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File 148745147447.png - (438.31KB , 747x750 , TestMatch01.png )
780786 No. 780786 ID: d1d42a

This is a NSFW clothing damage adventure!
the quest will contain nudity and violence and possibly some sexual content
Lewd suggestions are encouraged but not required.

it is a struggle of rebels versus tyrants fighting for the will of gold, which side will you choose?
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No. 844789 ID: deec6e

Let's not alienate any of the locals. Especially not if we're planning to rest up nearby. Greet and ask them what ho.

Also, Azzeki - or someone - stand by to gag the bird if he starts squawking something silly, provocative or, worst of all, really clever.
No. 846209 ID: b93a7b
File 151112881436.png - (442.04KB , 1170x750 , Testmatch56.png )

As the robed Arthros step onto the road, Bowin calls out to them and waves them away from the slow moving carriage.

Bowin "Sirs, we are the Duchess' chosen and it has been a REALLY long day, so please step aside"

the Arthro's oblige his request. As the tax collectors slowly roll past the leader of the Arthros taps at the carriage window to get the occupant's attention

Eeyfel reluctantly draws back the curtain to see the figure's deathly pale face.

Z'Theno: "I am Z'Theno a Pastor of sorts and we are all pilgrims in this strange land we want for nothing but a solid meal and a warm dry place to rest "

Eeyfel has never seen an undead creature before. this guy creeps her out but then all Arthos do with their horribly soulless eyes . . .

Z'theno: ". . . please help us"

Eeyfel is not sure what disgusts her more, this hideous freak of nature's appearance or it's revolting plea for charity as if it has any right.
No. 846211 ID: 3ce125

Capture them! They may know more about why the undead are attacking. (like how they're being forced into it by the wicked Queen)
The easiest way to capture them would be to agree to their request and then when you've set camp you can easily surround them and force them to surrender.
No. 846213 ID: 91ee5f

But are these guys really undead or are they just unfortunately deformed from their heritage?
No. 846214 ID: a5e143

Simply tell them you only have enough provisions for yourselves already, and that was before taking three "guests". You're already stretched too thin.
No. 846216 ID: a633c6

We haven't got much of those things to spare since we're feeding and hauling prisoners and wounded. and given the reports of undead attacks I'm not sure we should be aiding them at all.

buuut, if they're willing to take up a watch and aid in defense we might be able to work something out. Otherwise, tell them about the inn down the road and wish them luck.
No. 846217 ID: 33cbe7

You were about to camp, were you not? Show an understanding between holy messengers and generously allow them to partake of your rations, though sharing a campfire would compromise security a bit too much for your liking. It's not like the prisoners needed to eat anyway. Pick one of your own to bring them their share - though I would suggest you go yourself, as you are the best prepared in case of deception and can trust Bowin to keep watch over the team in your stead.
No. 846218 ID: 015058

Disgusting yes. But still worth showing charity to.

Let them hang out with you while you camp.
No. 846227 ID: 9e4723

Since when undead eat? Ask them what would they give in return, since your provisions are limited and can't be given for free.
No. 846232 ID: eef56a

Put hands on weapons and Don't allow them to st closer. Ask them what food they want.
No. 846234 ID: 8cb228

Show them what charity you can; they've been cordial. Do however mention that, due to security issues, they can't share your particular campfire, though as you are about to camp soon, they can camp nearby. Duty must come first.

At the very least you can be charitable and friendly within the confines of your duty and obligation.
No. 846238 ID: 0f434d

This because maybe we should spread good will with whoever we can because we're hated.
No. 846264 ID: 0c324b

No. 846266 ID: 96d291

I don't think they realize they're undead.

Give them a unit of rations, and warn them of the upcoming war. Specifically, against THEIR nation. If this man is indeed a missionary, he should gather his followers and leave this country before the army is forced to assume they are combatants / spies.
No. 846306 ID: 88bd6f

Ask the bee her thoughts.
No. 846307 ID: daa216

It will sound odd but Id say we give them something. One never knows how helping now will help us later.
No. 846309 ID: d3602f

Wait, does she still have some honey? Maybe they could have that.
No. 846342 ID: ae9b99

No. 846360 ID: 9876c4

I think we should inform them of our enmity, and tell them that we can give them no aid.

Due to circumstances, we won't attack them if they depart now.
No. 848127 ID: b93a7b
File 151171908127.png - (697.71KB , 1170x750 , Testmatch57.png )

Eeyfel is loath to hand over any of her newly acquire loot, but she also doesn't want to risk conflict with her band so exhausted . . .

>Ask the bee her thoughts.
the abelite is asleep from exhaustion,

she produces one of the Abelite's honey pots from the supplies
Eeyfel: 'perhaps this will-'

the jar is snatched from her hands only moments after it is seen.
Guard1: 'FOOD!'
Guard2: 'Must feed!'

The Pilgrims fall upon the jar of honey like a pack of animals, and tear into it with ravenous hunger
No. 848128 ID: b93a7b
File 151171918828.png - (492.93KB , 1170x750 , Testmatch58.png )

taken off guard by the developemnts Eeyfel is too slow to evade the decripit priest's grasp

Z'Theno: 'You must give us more! please we need more, we all need more!'

His grip is strong, far stronger than should be possible given his feeble health

Eeyfel: 'Let go of me!'
Z'Theno: 'Please! We must have more! give us more!'

His touch breaks something of the illusion for the the Acolyte
She is doused with the overwhelming musty smell of ancient rot
She feels the priest's despair, unending and all consuming, she feels it eating into her soul.
she sees the creature for what it is, a sun bleached husk eaten from the inside out from the hunger that will not let it truly die.

and then the moment passes and she is merely gripped by the wretched creature she first laid eyes upon
Z'theno: 'PLEASE!'
No. 848130 ID: ba506f

can Eeyfel use sap health on undead targets? If not stab it in the face and get ready to fight... or just grab another jar of honey and fling it into the woods and hope the run after it, whatever works.
No. 848132 ID: daa216

While we are fighting the undead hoards, I mean we could use this. We could offer them all the honey they want as a threat to our captive bee's home. They haven't attacked us per say and they could be used as a unit against anything else coming our way. Just a thought.
No. 848136 ID: 91ee5f

If you've got another jar of honey, throw it into the woods so they chase after it!

Then tell your group to run for it!

>We could offer them all the honey they want as a threat to our captive bee's home.
Our captives already think that our group is responsible for creating the undead, so let's not give them any reason to believe those false rumors!
No. 848141 ID: 33cbe7

We've used our sap health spell for the day - toss the bird to the scavengers and hurry away from here!
No. 848168 ID: 0f434d

Just throw the rest honey on them; maybe it'll make them eat eachother or something.
No. 848172 ID: 094652

Damn it! They've been driven mad by their unending zombie hunger! On the plus side, the rebels finally realize where their tax money goes - stopping these unfortunate near-hollow from eating everyone. If they escape, they'll understand the real threat now. So focus on the undead and neutralize all targets, lethal or non-lethal!
No. 848210 ID: 9876c4

This has gone so far beyond cool it's almost volcanic.

There should be a general show of weapons and aggression until Eeyfel is unhanded safely. They need to go, then we need to.
No. 848234 ID: ae1f26

Ooo yes. I like this idea of tossing honey all over the undead to cause confusion and panic.

I'd add poison to the honey but I doubt that would have any effect on unsexy corpses.
No. 848243 ID: b9b4da

Now you see why the undead are a threat - they are driven by mindless hunger, a shell of their former selves. Pity them, and send them to the rest they crave.
Some more sticky bombs to distract them while you make haste away from here, until the cries for food leave your ears.
No. 848244 ID: 3d2d5f

You should do what you can to help these poor souls.

Give them everything you can.
No. 848269 ID: 28a319

Throw clothes (preferably with something sweet and sticky) at the undead to sate them and run while they're distracted. Probably starting with the prisoners' clothes. They'd go for that, right?
No. 850577 ID: b93a7b
File 151284761688.png - (621.10KB , 1170x750 , Testmatch59.png )

Eeyfel: 'I SAID LET GO!'

Eeyfel grabs a near by object and throws it at the monster in the desperate hope it will dislodge the priest's grip, she misses horribly the jar of honey sailing past him out the window.

Z'theno: 'FOOOOOD!'
Guard1: 'Food!'
Guard2: 'Must FEED!'

in a stroke of fortune it works anyways, hunger drives the depraved being and the kobold is forgotten and released in favor of the delicious nectar

Eeyfel: 'Bowin! Get us out of here!'

The coachman needs little encouragement and his Molebeast even less, it takes off at as fast a speed as it can manage
and the people on foot need to change pace to a casual jog to keep up.
No. 850578 ID: 33cbe7

Let this be lesson. Okay, camp setup, take two.
No. 850624 ID: daa216

We should check to make sure we have not lost anyone once we're at a safe distance.
No. 850671 ID: ebc60a

BOOK IT. Only stop to maybe have the people following behind get on/in the carriage a while down the ways. Keep going until dusk or so and even then keep things as hidden as possible; no fires to alert anyone and either keep somewhere open so that you can see anyone approach or keep in a dense foliage area. Cover your tracks as you go as well so they can't easily track you.
No. 850680 ID: deec6e


Be on the lookout for a defensible camping location.
No. 850715 ID: d36af7

Now that we know for sure undead are active in the area, I think heading for the castle at top speed is the only reasonable option. Camping to rest before then would invite an attack.
No. 850871 ID: e6994f

Speed to the castle, awayyy
No. 854510 ID: b93a7b
File 151458122944.png - (484.07KB , 1170x750 , Testmatch60.png )

>We should check to make sure we have not lost anyone once we're at a safe distance.

Azzeki takes a look to see if any stragglers have been left behind
her three companions run past her as she slows for a moment

confident that everyone is accounted for Azzeki follows

>Be on the lookout for a defensible camping location.
no one seems interested in camping any more.

>Speed to the castle, awayyy
Exhaustion is momentarily forgotten as everyone travels at double speed castleward
No. 854518 ID: 375812


Continue going?

Yes, let's continue going.
No. 854519 ID: 33cbe7

Okay, run til you drop or reach the castle. That's the kind of expedient service the Duchess rewards.
No. 854528 ID: a363ac

get dysentery
No. 854556 ID: daa216

End thread and start part 2? Feels like a good breaking point and we're getting a little long.
No. 854578 ID: 9876c4

Some of us like to see the initial updates and art.
No. 855689 ID: 721d87

How far away is the castle? The battle they just fought was long and sundown is surely closing in by now. Traveling at night can be full of peril but it seems that might be their only option at this point. Any number of things could happen while they are frantically rushing forward in the state of their party, especially when it's getting darker. Members could get lost and run off in wrong directions, or their still panicked molebeast could make another error.

There's a good chance for some more action and obstacles ahead, especially if they aren't careful!
No. 856226 ID: b93a7b
File 151512234905.png - (517.19KB , 1170x750 , Testmatch61.png )

The journey is long and the kobolds travel in relative silence.

Eeyfel clutches her pained arm, still at a loss to the cause.
the fiend Niffle chuckles in his sleep as Yappa groans on the floor of the cabin.

The events of the day cannot be put from her thoughts
Z'Theno and his undead flock, so close to home and so much more real then the stories of her youth.
the boldness of the bandits attacking in broad day light,
and the cocky statements of the foppish Vriolo promising royal retribution on her mistress.

the hours rattle on, Eeyfel is trapped with her thoughts and her pain
both of them eat away at her bitter resentful mind.
and for the first time she questions her mistress' power.
for the first time she is filled with doubt.
No. 856227 ID: b93a7b
File 151512244713.png - (893.43KB , 1170x750 , Testmatch62.png )

As the sun sets the tax men finally make it.

Crym-Z'Garr the most southern port Teroth, and gateway across the Talon sea.
Bowin looks at his home with lifted spirits, the city has never looked so welcoming.
the undead and bandits stalking the road seem so very far away.
He longs to pause and just admire the view, however duty demands otherwise

The Archduke of Castle Crym and his Duchess consort await.

Chapter End
No. 856229 ID: b93a7b

Thank you for reading my quest!
I hope everyone enjoyed it
feel free to place any questions or comments here!
I'll be making a number of posts there myself talking about what's next and taking feedback.
No. 856244 ID: 91ee5f

>Eeyfel clutches her pained arm, still at a loss to the cause.
An undead grabbed your arm! That's obviously the cause!

When you get to the castle, have someone look at your arm to see if it's infected! You better do it as soon as possible or else you'll be adding yourself to the undead horde!
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