart after him only to be pulled down into the anxious arms of my mother.

"August, August my baby are you okay? When I heard, heard you'd beenattacked, oohhhh no-onehasseenyoufordaysdon'tdothattomeIcan'treplaceyouandIcan'ttakethethou-
"Mother, please, I'm alright I'm not even bruised, not a scratch on me. I'm fine, really..."
"They said some monster attacked the power plant and-
"It wasn't that serious, just a very small monster, really. Nothing to be worried about. It just, took me by surprise."
"August you shouldn't play with such dangerous things, why didn't Sirius tell us anything. Is he okay?"

Terterus' voice, low, but commanding reverberates from behind her.
"Mother, I believe that's enough for now. August, come. Father is waiting for us in Communications."
"Erhm, Hello Terterus, Yes I suppose we really shou-."
"You missed my first litter."
No. 328768 ID: b6ca92

>"You missed my first litter."

Huh. I suppose this happened during your period of unconsciousness. Did you know they were coming before hand?

You know, ever since you woke up you seem to have lost all sense of self-composure. You are being tactless and quick to blame and offer excuses.
IS this because you are simply not a 'morning person' in the least, or do you think that sticky-monster has had some lasting effect on your brain? You were covered in its ooze more than long enough to be heavily drugged, even if only by dermal absorption.
No. 328851 ID: 40cb26

From now on you never experiment alone or without letting someone know where are are and what you're doing. And sure as hell not without us. Assure your mother of this. Doing so wouldn't have stopped the problem, but it also wouldn't have let it go on for so long.

Also, I would take our inquisitor friend up on his offer. He does certainly know useful things you don't and it's not like Sirius is here to teach you anything.
No. 329149 ID: 7aedd2

Gently disengage yourself with your mother, promising to talk to her later, then accompany your brother. Make smalltalk and show interest in his children and wife. We'll have to make a note to take a special trip and go see them to croon appropriately. Then it's off to father we go. Ah, family politics~
No. 330088 ID: 6f0255
File 131144360137.png - (277.18KB , 585x587 , 574.png )

>some lasting effect on your brain?
Perhaps it was the Inquisitor's oh so subtle suggestion that if I 'went mad' big brother Terterus here would throttle me to death in the bath as he has a history of doing? Or maybe I 'am' just in a mood, being covered in saints know what kind of chemical filth?

"I'm sorry I missed it."
"Yes, well, you were apparently busy not being dead. So, that's excusable. Speaking of which, you smell like a sawmill and a surgery gave birth to some new spectrum of odor and, you look a bit cold if you don't mind me saying."
"I'd imagine you'd have more to say on such with the skirt."
"You should try it, quite comfortable, and some of the ladies quite like a man in one. What say you Emethy?"

Emethy the doorguard shifts nervously from foot to foot, taking a moment to pull her veloppertet lower over her ruined eye before giving her kind of sideways answer.
"Ahehah haha, erm, perhaps I should c-con concentrate more on, power... on p-powerering down the watergate."

Poor women, now there's someone who makes one's day feel a bit better, if only by seeing one worse. Decorated veteran, took some kind of magical arrow through the eye defending farmland we ended up ceding anyhow. Talk about a 'lasting effect on the brain.'
No. 330091 ID: 6f0255
File 131144457356.png - (438.40KB , 900x630 , 575.png )

We eventually make our way into the secured center of the fortress, and the communications room itself. Thankfully warmer in here from the many bodies and the low thrum of the machines.

"Ahh my sons, it is good to see you've returned. Good to see you safe."
"I, seem to have missed quite a lot."
"Yessss, well, I've been meaning to talk to you about a certain trip you took a bit ago, however bit amid the commotion of the week the first time we noticed you were actually-"
"...Ah yes, the matter more at hand, since you were gone most of the expectant mothers in our fair city have come to term, not the least among them, your brother's blushing bride. As is usual in such a situations certain documents were written up, deals made, ect, ect... legalistic hoohey and such... but the important bit is, you brothers have already signed in and sworn allegiance, fealty, and the utmost familial support of Tertarus and his line in their claim to the throne of Merboiullant. You however, were missing, now then, what do you think we are to do of that?"
No. 330104 ID: 40cb26

Umm... I'm assuming more than signing the papers after the fact is needed here? Say and do whatever it takes to make up for it.

And an effect on the spirit too, I imagine. Poor thing... I can only assume everything that could have been done for her has? Including magical? Was there anything about the magic of the arrow that makes it worse beyond the initial wound?
No. 330114 ID: 00d3d5

Say "Give me a parade and a pony." sardonicly.
No. 330126 ID: 7aedd2

What exactly does swearing fealty and all that entail? I mean will you have to work in the city for the rest of your life doing things that'll benefit them, or will you still be free to do whatever so long as it doesn't in any way harm them?
No. 330192 ID: c2d9fb

All those births within such a short period of time? Was there an orgy or something a few months back, or are the ladies 'in synch' with one another.

They more than likely want some sort of grand gesture, recognizable in public. Something that won't let the gossip pools of the kingdom bubble with rumors that you don't approve, or worse.
No. 330200 ID: 252e1b


They have mating periods dude, the litters are all going to be birthed at around the same time.
No. 330710 ID: 07416a

Cede your claim. There is no reason to do otherwise. We have ambitions, of course, but I very much doubt you want to start your rise with fratricide, so ruling Merboiullant straight out is out of the question.

Go to one knee and formally pledge allegiance in a suitably dramatic way. Then request that a small ceremony be set up so that you can do so more publicly and presentably.
No. 331010 ID: b6ca92

This.The Vehrimen have brief, intense mating periods , which pretty much means that most children are concieved and thusly produced into the world at about the same time.

Say, August, is there a cultural festival regarding such an event of massive procreation?
No. 332253 ID: 00f7d9
File 131175187422.png - (367.09KB , 900x702 , 576.png )

So, it’s happened, he’s finally been declared the chosen heir. I knew it would come. I never really cared much for the idea of just… accepting the throne.

I know what I must do, what is expected of me, yet it somehow feels strange, to swear my loyalty so, as subordinate to my brother, and to his family, to now be the Noble Uncle of the next line of princes and princesses… of the house de Sauterelle.
“…Yes, yes I understand.”
I feel my knee touch the hard tile floor, and tightness in my throat I have to swallow away.
“Terterus, Primerus de Sauterelle, à partir de Merboiullant, I, August de Sauterelle, Secundus de Sauterelle, à partir de Merboiullant… do now acknowledge you, acknowledge you as my rightful and future lord, and your seed yet still as the rightful line of the kingdom of Merboiullant and her people. For so long as I shall be counted among them, may my struggles honor and protect them.”

“August de Sauterelle, my brother, I do accept your pledge of loyalty to me and mine. May Heaven and all the Saints grant me the wisdom required to rule, and to protect you with dignity, strength, and honor.

Therefor as my first edict to you, I hereby banish you from my presence for all perpetuity…“

No. 332256 ID: 00f7d9
File 131175222872.png - (466.68KB , 900x702 , 577.png )

“…or until you get a proper trim. Really you have a fairly impressive mane going on there, if you are going to keep it you should at least get all that… gum stuff out of it.”

”Wait-wha? Oh… I… yes, I suppose I haven’t done much about myself for a few weeks. I’ve been a bit distracted.

“Oh, well, that was quite nice, I just expected a some paper signing and such. Much more interesting.”

”Yes, that, that was very good. I think we still have some papers you should still put your name to over here, but all in all I do believe that answers any questions as to where your feelings lie.”
No. 332257 ID: 00f7d9
File 131175298215.png - (284.53KB , 900x630 , 578.png )

Erhm, yes... something like that. 'Autumn's Fire' we call it, when it exactly occurs depends a bit year to year and even from colony to colony I think.

Regardless, it's an emotional time to say the least, there's power in the air. A kind of intensity. Parties are common throughout the week, and it's the sort of time when one should always knock before entering a room.

One 'could' say the effect seems strongest in the women, but duels are quite common around this time between men, and while not 'necessarily' lethal can be fairly dangerous locally due to the large number of mercenaries we have here on the frontier.

All in all with the noise and the crowds , the duels and such and the emotional intensity I personally tend to avoid going out so much during that week. I... had a pretty bad experience a few years back.
No. 332258 ID: 00f7d9
File 131175360707.gif - (372.98KB , 900x630 , 579.gif )

A few minutes later having completed my official duties my father ushers me into his study before I can go clean myself up.
"That was a good piece you said there. I do believe it put your brother at ease, he was a bit worried when you seemed to have disappeared."
"Ahh, thankyou. I try"
"Would you believe, I'd heard some very interesting local news in the past week too? Apparently Larcen de Scarlette was noted to have visited our neighbor, the Lady Sperenze and after enjoying her hospitality, made of with some fine treasures of hers, though though some say, not without having returned his own manner of payment."
"Ohoh oh... really?"
"Well, I just thought it was interesting I used to run into him once or twice you know... oh, by the way, where was it you borrowed Laconia's pony to go?"

My father shoots this kind of sly look at me from across the room.
No. 332260 ID: 00d3d5

Well, with that resolved your course of action is clear:
Clean yourself up, then woo Lucidia.
No. 332267 ID: 252e1b


Well it's a fine story for the most part. Why not tell a censored version of it? Leave out most of the magic, Larcen de Scarlette's identity, and the part about the kobold and it'd still be a fun tale.

"It all started when we went to pick up an artifact that fell a little off-course..."
No. 332269 ID: 07416a

Well, you met Larcen de Scarlette for one.
No. 332985 ID: 7aedd2

Not bad, not bad at all. We'll have to make a note to go check up on our adorable little lordlings and ladylings when we have the time. It'd be good to know their names, assuming you name them at birth. Terterus has an interesting sense of humor, but it's good to note that he's not an incredibly distant older brother who believes he needs to always be a role model, he still cares enough about you to joke even in a serious setting. How the heck is he so big, though? He easily outstrips his father in height and your mother's even smaller. What did they feed him, kobolds?
Do the kobolds and their variants celebrate the holiday as well, or do they have a different uh... manner of... you know what i'm going to drop this line of thought.
I'm not really sure how your father perceives the political rivalry between yourselves and the Sperenze family. He might approve your making trouble with them, he might not. In all likelihood the Larcen de Scarlette your father met was your friend's predecessor so it probably wouldn't be best to tell daddy about him, lest he think we're lying or we jeopardize our sneaky friend's identity. Whether you choose to say anything at all about your endeavors down in Sperenze land and how you handle it (perhaps merely a quest to defend the family honor by getting your mask back right under their noses?) is up to you, but most certainly leave out the magic, and if you want to avoid everything entirely, you can always claim you were out doing something for Master Sirius, or even out LOOKING for him, which also might explain why you were fiddling with his magical things earlier.
No. 334091 ID: 00f7d9
File 131201226075.png - (303.80KB , 900x630 , 580.png )

"Well, you see, it began with something of a covert little trip to look for a certain item my master wanted..."
I elect to tell the story from the beginning, neglecting certain aspects. Your exact 'power' for instance, the identity of Larcen, the 'kobold situation' the whole incident of accidentally infiltrating a Sect Shrine of Mari.
"Wait so, you ended up 'playing guest' in disguise to one of a Sperenze princess, a priestess no less, and ended up 'not' testing the bedding with her?"
"It, was strange... well, she smelled a bit fertile. I thought it best not to risk anything."
"Now? weird... good enough reasoning I suppose. I mean, you lot are a bit lucky none of my conquests a roving ever sent anything to chase me home an bite me on the tail after I hitched your mother.

Still weird about that Larcen thing, suppose he might be immortal, really thought I'd dropped a big enough bridge on him last we met. Still, might want to keep a spare eye on the womenfolk with him lurking about ehh?"

No. 334096 ID: 00f7d9
File 131201310519.png - (190.29KB , 900x630 , 581.png )

I'm sorry to say that, I don't honestly know, it was years ago and I was actually away, hadn't even begun to study any real magic. The arrow was from the faries so, who really knows what it did aside from blow halfway through her skull.

As for magic to heal her, 'I' am an oddity among my kind, briefly able (with some effort) to lower the... armor, the resistance between me and the exterior world, which allows me to interact with magic in ways most of us cannot.

Just as this property protects us from the deleterious effects of sorcery... it also hinders any attempt to aid us by like means. We are, insulated as it were. Perhaps if one were powerful or persistent enough, or could lower her natural resistance somehow, then... albeit perhaps the whole point is moot regardless as the most effect 'healers' I know of, are the ones responsible for the deed in the first place.
No. 334103 ID: 00f7d9
File 131201412336.png - (333.44KB , 900x630 , 582.png )

"Wait, are you implying that you... killed Larcen de Scarlette?"
"Well, apparently I didn't do a very thorough job, now did I?"
"Old news, or as I said then 'it's all just... water under the bridge... water under the bridge.'
He swishes his wine pensively a bit in his glass, before taking a drink and savoring the flavor thoughtfully.
"Still, I am glad you seem to be enjoying some excitement, though, I wonder what you will do with yourself now that Master Sirus has disappeared?

I can't have you getting into too much trouble now can I? Well, not without some profit to it anyhow. Speaking of which, how have you found entertaining our guest,the Lady Lucidia? She's to be headed home in a week, and I was rather hoping you two could have, spent some more time together. Gained a better feel for her..."

"I know your ideas on the matter."
"Ideas, me? Please, my boy. It was merely after your mother commented that she thought you seemed a bit, in need of a woman to give you some direction, some inspiration... well... I do have 'some' connections with the man line back in the homelands. I merely wish to gauge 'your' reactions."
No. 334134 ID: 07416a

god I had a whole long thing written up and I accidentally closed the tab. I only remembered the first bit.

Lucidia is smarter, more competent, and more powerful than you thought. On the other hand, she's much more unstable. She requires tranquilizers to avoid attacks of prophecy. She had one today. It may be best to avoid her, in fact, given the instability in your your own blood... You'll either end up with the mages your line has been aiming for or madmen. Possibly both.

The text of the prophecy is as follows:

This is in reference to you, clearly.

"No. Resting. Yet wrested unrest, resisting not rest. Rosin unresisting."

We missed a bit but she was ranting when we came back. Possibly unrelated.

"-could but crush in chance what was moulded in play, the mad-eyed stars blew earth's dust 'way. Will they go or will they stay, fight the metal or fight the fae-"

Here her servant tranquilized her.

"He calls with horns, he calls with shells, with chime and clanging of the bells, he calls with whistles from the hells, but if only they would make...would make some sound... or wear a face... where faces should... where faces should... be... found..."
No. 334188 ID: eba49f

You might want to tell him that Larcen seems to be s title rather than an individual.
No. 334411 ID: 7aedd2

Well despite there being some mutual attraction between Lucida and you, there's also some admitted awkwardness. I mean you secretly practice a pretty much unheard-of trade for your species and she's basically an albino 'sensitive' who is prone to psychic 'episodes'... what >>334134 says about the concerns of bloodline are also quite accurate. Plus, I mean, there's the matter of you growing up knowing each other (while she was your babysitter in a position of authority over you) as well as being tangentially related. Not to mention the emphasis on her albinism and health issues... Basically, what does it matter, though? Do you really need the political marriage that much? Aren't the two sides of the family pretty well connected as is? I mean, you've hosted her for quite some time, and I'm sure they host some of your family from time to time. Keep that up and there shouldn't be much need for such marriages.

It's interesting that your father had his own (mis)adventures with Larcen de Scarlette, but we really shouldn't tell anything about our experiences with him. He's our friend, or at least, potentially. And quite a valuable potential ally.
No. 334426 ID: eba49f

I figured that he might like 'Larcen' more if he knew that it is a different Larcen than the one he crushed to death.
No. 335137 ID: 00f7d9
File 131224132046.png - (376.76KB , 900x630 , 583.png )

"Well, it's complicated."
"As all women should be, but please, do continue."
"We already have a connection, but it was as something completely different, as caretaker and child... there's some awkwardness there, an inequality."
"Yes, yes, one cannot allow a woman too much to tame you. Else then who will she turn to for strength, for her fire?"
"Even beyond that, there's something else to worry about between us."
No. 335156 ID: 00f7d9
File 131224307343.png - (111.15KB , 504x720 , 584.png )

"The matter of our mutual 'gift.'"
"Really, I would imagine that-"
"Yes, makes it a bit of a question of Heaven or Hell, on one hand, we might be the only of our kind, the only to truly 'understand' this aspect of us.

We could amplify one another and our children would finally herald in the culmination of the 'family project' make it all worth it... somehow."

"...and on the other hand?"
"There is a looming possibility, that she or I could be driven utterly mad. That we could be declared heretics or traitors, that we could very well become so... that even our children, would be the vile stuff of nightmares... resigned to live in basements or locked in towers, assuming they were not monsters so great as to warrant utter destruction."

My father is quiet at this for a long time.
"...and the basis of these fears. It is sound, and rational?"
"She already needs regular medication, to control 'attacks' of prophetic ranting.
"A bit like those 'fits' you would have when younger?"

"I'm not saying that I won't consider the idea... but I want time, time to consider all of the options. I'm still young, you should understand, you weren't married until forty."
No. 335158 ID: 1854db

Oh, you had fits too? What were they like?

How about you just spend more time and evaluate how you two work together a little better? You have essentially said that you haven't decided yet if it's a good idea. Let's gather more information.
No. 335161 ID: 00f7d9
File 131224365297.png - (380.60KB , 900x630 , 585.png )

My father sighs and passes his now empty glass to his servant.
"I see, yes suppose it had to go somewhere..."
"That restlessness, I'd assumed it had passed your generation over, well aside perhaps from Milli. Would you believe she hid a toad in the ladies bath? Huge thing apparently... sent your sister in law into labor actually when it jumped out from under her. If she'd lost any of them I'd have had as many of her fingers cut....

I'm getting beside the point... distracted... old tired and drunk."

"No no, don't worry about me, I just, actually, come over here. I have some things that need doing, before I forget. A useful channel for that... no wonder it's surfacing, you cooped up reading books and maps all the time. Yes, I can put that to use."
No. 335172 ID: 00f7d9
File 131224541110.png - (719.11KB , 930x663 , 586.png )

He pull out a map and begins to trace his fingers across dry and curling parchment with a slow smile, like hands over an old lover. He has collected a lot of maps, made several himself too I think, considers painting them 'his art.'

"I have some task I require doing by someone I trust. One, is a large painting, sent to the mother's family, to commemorate her first litter. Primarily diplomatic, it would please both your brother and his wife to hear of your involvement in this.

The Second, I need someone to journey to the 'Peak of Dispute' and settle a matter with a certain 'Eschrie du Moulont' a common rake of a man who stole an expensive and critical part of our comm array, after I'd agreed to let him repair it. I would send someone to merely kill him, but I want him back alive to pay for his crimes properly, and if possible the piece he stole as well don't be afraid to get a bit... rough with him, as I hear he was the type to treat the women of our town cruelly. Make sure his hands are okay though, he'll need those.

The last, and surely most fraught with hazard is the delivery of a suit of armor to the goblin machinist Dekernika. Do not stay long there, he may not appreciate the 'gift'."

"He would be to the south of us somewhere, correct?
Am I expected to to complete this all?"

"No, only whichever you so chose, but regardless, I will be sending your little brother, Kurtail and his master, Sir Weldenon with you, as accompaniment."
No. 335177 ID: 1854db

We should get that bastard that stole the comm array and abused women. We'll break his kneecaps.
No. 335184 ID: eba49f

Ask what we are prepared to offer if the comm man demands payment and we cannot simply drag him back.

Also, it is excellent news that overcame similar fits yourself. That implies that the same methods you used will likely help (if not cure) Lucidia's own seizures. Even if you do not end up going through with the relationship with her, helping her would be good both politically and morally.
No. 335190 ID: 07416a

Yes, Eschrie du Moulont seems like the task that would be most interesting and important. The others are just deliveries.

Also, could you tell us about that framed painting next to the fireplace? It seems like it depicts a portal to another land...
No. 335192 ID: 252e1b


Would Dekernika perceive the gift of armor as a challenge to his skill as a machinist? Or is there some other reason he would be unhappy?
No. 335197 ID: 7aedd2

I'm not really sure we should accept the offer to go be some sort of 'disciplinarian', i mean August is a smaller than normal Verhimen with no real martial skills... I mean if August's brother is a knight-in-training and has a mentor along then we can try to use them, but then we're not really the one doing the job, we're just passing it off. August's more subtle and we don't want to have to show our talents at magic if we don't have to. Wonder how that goblin thing would work, though... August's dad makes it sound like he'd think best of us for choosing that one, it being 'difficult' and all.
No. 335274 ID: 252e1b

Don't discount the portrait mission out of hand. While your ostentatious display went a long way toward soothing your brother's worries, it would not hurt to further improve your political capital with him.

Plus if he ever learns where the toad came from he'll probably be kinda cross. Kiss up while you can, so that he can laugh it off instead of fly into a rage.
No. 336624 ID: 00f7d9
File 131251523351.png - (335.23KB , 900x630 , 587.png )

"This Eschrie fellow, he is problematic, and it would not do for someone to get away with such an injury to both our city's capabilities and honor."
"Well then, the balance between safety and adventure? I see. I see.

Remember, however, that 'where' he is may be more a hazard than 'who' he is. The Peak of Dispute is no place for upstanding nobility, one must take with you a measure of cunning, of subtlety. Due to it's unincorporated nature the human outpost is perhaps the closest thing to a 'government' there. My experience with them leaves me to believe they don't really care who else is there, aside that they be Verhimen, don't cause any trouble for them, and willing to fight should they ever be assaulted."

"So my status?"
"Perhaps worse than nothing to them, at most it may earn you the ire of some locals who chose to live there precisely because they are 'free' there. Little love for little princes I fear. Remember, I would rather have a son with no honor, than no son with honor, I can at least put one to good use in recovering the other."
I understand father, and what of using... my art?
"My gift, should I find reason or opportunity to do what I do?"
"Only under duress. Perhaps one day we may reveal you, but I would rather you be known already for what you 'have' done, than be known only for what you 'could' do. One will set the people at ease, the other, will unnerve then."
No. 336629 ID: 00f7d9
File 131251626066.png - (224.92KB , 900x630 , 588.png )

"Oh, and by the way? If you 'do' plan to 'see the world a bit' as I did so much in my youth, do remember to be a bit... discrete about it please. You may not be in line for the throne anymore, but I assure you, there awaits you an inheritance one wouldn't like split between the hands of lower women, or worse, the hands of a rival noble’s court. Hmm?”
”I, erhm, I see.
”Whatever you choose, remember that what is said in one bed is soon heard in many.

”Now get out of here n get a haircut you dirty vagabond, hahah.”
No. 336635 ID: 00f7d9
File 131251842773.png - (219.49KB , 463x579 , 589.png )

I am not 'smaller than normal' in any fashion it's just... my ‘big’ brother and Jolienne happen to be gigantic.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid I cannot shed much light on those. I would suffer the occasionally attack of acute panic and disorientation, I would see flashes of very confusing images or scenes. There was no real understanding thereof I fear, no prophetic sayings or anything useful aside from leaving a shivering confused child on the floor. It intensified a bit at puberty, then just went away on it’s own. If she is having her own debilitating visions, I’ve no useful idea how to handle that.

It is a detailed depiction of the standard of my family, a jewel depicting sunset mountains, set burning and smoking to crown a field upon which the letter ‘S’ raises a lance.

Well, then, what now? I imagine that trip is going to warrant some preparations, and I’m more than a bit obliged to see the new litter some time and congratulate the mother, spend more time with Lucida as well.
No. 336685 ID: 07416a

Now you take a bath, talk to Lucida, and talk to the mother. Preparations later.
No. 337165 ID: 7aedd2

Hmmm it looks like in order to get to your chosen destination you'll need to either cross back through Sperenze lands or go through some place called Sealucid Shipping. If I recall correctly, that's where your mother's from, right? Probably a safer route. You'll be bringing your brother and his 'master' with you and presumably the master is also a verhimen so all three of you should be allowed onto the 'outpost,' but does that mean they won't allow mounts? That could be awkward, especially if since you'll need to bring the guy back alive and the best way to do that is to, after apprehending him, throw him in some kind of prisoner carriage that locks from the outside.

But until we actually start worrying about that stuff we should indeed make sure to see the new royals, as it were, and to make sure to adequately thank Lucida and her handmaiden for finding you. Then we can go and see your companions for the trip, brief them, and see if they have any input or suggestions.
No. 337518 ID: b6ca92

Follow the advice of whatever experienced travelers or trainers have given you as to what to pack, and keep in mind that you should always have some form of protection on your body at all times.
Also a good, tough pair of boots and a weatherproof cloak. I'm not certain yours went over well with the last trip.

Will you be going by foot, horseback, carriage, powered carriage, or something else?
No. 338567 ID: f1972f
File 131296146741.png - (283.86KB , 900x630 , 590.png )

I make my way to pay respect to the new nobles and their mother, hearing along the way that it is perhaps the best place to find Lucidia as well.
No. 338569 ID: f1972f
File 131296178601.png - (209.80KB , 900x630 , 591.png )

I hear the low voices of women talking interspersed by occasional whimpers and cries of infants. The air itself is thick with warm, maternal scents, a calming, almost sedative effect all of it's own. Even the kobolds know to step quietly and speak only in low mumbling and mutters.
No. 338572 ID: f1972f
File 131296299324.png - (184.94KB , 900x630 , 592.png )

"Much luck dear?"
"No... no. I'm afraid it's bit too early for for him to be getting much out of me."
"Really? Oh, well, at least you're keeping him quiet, he's the noisy one. Still, didn't most of the city's women here come from Belleir?"
"Mmmm~ I really think it was more the men. Besides, it's been long enough to fall out of rhythm by a bit regardless."
"Ohhh a pity we can't keep you around much longer then, I suppose it's why your headed back, little litters needing their feeding back home?"

Okay, just a bit embarrassing, I... shouldn't interrupt, probably just go and find something else to do for a bit.

"Partways, I have responsibilities back home best not left unwatched for lo-"
"Mistress, a visitor, him."

Dammit. I didn't want to be announced, I... *sigh*
No. 338573 ID: 252e1b

When you leave don't forget to bring your gun. That was a pretty big oversight last time.

Man I am looking forward to looking at the babies! Babies are awesome, even if they are little poop machines.
No. 338595 ID: 1854db


Wait, no. Be polite. Like, ask if you're interrupting something and if so you can leave.
No. 339157 ID: 7aedd2

Wait, you didn't want to be announced? So you wanted to walk in unannounced to the room where the women were breastfeeding your new nieces and nephews? August, there are less devious ways to get a peek at Lucida...
No. 339171 ID: 00d3d5

Lead her off somewhere so you can take off your mask and wrap your arms around her. That should at least give her fantasies a bit of meat.
No. 339198 ID: b6ca92

>take off your mask
I don't have the words to describe just how wrong of an idea that is.
A Vehrimen's mask is more important than clothes, in terms of social modesty, and unless I am mistaken, your suggestion would be akin to 'flashing' her.
No. 339334 ID: 252e1b


He knows exactly what he's saying. That's the one that offended Lucidia earlier.
No. 339420 ID: 28e94e

That's just Seven being Seven.
No. 339434 ID: 00d3d5

Also, indulging her fantasies. >>309547
No. 339762 ID: f1972f
File 131330450002.png - (262.50KB , 739x630 , 593.png )

No, I mean, I was thinking of just, coming back later when they aren't so... busy... and somewhat naked, maybe?

"If this is perhaps not the best time, perhaps I should leave? I wished to give my respects to the new members of the family and-
"No, no, simply wait there a moment dear."
What? Certainly not I-
Something like that I suppose, it simply wouldn't be-
No. 339763 ID: f1972f
File 131330495517.png - (244.82KB , 739x630 , 594.png )

"Done, really you must give the girls a chance to make themselves decent.~"
"Please, enter."
No. 339770 ID: f1972f
File 131330660999.png - (307.33KB , 900x572 , 595.png )

Myansa, the new mother, my sister-in-law, and now set to become the Lady of Merbioullant, cradles three of her first litter in her lap, the other two held by handmaidens. They look and smell healthy, active, and hungry. I wish the new mother and her children the best, even hinting that when they grow up my training as a sage may be put to use in teaching them.

Lucidia leans into me rather unsteadily and whispers to me.
"I... August, I wish to speak with you alone, as soon as possible."
"I see. That is fortunate, I have a few things to say myself."
No. 339772 ID: f1972f
File 131330716324.png - (291.05KB , 669x577 , 596.png )

Before we enter the adjoining room however, Lucidia stops, turns to me, places her hand at my chest, and very seriously repeats herself.

"I did say 'alone' didn't I?"
"Wait, that's mine, you can't just-"
"You don't need it merely to speak do you?"
"Well, no... but-
"Then come, let us speak."
No. 339776 ID: f1972f
File 131330767181.png - (214.39KB , 900x630 , 597.png )

I intercept the flying bauble easily and deign to take my place in the hallway outside the door, lowering my hood so as to better keep track of the conversation within. One cannot be too careful, still, they should not be long.
No. 339777 ID: f1972f
File 131330782231.png - (164.52KB , 900x630 , 598.png )

Watching the corridor chaos is certainly not un-entertaining either. To think that could have been, hell nearly was once or twice... me. So long ago. About ten years since then now, where in ten more? Who is to say.
No. 339778 ID: 35e1a0

i'm not sure talking is what she had in mind.
No. 339780 ID: f1972f
File 131330795763.png - (140.37KB , 900x630 , 600.png )

Eventually the prospective returns for his toy and I dutifully return it to him, all too pleased to have avoided the full manifestation of it's compelling whispers.
No. 339783 ID: f1972f
File 131330813584.gif - (615.01KB , 861x536 , 601.gif )

It is raining heavily now, can see across the airfield only by the light of a door to one of the hangers.

My youngest brother would be in one of those, training, or working, or sleeping.
No. 339785 ID: 1854db

So, was she angry? How bad was it?
No. 339793 ID: 07416a

Let the man have some privacy. We don't need to know EVERYTHING. Though we want to.
No. 339836 ID: 252e1b


I'm sure he caught shit for having anything to do with Jolienne. Sorry August, when your Lucidia had us someone mentioned that you "slept with another woman" as a petty joke (punishment for Lucidia referring to us as an "it" I believe). Not wanting you to get into trouble, we did our best to explain that you had little choice in the matter, and were a gentleman regardless.
No. 339903 ID: a99ad0

Did she claim you for herself, August?
No. 340135 ID: b6ca92

August, we don't need details, just enough to work with.
Good, or Bad?
No. 340327 ID: fb10df

Hmm it was some time in the morning that Lucida came looking for August, and was still daylight when August left his carriage and entered his family's compound, but it's well into nightfall now. Guess they were 'talking' for a while...
No. 340526 ID: f1972f
File 131346601123.png - (165.99KB , 479x463 , 602.png )

"She doesn't trust you, says I shouldn't either, that... she wants 'me,' not me acting on the whims of some stranger's artifice. Says it will make me weak, reliant, and if I should loose you, incomplete.

I had no argument."

No. 340529 ID: 07416a

We are a tool. We advise, nothing more. She intends to mold you herself, you know.

" As a youth, perhaps even now, but should he not grow, in presence and power? To mold, shape, teach him... such things."

It is your decision. I only ask that we not be wasted.
No. 340531 ID: 35e1a0

well see, we don't want that, we are trying to teach you. make you strong and confident enough that you no longer need us. cause that is our ultimate goal, for you to set us down one day and us having the confidence in you that you don't need us anymore. you are still a bit off as displayed by the goo monster situation but we are getting there. also perhaps as a catalyst in more magic things. cause every time we are part of the spell it comes out a LOT more powerful.
No. 340534 ID: 1854db

She's absolutely correct. You should certainly not listen to most of our relationship advice, for it is likely laced with our own personal preferences and vicarious ambitions. Not all of us are truly your friends.

Heck, most of our advice is originating partially from our own selfish desires. The desire to see you succeed in what you attempt is first and foremost, but there is also the desire for you to attempt things that we like to see.

That is not to say that we are a bunch of manipulative bastards, or give useless, tainted advice, but we are most useful in stressful situations- when you NEED something that can think for hours about what to do next. In a relaxed environment you should only accept what we say when we state good reasons behind it, or simply think of what we say in more vague terms.

You could think of yourself as a king, and we your inner circle of not-quite-trustworthy advisors. A king too reliant on his council is weak indeed, but a king without council at all cannot manage a kingdom. So, we are needed when you are challenged. At other times, you should not lean on us.

Alternatively, you could think of us as your friends. That doesn't work quite as well, however, since while we can know quite well who you are through seeing you live and think and constantly asking questions, you lack understanding of what kind of people we are, and thus cannot tell very well when our advice would be tainted by our own individual personalities. That is, if you can even differentiate between the voices...
No. 340681 ID: b6edd6

Couldn't the same be said for any advisers?
Well, I suppose we might have some mental effects we don't know about... We should test for those at some point.

On the upside, unlike normal advisers we can't back-stab you and steal your throne due to our lack of limbs.
Keep in mind we still are mostly incapable of keeping secrets, though.
No. 340785 ID: b6ca92

Looks like we all agree with her.
Just realize that this really changes nothing.
We can't do anything physically or metaphysically except talk and empower spells, and we are not even 'alive' without a host.

Actually, should you happen to leave us behind like you did before you got gooed, keep in mind that any longer than a few minutes and we shut down completely until another living host comes along in range.
We had no idea a week had passed. A bit unnerving to say the least.
No. 340832 ID: 252e1b


I don't see what the issue is. We generally don't order you around. You ask us questions or set a goal, and we give you advice, some of which you ignore or discard. Sometimes we ask you questions and in general we just talk and stuff.

Have you ever mindlessly taken our advice? I can't think of a time where you didn't give it at least a little thought. Even if the thought was just "I hope this doesn't kill me."
No. 340873 ID: 40cb26

A tool in some respects, an adviser in others. You make your decisions. We only offer observations, introspection, possibilities of actions... not orders. What is the important difference is that we don't have one voice or mind, you say many things and have many ideas and you are forced to use your own judgement to actually make decisions. And for that same reason we have a very difficult time lying, we can't very well deceive or plot or scheme if we cannot coordinate. You can trust us not to do those things... trusting us to have the best idea is less certain, and trusting us to keep secrets is right out.

Really the problem isn't about you and us, it's about us not having her trust. We weren't with her very long and didn't make too good of an impression. You go and speak to her about what we said, and recount your experiences with us. She needs to better understand our nature.
No. 341280 ID: 7aedd2

You know, she's wrong. We're not just like any other adviser, because other advisers at court and such have their own personal lives and ambitions. We, however, are YOURS, linked specifically to you and we can gather no pleasure or even EXPERIENCE anything except through you. Sure other people could obtain us and we could see things and talk to them, but the image has always been clearest with you and that's essentially the only input we can receive from your end of the world. We can't be bribed with money, women, or anything, it's just a picture and words to us. If anything, you can trust us MORE than you would someone who had more to gain from using you. Well, maybe not all of us, but you get my drift.
No. 341327 ID: b22452

There is no argument. You can only avoid such reliance by remembering to value your own opinions and instincts as well as ours. There have been many who have come to rely on us, and there have been many who have grown wiser during our time with them, and eventually reached a point where they no longer needed us.
No. 341429 ID: f1972f
File 131372814946.png - (299.11KB , 644x422 , 603.png )

Does she now? Yes, yes, I imagine so…
I suppose that would be rather like working to put oneself out of a job? Then again, I imagine even without need of your advice I still could make use of your power.
Mmmm I ‘could’ think of it in such a manner, that of a king and his council. Yes, that is a not an unappealing thought. If I do intend to make something great of myself, then why ‘not’ carry a council who ‘must’ rely on me.
I will have to watch about this ‘secrets’ thing though… I wonder if that is why Sirius did not want to touch you? Of course that implies some experience with such and I believe you may have mentioned something similar in his possession his kobold implied to you.
I do apologize, but you must understand, I merely needed a bit of time to rest after such an adventure. Albeit, perhaps not rest of such a binding nature as I’ve experienced the past three days. I wasn’t aware you became so insensate however, though it may in my mind seem preferable to being stuck, awake, and unmoving… then I am likely to be biased here. It’s not like you folks ‘ever’ do move.
I suppose not, I don’t like much the idea of being controlled, manipulated, but the danger is there, to mistake your thoughts for mine. Then, it’s safe practice to filter one’s own thoughts regardless of source.
Perhaps I shall try to convince her of your more honorable intentions, later, when I’ve had more experience and understanding of them myself.
I don’t think the worry is you being controlled by someone else, I think it’s more… me becoming little more than an extension of your will. If I resort to you every time I have a problem, then to whom does the glory or blame for our deeds truly belong to? It becomes murky.
Yes, I really should ask you more of what kind of people you have advised; perhaps I could learn more from thei- ahh someone is coming.
No. 341431 ID: f1972f
File 131372844410.png - (480.07KB , 900x630 , 604.png )

Through the doorway emerges a somewhat old, crooked and unfamiliar smelling Verhimen emerges and opens an umbrella, almost ignoring me before taking a few steps and turning back to address me.
”Ahhhello there young master, yes. Wouldn’t be looking the be getten cross the way would yeh? Ere’s space under my umberella I’m not ‘posed teh sharen ‘n I ‘magine iffen I could get a hand the hold.”
”Well, I am certainly not opposed to the idea Mr….?”
”Oh, please boy, jest beh callen meh Brocade, t'ain't ‘body calls meh Mr. n'then n'more.”
No. 341437 ID: b6edd6

Hrm... Unusual eyes, a strange scent, and an umbrella strikingly similar in color to the jacket of the last fellow we met with unusual eyes. I am rather wary of this one.
No. 341441 ID: f1972f
File 131372927796.png - (350.99KB , 898x488 , 605.png )

We walk out a bit through the rain, Brocade gripping my arm tightly if shakely as the rain pours around us. For a bit he is silent, then he pipes up curiously about halfway across the field.

”Well then boy, wotcha been doen wifferyerself this spring.. gone chasen many girls havya?”
”Not much sir.”
”Ahhh well, maybeh goen hunting? Neh, den’t look the type ah recon… I’s say yeh be teken cara family bet, yerh mucha public eye lately I thenk huh?”
”Huh? Well, I’ve been a bit busy lately…”
”Ohh I know!”
His voices cracks a bit excitedly and he tightens his grip on my arm a bit painfully.
”Been out wiff de boys adcha? Riden bout… getten all sortsa ‘ventures n sech.”
”Well hehe I’ve seen a few things I supose…”
”Oooooh I betcha ‘ave boyo betcha ‘ave. Yeh seen… mehbey a fella weared all scarlet loik n dressed up real fine loik…”
”Excuse me?
”An… I betcha would be knowen about i’s secret treasurah woulndcha? Yeh know, kindsa treasures liddle boys likta be nicked from der mum ehh?”

”Who are you?
”Sees, questen is, where’s e run offta, but I’m thinken yeh gots a good ideah bout dat roit? I meen, ain’t been seen much lately rond de ton avyah?”

Oh what the hell, who? This man must be mad!
No. 341443 ID: 28e94e

I did not understand a word he just said. Care to translate?
No. 341446 ID: 1854db

He's asking about Larcen de Scarlett. Or maybe he's hinting that he IS Larcen. I can't tell... Perhaps you can play with words a bit to figure that out?
No. 341451 ID: 07416a

>I don’t think the worry is you being controlled by someone else, I think it’s more… me becoming little more than an extension of your will. If I resort to you every time I have a problem, then to whom does the glory or blame for our deeds truly belong to? It becomes murky.

Exactly why we aid you.

As for current events, I do believe this is the previous Larcen de Scarlette. Ask him if he remembers your father and a bridge.
No. 341596 ID: 40cb26

Mad? Don't assume that. He knows you've seen scarlet and wants to know something in particular. You can admit to seeing scarlet briefly, but say only that he shared no secrets with you. Say it's also the first you've heard of any special treasure of his but him having such a thing is no surprise.
No. 341600 ID: fb10df

The great thing about the way we 'perceive' the different ways different individuals speak is that it allows us to better identify them even if we don't see them or if they try to disguise themselves and their accents. So, connecting the dots that this guy is talking about Larcen de Scarlette and is asking August whether he knows where he is (or perhaps more ACCUSING him of knowing), I looked back and find that this guy is probably he whom we here here: >>/questarch/301497   Which to August means he's some guy tracking Larcen from Sperenze, which suggests that he's rather skilled at tracking and that your movements in the lowlands were not entirely unnoticed. This guy may be more dangerous than you might at first assume.
No. 341640 ID: 28e94e

Shit. We'll have to deal with him quick.
No. 341643 ID: b6edd6

Say that last you heard, Scarlet had gotten into a fight with some very fast moving masonry.
(Which is entirely true, just not specific to which Larson).
No. 342126 ID: 6b6016

Tell the man you've no idea what he's talking about. After all, you aren't one to spend your time hanging around dangerous criminals and thieves.
No. 342278 ID: f1972f
File 131403510274.png - (348.54KB , 898x488 , 606.png )

A thousand possibilities race through my mind in a moment of panic, and I try to pull away from the curious old man’s unnaturally strong fingers.
”I really can’t say, last I’d heard he had become quite intimate with a rather lof of rapidly moving masonry.”
”Yerh a sorry liah yew are, come boy out wiff de truth erh Brocade ‘l be twisten yer roit arm wrongways jest a bit”
”Do you know who I am, unhand me or-“
No. 342279 ID: f1972f
File 131403517980.png - (416.11KB , 898x488 , 607.png )

”Ohhh clumbseh me~, mustah slipped n all dis wet grass, good thing yern’t all lone out here inna dark n storm… roit?”
”You, dare to..
"Nehw den ye'll tell me where ee iz or I'll be getten mite bit rough wiff yer tenderskins gotcha?"
No. 342280 ID: f1972f
File 131403534242.png - (333.83KB , 898x488 , 608.png )

"Oh scav off! Damn peasant, if you touch me again I’ll have you thrashed hideless!"
I sling him a mouthful of mud to buy time whilst scrambling on the slick grass.
"Ahh! Yeh fooken welp gotta mek if ruff do yah!?"
No. 342281 ID: f1972f
File 131403546490.png - (344.76KB , 898x488 , 609.png )

"DO YAH!?"
With a twist the vagabond lashes out with a swift quick to the face flinging me almost a full yard across the sodden field and tearing my mask off with such force I am left numbed to all but the taste of blood.
No. 342283 ID: f1972f
File 131403601161.png - (341.51KB , 900x630 , 610.png )

By the time I've regained myself I am staring into the wickedly sharp point of his umbrella staff, motionless but for the slightest trembling of his unnaturally muscled fingers wrapped around the metal shaft in a disturbing manner that sets my frantic nerves on edge.

He speaks, but now in a very flat, even tone.

"Now, before I ‘really’ lose my temper, I do suggest telling me everything you know about Larcen de Scarlette!"
No. 342284 ID: f1972f
File 131403605305.png - (476.12KB , 900x630 , 611.png )

The sky breaks open with a peal of thunder as if to punctuate his threat, a deafening bolt of white-hot electricity lances down, wreathing his form as if he were graven in the likeness of some ancient and wrathful deity.
No. 342285 ID: f1972f
File 131403621920.png - (492.89KB , 900x630 , 612.png )

The field is suddenly very still, the only sounds a softer pelting of rain and my own heaving breath, which I struggle to bring back down under my control.

"Is, he...?"
No. 342287 ID: 35e1a0

toasted? yeah, is why you don't stand in the middle of a field during a storm with a metal object. suggest you crawl lightning likes to hit the tallest thing around. he could of survived though, so crawl over to him and sink a knife into his chest.
No. 342288 ID: 00d3d5

Grab your mask and flee.
No. 342292 ID: b6edd6

I am not really sure whether you should kill him (if he is still alive), but I doubt there is anything worth seeing in his pockets unless he is a very foolish thug.

Do you carry (and practice in the use of) inconspicuous daggers around for when you meet people like him? If you don't, you should.
No. 342294 ID: 1854db

I don't think this man is truly a thug. I believe he is a high ranking man from the rival family. Get rid of that umbrella weapon, then... we get him some medical attention before turning him over to the authorities. I don't agree with that other voice- we shouldn't murder the guy.
No. 342297 ID: 28e94e

God damn you were lucky. Confirm the kill and head back home.

See >>341600
No. 342312 ID: 28e0ce

Bind him with your shirt and drag him to the nearest guards. This is a mystery that should be solved.
No. 342595 ID: fb10df

Well we've got three options as I can see it. Kill him, capture him, or leave him as is. However, we have no idea who this guy really is and we've only a story of him assaulting us and him getting struck by lightning. At best we use our Prince status and get him thrown in the jail and get him some medical attention, at worst our story gets disbelieved and the Inquisitor gets on our ass for witchcraft or something. I'm not sure we want a part of this. Perhaps an anonymous tip to a guard that this guy is some kind of Sperenze spy and if he's not dead he should be thrown in a cell?
No. 342597 ID: 35e1a0

him waving around a large metal pole in the middle of a field is REAL easy to believe as lightning. these guys know how electricity works.
No. 342599 ID: b6edd6

Besides, magic isn't unheard of or forbidden. I think they would only count the more unpleasant kinds of magic as witchcraft, so a lightning bolt in self-defense should be fine.

Some people have been known to survive lightning strikes, and this fellow's UNNATURAL PHYSIQUE probably improved his chances.

I think our best potion is to haul him back by the hood of his robe, so it would be harder for him to grab you if/when he recovers.
No. 343001 ID: f1972f
File 131433345688.png - (376.81KB , 900x515 , 613.png )

I check for his breath a moment with my whiskers ready to jump away at any moment, sure enough, nothing. Just to be sure, I bind his arms with his belt and begin the laborious process of dragging him across the field, made only somewhat easier by the wet grass.

I opt to leave the steel umbrella staff for a later recovery, I'd rather not risk his fate carrying it now.

I usually carry a rather strong dirk, for use in the few rituals I know. However, these clothes are borrowed and thus most of my standard possessions elsewhere.
No. 343002 ID: f1972f
File 131433408779.png - (225.13KB , 900x630 , 614.png )

"Got a paira duces..."
"Duces? The hell are duces?"
"Twos dumbass..."
"Kinda faggot calls em 'duc-

I arrive at the aerodrome shaken, wet, tired and dragging somewhere over a hundred kilos of soaking dead Verhimen. A pair of lugheaded mechanics or sumsuch ceasing their argument over proper terminology of cardgames to regard me through the hazy eyes of a shared bottle of spirits.
No. 343005 ID: 35e1a0

tell them that whoever gets a guard here fastest gets a gold piece or something. can go higher if you think it is a good idea.
No. 343008 ID: 07416a

Tell them to go get a guard. Then put your mouth over the dead guys and breath into it. Put your hands over his chest and pump hard ten times. Repeat. It's a method for restarting a stopped heart.
No. 343010 ID: 00d3d5

"The humans who invented card games, but please don't let me keep you from degrading into fighting and/or sodomy. Let the possibly-dead assassin here do that.
Guards and medics, would you kindly?"
No. 343022 ID: 833efb

These guys are of no interest and it's not in your best interest to go around insulting or bossing people around. Put him down and get a guard or medic yourself.
No. 343023 ID: 07416a

He's a noble and a dude is dying. It's a perk.

Anyways, skip the breathing into his mouth and focus on the chest compressions.

Place the heel of one hand on the breastbone -- right between the nipples.

Place the heel of your other hand on top of the first hand.

Position your body directly over your hands.

Give 30 chest compressions. These compressions should be FAST and hard. Press down about 2 inches into the chest. Each time, let the chest rise completely. Count the 30 compressions quickly: "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30, off."

If you have a method of reliably delivering a short burst of roughly 700 volts that can be used to restart the heart as well.
No. 343027 ID: 07416a

During this process place us around his neck or something. Any information we can extract is good.
No. 343040 ID: 1854db

This dude was perfectly willing to kill us. Do we really need to perform untrained CPR to save his life?

I just don't want August to get in trouble.
No. 343044 ID: b6edd6

You get extra political troll-points for returning your rival's spies alive with a smug message.

And we get to demand an explanation for his presence before returning him, which is bound to be amusing.
No. 343045 ID: 07416a

More information the better. I'm assuming that Larcen de Scarlette stole some fertility fetish and they're going crazy trying to get it back, but we could always be wrong.
No. 343205 ID: cfa804

Well I'm not to keen on reviving him unless we seek to get further information out of him, but considering our encounter with him was only ended due to a lucky lightning strike, we really don't know this guy's capabilities. Also we probably won't be able to claim complete innocence, since there's probably a clear sign of a scuffle in the middle of the yard where the lightning struck, and both of you might have some telling signs as well.

Do answer me one question though.
No. 343213 ID: b6edd6

I forgot to mention the potential in asking the Sperenzes 'polite' questions about this fellow's unnatural musculature. Wouldn't want to release him into the public if he has some sort of 'dreadful disease', after all. If he is dead, it is much easier for them to just deny everything, whereas if he is alive they will want him back.
No. 343484 ID: 0dc05a
File 131456640619.png - (276.64KB , 900x630 , 615.png )

"If neither of you are 'particularly' busy at this point, I could use some assistance if you hadn't noticed."
"Who is that?"
"Is he hurt, wot happened?"
"Some ruffian who tried to ambush me alone on the airfield. I'm okay..."

Absolutely not, especially if I planned to resuscitate and return him. I do believe we only just discussed why this was an awful idea? Did we not? Something about being unable to keep secrets.

Tempting, really, but... it would be to no great benefit of mine. I already have a viable 'contact' within their walls. Better then that he just, disappear, than confirm myself of as worthy of their direct attention so soon.
No. 343488 ID: 0dc05a
File 131456698136.png - (286.97KB , 900x630 , 616.png )

Precisely my thoughts.

"-he however, learned why it is unwise to carry an umbrella in an open field.
"OH Damn! I!"
"Now hold on here just a moment"

I regard them very seriously before rising.
"I'm certain he was already dead, or dying, regardless, it simply wouldn't do to let him suffer. Would it?"
"Erh, no sir."
"No, of course not we, wouldn't want that."
No. 343494 ID: 0dc05a
File 131456770510.png - (273.33KB , 900x630 , 617.png )

"Good, we should never, seek to be cruel, but practical.
"Ahh, but... what about the.."
"The body, yes, what about that?"

Hmm, that is a point, however... I can just dissect him. I've some experience there.

"Report the body into the guard, then have it boxed and placed in the Chennir Street Chillhouse for my disposal."
As one they answer me.
"Oh and on that note, Marina, before you do you should probably button your vest just a bit. We'd like to remain under the pleasing misapprehension than we keep our 'after-hours activities' after-hours around here."
No. 343499 ID: 0dc05a
File 131456838063.png - (206.99KB , 900x630 , 618.png )

I walk past a long collection of planes, parts, and the pilots which go in said aeroplanes. To find an kind of tacked together bar in the back, with a fighting ring making up the central exhibit.

The air tastes of the physical exertion and violence practiced here, mingled with roasted meat and alcohol, for fueling both pilots and their conveyance. Here I find my youngest brother, Kurtail de Sauterelle, at the center of attention.

It seems he has chosen an opponent of rather more age and experience, I somehow doubt he'll find the leverage he needs there.

Still, maybe I should just find his master somewhere in the dim crowd rather than waiting on him to finish.
No. 343523 ID: 40cb26

Yeah leave your little bro to his inevitable and probably well deserved beatdown, instead talking to someone with a lick of sense.
No. 343654 ID: f1972f
File 131459778360.png - (334.07KB , 900x630 , 619.png )

I find Sir Weldendon tucked into a corner of the bar, eating a plate of sausage and greens.

" and who-... aaAhhh good evening lordling, I almost did not recognize you so... well regardless, what pleasure brings you to my table?"
"I have been ordered to task by my father, you and Kurtail are to accompany me to the Peak of Dispute and return with a certain 'Eschrie du Moulont' in tow."
"Ahhh yes, that matter, please, do sit down. Order whatever pleases you, it would not do to stuff myself while mylord watches so unfulfilled, but to the matter in question, I have been informed somewhat of this duty, what would you ask me of it?"
No. 343741 ID: 104c67

Wow. Killing a guy in cold blood. I think I'm done with suggesting to August.
No. 343745 ID: 35e1a0

psshhh, pansy.

anyway, ask if you should get any special supplies for the trip. such as a thick jacket or such.
No. 343760 ID: 00d3d5

Yea, you can't extract information for a corpse.
August, how are we supposed to know who he was allied with? What the disposition of his forces is? etc?

Hand us off to Lucidia's handmaiden, then go use our absence to seduce Lucidia. We'll be a lot more productive with somebody who has the balls to do things right, and you'll be a lot more productive securing your intended and producing an heir.
No. 343793 ID: b6edd6

Besides, not killing him would have been best for another reason:
If you avoid killing their shady minions, they are less likely to kill your shady minions, both due to psychological reasons and because it would make them look less legitimate than you.
No. 343794 ID: 1658a3

Hopefully Kurtail's contest here won't leave him injured.

Best to start by asking about the Peak region. See if you can act openly without the need for silly disguises and false names. It would be nice if we could accomplish this task in such a way that it improves the people's opinions of nobles.
No. 344138 ID: 252e1b


Killing a spy sends its own message: "Don't send more spies."

It's valid, useful, and leaves August with plausible deniability. They can't be sure if it was August, some other de Sauterelle, an agent of the house, or just a random death.

We already have a good idea of who the spy worked for. They don't care about August stealing the mask back, that was silliness between the boys, but the loss of the jewels is an insult and they're trying to follow up on all leads.

Likely they would have ignored August entirely were it not for the jewel theft. I'm sure they figured out who August was based on the mask alone. They're probably just grasping at straws in hopes that August knows something, since both thefts happened simultaneously.
No. 344209 ID: cfa804

Let me be more precise. Making sure some guy's dead after he tried to kill you? That's one thing. Binding him and taking him to go see help? That's another. But dragging a bound body to some witnesses, telling them that he's dead but not letting them check, and then casually snapping his neck? That's just plain stupid. Or psychopathic/insane. Tell me August, are you PLANNING to be the next brother Terterus has to strangle?
No. 344275 ID: b6edd6

>Killing a spy sends its own message: "Don't send more spies."
It would take quite a lot to make the cost of sending spies more than the cost of not having them.
No. 344586 ID: 6b6016

Hey, Augustbro, you're not really acting the way you should be. Are you okay bro? Is there something you want to tell us? Something about you perhaps losing a piece of your sanity back there?

I dunno. I'm getting some weird vibes from you bro.
No. 344633 ID: b6ca92

He's fine. The inhibition against killing goes away after the first one or two, and besides having killed before August has been trained in combat and politics.

We just don't kill very often, if ever, so we are still softhearted, so to speak.
No. 344867 ID: f91e07
File 131494474124.gif - (312.37KB , 900x630 , 620.gif )

I settle myself a bit and order a plate of noodles in redsauce, I cannot say I have truly 'eaten' in three days, and while not feeling particular hungry, must try and get some more nutrition in my belly than that a glass of brandy.

"What can we expect here? I mean, I would prefer to be prepared and well informed."

"I expect our target to be well at home in the peak of dispute, while not a powerful person, he knows the lay of the city and how to exploit the regulations there to his defense-"
I, am, FINE.
”-as he cannel terit moritus, ecuna winnia, Ia nicarus, Ia nicara-“
Exactly, I have no plans in giving him back or resuscitating him, and I need to send a strong message 'should' this even get out, stronger than mere coincidence and luck, I, we are stronger…
”Wait come again?”
”No respect… no respect at all for his elders… taste his own soon enough…”
”Ah, we should consider if we want to address the humans directly, or keep them out of this, if we annoy them if could be hazardous to our attempts, and even if they aid us in capturing one of our own criminals-“
I am suddenly aware of my own breathing, as if it takes my own effort to regulate my breath… the blood in my own veins aware…
-annoyances piles of gore and ash.”
No. 344868 ID: f91e07
File 131494478192.gif - (0.99MB , 900x630 , 621.gif )

” Anyhow, probably better to stay out of their way, though if we wanted we could go by air, better chance of getting the equipment back in time, but it’s higher profile, and e’d have to deal with them and the airfield.”
>Witnesses…he's dead… snapping his neck…stupid… psychopathic…insane…the next brother Terterus has to strangle?
>inhibition against killing goes away after the first one or two
“Look at him, he’d make a slayer of beasts”
”Or a beast himself”
”I see little difference, beasts all the same.. of bloodied fingers… I see it…”
“I'm sure they figured out who August was…”
>Kill their shady minions, kill your shady minions…We'll be a lot more productive with somebody who has the balls to do things right

>you'll be a lot more productive producing an heir,
I bring my breathing back under control, I am calm, I am breathing… I can smell food, hear him ramble on about pointless similarities between this mission and his previous tasks…. I breathe… I will eat what is set before me, I’m fine. I am fine.
No. 344869 ID: f91e07
File 131494480728.png - (296.26KB , 900x630 , 622.png )

I begin to eat, I can concentrate on that, letting the good knight's words filter into my ear to recall later when the world makes more sense. When I can breathe without thought, when the world stops churning... something... moves... pulses, in my hand.
No. 344871 ID: f91e07
File 131494493004.png - (252.95KB , 900x630 , 623.png )

A tangle of veins wets my fingers like the seaweed slicked net of a fisherdrownedinhisowncastasthetiderollsoverhisstrugglinghead-
"Thump... tha-thump... thump..."
"August knows something"
"-just grasping at straws-"
"I... I..."
No. 344872 ID: 1854db

August, something is targeting you with magic. Intruding upon your mind. Elves, perhaps. Or maybe this is a fit like you had while you were younger?

Either way, focus. The heart is not there. Most of the voices you're hearing are not real.
No. 344873 ID: 35e1a0

you are losing it. deep breaths.
No. 344878 ID: 07416a


Also, you probably have a concussion. You were kicked in the head.

No. 344880 ID: 35e1a0

shit, didn't notice at first but the lines upon your mask keep shifting. you may need to take that off. now. social faux pas can go fuck themselves.
No. 344882 ID: 1854db

My god you're right, there's a symbol etched upon it now.
No. 344883 ID: 07416a

No. 344885 ID: 28e0ce

Remove mask.

Call inquisitor.

Call medic.
No. 344906 ID: 4bdd79

Yo, August. The fey is back. Follow these instructions, in this order: >>344885
No. 344907 ID: b6edd6

Fae attack!
Green-eyed creature behind you. It seems to be twisting or rearranging our words as well as changing your mask.
Shout to alert people of what is happening, swipe behind you, and try to get somewhere less crowded so you won't hit bystanders if you need to fight. You might also want to avoid lethal action against threatening figures if you can, as the fae will likely try to trick you into attacking allies.
Don't avoid taking action in an attempt to avoid being thought crazy. As this is a magical attack, it will leave traces to prove this is indeed an attack rather than insanity.
No. 345145 ID: 252e1b


Fey attack.

Have your brother summon help.

Move to a secluded area.

Fight it off, this is a mental attack.
No. 345168 ID: 07416a

Call Lucidia.
No. 345354 ID: cfa804

While I've no evidence for or against what else is being claimed due to not really knowing what's real and what's not, August really shouldn't be tearing off his mask. It's had a shifting pattern on it since we first saw it; it's hardly a new development, and violating one of the most central taboos of verhimen society at a public wrestling match probably won't do any better for August's reputation of, y'know, not being entirely insane. But if some or all of this is indeed caused by some outside influence, it might as well explain some of his other unusual behavior recently.
No. 345358 ID: 28e0ce

He can take Off his shrt to cover hIs face dOnt be dumb for the sake of proPriety.
No. 345926 ID: f91e07
File 131528757256.png - (352.01KB , 900x630 , 634.png )

No. 345928 ID: f91e07
File 131528770467.png - (480.62KB , 900x630 , 635.png )

No. 345933 ID: f91e07
File 131528837345.png - (361.69KB , 900x630 , 636.png )

"Auuugusst Aaaauuugust."
"Whah, I?"
"I -ed ...help, he-"
"August, I... YOu MUST... at Nenetor Cove... August... don't... follow you... NENETOR COVE... GUNS! Lots of guns... on...
... -erstand Au- in one -urnight! I... -rom the SEA!

No. 345939 ID: 35e1a0

[use all energy to make a pulse of antimagic, or suck all magic out of the air.]
No. 345943 ID: f91e07
File 131528902286.gif - (494.41KB , 900x630 , 637.gif )

"I... I don't... I can't my... I'm too..."
"August... -ore careful. I don- ed."
"I can't, please... stay."
"Yo- -eed to... ,understand I'm about. You shoudln't..,
be so- -mentary discomfo- Goodbye m-."

The world clears, I drop to my knees, and vomit a thick, sickly sweet sludge, heaving, and retching past emptiness.
No. 345946 ID: f91e07
File 131528952803.gif - (805.27KB , 900x630 , 638.gif )

Feels better somehow though, clearer. Shapes, shadows, and scents again close in on me, but more naturally now, the earth is still again under my feet, no longer feeling the wind without sound. Tired, so tired... how can I be.. so weary after such... sleep... such dreams?
No. 345947 ID: b6edd6

So the vision is saying something is coming from the sea in a fortnight.

If this is going where it sounds like it is going, we need a steamboat. I have it on good authority that those things are more effective in this situation than nuclear bombs.

Alternately the fae is just faking this for its own ends.
No. 345948 ID: 35e1a0

have someone bring a bowl and scoop some of that vomit up. it being sickly sweet may mean it isn't actually vomit. could of barfed up whatever was making you sick.
No. 345949 ID: 35e1a0

also check to make sure the cigar is the kind he likes. if it is then the odds of it being him go up.
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